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Arthur Anglings 1925 Hunter Herald

January 22, 1925

Miss Ollie Burgum is spending a week at Hendrum, Minn., visiting her friend Miss Jetta Mjolsness.
The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Johnson passed away Tuesday morning, Jan. 20th. Death followed an attack of acute indigestion. Funeral services were held at the home Wednesday afternoon.
Last Tuesday night the local Legion post and Auxiliary gave a farewell party at the hall for Mr. and Mrs. Charles Thompson, who left Thursday night to make their home in St. Louis. We miss them in our community.
Mr. and Mrs. John See spent Tuesday in Fargo, where Mr. See had his eyes treated.
A large company of friends met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Gust Anderson last Tuesday evening. The time was spent in dancing.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Parkhouse, who have spent the past six weeks visiting in Indiana and Illinois, are expected home next week.
Charlie and Annie Mundt, spent Wednesday evening at the Henry Murch home.
Fred Williams autoed to Fargo Wednesday to attend to business matters.
The M. E. Ladies Aid is practicing on a home talent play which they plan to present Feb. 7th.
A number of loyal fans accompanied the basketball team to Argusville last Monday night to see the boys play there. We expect a good crowd when Argusville plays a return game here Saturday January 24.
A goodly congregation was present at communion service at the Methodist Episcopal church Sunday morning. The choir favored us with a special number.
The Epworth League met Sunday at 7:30. Miss Maud Briggs was the leader. The topic was “What New China Thinks and Does.” Arthur Will have Live Newspaper; The Arthur News Miss Ollie Burgum chosen as editor of new paper; Hunter Herald, Publishers Arthur is to have a newspaper. The first issue of the Arthur News will be published next week from the plant of the Hunter Herald, with The Herald Printing Co. as publishers and Miss Ollie Burgum of Arthur as editor.
The News will be an eight page paper, five columns wide, and the publishers and editor will endeavor to make it a real newspaper. Arthur people have given assurance of support and we believe that all augurs well for the future welfare of the Arthur News.
We have been exceptionally fortunate or perhaps we should say lucky in obtaining the services of Miss Burgum as editor. She will call on you for news and solicit your advertising, and job printing. We are sure that she will receive co-operation from everyone. We plan on opening an office in the near future, where Miss Burgum can be found by those having items to contribute or subscriptions, ads or job work to turn in.
The price of the Arthur News will be $3 per year and subscriptions may be mailed to this office or handed to Miss Burgum. Don't miss an issue of the News, Send in your check today.
Arthur, let's get back of the News in the good old Arthur way, and make it a rip-roaring success, right off the bat.

January 29, 1925

Tom Stewart's Team Wins Rabbit Drive Four score rabbits fall victims to deadly aim of Tom's cohorts; oyster feed reward

From the Arthur News

In spite of the weatherman's cold reception with the mercury registering at 10 degrees below at noon and a forty mile gale from the north, the Arthur sportsmen, 70 strong, started their annual rabbit hunt Sunday, Jan. 25. Captains Tom Stewart and Ray Faltz with their force of men, ammunition in seventeen cars, left Arthur at 10 o'clock. The territory was unlimited and the hunters traveled in every direction. At four o'clock the cold, tired men with frost bitten faces and fingers speeded for home. After the points were counted, Captain Stewart and his sharpshooters were the lucky winners. Messrs. Henry and Anton Cederberg were the champion marksmen for the winners, getting nineteen rabbits. The losers will give the winners an oyster supper and dance in the near future. The line up and points follow.
Winners-86 rabbits, 2150 points-Tom Stewart, Capt., I. S. Roberts, Bud Bumgarner, Fred Peach, Albert Stewart, Elmer Iwen, Emil Iwen, August Iwen, Bud Roberts, Will Boettcher, Walter Boettcher, Emil Franke, Shep Sheldon, Wallace Franke, Tom See, Henry Cederberg, Nels Hansen, Matt Bahl, Walter Schur, Oscar Linden, Robt. Morrow, Goodwin Nelson, Anton Cederberg, Robert Bettschen, Ray O'Connor, Will Lambert, Harry Bumgarner, Dick Grieger, Irvin Schur, William Iwen, John Ryder, Carl Johnson, Ole Nelson, Tom Redmond, Ed Mergner.
Losers-28 rabbits, 700 points, 1 cottontail, 10 points-Ray Faltz, Capt., Walter Iwen, George Landon, Amber Wagner, George Iwen, John Wagner, Jim Baumgarner, Will Iwen, Frank Kuehn, Ed Boettcher, John McKinnon, Ed Schur, Ned Hynes, Harry Farnham, Arnold Peterson, George Parkhouse, Wallace Gebeke, Ole Buseth, Henry Viestenz, Otto Peterson, Charlie Wilson, Paul Boettcher, Oscar Judisch, Ben Crooks, Hilding Andersen, Will Favorite, Mat Franke, Rolla Townsley, Ed Fowler, Oscar Olsen, Alfred Nelson, Einer Peterson, Jack Townsley, Sr., Jack Townsley, Jr., John Quittschreiber, August Tonn.
Frank Ries of Erie was a business caller in Arthur on Monday.
W. E. Ruffcorn is expecting to ship some of his fine purebred cattle to the Chicago Livestock Show.
Chas. Knutson, brother of Mrs. Louis Notvedt, returned to his home at Fosston, Minn., after a visit at home of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Notvedt.
The American legion Auxiliary held a meeting Tuesday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Wilson.
Edith Lucile is the name chosen for the baby daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Burgum at Washburn on Jan. 7.
Misses Gertrude and Genevieve Bahl, students at Sacred Heart Academy at Fargo, spent from Friday until Monday at their home.
Miss Stella Keating, teacher in district 22, Amenia, spent Sunday with her sister, Mrs. Kitchen at Argusville.
Miss Anna Schafer and brother Raymond, who are attending Sacred Heart Academy at Fargo, were home over the weekend.
Frank Johnson, brother of Carl Johnson, arrived Saturday from Eagle Bend, Minn. to help in the butcher shop for a few weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Viestenz returned Saturday evening after a week's visit with relatives and friends in Casselton and Fargo.

February 5, 1925

From Arthur News

J. A. Burgum spent the weekend with his family at Grand Forks.
Messrs. B. A. Helland, L. N. Notvedt, T. J. Ross and Ed. Wilhelm autoed to Fargo on business Friday.
John Schur Sr. is spending a few days in Fargo taking treatments at St. John's hospital.
Ed. And Myrtle Mergner motored to Enderlin Wednesday to visit with their sisters, Lillian and Molly.
Mr. Leslie Burgum left Sunday for Washburn where he will spend the week attending to business affairs.
Archie Schur spent Sunday in Fargo with his father, returning Monday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Iwen entertained Mr. and Mrs. John McKinnon and Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Schur at dinner Sunday.
Ed. Mergner returned last week after a visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Buno Bergner in St. Paul.
Misses Myrtle and Agnes Rhoden of Mapleton and Alice Nelson of Casselton spent Saturday and Sunday at the Cederberg home.
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Lee and little daughter Pearl of Courtenay autoed to Arthur Friday and spent the weekend at the home of Mrs. Lee's parents, Mr. and Ms. August Faltz.
Doris Helland, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Helland celebrated her seventh birthday anniversary by entertaining a company of eleven little girls Sunday afternoon from 2 until 7. A taffy pull and a number of games were enjoyed by the guests after which a delicious supper was served. A very pleasant afternoon was spent by all.
You should see the new Faille Cords.
Mrs. John Schur is confined to her home on account of illness.
Miss Julia Carlson spent Saturday visiting at her home in Mayville.
Mr. and Ms. Wm. Schulz are taking care of the A. C. Haworth farm for her sister.
Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Wagner --- of the Arthur school at six o'clock dinner in honor of their daughter, Lillie, who was celebrating her eighteenth birthday anniversary.
Mr. and Mrs. Ole Nelson have for their guests for a few days Mrs. Nelson's sisters, Mesdames E. H. Boanel of Pasco, Wash. and Lillian Wise of Moorhead, Minn. Mr. Arthur Monson, a brother of Mrs. Nelson of Hendrum, Minn. spent Saturday at the Nelson home.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Maurer and family, Mrs. Russell Wilson and children, Eunice Grieger and Maurice See autoed to Hunter on Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wilhelm entertained on Sunday Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Wagner and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Wilhelm and family, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Viestenz, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Heiden.
Ralph Olson of Gardner was a guest of Hilding Anderson over the weekend.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Schur were supper guests Sunday evening at the Charles Maurer home.
Mr. and Mrs. Emil Boettcher returned Monday morning from Fall Creek, Wis.
Misses Jetta Mjolsness, Ollie Burgum and T. J. Stewart auoted to Fargo on Thursday.
J. J. O'Connor spent Friday in Fargo on business.
Amber and John Wagner and Henry Viestenz autoed to Fargo on Friday to take in a prize fight and basketball game.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Maurer entertained a company of forty-five guests at their home Friday evening. Eight tables of progressive whist were in play. At midnight a delicious lunch was served after which dancing was enjoyed by the guests.
A number of Arthur people attended the dance at Rose Valley School Friday night and report a good time.
Mrs. Will Iwen is visiting relatives in Fargo enroute home from Fall Creek, Wis.
Mrs. John Schneider, of St. Paul, mother of Mrs. Bruno Mergner, died in St. Paul Tuesday at the age of 85 years. Mr. and Mrs. Bruno Mergner are former residents of Arthur, moving to St. Paul a few years ago.
Miss Jetta Mjolsness, a former Arthur teacher of Hendrum, Minn. and little nephew spent a few days at the T. O. Burgum home. Miss Mjolsness left Saturday morning for Tokio, N. D. to visit at the home of her sister, Mrs. J. M. Anderson.
Miss Ethel Schur was pleasantly surprised on Thursday evening at her home on her sixteenth birthday anniversary. The guests were twelve schoolmates. A bountiful birthday supper was served at six o'clock and the evening was spent informally.
Mrs. Leslie Wilcox of Buffalo is spending a few days at the home of her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sommerfeld.
Charles Viestenz celebrated his birthday anniversary at his home Saturday evening. The guests were Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Wilcox and Mr. and Mrs. Byron Wilcox and family of Buffalo, N. D., Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sommerfeld and Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Viestenz and family of Arthur married children of Mr. and Mrs. Viestenz. The guests enjoyed a fine birthday supper and evening spent in playing cards.
Louie Heiden left Monday evening for Fargo where he will attend the poultry short course offered at the A. C. this week.
Mrs. B. A. Helland and children, Mrs. Notvedt and Ernest were entertained at the home of Mrs. Reuben Phillips Friday afternoon.

February 12, 1925

Rev. Weise and Edward Wilhelm autoed to Fargo on Sunday.
Mrs. Edith Farnham is staying at the Ruffcorn home during the absence of Mr. and Mrs. Ruffcorn.
Clara and Hazel Anderson spent the weekend with their sister, Ruth Anderson.
Mrs. A. J. Schur is a patient at the Fargo clinic under the care of Dr. Hugo Rostel.
Mr. Chas. Breem of Ames, Iowa is in Arthur looking after his farming interests.
Ed. Anderson returned to Fargo on Monday evening to resume his jury duty after visiting over Sunday at his home, east of Arthur.
Mrs. August Sommerfeld went to Mayville on Monday and accompanied her daughter Lydia home. Miss Lydia is ill with tonsillitis.
The board of education held their regular meeting Tuesday evening, the usual business being transacted.
The state high school inspector called on the Arthur school Wednesday.
J. E. Sommerfeld was in Arthur Saturday. Mr. Sommerfeld just returned from a visit with his brother Fred, at Mandan, and other relatives at Garrison.
Little Marion Timmerman celebrated her seventh birthday anniversary on Sunday. About twenty children were present and a delicious birthday supper was served the guests. Marian received many birthday gifts.
Friday afternoon Charlie Maurer's team took a notion to have a swift spin starting from the driveway of the Farmers Elevator, ending at Ole Nelson's. The wagon struck the large telephone post by the Mercantile store, breaking it clear through. Slight damage to wagon and harness. Charlie OK also team.
Mr. and Mrs. Briggs were Casselton visitors on Tuesday.
Albert Viestenz left Monday evening for Fargo where he will receive treatments at the sanitarium.
Mrs. H. J. Wagner entertained a company of ladies at a card party on Tuesday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Olsen and family were dinner guests at Will Iwen's Friday.
Mrs. Louis Heiden entertained a group of ladies at her home on Friday evening at cards.
Dr. Richter of Hunter was called to the Russell Wilson home Tuesday by the illness of their son.
Albert Stewart and Frank Johnson were Hunter callers Saturday evening.
J. A. Burgum transacted business at Fargo Wednesday.
Miss Julia Carlson's mother and brother motored from Mayville on Friday afternoon and Miss Carlson accompanied them home, returning Saturday evening.
Mrs. W. E. Ruffcorn received the news Sunday of the death of her mother at Defiance, Iowa. Mrs. Ruffcorn left Sunday evening via Casselton for Defiance to attend the funeral.
Rev. Hoeger returned Saturday morning from World's Mission Conference at Washington D. C. Rev. Hoeger reports a very inspiring meeting with about 5,000 delegates from all parts of the world.
The Luther League was entertained Tuesday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Emil Boettcher. A fine time was enjoyed by all the young people and a delicious lunch was served at the close of the evening's entertainment.
The entertainment given by the M. E. Ladies Aid at the hall on Saturday evening was well attended and the proceeds amounted to $43. A fine lunch was served after the entertainment by the Ladies Aid to those who helped put on the program.

Mrs. Frank Slingsby nee Mary Schultz of Carter, Montana, passed away Thursday morning.

Mrs. Mary McKinnon, sister of Mr. Slingsby, and Mrs. Harry Rasmussen of Hunter, sister of Mrs. Slingsby, left Thursday evening for Carter, Montana, to attend the funeral.
T. J. Ross and son Charles were Fargo visitors Monday.
Mr. Murch is relief agent at the depot while Mr. Anderson is in Florida.
Justin Cederberg left for Fargo on Monday evening on business.
Mrs. Jim Henderson and son Clarence of Page were Arthur shoppers on Thursday.
Mr. W. E. Ruffcorn left Tuesday for Chicago with his purebred cattle which he will exhibit at the fat stock show.
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Bahl and daughter Ellen autoed to Fargo on Monday.
A number of Arthur basketball fans autoed to Casselton Monday evening to witness the game between Arthur and Casselton.
Dr. J. B. Thompson was a Fargo visitor Tuesday returning Wednesday morning.
Number of friends gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Gust Iwen on Sunday to celebrate the birthday of their son, Elmer. A delicious birthday supper was served and the evening was enjoyed by all the guests.
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Olsen and family and Mrs. Caroline Schlate autoed to Casselton Sunday, and visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Zimmerman, the former is a cousin of Mr. Olsen.
Frank Johnson, who is helping in the local butcher shop had the misfortune to cut his hand quite severely on Saturday noon, while cutting meat for a customer. Dr. E. H. Richter of Hunter dressed the hand.
E. C. Turner of Hunter was a business caller in Arthur on Saturday.
John Johnson was a Hunter visitor on Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stewart and son Andy autoed to Fargo on Thursday on business.
George Iwen and Tom Stewart autoed to Fargo on Thursday with a truck load of potatoes for Sheriff John C. Ross.
Robert Bettschen is taking care of the stock on the W. E. Ruffcorn farm during Mr. Ruffcorn's absence.
T. W. McConochie of Grand Forks arrived Tuesday evening for a few days visit at the T. O. Burgum home.
Steve Duncher, Grandin, is visiting at the home of his brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Schafer.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Murch entertained a large crowd of friends at their home on Tuesday evening.
Rev. L. R. Burgum was a supper guest at the home of Mrs. Edith Farnham on Sunday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Provan of Amenia were callers Sunday afternoon at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Williams.
Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Franke entertained a large number of friends at their home on Friday evening.
The R. N. A. held their regular meeting in the M. W. A. hall Thursday evening.
Mrs. F. D. Wells of Fargo was here Wednesday looking after her farming interests.
John Wagner attended the automobile show at Minneapolis last week, returning Friday with a new Ford for the Hockridge Garage at Hunter.
Henry Seims, salesman for J. W. Farewell Co., was a business caller in Arthur Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. John Helland and family of Perley autoed over to Arthur Saturday and spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Helland.
Mrs. Alfred Haines of Fargo arrived Wednesday morning and spent several days at the home of her folks, Mr. and Mrs. Louie Heiden.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Gebeke returned home Tuesday morning from a six weeks visit through Indiana and Iowa.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hanson entertained a number of their friends and neighbors at their home on Friday evening. All report a very enjoyable time.
Messrs Fred Williams, Louis Bettschen, B. A. Helland, L. N. Notvedt, T. O. Burgum and Harry Farnham attended the district meeting of the Masons at Erie Friday night. A banquet was served at six o'clock after which Mr. W. J. Hutchinson of Fargo delivered an address and a short talk was given by Mr. W. J. Courtney of Page.
Mr. and Mrs. Lacanette, who are visiting at the home of the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gust Grieger, spent a few days visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Boettcher at Blanchard.
Mrs. James Jenkins and children of Erie autoed to Arthur Saturday attending the entertainment at the hall Saturday evening and spending Sunday at the home of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Vosburg.

February 19, 1925

Arthur Man Returns From Visit Abroad

Mr. Herman Timmerman returned on Thursday evening from a trip to Obendorf, Germany, where he visited his mother whom he had not seen in sixteen years. Mr. Timmerman was gone over two months and reports that food is plentiful in Germany at present time, while money is scarce. There was no snow there and grass was quite green when he left. On return trip the ship stopped one day at South Hampton and was delayed 36 hours to landing because of dense fog.
Mrs. Gust Iwen and son spent Tuesday in Fargo.
Elmer Schur of Erie was an Arthur caller on Monday.
Miss Adeline Roberts went to Durbin Thursday evening to visit her sister, Eleanor, who is teaching there. Adeline returned Monday morning.
A large number of friends and relatives gathered at the Ben Bahl home Friday evening. About forty guests enjoyed a fine time.
Pearl and Bob Faltz motored to Courtenay and visited over Sunday at the home of their brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Lee.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Iwen and Mr. and Mrs. John McKinnon were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Schur Thursday evening.
Mrs. C. A. Johnson spent a few days last week visiting her mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Schur, who are in Fargo.
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Baumgartner left Monday for a visit with the latter's parents at Parkers Prairie, Minn.
John Lee went to Fargo on Thursday to consult an eye specialist.
George Iwen motored to Fargo on Friday.
Mr. B. B. Elliott was a business caller in Arthur Tuesday.
Miss Julia Carlson spent Saturday at her home in Mayville.
Louis Bettschen and Harry Carr of Hunter autoed to Fargo on Thursday.
Mrs. Mary Fleischer of Grandin is spending a few days at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Hertwig.
H. J. Wagner went to Fargo on Monday to have dental work done.
Mr. and Mrs. Murch spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Andersen.
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Olsen and family spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Will Iwen and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Iwen.
Hubert Schwartz of Addison, called at the I. S. Roberts home Monday en route home from Argusville.
Frank Kuehn sold a carload of potatoes to Lawrence Mendsen, local potato buyer. The potatoes were shipped on Tuesday.
Mr. Thomas, ranchman from Bainsville, Ont., stopped off a few days en route from a visit in Iowa to visit his nephew Lloyd Bloom.
Several of Arthur young people autoed to Argusville Friday evening to the dance after the basketball tournament.
Mr. and Mrs. John See are nicely settled on the Fuller farm, west of Arthur, which is operated by Mr. Herbert James.
Mr. Merck, the depot agent, visited Sunday with his family at Breckenridge, Minn.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas See and family were at supper Sunday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Louie Schur.
Miss Caroline J. Evingsen, county superintendent of schools and Mr. J. E. Bjorlie, state high school inspector, visited the Arthur school on Wednesday.
Mr. Edmund Viestenz is repairing the building on “Craney Crow” farm -east of town. The Viestenz family will move to the farm sometime next month.
Mr. and Mrs. F. F. Ross of Fargo spent Saturday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Phillips. Mrs. Ross, a former Arthur teacher, is teaching this year at Absaraka.
Mr. and Mrs. John Morrow entertained a large number of friends at their home on Friday evening. A social time was enjoyed by all and a delicious lunch was served at midnight.
Arthur folks are glad to hear that Miss Mayme Tonn, who is teaching at Ritchie, Mont., likes her work and the country. We always like to hear about our home girls in the teaching profession.
A large number of friends and relatives were entertained by Mr. and Mrs. John Schur Jr., at their home on Friday evening. The evening was spent in dancing and lunch was served at a late hour. The guests all enjoyed a very pleasant evening.
The Commercial club held a meeting at the First State Bank Tuesday evening. Plans were made for a community gathering to be held at the hall Thursday evening, Feb. 26. The committee in charge of community affairs is: T. P. Redmond, T. J. Stewart and Alfred Smestad.
Word has been recently received from Harry Henry who is spending the winter in Minnesota, that he is enjoying himself and also taking saxophone lessons from Mr. William Elder, a former Arthur man. Harry also states that he is taking vocal lessons.
Ben Bahl autoed to Fargo on Friday and was accompanied home by his daughters, Genevieve and Gertrude, and Ann Schafer who are attending Sacred Heart Academy. The girls returned Sunday evening to Fargo.

March 26, 1925

Little Robert Becker Dies of Pneumonia

Robert Joseph Becker, age two months, 10 days, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. William Becker of Wildrose, N. D., passed away on Friday morning at the home of Mrs. Becker's parents Mr. and Mrs. August Mundt.
Mrs. Becker and children arrived from Wildrose a few weeks ago to visit relatives and while here the babe contracted pneumonia. The skillful services of a trained nurse and physician were of no avail and the little life ebbed away on Friday morning.
Funeral services were held from the home of Mr. and Mrs. August Mundt on Sunday at 3:00 p.m., Rev. August Hoeger officiated and interment was made in Arthur cemetery.
Charles Ross, Edward Mundt, Lewis Ross and Foster Burgum acted as pallbearers.
"O, not in cruelty, not in wrath,
The Reaper came that day;
'Twas an angel visited the green earth,
And took the flower away."

Arthur High

We plan on learning some new spring songs. The old ones are getting tiresome.
Luella Eichelberger was absent Friday.
"Haste makes waste" is the motto of sewing class.
The girls physical training class took their exercise in the basement on Friday.
Agnes Hoeger spent Thursday afternoon in Casselton to have dental work done.
The debate of the sociology class was quite successful for a first attempt. The affirmative side won but both sides brought up equally important arguments. They are preparing for another debate next Monday.
The topic is Resolved: that the Child Labor Law is beneficial to city children. Lillian Wagner is captain of the negative side while Alfred Fowler is captain of the affirmative.
Everyone is getting the spring fever. We hope it is not serious.
Donald Farnham has returned to school.
Edward Mundt was absent Thursday and Friday.
Wanted: someone to take care of Grace Williams' wraps.
The Commercial Law class is going to have a trial in the near future. Alfred Fowler will act as the convict. We wonder what the offense is-murder or theft.
The time is approaching when we will need our outdoor baseball set.
The eighth grade has finished reading the “Ancient Mariner,” and are now studying some short poems.
A few of the eighth grade girls have not kept the promise they made while their seats were changed. We expect them to live up to their promise this next week.
The amount of green displayed in our room showed that St. Patrick's Day was not forgotten.
The pupils of the seventh and 8th grades who received 100 percent in spelling last week are Bernice Bettschen, Frances Anderach, Fred Boettcher, Ruth Hanson, and Emma Sommerfeld.
The eighth grade is having current Events every Friday for civics class.
The seventh grade pupils are improving in their tests. Several have been receiving 100 percent and we hope they will keep it up.
Richard Eichelberger has left us to attend the rural school where his folks have moved. We hope Richard will come and visit us some time.
Wilbur Viestenz was absent Monday and Friday.
Margaret Eichelberger was absent Friday afternoon on account of moving to her new home. We are glad that Margaret is planning on continuing school with us.
The eighth grade have received official directories for their civics work.

Primary Room

On Tuesday Catherine Ross brought us such a pretty picture of three little children and a little dog that was sick abed. First and second grades wrote little stories about it.
The third grade language class wrote stories about "How We Made Our Church." We are having the best stories printed.
The first and second grades had an arithmetic match one day this week. Walter Schwark's side won by several points. We like to have arithmetic matches because they teach us to work fast.
On Thursday afternoon Mrs. Helland was kind enough to pay us a visit. We are glad she chose that day to come because we all had 100 percent in spelling on Thursday.
Those who have had one hundred percent in spelling for the entire week are: Alfred Schwark, Clarence Kuehn, Doris Roberts, Harold Olson, Pauline Webb, Pearl See and Wanda Schur in the first grade. Everyone in the second and third grade received 100 percent in spelling every day this week.
Cecelia Hoeger has been absent several days on account of a bad cold.
The following received 100 percent every day last week in spelling: Edward Sommerfeld and Florence Phillips.
George Eichelberger left for his new home east of Arthur on Friday and will finish his term in a school in Gunkel township.
On Friday morning Florence Phillips brought a plant to school which she had taken care of during the entire winter months and we are glad to have it for spring.
The following received 100 percent in arithmetic the entire week: Dorothy Williams, Donald Bettschen and Edward Sommerfeld.
On Thursday during drawing period we painted a Holland scene for March. The best will be put up in the room.
On Monday morning Miss Burgum brought a pretty daffodil plan to school. At noon Florence Poulins brought a very pretty blue narcissus. We are very grateful to Mr. Heiden who fixed our flower shelf on the east window as we hope to keep it filled with flowers.

Contributed by Steven Pueppke

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