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1912 Hunter Herald

January 11, 1912

The boys in Miss Buckley's room have all passed in physiology.

Miss Fern Gamble spent the weekend with friends in Hunter.

The Woodmen will give a masquerade ball in their hall the 18th of January.

Mr. and Mrs. T. O. Burgum entertained R. E. Wilke at their home Sunday.

A. T. Burgum has been confined to his home this week with an attack of bronchitis.

The young ladies of town are planning a leap year party to be given in the near future.

Miss Bertha Myrah has returned to her school at Mercer after a two weeks' stay at home for the holidays.

Mr. and Mrs. August Sommerfeld are rejoicing over the arrival of a baby girl born last week Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Julius Sommerfeld returned the last of the week from Merricourt leaving Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Clark and family enjoying good health.

Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Landon entertained a large company of young people Wednesday evening. Games were the evening's diversions followed by a dainty lunch.

A large company of friends gathered at the farm home of Rudolf Otto Saturday evening surprising the gentleman. A very pleasant evening was spent.

Arthur school opened Monday following a two weeks vacation. Both teachers and pupils are better for the ten days' recess and have returned to the school with a desire to accomplish all they possibly can during the latter half of the term.

Mrs. H. J. Wagner and little daughter Lillie left Thursday night for Rochester, being joined at Wahpeton by W. M. Wagner. They were passengers on the C. G. W. train that was wrecked near Welsh, Minn. but escaped injury though Mrs. Wagner was suffering very much Sunday from nervous shock.

The many friends of H. J. Wagner are anxiously awaiting news from Rochester, Minn. Mr. Wagner is a patient at Mayo Bros. hospital. The latest was that he would undergo an operation Monday and we hope that it may be successful and his recovery speedy and sure.

Our former townsman R. E. Wilkie, now located at Valier, Mont., is visiting with old time friends and relatives in and around Arthur. Mr. Wilkie conducted a blacksmith shop here for 25 years and has a host of friends who are very glad to greet him and to know that himself and family are happy and prosperous in their western home.

January 18, 1912

Miss Myrtle Farnham Sundayed at home.

Miss Maeta Iwen was a Mayville visitor Monday.

Supt. Riley of Fargo visited the school Tuesday.

Editor Eberhardt of Hunter was a business visitor here Monday.

Chas. Gunkel arrived Tuesday and is visiting old friends again.

Rev. Robinson of Grand Forks occupied the pulpit here Sunday.

Born-to Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Viestenz a baby girl last Wednesday.

Miss Francis Burgum spent several days last week with Mrs. H. P. Moore.

Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Hackett visited with relatives at Casselton last week.

The girls of Arthur are planning on a big dance to be given in the near future.

Ed. Real visited with relatives and friends at Wahpeton the first of the week.

Frank Wagner arrived and is visiting his parents Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Wagner.

H. A. Sommerfeld, J. L. Iwen and Albert Yohke were Hunter visitors Tuesday.

Chas. Gunkel, Rudolf Otto and R. E. Wilke are visiting at the John Schur home.

A sleigh load of young folks went out to A. J. Schur's Sunday. They all report a good time.

Miss Alice Skogmo has left school owing to poor health, she expects to return to her home in Minneapolis.

Messers. Yonkey, Lambert and George Miller have returned from Montana, where they spent some months visiting.

Mrs. Murch, the aged mother of William Murch, died Sunday. The funeral services were held at the farm home Tuesday.

The attendance at the Woodman mask ball was a decided success, 84 tickets for the dance and 68 tickets for spectators being sold, making a total of $142. Malchow's orchestra furnished splendid music.

The masquerade was a great success socially and financially. Those that received the prizes are as follows: Best dressed lady, Fern Gamble; best dressed gent, Arthur Viestenz; most original lady, Maud Vosburg; most original gent, Arthur Burke; most comical lady, Maeta Iwen; most comical gent, Will Schur.

The Yeoman entertained their town friends last Saturday evening at a euchre party followed by a nice luncheon. Miss Annie See and W. C. Gamble were awarded prizes for the best players and Mrs. T. J. Ross and Charlie Mauer taking the consolation.

Arthur and vicinity is well represented at the Grain Growers Convention.

Misses Lizzie Iwen and Frances Burgum are guests of friends in Hunter this week.

Messers. Schur and Iwen are filling their ice houses with congealed water from Rush River.

Master Bertin Gamble was out of school the past week on account of illness but is fully recovered.

Latest report from Rochester is that H. J. Wagner is doing nicely following an operation for an ulcerated stomach.

Our Tonsorial artist, J. E. Mixture will continue with Elmer Schur and is always ready to do any work in his line.

R. E. Wilke of Valier, Mont., and D. W. Harris of Fargo were weekend guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Hackett.

Elmer Schur is busy moving his stock of merchandise into the building formerly used for Ice Cream parlor the room he now occupies being rented to C. A. Barnett of Ayr who will soon put in a meat market.

The M. W. A. Camp 3879 met Saturday evening. Installation of officers being conducted by past Counsel J. A. Burgum assisted by Chief Escort Dr. T. R. Campbell, following the close of the session the neighbors enjoyed partaking of a nice lunch.

Another change is due to take place in our blacksmith shop; Mr. Frank will assume charge of the shop and Mr. Louie Heiden will take charge of the creamery at Erie for the present. Mr. Heiden is an experienced butter maker and Erie is to be congratulated in securing his services.

The many friends of Miss Ella Wilkie, formerly a pupil in the Hunter High School and a graduate of the Valley City Normal, is teaching in her home town, Valier, Mont., at a salary of $75 per month and giving splendid satisfaction. Her many Arthur friends are glad to know of her good success.

February 1, 1912

Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Farnham were guests Thursday of Mr. and Mrs. John See.

Annie Sommerfeld was home over Sunday, returning to Fargo Monday night.

Mrs. T. C. Hockridge has been confined to her room for the past two weeks with lagrippe.

Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Burgum entertained a company of friends at cards last Saturday evening.

Mrs. Ed. Sommerfeld has returned to Fargo to continue treatment for rheumatism at the sanitarium.

Louie Schur and family are moving back to Arthur. They have rented the Louie Heiden residence.

The dance at W. J. Collins' last Friday night was well attended and the young people report a fine time.

Rev. Scott will hold revival meetings in the M. E. Church commencing Wednesday evening, Jan. 31st.

A sleigh load of young people went out to the home of August Faltz last Friday evening. They report a fine time.

A company of men folks surprised Fred Standfield last Thursday evening. Cards were indulged in; also a nice lunch at midnight.

OBITUARY:--Susan Murch, wife of Thos. Murch, was born in Devonshire, England, Jan. 22nd, 1837 and died Jan. 21st, 1912, at the age of 73 years, 11 months and 30 days. She had four sons, three of whom are left to mourn her loss. She came to this country in 1888 and has resided in the neighborhood of Arthur since that time. She was a member of the Rose Valley Congregational church for 23 years and she was beloved by a large number of friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Simon Rassler are mourning the loss of their little four months old baby boy who died Saturday morning after a week's illness. The little one had been a sufferer since birth with eczema. The immediate cause of death being acute indigestion. Rev. Freytag of the German Lutheran church conducted services at the home, assisted by the Arthur choir who rendered the beautiful hymns, “Lead Kindly Light” and “Abide With Me.” The little casket was a profusion of beautiful flowers, which were the gifts of friends. Mr. and Mrs. Rassler left Saturday evening with the remains for Detroit, Minn., where interment took place Monday in the family lot.

February 8, 1912

John See's children have tonsillitis.

Wilbur Hackett left Tuesday evening for Fargo.

James Jenkins of Erie was an Arthur caller last week.

Mrs. W. A. Fridley was calling on Arthur friends Thursday.

Gust Schur was a county seat visitor a few days last week.

Rev. Moore of Grand Forks will preach in the church Friday evening.

J. E., H. A. and Paul Sommerfeld spent a few days in Fargo last week.

Mr. and Mrs. John Schur were Fargo visitors a few days last week.

The M. W. A. held a special meeting at their hall last Friday night.

Rev. Scott and wife were guests of Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Elliott for the past week.

John Wagner and Art Burgum were absent from school last week on account of sickness.

Fred Williams returned from Grand Forks last Saturday, where he attended the auto show.

Henry Sommerfeld has purchased the s. e. _ of sec. 24, and Emil Boettcher the west _ of sec. 36.

The small child of James Bumgarner is quite sick with pneumonia and is under the care of a trained nurse.

James Hudson, of Welcome Valley, and S. S. Siebert of Minneapolis, were calling on T. O. Burgum, Monday.

The German measles are going the rounds among children, several being out of school, and a number being in.

Rev. and Mrs. Scott and Mrs. B. B. Elliott were guests at tea Thursday of Dr. and Mrs. T. R. Campbell.

There will be a dance in the hall Thursday evening, Feb. 8th, given by the K. P. of Mayville. Everybody invited.

Otto Nelson accompanied his wife to the Woodman Sanitarium at Colorado where she will receive treatment for consumption.

Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Farnham and Miss Alice Marie and Master Donald were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. T. O. Burgum, Thursday.

Albert Yonkey was a Casselton visitor Sunday. We are informed that Mr. Yonkey has rented the J. L. Iwen livery barn and will conduct same in a first class manner.

The $100.00 an acre for land has made its appearance in Arthur, Mrs. Henrietta Sommerfeld being the prospective buyer. The lady purchased three acres, paying $300 for same.

The girls will give a dance in the hall on Friday, February 16. Now don't forget the date and everybody come and have a good time. Those that want flowers leave your order at the drug store.

Another narrow escape one day last week. John Brown came to town for a load of coal and while driving along Harmony Avenue one of the stakes in the front bolster of the sled broke and the tank slewed off. Mr. Brown, like a cat, lit on all fours with not a scratch. Coal badly spilled. The writer, assisted by a prominent farmer of Gunkel township and from Arthur township and John Iwen's wood pile cleaned up the wreck and sent Brother Brown on his way rejoicing. One of our enterprising citizens picked up the coal and when counted it amounted to 10 lbs, 4 oz.

February 15, 1912

Miss Freda Viestenz left Tuesday for Amenia.

The revival meetings discontinued last evening.

Ira Chandler lost a farm horse last Thursday.

Mrs. John Iwen went to Fargo Tuesday evening.

Mrs. Louie Schur is entertaining her sister, Mrs. Willert of Erie.

The young Ladies are anticipating a grand time at their Leap Year dance.

Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Wagner are enjoying a visit with relatives at Grand Meadow, Minn.

The pupils in Miss Buckley's room are practicing the play, Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch.

Rev. and Mrs. Scott and Mrs. Eliza Chandler were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Burgum.

Mrs. Chas. Lambert has been confined to her bed for several days but at the present writing is improving.

The small children of Mr. and Mrs. John Bettschen have been quite poorly the past week but are now improving.

Mrs. Henry Sommerfeld spent several days last week at home the guest of her parents Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Viestenz.

Dave Harris of Fargo returned home Saturday evening after spending several days here with the Hackett families.

Mrs. R. H. Vosburg and her niece, Myrtle Morrison, spent Thursday and Friday in Fargo; Miss Morrison taking teacher's examination.

Mesdames Wilbur and Wallace Hackett entertained the “500” club Thursday and Saturday of last week at their respective homes.

The Misses Bernice and Maud Vosburg attended the teachers meeting which was held at Erie last week. Miss Vosburg's subject was reading.

Theodore Sell who is at St. John's Hospital for treatment is reported to be in a very dangerous condition. Mrs Sell and the children are in Fargo with him.

Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Viestenz had their baby daughter, Dorothy Elizabeth, christened Sunday afternoon at their home by Rev. Freytag of the German Lutheran church.

Saturday morning the people of Arthur were deeply grieved to learn of the sudden death of baby Harriett Burgum, the three months old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Burgum who died with hemorrhage of the brain. The little one had apparently been in the best of health and had gained in health considerably since birth. The sudden taking away has cast a gloom over the little home. Private services were conducted Sunday afternoon at the house of Rev. Freytag, who spoke fealingly on child life. His text was taken from Mark 10:13-16 verses. The Arthur choir rendered very sweetly the hymns: “Safe in the Arms of Jesus” and “Nearer My God to Thee.” Interment was made in the Arthur cemetery. Mr. and Mrs. Burgum have the sympathy of a large concourse of friends in their sad bereavement.

February 22, 1912

F. J. Stumpf spent Saturday in Fargo.

Professor Record visited over Sunday in Fargo.

Irwin Iwen is expected home from Fargo Saturday.

Miss Annie Sommerfeld returned to Fargo Tuesday evening.

J. A. Burgum returned Tuesday morning from South St. Paul.

Louis Schur, Uncle Tom's right hand bower, is spending a few days in Fargo.

Mr. and Mrs. Julius Welke, of Fall Creek, Wisconsin, are visiting their many relatives here.

August Sommerfeld has had a hard tussel the past week with quinsy but is now improving.

Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Shaffer returned after a two months visit with their children in Montana.

Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Farnham had as their dinner guests Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Arnold and children.

Misses Rehberg and Kate Tritchler will assist Miss Buckley in the coming play-“Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch.” Fred Williams, our genial merchant prince, and Louis Bettschen, our popular dry goods clerk, left on a business trip to the Twin Cities, Tuesday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. John Bettschen had a company of relatives at dinner Sunday in honor of the christening of their two children, Bernice Marie and Bertin Lewis. Rev. Freytag officiated.

The Leap Year party given by the ladies of Arthur and vicinity was a social success, some 200 young people being in attendance, a large crowd coming down from Hunter. Mrs. W. C. Landon very kindly assisted the young ladies with their elaborate luncheon.

Paul Sommerfeld and Miss Clara Buchholz of Portage, Wisconsin, will be married at the latter place early in March. They will return to N. Dak. and go to housekeeping on a farm south of Arthur. Mrs. Ed. Sommerfeld and daughter Anne and Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Sommerfeld expect to attend the wedding.

William Prendergast, the three month old son of Mr. and Mrs. T. O. Burgum, passed away Tuesday morning at 9:00 o'clock after a few hours illness of acute indigestion following severe attacks of convulsions from which he never gained consciousness. Funeral services were held at the home and were conducted by Rev. Scott of Hunter, assisted by the Arthur choir. The little body was conveyed to its last resting place in the Arthur cemetery.

February 29, 1912

Dr. Campbell was a Fargo visitor Tuesday.

Johnny Schur was in Erie on business Saturday.

Louie Heiden of Erie was in town last Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Burgum spent Tuesday in Fargo.

Don't forget the home talent play Friday at the hall.

Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Fridley were calling on Arthur friends Monday.

Mrs. W. C. Gamble who has been sick the past week is now able to be around again.

Mrs. T. A. Green spent a few days last week visiting her daughter in Casselton.

W. J. Stone arrived from Paxton, Ill., to be present at the sale which takes place today.

Chester Barnett of Ayr has arrived and is getting his shop ready for business.

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Moug drove over from Page to attend the funeral of the late Mr. Rassler.

George Wagner came up from Wahpeton Saturday remaining over Sunday for a visit with his parents.

Miss M. Rudd, sister of Mrs. Reuben Phillips, returned to her home in Fargo, after a week's visit here.

Will Mattson of Hedges, Mont., arrived Monday to attend the funeral of his brother-in-law, S. J. Rassler and accompanied his sister and niece to Detroit, Minn.

Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Bayard drove over from Ayr last Tuesday to attend the funeral of their little nephew.

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Bayard came up from Fargo Saturday and spent Sunday visiting their brother G. B. Farnham.

Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Sommerfeld went to Fargo Monday where Mrs. Sommerfeld will submit to an operation.

M. A. Mutt, the cattle buyer shipped a car of cattle and hogs to South St. Paul, J. A. Burgum going down with same.

The 17 young people who attended the dance at Hunter Friday are loud with their praises over the good time shown them.

Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Hackett entertained Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Vosburg, Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Ross and family at dinner Sunday.

All Arthur people were delighted to see Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Wagner alight from the train Saturday morning. Mr. Wagner is feeling and certainly looks well after his recent illness. All his friends wishing for a continued improvement.

The funeral services for the late S. J. Rassler, who died last Saturday from pneumonia, were held Monday afternoon, at the M. E. church under the auspices of the B. A. Y. of which he was a beneficiary member.

March 7, 1912

Mrs. Louie Schur was a Casselton visitor Monday.

Walter Fink was an Arthur visitor last Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Bush were weekend visitors at Hunter.

Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Burgum were Fargo visitors Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Brewer attended the play here last Friday evening.

Mrs. T. J. Meyers is improving since her operation for appendicitis.

Mrs. R. F. Viestenz and daughter Edna are visiting relatives in Fargo.

Mrs. Frank Young and little son, Raymond, spent Saturday with the Misses Burgum.

Chust Gibbe's little baby daughter is improving after a week's illness of pneumonia.

Miss Ollie Burgum spent Saturday and Sunday with Miss Verna Stumpf in the country.

Paul Sommerfeld and Miss Clara Buchholz were married Tuesday, March 5th, at Portage, Wis.

Our former townsman, P. H. Clague, but now of Minneapolis, is in town writing life insurance.

T. O. Burgum sold a fat 2 year old steer which weighed 1190 lbs. and bringing a tidy sum of $56.

Harry Farnham and Grover Fridley visited in Fargo last week and attended the A. C. basketball game.

The Stone Bros. sale last Thursday was a very successful one, the total amount of the sale being $44,000.

The Arthur school is closed for an indefinite time, owing to several cases of diphtheria among the small children.

Dr. Miller of Casselton was an Arthur caller Tuesday being called to see little Clifford Rassler who has a slight attack of pneumonia.

Chester Barnett and Tom and Annie See drove to Ayr Friday and took in the home talent play at that place, returning home Sunday.

The home talent play, “Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch” was an excellent entertainment and thoroughly enjoyed by the large crowd. The door receipts being $51.50.

March 14, 1912

Fred Williams spent Friday in Hunter.

Allan McCann is visiting Chester Barnett.

Elmer Burke returned Friday from Montana.

Frank Wagner is visiting relatives at Wahpeton.

H. E. Stone left Tuesday evening for Gibson City. Ill.

Mrs. Kate Eyers of Casselton spent Saturday in Arthur.

Mr. and Mrs. Aitchson are getting in their new farm on section 22.

Miss Mae Schwart visited with Miss Myrtle Farnham Saturday.

The town board held their annual meeting at the hall Tuesday.

Miss Rehberg left Sunday evening for a visit with her parents at Ellendale.

Mrs. A. M. Smith spent several days here visiting her sister, Mrs. Wallace Hackett.

Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Sommerfeld spent Friday in Fargo returning home Saturday morning.

Mrs. and Mrs. John See, and Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Burgum spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lambert.

Albert Farnham and Grover Fridley spent Saturday and Sunday in Fargo, returning home Monday morning.

Mr. and Mrs. Parkhurst of Paxton, Ill., have arrived and will take possession of the Wilbur Hackett farm.

P. H. Clague left Monday evening for Minneapolis. Mr. Clague has accepted a position with the G. N. at Melrose, Minn.

Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Sommerfeld and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sommerfeld returned Tuesday morning from Portage, Wisconsin.

Sunday School Convention will be held Thursday at Hunter. A general invitation is extended to all interested in religious work.

Mr. and Mrs. Smiley will try farming in North Dakota. They arrived Monday from Buckley, Ill. They will farm the _ in section 4.

Mr. and Mrs. T. O. Burgum entertained at dinner Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Hackett, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Fridley and Wilbur Hackett.

Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Hackett entertained at dinner last Friday, Mr. and Mrs. T. O. Burgum, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Fridley, D. W. Harris and Wilbur Hackett.

One of the important propositions to be voted on at the annual election next Tuesday will be the drilling of an artesian well for the benefit of Arthur township with two good size reservoirs properly located and some fire fighting apparatus. It would be a great help in fighting fire.

March 21, 1912

Elsie Wagner went to Casselton Tuesday evening.

Miss Buckley spent a few days in Casselton last week.

Professor Record spent the pat two weeks in Grand Forks.

My Old New Hampshire Home, will be staged early in April.

W. C. Landon and John Schur drove to Erie on business Monday.

Gordon Stumpf is expected home for the Easter vacation, next Friday.

J. A. Burgum and “Mott” the cattle buyer went to Galesburg Friday.

G. B. Farnham spent a week in Fargo visiting his sister Mrs. S. H. Bayard.

The sale of Wilbur Hackett was a success, a team of colts selling for $400.75.

August Faltz returned Saturday from a month's visit with his brother in Wisconsin.

W. A. Fridley was called to Bismarck Thursday on account of the sudden death of his brother-in-law, Atty. Cochrane.

Ira Chandler expects to move to Crookston, Minn., next week, having purchased an interest in a dry goods house.

Mr. and Mrs. T. O. Burgum gave a farewell dinner party for Mr. Hackett on Wednesday evening. Covers were laid for fourteen.

I. S. Roberts met with a painful accident Tuesday, running nail in his knee, which is not only very painful but lays Ike up for several days.

Grover Fridley and Albert Farnham went to Argusville Saturday evening and played basketball with Argusville against the Y. M. C. A. of Fargo, Argusville winning 20 to 16.

At the election Tuesday the following were elected: supervisor, I. S. Roberts, clerk Walter Phillips, treasurer W. C. Gamble, assessor T. O. Burgum, constable H. A. Sommerfeld.

School opened Monday with a good attendance. Dr. Campbell called on the pupils Monday in the school room and each child passed an examination of the throat; there were no rejections and from now on we hope that everything will run smoothly, thanks to Dr. Campbell.

Saturday evening about 30 of Wilbur Hackett's gentlemen friends gathered at the M. W. A. hall and spent the evening pleasantly at cards and social chat, at 11 o'clock a bountiful lunch was served everybody enjoying the same. The party was in honor of Mr. Hackett who will soon leave to take up his residence at Three Rivers, Mich. Wilbur's friends presented him with a handsome traveling bag.

Monday evening Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Hackett entertained 20 gentlemen friends in honor of their brother Wilbur, with cards and political discussion, the time was spent very happily. A delicious luncheon was partaken of to which all did ample justice. It was after midnight when the guests departed bidding Mr. Hackett good-bye and wishing him a long and happy life in his far eastern home. Many were the compliments paid Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Hackett for the evening's entertainment.

March 28, 1912

I. S. Roberts is able to be around again.

Jimmy Jenkins was an Arthur visitor Monday.

E. E. Webb was a visitor at the Landon home Sunday.

Fred Williams returned Saturday morning from Mandan.

Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Schur were visitors to Casselton Tuesday.

Alice Wagner was the guest of Miss Margaret Viestenz Sunday.

R. H. Vosburg and daughter Bernice were Fargo visitors Friday.

Bertin Gamble and John Wagner were guests of Arthur Viestenz Sunday.

Messers Barnett and McCann spent Sunday with their parents at Ayr.

Mrs. Ed. Sommerfeld and Mrs. Will Iwen left Monday for Fargo on business.

Miss Elsie Wagner who has been visiting at Fargo and Casselton returned home Sunday.

Mrs. Reuben Phillips and little son left Monday evening in response to a telegram from Fargo.

Mr. and Mrs. McAdams and little son left Monday for Roseau, Minn., where they will spend the summer.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Echternach and daughter Ella of Casselton were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Wagner.

There were no services here in the church Sunday and Rev. Moore of Grand Forks will deliver his lecture later in the season.

The Misses Smith of Casselton came up Friday morning, remaining over Sunday, as guests of Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Hackett.

Mrs. L. O. Bower of Souras, Montana, arrived for a visit of several months with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Farnham.

John Schlate celebrated his birthday anniversary Saturday evening at the hall. About 20 gentlemen enjoyed Uncle John's hospitality.

Wilbur Hackett left last Wednesday evening for a visit with a brother in Kalamazoo, Mich. Mrs. Hackett has just left the hospital in Ann Arbor, Mich.

Burke Stanley Farnham, the three and one half year old son of Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Farnham, died Sunday after a week's illness and was buried Monday. The bereaved parents have the sympathy of a host of friends in their hour of sorrow.

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