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1907 Hunter Herald

October 3, 1907

Mrs. Walter Phillips has been quite poorly the past week.
Mrs. Chas. Smythe of Fargo was the guest of Mrs. Gunkel last week.
Miss Gunkel is entertaining a cousin who is visiting here from Dickinson.
A party of Ill. men were looking over the country here last week and pricing land.
There are nine pupils in the high school department and more are expected soon.
The State Bank of Arthur is issuing some neat looking checkbooks to their customers.
Miss McGrath of Watertown, Minn., has commenced a term of school in the Sells school.
Albert Farnham left here Tuesday morning for the University where he will enter his senior year.
Mrs. Spare and Mrs. Sorenson and their children of Hunter were the guests of Mrs. H. P. Moore last week.
The Ladies Aid met with Mrs. R. E. Wilkie. Twenty-six ladies attended and a profitable afternoon was enjoyed.
The Misses Alma and Libbie Buckley who taught here last year are teaching at Argusville and Durbin respectfully.
Mr. Landon had the misfortune to cut his hand severely on the corn binder necessitating having the injured member dressed by the doctor.
Mrs. J. A. Burgum and Master Alton T. Burgum returned from Fargo last Tuesday after a few days visit at the home of Mrs. W. H. Comrie.
A young lady from Mayville whose name we did not learn is contemplating starting a music class here in connection with her class at Amenia.

October 10, 1907

Miss Ellingson of Hunter is spending a few days in Arthur.
Miss Paulson of Mayville drove up from Amenia Saturday and was the guest of Mrs. Gamble.
Mrs. W. C. Muir and children of Hunter were the guests of Mrs. Louis Bettschen Saturday and Sunday.
Mrs. Critchfield, the Misses Williamson and Connaughty of Hunter were making calls in Arthur last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. John Bettschen left Friday evening where they will visit for a week with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bettschen.

October 17, 1907

Mrs. Wm. Mitchell and Miss Mullin of Hunter were the guests of Mrs. Gamble Tuesday.
The Misses Alma Boettcher and Farnham were visiting in Blanchard last Saturday and Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Muir of Hunter were guests at the home of Mrs. L. Bettschen Tuesday.
The Ladies Aid met with Mrs. T. J. Ross last Saturday, twenty-two ladies were present, refreshments were served.
Miss Alma Buckley of Argusville spent Saturday and Sunday in Arthur the guest of Mrs. Ross and Miss Clara Schur.
The present cost of all kinds of feed reminds the farmer of Mark Twain's experiences. He bought a pig for $5. After feeding the animal $40 worth of corn he sold him for $15. His opinion of the diversified farming was that he's gained on the pig and lost on the corn.
Phillips & Ross will open their store Saturday morning with a carnival of prices that will astonish the people of this vicinity. Nothing ever before attempted in this town like it. Prices on everything in the store are cut so that every article sold will be a bargain indeed. It will last 30 days, but get in on the start and have your pick out of this excellent stock. The prices will sell the goods. Go and see for yourself.
A team of horses were burned to death Thursday at the threshing rig of T. O. Burgum on the Jacob Lorrell farm, the load of bundles catching fire from flying sparks during the high wind. The team ran away with the blazing load scattering fire everywhere and several acres of grain was consumed. The horses were caught with difficulty. Before they could be extricated from their harness they were burned to death. The loss falls heavy on the owner a poor man from Minnesota, and a paper is being circulated for his relief, some $90 being secured so far.

October 24, 1907

Mrs. Welum is in Fargo taking treatment for her eyes.
The Ladies Aid will meet with Mesdames Roberts next Thursday.
Mrs. Jim Williams and Master Lloyd have returned from a week's visit in Fargo.
Mrs. Carl Gunkel and little son arrived from Dickinson Saturday for a visit with relatives here.
A basket social will be given here in the near future for funds for securing a piano for the school house.
Mr. and Mrs. Gus Schur and Mr. and Mrs. Will Schur have returned from Wisconsin where they went to attend the funeral of relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Fink and family who are living in Grand Forks have moved from their former address and are now at 713 North Fifth Street.
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Ross entertained at dinner Sunday Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Burgum, Mr. and Mrs. I. S. Roberts, Mrs. L. D. Roberts, Miss McGrath, the Misses Kathryn and Florence Kane.

November 7, 1907

The B. A. Y. are making arrangements for a big dance at Thanksgiving.
Mr. and Mrs. Cook and family arrived here for a visit at H. P. Moore's.
B. B. Elliott has a brother visiting him who recently arrived from South Dakota.
A social dance was given at the hall Friday and a number of young people tripped the light fantastic.
The Ladies' Aid will meet with Mrs. M. E. Shafer next Thursday and a full attendance is requested.
Miss Meta Iwen entertained a number of friends at the hotel Monday evening the occasion being her twelfth birthday.
Rev. Fosburg was in Arthur Monday and took a bird's-eye view of the town with his camera from the top of one of the elevators.
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Mutchler, formerly of this place, are now residing at Grand Forks, Jeff's run being from out of that city to Minot.
While the teachers and the High School girls were rehearsing their program Halloween at the school house some mischievous small (?) boys locked the doors and they were obliged to make their exit by jumping out of the library window.
A basket social will be given at the hall Saturday evening. A fine program has been prepared by the teachers, Mrs. Selsor and the Misses Rudd and Kane. After the program the baskets will be sold. Come and buy your affinity's basket.

George A. Signor, Dead
George A. Signor died at the home of his son in Washington, Ind., Saturday October 28th, at the age of 34 (this is in error) years. Mr. Signor operated a farm a few miles north west of Arthur and was one of the early settlers and will be well remembered by the people of Arthur and Hunter. More than fifty years ago he was master of bridges and buildings on the old O. and M. now the B. and O. Southwestern. Mr. Signor was a Knight Templar, being one of the oldest if not the oldest member, in point of membership in the U. S. It will be remembered here that Mr. and Mrs. Signor remained for a short time with Mr. and Mrs. Thompson prior to their departure for Indiana. His widow survives him at the age of seventy-one years.

November 14, 1907

Julius Sommerfeld is the new member in the school board.
Mrs. Stumpf and daughter have returned from their visit at Hope.
An evening church service in Arthur would be much appreciated.
A partition is being placed in the intermediate room dividing it into two rooms.
The Mesdames Vaughn, Krofthofer and McLellan of Amenia were visitors in Arthur.
The Ladies Aid will meet Saturday with Mrs. Wilbur Hackett. The date set for the Bazaar is the first Saturday in December.
Prof. Beitler, the Misses Lamb, Connaughty, Codding, and Messrs. Burke and Ralph Critchfield were down from Hunter to attend the social.
Col. Holt gave talk at the school house Tuesday evening to the school children on the topics of the day. His address was short because he had to make the nine o'clock train, but interesting nevertheless.
The basket social given by the teachers was well patronized in spite of the stormy weather. The sale of the baskets brought in $75 which will be used toward paying for the piano. The instrument is already installed in the school house.

November 28, 1907 Wm. Arnold is in Fargo serving on the jury.
Mrs. W. C. Gamble who has been quite sick is now convalescent.
Paul Kuehn and little daughter are visiting relatives at Larimoure.
The B. A. Y. will give a grand ball Thursday evening at the hall.
Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Bayard of Ayr were visiting relatives here Sunday.
Mrs. S. J. Rasler cut her hand very badly last Friday while cutting meat.
E. O. Boettcher left last week for Dickinson where he expects to take up land.
The teachers are arranging to give a play soon in the interests of the piano fund.
Dr. A. Cameron gave a lecture at the school house Wednesday on, “How the world looks to a blind man.” Mr. and Mrs. Cook and family leave for Nome, N. D., this week where they have purchased a restaurant.
Mrs. J. A. Burgum and children have returned from a pleasant visit to Mayville at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Warren.
The Ladies Aid met with Mrs. Wallace Hackett last Saturday and will meet with Mrs. Landon next Saturday. The date set for the Bazaar and supper is Saturday, Dec. 7th.
Mrs. Alex Miller died at her home at Sarles last week after a lingering illness. Mrs. Miller and family were many years residents here and her friends will regret to hear of her death.

December 5, 1907 Mrs. John Bettschen is spending a few days at Portland visiting relatives.
E. H. Page went to Casselton Wednesday to attend a party given by the Phoenix Club.
The B. A. Y. will have a special meeting Friday evening and all members are requested to attend.
Miss Indra arrived from Page Friday and spent the day visiting friends returning home in the evening.
The Misses Mildred and Bernice Vosburg were home from the Normal at Mayville to spend Thanksgiving.
The Misses Elsie Wagner, Edna and Ella Wilke went to Fargo Wednesday night to spend Thanksgiving with the McConnehey family.
Rev. Powell of Fargo preached at the hall Sunday afternoon. No announcement had been made of this and the attendance was very small.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Claviter entertained at dinner Thursday, Mr. and Mrs. M. Shafer, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Shafer, and Mr. and Mrs. John Ellwood.
Martin Bower and family are moving up from Rush River into the new house just completed. Mr. Bower will be to the employment of J. A. Burgum.
The committee in charge of the supper and bazaar for next Saturday evening is hard at work to make this an eventful occasion. Supper 25 and 15 cents. Come yourself and bring your families. The money raised will be known as the church fund to be used toward erecting a Union church whenever practicable. During the evening a musical program will be given by teachers.
December 12, 1907

Gordon Burgum is in the employ of the Arthur Mercantile Co.
J. C. Waxler has gone to Glen Ullin to look up a land location.
Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Elliott have returned from their visit to Fargo.
The annual hunt and supper is the next event on the social schedule.
The Sunday school services will be held in the school house hereafter.
Mrs. Tom Collins is enjoying a visit from her sister who resides near Gardner.
Sup't. Robinson was doing business with the St. Anthony company this week.
Mrs. John Bettschen and Miss Clara Schur have returned from their visit at Portland.
The Arthur Mercantile Co. is moving their lumber yard north of their old location.
The Misses Wilkie, Wagner and Rudd were the guests of Miss Myhra Monday evening.
There are a great many strangers in town these days attending the special bargain sales.
Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Moore and Miss Rudd attended the dance at Hunter Friday evening.
John See has gone to Nevada, Iowa, where he expects to spend a month visiting relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Hackett went to Casselton Tuesday evening for a visit with relatives.
The Arthur Dramatic Co. will present “My Lady Darrel or a Strange Marriage” in the near future.
Mrs. Eliza Chandler and Miss Wilcox left Tuesday for a visit at Bismarck with Ira Chandler and family.
Miss Semple of Fargo is visiting at the home of her relatives Wm. and Emil Boettcher and W. L. Bower.
Chas. Wallace will assume the management of the large farm of Wm. Staples near Absaraka in the spring.
August Tonn and family have moved from the Jennet farm and are now located on the G. Lee Clark place near Amenia.
Rev. McConnehey will preach his farewell sermon at the school house next Sunday afternoon, all are invited to attend.
Miss Buckley was over from Argusville to spend Thanksgiving vacation with Mrs. T. J. Ross and Mrs. Chas. Lambert.
Mrs. Theo. Kartes and little daughter and Miss Kartes of Oakes are visiting Ms. Kartes parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Gunkel.
Mr. and Mrs. John Duncan leave this week to spend the winter with relatives in Ohio and Missouri. They will return in March.
A lot of petty thieving is reported east of here, turkey and chickens by the wholesale have been stolen and in some instances feed.
The Yeoman certainly did well financially at their Thanksgiving dance. After all expenses were paid the net sum of $43.27 remained.
R. E. Wilke and G. B. Farnham will represent their respective school districts at the Cass county meeting of school boards at Casselton.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Ellwood and Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Bower's wedding anniversaries occur on the same day and they celebrated it with a dinner with invited friends at the home of the latter.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Wallace of Amenia, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Burgum, Miss Semple of Fargo and the Misses Boettcher were the guests at dinner Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Bower.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Warren, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Warren, the Misses Josephine and Delia Warren of Mayville were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Burgum Saturday. The party made the trip in their auto returning home the same evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Nimock and Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Fridley, Grover and Carrie Fridley of Gardner; Rev and Mrs. McConnehey and sons of Fargo, Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn and family of Amenia were here Saturday evening to attend the bazaar and supper.
The Ladies Aid bazaar opened Saturday evening with a fine supper which was partaken of by the people; roast turkey was the centerpiece and all left the tables in praise of the fine cookery of the Arthur ladies who have long since established a reputation in the culinary line when it comes to public suppers. The tables were in charge of Mesdames Wilbur Hackett, Wm. Landon, L. D. Roberts, L. Bettschen, R. H. Vosburg, T. C. Hockridge and no one went hungry. The candy booth was in charge of Mrs. J. A. Burgum, Misses Mabel Farnham, Zana Burgum and Bertha Myhra as assistants and the persuasive smiles of the young ladies beguiled the quarters their way and they sold all their stock before half the evening was gone. The fancy work booth was the great Mecca for the ladies and it was no wonder, for the most artistic assortment was displayed by the Mesdames Stumpf and Miss Kane. The Mesdames Hackett, Roberts, Chandler, Wilcox disposed of the aprons and handkerchiefs at their counter. Mrs. Wallace Hackett astonished her friends by her skill in persuading the gentlemen to buy aprons and other articles. Miss Rudd had charge of the musical program and there were selections by the Misses Wilkie, Wagner and Mattie Iwen. The ladies have reason to congratulate themselves and the handsome sum of $123.45 was realized for the church fund.
December 19, 1907 Mrs. Walter Phillips was visiting friends in Casselton last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Franke of Erie were visiting here last Saturday.
Banker Beard and Rev. Cook were visiting in Arthur Tuesday.
Ole Myhra, Chas. Gunkel and Wm. Arnold are doing jury duty in Fargo.
Mrs. Krouse of Gardner was the guest of Mrs. Wagner last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Gale were visitors here from Hunter last Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Aug. Faltz and Mrs. Tom Collins were visiting in town Tuesday.
A. M. Crawford is placing a new upright piano in the hall for the Woodmen.
Final examinations will be held at the school house next Thursday and Friday.
The Sunday school will hold Christmas tree exercises at the hall Christmas eve.
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Hackett returned from their visit to Casselton last Saturday evening.
Mrs. Dave Harris and little daughter of Fargo are visiting at the home of Wilbur Hackett.
Julius Kusnick is the architect of the new lumber shed of the Arthur Mercantile Co. near the Northwestern elevator.
Mrs. T. E. Myers who was operated upon by Drs. Baillie and McCann is progressing nicely. Miss Tillie Boettcher is taking care of her.
Dan Cooney received a check last Saturday for $215 from the Head Castle of the Yeoman in settlement for the loss of an eye.
Rev. L. D. Cook will hold services at the school house Thursday evening. All are invited to attend. There will be special music that evening.
There will be Christmas exercises at the school house by the different grades under the charge of the teachers. The parents are invited to attend.
The hunters held their seventh annual hunting meet and between forty and fifty hunters participated in the events of the day. Captains W. G. Collins and John Iwen were the leaders and the former side won. The losers will treat the winners and their friends to an oyster supper, the date to be decided later.

December 26, 1907

Mrs. Wilcox has returned from her visit to Bismarck.
Miss Ella Echternach is spending the holidays with friends here.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Sommerfeld are visiting relatives in Granville.
Chas. Gunkel and Carl Gunkel have returned from the ranch at Dickinson.
Mrs. Selser leaves here Tuesday evening to spend a few days with friends in Jamestown.
School has closed until Jan. 6th and teachers and scholars are enjoying a well earned vacation.
Bruno Mergner and Miss Molly Mergner left Thursday evening for Fargo for a visit with relatives.
The Xmas tree exercises at the hall were postponed on account of the weather and were held last evening.
The Misses Kane, Florence Kane, McGrath, Wellman and Rudd left Friday evening for their respective homes.
Miss Hulda Backlund arrived from Alice Tuesday to spend the holidays with her sister, Mrs. R. F. Viestenz.
Albert Farnham returned from the "U," Albert Pierson from the A. C. Thursday and the Misses Vosburg from the Mayville Normal.
L. D. Cook spoke to a representative audience here Thursday evening. His address was well received and it is hoped that arrangements can be made so he can give us regular Sunday service. He will preach here again Thursday evening in the school house.
Exercises were held at the school house Friday afternoon in Miss Kane's room, in which the different grades took part. There were seventy-five visitors present. A "real" brick fireplace had been built and two gaily dressed Xmas trees on each side. After the program Santa Claus made his appearance amid the squeals of delight of the little folks, and distributed candy and nuts with a lavish hand. The teachers were all remembered with handsome presents.

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