1924 Arthur

Arthur Anglings
1921 Hunter Herald

July 7, 1921

Taken from the Arthur News

Goodwin Nelson is expected home from Washington state this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Gebeke have a baby daughter, born on Sunday.
A. J. Manners, deputy sheriff, was a business caller in Arthur on Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. L. Schur and family were Casselton visitors Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. McLeod of Amenia were shopping in Arthur Thursday.
Mrs. Wm. Murch is on the sick list this week.
Frank Goss of Hunter was in Arthur for a few hours on Thursday.
BORN to Mr. and Mrs. Roy Bumgartner on Wednesday, a baby boy.
Mr. and Mrs. Louie Schur were Erie visitors Tuesday afternoon.
Miss Henrietta Tonn was a Hunter visitor Monday.
Sidney Murch was a Wednesday visitor at the National Tractor Show.
Miss Bertha Priewe is sewing for Mrs. A. W. Barker.
T. J. Ross and son Charles took in the tractor show and the Wallis banquet on Wednesday.
Mrs. Rudolph Viestenz and family left Monday for a visit to Minneapolis and other points in Minnesota.
Emil Boettcher and Gust Grieger have each lost a horse from the excessive heat of the past few days.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wolff leave for Fargo Friday, where he will take medical treatment.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Parkhouse left early this week for a visit with friends in Iowa.
Ed Wilhelm and father, Herman Wilhelm, were in Fargo Wednesday on business.
Carl Nelson, James Jenkins, Sr., and Wm. Sloan were Erie visitors at the Hunter-Arthur baseball game.
Mrs. Carrie Lee of Gardner called on her parents, Mr. and Mrs. August Faltz on Thursday.
Albert Stewart and his sister Certilla attended the tractor show on Wednesday.
James Hicks of Argusville took in the ball game between Hunter and Arthur on Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Viestenz and Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Barker spent Monday in Fargo.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Corcoran and family were at the tractor show. He is a Wallis booster.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Amel and Mr. and Mrs. John Russell of Hunter were Sunday guests at the T. J. Ross home.
Misses Marjorie Burgum and Edith Farnham who are taking special work at the University arrived home Friday to remain over the Fourth.
Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Webb and family and Miss Eileen Collins autoed to Lake Cormorant, Minn. to attend the U. C. T. Picnic there.
Arthur Burgum, Mrs. J. A. Burgum and Miss Elizabeth Burgum attended Camp Meeting at Absaraka Sunday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Gustav Willert and Mr. and Mrs. Tom See autoed to Thompson Sunday and spent the day with relatives.
F. W. Maurer is now improving slowly after a prolonged illness. The nurse left for her home in Fargo Thursday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. John Wergin of Hunter spent a short time in Arthur on Thursday on their way home to Hunter.
A. W. Barker and family of Sharon, N. D. expect to start back for their home Saturday, after a visit at the Albert Viestenz home here.
Mr. and Mrs. John Schur and daughter Ella, Eleanor Roberts, and Carl Johnson spent for Saturday to Monday at Detroit Lake.
Ryan Siewert of Blabon, N. D. formerly at Arthur resident, is quite ill at St. Luke's hospital in Fargo, suffering from a stroke of paralysis.
F. J. Sinner left Wednesday for Perham, Minn. He expects to visit there, and to take a trip to Minneapolis, not returning to Arthur until after the Fourth.
Jake Platt of Argusville was painfully scalded Thursday by steam from his tractor when the radiator cap blew off. He was hurried to Gardner for treatment by Dr. Gowenlock and from there to Arthur, where Dr. Gowenlock treated and bandaged him. He was relieved enough from the pain so that he was able to enjoy the ball game between Hunter and Arthur. W. O. Shields of Argusville drove him over, and also stayed for the game.

July 14, 1921

Taken from the Arthur News

Miss Bertha Priewe is sewing in Arthur now.
Miss Eileen Collins of Grandin is visiting at the F. W. Maurer home.
Fred Williams was a Hunter business visitor Thursday afternoon.
Atty. R. W. Muir transacted legal business in Arthur Friday.
Herman Timmerman is having his farm home wired, and will get his electricity from the village plant.
The I. S. Roberts and L. Heiden families celebrated the Fourth picnicking at Sargent's grove.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kuehn and the younger children spent the Fourth at the August Wolff farm near Amenia.
Mrs. A. A. Love of Fargo was the guest of Mrs. T. J. Ross on Wednesday.
Mrs. Gladys Quittschreiber is visiting her sister-in-law, Mrs. Henry Johnson of Oriska.
Joe Eckelberger and Sam Drake are spending a few days fishing near Detroit.
F. J. Sinner and family arrived Tuesday from their visit with relatives at Perham, Inn.
T. J. Ross is having quite extensive repairs on his store front and other parts of his building.
The many friends of F. W. Maurer will be pleased to learn that he is improving rapidly, and is now able to be about the house on crutches.
W. D. Russell and family of Grand Forks are visiting relatives in and near Arthur, arriving here on Wednesday.
A number of the more ardent rooters attended the Arthur-Hillsboro baseball game at Hillsboro Thursday evening.
Mrs. J. J. Sullivan and daughter Gladys of Milwaukee, Wis. are visiting at the James Williams home, arriving Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. B. Mergner left for St. Paul Tuesday where Mr. Mergner will undergo an operation on his eyes.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Franke and family, Mr. and Mrs. B. Mergner and family, were Casselton visitors Sunday.
Miss Pearl Faltz is visiting with her sister, Mrs. G. H. Oakes at Hunter. She has been there since the Fourth.
Mr. and Mrs. August Faltz and Walter Phillips left Wednesday for Perham, Minn. where they are enjoying the fishing.
The Misses Gunhild and Karla Korup left Thursday evening for Vienna, South Dakota, after enjoying a month's vacation at their home in Hunter.
Ed Wahowske spent Friday and Saturday in Fargo, and then went to Grand Forks where he visited, Sunday, Monday the Fourth and Tuesday returning Tuesday evening.
R. J. Ross and sons Charles, Lewis and Robert left Sunday for a visit with relatives and friends at Buffalo, Minn. They went by auto, and from all reports are enjoying a fine time.
Elmer Schur and family left for Sharon, N. D. in time to spend the Fourth of July there, and are visiting there still with Mrs. Schur's folks.
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Haworth and daughter arrived in Arthur Thursday from their home in Oakland, Iowa. They made the entire trip by automobile.
Mr. and Mrs. Neales of Enderlin and daughter Lorraine visited last week with Mrs. Neales' parents Mr. and Mrs. B. Mergner. They left Tuesday for Delamere where they will visit relatives.
The carpenters have completed the erection of two commodious porches an addition to the south side of the T. O. Burgum residence. The sleeping porch being especially useful these hot nights.
The Misses Marjorie Burgum and Edith Farnham spent the Fourth with their folks leaving for their work at the University about the 6th inning of the Arthur-Hunter baseball game Monday afternoon.
The new cement walk from the Arthur Mercantile Co. corner to the other side of the drugstore is open for travel. It is expected that the rest will be finished at an early date.
The Arthur ball team journeyed to Hillsboro to take on the team from that place Thursday afternoon. Van Arnam and Young of the Hunter team accompanied the Arthur boys to take the place of two of the Arthur team who were unable to go.
Will be at Hunter on Tuesday July 19th. If glasses are needed I can fit you accurately. W. E. Lindsey, Optometrist.
L. & M. Tudor have some of their best cattle and ponies at the big fairy this week, they shipped them last week on Saturday.
Mrs. Wm. Howells and two children Carl and Minnie were in Fargo last week on Thursday, making the trip by auto.
Several from Arthur were here in Hunter last week on Friday and seen the local boys take the fast Hillsboro ball team into camp.
Galesburg won the good game of ball from Amenia on Sunday by the score of 4 to 5 in 14 innings. Several from here were in Galesburg to see the game.
Nels Rosval and wife and the Misses Ella and Mable Rasmussen went to Fargo on Tuesday where they attended the wedding of Harry Rasmussen to Miss Ella Schultz.
H. H. Carr and family arrived home on Wednesday of last week from their trip to Rhame this state where they were visiting with relatives and friends from some time. They made the trip by auto.
The local ball team took the fast Hillsboro ball team into camp by the score of 4 to 11. Our boys sure hit well and ran the bases and piled the scores at will. They will play a return game at Hillsboro next week.
The Galesburg ball team came over to Hunter last week on Saturday and was defeated by the one-sided score of 13 to 1. They never had a chance as our team was fielding well and hit when hits meant runs, this is the third straight game we have won from them.
E. L. Thomas and wife and grandson Ellis left last week on Thursday for their home at Vergas, Minn. after spending several days here visiting at the home of their daughter, Mrs. L. P. Harmon. Mr. Thomas had bad luck while here as his barn on his farm burned down, which contained a large quantity of hay and some harness and farm tools.
Arthur Votes to Incorporate Friday at 9 o'clock the polls opened for residents in the proposed corporate limits of Arthur to vote as to whether or not the village should be incorporated. Mrs. J. A. Burgum, Mrs. Elizabeth Vosburg, and Miss Ollie Burgum were elected inspectors and sworn in. The Polls closed at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, and when the votes were counted it was found that 13 had voted against incorporation, and 29 had voted for it.
The village is now to be divided into wards by the inspectors named above, and another election called for officers of the village. However, Arthur's incorporation dates from July 1st, the date of the election.

July 21, 1921

Taken from the Arthur News

Mrs. Earl King is staying home now helping her mother.
Mr. Henry Johnson spent Sunday at R. W. Priewe's.
R. W. Muir of Hunter was a professional caller here Tuesday.
Paul Pearson and family were Fargo Fair visitors Tuesday.
Miss Edna Sommerfeld is visiting with Miss Frances Ross.
Mrs. W. P. Waller was a Fargo visitor Saturday.
Frank McCumber is digging a well for Joe Eckelberger just now.
Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Priewe autoed to Fargo one day last week on business.
Mr. Ralph Olson of Mason, N. D. spent Sunday visiting Louie Wolds of Erie.
Miss Loraine Beardsley from Gardner is visiting with her sister Bessie this week.
The J. A. Burgum family spent Sunday at the Ed Classon home. Lawrence Mondsen accompanied them.
Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Vosburg and Mrs. J. A. Burgum and son Joe, Jr. were Hunter business callers Tuesday.
Miss Pearl Faltz returned home Monday from her visit to the Dr. Oakes home in Hunter.
The B. A. Helland and L. Bettschen families spent a short time Sunday afternoon on the Rush River.
Ed Wilhelm and family spent Sunday visiting at the Adolph Lehrke home.
Howard Capener and family drove through Arthur on their way to the Interstate Fair Monday.
BORN to Mr. and Mrs. Nels Levine on Monday of this week a baby boy.
Walter Buchanan and family leave for Dent, Minn. Saturday for a two weeks visit.
George Clunis and family except Archie took in the fair at Fargo Monday.
Miss Florence Gebeke returned home Monday from Ogema, Minn. where she made a two weeks visit with her relatives.
Christ and George Gebeke autoed up from Ogema, Minn. where Chris looked after business and returned home through the night.
Mrs. John O'Brien and children of Mason, N. D. left some time ago for her home in St. Cloud to visit her folks but expects to return very soon.
The T. J. Ross, E. E. Webb and Howard Corcoran families and Miss Edna Sommerfeld spent Sunday picnicking at Sargents grove.
Nels Rosval and family of Hunter drove through Arthur Tuesday to Fargo to attend the wedding of Harry Rasmussen to Miss Ella Schultz.
Ike Roberts; Walt Schur; Amber Wagner; George Schur and Tom Stewart were Kindred callers Sunday afternoon to witness the ball game.
Miss Ollie Burgum is visiting at the Leslie Wilcox home near Buffalo, N. D. She went there by auto on Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Hackett and Mr. and Mrs. T. O. Burgum and family were dinner guests at th Frank Wells farm home Sunday.
Mrs. L. Bettschen and son Donald returned Sunday from their visit with relatives in Northfield and Minneapolis.
Ned Hynes was a Hunter visitor Monday, and tried out for the horseshoe “throwing championship” while there.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ziegler and Mrs. John Niebergall of Amenia were visitors at the Inter-State Fair on Monday.
Emil Boettcher has a barley field cut and shocked, Herman Timmerman is cutting barley, and T. O. Burgum and Edmund Viestenz have started cutting rye. Harvest is getting started early this year.
Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Priewe spent the Fourth at Detroit, Minn. and on Tuesday they left for Frazee and the Big Pine lake where they spent a few days visiting relatives and friends. On their way back they took in the circus in Detroit. They reported having a fine time.

July 28, 1921

Taken from the Arthur News

Wm. Rieke is reported on the sick list this week.
Miss Minnie Schur is working on the Willis Schroeder farm near Erie.
Rudolph Otto of Casselton was here Monday to visit Fred Wolff.
Mrs. John Iwen spent Wednesday in Fargo visiting with relatives.
Miss Ollie Burgum returned from her visit at Buffalo last Thursday.
L. Notvedt and family made a trip to Casselton Wednesday evening.
James Williams was in Fargo on business Monday.
The B. A. Helland family entertained relatives at their home on Sunday. Four families were present.
Mrs. John O'Brien of Mason expects to return home soon from a visit with friends near St. Cloud, Minn.
Ralph Olson, Wm. Rieke and Ivin Nelson of Erie were Arthur visitors Wednesday evening of last week.
Mr. Henry Johnson spent a few days in Fargo last week, returning Monday morning.
Miss Julia Priewe is staying at the Herman Stavany farm near Page, N. D.
Mrs. James Jenkins, Jr. and children of Erie spent Sunday visiting at the R. H. Vosburg home.
The Van Dyne family of Erie visited with Mr. and Mrs. George Clunis Saturday and Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Judisch and Albert Wagner of Erie visited at the H. J. Wagner home Tuesday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. John Sinner of Casselton were Arthur visitors a short time Sunday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sinner and little Virginia spent Sunday visiting with relatives in Erie.
Mr. Claigh, formerly a depot agent here in Arthur, died last week in his home in Minneapolis.
Ed Wilhelm and his father, Herman Wilhelm, were Fargo business callers on Tuesday.
B. A. Helland visited his mother who is ill in a Fargo hospital, on Monday.
Mrs. B. A. Helland has been on the sick list for a day or so this week.
L. Notvedt and family came home Wednesday a week ago from their visit at Fosston, Minn.
The road south of town is probably going to be a fine one, but it is a difficult road to travel over just now.
Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Muir and family were Arthur visitors Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Meyers of Erie visited at the James Williams home on Monday.
Miss Edna Eckhorst of Grand Forks, a niece of Gust Willert's, spent last week visiting at the Willert home here.
Ralph Olson was visiting at the Herman Stavang farm near Page Sunday. We have a slight idea as to his reasons for going there.
Little Miss Dorothy Viestenz is visiting this week with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Vosburg.
Mrs. J. A. Burgum spent the day Saturday in Hatton having dental work done. She reports a most pleasant visit the Froke family.
Mrs. George Clunis and Mrs. Richard Grieger visited at the home of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Quittschreiber on Monday.
George Clunis and family visited at the home of John Beck last Saturday. Mr. Beck lives near Blanchard.
Amber Wagner expects to lave Thursday evening for Fergus Falls, Minn. to visit with his brother George for a while.
Miss Anna Sinner of Minneapolis spent a few says last week visiting with her brother F. J. Sinner and family.
Gordon Burgum, Archie and Edward Schur, and the Misses Esther Heiden and Ella Schur were Inter-State Fair visitors on Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Parkhouse returned last Tuesday from Raleigh, Iowa, where they visited at Lee Kamp's and with other relatives.
Mrs. H. J. Wagner and daughter Lillian came home last Wednesday after a most enjoyable visit in Minneapolis and other points in Minnesota.

August 4, 1921

Taken from the Arthur News

James Williams and family visited relatives in Wheatland last Sunday.
J. E. Sommerfeld left Wednesday evening for his home in Fargo.
C. A. Johnson was a business visitor to Perley, Minn. on Monday.
F. J. Sinner and family autoed to Fargo Sunday to visit relatives.
The P. S. Sherman family spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Ben Bahl.
The Gust Iwen family spent Sunday at the McKinnon farm visiting.
Walter Corcoran of Casselton was an Arthur business visitor Tuesday.
Fred Williams made a trip to Casselton Sunday.
Mrs. C. F. Bayard of Pekin, N. D. is visiting at the Farnham home.
Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Vosburg were Hunter visitors Saturday.
Mrs. John Sinner and son Bernard arrived here from Fargo Sunday and are visiting at the F. J. Sinners.
Wallace Hackett is painting the buildings on the B. A. Helland farm formerly occupied by Chris Gebeke.
Mrs. Elde Wagner and child are visiting at the H. J. Wagner home for a few days.
Miss Florence Gebeke is spending the week at the home of her brother, Wm. Gebeke, Jr. and family.
Goodwin Nelson returned home Monday afternoon from Pasco, Wash. His uncle from Moorhead drove him by auto on his last lap of the journey.
The Misses Marjorie Burgum and Edith Farnham are expected home via Gardner Friday evening after completing their course at the University of North Dakota.
F. M. Johnson has a brand new cook car, completed Wednesday by contractors Bob Faltz and John Warner. Ned Hynes was inspector and O.K.'ed the new house in every particular.
Clifford Wells, Foster Burgum, and Paul Boettcher arrived home last Friday evening from Grand Forks after a week or so of State Potato demonstrating. They all reported a fine time enjoyed.
J. A. Burgum and family went to Mayville Sunday, taking back Leland who is just finishing up his work in the summer school at the Normal there. Leland will be home on Thursday, with his summer school work competed.
Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Vosburg are entertaining company from Michigan. They drove the entire distance in a car, making very good time. We will try to have all the facts in the case for our next issue.
Mrs. Clark Jarrett and children of Danvers, Ill. arrived here Sunday to visit relatives and friends. Clark and his father, J. H. Stephenson, who has farming interests here, arrived Tuesday evening.
Frank McCumber and the M. F. Favorit family spent the weekend with the Chris Gebeke family near Ogema, Minn. They had a fine time and reported the raspberries to be abundant and delicious.
A. W. Barker was here for a short visit, leaving Wednesday afternoon for Mayville, where he will be employed teaching in the school of the normal during the second term.
Mrs. Paul Zempel of New England, N. D. who has been visiting friends and relatives in this vicinity left Saturday for her home. Miss Farnham of Bismarck accompanied her as far as Bismarck, where she took the train to Wing, N. D. to visit her sister, Mrs. Ralph Halvor.
Our baseball team journeyed to Kindred to play the team of the village the third game of baseball, each team having won a game. Kindred beat, 8 to 1, in spite of all of the players and the loyal rooters could do.
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Green and Mrs. Earl King autoed to Casselton last week on Thursday. From there Leslie went to Fargo on business, the two ladies remaining in Casselton till his return. Mrs. Earl King had some dental work done.
Mrs. Chas. Maurer and Miss Eva Boettcher drove to Casselton by auto to meet Miss Ethel Dahl, who was coming to visit here. The storm broke over them just as they were nearing Casselton, and they had a most exciting time getting into the city over the slippery roads. The rain and hail came down with great violence for a while.

August 11, 1921

Taken from the Arthur News

Ray Faltz of Cherry Ridge, Mont. has arrived for a visit with his parents and friends.
Eleanor Roberts and Esther Heiden have been visiting at the McKinnon and A. J. Schur farms, respectively.
George Sommerfeld is up from Fargo, helping during the threshing season.
Will Stuart of Dogden, N. D. is shaking hands with old friends in Arthur and vicinity.
Dr. Kyser, one of the faculty at the Mayville Normal school preached in the Lutheran church here last Sunday.
Dorothy Stevenson returned last Thursday from Mayville where she has been attending the summer school.
It is reported that many of the Arthur ladies look 10 years younger, since Miss Willis, the cosmetic artist has been to town.
Mr. Leland Matthew Sr. who has been visiting Leland Matthew Jr. and family left for his home in Iowa Tuesday.
Mrs. Bertha Viestenz and family returned Tuesday evening after a long visit with friends in Minneapolis and Alice, N. D.
Miss Jessamine Farnham is attending the second six weeks term of the summer school at the Mayville Normal.
B. A. Helland and Mrs. Wahowske autoed to Casselton to Tuesday p. m. to meet Will Wahowske who came to Casselton on the afternoon train.
Dr. Reedy, Ned Hynes and Archie Stevenson autoed to Fargo Tuesday, where Mr. Stevenson will attend the druggists' convention.
Miss Madeline Long and two of her friends who have been attending Mayville Normal spent the weekend at the E. W. Schur home.
Amber Wagner returned Tuesday morning, having spent two weeks with his brother, George at Fergus Falls, Minn. George is doing a fine business at the summer resort near Long Lake.
Mrs. Reuben Phillips and family are visiting with Mrs. Celesta Ross at Prosper, N. D. Mrs. Ross taught in the Arthur High School last year.
Gordon Burgum and family returned to Washburn Saturday morning. They were accompanied by Miss Lilly Burgum, who has finished her work at the Valley City Normal school.
Threshing is going in full swing this week. The wheat and rye are turning out a little better than last year. But the oats crop will make the average horse wish he was a tin lizzie.
Miss Willis, demonstrator at the Arthur Drug Co. last week was a Sunday guest at the Stevenson home in the afternoon they autoed to Hillsboro where Miss Willis will continue her work.
Mr. and Mrs. Barnes and their daughter and son-in-law Mr. and Mrs. Millhohn and their little daughter all of Three Rivers, Michigan, spent the past two weeks at the R. H. Vosburg home. Mrs. Vosburg is a cousin of Mrs. Barnes. The party made the trip by auto from Michigan 1100 miles coming by way of Chicago, Ill., making the long journey in six days. They had a well equipped camping outfit and stopped at the many tourist camps that enterprising towns are providing now for the convenience of the traveling auto public. They left Wednesday morning going by way of Duluth on the Black Diamond Trail and will proceed from there to Three Rivers.
The first election of the incorporated village of Arthur was held Tuesday August 2nd. Mrs. Jessamine Burgum, Mrs. Elizabeth Vosburg and Mrs. Cecilia Sinner were the three inspectors of the election. The town was divided into five districts and five men were elected village trustees from the following districts who will constitute a body politic and corporate. The following received the majority of votes cast: 1st Dist., August Faltz; 2d Dist., Wallace Hackett; 3d Dist., Fred Williams; 4th Dist., T. J. Ross; 5th Dist., J. A. Burgum; Clerk, I. S. Roberts; Assessor, Arthur Burgum; Treasurer, E. W. Schur; Marshall, Louis Schur; Justice, R. H. Vosburg.

August 18, 1921

Taken from the Arthur News

Ben Burmeister and family visited at the August Mundt farm Sunday.
Miss Bertha Kuehn has spent the last week at the August Wolff home.
Louis Bettschen was a Hunter visitor Thursday.
Mrs. Sinner and Mrs. Reedy autoed to Casselton last Friday.
Ernest Van Duyn was a caller in Arthur Wednesday evening.
Miss Annie Sommerfeld of Fargo spent the weekend with her mother.
Miss Winnifred Browne of Fargo is spending the week with Miss Marjorie Burgum.
Arthur Burgum and Miss Edythe Harrington spent Sunday at the Harrington farm near Hendrum, Minn.
Arthur Burgum was a visitor in Fargo and Hendrum, Minn. last Sunday.
Uno Anderson is looking after his land interests in the vicinity of Arthur this week.
Miss Ella Schur is visiting her aunt and uncle Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Russell of Grand Forks.
Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Vosburg spent Sunday in Erie at the John Conrad home.
Messrs. Ingvald Johnson and O. N. Hatlie were Arthur visitors last Tuesday.
Mrs. Reuben Phillips and children have returned from their visit with Mrs. Clesta Ross of Prosper.
Mrs. J. Briggs and daughter Maud returned from a month's visit in Illinois.
E. H. Viestenz made a hurry trip to Fargo Wednesday for some repairs for his threshing machine.
Miss Henn of Perham, Minn. is visiting with her sister, Mrs. Frank Sinner.
Will Wagner of Wahpeton, N. D. is up visiting at the H. J. Wagner home.
Robert Bettschen, Lewis Ross and Burton Bettschen have been hauling grain to the elevator the past week.
Our fine weather for threshing has continued uninterrupted and another week will see most of the grain threshed.
Archie Stevenson returned home last Friday morning from Fargo, where he had been attending the druggists' convention.
Ten Thousand Dollars have been voted by the County Commissioners to defray the expenses of the Wm. Gummer trial in November.
Miss Marjorie Burgum and Miss Winnifred Browne were the guests of Miss Edith Farnham Monday and Mrs. Harry Dohman Tuesday.
George Clunis returned Tuesday morning from Minneapolis, Minn. and other points in Minnesota, where he has been spending the last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Dahl and Miss Florence Stavely of Fargo visited at Mrs. Henrietta Sommerfeld's last Sunday.
A number of families from town and country have autoed to Elm River east of Greenfield for chokecherries this week.
Miss Irma McLachlin, a former teacher here, has a position in the laboratory of the Minnesota University.
Walt Buchanan is still waiting for instructions before opening the Northwestern Elevator which was scheduled to open the 10th.
Bernice Bettschen had a birthday party on Tuesday afternoon, August 9th, the occasion being her tenth birthday.
Mr. A. J. Schuler who has been looking after his land interests here this week, left for his home in Indianola, Iowa, Wednesday evening.
Rev. Driver is enjoying the lake breezes at Pelican Lake, Minnesota, this week. He returned Friday morning.
Miss Lillian Burgum returned Sunday afternoon after a week's visit at the G. B. Burgum home, Washburn, N. D.
The regular meeting of the Arthur Board of Education was held Tuesday evening, August 9th. The school session opens this fall on Tuesday, September 6th.
R. W. Muir and family are spending a week at the Detroit Lakes after Mr. Muir had safely defended the Northern Great Plains Tennis Title at Grand Forks last week.
Some of the finest specimens of tame grapevines loaded with clusters of grapes can be seen on the Charles Parkhouse farm. They have been planted several years and have stood the winters fine.
Wilma and Wilbur Viestenz celebrated their ninth birthday together on Monday afternoon, August 8th. About twelve of their friends were there for the occasion.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sinner and Miss Henn of Perham and the F. D. Wells family were entertained at Sunday dinner at the T. J. Ross home.
Mr. Blagen who is auditing the books at the Farmers Elev. Co. spent Saturday and Sunday at the American Legion celebration at Detroit Lake.
A daily vacation school and kindergarten will be held at the Arthur school house for ten days beginning next Wednesday free to all children from 4 to 14. The hours will be from nine to eleven. These vacation schools are very popular, and have been held in Hunter an f Fargo and many other towns this summer. We appreciate the fact that we have public spirited teachers who are willing to give their services for the good of the community.

August 25, 1921

Taken from the Arthur News

Mrs. Walter Phillips visited in Fargo last week.
Miss Pearl Faltz visited at the Bob Williams home a few days last week.
Miss Alice Iwen has been visiting at the Lynn Brayton home.
Miss Helen Viestenz spent a few days last week at the R. Miller home.
Miss Jennie McKinnon is spending the week with Miss Ella Schur.
Walter Reed of Amenia was a business caller in Arthur Thursday.
Dr. Reedy was a professional caller in Casselton Wednesday.
Mrs. E. E. Schur has been spending the past few days with her parents at Sharon, N. D.
Mr. and Mrs. Papineau have been looking after their land interests in the vicinity of Arthur this week.
Mrs. Reuben Phillips and children and Mrs. James Williams were Fargo visitors last week.
Mrs. Russell Wilson spent a few days last week with the J. P. Hyen family.
R. E. Bolmeier of Erie was a visitor in Arthur and vicinity Thursday.
Mrs. A. J. Schur, Ella Schur and Mrs. I. S. Roberts spent Thursday in Casselton visiting at the home of Mrs. Art Viestenz.
Mrs. G. H. Oakes of Hunter is spending a few days at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Faltz.
Mr. and Mrs. Archie Wahowske and family of Pequot, Minn. are visiting Mrs. Wohowske.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Viestenz and daughter spent Sunday at the home of Mrs. Wahowske.
John Belsley of Lacon, Illinois has been looking after his farm east of Arthur this week. He left for Ill. Tuesday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Reedy, parents of Dr. Reedy, arrived from Seattle, Washington to visit and welcome their little granddaughter.
Mrs. Elmer Schur and daughter are visiting with Mrs. Schur's parents Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Long at Sharon.
Mr. and Mrs. Clark Jarrett and children who have been visiting relatives returned to their home in Danvers, Ill.
Rich Grieger has taken possession of the Arthur Hotel and opened up for business on Monday. The Nelsons have left for Fargo where Mr. Nelson has a position in the post office.
Mesdames L. L. Muir, P. McLachlin, Wm. Muir, Wm. Simmons, and Mrs. Critchfield of Hunter were guests of Mrs. L. Bettschen last Thursday.
Walter Buchanan, Ben Viestenz, Louis Bettschen, John Bettschen, Ben Burmeister and Louis Notvedt with their families picnicked at the Rush River last Sunday.
A fine specimen of tobacco plant in full flower can be seen in the window of the Arthur Merc. Co. It was grown by James Baumgarner in his garden and proves that North Dakota is in the “banana belt.” John Wagner, Walter Schur and Arthur Burgum attended the ball game in Fargo Sunday between the Northern Pacific Team and the Fargo Athletics. Fargo was victor by the score of 3 to 0.
The rains this week have stopped threshing temporarily. The wheat has turned out well, grading 2 and 3. The oats are light-they are cheaper than hay, and some of them look like hay.
The Daily Bible school opened Monday at the school house with Marjorie Burgum in charge of the Senior class, Edythe Farnham the Intermediate, Helen Viestenz the Primary, Ollie Burgum the Kindergarten. The school of intensive Bible study will continue for ten days and will close with a picnic for the children and their parents.
School begins at 9 o'clock and is held until eleven with twenty minutes for recreation. 9:00 General Assembly, Singing, Salute to the Flag, Classes adjourn to their rooms, Bible story or study, Recreation, Memory Work, Missions.
Alice Berg, Miss Olive Berg, Mrs. Freygard all of Cooperstown, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Sinner, Mrs. Leo Sinner of Casselton spent Sunday at the F. J. Sinner home.
Mr. Bailey with his two daughters Jessie and Viola autoed from Steele to visit his daughter Miss Elsie. Mr. Bailey left Saturday for Steele and the Misses Bailey will spend some time at the Wells farm until September.
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Ross entertained last Sunday at dinner for the following: Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Wagner and Lillie, Mrs. E. Sommerfeld, Mr. and Mrs. A. Faltz, Miss Pearl Faltz and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Phillips.
Louis Bettschen autoed to Hunter Thursday and brought Mrs. L. L. Muir, Mrs. W. C. Muir, Mrs. W. H. Simmons, Mrs. McLachlin and Mrs. Critchfield back with him to attend the W. C. T. U. meeting at Mrs. J. A. Burgum's.
Mr. P. A. Paterson of Fargo spent Friday and Saturday visiting with the young folks of the J. A. Burgum home. Mr. Paterson spent his vacation in Washington driving from Seattle to Arthur in a Buick six in nine days, a journey of over 2000 miles. He reports some thrilling rides in crossing the Rocky Mountains and coasting down the range.

September 1, 1921

Taken from the Arthur News

Wm. Tucker of Fargo, County Auditor, visited relatives here Friday.
The Misses Ethel and Jean Morrow of Erie were Hunter visitors Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Priewe were Fargo visitors Friday of last week.
Herman Timmerman was a Fargo visitor Thursday of this week.
Miss Winnie Fisk of Hunter visited the Bible School Exercises here Thursday.
Mrs. Fred Wolff was a Fargo visitor Tuesday driving by auto to Casselton.
Louis Schur and family and Mrs. Tom See autoed to Page Sunday to visit relatives.
Mrs. Catherine Sinner of Casselton, N. D. spent Sunday visiting at the F. J. Sinner home.
The T. J. Ross family, and Mrs. Waller were guests of Mr. and Mrs. P. S. Sherman Sunday.
The Benn Helland and L. Bettschen families visited at Hendrum, Minn. last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Robinson and son Lynn of Blanchard, N. D. visited at the A. Stevenson home Sunday.
Paul Patterson of Bemmert, Ill. is in the vicinity looking after his farming interests.
Mrs. James Williams has been visiting her sister Mrs. W. R. Tucker of Fargo who is in very poor health.
R. A. Miller and son Murrell were Fargo business visitors on Tuesday of this week.
Mrs. T. O. Burgum and children Lillian and Foster were Fargo visitors Monday.
Uno Anderson is looking after his farming interests in the neighborhood.
Theodore Priewe's little child who has been ill for some time, is reported to be improving in health.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sinner and daughter were Tuesday evening guests at the P. S. Sherman farm.
Miss Alice Farnham returned Wednesday from a visit with her sister Mrs. Ralph Halvor at Wing, N. D.
Miss Edythe Farnham left Thursday evening for Berlin, N. D. where she will take part in a recital given by Miss Gladys Miller.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Quittschreiber are entertaining cousins of Mrs. Quittschreiber's, who arrived recently from Woodlake, Minn.
George Clunis arrived home from Greenfield, N. D. Wednesday evening. He was looking after his farming interests there.
Edmund Viestenz left last Friday for Winona, Minn. He returned Tuesday by way of Casselton, where he was met by L. Heiden. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Heiden and daughter Alice of Winona, Minn. spent Saturday visiting at the Heiden home.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Papineau of Paxton, Ill. spent a day recently enjoying the hospitality of the L. Heiden home.
Ole Myrah arrived recently for the threshing season here. He has been located in the Rio Grande Valley in south Texas.
Mrs. F. J. Sinner and Mrs. E. E. Webb were the guests Friday of Mrs. Harold Corcoran on a plumming expedition.
Mrs. Walter Phillips was visiting the Hans Moore family in Fargo, who have purchased the T. J. Frank residence.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Dittmer and Miss Martha Dittmer of Casselton and Miss Emma Bolmeier of Erie were Hunter visitors Sunday afternoon.
R. W. Muir and family, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bourcy, of Detroit, Minn. and Mrs. L. L. Muir autoed down from Hunter Monday and had supper at the Arthur Hotel.
C. A. Johnson has a bull pup that is just as cute as can be. C. A. plans on feeding him scraps till he becomes the best scrapper in the county.
Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Baker and son of Maynard, Minn. spent the last week or two visiting at the Bolinger home. They were old neighbors of the Bolinger family.
Threshing is proceeding rapidly, with yields reported as light to fair. The potato crop gives every indication of being the big money crop of the section this year.
Mr. and Mrs. Julius Freiheit of Spring Valley, Minn. arrived Monday for a visit with Mr. Freiheit's sister, Mrs. Quittschreiber, and with other relatives and friends.
Miss Pearl Faltz observed her sixteenth birthday Thursday with the help of twenty two of her girl friends. A bountiful supper was served and a pleasant time enjoyed by all.
Miss Edythe Farnham entertained at dinner Sunday the Misses Marjorie Burgum, Winnifred Browne of Fargo and Edythe Harrington of Moorhead, Messers. Arthur Burgum and P. S. Paterson of Fargo.
Messers. Herbert and Clarence Claussen and Lawrence Mendson were the guests of Leland Burgum last Sunday. The afternoon was spent with music by the Arthur Orchestra.
Robert W. Muir and family returned from their vacation trip to Little Floyd Lake, passing through Arthur Friday evening. They were accompanied home by Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Bourcy of Detroit, Mrs. Muir's father and mother.
Mr. Charles Roedder of Washington, Mo. has been visiting the last three weeks with his daughter, Mrs. Frank Brewer and family. Incidentally he has been acquiring a lot of first-hand information about Dakota farming.
The Northwestern elevator at Arthur has been purchased by the Monarch people and will be operated by that company hereafter. Walter Buchanan will continue in his past position of local manager for the new company.

September 8, 1921

Taken from the Arthur News

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Flynn of Fargo spent the day Saturday looking.
School started in Arthur on Tuesday September 6th.
Miss Marie Hyen spent Sunday at the Russell Wilson home.
Ed Wahowske spent Sunday visiting at the Sinner farm near Casselton.
Bruce Brewer of Erie was a Hunter visitor last Sunday.
F. J. Sinner made a business trip to Fargo on Tuesday.
R. W. Muir was a caller in Arthur on Monday on professional business.
Mrs. Bierbauer of Casselton spent Monday between trains visiting with Mrs. H. J. Wagner.
Ed Judisch and Elde Wagner of Erie were Hunter business visitors on Monday.
Pete Foley and Alfred Topp of Atlantic, Iowa spent Sunday evening at the Russell Wilson home.
BORN-On Monday, August 29th, to Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Priewe, a baby boy.
Mr. and Mrs. Sinner entertained Dr. and Mrs. Reedy and the doctor's mother, on Wednesday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Ross entertained Sunday Mr. and Mrs. August Sommerfeld and family.
Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Wagner entertained for Sunday dinner F. J. Sinner and family.
Grangson's orchestra of Hillsboro put on a dance in the Arthur hall last Wednesday.
Richard Wahowske of Montana arrived here Wednesday for a visit with his folks.
Mrs. Moore from Amenia and Miss Stavely of Fargo visited friends here Wednesday.
Mrs. I. S. Roberts and Mrs. John Schur visited at the Arthur Viestenz home in Casselton on Monday.
Sam Mechtel of Erie made a business trip to Hunter on Friday of last week.
Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Stack of Casselton visited at the Charles Parkhouse farm on Sunday.
Chris Gebeke of Ogema, Minn., who is here threshing made a flying trip home the latter part of last week.
F. D. Wells and family and the three Bailey sisters were entertained by the Buchanan and Helland families at the Helland home on Sunday.
Miss Elsie Bailey entertained for … at the L. Schur home Tuesday evening. About thirty seven young people were present, and all reported a fine time.
Mrs. Ted Zimerman and children of Brownton, Minn. spent Wednesday visiting at the August Wolff farm near Amenia.
The McCormick family of Waterloo, Iowa, who have been visiting relatives in this vicinity for the past week left for thier home Monday.

September 15, 1921

Taken from the Arthur News

C. A. Johnson attended the Jake Platt sale near Argusville Tuesday.
Ed Wilhelm is wiring the Carl Peterson home northwest of Arthur.
W. H. Flynn of Fargo autoed to Arthur Tuesday on business.
J. H. Gale of Hunter was a business visitor in Arthur on Wednesday.
Russell Wilson and wife drove to Casselton Wednesday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Max Franke have moved into town for the winter.
Miss Ollie Burgum is substituting in the primary grade this week.
Miss Clara Olson was a Fargo visitor Wednesday.
Miss Lillian Burgum began teaching Tuesday in the Schafer district.
Miss Lillian Burgum opened her school Tuesday in the Iwen district.
BORN-to Mr. and Mrs. Ed Judisch of Erie on Monday, September 5th, a baby girl
Mrs. J. H. Wagner visited at the Ed Judisch farm near Erie last Monday.
Leland Burgum of Arthur was a business visitor in Hunter Wednesday.
Archie Clunis and Emil Peterson went to Fargo in the latter's motorcycle Monday.
Miss Esther Heiden left Monday for Casselton to visit relatives. She returned Wednesday evening by auto.
Mrs. Chas. Meyers and son of Erie visited relatives in Arthur Saturday.
H. F. Haemeyer, Wm. Schwark's landlord, is here from Iowa. He came Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sinner entertained the J. A. Burgum family for 6 o'clock dinner Thursday evening.
Mrs. Frank Sinner and Mrs. Fred Wolff autoed to Casselton Tuesday for a visit with friends.
Miss Alma Olson, who has been visiting at the B. A. Helland home, left Thursday for Grand Rapids, Minn., where she will teach this year.
Mrs. John Iwen and daughter Dollie visited relatives in Fargo, going down Wednesday and returning Friday.
BORN-To Mr. and Mrs. Herman Timmerman, a baby girl on Wednesday, September 7th. Mother and baby are doing well.
C. A. Johnson will be buying poultry Wednesday and Thursday, September 14th and 15th. Highest prices guaranteed.
James Williams and Ed Wilhelm were Fargo business visitors Tuesday. Walter Schur left Wednesday evening for Fargo on business.
Mr. and Mrs. George Clunis and George Jr. went to Valley City Tuesday by auto. George Jr. leaves from there to Canada to visit relatives.
John Schur went to Fargo Tuesday, stopping for a short time at the Jake Platt sale near Argusville on his way.
The Misses Ollie and Lillian Burgum and Jessie and Viola Bailey were entertained for supper Friday evening at the John See farm.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sinner entertained Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Ross and family for 6 o'clock dinner Sunday evening.
Will Zimmerman, a former resident of this community but now of Brownton, Minn. autoed up to visit here a short time arriving Tuesday.
Geo. Keyes who has been looking after his farming interests here left Wednesday evening for his home in Bozeman, Mont.
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Helland, Miss Alma Oleson, Mr. and Mrs. L. Bettschen and Mrs. Bertha Viestenz were Fargo visitors last Friday.
The Misses Jessie and Viola Bailey of Steele, N. D. who have been visiting their sister Elsie here recently left for their home by auto Monday morning.
Mr. J. B. Thompson of Harvey, N. D. has purchased the Arthur Drug Store, closing the deal Tuesday. He left that evening for Breckenridge, Minn. where his family was visiting and passed through Arthur Thursday morning on his way to Harvey to close up his interests there. Mr. Thompson comes to Arthur well recommended in every way. In addition to his drug store, Mr. Thompson is a veterinarian and is assistant state veterinarian, also having a federal appointment.
A. Stevenson, who has managed the drug store so efficiently in the past, will remain for a time, until the new man is thoroughly informed as to local conditions.

Contributed by Steven Pueppke

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