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1909 Hunter Herald

July 8, 1909

Carrie Rassler visited relatives at Frazee last Friday.

Roy Amel of Davenport spent the 4th here with the Gunkel family.

Ed. Sommerfeld is erecting a fine new barn 28x32 on his farm east of town.

Miss Sadie Plumley visited over the 4th with Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Fridley.

The M. W. A. Camp will give their 10th annual dance Friday July 16th.

Frank Layden drove down from Hope for a visit with Hunter and Arthur friends.

Mrs. Will Echternach of Casselton visited a few days last week with Mrs. H. J. Wagner.

Rev. and Mrs. Tourtellotte spent Tuesday in town the guest of Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Burgum.

Frank Wagner was home from Fargo visiting his mother, who we are glad to report is regaining her health.

Charlie Gunkel returned Sat. morning from the ranch at Belfield and brought home with him a fine pair of brood mares.

The families of A. T. Burgum, Jos. Burgum and John See held a picnic at the home of Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Farnham Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. August Faltz, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Gamble, Mrs. J. Iwen and Fred Williams enjoyed a few days visiting at Detroit Lake.

Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Elliott and children returned Wed. morning from Fargo where they spent a few days visiting Mr. and Mrs. Atwood.

Mr. and Mrs. T. O. Burgum and children visited from Sat. until Monday at the Elgin farm at Ayr the guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Bayard.

Dave Nimick, G. N. Smith and T. O. Burgum were a committee to meet with the county commissioners Tuesday in Fargo in regard to the drainage proposition.

Ike Roberts while operating his feed mill last Thursday had the misfortune to catch his hand in the belting causing painful injuries to the first two members. G. B. Burgum is assisting at the elevator while Mr. Roberts takes a rest from work.

Arrangements are being made for an Equity Rally and basket picnic at Nimick's grove Saturday July 17. The baskets will be sold to help out on expenses. The committee in charge is sparing no pains to make this meeting a sort of holiday and jollification meeting for both old and young people.

The two small children of Mr. and Mrs. James Williams were baptized Sunday and in honor of the event an elaborate dinner was served. The guests were Mr. and Mrs. Krueger, Mr. and Mrs. Schlate, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Myers of Erie, Fred Krueger of Wheatland and Rev. and Mrs. Freytag.

The people of Arthur tendered Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Phillips a reception at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Phillips last Thursday eve. Ice cream and cake were served to sixty guests on the lawn. Rev. Tourtellotte presented Mr. and Mrs. P. with a beautiful leather rocking chair as a token of the esteem in which they are held in the community.

July 29, 1909

W. H. Comrie and sons of Fargo came up in their auto Saturday and shook hands with old friends and neighbors.

William Hudson, Mr. and Mrs. Vandlin, Mr. and Mrs. Luscin were guests at a dinner given by Mr. and Mrs. Fridley last Sunday.

T. O. Burgum left Tuesday in response to a telegram announcing the dangerous illness of his father-in-law A. C. Ranard at Washburn.

H. E. Stone came home Monday morning from St. John's hospital where he has been confined for five weeks with an attack of typhoid fever.

Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Burgum and daughters, Mr. and Mrs. John See and children were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. T. O. Burgum at their farm home.

Mrs. Jim Wiliams and children are spending a week in Fargo. They will also visit at the Hyde farm as the guests of Rev. and Mrs. J. R. McConnehey.

Elsie Wagner and Mrs. Bennett went to Fargo to visit Miss Elsie's brother, Frank, before his departure for Montana where Frank has accepted a position in a bank.

Mrs. Reuben Phillips entertained a number of children last Thurs. evening at a fudge party. The children were former pupils and all enjoyed the evening very much.

Yellowstone (Wyo) Journal - The angel of death entered the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. O. Bower shortly after midnight Friday July 23 and took from them their infant son, Lloyd Oral. His illness lasted only a few days, being summer complaint and in spite of the utmost endeavors of his loving parents and sympathizing friends the Savior took him to his heavenly home. The funeral was held from the First M. E. Church Sunday afternoon and interment was made in the Miles City cemetery. Mr. Bowers' parents, Mr. and Mrs. I. K. Smith of Forest City, Iowa and Mrs. G. B. Farnham of Arthur, N. D., mother of Mrs. Bower, were those present from a distance. Their many friends and neighbors extend them their heartfelt sympathy in this, their great loss and sorrow.

August 12, 1909

Julius Kushnick is painting the T. J. Ross store.

Mrs. Simon Rassler spent a week in Frazee, the guest of relatives.

Miss Marie Howe will teach the primary room. School will open about Sept. 12.

Mrs. W. C. Morrison writes friends that she is nicely settled in her new home at Bismarck.

Nels Rosvall has the contract to build the new school house. The dimensions are 24x40.

Arthur Burgum is painting some artistic designs on the large hay barn at the farm south of town.

The harvesting of wheat has commenced and the farmers will be busy from now until snow flies.

Miss Gusta Semple returned to her home at Blanchard after a two weeks visit with the Wilkie family.

G. B. Burgum, Fred Standfield and Miss Olga Schur were guests Sunday at the farm of G. N. Smith.

Lightning struck the new barn on section 17, belonging to Fred Williams last Thursday, burning it to the ground.

Mrs. Theo. Kartes and little daughter of Oakes arrived Sat. for a visit with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gunkel.

Misses Edna and Ella Wilkie, Elsie Wagner and Mrs. Bennett spent a week at Wimbledon, the guests of Mrs. August Wilkie.

The Aid met at the church last Thursday and layed the new carpet between the aisles which is a great improvement to the appearance on the interior.

T. O. Burgum and son Gordon returned home Saturday from Washburn, leaving his father-in-law, A. C. Ranard, somewhat better after his severe illness.

Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Ross and children, Mr. and Mrs. L. Bettschen and children were pleasantly entertained Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Hackett.

The residences of Rev. Freytag, T. O. Burgum and the interior of the A. T. Burgum are being painted and decorated this week by J. H. Nesbitt and his force of men.

August 19, 1909

Mrs. T. O. Burgum spent Wednesday in Fargo.

Mrs. J. W. Bettschen will entertain the Ladies Aid today.

Roy Amel came up from Davenport Monday and called on his Arthur friends.

Bernice Henry is the name of the young son that arrived Saturday, born to Mr. and Mrs. Bernice Henry.

Mrs. Wilcox arrived last Thursday from Waterloo, Iowa, and will spend some time with relatives here.

H. J. Wagner is out west enjoying the breezes of the Pacific Coast. While in Oregon Mr. Wagner purchased five acres of a fine fruit farm.

Dave Whitman arrived Saturday from Ludlow, Ill., and is now busy in the harvest field. He was very much disappointed with the crop prospect.

Walter Fink, traveling superintendent for the St. Anthony and Dakota Elevator Co., was in town Thursday, calling on the Co. agent, I. S. Roberts. Mr. Fink will also look after the North Western line of elevators on his route.

The Hunter Herald of last week contained the most sensible write-up about crop conditions that we have read this season. If the reporters of the bumper crop in N. D. would take a trip through this section of Cass County they would change their opinions. An old time farmer said last week that it was the poorest crop he has seen growing along the G. N. and N. P. road in twenty years.

The sad news was flashed over the wire to T. O. Burgum that A. C. Ranard has passed to the bourne from which no traveler returns. Judge Ranard, by which title he was so well known in Washburn and McLean counties, came to N. D. in March, 1882, living that year at Arthur, and during the year 1883 was with J. A. Lean at Wheatland, filing the same year on government land in McLean county. He has been a resident of that county up to the time of his death. He was a gentleman of the old school, loved and respected by all who knew him, filling many places of honor.

August 26, 1909

Walter Phillips made a business trip to Fargo Tuesday evening.

Mrs. Reuben Phillips is enjoying a visit from her mother, Mrs. Rudd, of Fargo.

Paul Kuehn lost a valuable horse last week on account of excessive heat.

A. L. Plumley is in town finishing the plastering of Fred Wolff's residence.

Rudolph Viestenz and daughter were Fargo visitors the latter part of last week.

Mrs. A. T. Burgum is spending a few days in Hunter, the guest of Mrs. Tourtellotte.

Tony Ramstead was called to Hettinger on account of the serious illness of his mother.

Mrs. Bennett and children departed Monday for a week's visit with her husband at Herman, Minn.

Mrs. Ida Peterson and daughter of Grand Meadow, Minn., and Mrs. August Wilkie, of Wimbledon, are guests of Mrs. Herman Wagner.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Fink and children departed Monday morning for Grand Forks leaving their auto for some future time and better roads.

The hum of the threshing machine will soon be heard and the farmers are estimating the yield at ten to fifteen bushel per acre of wheat.

Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Clark and children left Monday evening for Columbus, N. D., where Mr. Clark has accepted a position as agent with the G. N.

Miss Ollie Burgum was a guest of Miss Lois Muir of Hunter, last Friday. Miss Lois had the big auto awaiting the arrival of the train and together with papa Muir enjoyed a long morning ride to Grandin.

Mrs. J. C. Kelly left Saturday evening for Valley City for a visit with Mrs. Cohigene. The ladies expect to visit in Minneapolis, Winona and Chicago. Mrs. Kelly will reach East Liverpool, Ohio, about the last of the month.

September 2, 1909

J. H. Fuller and brother are here from Ludlow, Ill.

Miss Zana Burgum is visiting friends in Hunter.

The weather is ideal and farmers and threshermen are rejoicing.

The Ladies' Aid will meet tomorrow with Mrs. Louis Bettschen.

Miss Fern Gamble spent the day in the country the guest of Miss Mable Landon.

George Gunkel of Casselton is assisting his Uncle Charles during the busy season.

Jerome Shea arrived Friday from Champaign, Ill. and is looking after his farm interests.

Nels Rosval had the misfortune to lose one of his fingers while operating the circular saw.

Rev. and Mrs. Freytag and daughters were dinner guest Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lambert.

Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Ross are entertaining their father, Mr. Dugan and Mr. and Mrs. Quim of Montrose, Minn.

Mrs. James Williams and children returned home Sunday after spending a week with her sister Mrs. Myers at Erie.

Paul Kuehn threshed wheat on section 20 that netted him 18 bu. per acre which is considered exceptionally good for this year.

Albert Farnham is home after a two month's visit in Washington and Idaho. Albert is making preparations to attend the school of mines this fall at the N. D. U.

Mrs. R. H. Vosburg is entertaining her sister and children, Mrs. George Morrison of Westhope. Mr. Theodore Williams also arrived home and will spend the fall months here.

September 9, 1909

Arthur school opens Monday.

Arthur is proud of its fine stockyards.

Mrs. T. O. Burgum and children spent Saturday in Casselton.

A number of our young ladies are attending the Hunter High School.

Mrs. Schumert of Minneapolis, is visiting at the home of Rev. Freytag.

T. O. Burgum threshed 100 acres of wheat that netted him 20 bushel per acre.

August Sommerfeld's eldest child is improving nicely after a month's illness.

Mrs. F. L. Smith of Niagara is visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Myrah.

G. A. Weir, of Esterville, Iowa, spent a week here looking after his father's interest.

Miss Bessie Diefenbacher of Casselton spent a day here the guest of the Misses Burgum.

Dr. Baillie was called to attend Mrs. J. A. Burgum, who has been sick for the past week.

Walter Fink came down from the Forks and enjoyed a day's sport hunting prairie chickens.

Miss Ella Myrah left Monday morning for Devils Lake where she has a position as teacher.

John Iwen and Simon Rassler were Fargo visitors the first of the week, making the trip in the auto.

School opened in No. 1 and No. 2, district 46, on Monday, with Julius Elliott and Sievert Severson as teachers.

Mr. and Mrs. Hollister of Fargo, Mr. and Mrs. G. P. Metcalf of St. Paul, were guests Friday of Mr. and Mrs. August Faltz.

Last Thursday's Forum had a timely tribute to the late A. C. Ranard, of Washburn, copied from the Washburn Leader.

G. B. Farnham has bought a quarter in sec. 18 from Mrs. Rose Milker. Mrs. Milker filed on this piece of land thirty years ago.

Walter Phillips spent Sunday at home, returning Monday evening to Fargo where he is assisting in the auditor's office for a couple of months.

September 16, 1909

Walter Fink was in town over Sunday.

"Where oh where has my little dog gone?"

Edras Elliott is quite ill at the present writing.

August Faltz attended the Minnesota State Fair last week.

Freda Viestenz returned home from Amenia Saturday morning.

Edna Wilkie goes to Fargo to resume her music at the conservatory.

George Wagner is clerking in his uncle's confectionary store at Wahpeton.

Joe Burgum will not experiment with rye owing to the poor crop of this season.

Edna Viestenz celebrated her fourth birthday anniversary last Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wolff are nicely situated in their new home south of town.

Dr. Campbell was called to attend August Mondt's little grandson who has been quite ill.

Elmer Schur made a business trip to Casselton Friday returning Saturday morning.

Mrs. R. E. Wilke, Master Conrad and daughter Leda visited Casselton over Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Bettschen are visiting friends in Minneapolis and New Richmond.

Mrs. H. J. Wagner returned Thursday from a few days visit with friends in Casselton.

Amos Weland arrived from Iowa last week and is looking after his farm interests west of town.

Carl Gunkel pleasantly surprised his parents with a short visit. Carl reports crops around Belfield just fair.

G. B. Farnham's farm residence looks quite attractive with its coat of new white paint and green trimmings.

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Schur went to Erie to attend the funeral of their little niece who died Sunday afternoon.

Jerome Shay returned to his home in Champaign, Ill., after two weeks' stay in Arthur looking after his farm interests.

September 23, 1909

Arthur Burgum was on the sick list this week.

Mrs. Bernace Henry is visiting her parents in Casselton.

Miss Mable Chapman visited over Sunday with Page friends.

Rumor has it that a newspaper is soon to be published in our town.

Mrs. T. C. Hockridge has been suffering the past week with neuralgia.

Rev. and Mrs. Tourtellotte visited several days in this vicinity last week.

Mrs. Fitzsimmons of Paxton, Ill., is here looking after his farm interests.

Miss Ella Echternach, of Casselton, spent a day here, the guest of her friends.

Mrs. Tourtellotte will entertain the Arthur Ladies Aid at her home in Hunter today.

Edras Elliott, the little daughter of B. B. Elliott, is very ill with cholera infantum.

Rev. and Mrs. Freytag are enjoying a visit from their son and daughter in Minneapolis.

Miss Emilie Indra of Page came in an auto for a short visit with her friend, Miss Chapman, our principal.

Dr. Campbell has made several trips to see John Elwood who has been confined to his bed with lumbago.

Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Moore entertained Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Phillips and Mrs. Walter Phillips at tea Friday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Hewvin, of Ludlow, Ill, arrived Friday morning for a three weeks' visit with their brother, F. E. Stone.

Mrs. Frank Meyers, nee Annie McKinnon, is dangerously ill in St. John's hospital, Fargo, with blood poisoning. Her many friends are hoping for a speedy recovery.

Fred Krueger and family of Wheatland visited over Sunday with his parents and left his little daughter with her grandparents where she expects to remain and attend school here this winter.

September 30, 1909

Miss Selma Priewe was an Arthur caller Saturday.

Miss Mildred Collins visited in Arthur Monday.

Mrs. Ed. Sommerfeld was a Casselton visitor Monday.

D. J. Whitmore left Thursday for his home at Ludlow, Ill.

Mrs. R. F. Viestenz and Edna visited last Thursday in Casselton.

The farmers are all smiling over the magnificent crop of “king corn.” Born to Mr. and Mrs. August Tonn, Sunday, a nine pound girl.

Mrs. H. P. Moore and baby girl visited Friday with Mrs. Will Mitchell.

Mrs. Tourtellotte entertained about 15 Arthur ladies at the Aid last Thursday.

Mrs. A. K. Judisch is enjoying a visit from two of her brothers from Sumner, Iowa.

Mrs. T. O. Burgum and children spent the day in Hunter the guest of Mrs. McLachlin.

G. B. Burgum and Miss Olga Schur visited Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. T. O. Burgum.

Joe Eckelburg contemplates moving to town and going into the livery business here.

Misses Elsie Wagner and Ella Wilke took in the play, “Ole Olson” Monday eve. at Casselton.

Mr. and Mrs. T. O. Burgum were guests last Wednesday week at the home of Mrs. G. B. Farnham.

Mrs. I. S. Roberts and Mrs. L. D. Roberts and Mrs. John Schur were Hunter visitors Tuesday.

Miss Vance, who spent several months visiting friends in Minnesota, returned home last week.

Messrs. Gust and Will Schur, accompanied by their wives, had a pleasant drive to Casselton Mon.

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Bettschen arrived home from a two weeks' visit with relatives in Minnesota.

The first issue of the Arthur Free Press appeared last Saturday. A neat little two sheet weekly paper.

Mrs. Joe Burgum went to Valley City Friday eve. in the interest of the W. C. T. U., alternate Mrs. Walter Muir.

Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Williams of Geneva, Ohio, arrived Monday for an indefinite visit.

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