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1930 Hunter Herald

January 3, 1930

Mr. and Mrs. John Bettschen entertained at dinner on Sunday for Mrs. Mary Schur, Mr. and Mrs. I. S. Roberts and family and Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Schwarz and daughter Beryl Jean of Davenport. The occasion was the birthday anniversary of the Mmes. Roberts and Bettschen.
Lloyd Williams went to Fargo on Thursday where he entered St. Luke's hospital and underwent a tonsil operation. He returned home on Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sherman and family were dinner guests Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Ross.
Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Helland had as their guests on Monday Mr. and Mrs. Frank Nelson and Mr. and Mrs. John Helland and family of Hendrum.
Mr. and Mrs. I. S. Roberts and children Doris and Jean visited several days the last of the week at the home of Mrs. Roberts' sister, Mrs. Arthur Viestenz of Page.
Mr. and Mrs. George Hunt left on Sunday from Page, for Wheeler, Wis., where they went to attend the funeral of a nephew who died suddenly on Friday. They expect to return on Thursday and Tom see is in charge of the depot during Mr. Hunt's absence.
Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Helland and children were dinner guests Saturday evening of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bettschen.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Johnson of Bismarck autoed to Arthur and are visiting this week at the home of the former's brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Johnson.
Mr. and Mrs. James Williams, Misses Grace and Dorothy and brother Fred autoed to Fargo Saturday evening and were guests over Sunday at the home of Mrs. Williams' brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Tucker.
Mr. and Mrs. Ruffcorn entertained at dinner on Sunday for Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bettschen and family.
Misses Adeline Roberts and Frances Schur are visiting this week at the home of their uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Viestenz, at Page.
Edward Mundt, Robert Bettschen and Freddie Williams were Saturday evening dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Burmeister. Robert Bettschen left Sunday afternoon from Casselton for Minneapolis, to continue his work at the Dunwoody Institute.
Miss Bertha Kuehn and Bernice Bettschen left Thursday morning for Mayville State Teachers College, where they will enroll for the coming term.
Mr. and Ms. Gustave Willert entertained at six o'clock dinner Thursday evening of last week for Mr. and Mrs. Louis Schur and Mr. and Mrs. A. T. See and their families.
Misses Margaret and Dorothy Bettschen and Edna Viestenz entertained sixteen young ladies at a kitchen shower Monday evening, at the Bettschen home, in compliment to Miss Elizabeth Sommerfeld, a bride of February. Master John See, dressed as a chef, presented the gifts to the bride-elect. A recipe cabinet was prepared for the honored guest. At eleven o'clock lunch was served at small tables.

January 10, 1930

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Hunt were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Schwarz at Davenport. They were accompanied home by Mrs. Roberts and daughters, Doris and Jean, who had been visiting since Tuesday evening at the Schwarz home.
Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Probasco, Arthur and Alice, returned Monday from Arlington, Iowa, where they spent the holidays with relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hansen are the parents of a baby boy born on Friday, Jan. 3. Mother and baby doing nicely.
A. T. See went to Fargo Monday and remained a few days, having dental work done.
Dr. E. P. Robertson, president of the Wesley College at Grand Forks, occupied the pulpit at the Methodist churches at Arthur on Sunday morning and Hunter in the evening in the absence of Rev. W. J. Medland who has been confined to his home the past ten days.
John Levin returned from Stillman Valley, Ill., where he visited a month with relatives.
Miss Adaline Iwen, Paul Boettcher, Fred Williams accompanied Fred Knautz of Fargo to Minneapolis by car on Saturday, where the young people will resume their school duties.
The young people of the Luther League enjoyed a Watch Night party in the parlors of the church following the New Year's Eve services. The Misses Adaline and Bertha Kuehn were hostesses. The evening was spent in playing various games and contests. Lunch was served to fifty guests. Each guest rang the bell as the year 1930 was ushered in and the old year passed on in history.
Funeral services were held at the Methodist episcopal church at Arthur on Thursday at 2:30 o'clock for William Murch, 65, who passed away on Monday afternoon at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Wm. Merrigan. The service was in charge of the Rev. L. R. Burgum, pastor of the M. E. church at LaMoure. The pallbearers were the Messrs. Charles Parkhouse, E. A. Campbell, T. J. Ross, James Baumgarner, T. O. Burgum, and Robert Murdoff. Burial was made in the Arthur cemetery.
Mrs. Hans Willert, who has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. Clarence Wheeler at Casselton, returned to Arthur Sunday to visit a few days at the home of her daughter, Mrs. A. T. See.
Mrs. Bertha Viestenz has taken over the R. E. Cobb cream station formerly operated by L. W. Heiden. The new station is now located one door south of the post office.
Messrs George and Alfred Murch of Green, Ia., and Lancer, Canada, respectively, arrived last week to attend the funeral of their father, the late William Murch. A brother, Alfred Murch, also of Lancer, attended the funeral.
The American Legion Auxiliary was entertained at the home of Mrs. J. A. Burgum on Tuesday. A ladies' quartette was organized. Plans were made for a home talent play in the near future. The Arthur unit was awarded a handsome gavel by Mrs. Kjelland of Hatton, Dist. President for membership prize. A delicious lunch was served by the hostess.

January 17, 1930

Mrs. Harry Farnham and son, James, returned Saturday from St. Luke's hospital where James was taken Thursday to receive treatment for a severe case of tonsillitis.
Mrs. Sarah Zellmer and daughter of Hunter visited a few days last week with Mrs. Zellmer's sister-in-law, Mrs. H. J. Wagner.
Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Knautz, son Phillip, and Lulu Viestenz of Fargo, were guests of relatives here Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Viestenz and children of Page visited relatives here on Saturday and Sunday.
The Lutheran Ladies Aid entertained the church on Wednesday with the Mmes. John Bettschen, Ben Burmeister and Emil Bettscher as hostesses.
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Willert and family of Page were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. T. See.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Viestenz left Wednesday for Sykeston to visit a few months at the home of their daughter, Mrs. A. W. Barker.
Mrs. Elizabeth Vosburg entertained at dinner Sunday for Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bettschen, Donald, and Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Ruffcorn and Lewis.
The high school basketball team went to Mapleton Saturday evening and defeated the high school team there by a score of 18 to 16.

January 24, 1930

The Homemakers club will meet at the home of Mrs. Earl Franke on Tuesday, Jan. 28, the lesson being a continuance of tailored pockets and turkey raising.
The Auxiliary held a special meeting at the home of Mrs. A. Wagner. After a business session lunch was served by the hostess. New auxiliary officers are: Mrs. R. Wilson, pres., Mrs. A. Wagner, vice pres., Mrs. J. Burgum, Sec., Mrs. C. Johnson, Treas., Mrs. H. Wagner, Chap., Mrs. E. Farnham, Hist., Mrs. Jno. McKinnon, Sergeant at Arms.
The officers of Silver Star camp of the Arthur R. N. A. for 1930 were formally installed Friday Jan. 17, with Catherine Ross as installing officer, assisted by Ann Schafer as ceremonial marshal. The appointive officers are: Asst. marshal, Annie Grieger; Manager, Ida Nelson; Faith, Mary Hunt; Modesty, Ella Johnson; Courage, Elaine Roberts, Endurance, Josie Standfield; Unselfishness, Edith Levin; Juvenile director, Martha See. Mrs. J. Baumgarner, retiring oracle, received a gift from the lodge. Following the ceremonies the evening was given over to a card party and old time dance.
Mrs. J. Iwen went to Fargo Saturday for a few weeks' visit with her daughter, Eunice, a student at the A. C., and a sister, Mrs. W. R. Tucker.
Word has been received of the birth of a son to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Tees, Wing, at the Bismarck hospital on Jan. 16. Mrs. Tees will be remembered as Jessie Farnham before her marriage.
Mmes. Carl Wolff, J. E. Sommerfeld and Paul Sherman were in Fargo last Wednesday and Thursday to attend the Master Farm Homemakers' Recognition Service and banquet at Ceres Hall.
Messrs. Emil Boettcher, Fred Williams and Elmer Grieger left from Fargo for California to spend several weeks.
The Arthur school purchased a piano from Mrs. I. S. Catlin for the primary and intermediate rooms. The pupils of these rooms are preparing a program to be given in the near future.
Mrs. Edith Farnham is visiting at Wing at the homes of her daughters, Mmes. A. Tees and R. Halvor. She will return about Mar. 1.
Misses Agnes and Ethel Schur of Fargo spent Sunday at their parental home here.
Rev. A. Hoeger left Friday for Gothenberg, Neb., where he was called by the serious illness of Mrs. Hoeger's father. He expects to be away about ten days.
Miss Martha Boettcher left recently for Fargo to continue her work at a beauty culture school A large crowd attended the old time dance and card party given by the R. N. A. on Friday evening. The proceeds were $50.00.

January 30, 1930

Brothers Meet After 36 Years Gust Boettcher of Kalispell, Montana, arrived here last Thursday to spend a few days with his brother, William Boettcher, but even after Gust had addressed William in the German language they talked as boys, William failed to recognize his brother.
And this is not so strange when it is considered it is 36 years since the brothers visited before.
Emil Boettcher claims that he recognized his uncle. He remembered him as the conductor on the freight train that passed close to the school Emil attended near Arthur, N. D. Then his uncle railroaded in Canada for years. Finally Gust Boettcher decided he would quit railroading and he bought a store at Kalispell, which he still operates. From New England he is going to Arthur, N. D. to visit other relatives. After an absence of 36 years he feels there will be many things to talk about in the family. He and William had a great visit at New England (the Hettinger Herald, New England).
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Quaife and son returned Tuesday from a six weeks' visit in Indiana and Illinois.
The primary and intermediate rooms of the local school will give their annual program at the hall Friday evening, Feb. 14.
The Louie Schur family were guests on Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Wheeler, Casselton. Mrs. Hans Willert, who has been visiting her daughter, Mmes. Schur and See, remained in Casselton to visit her daughter, Mrs. Wheeler.
Miss Julia Carlson spent Saturday in Mayville with her mother, Mrs. Laura Carlson.
Rev. Hoeger returned Saturday from Gothenberg, Neb., where he was called by the illness of Mrs. Hoeger's father. He also visited the Martin Luther home at Sterling, Neb.
Foster Burgum of the State U arrived Wednesday to spend the semester recess at his home.
The Lynn Brayton family of Hunter were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. T. See.
Mmes. Louis Bettschen, T. O. Burgum and Miss Ollie Burgum attended the 10th anniversary party of the O. E. S. at Hunter Thursday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bettschen, and Mrs. H. J. Wagner autoed to Fargo last Thursday, Mrs. Williams remaining until Saturday to have dental work done The Albert Wilhelm family returned Saturday from Brownton, Minn., where they spent the past few months.
Misses Dorothy Williams and Doris Helland were weekend guests of Florence Phillips, Fargo.

February 7, 1930

The Luther League gave a party for Miss Elizabeth Sommerfeld last Wednesday in the church parlors. She was presented with an occasional table and vase. Forty guests were present.
The primary and intermediate grades will give a program at the hall at 8 o'clock on the evening of Feb. 14. It will consist of a play, “The Month of Birthdays,” intermediate room, “A Party in Mother Goose Land” and “The Baby Show,” primary room, also a Valentine drill and songs.
Miss Lillie Burgum and Frank Heger of Alice were Sunday dinner guests of the former's home.
Mrs. W. E. Ruffcorn returned Wednesday from Grand Forks after attending the 7th annual Turkey show. She exhibited 13 birds of Bourbon Red breed, which won the following place: 1st yearling tom, 3rd adult tom, 7th young hen, 3rd yearling hen, 1st old pen (two hens and tom), 1st young pen. This class was awarded Champion Pen of the show over 29 other breeds entered.
A number of relatives met at the Chas. Viestenz home Friday evening, the occasion being the 75th anniversary of Mr. Viestenz. The hours were spent in social conversation and late in the evening a delicious lunch was served. The guests included the Byron and Leslie Wilcox families of Buffalo, Mrs. Bertha Viestenz, son Rudolph, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Grieger and the Hugo Viestenz family.
Jas. Williams and L. Bettschen left Sunday from Fargo for Minneapolis on a business and pleasure trip. They will visit their sons Fred Williams and Robert Bettschen, students there.
Miss Martha Boettcher of Fargo spent the weekend at her parental home.
Chas. Parkhouse is improving following an operation last Saturday at St. Luke's Hospital.
Mrs. Elizabeth Vosberg was a Sunday dinner guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Williams.
The Arthur Merc. Co. remodeled the grocery and shoe dept. last week and Wallace Hackett is now painting the interior.
Missionary Siemers, who was stationed with Missionary Fred Knautz in New Guinea, visited Rev. Hoeger Sunday and Monday.
Albert Farnham, Mr. and Mrs. T. Burgum, Mrs. J. Burgum and son Alton, attended a party of the masonic Lodge, Hunter, Tuesday.
L. W. Heiden went to Fargo Tuesday to attend the Poultry Show. While there he was a guest of his daughter, Mrs. Earl Haine.
Leland Burgum attended the 3 day Convention of Grain Dealers held at Grand Forks.
Will Stewart, Butte, and Geo. Stewart, Hazen, who attended their father's funeral, returned to their homes the fore part of this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Hunt and Mr. and Ms. Arthur Viestenz of Page spent Sunday in Minneapolis as guests of Mrs. Hunt's sister, Mrs. Pearl Hill Smith.

February 14, 1930

Mrs. James Williams returned Monday from Litchville where she visited her daughter Miss Grace, at the home of Mrs. A. P. Hanson.
Mrs. Mary Schur who spent a couple weeks with her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Viestenz at Page returned last Friday.
Miss Frances Kose of Page spent the weekend at the home of her parents, returning to Page Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. L. W. Heiden is visiting a few days in Fargo with her daughter, Mrs. Earl Haine, and a sister, Mrs. Fred Knautz, Matron at Luther Hall.
T. J. Stewart accompanied by Robt. Mulholland, Hunter, autoed to Fargo Tuesday to attend a meeting of the Standard oil agents.
Miss Irene Nelson, who has been a patient for nearly nine months at St. Luke's Hospital returned Saturday to her home here.
Miss Edna Viestenz, Hickson, was a weekend guest at the home of her mother, Mrs. Bertha Viestenz.
Mrs. Peter Krogstad has been confined to her home a few days with sinus trouble. Miss Alice Wedberg has been staying at the Korgstad home.
Miss Elizabeth Sommerfeld, a bride of the month, was honored by a miscellaneous shower Wednesday afternoon in the parlors of the Lutheran church. Hostesses were Mmes. Hulda and Will Schur, Edmund Viestenz, John Wagner and Gust Willert. After games and social conversation, a delicious lunch was served to the fifty guests at 4 o'clock.

February 21, 1930

A church night will be held at the M. E. church Thursday, Feb. 25. Supper will be served at 6 o'clock and be followed by short talks and music. Dr. C. L. Wallace dist. Supt. of Fargo will attend.
The local H. S. Basketball team has entered the county tournament to be held at Argusville on Feb. 21 and 22. The district meet will be held at Casselton Feb. 28 and March 1.
Band members autoed to Absaraka Saturday evening and gave a program at the community meeting at the schoolhouse.
The Auxiliary began rehearsals for a play, “Apple Blossom Time” to be given in the near future. Miss Isobel McKinnon is director.
Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Wagner and Mr. and Mrs. John Wagner were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Savre of Fargo.
Miss Agnes Schur returned on Sunday from Page where she visited a few days with Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Viestenz.
Harry Farnham purchased a new Ford on Saturday from the Kramer Motor Co. at Casselton.
The Firemen will entertain wives and lady friends at the Hall Tuesday evening, Feb. 25. The hours will be spent with cards, music and refreshments.
Miss Elizabeth Iwen fell on the sidewalk Sunday evening, fracturing her left wrist in two places. She received medical attention from Dr. Richter and is improving satisfactorily.
Dr. C. L. Robertson, Pres. of Wesley College, Grand Forks, occupied the pulpit at the Methodist church Sunday.
Mrs. Edmund Mergner and Elaine are visiting in Grand Forks with the former's mother, who has been poorly following a major operation.
The Firemen held their regular meeting last Thursday, 17 new members were installed. Following business, lunch was served.
Miss Dorothy Bettschen of Chaffee spent the weekend at her parental home.
Mr. and Mrs. Aug. Sommerfeld entertained at a family dinner on Sunday.
The Lutheran Aid met at the church on Thursday, Mmes. Chas. Bettarman, Richard Grieger and Louis Heiden as hostess.

February 28, 1930

Selden Catlin returned Monday morning from Barnesville, where he was a guest over the weekend of friends and attended the Junior Prom of the Barnesville High school on Friday evening.
Mrs. John Bettschen returned last Sunday evening from Fargo where she was a guest several days last week of Mrs. Della Crothers.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Krogstad entertained at dinner Sunday for Mr. and Mrs. Ben Burmeister and son, Bernard.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Ruffcorn autoed to Fargo Thursday where the former attended a Sunday School Board Meeting.
Miss Ethel Schur who is employed at Black's Store in Fargo visited over Saturday and Sunday of her parents.
Mr. and Mrs. A. T. See and children autoed to Campbell, Minn. Sunday where they were guests of Mr. See's brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Dohman. Mr. and Mrs. John See returned to Arthur to visit at the home of their son.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kemp and family of Iowa arrived last Tuesday and will make their home on a farm northwest of Arthur.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Wilson of Amenia were supper guests Sunday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ole Nelson.
Mrs. Elizabeth Vosburg is visiting a few days in Erie daughters, the Mmes. John Conrad and James Jenkins.
Arthur Team Wins Cup The Arthur High School basketball team brought a large measure of joy to all the Arthur fans by winning the Cass County tournament last week. The school thus becomes the owner of a fine silver trophy which was awarded the champion team.
Teams were entered from Ayr, Grandin, Amenia, Arthur, Gardner, Mapleton, Wheatland and Argusville. Friday evening the Arthur boys won from Argusville 22 to 9. Saturday afternoon Gardner fell before the Arthur team 31 to 18. The championship game was played at 8:30 Saturday evening against Grandin who had defeated Ayr and Mapleton. This was an exciting contest between two well matched teams. Grandin took an early lead of 4 to 0 but at the end of the first quarter the Arthur boys had caught up with them and the battled waged furiously. The first half ended Arthur 11, Grandin 7. The boys did their best playing in the second half, scoring 16 points to their opponent's 9. Final score 27 To 16.

March 7, 1930

23 High school girls and their instructor, Miss Carlsen, pleasantly surprised Miss Irene Nelson at her home Wednesday afternoon, the occasion being her birthday anniversary. The hours were spent in social conversation and the honored guest was presented with a gift. Lunch was served by the self invited guests.
The Arthur band and friends enjoyed a party at the Hall Tuesday evening.
The Homemaker's club gave a silver wedding anniversary party for Mr. and Mrs. Solomon Schulz in the schoolhouse in Dist. 95. A program of readings and musical selections was given followed by cards and at a late hour a delicious meal was served to 85 guests.
Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Heiden attended the wedding of Miss Alice Heiden and Mr. Schonberger of Wheatland at St. Martin's Lutheran church of Casselton Tuesday. Miss Heiden is the cousin of Mr. L. W. Heiden.
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Shafer announce the birth of a baby daughter born on Sunday, Mar. 2.
The general gathering at the M. E. Church Thursday evening was very well attended. Supper was served to 65 guests, after which Dr. C. L. Wallace, of Fargo delivered a very interesting address. A musical program and readings followed. Rev. W. J. Medland and W. E. Ruffcorn, chairman, gave short talks, and the program closed with a song by the choir.
Paul Sommerfeld went to Fargo on Friday and entered St. Luke's Hospital for medical treatment. Mrs. Sommerfeld spent Sunday with her husband.
Miss Grace Williams of Litchville spent Thursday and Friday at her home here returning to Litchville Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Murch are the parents of a baby boy born Wednesday, February 27.
Miss Elizabeth Iwen is visiting this week at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Iwen.
Mrs. Mary McKinnon visited a few days this week with her daughter Mrs. Elmer Iwen at the Gust Iwen home near Amenia.
The Chester Dohman family of near Blanchard were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. T. See, who accompanied the Dohman family to their home for a few weeks' visit.
Arthur Young Folks Married Elizabeth Sommerfeld is the Bride of Clark Lincoln Miss Elizabeth Sommerfeld, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. August Sommerfeld of Arthur and Clark Lincoln of Modesto, Calif., were married Wednesday afternoon at 8:30 o'clock in St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church at Arthur. The service was read by Rev. August Hoeger, pastor, in the presence of relatives and friends. Miss Agnes Hoeger played the bridal chorus from Lohengrin as the bridal party entered the church. Through the ceremony, Misses Lydia and Emma Sommerfeld, sisters of the bride, sang two duets, “The Path of Promise” and “In Heaven Love Abiding,” with Miss Agnes Hoeger as accompanist.
The ushers, Edward Sommerfeld, brother of the bride, and Clifford Marshall of Ayr, were followed by the bride's attendants, Miss Emma Sommerfeld, sister of the bride, and Miss Bernice Bettschen, the bridesmaids; Miss Lydia Sommerfeld, her sister's maid of honor.
The bride entered with her father by whom she was given in marriage and was met at the altar by the bridegroom and Wm. Boettcher, best man, cousin of the bride. She wore a gown of white silk fashioned with princess bodice and flare skirt, with uneven side lengths. Her veil of white tulle was arranged in coronet style and she carried a shower bouquet of pink roses and sweet peas.
Miss Lydia Sommerfeld, maid of honor, wore a pink silk georgette gown and carried an arm bouquet of pink roses and sweet peas. Miss Bernice Bettschen, bridesmaid, wore a frock of light green georgette and her bouquet was pink carnations. The other bridesmaid, Miss Emma Sommerfeld, wore a yellow silk crepe gown and carried a bouquet of yellow carnations.
A wedding dinner was served after the ceremony at the home of the bride's parents for immediate relatives and intimate friends. White and pink decorations were used in the dining room and white tulips formed the centerpiece for the bridal table.
Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln will be at home at Arthur after March 15th, following a short wedding trip.
Out of town guests at the wedding were Mr. and Mrs. James Marshall and son Clifford of Ayr and Miss Emma Sell of Casselton.

March 14, 1930

Miss Julia Carlsen spent Saturday at Mayville visiting her mother.
The Arthur Viestenz family of Page spent Saturday evening and Sunday as guests of relatives.
John F. Thompson and family of near Amenia have moved to the Fowler farm and the Fowler family has located on the farm where Mr. Thompson lived. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Buck moved to the O. H. Bell farm near Mason. George Iwen and Elmer Grieger arrived Saturday from Los Angeles, where they spent several weeks. Geo. also visited in Washington and Oregon. The return trip was made by car in 7 days.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Viestenz arrived Sunday from Sykeston after visiting 2 months at the home of their daughter, Mrs. A Parker. F. K. Knautz of Fargo autoed to Sykeston for them.
Mrs. Albert Viestenz accompanied by her brother, Bernard Burmeister, left Monday for Winona to attend the funeral of their mother, Mrs. Charlotte Burmeister, 87, who passed away at her home in Winona on Sunday.
Walter Phillips of Elmira, N. Y. arrived for a few weeks' visit with friends, en route here from Florida where he has spent the winter. He was a resident here for several years.
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Lindsey and the latter's mother, Mrs. Ida Wickham, of Page, have moved to the Wells farm, north of Arthur, where they will make their home this year.
The Misses Margaret and Dorothy Bettschen of Fargo and Chaffee and Miss Eunice Iwen also of Fargo visited over Sunday at their respective homes.
Mrs. I. S. Catlin left for Fergus Falls where she will visit several days at the home of her parents. Mrs. Chas. Lein, of Minneapolis, daughter of Mrs. Catlin, will also be a guest at relatives at Fergus Falls.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Sommerfeld entertained at dinner Sunday for Rev. and Mrs. August Hoeger and family and Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Heiden.

March 28, 1930

The Lester Pyle family of Mapleton were Sunday dinner guests at the James Baumgarner home.
Fred Williams, of Minnesota, is home for a week's vacation.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Dohman of Campbell, Minn. were guests Saturday at the A. T. See home.
Mrs. Paul Sommerfeld, Ella and Adeline, Miss Elizbather Iwen and Albert Stewart spent Sunday with Paul Sommerfeld at St. Luke's Hospital, Fargo.
Mrs. E. M. Enockson and son, Clifford, of Moffitt are visiting at the H. J. Iwen home.
The Homemaker's Club postponed their meeting until April 1, and will meet at the home of Mrs. Ed. Schur.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Farnham and son James spent Saturday in Fargo.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Block of Fargo were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Hunt.
Paul Boettcher was graduated last week from the School of Forestry of Minnesota University and has accepted a position with a lumber company at McLaughlin, S. D. He arrived Monday from a short visit at his home here.
Robert Bettschen has been confined to his home the past week with an attack of influenza.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ziegler and daughter, Frances, left Friday for Bagley, Minn. to make their home.
August Wolf, Mrs. Augusta Kuehn, Miss Katie Kuehn and Clarence Kuehn attended the commencement exercises of the State Teachers College. Miss Bertha Kuehn was graduated from the standard curriculum and returned with her mother.
Paul Sherman and Louis Bettschen served on the jury of Cass County District Court which convened the first of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. F. Lein of Minneapolis announce the birth of a daughter born March 25, at the home of Mrs. Lein's parents, Mr. and Mrs. I. S. Catlin.

July 4, 1930

Williams Co. Selects New Extension Ass't
Miss Frances Ross, Arthur, N. D., who has been teaching home economics in the Page, N. D., high school for the past several years, has been appointed assistant county agent in Williams county.

August 8, 1930

In Memorium
Thomas C. Hockridge, a member of the Board of Directors of the Farmers Elevator Co. of Arthur for twenty years, and a resident of Cass County for over forty years, died at his home in Hunter July 20th, 1930. In his going the County and the Board of Directors have sustained a great loss. He was one of the pioneers; he was always a good citizen, and as a director, his record was one of which any official might well be proud. As a farmer he understood and appreciated the needs of the farming community. A good citizen, a valued associate and a true friend, we deeply mourn his going, and record in our proceedings this expression of our appreciation. Be it further resolved that a copy of this Memorial be sent to the bereaved family, and placed in our records, with expressions of deepest sympathy.
Signed, J. E. Sommerfeld, Pres., Jessamine S. Burgum, L. S. Burgum, Committee.

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