Erie Etchings
1905 Hunter Herald

July 13, 1905

Taken Up

Come to my place, 5 miles southwest of Erie, a team of grey mares, weighing about 14 to 15 hundred each. For further information apply or write to John Nelson, Erie, N. D.

July 20, 1905

Miss Emma Matthews is spending a few days in Casselton
Mrs. Pierce is spending a few days at her home in Page
A few of the "Erie sports" are down to the lakes for a few days.
Arthur Nelson has been very sick but we are glad to hear that he is improving.
Johnnie and Miss May Morrow visited at the home of Miss Minnie Dows Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Thompson spent Sunday with Mrs. and Mrs. Frank Delamater.
Mrs. Whitman returned to her home in Grand Forks accompanied by Miss Mamie Schroeder.
Mrs. Bram Burgess and Miss Lottie Allen visited friends at Galesburg Saturday and Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Schroeder have returned from LaMoure where she has been visiting her sister Mrs. Dawson.

August 3, 1905

Will Muir of Hunter was in town last week.
Paul Cook visited old friends here Sunday.
The "best half" of Erie took in the Casselton races.
Jack Dows of Grand Forks visited his home this week.
Harry Nutting was a Fargo visitor Saturday and Sunday.
Mr. Houssinger is spending two weeks at his home in Fisher, N. D.
Mrs. Elmer Wilson and children have returned from their visit to Minn.
Miss Myrtle Richardson of Hunter spent Saturday night with Miss Mae Dows.
Miss Mae Dows left Monday to visit her sister, Mrs. Elmina Whitman, at Grand Forks.
Mr. Burke Critchfield of Hunter has been over here for the past two weeks lathing Henry Schroeder's house.
The party that made the deal to purchase T. J. Sampson's farm has backed out, and Mr. Sampson will still be at Erie.
The social given by the Presbyterian ladies' Aid was well attended Friday night and a very nice program rendered.
Mr. Colby Thompson and George Dunlavey are spending a few days at Devils Lake. They like the place so well "perhaps" they will never return.

October 12, 1905

W. L. Schroeder is building a barn at his suburban residence.
Next Sunday will be the last services which Rev. Powell will hold in Erie this conference year.
Our village has sure taken on signs of new life this season and improvement is to be seen on every hand.
E. L. Dows and family are to spend the winter in Grand Forks where their children will attend school.
H. L. Schoeder has just completed a fine residence which is a credit to the handiwork of Nels Rosvall.
The Presbyterian people have completed a new manse and their new Pastor, the Rev. G. A. Halzinger and family are now residing there.
The new hardware store with its complete stock adds greatly to the convenience of the farmers as well as adding one more business place to our town.
There has been much sickness here this fall, and Peter Stewart, Nelson Bingham and Mrs. Hibbard have been the last victims, but have rapidly improved and are about again.
August Bolmeier has just sold a tract of nine lots to some local parties and there will, in the near future be three or four new residences erected there and a new street laid out.
Last Friday night a very pleasant reception was tended Rev. G. A. Halzinger and family and a large number of the Erie people gathered to give him cordial welcome to their new home.
Our elevators are full to overflowing and the farmers have tanks of grain standing about the elevators and every one who has a granary has it full, while some who have none have piled their grain on the ground.
A farewell reception is planned by the people of Erie for Dr. Schutt on next Friday night. The Dr. is leaving for the winter to visit in his home in Minneapolis, and will later take postgraduate work in Chicago and New York hospitals.

November 28, 1905

Rev. F. J. Hibbard occupied the Pres. Pulpit in Hunter on Sunday last.
Miss Irene Wallace visited with Page friends from Friday until Sunday.
Harry Mosher, wife and daughter spent Sunday with relatives at Rose Valley.
Mrs. Arkoum returned on Wed. from an extended visit with friends from Penn.
Not school bells, not church bells, but Wedding Bells. Report next week.
A number of the boys brought turkeys home from the raffle south of town Friday evening.
Geo. Grant and Harry Mosher were visitors at the county hub on Tuesday. Harry just went along.
Arthur Mosher left for St. Paul a week ago Tuesday where he is visiting with his brother and sister.
The new train service began on Monday. We now have a train each way every day during the week.
Mrs. F. J. Hibbard and babies returned on Wed. morning's train from several days with relatives in Fargo.
A number of Erie people went to Page on Saturday evening to see "The Girl from Sweden." Reports say that she was a bad actor.
Nelson Bingham's new house is nearing completion. He expects to move into it about the 10th of next month. (This will make room for others.)

November 30, 1905

The Aug. Bolmeier family drove to Casselton on Thursday.
Arthur Mosher returned from his St. Paul visit on Friday morning.
Thanksgiving sermons were preached in both churches last Sunday.
P. Stuart and wife left on Sunday for a visit with Mr. Stuart's parents in Canada.
The M. E. Ladies' Aid Society held a special meeting on Saturday afternoon with the president Mrs. Ankrum.
James Parker, who has been living with Fred Mosher and coming to town to school, will make his home with Mrs. Bollis this winter.
It is reported that a young couple who went to Hunter of Friday night wished that there were more roads running into that town. It was so dark that they could not see the north star and had difficulty in locating themselves. However they discovered that by driving in a southerly direction they would reach their destination.
A. Bingham, who has been working on his brother's new house, left for S. D. on Saturday.
The aged father of C. Meyers died Sunday morning. Remains were interred at Hunter.
Ray Delamater left last Tuesday for his home in Pennsylvania, where he will spend the winter.
Our Degree of Honor team went to Hunter on Friday to assist in the installation of a new class at that place.
F. J. Hibbard had a cellar dug and a floor laid last week, preparatory to building a new house next spring.
The M. E. Ladies' Aid Society will give their annual supper and fair in the Workman hall, on Fri. December 15.
Grant-Cameron. On Wednesday, Nov. 22nd, George Grant, son of Wm. Grant, and Miss Fanny Cameron, daughter of R. K. Cameron, were united in marriage at the home of the bride's parents. At exactly three o'clock the ceremony was performed before a company of about forty friends and relatives. Rev. Holzinger officiating. Robt. Grant acting as best man and Miss Lizzie Cameron as bride's maid. Immediately after the ceremony the company sat down to a bountiful supper. Mr. and Mrs. Grant were the recipients of many beautiful and useful presents. Mr. Grant being agent for the Cargill Elevator Co., they will make their home in Erie. They have the best wishes of the people of Erie.

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