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ALFORD, BANNISTER, FORTENBERRY, JAMES, KEMP, PRIMES, ROBERTS, SCHILLING, SHILLING, STIEBER, TURNER posted by T.J. Langlois Email: Geckofarm@aol.com on Friday, October 2, 1998

I am researching the SHILLING or SCHILLING family line. Many of the family lived in Tangipahoa and Washington Parishes. Henry SCHILLING, lived near Silver Springs Church, in Tangipahoa. (Some of his relatives include James Jeffery SCHILLING, Ira ALFORD, Mallie S. FORTENBERRY). Also Susannah ROBERTS SCHILLING PRIMES - daughter John ROBERTS, Sr., married John Valzane SCHILLING, and later Daniel PRIMES. Susan ROBERTS death date (May 15, 1867) was recorded in the Family Bible of her sister Mary ROBERTS TURNER KEMP. Reubin SCHILLING, was Susanís nephew, Peter SCHILLING was Valzain and Susanís son. Also Francis SCHILLING, John Henry SCHILLING, John Jacob SCHILLING, Jacob SCHILLING, and Mary SCHILLING JAMES (wife of William JAMES). I am also looking for Info on the BANNISTERs - Aaron BANNISTER (born 1825) had a son Charles (born 1861) married (my aunt) Ella JAMES, their children are : Alvah D BANNISTER STIEBER, Lucins Talmage BANNISTER, Charlie Exie BANNISTER and Woody BANNISTER.

BOOTY, STRINGFIELD posted by Elaine Barber Email: CraftyE@aol.com on Monday, October 12, 1998

Christopher B. BOOTY lived in Washington Parish in the 1840-1850's. He married Rebecca STRINGFIELD around 1841. His children: Abner J., Leander Dewitt, Mary Elizabeth, Dearcy, William David, Nancy and Martha M, other names mentioned but not sure about them. Christopher's siblings: Polly Ann, Jackson, Abner Carroll, Ebenezer, William, Miranda and Eleanor. Am willing to share information on this family.

CRUMP, RICHARDSON posted by Email: Casper3050@aol.com on Wednesday, October 14, 1998

I am looking for info on Alfred RICHARDSON. He was born somewhere in La in 1815. He married Selena CRUMP and they moved to Mississippi. I have him in the 1840 Copiah Co. MS Census. And I also found him in the 1850 and 1860 Censuses of Washington Parish LA. I know they still lived there in 1870( I have this census). They had 10 children. They are Sylvester, Hardy, Leander, Emily, Gabraellen, Palatiah, Samuel, Eugene, William, and Angeline. Sylvester is my line. Anyway, I was hoping to find out who Alfred's parents were. He has a son named Hardy, so I thought maybe he would somehow be kin to the Hardy RICHARDSON in the Washington Parish book. I found where Alfred was mentined several times in the History book. I am not absolutely positive that they are from Washington Parish, but I was hoping to find that they moved there to be near family. I don't know dates of death or where they are buried. Any info you could give me would be really appreciated. I was hoping maybe you had run across them in your research. Thanks. Hope to hear from you soon. Memry

CHANDLER, KING, NICHOLSON, SHOWS, WEST posted by Debby King Email: debbyk@worldnet.att.net on Wednesday, October 14, 1998

My name is Debby WEST KING - I was born in Bogalusa in 1944 at Desporte Clinic. My families are the WEST and SHOWS. My father was Woodrow Thomas WEST and my mother, Ethel SHOWS WEST. My grandparents were Stephen and Rennie NICHOLSON WEST and James Aldine and Beatrice CHANDLER SHOWS. I know there is a wealth of information particularly on my SHOWS family as both my grandparents were active in the Masonic Lodge and Eastern Star. All are buried at the Ponemah cemetary. I have done extensive research on both lines and have quite a bit of information for any one connected. I would appreciate any old photographs of my family that may be available: two that come to mind: My grandmother was in a commerical for I believe Breland's feed store on Columbia road - they used to run that film as a commercial in both of the movie theaters there - I would give most anything to have a copy of that - it was probably 1953 era. Also my father was the butcher at numerous grocery stores there and was in the newspaper when National Food Store opened up close to the hospital where Magic City Motors was. My SHOWS grandparents at one time stayed or worked at the old Redwood Hotel - I have nothing other than my memory of their stories. I would LOVE to have a picture of the old Redwood hotel..if there are any records of the railroad and lumber company I would love to know how to contact the people who have this information. I have pictures of what I believe to be my grandfather in his early years, but I can't prove it. Any help would be GREATLY Appreicated! Thanks, Debby

BECK, BROCK, BRUMFIELD, FORTENBERRY, HART, VARNADO posted by Darnell Marie Brunner Beck Email: BrunnerDe@aol.com on Saturday, October 17, 1998

Mason VARNADO/biracial {S/O Newton VARNADO/white and a black female} married in the earlier part of the 1920's Fannie FORTENBERRY {D/O Charles FORTENBERRY and Tempie BROCK} Fannie passed away late 1997 or early 1998 at about 90 something years old. They had three kids {That I know of}: A. Luke; B. Charlie; C. Joseph. A. Luke VARNADO Sr. born 8-9-1926 died 10-23-1995 Bogalusa La. married Lucille BRUMFIELD {D/O Latimor BRUMFIELD and Harriet HART} born 5-26-1926 They had ten children {that I know of} B. Charlie VARNADO born 9-5-1927 died 11-15-1995 New Orleans La. C. Joseph VARNADO born 10-21-1921 died 12-30-1994 Franklinton La.

BENNETT, BOYLES, SYLVEST, WARNER posted by Gloria Bennett Email: HydePKLady@aol.com on Sunday, October 18, 1998

I am trying to find ties to the Ruffin WARNER, Mary SYLVEST, Emma BOYLES andGeorge Allen BENNETT families If you can help me I will send you what I have.

CRAWFORD, MCKINNEY, PORTER, PROVOST posted by Michael Cheramie Email: mcheramie@home.com on Thursday, October 22, 1998

I am looking for any information or leads on the 9th LA Partisan Rangers, with a special interest on Company B. Anything would be a great help!

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