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Arthur Anglings 1925 Hunter Herald

July 2, 1925

The Misses Dorothy and Margaret Bettschen are enjoying a two weeks visit with relatives at Minneapolis, Northfield and Waterville, Minn.
Mrs. Ben Burmeister and son Bernard went to St. Paul Tuesday, to Bernard's health. They returned Thursday.
Miss Josephine Gray of Brainerd, Minn., arrived Saturday for a visit with Miss Frances Ross.
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Olson and family left Saturday by auto for Canton, S. Dak., where they will visit at the home of Mr. Olson's parents.
Mr. and Mrs. John See, accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Carl Madsen and family to Nashua, Minn., where they spent the weekend with relatives.
Emil Helbert, T. P. Redmond, Lloyd Williams and Charles Ross auoted to the lakes over Sunday.
Mr. Charles Piper and daughter Alice of Durbin stopped in Arthur Sunday evening en route home from Argusville.
Mrs. I. S. Roberts entertained on Friday afternoon, Mrs. Reuben Phillips, Mrs. Asgaard of Fargo, a guest at the Phillips home, and Mrs. John Bettschen Thursday afternoon in honor of Mrs. Peterson of Fargo who visited at the Roberts home the past week.
Mrs. W. R. Tucker, Mrs. John Tucker and two children, and Irene Lochs of Fargo visited with the Iwen and Williams families.
The Royal Neighbors held their regular meeting Thursday night. Deputy Josephine A. Long of Fargo was present. Mrs. Walter Iwen and Miss Ethel Schur were the new members taken into the order. Deputy Long organized the juvenile camp with Maude Briggs as director. The next meeting will be held July 16. There will be initiation and all members are requested to be in attendance.
Mrs. J. L. Iwen, daughter Eunice, Grace Williams and Mr. Fred Williams autoed to Fargo Tuesday. Misses Grace and Eunice will visit at the lakes with Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Tucker.
Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Belsley of Sabin, Minn., former Arthur residents, spent Saturday with Arthur friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sherman, Mr. Jack Shuck spent Tuesday and Wednesday in Fargo.
Mr. and Mrs. Ca. A. Johnson autoed to Fargo Wednesday.
Albert and T. J. Stewart, Lorenzo Roberts, Bud Baumgartner, autoed to Fargo Friday evening.
Miss Loretta O'Connor of Westhope, formerly of Arthur, spent the Fourth in Arthur.
Mr. and Mrs. Ole Nelson entertained a large company of relatives and friends over the Fourth. The guests were Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Halquist of Thief River Falls, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Monson of Perley, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Monson of Hendrum and Mr. and Mrs. Nels Monson of Moorhead, Mrs. Art Nelson and daughter Evelyn, Miss Peterson of Fargo and Mr. and Mrs. Will Wahowski.
Alice and Hiram Farnham of N. D. U. spent Saturday and Sunday with their mother, Mrs. Edith Farnham.
Miss Jessie Farnham visited Wednesday with Millie See.
Mrs. Mary McKinnon spent Wednesday in Fargo.
Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Wagner, daughter Lillian and Miss Erna Schur autoed to Casselton Tuesday.
The Lutheran Ladies Aid was entertained Tuesday at the A. E. Sommerfeld home.
Miss Alberta Tees and brother Arthur of Wing, N. D., returned Monday after spending Saturday and Sunday at the Farnham home. They were accompanied to Jamestown by Mrs. Aug. Faltz and Mrs. T. O. Burgum who attended the State convention of the American Legion Auxiliary.
Mr. Pierce, superintendent of Alexander schools was a guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Ross.
Paul Kuehn narrowly escaped serious injury one day last week when the team he was driving became frightened and uncontrollable. Paul stayed with them for the first 80 rods but then decided it was safer to walk. Ed Olson overtook the runaway team with his Ford racer. The mowing machine was wrecked, but Mr. Kuehn and the team came out O. K.
The Misses Jessie Farnham and Ollie Burgum left Thursday morning for Valley City, where they will attend the State Epworth League convention.
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Barker and family of Sykeston are visiting with Mrs. Barker's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Viestenz.
John Wagner autoed to Valley City Wednesday to attend the state Legion convention, June 8-9.
A number of the members of the Luther League will attend the League convention in Jamestown Sunday.
A number of Arthur young people attended the dance in Argusville on Wednesday evening.
Mrs. James Williams, Lloyd, Grace and Dorothy autoed to Fargo Tuesday.
Misses Jetta Mjolsness, Ollie and Lillian Burgum, T. J. Stewart, autoed to Hendrum Sunday. Miss Mjolsness returned to her home after a month's visit at the T. O. Burgum home.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Wagner and two children of Chicago, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Will Wagner of Wahpeton were guests at the H. J. Wagner home Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Johnson and little daughter Maizie autoed to Eagle Bend, Minn., to visit with Mr. Johnson's parents.
Mr. and Mrs. I. S. Roberts, and Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Schur are enjoying an outing at Minnesota Lakes.

July 23, 1925

Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Burgum, L. S. Burgum and Joey Burgum drove to Fargo on Monday to attend the Fair.
Mrs. Anne Bayard and Ceil Bayard, Addie and Bernice Bayard of Bradley, S. D., are visiting relatives here this week.
Miss Maggie See went to Mayville State Teachers College Tuesday to attend summer school.
Leland S. Burgum was a guest Wednesday of the Kiwanis Club luncheon at Casselton.
E. E. Webb was called to Tennessee on receipt of a telegram stating that his father was dying.
Sheriff Albin Hedstrom of Bismarck was a visitor Sunday at the home of his brother-in-law, J. A. Burgum. He was returning from Grafton, N. D. on his way to Bismarck.

August 20, 1925

A benefit program will be given in the Arthur Hall, Wednesday evening, August 19th under the auspices of the Epworth League. Home talent of Arthur will be seen and heard in readings, vocal and instrumental music selections, and a one-act play entitled “Popping the Questions.” The cast is as follows: Mr. Primrose-Leland Burgum; Henry Thornton-Alton Burgum; Ellen Murray-Jessie Farnham; Miss Biffin-Margaret Bettschen; Miss Winterblossom-Lillian Burgum; Bobbin-Eleanor Roberts. The program will commence at 8:30 sharp.
Leland Burgum and Roy Miller were Hunter visitors Wednesday evening.
Einer Peterson was a Fargo visitor Tuesday, August 11.
A dance was held in the hall last Saturday night after the show, until midnight. Music was furnished by a local orchestra. A series of these dances will be held every Saturday night.
Marjorie Burgum was a Casselton visitor Friday.

October 8, 1925

Farnham Tees Nuptials

On Saturday October 3rd, 1925, occurred the wedding of Harry Farnham of Arthur N. D. to Miss Alberta Tees, of Wing N. D., at high noon at the home of her mother, Mrs. Tees. Rev. L. R. Burgum of Arthur, a cousin of the groom united them.
They will make their home on the groom's farm east of Arthur. Mr. Farnham is a well known Legion man of Arthur and his wife was a prominent school teacher of her county. She attended the University of Minnesota for two years.
Mrs. Edith Farnham of Arthur and Miss Jessie Farnham of Goodrich, N. D., mother and sister of the groom, attended the wedding.
October 22, 1925

Wagner-Anderson Wedding

Miss Ruth Anderson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Anderson of Arthur, and Amber Wagner, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Wagner were married in Moorhead on Monday. The young couple will make their home in Arthur.

Misses Lydia Sommerfeld and Adeline Iwen of Mayville State Teachers College visited at their respective homes from Wednesday until Monday morning, school was not in session because of Traill County Teachers Institute which was held at the college.
The Lutheran Ladies Aid was entertained on Thursday afternoon by Mesdames Ben Viestenz and Ed. Wilhelm at the church parlors.
Mrs. Andy Froke and two children of Hatton visited Friday as the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Notvedt.
Fred Wells of Fargo was in Arthur on business Wednesday and was a guest at the J. B. Thompson home.
C. A. Johnson went to South St. Paul Tuesday with two carloads of stock.
Mr. and Mrs. Pierce of Grand Rapids, Michigan, arrived Saturday morning for a two weeks visit at the home of the latter's mother, Mrs. Bertha Viestenz.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Farnham were Sunday dinner guests of Mrs. Edith Farnham.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom See and family of Woods visited in Arthur from Friday to Saturday.
Miss Julia Carlson spent Saturday and Sunday at her home in Mayville.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sommerfeld entertained at Sunday dinner, Mr. and Mrs. Pierce of Grand Rapids, Mich., Mrs. Bertha Viestenz and Rudolph.
On Wednesday evening a number of relatives gathered at the Gustave Willert home to celebrate the third birthday anniversaries of their twins Lyle and Lois. A delicious birthday luncheon was served late in the evening.
Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Helland, Mrs. John Bettschen and Burton autoed to Fargo on Friday.
Mrs. Charles Meyers and son Harry of Erie were Arthur callers on Thursday.
The Methodist Ladies Aid was entertained on Thursday afternoon at the home of Miss Ethel Murch. A delicious luncheon was served by the hostess after the business meeting. The next meeting will be held Thursday October 29th at the home of Mrs. James Williams. At that time election of officers will be held.
Rev. L. R. Burgum spent Tuesday in Hunter and was a guest at the home of Rev. and Mrs. Sage.
Arthur people who autoed to Grand Forks on Saturday to attend the U. Homecoming were, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Farnham, Albert and Donald Farnham, Mrs. T. O. Burgum, T. J. Stewart and Alton Burgum.
Misses Alice Ostenson, Edna Ostby, Jetta Njolaness and Mr. Arthur Stordahl autoed from Hendrum Friday to attend the R. N. A. Dance.
Miss Amanda Iwen, who is teaching at Buchanan, N. D., and Mr. Emil Enockson of Moffit arrived by auto Saturday evening and spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Iwen. They returned on Monday morning and were accompanied by Mrs. Emil Enockson nee Alice Iwen, who has been visiting the weekend at her home.
Messrs. Louis Notvedt and Tom Stewart autoed to Luverne on Sunday.
Mr. W. C. Landon of Casselton was in Arthur on business Tuesday.
Mrs. Clarence Wheeler and little son James have been visiting several days at the home of her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Louie Schur.
The Lutheran Ladies Aid will have a Food Sale on Saturday afternoon at Wagner's Confectionery.
October 29, 1925


Joseph Arthur Burgum, one of the early pioneers of this state, passed away at his home at Arthur, N. Dak. Tuesday, October 20th, 1925. He was born in Abegenie, England, March 2nd, 1860. When still a boy he came to this country with his parents who settled in the state of Iowa. When a young man, he filed on land in McLean County, Western North Dakota. He taught school in Washburn, N. Dak. for two years. On October 23rd, 1894, he married Miss Jessamine slaughter of Bismarck, N. D. Surviving him are the mother and their five children: Arthur, Assistant Cashier with the Standard Oil Company at Minot, N. Dak.; Marjorie, teacher in the High School at Casselton, N. Dak.; Leland, Alton, and Joey at home.
For many years he had been identified with the grain business, and for the past seventeen years had been manager of the Farmers Elevator Company at Arthur. He was always active in work for community betterment. He helped organize the First Methodist Episcopal church at Arthur and was one of its first trustees and members. For eight years he served on the Board of Education at Arthur, and helped to establish the high school and the present building. He was a member of the Brotherhood of American Yeoman, and of the Modern Woodman of America. He lived with optimism for his own times and for what was to follow and died loving God and man.
Funeral services were held at the First Methodist Church at Arthur, Thursday October 22nd at 2:30 p.m. with Reverend Leslie Burgum, his nephew, and Reverend W. C. Sage officiating.
On account of the illness of Rev. Sage, the entire service was conducted by Rev. Burgum, who spoke very appropriate from the words found in Heb. 11-9. By faith Abraham looked for a city which hath foundations whose builder and maker is God.
The entire community and many from neighboring towns were in attendance, thus acknowledging their loss in the death of Mr. Burgum.
It was well expressed by an old citizen of the town who said (The heart of the community is gone).
Floral tributes were sent by friends and relatives and the Yeoman and Woodman Lodges, Royal Neighbors, Casselton High School, Hunter W. C. T. U., First State Bank, Minot Social Club, Casselton Teachers, Benson-Quinn Grain Co. of Minneapolis, Atwood Larson Grain Co. of Duluth, Arthur Merc. Co., Legion Auxillary, Farmers Elevator Co.
Following were the pallbearers-R. H. Vosburg, J. C. Sommerfeld, I. S. Roberts, Louie Bettschen, Chas. Viestenz, and T. C. Hockridge.
Four of them are directors of the Elevator.
Beautiful Isle of Somewhere and Nearer Still Nearer were the songs beautifully rendered by a double quartette.
The body was laid to rest in the local cemetery.
October 29, 1925

Messrs. C. A. Johnson, August Iwen, Henry Viestenz, Will Boettcher, John Wagner, L. N. Notvedt and T. J. Stewart, were the Arthurites who motored near New Rockford and spent a couple of days duck hunting.
Messrs. Ed. Wilhelm, Oscar Olson, Tom Stewart and August Faltz autoed to Fargo on business Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. August Tonn and family and Robert Buchholz autoed to Brinsmade on Sunday to visit Miss Henrietta Tonn who is an instructor in the high school.
Mr. and Mrs. L. N. Notvedt, Mrs. Reuben Phillips and daughter Florence motored to Fargo on Wednesday.
George Clunis, who lives east of Arthur, is quite poorly and confined to his bed.
Mrs. Henrietta Sommerfeld entertained at her home on Wednesday afternoon. The guests were Mesdames John and Louis Bettschen, Wallace Hackett, Henry and August Sommerfeld, Ed. Wilhelm, B. A. Helland, J. B. Thompson, Ben Burmeister. The afternoon was spent informally. The hostess assisted by her daughter Mrs. August Tonn served a delicious lunch late in the afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Hackett, Mrs. Louis Bettschen, Mr. and Mrs. Matt Bahl and daughter Ellen, Misses Mabel Grebe and Julia Carlson were Fargo visitors last Saturday.
Misses Berniece Bayard and Alice Farnham visited Saturday and Sunday at the home of Mrs. Edith Farnham.
The Arthur high school has organized a Girls Glee Club with Eleanor Roberts as director. On Saturday the girls held a candy sale at the Arthur Mercantile. The receipts were $11, which will be used to purchase music.
Rev. August Hoeger returned Tuesday from a business trip to Sterling, Nebraska and Zeeland, N. Dak.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Viestenz and family of Casselton were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Louie Heiden.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Schafer, Mrs. Nellie Jensen and son Chris and Joe Schafer jr. were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Armstrong of Galesburg.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Zimmerman and the latter's sister, Miss Ella Schmidt of Brownton, Minn. have been visiting at the home of Mr. Zimmerman's brother William. They were also guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wilhelm.
Mr. and Mrs. Amber Wagner were supper guests on Monday at the C. A. Johnson home.

November 19, 1925

Work is progressing rapidly on the new alternating current Hi-Line that is being built by the Otter Tail Power Co. for the Farmers Elevator Co. of Arthur. The poles have been set between Amenia and Arthur and work has been started stringing the wires. New motors to use electric power are being installed in the Farmers Elevator and Mendson Brothers Potatoe warehouse. The changeover from direct to alternating will be about Dec. 1st it is expected.
The Lutheran congregation and the town people here presented Rev. Hoeger, pastor of the Lutheran Church and Supt. of the Good Samaritan Home, with a brand new Ford Sedan as an appreciation of his work and token of their good will.
Dr. and Mrs. J. B. Thompson have returned from the trip to the Cities.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Iwen are the parents of a baby son born last Fri.
A Thanksgiving concert will be given at the Methodist Church Sunday evening, November 29th, by the Epworth League.
The Lutheran Aid will give their annual bazaar and supper at the hall Thursday November 19th.
Miss Marjorie Burgum who is teaching in the Casselton High School spent the weekend at her home here.
A number from here went to Hunter to attend the special service at the Methodist Church.
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Johnson of Grand Forks were guests Sunday of the J. A. Burgum family.
Miss Edna Viestenz who is teaching at Durban spent Saturday with her mother here.
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Wilson have moved to the Fred Williams residence.
The Methodist Food and Apron Sale at the Arthur Merc. last Saturday netted $75.
Mr. and Mrs. Amber Wagner have moved on the rooms over the Drug store formerly occupied by Dr. R-ster.
The program on Armistice Day was sponsored by the American Legion. Glenn Sanberg the University orator gave his prize winning oration at the town hall followed by several excellent music selections by a large chorus and male quartet. A dance followed given by the American Legion and Auxiliary.
Frank Goss of Hunter was a business caller here Tuesday.
The Royal Neighbors are planning a social evening for the four brides of the lodge.
Glenn Sanberg of Grand Forks was the guest during the stay here of his former classmate L. S. Burgum.

December 3, 1925

The annual bazaar and supper given by the Lutheran Aid was very successful and the proceeds were $306. The quilt that was auctioned off was presented to the Good Samaritan Home.
Work on the Hi-Line was completed last week on the poles between Amenia and Arthur.
Mrs. J. A. Burgum and Miss Marjorie Burgum were guests of the Geo. D. Broune family last Friday.
A Thanksgiving program was given at the school Wednesday afternoon by the primary and intermediate rooms.
Turkey Day in Arthur will be observed December 10-11-12, with free dinner and free movies. Dinner will be served at the town hall on Friday. Free movies that night and Saturday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kuehn and Mr. H. J. Wagner autoed to Reynolds to attend the funeral of Mrs. Otto Zelmer.
Mr. and Mrs. Gust Iwen and Mrs. Schlaete were guests at dinner of Mrs. Charles McKinnon.
The Woodman Lodge gave a Thanksgiving dance at the Hall Thursday evening.
The concert put on by the Epworth League was well attended. The silver offering was for the pledge given at Valley City Institute.
The Lutheran Sunday School are holding rehearsals for their Christmas program.
Dr. and Mrs. J. B. Thompson and son spent Thanksgiving Day at Breckenridge with relatives.
Miss Marjorie Burgum and Edna Viestenz who took part in the program at the Methodists church Sunday evening returned to their schools at Casselton and Durbin.
Mrs. John Schur Sr. is taking treatments at St. Johns Hospital. Her daughter Mrs. John Bettschen spent the weekend with her.
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Burmeister has moved into the house recently vacated by Russell Wilson.
Miss Maude Briggs and Arnold Peterson were married Tuesday of last week at Moorhead, Minn. They were attended by Miss Helen Peterson and Allen Briggs. A wedding party was held that evening at the home of the bride's parents Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Briggs. They will reside near Hunter.
A home talent play for the benefit of the Disabled Veterans Fund by the American Legion will be put on here after the holidays by a number of the young people.
Hugo Swartz of Durbin spent Sunday with the I. S. Roberts family.
Mrs. McAuley and her daughter Naomi autoed to Fargo Tuesday where they will reside. Her daughter Iola will remain here until the holidays.

December 10, 1925

Mrs. Minnie Zelmer Passes Away After Long Severe Illness Funeral services were conducted Wednesday afternoon of last week over the remains of Mrs. Minnie Zelmer.
Mrs. Zelmer was born at Arnswalde, Germany, Sept. 25, 1866 of the parents, Carl Wilhelm Griese and his wife Louise. At the age of three years she came to America with her parents. The family settled at Ripon, Green Lake Co., Wis. Here she grew to womanhood and lived until the year 1891, when the family came to North Dakota.
On July 11, 1899, she was united in marriage to Otto Zelmer. The couple made their home at Hunter, N. D. where they have since resided.
About two years ago Mrs. Zelmer's health became seriously impaired. It turned out to be the dread disease cancer, the course of which nothing was able to stay. She was called upon to endure terrible pain and often long for deliverance.
During the last few months of her life, she was cared for by her sister, Mrs. Emil Sieg at the Sieg home near Holmes.
Relief came to her in the form of death Sunday evening, Nov. 28, at 10:30 p.m., when she passed peacefully out of this tribulation and, we according to her confession hope, into the joy of the Lord.
She leaves to mourn her loss, her husband and three brothers: August and Chas. Griese, Holmes, and Herman Griese of Detroit, Minn., and two sisters, Mrs. Emil Sieg, Holmes, and Marie Griese, Detroit, Minn.
The funeral services were conducted from Stjordalen Lutheran church, Rev. M. O. Ensberg officiating. A large number of sorrowing relatives and friends were present and elaborate floral offerings were tokens of high respect and sincere sympathy. The Stjordalen choir enriched the services by singing (Abide With Me) according to the request of the deceased, and (Beautiful Home). The remains were laid to rest in Stjordalen cemetery.

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