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Arthur Anglings 1923 Hunter Herald

July 5, 1923

John Wagner and Tom Stewart were Hunter callers Monday eve.
Frank Powers is doing the mason work at the T. O. Burgum home.
J. K. Fuller arrived here Friday morning.
Miss Lena Schur is staying at the Gust Schur home.
The Mayville first team plays here Sunday.
The Swede Giants play here Wed. at six fifteen.
Mr. George Iwen was home from Fargo over Sunday.
Miss Pearl Faltz has received her coupe.
Misses Edna Sommerfeld and Isabel McKinnon attended the dance Friday night returning to Fargo Monday.
Mr. George Stewart is visiting with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Stewart.
Mr. and Mrs. Bates from Michigan are visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Hackett.
The Arthur Ball team started for Kindred last Sunday but on account of rain only got as far as Casselton.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bettschen and family went on a fishing trip Sunday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Elder and family from Minneapolis are visiting with Mrs. Bertha Viestenz.
FOR SALE-Cabbage plants at 15 cents a dozen and $1.00 a hundred. Walter Phillips.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Schur and family, Mr. and Mrs. Gust Willert and family were guests at the Gust Schur's Friday.
Mr. And Mrs. Herman Willert and family and Mrs. Hans Willert from Page have been visiting relatives in Arthur.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Judisch and family and Mr. and Mrs. Lander of Erie were guests at the Wagner home Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Johnson and daughter and Mr. and Mrs. John Schur left Monday to visit at Eagle Bend, Minn.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Russell from Grand Forks and Mrs. Dahl from Seattle, Wash. have been visiting relatives in Arthur.
The Misses Ollie and Lille Burgum, Eleanor Roberts, Harold Collins and Foster Burgum started for the Ball game in Kindred Sunday but being delayed by the rain just got as far as Casselton and came back.
Mr. and Mrs. James Williams and family, Mrs. John Iwen, Mrs. Sullivan and Adaline Kanter, Mr. and Mrs. Meyers went on a fishing trip Sunday.

September 6, 1923

A ten pound baby boy arrived on Friday at the Lutheran parsonage. Rev. and Mrs. Hoeger are the happy parents.
The Misses Annie and Addie Bayard held at the McLachlin home.
Miss Hodgins of Saskatchewan is visiting at the home of her uncle David Nimock.
Mrs. E. E. Farnham and Mrs. J. A. Burgum leave this week for Mandan as delegates to the American Legion Auxilliary. Mrs. Burgum will visit at the home of her sister Mrs. Albin Hedstrom at Bismarck before her return.
Mrs. Paul Zempler and two little daughters Bernice and Ardis left on Wednesday for a week's visit with friends at Kempton.
Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Bayard returned home from Fargo where Mr. Bayard has been taking treatments.
Miss Marjorie Burgum begins her school duties next Monday as instructor in history in the Dickinson high school.
The Good Samaritan Home has been definitely located at Arthur. Plans are made for purchase of land and work will begin at once on the erection of buildings.

November 1, 1923

The remains of Mrs. Ted McConnachie, nee Frances Burgum, who died Thursday in Grand Forks after a two days illness of scarlet fever, were brought from Grand Forks Sunday by auto hearse and interred in the Arthur cemetery after a short service by Rev. Sage by the side of her father A. T. Burgum. The pallbearers were six young men, all nephews of the deceased. Messers Albert Farnham, Arthur Burgum, Harry Farnham, Alton Burgum, Ceil Bayard, Thomas See.

Mrs. McConnachie was the youngest child in a large family, three brothers, J. A., T. O. and W. H. Burgum and five sisters, Mrs. C. F. Bayard, Mrs. E. E. Farnham, Mrs. John See, all of Arthur and Mrs. Zana MacAdams and Mrs. Alex Scott of Minneapolis and her mother Mrs. A. T. Burgum of Minneapolis survive her.

A devoted husband, Mr. McConnachie and two little sons, Robert aged two and Gordon aged six months are left sorely bereaved of a loving wife and mother. Mrs. McConnachie was born and raised in Arthur and was 28 years old at the time of her death. She was a graduate of Hunter high school and of Moorhead Normal and taught school at Perham, Minn. and McGrath, Minn. until her marriage to Mr. McConnachie of Perham, Minn. 4 years ago.
She joined the Arthur M. E. church at the age of 14 and was an active member of the Sunday School and choir until her father's death ten years ago when her mother and sister moved to Minnesota.An impressive memorial service was held in honor of her at the M. E. church at Arthur, Rev. W. D. Sage officiating. A choir of ten voices sang those beautiful hymns so full of comfort to the believer, "Abide With Me," "What a Friend we have in Jesus," "My Faith looks up to Thee." A touching and beautiful duet ŇAbsentÓ was played by L. S. Burgum and Miss Roberts. Rev. Sage spoke words of comport and consolation in his memorial sermon.

Many hearts were saddened by the sudden departure of this beautiful and capable young woman who was called home in the glory of her youth from those she loved and served so devotedly.

Contributed/Transcribed by Steven Pueppke c 2013

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