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1907 Hunter Herald

July 11, 1907

Mr. and Mrs. Emil Boettcher welcomed a twelve pound boy at their home.
A baby boy arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Mundorf, on the Fitzsimmons farm.
Mrs. Fred Bettschen and Master George Bettschen were the guests of Mrs. L. Bettschen last week, returning to their home at Litchville, Tuesday.
Reuben Phillips has purchased the handsome residence of Walter Fink and the young ladies have him listed as the most eligible young man in town.
A special election was called here for the purpose of enlarging the school house. The result was a tie vote 56 to 56 and the measure was lost. It was the largest vote ever polled here.
Conductor and Mrs. W. H. Burgum and Miss Edith Burgum, of Delivein, Ia., spent a week here the guest of their relatives. The ladies left Wednesday for a visit with friends on the coast and Mr. Burgum returned to his duties on the road.
Albert Farnham and Anton Ramstead were seriously injured in a ball game at Erie last Saturday and have been under the doctor's care since. They were both running to catch a “fly” and collided with such force they were thrown a dozen feet apart and were unconscious for some time. Albert lost three teeth, the doctor extracting one of his teeth from Anton's nose where it was embedded. His upper jaw was also fractured and it will be some time before he is well again. Everyone regrets the accident, which was unavoidable.
The Woodmen Lodge gave a farewell party and banquet at the hall in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Fink who leave Tuesday to take up their residence in Grand Forks. A delicious supper was served at four long tables for a goodly number of Woodmen and their families. The tables were decorated with magnificent bouquets of pansies at each plate. A social evening was spent with diversions suitable for such occasions. Mr. and Mrs. Fink have resided here for the past twelve years and are leaving here on account of his promotion from grain buyer for the St. Anthony Elevator Co. to that of traveling superintendent with headquarters at Grand Forks. They and their children will be missed here.

July 18, 1907

Mr. and Mrs. Bohlig of Durbin are domiciled at the depot.
Aug. Feltz is having an immense barn built on his farm east of town.
Miss Margie Webster arrived Sunday from North Yakima, Wash., and will spend some time here visiting her friends.
At the annual meeting of the stockholders of the Farmers' Elevator, Chas. Viestenz was reelected president; T. C. Hockridge, vice-president; W. C. Gamble, secretary and treasurer. Directors: Wm. Iwen, Julius Sommerfeld, Chas. Viestenz, Edward Sommerfeld, Emil Boettcher, M. E. Shafer, John Schur, T. C. Hockridge, W. C. Gamble.
A cyclone passed through Julius Grieger's grove Saturday afternoon some nine miles southwest from here. The formation of the funnel shaped cloud was observed from here by a number of people and when it was seen to descend considerable apprehension was felt until it was seen to disappear. Sunday a number of parties drove out to the scene. The cyclone seemed to form in the creek for the willows were torn up there and from there it pursued a zig-zag path through the grove. Large trees were torn up by the roots while the slender saplings that bent before the fury of the wind, had their bark twisted off and were stripped of leaves. It was a remarkable scene and makes on thankful that there were no houses in the wake of the storm.

July 25, 1907

Miss Minnie Tritchler of Casselton is the guest of Mrs. Ike Roberts.
The Ladies Aid will meet with Mrs. H. J. Wagner next Thursday.
The Misses Bowers of Page were the guests of Miss Carrie Faltz last week.
Jerome Shea of Paxton, Ill., is here looking after his farming interests.
Mrs. Maude McGee and daughter of Heaton were the guests of Mrs. W. C. Gamble last week.
The Woodmen annual dance came off as scheduled and young folks all report an enjoyable time.
Miss Kathryn Kane was the guest of Mrs. T. J. Ross Saturday stopping off on her way to Minneapolis.
Ray Critchfield was in town Friday evening shaking hands with friends who were all pleased to see him again.
The Arthur baseball nine went to Amenia Friday afternoon to meet the enemy on their own ground but the Amenia boys were too many for them.
Cards are out for the wedding of Miss Olga Myrah and Professor Smith of the Gardner public school next Wednesday at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ole Myrah.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Hackett assisted by Miss Loucile Hackett entertained at dinner Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. L. Bettschen, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Burgum, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Williams, Mr. and Mrs. I. S. Roberts.
The wedding of Miss Alma Cora Schur and John Bettschen will take place next Thursday at the home of the bride's parents Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Schur. Both young people are well and favorably known here and hosts of friends extend them best wishes.
The Arthur Union Sunday School celebrated Friday with a picnic in the grove at the Elliott farm. A large crowd was in attendance and everybody had a good time. The following program was given after dinner which was much enjoyed. Song; America, by the school; piano solo, by Miss Hattie Wagner; recitations by the Misses Marjorie Burgum, Verna Stumpf, Bessie Hudson, Mabel Farnham; duet; by a class of girls; a comic recitation by J. A. Burgum. The last number on the program was announced to be ice cream and cake in which everybody was invited to take part.

August 1, 1907

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Simon J. Rasler, July 29th a daughter.
The plasterers are busy at the residence of Gus Schur this week.
Miss Lucille Hackett will teach in Minot the coming year in the 6th grade.
Miss Jennie Martin of Hunter was visiting friends in town last Sunday.
The Misses Mildred and Bernice Vosburg are attending the summer school at Mayville.
Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Viestenz and children left Monday for a visit with relatives in Minnesota.
Miss Monson and Miss Francis, of Fargo, were the guests of Mrs. H. P. Moore last week.
Mr. and Mrs. John Bettschen are moving into the residence of Fred Williams in the south part of town.
Miss Atwood visited with her cousin, Mrs. Elliott, a few days, stopping off on her way to California.
Mrs. T. J. Ross and children left Monday evening for a month's visit with relatives in Watertown, Minn.
Fred Bettschen who was up to attend the Bettschen-Schur wedding returned to his home in Litchville Friday.
A cement walk is being laid from the school house to the drug store and from the hall to Phillips & Ross' Store. Fargo parties are doing the work.
Drs. W. F. Baillie and Ray Critchfield, Miss Etta Fisk, of Hunter, Dr. Gowenlock and Miss Erma Cook of Gardner and Dr. Berg of Grand Forks were the out of town guests at the Smith-Mhyra wedding last week.
Mrs. A. T. Burgum, Miss Gladys See and Miss Jessamine Farnham each had a birthday last Saturday which they observed together with the assistance of friends young and old at the farm home of Mr. and Mrs. John See.
The marriage of Miss Olga Mhyra and Frank Charles Smith was solemnized at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. G. Mhyra. Rev. McConnehey officiating. The bridal party assembled on the lawn under a prettily trimmed arch. The bride wore white Persian lawn and carried bride's roses and was attended by her sister and carried blossoms and a bouquet of bride's roses. She was attended by her cousin, Miss Clara Schur. The groom was attended by Mr. John Schur, brother of the bride. After the ceremony an elaborate wedding dinner was served under a large bowery to over 250 invited guests. The wedding presents included numerous handsome articles of parlor and dining room furniture, silverware, china, etc. Mr. and Mrs. Bettschen will make their future home in Arthur where the groom is connected with the Arthur Mercantile Co.

August 15, 1907

The barley harvest has commenced this week.
There was a ball game here last week between the blacks and the whites.
Mrs. R. F. Viestenz and children returned from their visit at Ferndale, Minn.
Walter Bayard of Fargo spent a few days last week at the home of G. B. Farnham.
Mr. and Mrs. L. Bettschen and Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Williams were guests at the Clausen farm last Sunday.
Mrs. H. P. Moore returned Sunday from a visit at Ada, Minn. and Nome, N. D. and H. P. is wearing the smile that won't come off.
Miss Carrie Faltz, Miss Durbin, Louis Schur and Mr. Lason of Casselton spent Sunday at Page the guests of the Misses Bowers.
Mrs. Chas. Gunkel is entertaining her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bohlich, of Minnesota, who recently observed their golden wedding anniversary.
Ole L. Ramstead now of Dickinson, N. D. remembers some of his friends with some postcard cowboy pictures of himself in the roundup.
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Hackett gave a party Wednesday evening complimentary to the Misses Hackett and Webster, and the young folks report a most enjoyable time.
Mrs. H. J. Wagner entertained the Ladies' Aid Thursday afternoon, seventeen ladies were present and a pleasant afternoon spent. Dainty refreshments were served.
Herschel Bogue is the guest of his sister Mrs. L. Bettschen en route from Seattle, Wash. where he is connected with the civil engineering department of the N. P.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Burgum, Mr. and Mrs. John See, Mrs. G. B. Farnham and children were the guests Sunday, of Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Bayard of Ayr.
Fred Williams has purchased the farm of Banker Williams, of Minneapolis, sec. 15 and the east half of sec. 16, of which John Duncan has been manager for a number of years.

August 22, 1907

F. J. Stumpf is entertaining his two brothers from the New England states.
The Misses Cora and Georgie Head of Emerado were the guests of friends here.
Mesdames Ed. and Will Mitchell spent Monday in Arthur the guests of Mrs. H. P. Moore.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Claviter are the happy parents of a baby girl, born, August 16.
Mrs. J. A. Burgum entertained Monday at 5 o'clock tea, Mrs. C. O. Steen of Page, Mrs. H. J. Wagner and Mrs. G. B. Farnham.
Mr. Ira Chandler and family of Bismarck and Mrs. Wilcox of Spencer, Ia. arrived here last week and are the guests of their friends.
A number of the young people enjoyed a pleasant evening at Aug. Faltz, Tuesday. Dancing was indulged in and refreshments were served.
From 25 to 50 per cent of the wheat was destroyed here in the recent hail storm in the vicinity east and west. North of here the farmers report a total loss.
W. C. Clarke is at his post again at the depot and he and his bride will make their home there as soon as the plasterers and paperhangers have completed their work.
Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Vosburg and daughters entertained Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Steen of Page, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Hackett, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Hackett, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Hackett, Miss Webster, the Misses Head and Rob Stewart.

August 29, 1907

Dan Patch's thoughts if he had been in Arthur Monday morning and seen the two fair young pedestrians sprinting down the track. It seems they were walking "on a bet" from Hunter to Amenia in time to catch the 10:10 train back. They lost time visiting in Arthur but more than made it up in the last mile to Amenia after they sighted the train pulling in.
Dr. and Mrs. McCann will occupy the Kruger Cottage.
Mesdames Walter and W. C. Muir were visiting friends here Saturday.
The carpenters here have been doing stunts to the elevators this week.
Ed. Sommerfeld has built a large new granary on his farm south of town.
Miss Hazel Eaman of Hunter was the guest of Mrs. Moore Sunday and Monday.
Mrs. John Bettschen and Mrs. Roberts were Casselton visitors last Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Dunning and daughter of Amenia were visitors here, Friday.
Mr. Mundorf unloaded a threshing rig here which he had shipped up from Nebraska.
Mrs. T. J. Ross and children arrived Sunday from their month's visit in Minn.
The Misses Marjorie Simmons and Opal Jones were the guests of Mrs. W. C. Gamble Monday.
Gus Schur and family are now moving into their handsome new residence recently completed.
Mrs. Nellie Nelson of Northwood spent Sunday visiting friends stopping off on her way to St. Paul.
Miss Hattie Wagner who has been spending the summer with her relatives here returned to her home in Wahpeton Saturday.
Mrs. Louis Bettschen entertained the Ladies' Aid Thursday afternoon and sixteen ladies were present and delicious refreshments were served.
Miss Indra arrived Thursday and spent a few days here the guest at Hotel Iwen, Miss Indra expects to teach at Page the coming school year.
Mrs. Moore's sister, Mrs. Cook and children arrived here Monday morning from Nome, N. D. Mrs. Cook's hotel was destroyed by fire last night.
A number of young ladies from town drove out to attend the 5 o'clock tea given by Miss Hackett in honor of Miss Webster Saturday afternoon.
Mrs. Chas. Gunkel is visiting in Oakes getting acquainted with her new grand-daughter who recently arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Kartes.

September 12, 1907

A baby boy arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. T. O. Burgum last Friday.
John Bucholz of Davenport and Miss Jessie Hockridge are teaching in Gunkel district.
Walter Fink is spending a day or so in town on elevator business and also hunting a few prairie chickens.
The Ladies Aid met at Mrs. R. H. Vosburg's last Thursday and a number of ladies attended from town and a pleasant afternoon was spent.
Frank Wagner spent Sunday and Monday at home renewing old acquaintances who were all glad to see him back again. Frank has a position in the First National Bank of Fargo.
School opened Monday with the following teachers: Mrs. Selzer of Cleveland, N. D., Miss Rudd of Fargo, Miss Kane of Minneapolis, Miss Davis of Gardner at school No. 3 and Miss Wellman of Anoka, Minn. at No. 2.
Mrs. R. E. Wilkie and Mrs. H. J. Wagner spent Saturday and Sunday at Northwood the guests of Mrs. Nellie Nelson.
Mrs. R. F. Viestenz and children were visiting at Alice last week.
Miss Etta Fisk was the guest of Mrs. H. Moore last week.
J. K. Fuller and W. L. Stone of Ludlow, Ill., are here looking after their land interests.
A number of the town people are luxuriating in fruit received from the Webster fruit farm at North Yakima, Wash.

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