Absaraka 1924
1924 Hunter Herald

Absaraka 1924 Hunter Herald

November 20, 1924

Absaraka School Notes

The sewing class of the High School are now working on clothing posters.
Earl Hocking, a junior in H. S., was absent from school Monday on account of work.
The H. S. have received some new U. S. History reference books.
Luella Hocking of the little room was absent from school Tuesday on account of sickness.
The little folks in Miss Teetz room are preparing for the parent visiting day which is Friday. They are also working on their pilgrim village for the sand table.
Robert Krueger has been absent from school for some time on account of sickness.
Warren Eckert visited school in Miss Teetz room Tuesday afternoon.
Edward Schwundt and William Krueger are absent from school on account of sickness.
Junior Faught is back to school again after being absent for two weeks.
Elections were held in the intermediate room last week.
Thanksgiving posters and trimmings are being put up in all rooms.

November 27, 1924

Absaraka School Notes

Mae Krueger was absent from school Monday on account of sickness.
Thelma Hanson and Robert Krueger have been absent from school this week on account of illness.
The primary room is going to start to practice for Christmas next week.
Christmas parts have been assigned to different ones in the intermediate room.
William Krueger is back to school this week after quite a long absence.
The third grade has finished studying the poem, November, by Alice Carrie.
The fourth grade has finished studying the poem, The Corn Song, by J. G. Whittier.
The third and fourth grades have finished putting Pilgrims and Indians on the sand table.
The visitors in the primary room Friday were Mrs. M. Nelson, Mrs. R. Eckert, Mrs. G. Lindsey, and Mrs. C. Smith.
Division B of the first grade will be ready to start their new primers next week.
School 2-District 73

Ralph Hill who has been sick for some time is back to school again.
Howard Pueppke our new janitor began work November 3.
The eighth grade civics class held a township meeting a short time ago which was very interesting.
Sherman and Postus Idso were out of school a few days on account of sickness.
The primary grades are busy making picture books.
Miss Hagemeister visited the Al Cuthbertson home Thursday evening.
The school is getting up a program for Christmas.
The sixth and seventh grade hygiene sent away for hygiene material.

December 4, 1924

Absaraka School Notes

The primary room had full attendance in school Monday.
The members of the sewing class in the high school are making clothes budgets and posters.
Melvin Hill was absent from school last Friday.
Miss LuElla Hagenmeister was a visitor at school Monday afternoon, visiting in the intermediate room from one o'clock to two thirty and then the high school the rest of the afternoon.
Peter Pollick was absent from school Tuesday.
Esther Nelson of the intermediate room was absent from school Tuesday on account of sickness.
William and Clarence Krueger were absent from school Tuesday.
Robert Krueger was back to school in the primary room Monday.

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