1924 Arthur

Arthur Anglings 1923 Hunter Herald

January 4, 1923

Mr. Henry Viestenz spent the weekend visiting at the McKinnon home.
O. P. Norland returned from Fargo last Saturday morning.
Elmer Iwen spent Christmas visiting at the McKinnon home.
Dave Nimrock left for Fargo Tuesday evening.
George Iwen took the train for Fargo Tuesday.
Miss Ollie Burgum and Miss Rosser left for Fargo Thursday evening.
Tom Stewart spent Christmas with his folks at home.
Miss Frances Ross entertained a number of the girls Tuesday evening who have been away at school.
Mrs. Monson and Mrs. Wise mother and sister of Mrs. Ole Nelson returned to Moorhead Monday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Pearson and family spent Monday visiting friends in Casselton.
Robert Faltz was entertained at Christmas dinner northeast of Arthur.
Miss Henriettta and Mayme Tonn are spending their Christmas vacation at home.
Mrs. A. C. Burgum left Monday evening to spend a week visiting with her folks.
Miss Ida Reckleberg left for her home Friday morning at Starkweather.
Miss Frances Ross who is attending the Minnesota “U” is spending the holidays at home.
Miss Eleanor Roberts arrived from Valley City Thursday morning to spend the holidays at home.
Hiram and Alice Farnham and Maymie Tonn arrived from Mayville on Friday evening's train.
Mrs. August Faltz and Pearl Faltz are spending the holidays with Mrs. Herbert Lee.
Mrs. Jeff Long and Madeline and Fay Long of Sharon spent the holidays with Mrs. Elmer Schur.
Prof. A. W. Barber and family of Sharon are visiting with the Albert Viestenz family.
Louis Bettschen and family had dinner with Mr. and Mrs. John Bettschen.
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Haworth spent Christmas with their daughter Mrs. Battersby.
Mr. and Mrs. John See were guests at dinner of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas See.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Burgum entertained at Christmas dinner Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Burgum and family.
Mr. and Mrs. August Sommerfeld entertained a large company Christmas Day.
Alton Burgum returned Saturday from Fargo where he was attending the Boys and Girls Institute of which he is secretary.
Mrs. Arthur Burgum went to Moorhead Tuesday to attend the reunion and banquet of the alumni of Moorhead High school.
The Albert Viestenz family, A. W. Barker family and the Gust Schur family were guests at dinner Tuesday at the Louis Heiden home.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wilson left last week to visit relatives in Illinois. Henry Grieger is taking care of the farm in Mr. Wilson's absence.
Mr. and Mrs. Hayworth arrived Monday morning from Fargo to spend Christmas with their daughter Mrs. Battersby.
The Misses Margaret Bettschen and Lilly Burgum arrived from Valley City Friday afternoon to spend the holidays at Arthur.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dohman had for their guests Mr. and Mrs. Harry Dohman, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Dohman.
The Helland, Buchanan, Notvedt, Thompson families, Kydd Brewer, Elsie Bailey, A. H. Smestad were guests at the F. D. Wells farm Christmas. Presents were presented to all guests.

January 11, 1923

Taken from the Arthur News
Fred Wells has been repairing the telephone lines that are down.
Miss Elizabeth Fowler left Monday evening for Casselton where she will visit this week.
Walter Schur, John Iwen and Ned Hynes attended the masquerade in Casselton Monday evening.
Miss Frances Ross, a junior in the Minnesota U, left Tuesday evening. Miss Kate Kuehn went with her as far as Minneapolis.
Mrs. Jim Williams entertained at dinner Thursday evening a number of the girls who have been away at school.
Hazel and Anna Shaefer returned Monday evening to Fargo, where they are attending the Sacred Heart Academy.
Miss K. Kuehn left Tuesday evening for Brownton, Minn., to visit with her sister, Mrs. Ted Timmerman.
Miss Marjorie Burgum and Edythe Farnham left Monday evening for Dickinson, where they are teaching in the High school there.
Allan and Maude Briggs spent from Wednesday until Sunday visiting at the Butley farm in Embden, N. D.
Try our Lignite stove Coal in your kitchen range or self feeder. It will surprise you how nicely it burns. Farmers Elevator Co.
Misses Eleanor Roberts, Lillian Burgum, Margaret Bettschen and Edna Viesentz returned Monday evening to Valley City where they are attending school.
Miss Busick, who is teaching in Calumet, Minn., is visiting at the A. C. Burgum residence. Miss Busek and Mrs. Burgum taught together at Page last year.
Mrs. Backlund, mother of Mrs. R. F. Viestenz, went to Alice Monday to visit her daughter Mrs. Stangler. Her granddaughter Miss Helen Viestenz accompanied her.
Mrs. John Bettschen and Mrs. I. S. Roberts who are twin sisters celebrated their birthdays together at the home of Mrs. Bettschen Dec. 28.
Miss Maymie Stangler of Alice, who graduated from the Arthur High School two years ago, was married to John Williams of Alice, N. D., where the groom has bought a home and they have now gone to housekeeping. The marriage occurred July 12 at Detroit, Minn. but they kept it a secret and surprised their friends by announcing it Christmas Day.
Miss Elizabeth Burgum was married recently to Mr. Alexander Scott of Perham, Minn. Her sister Mrs. Ted McConnick and family and her bother Mrs. A. T. Burgum are now residing in Minneapolis. Miss Burgum graduated from Hunter High School and the Moorhead Normal and has been teaching for several years in Minnesota. Mr. and Mrs. Scott will make their future home in Minneapolis.
A holiday party was held at the hall Friday eve with cards, dancing and music. A male quartet consisting of Messrs. Amber Wagner, August Iwen, Frank Kuehn, William Boettcher sang several numbers. Oscar Oleson sang several solos. The refreshments and the party were gotten up by several members of the younger set. A handout lunch was served at 11:30 and the company went to their respective homes soon after midnight. The general opinion was that they had a good time.
Mrs. E. E. Farnham entertained New Year's Eve in honor of her daughter Mrs. Ralph Halvor of Wing, N. D., who arrived Saturday for a visit. The guests were all Mrs. Halvor's cousins twenty in number and a very pleasant evening was spent in games, music and refreshments and the New Years was greeted with songs. At one o'clock the cousins all departed wishing each other a Happy New Year and enjoyed sleigh rides to their various homes.
Eighteen young people were entertained at the home of Mr. and Ms. J. A. Burgum Thursday evening with Leland Burgum as host to the alumni of the Arthur High school. A card of greeting to all was read from an absent member Emil Kuehn, who is attending Wartburg College, Clinton, Iowa, the alumni spent some time discussing the various schools they were teaching or attending. Then some lively games were played. Several new games were introduced by Miss Marjorie Burgum which were much enjoyed. Refreshments were served at midnight and marshmallows were toasted, picnic fashion, over the electric grill. Then half an hour of singing together of the old school songs by the light of the Christmas candles before they dispersed hoping to be able to have such a pleasant reunion each year.

January 18, 1923

Taken from the Arthur News
The Basket Ball teams practiced Monday and Tuesday evening.
Miss Dorothy Bettschen was on the sick list last week.
Mrs. Walter Phillips is visiting in Fargo for a few days.
Rev. Hoeger left Tuesday for Aberdeen, S. D. on the evening train.
The school board held their meeting Tuesday evening.
William Griebstein's baby has been on the sick list.
Miss Elizabeth Fowler returned Tuesday from Casselton.
Fred Williams was a Tuesday evening passenger for Fargo.
Mrs. Wagner left last Thursday evening for Wahpeton where she will visit friends.
Mrs. Wells visited the school Tuesday and invited the teacher to spend the weekend with her.
Miss Reckleberg returned Saturday evening from her home at Starkweather, N. D.
Miss Roeser and Mr. Schold returned Saturday morning from their Christmas vacations.
The James Williams family were guests at the Herman Iwen home on Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Bellsley of Illinois are visiting friends here arriving Monday.
Mrs. A. F. Viestenz and son Rudolf were guests of Mrs. Walter Phillips for Sunday dinner.
The directors of the First State Bank held their annual meeting last Wednesday.
The directors of the Farmers State Bank held their regular meeting last Thursday.
Tom See and family, Blanch Roser and Ollie Burgum visited with the Chet Dohman family last Sunday.
The Lutheran Ladies Aid will be entertained next Thursday by Mrs. I. S. Roberts.
The American Legion Auxilliary has packed and sent away three boxes of clothing for needy families.
Mrs. Wells went to Casselton Thursday evening, returning Saturday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Burgum entertained the directors of the Farmers State Bank at dinner Thursday.
Mrs. H. J. Wagner returned Tuesday from several days visit at the Wm. Wagner home at Wahpeton.
Mrs. Wells and Mrs. T. O. Burgum attended O. E. S. Vesta Chapter at Hunter Thursday evening.
J. H. Gale of Hunter attended the directors meeting at the First State Bank here Wednesday.
We are told that the potato warehouse built last summer by Mendsen Brothers has been bought by Fred Williams.
Mrs. L. Bettschen returned from an extended stay at Northfield, Minn. Saturday. She left her mother somewhat improved.
Miss Juanita Wilson left Tuesday evening for Oakland, Iowa, to accept a position in her grandfather's telephone exchange.
J. E. Sommerfeld came up from Fargo to attend the directors meeting at the First State Bank Wednesday.
Mrs. Reuben Phillips, Mrs. James Williams, Mrs. Wells and Mrs. T. O. Burgum visited the high school Tuesday.
The High School Athletic Club held a meeting and selected the officers of the basketball team. Alton Burgum was elected Captain and Charles Ross Manager and Treasurer.
The Arthur School library is in need of more books. Why not enter the essay contest offered by the state which is mentioned in another article on another page of this issue.
Mrs. Myrtle Halver who is visiting at the E. E. Farnham home returned Monday morning from Fargo, where she visited with the Bayard family.
Miss J. Buzek of Calumet, Minn. spent Wednesday with Mrs. Arthur Burgum at the Harrington home in Moorhead and accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Burgum home to Arthur. She left Friday to resume her teaching duties on the Coda Iron Range near Duluth.
The residence of Tom Burgum caught fire early this Thursday morning about 6 o'clock and burned to the ground. The family all got out and as the fire burned slowly most of the furniture was saved. The barn was burned, and the stock were all gotten out. We understand that this was caused by the furnace.

January 25, 1923

Taken from the Arthur News
Earl Dorr was in Arthur Monday.
Casselton music has been secured for the Masquerade Dance Jan. 25.
Rev. Hoeger has returned from his trip to Aberdeen, S. D.
Robert Webb has been on the sick list this week.
Mrs. Albert Viestenz left Saturday morning for Sharon.
L. F. Zuelow of Casselton was tuning pianos in Arthur Monday.
Gust Willert returned Monday morning from Fargo.
Frank Sinner spent Sunday visiting friends in Casselton.
Prof. Schold spent Friday evening in Fargo returning Saturday.
Mrs. Thomas See spent Sunday visiting at the Gust Willert home.
The Mutt and Jeff team defeated the Maggie and Jiggs division. A close contest of 38 to 37.
Mrs. James Williams spent Saturday and Sunday in Fargo visiting with her sister, Mrs. Tucker, returning Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Burgum went to Fargo Thursday to attend the Grain Growers Convention.
A baby boy was born to Prof. and Mrs. A. W. Barker at Sharon Jan. 9th.
Mrs. Farnham is visiting over Sunday with the C. F. Bayard family.
The Lutheran Ladies Aid were entertained at the monthly meeting by Mrs. I. S. Roberts.
Miss Rosser visited at her home in Durbin, over Saturday and Sunday.
Lillian Burgum returned Saturday morning from Valley City where she was attending school.
The T. O. Burgum family are now living in the rooms above the T. J. Burgum store.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Parkhouse are caring for the family of Ralph Parkhouse during their parents' absence in Minneapolis.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Parkhouse left for Minneapolis Monday evening, where Mr. Parkhouse will undergo medical treatment and possibly an operation.
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Ross entertained the five teachers at supper Tuesday evening. Prof. Schold and the Misses Reckleburg, Roser, Iwen and Burgum.
Ed. Wilhelm's experiment in applying runners to his car for winter travel proved to be hardly a success. It seems as though runners caused the care to steer harder.
Lawrence Mendsen is sorting and sacking the potatoes in his warehouse preparatory to shipping two carloads. Ray Faltz and Henry Viestenz are helping him.
In a preliminary contest the Arthur Girls team tied the Chaffee team with a score of 2 to 2. The first half ended 0 to 0 after a hard contest. In the first quarter of the second half Arthur rallied and McKinnon rolled in a basket, netting 2 points. In the last quarter Chaffee did the same making the score 2 to 2. An extra five minute period failed to remove the tie. Arthur lineup: Grieger and Boettcher forwards; Farnham center; Wagner and McKinnon guards.
The Arthur boys team defeated in a fast game the Chaffee quint. It was a fast game as we all know both teams play a good brand of basketball. Chaffee secured the start by dropping in two field goals. Arthur team work however soon came to the top and the game ended with a score of 25 to 16. Arthur lineup: Viestenz and McKinnon, forwards; Fowler center; Heiden and McKinnon guards.
The American Legion Auxilliary held their January meeting at the home of Mrs. Arthur Burgum with twelve members and two visitors present. Roll call was responded to by current events and the keeping of the war records of the American Legion members. Letters of appreciation were read for the clothing donated to the needy. Other business was transacted and at the end of the meeting a dainty lunch was served by the hostess who was then presented with some fine aluminum ware by two of the members.
The Arthur Second Team continued a string of wins for Arthur, by defeating Erie 23 to 10. It was a rugged game of basketball and both teams failed to carry the ball up for short shots. However Arthur was ahead at the end of the first half 14 to 8 and continued to be so throughout the game. Arthur Lineup: Grieger forward; Viestenz forward; Boettcher center; Wagner guard; Kuehn guard.
February 1, 1923 Taken from the Arthur News
Examinations have held sway at the school this week.
Maud Briggs who was on the sick list is recovering.
Gertrude Campbell came down from Hunter Friday evening.
The high school pupils have been taking examinations this week.
Albert Smestad is enjoying a vacation; and is visiting relatives.
F. J. Sinner went to Fargo Saturday night to meet his family who have been away visiting.
Miss Evingson, the county superintendent, was in Arthur on Wednesday and visited the school.
Lillian Burgum returned to her school in Valley City last Monday evening.
The village council held their monthly meeting Monday and transacted business.
A number of young people drove out to the McKinnon arm and were royally entertained.
Miss McVey who is visiting at the Fowler farm visited the school Friday.
C. A. Johnson and Archie Schur have returned from their trip to St. Paul.
Emil Kruger of Absaraka was visiting with his father, Mr. John Kruger last Tuesday.
H. F. Fuller took two sleigh loads of young folks over to the Arthur-Erie game.
Mrs. Wm. Murch who has been confined to her bed for the past three weeks is improving.
Mrs. Nimock who fractured her ribs in a fall is improving and able to be around again.
Several of the little folks in town have been on the sick list with a mild form of influenza.
Mrs. Wahowske is visiting in Grand Forks at the home of her daughter Mrs. Laura Richmond.
Miss Ollie Burgum went to Fargo and Durbin this week. Mrs. Phillips is teaching her room during her absence.
Miss Blanche Roser went to Fargo Wednesday evening on receiving word that her mother had taken a turn for the worse.
Arthur Men's team had their revenge for their defeat at Argusville. The Argusville team journeyed over here and were decisively beaten 26 to 15.
Mrs. F. J. Sinner and children returned Monday from an extended visit to Perham, Detroit, and Fargo.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Burgum and little Joey spent the weekend in Fargo returning Monday.
Mrs. Louie Bettschen received a telegram Wednesday stating her mother, Mrs. Bogne, had passed away at her home in Northfield, Minn. after a continued illness. She had just returned from a month visit at Northfield spent with her mother.
Harry Farnham was seriously hurt during the basketball game between Arthur and Erie at the Erie game. He was substituting during the last half of the second half and had played about two minutes when he was knocked unconscious and remained so for several hours.
Arthur journeyed to Grandin last Saturday evening where they were defeated by the Grandin High School quint. The first half of the game ended 14 to 12 in Arthur's favor. Most of the baskets in this half were made by long shots. In the second half however all that Arthur was able to score was one free throw. Grandin in this half rolled up 13 points. Prof. Melby of Grandin was the referee. The Arthur boys were served a lunch after the game and returned Sunday morning. The lineup for Arthur was: Chas. Ross, L. J. Williams, forwards; A. T. Burgum center; A. Fowler, Goodwin Nelson, guards. Subs. Boettcher, Roberts. Scorekeeper: Bettschen.
The Mutt and Jeff team, Allen Burgum major won over the Maggie and Jiggs team, Elizabeth Sommerfeld major by a close vote of 36 to 37 subscriptions to the Country Gentlemen. Fred Wells and Erna Schur were awarded good pencils for securing the most subscriptions. The Maggie and Jiggs team entertained at a party at the Wells farm for the winners and Jeffs and the Mutts. The evening was spent in playing cards and then a delicious lunch was served after which they enjoyed a sleigh ride home.
Miss Blanch Roser, the 8th grade teacher, has resigned her school on account of her mother's continued poor health.

February 8, 1923

Taken from the Arthur News
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Pierson Jan. 26th a baby girl.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Eaton Jan. 24 a baby girl.
John Wagner spent the weekend visiting at the Gust Iwen home.
Miss Burgum returned Monday morning from Fargo.
Prof. Schold was a county seat visitor over Saturday and Sunday.
Mr. Gust Willert spent several days in Fargo.
Mrs. Barnes of Fargo is visiting with Mrs. Walter Phillips.
The Thomas See family were visitors at the Gust Willert home on Sunday.
A number of the Argusville young people attended the Masquerade in Arthur.
Emil Kruger of Absaraka spent Tuesday in Arthur and took his father John Kruger home with him.
The Lutheran Aid were entertained at the home of Mrs. John Schur last Tuesday.
The Lutheran Ladies Aid will hold a meeting at the House of Mercy and give a kitchen shower for the home.
Mrs. Reuben Phillips daughter the primary room the latter part of last week during the absence of Miss Burgum.
If the lady who exchanged plush coats at the Masquerade Ball Friday night will leave it at the Farmers State Bank she can get her own in return.
Miss Martha Dittmer and Mrs. Paul Pritchard teachers in the Hunter School came on the evening train to assist in the program at the Methodist church Tuesday evening.
The Methodist Ladies Aid met at Mrs. R. H. Vosburg and were entertained at luncheon. A committee was appointed to secure prices on the cost of decorating and painting the church. The society decided to make dress forms made to order for home dress makers. Any lady wishing a dress form may leave measurements with Mrs. R. H. Vosburg. Three orders were taken and these will be made at the next meeting which will be held at Mrs. J. A. Burgum where experts on dress models will assist in demonstration.
An illustrated lecture with slides on New Guinea was given in the Sunday school room at the Lutheran Church Sunday evening by Rev. August Hoeger and was very interesting as it showed the bungalow of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Knautz formerly of Arthur who are doing missionary work there among the natives. The scenes showed rugged mountains and deep valleys covered with tropical vegetation and great rivers and mountain streams where every prospect pleases. The Lutheran missions are located here. Mr. and Mrs. Krautz are at Mandang, New Guinea, with other missionaries from Iowa.

February 15, 1923

Taken from the Arthur News
L. P. Waller is one the sick list.
Dave Nimmock was in Arthur on business Tuesday.
Mrs. L. W. Heiden has been on the sick list.
Paul Pearson returned from Fargo Saturday morning.
Mrs. Walter Phillips was a Fargo visitor on Friday last.
Dr. Reedy was in Arthur on business Saturday.
Lee Dohman was a Hunter visitor on last Friday and Saturday.
Frank Myers arrived in Arthur on Monday morning from Fargo.
William Boettcher was a business visitor in Fargo on Tuesday.
Miss Dora Willert was in Arthur on Tuesday.
Miss Roeser's mother is reported as improving.
Professor Schold was a guest at the Thompson home on Sunday.
Ed. Wilhelm was in Casselton on Tuesday with his car.
Mr. and Mrs. D. Nimock left for Fargo on Tuesday.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ed Iwen on Sunday February 4 a boy.
Gust Anderson was in Fargo on business Wednesday.
A number of the Arthur people attended lodge in Hunter Tuesday.
John Corcoran of Casselton was in Arthur Saturday evening Carl Johnson was a Fargo and Hillsboro visitor last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Schur were visitors at the Arthur Viestenz home in Casselton over Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Burgum and Miss Reckleberg were dinner guests on Sunday at the F. J. Sinner home.
The H. F. Fuller and Herman Iwen families were dinner guests at the James Williams home on Sunday.
Mrs. Lynn Brayton of Hunter and little daughter have been visiting relatives in Arthur the past week.
Mrs. J. A. Briggs accompanied Mrs. R. Viestenz to Valley City on Tuesday.
Mrs. Ross who taught here last year has been called to Indiana, to care for her mother who is ill.
Joe Schaefer and Carl Johnson each shipped a car of stock on Tuesday.
The American Legion Auxilliary will meet with Mrs. F. J. Sinner next Tuesday.
Miss Eileen Collins of Amenia has been visiting at the E. E. Webb home.
Arthur High School will play Absaraka High School at the Wheatland Hall Wednesday.
Walter Murch and I. Peterson returned Tuesday from Iowa. They were visiting relatives while there, having gone to Iowa last fall.
Mrs. Gust Willert is now at the home of her mother Mrs. Will Schur. She came up on the train Saturday morning.
Amber Wagner expects to leave on Thursday for Clay Center, Kansas. He will accompany two cars of potatoes, which will be shipped by Lawrence Mendsen.
Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Sinner were surprised at their home by a number of their friends on Wednesday, the occasion being Mrs. Sinner's birthday.
Mrs. John Bettschen entertained a number of ladies Monday evening. Cards were the evening's amusement and at midnight a delicious lunch was served.
The Arthur High School Basketball team played an afternoon game on Saturday at Portland and was defeated 18 to 7. The teams were about the same size but the score at the end of the first half was 3 to 4 in favor of Arthur. Portland, however, made several long shots in the last half and this fact accounted for their points. The Arthur boys were unable to drop in the short shots that they got but they did not attempt to shoot any long shots. The men that accompanied Coach Schold were Williams, Ross; Burgum; Fowler; Nelson and Boettcher.
Hiram Farnham plays in the first team of basketball at the Mayville Normal. They have played with the Wahpeton, Ellendale, and Valley City Normal school.
Mrs. R. F. Viestnez received a message from Valley City normal stating her daughter Edna who is attending school there was taken seriously ill with appendicitis. Mrs. Viestenz and Little Rudolf left by auto. Ed Wilhelm taking them to Casselton. Edna's many friends hope to hear she has rallied and on the road to recovery. Mrs. Jacob Briggs accompanied Mrs. Viestenz to Valley City.

February 22, 1923

Taken from the Arthur News
No school Tuesday or Wednesday.
Walter Buchanan was a county seat visitor last week.
Louis Bettschen was a business visitor at Fargo.
Lawrence Mendsen shipped two cars of potatoes on Saturday.
Lincoln's Birthday was observed by not having school on Monday.
Allen Briggs took the Arthur quint to Wheatland Saturday.
Mrs. Ralph Halver was in Mayville between trains on Friday.
Mrs. J. A. Briggs returned from Valley City last Friday.
No train service Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Viestenz were visiting in Arthur last week.
Fred Williams went to Minneapolis to attend the auto show.
Mr. Schold went to Minneapolis over the weekend. His return was delayed by the storm in Fargo.
Alice Farnham and Hiram who is attending Mayville Normal spent the weekend at home.
The American Legion Auxilliary met at the home of Mrs. F. J. Sinner on Monday afternoon.
Miss Ida Reckleberg spent Lincoln's birthday in Blanchard visiting her relatives Mr. and Mrs. H. Oleson.
Mr. and Mrs. Sherman and family were the guests at Sunday dinner of Mr. and Mrs. Sinner.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Parkhouse and younger children visited Mr. and Mrs. Charles Parkhouse over the weekend.
Mr. and Mrs. John See and family visiting Friday with the Carl Madsen family of Hunter.
Harry Dohman and family, Chester Dohman and family visited with the Carl Madsen family at Hunter Friday.
Mrs. Myrtle Halver went to Mayville Friday and Monday to have dental work done.
Mrs. R. F. Viestenz and Rudolf came back from Valley City Monday morning leaving Edna much improved.
Miss Eileen Collins who has been visiting in Arthur left Monday evening for Casselton.
Gust Willert and children and Miss Dora Willert were guests of Tom See and family Monday evening.
James Parkhouse and Amber Wagner went to Clayton City, Kan. with two cars of potatoes.
Earnest Miller, who has been visiting at the Herman Iwen home, returned to his home Monday evening.
The J. B. Thompson and F. D. Wells families visited friends at Hunter Sunday.
Miss Amanda Iwen who is teaching at Kindred spent the weekend and the holiday at home returning to her school duties Monday evening.
A number of the town people drove out to the Will Iwen farm last Friday week and spent a very pleasant evening.
Mrs. Carl Johnson entertained friends at cards Friday evening. Cards were played and at midnight a delicious lunch was served.
Hiram and Alice Farnham who are students at Mayville Normal are spending the weekend and Lincoln's birthday at home.
Mrs. R. L. Viestenz went to Casselton to meet Edna whom Dr. Reedy had brought to Casselton from Valley City.
Miss Burgum and Miss Mjolsness were weekend visitors at the Roeser home at Durbin. Miss Mjolsness returned Monday. Miss Burgum stayed for Mrs. Piper's funeral.
The Arthur Hi team has earned the right to attend the tournament of the Cass County Basketball teams at Casselton on Thursday. They expect to make a strong bid for the championship.

March 1, 1923

Taken from the Arthur News
Vida Viestenz returned from Sharon on Tuesday.
Mrs. Gust Iwen returned from Casselton on Wednesday.
Fred Williams returned to Arthur last Tuesday.
Julius Koshnick returned to Arthur last Saturday.
Prof. Schold returned on the train Saturday after a week's absence.
Train service was resumed after an interval of four days.
The girls team practiced on Wed. They expect to play in Portland on Saturday.
Rev. W. H. Driver was ill Sunday and unable to hold services at either point.
Mrs. Rudolph Viestenz and daughter Edna returned from Valley City last Thursday.
Mr. John Schur returned from a visit with the Wm. Landon family at Hunter.
Mr. and Mrs. Gust Schur and family visited with the Wm. Schur family last Sunday.
Mr. and Ms. A. C. Burgum visited at the Franham Farm last Sunday.
Mr. Gust Willert and Dora Willert were Sunday visitors at the Will Schur home.
The M. E. Ladies Aid met at the home of Mrs. J. A. Burgum on Thursday afternoon.
The Arthur High B. B. Team will play at Kindred on Friday, if the train service is normal.
Mrs. Wells and family and Mr. and Mrs. Thompson drove out to spend Sunday with Mrs. Roberts on the old Merrifield farm.
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Dohman and daughter Gail returned from a visit with their daughter Mrs. Carl Madsen at Hunter.
Mrs. Myrtle Halvor, daughter of Mrs. G. B. Farnham, returned Saturday evening from Mayville on the one o'clock train.
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Wilson returned from an extended visit in Ill. Saturday morning where they were visiting relatives.
Alice and Hiram Farnham returned to Mayville on Saturday morning, where they are attending school at the Normal.
Thomas See and family were Sunday visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John See. They brought Millie and Maggie See back to town.
T. O. Burgum met the train in Vance last Thursday. Miss Ollie Burgum returned with him after a week's absence.
Mrs. Louis Heiden, who has been visiting at Sharon with the A. W. Barker family, returned home Monday evening.
Mrs. Ralph Halver and little son Stanley left for her home in Arena, N. D. on Tuesday evening. Mrs. Farnham accompanied her as far as Casselton.
The Arthur Hi Quit: A. T. Burgum; L. J. Williams; Chas. Ross; Alf Fowler; Goodwin Nelson; P. Boettcher and Prof. Schold went to Casselton Monday evening.
The game between Portland Hi and Arthur Hi was called off on account of the local quint leaving for Casselton to take part in the Cass Co. Tournament.
Mrs. Wahowske who has been spending the past five weeks with her daughter Mrs. Richmond at Grand Forks returned to her home Monday.
Mrs. Florence Stavely Nelson and her husband are moving to Sioux Falls, S. D. to make their future home where Mrs. Nelson has an official position with the Lady Maccabees.
A large crowd assembled at the depot to see the snow plow go through the big drift near the depot. It sure did make the snow fly. Several snapshots were taken by different parties.
Laurence Mendsen received a telegram that Amber Wagner and James Parkhouse had arrived at their destination in Kansas having been ten days on the road with two carload of potatoes.

March 8, 1923

Taken from the Arthur News
August Iwen is now engaged at the Farmers Elevator.
Mrs. J. P. Thompson and son John left for Wahpeton on Monday.
Mrs. L. W. Heiden was in Casselton the fore part of this week.
Mr. E. E. Webb spent the weekend at his home in Arthur.
The H. F. Fuller family spent Sunday with the Ireland family.
Frank Sinner was a county seat visitor last week.
Miss Alice Iwen was in Kindred last Friday night.
L. W. Schur family were guests at the Thomas See home on Sunday.
Mr. Emil Boettcher returned from Fargo last Saturday.
Mrs. Tom Burgum returned from Durbin, the former part of last week.
Mrs. Gust Schur entertained the Lutheran Ladies Aid last Thursday.
Ole Nelson shipped two cars of stock on Tuesday.
The girl Basket Ball team practiced on Tuesday, they play Portland Friday evening.
Miss Anderson, who is engaged at the Ross home, spent Saturday and Sunday at home.
Mrs. L. P. Waller and Mrs. J. A. Burgum went to Fargo Monday and visited friends.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Schafer Feb. 20, Tuesday a baby daughter.
Wm. Mortenson was a guest at the home of J. A. Burgum, last Friday evening.
Jake Shock returned to Arthur from Mapleton last Saturday morning.
A number of Arthur young people attended the dance at Hunter last Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. August Sommerfeld entertained the five teachers at a six o'clock dinner Tuesday evening.
Walter Fink has gone to Monrovia, California where his wife has been for some time.
Fred Williams has rented his farm now occupied by Joe Eichelberger to T. O. Burgum.
Gordon Burgum of Washburn is spending a day with relatives here. He had been attending a Masonic convention in Fargo and stopped off on his way home.
Walter Kuehn whose birthday falls on the same day as the father of his country, celebrated his birthday with a number of friends.
W. P. Mortenson, a club leader succeeded in interesting a number of the boys in the poultry project when he was in Arthur last Friday.
What proved to be a game with an odd ending was the game played in Portland last Saturday. This game was played between the Portland and Arthur girls teams. The reason for the blank score book was the failure on Arthur's part to ring the baskets. Arthur had the most shots at the basket but failed to make them count. Due to the close guarding of the Arthur guards Portland only was able to get 2 or 3 short shots. Three fouls were called on Arthur and one on Portland but these were missed by the respective teams. Harry Farnham accompanied them to Portland. The girls that made the trip were: E. Fowler, J. McKinnon, I. McKinnon, G. Grieger, V. Viestenz and Linda Heiden. The girls expect a different outcome when they play Portland here next Friday.

March 15, 1923

Taken from the Arthur News
The young folks of the vicinity are enjoying a few weeks of skating.
Bert Palmer of Erie was doing business in Arthur.
Fred Williams and Harry Brewer were Fargo visitors this week.
Al Schneider and family are moving to the August Sommerfeld farm.
Dr. J. B. Thompson left Tuesday for Minneapolis for a short visit.
Louie Bettschen was a Gate City visitor Tuesday evening.
Julius Sommerfeld is spending a few days in Arthur.
J. B. Thompson returned on Saturday from Breckenridge.
Chris Gebeke was in Arthur on Tuesday.
Ole Nelson shipped two cars of stock this week.
Harry Greene returned from Minn. on Saturday morning.
F. J. Sinner went to Casselton on Monday evening returning Tuesday.
W. H. Flynn of Fargo was in Arthur on business Tuesday.
A nurse arrived Tuesday morning to care for Mrs. Gust Willert.
Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Pearson were Fargo visitors last week.
Mrs. Gust Iwen was a Casselton visitor Wednesday.
No church services at either church next Sunday.
Mr. Hayworth arrived on Wednesday morning from Fargo.
Mrs. Wm. Murch who has been very poorly is improving.
Mrs. Driver, wife of Rev. Driver, is seriously ill at the Methodist Manse.
Mr. Gordon Burgum left last Thursday evening for his home in Washburn, N. D.
The bad roads have necessitated the abandonment of sleds and sleigh bells.
Miss Alice Iwen entertained the teachers: Miss Reckleberg, Burgum, Mjolsness at her home Tuesday evening.
J. R. Harrington of Moorhead, Minn. spent Wednesday at the home of his daughter Mrs. A. C. Burgum.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bettschen were the guests Wednesday evening of the H. F. Fuller farm.
Adolph Hartwig and family were entertained at the J. A. Briggs on Sunday evening.
Walt Buchanan returned from Minn. on Monday where he spent the past week.
August Sommerfeld returned from Fargo on Monday, he went to Fargo last Saturday.
Harry Schafer and family are moving from the Flynn Farm to the Zimmerman farm in Rush River Twp.
The baby son of Mrs. and Mrs. Ed Iwen was christened last Sunday by Rev. Hoeger.
John Wagner and Harry Farnham attended a lodge meeting in Hunter. Ed. Wilhelm took them up by car.
Mrs. L. P. Waller spent Thursday in Hunter visiting the W. C. Peterson family.
Miss Nellie Baumgartner was a Page visitor at the Mrs. H. H. Linton's returning home Tuesday.
Emil Boettcher returned from his trip to south St. Paul where he took a carload of cattle.
Mrs. Lottie Wahowske has rented her house and moved to the farm to live with her sons.
Henry Viestenz left with a carload of potatoes the forepart of the week for Clay Center, Kansas.
The George Ireland and family are moving this week to the Brewer Farm near Hunter.
Mrs. George Oakes and son spent the weekend with her parents Mr. and Mrs. August Faltz.
John Kruger who has been staying with his son Emil near Absaraka is moving back to town.
Mrs. Notvedt and son Ernest and Mrs. Helland and family were entertained at the home of Mrs. W. Buchanan on Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Schur, Mrs. C. A. Johnson and baby daughter are visiting this week in Casselton at the Art Viestenz home.
E. Kentfield of Erie was in Arthur Tuesday and purchased two of Alton Burgum's prize winning White Rock roosters.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wilhelm returned to their home here Wednesday after spending the winter at Brownton, Minn.
Mr. and Mrs. Vosburg, Mr. and Mrs. Wagner, Mr. and Mrs. Burgum, G. B. Burgum of Washburn were dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Hackett Tuesday noon.

March 22, 1923

Ed Wilhelm was a visitor at the county seat this week.
J. Cederberg went to Fargo the fore part of the week.
Miss Edith Anderson has been on the sick list with an attack of quinsy.
The usual services at both churches next Sunday.
The Basketball team practiced on Tuesday evening.
Walter Buchanan has been visiting at his farm at Dent, Minn.
Professor Schold spent the weekend at the county seat.
W. Boettcher returned from his trip to Kansas on Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Schafer were Arthur visitors Saturday.
Robert Faltz accompanied two cars of potatoes to Clay Center, Kansas.
Alton Burgum and Walter Roberts visited Paul Boettcher Sunday.
Louie Gebeke went to Fargo last week.
E. E. Webb spent the weekend at his home in Arthur.
Mrs. L. P. Waller left for Minneapolis on Monday.
Horace Fuller has been assisting the Ireland family as they are moving to the Brewer farm.
Mrs. J. B. Thompson and John returned from Breckenridge on Monday.
The Minstrel show to be put on by the American Legion will be given Friday, April 6.
George Iwen returned Wednesday from Kansas having stayed over a day or so in Fargo.
Mr. Donnelson of Amenia was a visitor on Sunday at the Emil Boettcher home.
The school nurse has been examining the children in the school the fore part of the week.
Mr. J. R. Harrington returned to his home in Moorhead after a short visit at the A. C. Burgum home.
Mrs. Hans Willert of Page is visiting at the home of hers on Mrs. Gust Willert.
The John Bettschen family were Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Louie Bettschen.
John Fulton of Prosper spent a day in Arthur Saturday returning the same evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Gebeke have moved to Oriska where they will make their future home.
Jerome Shea of Champaign, Ill. has returned here to look after his farming interests.
Miss Clara Anderson, Fred Cederberg and Gertrude Campbell who are attending high school in Hunter returned to their school duties Monday.

March 29, 1923

Paul Pearson has been on the sick list.
James Parkhouse who has been on the sick list has recovered.
Arthur Mercantile company shipped two car loads of potatoes this week.
Ed. Wilhelm returned from Fargo with a new radio outfit.
Mr. and Mrs. Emil Boettcher went to Fargo on Wednesday.
The Music Teacher Miss Owlen was in the city this week.
Mr. Barnes of Fargo is moving to the A. C. Burgum farm this week.
T. J. Ross was in Fargo on business last week.
Rich Grieger has been on the sick list with an attack of the grippe.
John Ross was in Arthur on Monday.
Henry Viestenz returned to Arthur the fore part of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. Gust Iwen visited the Oscar Oleson family Sunday.
Two cars of stock were shipped on Tuesday.
John Morrow of Erie is moving to the Conrad farm formerly the J. E. Sommerfeld farm.
John Townsley is moving to the Bolstad farm east of Arthur formerly farmed by the Westlund Brothers.
The Lutheran Ladies Aid were entertained Thursday at the August Sommerfeld home.
Mrs. Ralph Parkhouse was hurt by a fall spraining her leg and is laid up for a few days.
George Clunis went to Greenfield where he has rented his farm to Mr. Seegart.
The County nurse who was in Arthur last week left from here for Hunter, N. D.
Charles Ross and Alton Burgum went to Fargo to attend the state High school Basket Ball Tourney.
Mrs. Williams, Lloyd and Grace and Foster Burgum went to Fargo Thursday night returning Monday.
G. M. Barnes of Prosper, N. D. is now living on the Hayworth Farm 3 miles west of Arthur.
George Iwen took a number of men down to Casselton to see the game on Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Schur have returned from Sharon where they visited with Mrs. Schur's family.
Mrs. Hans Willert and Miss Dora Willert visited Sunday with the Tom See family.
The sale on the Townsley farm on March 19 was postponed because of the severe weather.
Mrs. J. A. Burgum went to Fargo Tuesday to attend the W. C. T. U. conference and state executive officers luncheon at the Gardner Hotel.
Einer Peterson who lives northwest of Arthur is recovering slowly from a long siege of pleura-pneumonia.
Adolph Lehrke and Henry Wilhelm have rented the David Nimock farm near Prosper, N. D. and are moving there this week.
Mrs. Sinner of Fargo, F. J. Sinner's mother, was a guest at the Sinner home the fore part of the week, returning home Wednesday.
Carl Lapisco has finished decorating the Methodist church. Ned Hynes and Rich Grieger assisted him in the work.
Bertin Bettschen hurt his knee quite badly while skating on the ice tripping over a piece of wire imbedded in the ice.
Alton Burgum and Charles Ross were in attendance at the conference basketball games on Friday and Saturday last.
Lawrence Mendsen has a new radio outfit and is installing it this week. He expects to get the markets daily by radio.

April 5, 1923

Taken from the Arthur News

F. J. Sinner was on the sick list with a touch of the grippe.
Lillie Burgum returned from Valley City she will not return this semester.
Mr. and Mrs. Emil Boettcher returned from Fargo Saturday morning.
Mrs. J. B. Thompson and son John went to Breckenridge, the latter part of last week.
Hiram and Alice Farnham returned from Mayville Normal on Friday for a short vacation.
Miss Mary Costello of Valley City Normal visited with Eleanor Roberts over the weekend.
Mayme Tonn returned from Mayville Normal not expecting to return for the next semester.
Tom Stewart took a number of the basketball players to Mapleton on Wednesday on his truck.
Edna Viestenz who has spent the past few weeks at home left Monday evening to attend the Normal.
Miss Grace Keppen who is attending Valley City Normal was a guest of Lillian Burgum over the weekend.
George Schur who has been attending the Interstate business college at Fargo was in Arthur last week.
Miss Ida Reckleberg spent Saturday at Blanchard visiting her aunt and uncle returning on the evening train.
Walter Roberts had seven boys at his house for supper on the 13th of March the occasion being his 15th birthday.
Mrs. Henrietta Sommerfeld of Fargo is spending a few days in Arthur and attended the Lutheran Ladies Aid at the August Sommerfeld home.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Leydon formerly of Arthur passed through from Hot Springs, Arkansas on their way to their farm in Saskatchewan, Can.
John Schur attended the Equity Cooperative Packing Plant meeting in Fargo last week at which the plant selling negotiations were carried out. A larger item in regard to this is in the inside of this paper.
Professor Schold received a wire reporting the death of his mother last Thursday. He drove to Casselton and caught a train there in the afternoon. Albert Farnham is teaching in the high school during his absence.
George Morrison a former resident of Arthur passed away at the home of his daughter Mrs. Kate Eyers at Casselton at the age of 99. He resided here in Territorial days where the Ole Nelson farm is and planted the grove there. He leaves two sons, George of Westhope, N. D.; William of Billings, Mont. Four daughters, Mrs. Driscoll, principal in the Fargo Schools; Mrs. Ella Beck of Grandin; Mrs. Bertha Finley; Mrs. Gretta Hutchinson of Spokane, Washington. His wife died a few years ago.
Mr. Hayworth returned to his home in Fargo Saturday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Westlund and family took the train from here on Saturday.
Miss Bernice Erickson and sister were guests at the Faltz home over the weekend.
John Fulton of Prosper has rented the Flynn Farm.
W. H. Flynn of Fargo spent Monday in Arthur.
Gust Schur was a Fargo visitor on Tuesday.
Mrs. A. C. Burgum left for Moorhead on Monday to visit with her parents Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Harrington.
Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Wagner have been on the sick list the past week but are now recovering.
Some of the Aid members met at the Methodist Church Thursday afternoon and cleaned it up.

April 12, 1923

Taken from the Arthur News

We have had a taste of what we consider genuine March weather.
Walter Buchanan left on Monday evening for his farm in Minnesota.
T. J. Ross and family attended church in Casselton Sunday.
David Nimock visited his farm at Prosper last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Ireland of Hunter were Arthur visitors Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Briggs and family were Casselton visitors Tuesday.
Prof. Schold was a Fargo visitor Tuesday evening.
Henry Viestenz returned from his potato car trip on Saturday.
The play books for the High school play arrived last week.
A large number of wagon loads of potatoes are being hauled into the potato house at Arthur.
Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Sinner and two children spent the weekend in Fargo, with Mr. Sinner's mother.
Miss Ollie Burgum spent the weekend with Blanche Rosser at Durbin, N. D. returning Monday.
Miss Jetta Mjolaness visited at her home in Hendrum over Saturday and Sunday returning Monday.
Miss Amanda Iwen left on Monday for Kindred after spending a short vacation at home.
Rev. Driver and Prof. Hay of Hunter were Arthur visitors last Thursday.
At a meeting of the Arthur school board Tuesday evening the board rehired the teachers for another year.
George Iwen and his mother autoed to Fargo last Tuesday morning to spend a day or two with friends.
Mrs. Wm. Murch is seriously ill with a threatened attack of pneumonia. Dr. Reedy is in attendance.
Leonard Sherman returned from Fargo last week where he went to see an oculist.
Mrs. Harry Schafer and little son have been seriously ill with pneumonia at her mother's home in Grandin.
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Ross and family attended church services in Casselton on Sunday.
Mrs. John Conrad and Mrs. James Jenkins were visitors at the R. H. Vosburg home this week.
Easter services and Holy Communion were held at the Lutheran church, Rev. Hoeger, officiating. The choir rendered special music.
Helen Viestenz who is teaching at Osnabrook, is spending Easter vacation with her mother, Mrs. Rudolph Viestenz.
Prof. Schold returned Thursday from Minnesota from his mother's funeral. The sympathy of all is with Mr. Schold in his sad bereavement.
Mr. A. C. Burgum went to Moorhead Saturday evening. He returned on Monday morning with Mrs. A. C. Burgum who spent the past week with her parents.
Everyone is invited to the Base Ball Benefit Friday evening. Concert by the orchestra and quartet singing are a feature of the evening. Supper at 25 cents a plate at 11, dancing after supper.
The supper committee for the baseball benefit dance and party to be given on April 6, Friday evening, met on Monday evening at Ed. Wilhelm's for the purpose of making arrangements regarding the same.
Leland Burgum, principal of the Absaraka school is spending the Easter vacation with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Burgum. Mr. Burgum has been re-elected as principal at Absaraka with a substantial increase of salary.
Miss Marjorie Burgum teacher of History and Social Science and Miss Edythe Farnham teacher of French and English in the Dickinson High school have contracted to teach again there next year. Miss Farnham is also coach in dramatics and Miss Burgum in debates.
George Iwen has accepted a position this week as engineer of one of the big county tractors. The county will undertake to open up the highways by plowing through the big drifts. The first work will be between Fargo and Casselton.
The high school candidates for the baseball team met on Tuesday, Prof. Schold acted as chairman of the meeting. Lloyd Williams was elected as manager and Fred Wells the Captain. They arranged for two games with Absaraka. On May 4 at Absaraka and on May 11, Absaraka vs. Arthur. They expect to book up with other nearby teams.
Miss Lillian Burgum is teaching in the school southeast of Arthur, known as the Schafer school. She will finish the term there, Miss Manners having resigned.

April 19, 1923

Taken from the Arthur News

Prof. Schold spent the weekend in Fargo.
L. S. Burgum returned to his school in Absaraka by way of Fargo.
E. E. Webb spent the weekend at his home in Arthur.
T. J. Ross and family attended church in Casselton on Sunday.
George Landon of Hunter was in Arthur on Friday last.
Millie and Maggie See spent the weekend at their home.
Mrs. August Sommerfeld was on the sick list last week.
Miss Emma Maurer is visiting with her sister, Mrs. Webb.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. McKinnon of Friday, April 6, a baby girl.
Miss Eileen Collins is assisting Dr. Reedy in his office work at Casselton.
Leland Burgum was on the program as cornetist.
Mrs. R. H. Vosburg was on the sick list last week.
John Fulton and family are now settled on the Flynn Farm.
Miss Dora Willert is visiting with the Tom See family.
Mrs. Henrietta Sommerfeld is visiting with the August Tonn family.
F. J. Spencer and family went to Casselton Saturday afternoon.
George Landon was an Arthur visitor Friday.
C. A. Johnson shipped a car load of stock on Tuesday.
Misses Hazel and Ann Schafer who are attending Sacred Heart Academy returned to Fargo last week.
Miss Emma Mathis who has been visiting in Fargo returned this week and will care for Mrs. Gust Willert.
Six carloads of potatoes were shipped to Tuesday by the Mendsen Bros. Potato House.
The Arthur High School baseball team is scheduled to play a game with Hillsboro High school.
Horseshoe pitching and baseball appear to be the pastime for both the young and old.
C. F. Bayard and family are moving to the J. R. Wilson farm and will soon be nicely settled.
F. J. Sinner and family were guests at dinner Sunday at the Gust Iwen farm.
Eileen and Leonare Barnes have enrolled in the school here. They live on the Hayworth farm.
Charles Parkhouse, Charles Maurer and Tom Burgum went to Fargo to attend the assessors meetings.
Mrs. R. L. Viestenz and family were guests Sunday at the R. A. Miller home.
John and Amber Wagner have been redecorating their other store which has been vacant all winter.
The little son of Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Viestenz was taken very sick Tuesday evening and is now improving.
Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Vosburg spent the weekend in Erie with the John Conrad family.
The Sunday School Board meeting of the Methodist Church which was to be held at Reuben Phillips Tuesday was postponed until next week.
A baseball meeting was held in the Farmers Elevator Office on Monday, a general discussion took place, concerning the baseball of the coming season.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Burgum, Miss Ida Reckleberg and Mrs. F. J. Sinner went to Casselton Wednesday to attend the American Legion Band Concert.
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Wilson and family left Monday morning by auto to go to their former home in Oakland, Iowa.
A second son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Ted McConnackie of Minneapolis this week. Mrs. McConnackie was formerly Miss Frances Burgum of Arthur.
L. S. Burgum went to Fargo Saturday morning and attended the meeting of principals and superintendents in regard to the pageant for play day on May 19th.
The Farmers Elevator imported a carload of Canadian Marquis Wheat last week from Canada. It is a treat to see some real wheat after viewing the unsuccessful attempts we have made to grow it in the Red River Valley.
Mrs. W. J. Wagner won the guessing contest for the ladies and Robt. Faltz for the men in the contest conducted by the Committee on Friday night. The object of the game was to guess the no. of beans in a jar, the reward being a free ticket to the season's baseball games.

April 26, 1923

Dr. Reedy of Casselton was in the vicinity of Arthur on Sunday on business.
Mrs. J. B. Thompson spent a few days last week in Arthur, she returned to Breckenridge on Thursday evening.
Mr. Sundy who is engaged in farming near Arthur shipped in a carload of furniture and farm implements, Etc.

May 3, 1923

Taken from the Arthur News

Ed. Wilhelm drove to Amenia last week.
Dr. Reedy was a business caller in this community on Sunday.
Miss Blanche Roeser visited with friends in Arthur the fore part of this week.
Misses Martha and Ella Boettcher were Fargo visitors on Friday of last week.
Miss Alice Farnham, who is attending Mayville Normal, spent the weekend at her home here.
Misses Millie and Maggie See were Sunday visitors at the Farnham home.
Miss Ruth Anderson was in Fargo on Friday last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Herb Lee of Courtenay, N. D. are visiting with Mrs. Lee's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Aug. Faltz. They drove up by car on Friday.
Walter Buchanan shipped one of his purebred dogs to Lake Charles, Louisiana, this week.
Mrs. Burgum reports that the season is rather backward in Wisconsin also.
The High School boys expect to leave on Saturday to play their first game. They will go in the truck.
Stock was shipped by Ole Nelson and Carl Johnson on Tuesday.
Mrs. J. A. Burgum left Saturday evening for Fargo where she was joined by Mrs. H. L. Sherwood the other delegate to represent North Dakota at the National Teachers Association at Louisville, Kentucky, April 23 to 27.
Mr. H. J. Wagner returned from a week's visit at the home of Mrs. Ed. Judisch.
Miss Violet Hyen, who has been attending high school in Arthur, left for her home in Geessee, Minn.
Tom Stewart has been improving the village streets by grading them.
Miss Reuben Phillips and Lyle and Florence returned on Monday from a short visit with relatives in Fargo.
The Methodist Ladies aid met on Thursday afternoon for the purpose of electing officers.
The people are all thinking about getting the old Ford out, now.
The cellar is being excavated and made larger in the James Williams home. Carl Lubyaco is supervising.
J. B. Thompson visited in Breckinridge over Sunday.
A number of ladies were guests at the home of Mrs. John Bettschen on Saturday last, the occasion being the birth of Mrs. John Schur and of Mrs. Gust Schur.
Mr. Hayworth was in Arthur on business last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wilhelm drove to Prosper on Sunday.
Mrs. Thomas See and family and Miss Dora Willert left for an extended visit with relatives and friends in Thompson, N. D. They drove to Gardner on Sunday morning and boarded the train at that place.

May 10, 1923

Taken from the Arthur News

L. S. Burgum of Absaraka was in Arthur on Saturday.
Will Favorit and George Schur drove to Hunter last Friday.
Ed. Wilhelm autoed to Fargo last week, returning on Friday afternoon.
Ray Faltz is now running a tractor for Mr. Gowenlock of Mapleton.
Robt. Faltz is now employed running a tractor near Greenfield, N. D.
Miss Lillie Burgum who is teaching school south east of Arthur, spent the weekend at home.
Prof. Schold drove to Hillsboro on last Saturday in his car to attend the baseball game.
The Methodist Sunday School will give a candy sale in the Arthur Mercantile on next Saturday night.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Briggs and family were Sunday visitors at the James Williams home.
Dr. Richter of Hunter was a professional caller in Arthur Tuesday night.
Gertrude Campbell returned to her school duties in Hunter on Monday, after spending the weekend at home.
The “Freshy” boys have been enlisted to sell tickets for Saturday night.
Harry Farnham and Albert Wilhelm drove to Fargo on Sunday and returned with a new Ford from Harry.
W. H. Flynn of Fargo was in Arthur on Wednesday in regard to his farming interests.
A number of the young people of this vicinity attended the dance in Hunter on Friday.
Mrs. J. A. Burgum and Mrs. A. C. Burgum were Hunter visitors on Wednesday of this week.
Thomas See and Mr. and Mrs. H. Dohman visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. Eaton of Erie.
E. E. Webb and Alton Burgum accompanied Harry Farnham to Fargo on Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Burgum visited in Moorhead on Sunday with her parents.
The Manager of the High School baseball team has scheduled several games, Arthur at Hunter on Friday and Erie at Arthur on next Monday.
Carl Johnson's smoke house caught fire Tuesday forenoon and was consumed in a short time. A quantity of meat was burned.
Mrs. Ed. Viestenz and Mr. Ben Viestenz entertained the Lutheran Ladies Aid at supper in the church basement on Thursday.
A number of ladies were the guests of Mrs. L. W. Heiden on Tuesday, the occasion being her birthday. The afternoon was spent in sewing carpet rags.
Dr. Hansen and Lloyd Collins of Hunter ran into the ditch just south of Arthur on their way to Fargo Tuesday evening knocking off a wheel and breaking some glass.
Mrs. Gust Willert went to Fargo the latter part of last week for the purpose of an operation for appendicitis.
The Actors in the High School Play “And Home Came Ted” to be given at the Hall Saturday are holding dress rehearsals this week, and are in tip-top shape for Saturday night.
Failure of his car to work didn't deter Rev. L. R. Burgum, who hiked 10 miles to Conklin settlement to fill the pulpit of the church there. Hiking agreed with him so well, he said, he insisted on walking home.
The Arthur High School baseball team went down to defeat at the hands of the Hillsboro nine in the last two innings, after having held them scoreless for seven innings. Williams scored in the first innings giving us a one point lead and three more scores were run in the third inning making a four point lead. Nelson, our star eighth grade pitcher, tossed a shut out game until the seventh inning and got himself out of several tight places.

May 17, 1923

Taken from the Arthur News

The school board met on Tuesday evening.
Mr. Baker was in Arthur last week looking after his farming interests here.
Miss Reckleberg and a number of H. S. Students were Erie visitors on Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. John Schur Jr. were guests at the home of I. S. Roberts on Sunday.
F. J. Sinner left on Tuesday night for an extended business trip in Iowa.
Mr. L. Bettschen autoed to Casselton on Monday accompanied by his daughter Dorothy.
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Burgum were Page visitors on Sunday. They visited at the home of Prof. Sturch.
Mr. O. A. Helland of Hendrum visited at the home of his son on Thursday of last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Emil Krueger were Sunday visitors at the James Williams home.
Alaice and Hiram Farnham who are attending Mayville Normal spent the weekend at their home in Arthur.
The manager has scheduled Arthur High to play baseball at Absaraka on Thursday.
Adeline Roberts celebrated her 13th birthday at her home the 4th of May. The afternoon was spent by playing games. At five o'clock a bountiful lunch was served. Those who were present were Lulu and Wilma Viestenz, Bernice Bettschen, Ethel, Agnes and Francis Schur, Irene Nelson, Eunice Iwen, Emma Sommerfeld and Dorothy Bettschen.
“When Ted came home” a three act play put on by the Arthur High school played to a full house last Saturday night.
The success of the performance was due to the hard work of the cast and their director Miss Reckleberg. Music specialties by the orchestra added to the attraction. Allen Briggs made a decided hit with his vocal solo “I ain't Nobody's Darling” and responded to two encores. The High School Dramatic Club will present the play again Saturday night at Erie at the hall.
The school board met Tuesday evening at the school house. The Standard of the school is to be raised to a 3rd Class High School. T. O. Burgum President of the school board spent a day in the country getting signers to get into the school district and he met with good success, the following teachers were elected for the coming year. Superintendent, Albert Farnham; 7 and 8 grade Miss Jetta Mjolsness; Intermediate, Miss Alice Iwen; primary, Miss Ollie Burgum.
The American Legion Auxilliary was entertained Tuesday evening at the home of Mrs. Russell Wilson. The flag salute was given and the devotionals were led by Mrs. Wagner.
Mrs. Sinner gave a reading on the Legion Flower “The Red Poppy.” The Misses Pearl Faltz, Lillian Wagner and Jessie Farnham were appointed a committee to sell the poppies made by the disabled soldiers for Memorial Day. Mrs. Harry Dohman was appointed Cradle Roll Superintendent to secure the names of the children of Auxilliary and Legion members.
“Mothers Day” May 13 was to be observed by attending special church services given in honor of that day.
Mrs. J. A. Burgum told of attending a reception by Jefferson Post, Louisville, Kentucky, given in honor of the National President of the American Legion Auxilliary, Mrs. Kate W. Barrett of Washington, C. D. last month. Twenty-five dollars was voted to be paid toward building the brick corner posts at the cemetery.
Mrs. A. C. Burgum gave a paper on “Immigration” and discussed the same. Mrs. Sinner will give a paper at the next meeting. As the Auxilliary is eligible to join the Federation of Womens Clubs on account of being educational, it was moved that we join the North Dakota Federation.
Mrs. Wilson served a delicious lunch and the meeting adjourned to meet with Mrs. Harry Dohman next month.

June 14, 1923

Taken from the Arthur News

Harry Farnham was a Fargo caller Thursday.
Emma Maurer returned Sunday from a visit at Fergus Falls, Minn.
Miss Mjolness left for her home at Hendrum, Tuesday evening.
Helen Viestenz returned home Sunday from Osnabrock.
Miss Reckleberg spent Tuesday at the Gust Iwen home.
Miss Reckleberg spent Wednesday at the Briggs home.
Wm. Gebeke Sr. has been seriously ill.
Prof. Schold left Tuesday evening for St. Paul.
Miss Amanda Iwen returned home Sunday.
Hiram Farnham spent the weekend at his home.
Miss Ella Boettcher spent Memorial Day at her home.
Mr. Schold was entertained Tuesday at the Thompson home.
Miss Eunice Iwen is visiting at the Walter Iwen home.
Childrens Day exercises will be held at the M. E. church Sunday.
Miss Ann Bentley returned to her home in Grandin.
Misses Jenny and Isabelle McKinnon were Fargo visitors Saturday.
The Bolmeier brothers were visiting in Arthur Sunday.
W. E. Ruffcorn was a Casselton caller Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Fowler and Elizabeth were Casselton callers Tuesday.
Rev. Hoeger made a business trip to Enderlin on Monday.
Mrs. Wagner entertained the Lutheran Aid Thursday.
Miss Henn is visiting with her sister Mrs. Frank Sinner.
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Burgum were Hendrum visitors Sunday.
Mrs. Lawrence Eaton of Ayr has been visiting with her parents Mr. and Mrs. See.
Wm. Heiden and family from Winona, Minn. are visiting at the L. W. Heiden home.
Carl Lepister, Rich Grieger and family returned Monday from a fishing trip.
Miss Alice Nortz of Breckenridge is visiting at the Thompson home accompanying John Jr. home.
Mrs. Jame Hyland and two children from Bismarck are visiting at the Reuben Phillips home.
Mr. and Mrs. Buchanan and Mae Duncan were dinner guests Wednesday at the Ben Helland home.
Mr. and Mrs. Notvedt and family returned home Monday from their fishing trip.
Mr. and Mrs. Buchanan and Miss Mae Duncan spent Friday with Mr. and Mrs. Notvedt.
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Rudd of Fargo visited Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Phillips.
Miss Vida Viestenz left Thursday to visit with Albert Sinner of Casselton.
Mrs. Hockridge and her two sisters from Canada visited with Mrs. Walter Phillips Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Iwen were Hunter visitors Tuesday having dental work done.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kuehn and family visited at the August Wolff home.
There were no services Sunday in the M. E. Church on account of the illness of Rev. Driver.
A large crowd attended the dance Friday given by the second baseball team.
Mr. G. F. Hanna, Supt. of the Valley City Schools was a visitor at the Ruffcorn home.
Arthur Viestenz and family and Mr. and Mrs. Christie of Casselton were visitors in Arthur Friday evening.
Mrs. John Bettschen entertained Mr. and Mrs. Buchanan and Mae Duncan at a six o'clock dinner Wednesday.
Miss Roeser spent Monday visiting with Alice Burgum and returning that evening with her sister and stepfather.
Mr. and Mrs. Buchanan and Miss Mae Duncan left Saturday morning for Stewart, Minn. where they are engaged in business.
Mrs. Tom Burgum and the Misses Mjolness and Ollie Burgum were Erie visitors Saturday afternoon.
Mrs. Mathilda Wolff left Thursday for St. Paul and from there to Brownton, Minn. to visit Mrs. Ted Zimmerman.

June 21, 1923

Taken from the Arthur News
Miss Gladys Castle is visiting with Mrs. Rich Grieger.
George Iwen spent Sunday at his home.
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Helland visited in Hendrum on Thursday.
The School Board met Tuesday evening.
The City Council met Tuesday evening.
The Samaritan Home has fixed up the Kruger home and is moving in.
Dr. Reedy of Casselton was a caller in Arthur Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Meyers of Erie were in Arthur Monday.
Frank Meyers was in Arthur Saturday looking after his farm.
Charles Ross is working at the Harry Dohman farm.
Leland Burgum spent Sunday at his home.
The American Legion met Thursday night in the Farmers Elevator.
Carl Johnson has purchased a new Chevrolet.
Fred Williams made a business trip to Fargo Thursday.
Hiram Farnham returned home from school Friday night.
Mrs. John Iwen and Eunice were Fargo callers Thursday.
Harry Farnham has purchased a new Chevrolet.
Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Lien of Fargo visited at the Gust Iwen home over Thursday and Friday.
The Misses Ella and Martha Boettcher and Wm. Boettcher were Frago visitors Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Judisch and family were callers Tuesday evening at the Wagner home.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Schur and family were guests at the Gust Schur home Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Backer and family of Sharon are visiting at the Albert Viestenz home.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Viestenz and family were visitors in Arthur Sunday.
The American Legion Auxilliary met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Dohman Tuesday evening.
The Misses Diedeman and Henn who have been visiting with Mrs. Frank Sinner left Tuesday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom See and family and Mr. and Mrs. L. Schur and family were visitors in Page Sunday.
Miss Emma Maurer and Miss Ruth Anderson were Fargo callers Thursday.
Miss Lillian Burgum spent the weekend at Valley City returning Sunday night.
Miss Reckleberg left Saturday morning for her home at Starkweather.
Mr. and Mrs. Lehrke and family from Prosper visited at the Albert Wilhelm home Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Emil Boettcher and Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Wilhelm were callers in Hunter Monday.
Mrs. Frank Sinner and children, Miss Henn were Fargo visitors Thursday.
Mrs. Otto Zellmer of Hunter visited with Mrs. Wagner Wednesday evening.
Mrs. Arthur Burgum returned home Sunday night from a short visit with her folks in Moorhead.
Mr. and Mrs. August Sommerfeld and family visited at Buffalo Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sommerfeld.
J. A. Burgum and family and Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Burgum are preparing for their trip to the Yellowstone Park.
Mr. and Mrs. Emil Boettcher and family and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Iwen were guests at the Paul Kuehn home Sunday.
Ben Burmeister made a business trip to Fargo Wednesday returning with two large showcases for the Arthur Merc. O.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Burgum and two sons Alton and Joe and Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Burgum leave this week in two cars for Yellowstone National Park for a two weeks camping trip. They will be met at Absaraka by Leland Burgum who is teaching there and Miss Marjorie Burgum who is teaching at Dickinson ill join them at Bismarck where they will all proceed to the park by way of the National Parks Highway. They are taking tents and stove and plan to live out of doors on their trip.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Johnson and family, Mrs. John Schur and Mrs. I. S. Roberts were Fargo callers Friday.

June 28, 1923

Taken from the Arthur News
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Zimmerman are visiting at the Wm. Zimmerman home.
Miss Faye Long is visiting at the Elmer Schur home.
Mr. Lloyd Williams was a caller in Amenia Tuesday.
Miss Margaret Bettschen returned home Wednesday from Valley City.
Mrs. Harry Mendsen from Chicago spent a few days in Arthur.
Miss Edna Viestenz returned home from school Tuesday.
Miss Dorothy Stevenson visited the weekend at the Farnham home.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Schur, Mrs. Gust Schur and Miss Erna were Fargo callers on Wednesday.
Mrs. Chas. Ross and Paul Boettcher were callers in Mayville Wednesday.
Mr. N. Johnson returned Tuesday to Eagle Bend after visiting a week with his son Carl Johnson.
Mrs. Sullivan and Miss Adaline Kanter are visiting relatives in Arthur arriving Tuesday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Schur, Mrs. Tom See and Mrs. H. J. Wagner were visitors in Hunter Sunday.
Miss Eleanor Roberts returned home Thursday afternoon by way of Casselton from the State Teachers Institution.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Meyers and Harry from Erie visited in Arthur Tuesday taking Mrs. Sullivan and Miss Adaline Kanter back with them.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Burgum and family and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Burgum left Saturday for the Yellowstone Park.
Sunday June 17-Arthur defeated the Union Light team of Fargo by shut out 7 to 0.
The game was rather slow due to wet grounds. Burmeister was strong hitter of the day securing 4 hits out of that many times to the plate.
Collins pitched the last 4 innings for Arthur and showed up very good. He did not pass or hit a man and secured 4 strikeouts allowing only two hits.
Tuesday June 19-Arthur defeated Perley at Perley by a score of 3 to 1 in a very fast game which was played very well by both teams. Iwen pitched a very good game for Arthur as did Jacobsen for Perley. These two teams meet at Arthur again on Friday June 22 at 10 o'clock at the Field and Bargain Day. Also Hunter plays Arthur in the afternoon at 3 P.M. These are both games the fans cannot afford to miss.
The following spent the weekend at the Lakes-Mr. and Mrs. Gust Iwen, Ed. Iwen; August Iwen; Lillian Wagner; Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Heiden; and Linda; John Bettschen; Ben Helland and Lewis Notvedt.
The Misses Jessie Farnham, Henrietta Tonn and Millie See and Hiram Harnham and Leland Burgum autoed to Mayville Thursday night to attend the graduation exercises.

Contributed by Steven Pueppke

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