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1914 Hunter Herald

January 14, 1914

Mrs. T. A. Green is visiting Arthur friends.

Mrs. Hines has been quite ill since the holidays.

Geo. H. Clunis was an Arthur visitor over Sunday.

Mrs. Wallace Hackett is one the sick list this week.

John See is visiting his mother in Iowa City, Iowa.

J. Cederburg is improving after a long illness of pneumonia.

The First State Bank held their annual meeting here Wednesday.

Mrs. Walter Phillips has been on the sick list for the last two weeks.

Arthur Burke of New Rockford is visiting friends here for a few days.

Mr. and Mrs. Rasmussen are to occupy rooms in the Elizabeth Burgum home.

W. H. Simmons of Minneapolis attended the bank meeting here Wednesday.

Walter Phillips left Monday evening for Fargo, where he will serve on the jury.

Miss Ollie Burgum and Miss Elsie Kuehn are music pupils of Mrs. Fletcher Roach.

Miss Myrtle Farnham is home from her four months term of school in McLean county.

Miss Bertha Myrah came up from Durbin last Saturday and spent the day at her home.

A baby girl was a welcome arrival at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Standfield, born Jan. 3.

Quite a few from Hunter, Argusville and Amenia attended the dance here last Friday.

Harry Farnham is taking a 3 month term of mechanical engineering at the A. C., Fargo.

F. J. Stumpf is planning on the building of a new home here or in Casselton in the near future.

R. F. Butterfield was called to Minneapolis last week on account of the serious sickness of his wife.

Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Sommerfeld had a party last Thursday evening, about 30 guests being present.

Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Burgum are at home again after a ten days visit with his Grandmother at Washburn.

Miss Anne Sommerfeld was surprised Saturday evening by a company of young people, the occasion being her birthday.

The basket social and dance given by the band boys here last Friday was a decided success. The boys are well satisfied with the door receipts.

Little Charles Ross, who has been very ill with pneumonia, is again regaining his strength, which is very satisfactory news to this many friends.

Phillip Skogmo of Minneapolis and George Wagner of Wahpeton have returned to their respective homes after a pleasant vacation at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Wagner.

The Yeoman entertained themselves and friends last Friday evening at cards and an elaborate oyster supper. The evening was a most delightful one, among the Archer's prizes were awarded to Mrs. J. Williams for the highest score and Mrs. Dr. Campbell for the lowest.

February 5, 1914

Mr. and Mrs. T. O. Burgum were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. John See.

Edith and Hiram Farnham spent Saturday and Sunday with relatives in Fargo.

Miss Fern Gamble was on the sick list for a few days last week.

Miss Myrtle Farnham left Tuesday for Hope where she will spend a week visiting with friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bettschen are rejoicing over the arrival of a new son last Wednesday which tipped the scales at 12 pounds.

Quite a few from here attended the dance at Erie last Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Schur entertained relatives at home Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Lambert returned last week after a visit with friends in Illinois.

There will be an entertainment at the hall next Wednesday evening, Feb. 11th, given by Miss Gibson(?) of Valley City.

The Hunter High School basketball team played the Arthur juniors Saturday night and were defeated by a score of 12 to 15.

The Page basketball team came over Monday evening and were defeated by our boys, the score being 13 to 52.

Miss Mayme Schur returned home Saturday morning from Fargo after a week's visit with Miss Lulu Tritchler.

Robert Lee came up from Fargo and is visiting at home for a few days.

Miss Linda Viestenz returned after a visit with friends at Amenia.

Mrs. G. B. Farnham and daughter were dinner guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Stumpf.

Mrs. John Jarrett assisted by Mrs. G. B. Burgum gave an appetizing lunch to the Arthur basketball team after their return home Friday evening from the game at Argusville and judging from reports the boys thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the ladies' hospitality.

Miss Lillie Burgum entertained a group of eleven little people Saturday afternoon, the occasion being Miss Burgum's eleventh birthday anniversary.

Dr. Campbell appears to be the busiest man in town.

Miss Lillie Wagner had a birthday surprise party Monday evening. Several little people were invited in to help Miss Lillie celebrate her 7th anniversary.

The basketball game between Argusville and Arthur at the latter place last Friday evening was a hard contested game from start to finish. At no time was there more than two points separating the teams. At the call of time Arthur had 22 and Argusville 20. The Arthur team have played five games, winning all of them, and we are justly proud of our team. May their shadows never grow less.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Echternach and Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Otto were guests of Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Wagner Monday afternoon and evening, coming in Mr. E's Ford.

Walter Fink, travelling Supt. for the St. A & D. Elevator Co., called on Agent Roberts Tuesday.

Miss Angela Murray Gibson will give an entertainment in the hall next Wednesday evening, consisting of reading, impersonation, monologue, music on the Scottish harp and solos. She will be assisted by home talent. The entertainment will be given under the auspices of the Arthur High school. Miss Gibson has appeared here before to a large house and all were well pleased. Admission 35 and 20 cents.

February 26, 1914

Louie Schur was a Fargo visitor Saturday.

Fred Williams returned home from the twin cities.

Mr. Willert of Galesburg has been in town visiting his sister Mrs. Louie Schur.

Mrs. Lillie Bourr of Fargo, a local W. C. T. U. Worker, is spending the day with Mrs. Dr. Campbell and spoke to the school children Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Nelson of Kelso are visiting at the home of her father Chas. Lambert.

Mrs. H. J. Wagner spent a few days visiting friends in Casselton and Fargo.

The home talent play, the Noble Outcast, is being staged at Erie tonight.

Mrs. R. F. Viestenz and little son are improving nicely and gaining strength from day to day.

Miss Ella Echternach of Casselton spent Friday and Saturday visiting at the Wagner home.

Miss Myrtle Farnham will leave Wednesday for a short visit in Fargo before departing for McLean county, where she has accepted a position to teach a four month term of school.

Mrs. Edith Farnham, Myrtle and Albert were dinner guests Wednesday evening of Mr. and Mrs. T. O. Burgum.

No school in the higher grades this week, Miss Hanson the principal, being called home to Cogswell, on account of the death of her brother.

The Sunday School will give an entertainment in the church the first Wednesday in March everybody come and help the cause. Refreshments will be served and a small admission charged.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Viestenz and family returned home Monday from a visit with her parents at Casselton.

T. C. Hockridge of Hunter was in town Tuesday.

Miss Fern Bayard returned to her school duties at Buxton after a few days visit at home.

March 12, 1914

Harry Farnham returned home Tuesday morning after taking up a short course at the A. C. Fargo.

Walter Collins returned Tuesday morning after spending the winter in Minn.

W. S. Gamble and Fred Williams attended the Masonic lodge in Casselton last Friday evening.

Walter Fenk was an Arthur visitor last Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Clunis of Greenfield visited a few days last week with Mrs. Clunis' parents.

Mrs. Reuben Phillips and son Lyle left Mon. evening for Fargo for a week's visit with relatives.

John Ross of Fargo was an Arthur visitor last week.

The Sunday School social given last Wednesday was a great success. Miss Fern Gamble had charge of the program and Mesdames J. Williams, G. B. Burgum and Miss Bernice Vosburg had charge of the supper. The supper was at six o'clock and our popular band gave us four selections before the program, this was appreciated by all. The receipts amounted to $23.30.

Geo. Gunkle of Casselton was an Arthur visitor last week.

John Sinner and John McKinnon autoed up from Casselton Monday.

T. J. Ross has made extensive improvements in his store, more shelves being installed and large windows in the office which is quite an improvement.

Dr. Campbell spent several days in McHenry looking after his farming interests.

R. F. Butterfield returned home from Minneapolis last Saturday morning.

Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Hackett entertained the married men of Arthur at cards Friday evening, royal good time was had and a fine luncheon served by the hostess at midnight.

Miss Ella Schur celebrated her 18th birthday anniversary last Saturday at the home of her sister Mrs. Gordon Burgum, 18 school mates enjoyed the afternoon with games and refreshments.

Mr. and Mrs. John Schur are spending a few days with friends near Cummings.

Mrs. T. C. Hockridge was a guest of Mrs. Phillips last week.

Miss Mamie Schur is spending some time in Buffalo.

Mr. and Mrs. Ira Chandler and Phillip are to locate on their farm west of Hunter. Their numerous friends are glad to have these old neighbors back again.

Several new families arrived last Wednesday from El Paso and other parts of Illinois, and are settling on North Dakota farms.

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