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January 2, 1932

Mrs. Unetta Oleson of Arthur Passed Away

Mrs. Unetta Idso Oleson, 24, wife of Albert Oleson, residing 5 miles east of Arthur, died in a Fargo hospital. Besides her husband she is survived by eleven brothers and sisters, Ingham and Russell Idso of Amenia, Thorvald of Casselton, Oma of Halsey, Ore., Nathan of Argusville, Mrs. Nyllis Hodges of Wyandotte, Mich., Mrs. Hjalmer Helland of Argusville, Rosella, Burt and Postus at home at Ayr. The funeral was held at Osterdalen Free Church near Argusville, Rev. O. J. Flagstod officiating.

January 8, 1932

News Items of Interest from Arthur

Geo. Iwen and Tom Stewart left Friday by car for a few weeks' visit in California.
The young people who were home from schools and colleges for the Christmas vacation have returned to their work.
Rev. J. S. Wilds, District Sup. of the Fargo district held services here Sunday at the M. E. church. During his stay here he was a guest at the Mrs. J. A. Burgum home.
The Alumni of the Arthur high school held an informal party at the village hall Saturday. Officers elected were: Pres. Leland Burgum, vice Pres. Mrs. Clark Lincoln, Sec. and Treas. Bertha Kuehn.
Frank Kuehn has purchased the Arthur Hotel block which contains the barber shop, meat market and cream station, from John Iwen. Mr. Kuehn will continue in his position with the Farmers Elevator Co.

February 5, 1932

Miss Pearl Faltz who has spent a two weeks' vacation at the home of her mother, Mrs. Emma Faltz, returned to her duties at Herbst Beauty Salon on Monday morning.
There will be a public meeting in the Arthur Hall on Tuesday, Feb. 9. The meeting will open at one o'clock under the auspices of the Arthur Homemakers club. The meeting is conducted by a member of the extension service of the U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. The topic of the meeting will be based on fruit and vegetable varieties and gardening methods. Mrs. James Williams and son, Lloyd, autoed to Fargo on business on Friday and remained until Saturday as guess at the home of the former's brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Tucker.
The seventh and eighth grades enjoyed their annual school party at the Arthur Hall on Saturday evening. The hours were spent in playing games with Leland Burgum directing them. The faculty of the school were also guests at the affair which was attended by about seventy. Before departure lunch was served. The Arthur Homemakers and their families enjoyed a get together party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Sommerfeld. The hours were spent with cards and dancing after which lunch was served.
Mrs. T. O. Burgum returned on Saturday from Fargo where she had been a guest since Tuesday at the home of Dr. and Mrs. E. G. Hughes.
Mr. and Mrs. Louie Schur entertained at a birthday dinner on Sunday for their daughter, Miss Ethelyn, of Fargo, whose birthday anniversary was on Saturday. The guests included the Misses Ethelyn and Frances Schur of Fargo, Mr. and Mrs. George Griffith of Casselton, Mr. and Mrs. Gustav Willert of Arthur.

Arthur School Consumed By Fire Sunday
Fire of unknown origin destroyed the Arthur school building on Sunday afternoon. The fire was discovered about two o'clock when smoke was noticed at the top of the roof on the east side of the building. The Arthur fire department was at the scene in a few minutes and tried to put out the fire but it had gained too much of a headway. The fire departments of Hunter, Amenia and Casselton responded to Arthur's call for help but they were unable to be of any assistance either. The Hunter department assisted in protecting the Louis Bettschen home which was the closest residence to the schoolhouse. At no time were the adjacent buildings in danger because of the calmness of the day. The loss of the school building is estimated at about $20,000 which was partially covered by insurance. The first floor of the schoolhouse was erected in 1905. It was remodeled in 1911 and the second story added. Considerable of the equipment of the school was saved which will be used for the remainder of the term. Classes are planned to resume again on Wednesday with the high school and the seventh and eighth grades meeting in the Methodist church with the basement equipped for a recitation room. The lower six grades will meet in the basement of the Lutheran church which can be divided into two rooms by the use of the folding doors.

February 19, 1932

Elevator at Arthur Damaged by Train
A broken rail sent the Great Northern engine, extra 939, crashing into the St. Anthony and Dakota elevator about 10 a.m. Monday.
A. T. See, elevator agent, said the end of the structure was moved 10 feet and that approximately 3,000 bushels of grain was scattered on the ground. The elevator contained about 13,000 bushels. It is expected the entire east side will have to be rebuilt. The engine, with four box cars attached to the front end, was backing up while switching.

February 19, 1932

Three one act plays "Spreading the News," "The Valiant," "The Dream Maker" are coached by Miss Helen Olesen, will be presented by the high school Saturday evening at the community hall.
E. A. Wilson of the Extension Dept. of the A. C. was a speaker in Arthur Monday evening in the interest of a community club.
The Arthur Homemakers served coffee and doughnuts Tuesday afternoon to a large assemblage of Homemakers. The speakers were Miss May Sontag and Mr. Colhoun, the county agent, on the project of “Home Gardens.” A male quartet from Fargo accompanied Rev. A. Hoeger to Arthur for the Sunday afternoon services and sang several numbers at the Good Samaritan Home. The Bi-Centennial of Washington will be observed by a patriotic program sponsored by the Arthur Band on Feb. 22 at the community hall. Music, readings and an address by Claire Brickner will be featured. Mrs. J. A. Burgum was one of the hostesses at the New Era club guest party in Fargo Monday. The program consisted of an interpretive reading of the play “Queen Elizabeth” by Mrs. Paul Thomas and music selections. Appointments were in keeping with Lincoln and St. Valentine Days. 35 of the high school students autoed to the Cederberg farm to celebrate the 16th birthday of Miss Irene Nelson and enjoyed a delightful party.

Judisch Brothers Entertain Sat.
Arnold Peterson, Bud Kemp, Ben Roberts, Burton Bettschen, Mathew Bahl , and Lee F. Ellis, teacher at the Bahl school, were guests of Fred and Paul Judisch at a 6 o'clock dinner Saturday, Feb. 13. The dinner and festivities that followed was a celebration of the engagement of Mr. Fred Judisch to Miss E. Patricia Barrington of Chicago. The dinner was prepared and served by the hosts and consisted of 3 courses, cherry cocktail, a main course of breast of rare fowls on toast, and sherbet, coffee and cigars. Immediately after the repast Burton Bettschen rendered several selections on the saxophone. The artist played Beethoven's “Moonlight Sonata” and “The Prisoner Song” in a most unique and original way. The feature of the entertainment was playing bridge. Mathew Bahl performed a remarkable exhibition of card tricks which proved profitable to all the guests, especially the performer. Deacon Bernard Kemp gave a brief talk on “The 28th Amendment and why every good citizen should obey it.” The orator waxed eloquent on his subject for about 30 minutes, discussing it pro and con. Ben Roberts consented to give a chalk talk and practical illustration of shadow boxing. He was assisted by Mr. Allis who acted the part of the shadow. The evening was topped off by a remarkable demonstration of dap dancing by Arnold Peterson, accompanied by Paul Judisch at the Baldwin.

April 15, 1932

The Arthur community club will hold their second meeting at the community hall Friday evening. The program which is given by talent of the A. C. includes a one act play and a debate on the income tax vs. sales tax. The public is invited to attend. A number from here went to Fargo Sunday to attend the funeral of Miss Alice Probasco.
Mrs. J. A. Burgum and son, Joey, returned from Fargo Sunday where Joey spent two weeks in a Fargo hospital, following an operation for appendicitis. The Sunday school rally will be held at the Arthur Methodist church Sunday, April 24, at 3 p.m. The Royal Neighbors Lodge entertained at cards and dancing for those who took part in the play cast.

June 3, 1932

Miss Vera Ruffcorn, who has been teaching at Wakapolo, S. D., arrived home this week. She will teach 7th and 8th grades in Arthur next school year.
Mrs. Julius Grieger observed her 73rd birthday with a party of ladies who gathered there Saturday afternoon. The next day her twelve children, 9 sons and 3 daughters, all married and living on their farms in the Arthur and Erie neighborhood, gathered there with their families to spend the day. Mrs. Grieger has resided in the neighborhood for 49 years, coming here in 1883. Mr. Grieger passed away a few years ago. A number of contractors were in Arthur when the bids were opened. The bid accepted was for $26,000, a Wahpeton firm.
Mrs. Olesen of Pelican Rapids, Minn., arrived here to spend the summer with her daughter, Mrs. B. Helland.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Burgum and little daughter, Joyce, were the guests of his mother, Mrs. J. A. Burgum and sons. They returned to their home at Bismarck after a two-days' visit here.
The American Legion Auxiliary sponsored the Memorial Day exercises observed with a program at the hall Monday afternoon. Concert, by the Band. Invocation by Rev. Voelske. The “Gettysburg Address” by Clara Schwark, Solo, “Roses of Picardy” Hazel Anderson. Poem by little Joyce Burgum, Solo by Rev. Ernest Haacke. Address, “The Future” by Atty. Bergesen of Fargo, Cornet duet, Leland Burgum and Robert Viestenz. Report on the cemetery, Louis Heiden. Further exercises were held at the cemetery where graves were decorated and “taps” were sounded. Mrs. Farnham and family are moving into the Mrs. Emma Faltz home, recently purchased by them. Mrs. Faltz is moving into the house recently vacated by Mrs. Farnham.
Miss Grace Wilson of Ausable Forks, N. Y., is visiting her bother, Russell Wilson and family.

June 17, 1932

Miscellaneous Shower for Miss Farnham
A color scheme of blue iris, red peonies and white roses were used in abundance for decorations at the home of Mrs. J. A. Burgum for the miscellaneous shower given in honor of Miss Alice Farnham who will be a June bride. A short program followed the games. Reading by Miss Farnham, vocal and instrumental music by Hazel Anderson and Doris Helland. The gifts were presented to the honor guest in a flag decked bassinet drawn by two little tots dressed in colonial costume, Dub McKinnon and Mary Agnes Johnson, a miniature George and Martha Washington. The American Legion Auxiliary quilt which was won by Mrs. H. J. Wagner who also presented by her to the honor guest. A two-course luncheon was served to the 25 guests present by members of the American Legion Auxiliary. Miss Farnham is a graduate of the State University and has been teaching for three years in the Grafton High School.
Mr. LeRoy Lillie is a graduate of the State Agricultural College and was the Smith Hughes teacher in Grafton High School. They will make their future home at Maxbass, N. D.

July 1, 1932

Three weddings of Arthur people have occurred recently. Miss Lillie Burgum was married to Frank Heger of Alice; Albert Farnham was married to Miss Helen Oleson, former assistant principal at Arthur; and Miss Alice Farnham was married to Mr. LeRoy Lillie of Maxbass, N. D. Mr. and Mrs. Heger will live at Alice, Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Lillie will reside at Maxbass and Mr. and Mrs. Farnham will reside at Arthur where he is Supt. of schools. Rev. and Mrs. Haacke, Mrs. J. A. Burgum, Leland Burgum, Tom See and the Misses Grace Williams, Adeline Iwen, Vera Ruffcorn and Lydia Sommerfeld were guests at a party in Casselton gym, given for the Cass Co. delegates who attended the Recreation Institute at Valley City. The first annual community picnic will be held at Griebstein Grove west of town on Friday. Dean Walster of Fargo A. C. will speak, the band will play and races and kitten ball will be played. At the June Festival in Arthur the Homemakers received first prize for the best decorated float, the camp fire girls second prize, and the fire department third prize. Mrs. Mary McKinnon was the oldest settler in the parade, coming to Dakota Territory in 1878. Gunkel township won the tug of war. It was estimated that over 800 people attended the celebration.

July 29, 1932

Arthur Woman Wins First In Garden Contest

Mrs. A. Sommerfeld was awarded first place in the garden contest in which all Homemaker club members of the county participated. She received as a prize a large pressure cooker. Four other prizes were given. Five cars from the Hunter clubs went to Fargo Tuesday to attend the Achievement Day program held at the A. C. The meeting opened at 10:00 a.m. A picnic lunch was served at noon, followed by the afternoon program, which closed with a tour of the experimental gardens at the college.

September 9, 1932

Albert Farnham, his wife, mother, and sister, Edith, and her daughter went to Campbell, Minn., to visit the John See and Harry Dohman families. From there they went to Owen, Wis., and Eau Claire, Wis., to visit his sister Mabel, and Mrs. Farnham's uncle and aunt. They visited at Ansoar, Ill, with his brother, Herman. From there Mrs. James McMugham who has been visiting here a month returned to her home at Akron, Ohio. W. E. Ruffcorn and daughter, Vera, were called to Griswold, Iowa, to attend the funeral of his father this week. The funeral of Mrs. J. M. Gebeke, 69, who was accidentally burned to death while lighting excelsior and paper in her kitchen stove at her home in Casselton will be held here at the Lutheran church, Rev. Volske officiating. She leaves a family of 12 children, all married. Her husband died in May. A party by the band was given at the hall for Ruth Haacke and Donald Bettschen who leave next week to attend college at Fargo and Moorhead. Mrs. J. A. Burgum entertained at a dinner party Sunday or her son and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Burgum and Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Peltier of Bismarck. Covers were laid for twelve and the table was decorated with autumn flowers. They returned to Bismarck Tuesday after spending the weekend here.

October 21, 1932

Mrs. Burgum Attends Laying Of Cornerstone

Arthur Woman Visits Land Of Her Childhood Days This Month The Bismarck Tribune in an interview with Mrs. Jessamine Burgum of Arthur relates in regard to the laying of the first cornerstone: “Although a small girl at the time, happenings of that far off day are still bright in the memory of Mrs. Burgum, daughter of Dr. B. F. Slaughter, first army surgeon at Camp Hancock, where Mrs. Burgum was born, and is now the site of the U. S. Weather Bureau building. Her parents came to Dakota Territory in 1870 from Fort Humboldt, Tennessee, with the 17th Infantry which was stationed there at the close of the Civil War. It was the duty of the 17th to guard the surveyors and builders of the Northern Pacific Railroad from surprise attacks from the Indians who had forbidden the whites to come further than the James River. “We got up early that morning and drive across the prairie from our home to the scene of activity a mile north of town where on the top of a large hill the first cornerstone of the capitol of Dakota Territory was to be laid. The special train bearing the distinguished visitors came in at 7 and left at 9 that morning for the west where ceremonies for the completion of the N. P. R. R. were to be held. I shall always remember General U. S. Grant, a distinguished looking gray haired and gray bearded gentleman, for my mother took us by the hand and said “children look at him and always remember you've seen General Grant.” Sitting Bull and his warriors were there and we eyed him with fear for it was just 7 years since the Custer Massacre and we had heard our elders speak and lament the slaying of the gallant men of the 7th Cavalry. Later I taught school near the Standing Rock Reservation, the year after Sitting Bull was killed, and the nephews of Lieut. Bull Head of the Indian police, who killed Sitting Bull, were among my pupils. At this cornerstone dedication were Indians in war bonnets and regalia. One of them “Drags the Wolf” from Fort Berthold Reservation was an eloquent orator judging from his voice and gestures and his speech was later translated by an interpreter. Vice President Charles Curtis was one of the speakers and also several governors and their representatives from the U. S. and from Canada. An impressive parade was held and Mrs. Burgum's son, Arthur Burgum, played in the American Legion Drum and Bugle Corps. Governor Shafer placed the copper box which contained historical documents inside the cornerstone and sealed it in. There were between 10 and 20 thousand people attending the ceremony, the Tribune said. Mrs. Burgum was honored at a luncheon given by the D. A. R. at the World Memorial Building. A feature of the entertainment was screen pictures of pioneers and pioneer scenes. She also was a guest at the Curtis banquet given by the community club at which Charles Curtis spoke. Mrs. Burgum was the guest at the homes of her daughter, Mrs. J. C. Peltier and her son, Arthur Burgum, during her visit to Bismarck.

October 28, 1932

Rev W. J. S. Bleakley and wife, formerly of Hunter, are now located in Casselton. Dedication of the new school house will be made on Friday evening, Nov. 4, with a fine program. Judge Holt will be the speaker.
Leland Burgum went to Grand Forks Tuesday to attend the Northwest Shippers Advisory Board meeting of which he is a member.
Several of the young people here will contribute a musical program at the P. T. A. at Prosper where Miss Lydia Sommerfeld is teaching.
The Ladies Aid will be entertained at the Methodist church Thursday with Mesdames Ruffcorn, Williams, Bettschen and Hackett as hostess.
Mr. Henry of Illinois, accompanied by his daughter-in-law, Mrs. Harry Henry and two children, are visiting relatives here, the Tom See family and at Hunter and Galesburg.
The Royal Neighbors gave a card party for their families at the hall Thursday eve. Head prizes were won by George Hunt and Miss Bertha Kuehn, foot prizes by Ed. Trego and Mrs. Roberts. A short musical program was given and refreshments served. The Epworth League entertained the Hunter League at the pirate party given at the church basement, carrying out the pirate theme of buried treasure in the decorations and games. Miss Laura Peterson gave a talk on “Gold Mines” in the Black Hills where she visited recently. The Roundup Council held at Erie Wednesday evening by the units of the second district of the American Legion Auxiliary was very successful with an attendance of 75. The session was held in the Presbyterian church and presided over by Mrs. Albert Anderson of Hillsboro, National President of the French war brides. The bad weather delayed the state officers who drove by car from Hatton but they finally reached the meeting and addresses were given by Mrs. Ide of Harvey, state president, Mrs. Ponter of Edgeley, national committee woman, Mrs. Hofto of Minot, child welfare, Mrs. Lynch, Rehabilitation, and Mrs. Lindsay, hospital hostess at the Veterans' Hospital. Gifts were presented to the state officers by Mrs. J. Burgum of the Arthur unit. Erie, the hostess unit, had arranged a fine musical program by local talent and a bountiful luncheon was served to all in the basement of the church.

November 4, 1932

Leland Burgum returned Monday from Minneapolis where he attended the football game and heard Lillian Fons in grand opera.
Mrs. Leroy Lillie who is teaching at Grafton spent the weekend with her mother, Mrs. Farnham.
Mrs. Harry Hanson entertained the Arthur Homemakers with Mrs. Chris Gebeke and Mrs. J. E. Sommerfeld as leaders. The next meeting will be at Mrs. Nels Hanson's.
Supt. A. L. Lantz of the Casselton high school will be the speaker on Armistice Day at the hall at the community club meeting.
Mr. and Mrs. George Hunt and Mrs. Tom See on Friday autoed to Minneapolis for a visit with relatives.
The Epworth League is working on a play, “The Color Line,” which will be presented at the Methodist Church Sunday evening sometime next month.
Miss Grace Williams who is teaching at Swanville, Minn., spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Williams.
Mrs. Harry Henry and children of Canton, Ill., who has been visiting relatives here went to Hunter to visit her sisters, Mrs. Lynn Brayton and Mrs. Chester Dohman.
Mr. and Mrs. Dane and children of Grand Rapids, Minn., were guests of Mrs. Harry Farnham this week. The ladies were former schoolmates at Sioux City.
Dedication services of the new public school in Arthur will be held Friday evening at 8 p.m. in the gym. Judge Holt and P. B. Garberg, U. S. District Attorney, will be the speakers. Music will be furnished by the Arthur Band and there will be singing by the high school. A basketball game will be played between the high school and the alumni.

December 2, 1932

A group of Arthur young people put on a program of music and readings for the Rose Valley Community Club meeting Saturday night. The one act play presented was written by Joey Burgum, a junior of the Arthur High School. The parts were taken by Doris Helland, Ed Sommerfeld, Adeline Iwen, Emma Sommerfeld and Elona Iwen. Lunch was served to the large crowd present and a pleasant time was enjoyed by all. Armistice Day was observed at the town hall at the regular meeting of the Community Club. The address on “Peace” was given by Supt. Lantz of Casselton who was in France when the Armistice was signed and patriotic music was given by the choirs of the Lutheran and Methodist churches by the girls glee club, and a solo by Hazel Anderson. Lunch was served to the large number present in spite of the bad roads. The American Legion Auxiliary sponsored the program. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kuehn returned from their wedding trip and Saturday night. They were charivaried and served lunch to the charivariers at the hotel. Monday nite the Arthur Band serenaded them at a party given for them at the hall by the band with a program of music and readings.

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