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Gregerson Ellis Critchfield Borgerson
Keri Gregerson
Date: 23 Sept 2006

My Great Great Grandfather Gregor Anderson, was Born in 1822 in Denmark. He came to the US in 1876. He lived in Valley City North Dakota until his death. His son Peter Gregerson Born 1860 in Denmark arrived in the US in 1879 and lived in Valley City until his death. He married Bertha Borgerson around 1890. They had 5 boys. Jens Gregerson born 1891 married Myrtle Critchfield. Who eventually moved to Walla Walla Wahington. Myrtle was born in 1896 in Valley City to Ernest Critchfield and Amy Ellis. Ernest was born in 1864 in Indiana and Amy was born in 1870 in Minnesota. they resided in Valley City until their death. Ernest's parents: George Critchfield and Elizabeth Dealer, reided in Valley City until their death. Amy Ellis's parents: Levi Ellis and Susan Young resided in Valley City in 1880, but moved on to Anamoose North Dakota where they resided until their death. Any information is Greatly Appreciated. Thanks for your time!
Keri Gregerson
Virgil Aukes
Date: 23 Sept 2006

Seeking info on Fred D. Aukes. Lived in Wimbledon from 1905-1929. Seeking any info, re church connection, work/employment, census info. All appreciated.
Bonnie Schilling
1 Sept 2006

Looking for information on Schilling and Ellis families that lived in Barnes County.
Dave Kramer
Date: 21 Aug 2006

my grandfather:
Peter Joseph Kramer
b: January 16, 1887
d: 1970's
m: Wilhelmina Gesellchen
His siblings: John Kramer, Kate Kramer, Lucy Kramer, Hubert Kramer, possibly 2 more unknown Who was Peter Joseph Kramer's parents; migrated from Berlin Germany to ND (maybe not Barnes County origianlly). Farmed near Litchville and/or Vally City. Also spelled Kraemer in 1911. Thanks.
Jerry LeBlanc
Date: 24 July 2006

Hi, Looking for an obituary for a Charles B. Little who passed away August 25, 1910 in Valley City, Barnes County. He is a grandson of my ggg grandfather (Dr. William Bell Little) who I am currently researching. I don't believe Charles was married - in fact I don't believe any of his relatives at that time were even in North Dakota. A bio of his brother (Dr. Wharton Little) mentioned that he was into real estate - date 1909.
kathy zeien
Date: 19 July 2006

I am trying to figure out the family connection to the names Schnur and Thone. I have a wedding announcement that is for the marrige of Alberth C. Schnur and Tillie Thone,which was for the date of August 29th,1888. My great grandfather was Thon and so there is a connection but I am not sure how other than the Thon-Thone name. Also on postcards are the names Evyln Thone from Fingal. The wedding announcement was for Valley City with reception at Ole Thone. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you again. Kathy
Franz Staugler
Date: 29 March 2006

I have a census from 1900 with Frank and Emma STAUGLER living in Binghamton Township, Barnes County. They were Farmers and had 5 sons, Frank G, Emil, Agustof, Robert and Ernest from ages 22 down to 9. I would like to see if anyone has any info on these STAUGLER's or descendants.
Mary Massett
Date: 7 March 2006

Krenzels from North Dakota several different familys living in all parts of North Dakota. Christian Krenzel-Wife-Gertrude Kuss- Ludwig Krenzel- Wife-Marianna Sohn
Yvette Aune
Date: 25 Feb 2006

I am looking for information on the Aune's in Barnes Co., North Dakota. My husband's grandparents were Oldus Aune and Karen (Dahlsaune) Aune. His father was Arnold Leonard Aune and his mother was Betsy Myre. They came from Norway in 1810 and settled in Lamour,North Dakota and which is now Valley City. Any help would be appreciated. Yvette Aune
Paul Stenshoel
Date: 11 Feb 2006

looking for Gilbertson family chain members, old and new. Gilbert Gilberson and decendents

looking for decendents of Ole Abrahamson's family chain. Old and current.

looking for Ryerson Family chain information, old and current
Sarah Johnson
Date: 4 Feb 2006

Searching to see if Julia A. Getchell is buried anywhere in Barnes County. Julia, along with her husband Charles Getchell, and daughter Ada E. Getchell, are in Barnes, Dakota Territory in 1880. Charles Getchell died and is buried where I live, in Afton, MN. I am unable to find out what happened to his wife Julia, as there is no record of her burial here. Wondering if maybe she died out there before they came back to MN. She was born about 1825 in Massachusetts.
Date: 3 Feb 2006

I would like some information on my mother's father, Louis Rohde from valley City,ND He passes away in 1965 I would like to know his parents names and any other info you might have.
Thank You
Date: 12 Dec 2005

I am looking for the Thayer family. First names are Clayton, Lester and Carrie who married Wm Howard Rich.
I need a look up for a obit on Adelia (Delia Thayer who died Dec.15, 1936 in Barnes Co. Buried at Big Springs. I hope someone can help me. Thank you Jaimee
Margaret James
Date: 6 Dec 2005

Does anyone have any information on:
Mrs. L.B. Perrine and/or Rev. W.A. Mansell I have a notation in an old address book to contact Rev. W.A. Mansell who was boarding with a Mrs. L.B. Perrine in Valley City about 1900.
Suzie Lenzen
Date: 21 November 2005
I am looking for infomation on Alma Becker, Mary Frances Becker, and Onis U Becker. I am the daughter of Mary Frances, looking for infomation on a Grandfather. The Year would of been 1925, this was my mothers Birth year, 05/05/25.

Ruth Coffman
Date: 9 Nov 2005

Researching family of Niels M. NIELSEN father was Johan Nielsen/Nilsen..from Norway. Niels M.Nielsen Married Ida Mae SKRETTING abt. 1914 Children: Donald James, Eugene G, Dorothy Ann, Shirley, Wayne (Robert Wayne), Donald J. Nielsen b) 1920 died 1983 Stockton, Calif. married Gloria Piller in Valley City, ND. Niels M. listed in "Barnes County History Barnes County North Dakota copywrite 1976" Does anyone have this and can look it up for me? Thank you.
Date: 20 October 2005

Charles Oscar Falstad
dob 24 June l890
Valley City, N.D.

Interested in finding relatives
Date: 18 Sept 2005

Looking for Harriet Birge and Sarah Melissa Birge who were living in 1900 in Noltimier Township, Barnes County and in 1910 in Township 140, Range 58W, Barnes County. There looks like a cemetery record in Valley City for Philip Dey husband to Harriet. Harriet M. Birge b: Feb 1858 in St. Charles, Winona Co., MN married to Phillip S. Dey b: Nov 1849 in Seneca Co., New York Any help appreciated. Jerry
Date: 18 Sept 2005
Looking for Harriet Birge and Sarah Melissa Birge who were living in 1900 in Noltimier Township, Barnes County and in 1910 in Township 140, Range 58W, Barnes County. There looks like a cemetery record in Valley City for Philip Dey husband to Harriet. Harriet M. Birge b: Feb 1858 in St. Charles, Winona Co., MN married to Phillip S. Dey b: Nov 1849 in Seneca Co., New York Any help appreciated. Jerry
william mead
Date: 12 Aug 2005

my Mother, her parents and her fathers parents are buried in Hill Side cemetary in Valley City. i am looking for any information about her mother and father or grand parents. Names are:
My Mother Laura F Mead Her parents Charles and Sigrid Blomberg, could could be Bloomberg Her grandparents Charles and Ellen Blomberg Parents died around 1945 (mother 1934) Grand parents around 1935 Thanks Bill Mead
Judy Olson
Date: 1 Aug 2005

Looking for information from "Coming Home to Rogers North Dakota 1897- 1997". I'm hoping to find reference to William/Willis/Bill BARTHOLOMEW marriage to Sophie Clara Fried in 1904 and homestead near Rogers. Supposedly he took his bride to a homestead, 160 acres somewhat west of Rogers near a creek. I had thought that area had all been homesteaded many years before that date. Something doesn't sound quite right. I think family memories may be slightly off. Their wedding picture was taken by Fisher& Co., photographers from Valley City. Can anyone help? Thank you. Judy
Gary Moe
Date: 21 May 2005

I have information on the following families from Barnes Co. Moe,Ramberg,Mckay,McKee
Duaine Dale
Date: 9 May 2005

Searching for the sister of my grandmother: Lottie/Raghild Benson, who appeared in the 1930 census in Barnes County. She was married to Ambert Benson and had a son: Chester.

Philip Dahl Scholten
Date: 11 March 2005

Looking for the last name of Dahl that lived in Fingal ND in 1912 working on Family Tree project. Mrs. Dahl's son was a survivior of the Titanic he was going to Fingal to visit her at the time of the sinking. Might you have any information on the Dahl family? Births, death etc. Thank you for any assistance you may provide.
Date: 9 March 2005

Did L.D. Marsh come here 1880 or after? He is said to have been a register of deeds in Barnes County no state listed after having Marsh Township, Branch County Michigan named after him. I am trying to follow his trail possibly to Oregon.

Date: 11 Feb 2005

Looking for marriage of Even P. Storhoff to May or Petronella circa 1878. Do not know if they were married in Barnes county. They lived in Thordenskjold township, and are buried at St. Petri Cemetery. David Larson researching for Dan Lindberg.

Pam Van Beenen
Date: 3 Feb 2005
I would like information on my grandfather Dr. William S. Barnes (Veterinarian). He was in Dazey, Barnes County around 1912 & 1913. He was married to Edith Lesle WELCH BARNES at that time. She had a son named Harold Allen "Barnes". I beleive Dr. Milton Barnes was also in Dazey around the same time. I would like to know when he (William S. Barnes) arrived in town, did he marry Edith in Dazey, did they divorce in Dazey, did he practice Veterinarian med. in Dazey or any additional information someone may have. Is there a photo of his building where he practiced Vet Med. or a photo of him during that period? Thank You, Pam

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