Arthur Anglings 1924 Hunter Herald

February 28, 1924

Dr. Shartt has located here as a practicing physician and has the room over the drug store.
The Farmers State Bank opened Monday for business.
The Leap Year dance given by the basketball girls was well patronized, $126 being realized.
Paul Kuehn is having a new residence built on the basement of the one that was burned on the farm last January.
Henry Murch, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Murch and Miss Amy Peterson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Peterson were married in Fargo last week on Thursday. Congratulations are extended to this happy young couple.
Ceil Bayard has purchased a dray line at Bradley, S. D.
Prof. Albert Farnham took his basketball boys to Walcott Friday to play the high school there.
Jim Williams returned Monday last from serving on the Federal Jury at Minot, N. D.
Arthur Burgum who was transferred from the Fargo office of the Standard Oil Co. has been advanced to assistant cashier in the Minot office.
A number of people heard Hiram Johnson's Fargo speech over the radios at John Bettschen's, Ed Wilhelm's and R. H. Vosburg's.
Arthur Tees of Arena, N. D. is Farnham Farm.

April 17, 1924

The American Legion and Auxiliary put on the play “Americanized” last Saturday at the hall and the receipts were $106. The spirit of the play was good citizenship and loyalty to Uncle Sam and the Stars and Stripes and twenty-five took part. The most difficult part, the Irish Lady, was taken by Mrs. Gump of Hope who accompanied Mrs. Wheeler, the author of the play. The story is that of an Italian family who came to America to better their condition and Rosa Brocco, the oldest daughter develops from a poor flower girl to a college graduate and shows her appreciation to America and in Americanizing her family and friends. This role was taken by Miss Jessie Farnham. The mother Mrs. Brocco was played by Mrs. Carl Johnson. Antonio Brocco the father was represented by Prof. Albert Farnham and was a splendid piece of acting in dialect. The two little sisters were Dorothy Williams and Florence Phillips and later when they were grown up represented by Lillie Wagner and Millie See. In depicting Ross Brocco's development two scenes from her college life were shown. The college girls were, Mrs. Russell Wislon, Ella Boettcher, Martha Boettcher, Grace Williams, Millie See, Ethel Murch, Ruth Anderson, Ellen Anderson, Mrs. C. Thompson pianist and college and patriotic songs were sung in costumes of different countries by the girls.
Other characters were Barney O'Graff by Chet Dohman and burglar by Herbert James, the preacher by Harry Farnham, Alfred Smestad the valet of Captain John Verrity who was John Wagner.
Little Joey Burgum officiated as “Cupid” in the pantomime showing --- as the victim of cupid's darts.
Two pantomimes before the wedding showed the bride being attired by her college friends and the groom waited on by his valet. At the beginning of the wedding scene which was beautifully staged as a military wedding Eunice Iwen sang “I love you truly.” In this scene as well as two previous scenes Uncle Sam played by Harry Dohman was a predominating figure. Excellent music was rendered all through the evening by Eleanor Roberts, Leland Burgum and Laurence Mendsen.

May 8, 1924

Special meetings on the fundamentals of Christianity will be held at the M. E. church beginning Wednesday evening May 7, by Rev. W. C. Sage, assisted by Rev. Grant Moore of Casselton. Good music, and good speaking. The public is cordially invited to attend these services.
A baby son was born last Thursday to Mr. and Mrs. George Parkhouse.
L. S. Burgum of Absaraka spent last Sunday with his parents Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Burgum of Arthur.
The Commercial Club met last week and elected the following officers. President Louis Bettschen, vice-president J. A. Burgum, secy. and treas. B. A. Helland. Arrangements were made for a mid-summer festival June 20th and to organize a band with Hunter.
Twelve members of the American Legion Auxilliary went to Fargo on Wednesday evening as the guests of the Fargo Auxilliary at their reception of new members followed by a banquet.

May 15, 1924

The high school will present the play “Back to the Farm” next week at the town hall. The following is the cast of characters: Mr. Merril (Charles Ross), Mrs. Merril (Lydia Sommerfeld), Merton Merril (Alton Burgum), Rose Meade (Millie See), Margie Langdon (Bertha Kuehn), Huldah (Bertha Kuhn), Mr. Ashley (Robert Bettschen), Mr. Robert (Lloyd Williams), Mr. Allen (Foster Burgum), Gus (Paul Boettcher).
Mother's Day was observed at the Methodist church last Sunday with special music, a vocal duet by Maud and Allen Briggs and a cornet duet by Leland and Alton Burgum and a Mother's Day sermon by Rev. Sage who presented, in behalf of the American Legion Auxilliary, blossoming plants to two war mothers, Mrs. Murch and Mrs. Faltz.
Rev. A. Hoeger returned last week from a trip to Aberdeen, S. D.
The food sale of the Lutheran Ladies Aid held at Wagner's ice cream parlor netted $36.00.
The annual sale of poppies by the American Legion and Auxilliary will begin May 24, the week preceding Memorial Day and the money derived will be devoted entirely to welfare work. This year it is a campaign in behalf of those who cannot ask aid-the orphans of the war. The American Legion and Auxilliary has pledged itself to make the nation remember that these fatherless children represent the priceless sacrifice of war. The poppy is the official flower of the Legion, the emblem of a faith that is kept.
Memorial Day will be observed at the town hall at Arthur under the auspices of the Legion and Auxilliary. A good speaker has been secured and there will be special music numbers as well as patriotic singing by the school children when the march will be made to the cemetery where further services will be held.
Special meetings held by Rev. W. C. Sage at the M. E. church will continue this week each evening at 8 p.m. on the fundamentals of Christianity.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Burgum and family, Mr. and Mrs. L. Bettschen and family, Mrs. Ed Wilhelm and family were guests last Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Emil Boettcher.
The American Legion Auxilliary will be entertained next Tuesday by Mrs. C. A. Johnson.
The new residence of Paul Kuehn built to replace their home burned last January is rapidly nearing completion and is built exactly on the same modern plans as was their former home.
Mrs. Albert Wilhelm received word of the death of her mother, Monday, and left by auto for their home near Brownton, Minn.

June 12, 1924

L. S. Burgum autoed to Fargo on Monday.
Emil Kuehn who is attending Wartburg College in Clinton, Iowa returned home for the summer.
Robert Faltz is now sporting a new Ford roadster.
Mrs. O. C. Olson, Margaret, Harold and Charles left Friday morning via Vance for Bainville, Mont. where she will visit her folks, Fred Iwen of that place.
Do not forget the Mid-Summer Festival and Bargain Day in Arthur on June 20th.
Miss Eleanor Roberts left Monday for Washburn where she will visit a few weeks at her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Burgum. Miss Lilly Burgum who has just finished a term of teaching at Max is also spending a few weeks in Washburn.
Mrs. Ross, a former Arthur teacher, spent a few days in Arthur at the home of Reuben Phillips and attended the commencement exercises.
The 20th is only a few days away. Don't forget to make it a point to take in the Mid-Summer Festival and Bargain Day. Street Sport-Games and fun for all.
Albert Farnham, professor of the Arthur school the past year left on Tuesday to visit his sister Mrs. R. Halver of Wing and Mrs. Leonard Bowers of Sangwa?, Mont. From there he will go to California to spend his summer vacation.
A baby son was born Friday to Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Grieger.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Burgum, Alton, Leland, Joey and Marjorie autoed to Minneapolis. Miss Marjorie leaves for there to South Carolina where she will meet Miss Edith Farnham who is teaching there. They expect to do some visiting before returning, including Washington, D. C.
All the children can enjoy the Merry-Go-Round on June 20th.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kuehn and Albert Wilhelm autoed to Brownsville, Minn. in the latter's car. Mr. and Mrs. Kuehn will visit their daughter Elsie Zimmerman while there.
The grand fellows club staged a stag party at O. S. Olson's home everyone attending expressed having had a good time.
The Luther League will attend the convention at Winona next Sunday.
Rev. Hoeger left Monday evening for Iowa on business. 2 fast ball games at Arthur June 20th, 10:30 Hillsboro vs. Arthur and at 3 p.m. Hunter vs. Arthur. Do not miss either of these two ball games. Alton T. Burgum, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Burgum was awarded the $240 scholarship by Jamestown College as the first honor student of Arthur high school. Children's Day will be observed in the M. E. church next Sunday at the usual hour with exercises. A sermon will be given by Mrs. Sage and those with children to baptize bring them at this time. Rev. T. T. Olesen will meet with the official board Saturday evening and hold divine services on Sunday morning June 22. T. J. Ross and Jim Williams were elected on the school board. An entire new family of teachers has been engaged for the coming year.

June 19, 1924

A very enjoyable Children's Day program was given at the Methodist church Sunday. The church was beautifully decorated with a profusion of flowers, the long alter rail was banked with masses of lilac blossoms kindly donated by several fortunate owners of flowering shrubs. The following exercises were given. Song: “O day of Rest and Gladness” - School.
Prayer: Supt. Ruffcorn.
Scripture Reading: Joey Burgum and Robert Webb. Chorus: By the girls Choir.
Rec; Wilnea Miller
Rec. Pauline Webb.
Rec. Nellie Powers.
Exercise; God's Gifts; Donald Bettschen, Ernest Notvedt, Louis Ruffcorn Chorus; Girls Choir.
Exercise Children's Day. Little Sunbeam Class. Solo and Chorus: Dorothy Bettschen and Girls Choir Exercise: Beautiful Start, Dorothy Williams, Florence Phillips, Ruth Bell. Song; Wilnea and Agnes Miller Rec. Agnes Miller. Cornet and Organ Duet. Alton Burgum and Margaret Bettschen. Reading, Meaning of Childrens Day, Supt. Ruffcorn. Rec. Welcome to Our Sunday day School. Joey Burgum. Rec. Collection Speech. Florence Phillips. Chorus by the Girls Choir Address. Mrs. W. C. Sage. Song God be with you, Congregation Miss Bertha Kuehn, and Alton Burgum were both awarded scholarships at Jamestown College as First Honor students boy and girl respectively. The Luther League autoed to Verona last Sunday and spent an enjoyable day at their annual convention. A number from here went to Hillsboro Sunday to attend the big picnic of the Sons of Norway or to attend the ball game between Arthur and Hillsboro. Several went to Casselton Sunday to see the second team play ball. Wm. Stewart of Dogden, N. D. is visiting his parents Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stewart. A large attendance was present at the Lutheran Aid at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Wagner Friday.

June 26, 1924

Mrs. Florence Gamble, Bertin Gamble, Phillips Skogmo and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kraftaver autoed up from Fergus Falls to take in the celebration June 20th and meet some of their old friends of Arthur.
Doc. Hugo Rostle and wife of Germany arrived in Arthur Wednesday where he expects to remain and practice medicine.
Mrs. J. B. Thompson and son John left Saturday evening for Minneapolis.
The Arthur Ball Club were very strong Friday scoring two shut out games beating Hillsboro 4 to 0 and Hunter 7 to 0. Nelson pitched the forenoon game for Arthur and Iwen the afternoon. Hunter expects to turn the tables next Sunday at Arthur when these two teams meet again on the Arthur diamond so do not fail to see this game.
Arthur lost to Kindred Sunday in a rather one sided contest by the score of 6 to 1. Arthur's boys appeared to be rather loggy after the Friday games.
Prof. and Mrs. Barker of Saxton, N. D. are visiting for a few days with Mrs. Barker's parents.
Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Wagner, Amber, Lilly, and Miss Erna Schur autoed to Rock Lake, N. D. to visit relatives . Miss Schur stops at Starkweather where she will visit Miss Ida Reckleberg, a former teacher of Arthur.
The Festival and Bargain Day at Arthur June 20th was well attended and everyone present was not disappointed. The Hunter and Arthur Band furnished music all day. The Ladies Auxiliary entertained the Legion boys at a picnic in Sargents grove Sunday. A very nice lunch was served at noon.
Louis Notvedt, John Bettschen and Ben Helland enjoyed a few days vacation at the lakes fishing but from all indications the fish did not bite very well.
Don't forget the Hunter Arthur game at Arthur Sunday June 29th. Game starts promptly at 3 o'clock.
George Wagner auoted up from Fergus Falls to take in the celebration and visit his folks returning on Monday.
The Misses Julia Slingsby, Jennie and Isabel McKinnon and Erna Sommerfeld autoed to the western part of the state where they will spend a few days visiting relatives.
Albert Wilhelm is doing some remodeling on his house.
Walter Buchanan and family arrived in Arthur Monday evening where they intend to stay a few days and visit their old friends.

Contributed by Steven Pueppke

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