Amenia News 1925 Hunter Herald

February 19, 1925

First Baby Chicks The first baby chicks in this neighborhood were hatched on Feb. 10 at the Russell farm. This was an experimental hatch, but was satisfactory, and Mr. Russell has now a battery of incubators all set for more chicks, which are intended for the early broiler market.
Anderson-Pearson Miss Agnes Anderson and Mr. Clarence Pearson were united in marriage at Moorhead, Minn. Feb. 3. Miss Anderson formerly employed at the Amenia State Bank, and Mr. Pearson formerly a resident of Amenia have departed for the western coast, where they will make their future home. The best wishes of all their friends goes with them.
Some of the Amenia school boys and girls attended a birthday party at Moorhead, Minn., Wednesday evening, the guest of honor being Miss Alice Matthey, formerly of Amenia High School.
Lewis Zieske departed for his home in Minnesota Monday morning where he intends to try farming in another state.
A dancing party was given at R. L. Metcalf home Friday evening, all attending report a good time.
The Amenia Boy Scout troop journeyed to Fargo last Wednesday evening to attend a Boy Scout demonstration given by the Fargo boys. Scoutmaster H. L. Chaffee and Messrs. Provan and Cure accompanied the boys.
Mrs. Edward F. Russell returned from a month's visit at Granville, N. D. Monday evening having visited her father and other relatives.
The Camp Fire Girls will give a play at the Amenia Hall Saturday evening under the direction of Mrs. H. L. Chafffee. All are requested to attend and help a good cause. The girls made good last year and will again.
The Boy Scouts demonstrated what they could do in “First Aid” and “Knot Tying,” at the Neighborhood Club, at the Amenia Hall last Friday evening. It was all very good.

February 12, 1925

The play Saturday evening at the Amenia hall was well attended, and all speak highly of the entertainment put on by our Camp Fire Girls.
A number of our young people were entertained at the Amenia hotel after the play Saturday evening. All reporting an enjoyable time.
Emil, Leslie, and Alice Matthey of Wheatland were in Amenia Saturday evening, attending the play and visiting friends.
The first real snow of the season brought out a number of our residents and enjoyed an afternoon at the old toboggan hill on section 19.
Clarence Hodgson and Leslie South were visitors at the Matthey home in Wheatland Sunday afternoon.
Martin Johnson left for St. Paul Tuesday accompanying a carload of stock.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Hayford and sons Chas. and John of Casselton and J. J. Smiley and family of Wheatland were Sunday guests at the Metcalf home.
Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Provan were Fargo visitors Saturday afternoon.
Frank Ziegler and family departed Monday for northern Minnesota where they have purchased a farm and will make their future home there.
The little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Johnson has been quite ill, but is now reported as getting better.
Wm. Hill and daughter Miss Er-were Sunday visitors at the Rossow home.
--- Beardsley and family are moving to West Fargo, where Mr. Beardsley will be employed in the --- Plant.

March 5, 1925

Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Metcalf and son George were Fargo visitors last Tuesday. Miss Betty Boeder accompanied them.
Wilford Chaffee and F. H. Beardsley are moving their household effects to West Fargo this week, where they expect to be employed.
The Boys of Amenia are now organizing an athletic club. Sufficient money has been obtained by subscription through the efforts of Frank Thompson.
We understand that The Teenie Shop is about to change hands. We do not know at this time who the new owner will be.
The sale at J. R. Jones Tuesday was well attended, and good prices were obtained. Mr. Jones and family will move on a farm in Minnesota.
Mrs. S. J. McKenzie is reported quite ill with pneumonia. This is the second time Mrs. McKenzie has been down with pneumonia this winter.
John Thompson's little son was found out today to have scarlet fever. Lorrain Beardsley, who was going to stay there and go to school, as her parents are moving to West Fargo, is going to change to Christ Knutson's. Harold Moor of Casselton also has scarlet fever. We hope that it will not spread further.
The Boy Scouts of Amenia held their meeting Tuesday. The boys did some boxing before the meeting was called to order. Some of the boys are certainly improving.
Mr. Cure shipped two carloads of stock last Saturday. They were shipped to St. Paul.

March 12, 1925

Mr. and Mrs. Parsons, Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Chaffee, Miss Dickson, Miss Enger and Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Chaffee were some of the Amenia people who attended the Kreisler concert at Fargo last Tuesday.
The high school students were invited to the home of H. L. Chaffee on Wednesday, March 4th to hear the inauguration of President Coolidge over the radio.
Edward F. Russell was a Fargo visitor Thursday.
A Party was given at the home of Olie Pearson, Wednesday evening. This was in the form of a surprise on these good people before their departure for Fargo where they will make their future home.
A birthday party was given in honor of Bobby Provan on Friday evening at the Provan home.
A number of our people were entertained at cards at the Dave Johnson home Thursday evening.
George Metcalf, Miss Betty Bolder, Alice and Francis Russell and Forest Risk attended a party at the home of Chas. Matthey, Wheatland, Friday evening.
A birthday party was given at the home of George Zieske Wednesday evening, George being the guest of honor.
R. L. Metcalf has installed a speaker over which the inauguration of President Coolidge was distinctly heard.
Vere Budrow is moving his household effects to Casselton this week where they will make their future home.
A farewell party was given at the J. B. Jones home Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Jones are about to leave for their farm in Minnesota.
Mrs. Elmer Johnson is quite ill at this spring. Dr. Reedy of Casselton is attending her.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Rossow were Casselton visitors Saturday.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Irve Metcalf, a bouncing baby boy, Monday, Feb. 10, mother and child doing well.
Miss Dickson's pupils will give a program at the meeting of the neighborhood club next Friday evening.
Amenia boys have received their wrestling mats and boxing gloves and are now busy each evening learning the art of boxing and wrestling.

March 19, 1925

W. E. Parsons was a Fargo visitor Saturday, while there visited at the N. D. A. C.
S. J. Provan spent Saturday and Sunday at Fargo on business and pleasure.
A neighborhood party was given at the Ed Rossow home Saturday evening. An enjoyable time was had by all attending.
Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Metcalf were Fargo visitors Friday, accompanying Miss Betty Bolder who is receiving medical treatment there.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. F. Russell were visitors at the Henry Gervais home Monday.
The entertainment put on by the school children at the community club was fine and played to the largest crowd we have had this winter.
The Community club at its last meeting nominated the following officers: S. J. Provan, president; W. L. Crites, vice president; Mrs. E. S. Lundwall, treasurer and Mrs. Fred Locket secretary. The nominations will be acted on at the next regular meeting.
Mr. and Mrs. B. Wagoner are the new proprietors of the Teenie Shop. Mrs. Wagoner will have charge of the barber shop, and Amenia can now boast of a lady barber.
T. W. Thordarson and the A. C. faculty was a caller at the Gervais Bro s. and Russell farms Friday.
George Metcalf was a Casselton visitor Monday, being obliged to undergo a slight operation on an injured foot.
March 26, 1925 The Ladies Aid entertained at the Amenia hotel last Friday in the form of a St. Patrick party. A good attendance and time is reported.
The Misses Estriel, Ellen, -ata and Eldora Johnson visited friends in the vicinity of Argusville last Sunday.
F. W. Chaffee was a Fargo visitor last Saturday.
Mrs. Tavley of Mapleton is a visitor at the S. A. Moore home for a few days.
The Camp Fire girls entertained at the Christian Endeavors last Sunday.

April 9, 1925

Mr. A. E. Cure departed from St. Paul Saturday with several cars of hogs and stock, for the St. Paul market.
Edward F. Russell was a Kindred and Walcott visitor Saturday, having gone to visit his brother and mother.
Alphonse and Henry Cervais were callers at the Russell farm Sunday.
Alphonse Gervais was at Casselton last Thursday, returning in a new Ford Sedan.
Spring has snapped into being so suddenly that it has caught some of our farmers napping, however the majority were in the fields Monday and seeding is now general in this vicinity.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Johnson and daughters were Fargo visitors last Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Roscow spent the afternoon at the S. A. Moore home Sunday.
The Amenia Athletic Club held a meeting last Thursday at the school house, where Maurice Anderson showed some of the younger Athletes a few good wrestling holds.
Miss Edna McKenzie was a Fargo visitor last week.
Ralph Parson arrived from Youngstown, Ohio, and is at present visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Parson. Mr. Parson intends locating in this vicinity.
Ingham Idso was a Fargo visitor Monday.
Alphonse Gervais, and Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Russell spent Tuesday at Fargo, visiting the poultry department at the A. C. and also getting a few pointers on bee raising and honey production.

April 16, 1925

LeRoy Charbaneau and Robert Cane made a business trip to Larimore Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Metcalf were invited guests at the home of his mother Mrs. A. P. Metcalf at Casselton Monday, the occasion being Mr. Metcalf's birthday.
The Country Club met with Mrs. S. A. Moore, Thursday, with a large attendance. Mrs. J. R. Watson gave a talk on gardening which was enjoyed by all. Mrs. Watson was awarded several prizes on garden products last year and gave the members of the Club some good pointers on planting and caring for gardens. Following the program the new officers for the coming year were elected.
Mrs. John Runke, President; Mrs. J. R. Watson, vice President; Mrs. Ralph Smith, Assistant Vice.; Mrs. Art South, Sec.-Treasurer. After the meeting a delicious lunch was served by Mrs. Moore assisted by Mrs. E. W. Chaffee and Mrs. Ed Rossow.
E. F. Russell autoed to Lisbon, N. D. last Friday, returning the same day. Reports roads to Lisbon are fine.
Mrs. Peter Strand and children from Minneapolis are visiting relatives and friends in this vicinity during Easter vacation.
Miss Betty Boulder is spending her Easter vacation with her parents who reside at Litchville, N. D.
Leslie South and Francis Russell autoed to Fargo Sunday, sightseeing.
Jack Zelski from Burlington, N. D., is visiting his brother George. He expects to go from here to Mahnomen, Minn., for a visit with his father.
H. L. Chaffee gave a very interesting and instructive talk on electricity at the school Thursday.
A. E. Cure made a business trip to the Twin Cities Saturday.
Charles Powell is here from Williston, N. D. visiting at the R. L. Metcalf home.
Amenia came very near being visited by a disastrous fire during the high wind Friday. The flow of surplus oil from the light plant caught fire in some way and wind spread the flames to the sheep shed located east of the plant and it was soon enveloped. The fire started so quickly that it was impossible to save the structure or the livestock kept in it. It was also used as a store room for cars, all of which were saved except for one new Ford Sedan owned by Darlyn Remington. Mr. Wesley Flatt lost some hogs and calves. The seed house of the Amenia Seed and Grain Co. caught fire several times but was put out by the fire department who were right on the job as soon as the alarm sounded.
Miss Elizabeth Metcalf spent the Easter vacation at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Metcalf. Miss Elizabeth has a position as bookkeeper for a business firm in Carrington, N. D.
Miss Elizabeth Johnson of Fargo, N. D. visited over Sunday in Amenia.
A. B. Risk and family visited in Moorhead Sunday, having Easter dinner at the home of their daughter, Mrs. Christianson.
Emil and Alice Matthey visited Sunday at the Bernard Matthey farm.
Leslie Aireth called at the S. A. Moore home Sunday.
Mrs. A. E. Cure visited at the Wm. Gill home one day this week.
Miss Ida Enger and friend, Miss Dorothea Morris visited at the Enger home at Davenport, N. D. during Easter vacation.
Miss Laura Dickson visited with home folks at Hunter, N. D. during Easter.
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Wagner spent their Easter vacation with relatives in Detroit, Minn.
Mr. Thos. Hill and daughter Ermoine from Lisbon, N. D. visited during Easter at the Ed. Rossow home.

April 23, 1925

Grace Risk visited at the E. F. Russell home Wednesday.
Robert Cane gave a very interesting talk on bees at school Friday, which the pupils enjoyed very much. They voted Mr. Cane an excellent speaker and hope he will come again.
Robert Sells, age 6, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Sells, met with a serious accident last Sunday. While running he in some manner fell and a small piece of a sharp stick pierced one of his eyes. He was taken to a hospital in Fargo. He will lose sight of one eye if not both.
Saturday was county contest day at Casselton but it was postponed on account of the rain. The date is set for Saturday, the 25th.
Earl Door has rented the Ole Pierson farm north of Amenia and will farm it this year.
There will be a two day meeting held at the Amenia Congregational church, beginning Thursday, April 23rd. A good program will be given. There are fifteen ministers to speak. Rev. Fleuter from Chicago will be one of the speakers. On Thursday evening at 6 o'clock sharp a supper will be given at the Amenia hall as one of the features of the program. All are welcome and we expect a big crowd. Supper and services, free.
There is a charivari in town tonight. Geo. Nordvicht and bride have returned to Amenia.
E. F. Russell made a business visit at the H. Gervais home Tuesday.

April 30, 1925

Amenia met the Rush River nine on their diamond Sunday afternoon and beat them 22 to 8. They expect to try it again on the Amenia diamond next Sunday, and of course feel very confident of taking another scalp. All are welcome.
Contest Day at Casselton was well represented by the different schools in spite of bad roads. There were 319 contestants against 250 last year.
Word has been received that Irvie Risk is very ill at Fargo. His father A. B. Risk is staying with him. They also have a nurse.
Messrs Thordarson and Redman from the A. C. faculty visited the E. F. Russell home Monday.
Amenia Glee Club won first prize at the Cass County Contest at Casselton Saturday. The club are the girls of the high school and eighth grade. They are Edna McKenzie, Cecil McKenzie, Estried Johnson, Helen Cure, Eldora Johnson, Marjean Crites, Ellen Johnson, Carolyn Chaffee, Mavis Charbonneau, Grace Risk, Alice Russell.
At the contest the Amenia high school took the following events: The Glee Club won first. Contralto solo, first, sung by Edna McKenzie. Piano duet, second, played by Marjean Crites and Helen Cure. Vocal duet, second, sung by Edna McKenzie and Estried Johnson. Declamation, second by Cecil McKenzie. The declamation was “Tom Sawyer's Love Affairs” and was well rendered. Piano solo, second, Helen Cure. The winners of the contest will go to Faro and broadcast their program May 5th.
E. F. Russell made a small shipment of baby chicks Saturday.
The high school pupils had a debate Tuesday. Question: Resolved that Labor by Children under Fourteen years Should be prohibited. The affirmative side won, 14 to 9 votes. Some good points were brought out. We think these discussions are just what these pupils need as they study a subject more deeply and it seems to impress them more studied in this way.
Vere Budrop and family from Casselton visited the R. L. Metcalf home Sunday.

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