Erie Etchings
1907 Hunter Herald

January 3, 1907

Mrs. Wilson and children of Dickinson, N. D. is visiting her mother Matthies.
Mr. and Mrs. N. Bingham and son are visiting in Minneapolis.
Misses Emma and Hulda Schroeder are at home for the holidays.
Mrs. Hibbard and daughter of Carrington, N. D. is spending the holidays at Mr. F. J. Hibbards.
Mrs. W. S. Whitman of Grand Forks is in town.
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. McKee of Fargo are visiting relatives and friends in town and vicinity.
Miss Cameron entertained a number of her friends to dinner Friday evening.
Miss Agness Powlison of Hunter is the guest of Florence Sampson.
Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Rutherford of Page spent Xmas with Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Rutherford.
Miss Emma Bolmeier is home from Fargo where she has been attending college.
There is a petition in circulation for the erection of a new school building.
Mrs. Harry Bowman of LaMoure, N. D. is visiting her mother, Mrs. Kerr.
Mrs. J. B. Clapp, Synodical S. S. Missionary preached in the Presbyterian church Sunday morning.
Mrs. Dr. Coffin has her mother and sister of Minneapolis visiting with her.
As many young people as a four horse team could handle drove up from Rose Valley Thursday to visit Mr. and Mrs. E. L. and Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Mosher.
The children of Erie gave a very successful entertainment in the I. O. U. W. hall Xmas eve. The program was carried out from start to finish to the entire satisfaction of the large audience which filled the hall to the doors. At the close of the progam Mr. Hibbard in behalf of the Presbyterian congregation presented to Miss Tina Beith a purse of money as a small token of their appreciation of her valuable services as organist in church and Sunday school. After this the presents were distributed.

January 24, 1907

There is snow in Erie.
Mrs. Wm. Grant is in Canada spending the winter.
Miss Maud Goodall is also sojourning in the east for the winter.
The ladies of the M. E. church are to give a box social in the near future.
Mr. E. L. Mosher will have a sale in the spring and it is reported that he is to give up farming.
It is rumored that this summer will witness an unprecedented amount of building in our village.
Carl Nelson, Henry Hill, Harry Nutting, Wm. Grant, R. B. Morrow, were in Fargo this week attending court.
Mr. and Mrs. N. Bingham have returned from Minneapolis, where they spent the holidays with Mr. Bingham's mother.
The Degree of Honor held a public installation of officers last Thursday night, after which an elaborate supper was served and the public pronounced them royal entertainers.
Blackbirds and sparrows have left this country, because the Erie Hardware & Implement Co. of Erie is selling the farmers' Monitor Drills, and they leave no seed uncovered.
Mrs. L. B. Hibbard is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Hibbard and will spend a couple of months before leaving for Berkeley, California where she and her daughters will take up their residence in the spring.
The creamery has been rented for a term of years by Messrs Herman Schroeder and Hans Jensen, who will run a mill in connection with it. They are now engaged in filling their ice house by pumping water in it and allowing it to freeze.

February 7, 1907

Stock for Sale

Two teams work horses, one span mules, driving horses broke and unbroken. Will sell them right and guarantee them. I will purchase a DeLaval or Empire secondhand separator. Sam Mechtel, Erie, N. D.

February 14, 1907

Mr. N. Bingham is in So. Dakota making a short visit at the home of two of his brothers.
Mr. James Hill who has been on the sick list for the past week is now able to be out again.
Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Mosher are spending a few days at the home of Mrs. Mosher's father in Rose Valley.
Mrs. L. B. Hibbard who has been a guest for the last few weeks at the home of F. J. Hibbard left for St. Paul on Friday.
It is reported over here that the ground hog got wise and did not show up on Feb. 2nd. He surely was foolish if he did.
The box social held in the Hall last week under the auspices of the M. E. Ladies was a great success when the cold weather is taken into consideration.
Mr. Sam Gould has begun work at the Hardware store, where he will be found for the next year and is prepared to do all kinds of expert machinist work.
At the special school election held in Erie on Jan. 29th, a vote was taken upon the proposition of bonding the district in the sum of $8,000 for a new school house. The vote stood 51 for and 5 against the bonds. Arrangements are therefore already being made to get an early start in the spring on the new school house building.

February 21, 1907

Wants more Alimony

A motion was argued before Judge Pollock in district court chambers Monday in which Mrs. Mosher asked for $300 more alimony for attorney fees and expense of taking the divorce case to a higher court. The case was taken under advisement. Alfred Mosher, a wealthy farmer of Erie, secured a divorce from his young wife, a former Casselton nurse, several months ago, and the case was appealed to the supreme court and the sum of $325 was allowed Mrs. Mosher for expense in connection with the appeal. The motion Monday was to secure an additional $300.-Call.
Stock for Sale

Two teams of work horses, one span mules, driving horses broke and unbroken. Will sell them right and guarantee them. I will purchase a DeLaval or Empire secondhand separator.
Sam Mechtel, Erie, N. D.

March 7, 1907

Silver Wedding

The following clipping from the Ward County Independent has refernece to the respected parents of Mrs. Levi Thompson, who are old residents of this vicinity:
Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Atherton of Tatman township celebrated their silver wedding Thursday evening, Feb. 14, which also happened to be Mrs. Atherton's sixty-seventh birthday. Their daughter, Mrs. A. B. Crandall, sent out invitations to their friends, surprising the worthy couple. Twenty people enjoyed the afternoon.
J. E. Ellsberry was present with his phonograph and rendered over a hundred interesting selections. Mrs. Martin Englebretson brought a handsomely decorated bride's cake. The couple were presented with fifty-one silver dollars, which goes to show in what high esteem they are held by their neighbors. The following is a list of the donors:
Mrs. L. L. Harris, Mrs. Emma Barnes, Fred and Charles Harris, L. L. Harris, Boston; Mr. and Mrs. N. N. Patterson, Osage, Ia.; Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Atherton, Osage, Ia.; Miss Linda Moe, Sheyenne, Minn.; S. O. Moe and family, St. Ansgar, Ia.; A. B. Crandell, A. B. Wilson, Minot; Geo. Hoover, Glenburn; Mr. and Mrs. McLachlin, Mr. and Mrs. McMullen, Hunter, N. D.; C. L. Thompson and family, Hunter, N. D.; silver barspoon, Mr. Walton and family, Glenburn, silver pickle caster, Mr. and Mrs. M. Inglebretson, Lynch, silver berry spoon; Charles Alma and Charles Lacy, Minot, silver gravy ladle; I. Inglebretson, Lynch, silver jelly spoon; Mr. Ellsberry and family, Glenburn.

March 14, 1907 Carl Nelson made a flying trip to Fargo this week.
E. L. Mosher expects to soon take up his residence in Erie.
Mrs. Wm. Grant and Miss Maud Goodall returned from Canada last Friday.
The baseball benefit held in the hall last week was one of the pleasantest parties of the season.
The Masons of Erie are holding regular meetings now with a view to organization in the spring.
The Erie Hardware and Implement Co. has just completed the excavation for their basement under the store.
Wm. Mollins, son of John Mollins, was taken to Fargo Monday night to be operated upon for appendicitis.
The P. Stewart Mercantile Co's. store has been beautified recently with a new steel ceiling and new paint, making it a very attractive place.
Paul Willert is wearing the smile that won't come off and is introducing all his friends to the new Mrs. Willert, and we are all congratulating him.
The social world has been in activity in Erie the last few weeks, Miss Matthews and Mesdames Coffin. Nutting, Bingham and Hibbard having entertained.
Services have been resumed with reference to regularity at the Presbyterian church. Vernon Steenerson, a student from Fargo college having consented to supply the field for the immediate future.
The school board is working overtime trying to decide upon the plans for the new school house. It is expected that a decision will be made soon and that the matter will be up to the contractors in a short time.

March 28, 1907 Auction Sale

One mile east and two miles north of Erie, on Monday, April 1st, at 10 o'clock a. m., the following farm stock and implements: Stallion, coming 3 years old; 3 year old mare colt, gelding, mare with foal, saddle horse, span drivers, 3 and 4 years old; one 2 year old and a yearling colts, span black work horses, grey gelding, bay mare 2 years old, grey mare 6 yrs. old, bay gelding 6 yrs. old, 6 milch cows, fresh this spring; a number of young cattle, McCormick binder, near new; Milwaukee binder, near new; Deering binder, 6 foot, near new; 4 horse disc, 2 narrow tired wagons with racks, mower, drag, Belia City feed cutter, new; 6 set work harness in good shape, a quantity of seed barley and oats.
Lunch served at noon and teams fed. Usual terms. This will be a good opportunity for those wishing to secure good stock.
Ross Bro's, Acut's., Sam Mechtel, Prop.

April 4, 1907

Everett Bingham has been very ill for the past few days but is much improving.
It seems an assured fact that we are to have a new bank building this summer.
The hunters are busy overtime these days in a futile attempt to bag the “honkers.” Herman Schroeder is now installed in the St. A. & D. Elevator having succeeded Mr. Guest.
Mrs. F. J. Hibbard and the children are in Fargo spending a week or two with her parents.
Rev. Stenerson did not arrive last week and there was no preaching in the Presbyterian church.
Measles have been the order of the day in Erie for a week or two but they are disappearing now.
Malcolm Bingham leaves for Ambrose this week where his claim is and his brothers are located.
Wm. Mullins is back from St. John's hospital where he was operated upon for appendicitis and is feeling fine.
The daughter of Rev. Hart, the pastor of the M. E. church is very ill with a malady which baffles the medical fraternity of Fargo.
We are much pleased with the proposed change or consolidation of the telephone systems whereby we have connections with the Hunter line.
The bonds for the new school house have been accepted and the bids for the building will be opened on the 22nd of April at the clerk's office in Erie.
Herbert Guest, one of the old timers of Erie will soon leave with his family for Oregon. The continued ill health of his family makes it necessary to seek a climate that may be better adapted to them. We shall sorely miss them from our midst and the entire community unites in wishing them prosperity in their new home.

April 18, 1907

Shares Purchased

W. H. Simmons Purchases the Interests of J. H. Gale in the Disc Grader & Plow Co.
W. H. Simmons, who has been identified with the Disc Grader & Plow Co., of Hunter, for the past year and a half, purchased this week from J. H. Gale his entire interests in the above company. The consideration which is considerable has not been given to the public. Mr. Gale, who acted as secretary and treasurer, could not attend to all the business duties devolving upon him, hence the selling of the stock in the Grader Co. At a meeting held this week Mr. Simmons was elected secretary and treasurer. The Company although young has made a remarkable business showing and is highly gratified at their success, and we are informed that the business will be pushed with more vigor than ever.
New Phones

A number of changes have been made and telephones put in by the telephone Co. since the cards were issued a few months ago, and are as follows:
R. W. Mitchell, res. 43
L. Kiest, res. 70
Fred Powlison, res. 5
Mrs. Church, res. 51
F. M. Brown, res. 65
Ed. Spare, res. 76
Jos. Sayer, res. 59
J. H. Brockway, res. 19
T. J. Frank, res. 56-3
L. Turner, restaurant 18
J. H. McCormick, restaurant 74
D. G. Rutherford, harness shop 47
T. J. Farnk, Mill 56-2

Farm Lines
N. E. Cain, farm 203-5S
C. Peterson, farm 205-2S 11
Ed. Hudson, No. 2 farm 205-1S 34
Alex Kennedy,, farm 202-4S 11
W. H. Fisk, farm No. 12
Walter Muir, farm206-1S 11
G. N. Hotel, Gardner 207-1S 11
Commercial Hotel, Gardner 207-1S 11

May 2, 1907 Duntley-Elliott

One of the prettiest weddings ever seen in Grandin occurred at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Duntley, Wednesday evening, April 24th, 1907, when their daughter Ida Imogene was married to James A. Elliott, of New England, N. D. The wedding party descended the stairs to the strains of Lohengrin's wedding march, Miss Florence Taber presiding at the piano. The groom and best man, Gordon McGauvran, preceded the party, waiting at the arch of cedar for the bride and bridesmaid who entered a few minutes later. The bride looked lovely in her dainty dress of white banzai silk, trimmed with point lace, and carried a shower bouquet of white carnations. The bridesmaid, Miss Mabel Elliott, was charming in a gown of white net, and carried pink carnations. The marriage ceremony was read by Rev. L. D. Cook, of Hunter, the ring service being used. Immediately after the ceremony a coursed luncheon was served. The happy couple left under showers of rice and best wishes, on the evening train for their home in New England. They were accompanied as far as Fargo by a number of their friends. Many beautiful and costly gifts were received. The out of town guests were, Miss Mary Nelson, of Colorado Springs; Miss Bessie Emery, of Grand Forks; Dr. McLean, of Excelsior, Minn.; Mrs. E. W. Hulbert, Miss Edna Hulbert, Mrs. Diemert, and Miss Blanche Sim, of Fargo, Mr. McMullen and Miss McMullen, of Hunter, Miss McMurchy, of Harwood; Miss Thom and Mr. Gordon McGauvran, of Grand Forks and Mr. Geo. Pratt of Binford, N. D.

October 17, 1907 Auction Sale

I am retiring from farming and will sell at the Powlison farm, four miles N. W. of Erie on Monday, Oct. 21st the following property.
20 head of horses, 27 head of cattle, 15 head work horses, 1 pair drivers, good single driver 4 yrs. old, 1 pair colts 2 and 3 yr. old, 27 head cattle including 12 milch cows, 14 head young cattle, full blood Durham bull 3 yrs. old, 3 gang plows, 3 top buggies, spring wagon, Champion mower, Deering hay rake, 4 grain wagons and tanks, 8 wide tire wagons and hay racks, truck wagon, 2 McCormick binders, reaper, corn binder, 2 horse cultivators, Monitor double disc drill, four horse harrow, garden seeder, 10 sets work harness, set double driving harness, single harness and all my household furniture. Sale commences at 10 a. m. Lunch served and teams fed. Usual terms.
Ross Bros., Auct's; A. L. Powlison, Prop.

November 14, 1907

Everybody enjoyed the dance here Friday the 15th inst.
The Dows family has moved to Grand Forks for the winter.
The Social Club will give another dance Saturday evening Nov. 30.
Miss Minnie Jenkins is again teaching “the young idea how to shoot.” S. M. Olson, our druggist, spent Sunday with relatives and friends at Portland.
Arthur Nelson left the first of this week for Fargo to resume his studies at the business college.
Miss Hulda Schroeder, our popular intermediate teacher, went to Fargo for a few days last week.
Christy Morrow and Wm. Mullins went (?) to Spokane, Wash., last week. No! We heard they did.
The sports of Erie, with the hounds were out last week and brought back a fox. We haven't heard whether it was bought or caught.

December 12, 1907 Arthur Mosher is recovering from a recent illness.
Merchants here say that the financial flurry injured business, somewhat.
The A. O. U. W. lodge will give their 14th annual ball in their hall here Friday, Dec. 20th.
Rob. Grant, who sustained a broken leg in a wolf hunt some time ago is reported to be doing nicely and will soon be out again.
H. C. Jenson has returned from a visit to his old home at Milbank, S. D. Mrs. Jenson who accompanied him there will remain a short time longer.
The sympathy of the whole community is extended to John Fowler and family in the loss of wife and mother. She was buried at Erie Sunday at 2 p. m.
Messrs. Churchill, Bell, McIntyre and Everett Churchill of Casselton came up with a pack of hounds one day last week and with Erie friends started on a wolf hunt. They succeeded in starting up two wolves and after an exciting chase both wolves were caught. The party report great sport in the hunt.
About two weeks ago a robe was stolen from a buggy in front of the livery barn. Suspicion was later fastened upon a certain young man-a transient here. He was apprehended, confessed and sentenced to a short term in the county jail-as an object lesson. We are glad and congratulate the community that he was a nonresident.
December 26, 1907

Roy and Bessie Delamater spent Xmas in Fargo.
As we write, it snows-for Santa Claus benefit-presumably.
The annual A. O. U. W. ball was a very successful and pleasant event.
Mrs. U. G. Miller left recently to visit friends in Iowa, at her old home.
Miss Emma Matthews is at present a patient at St. John's hospital, Fargo.
Carl Nelson spent a few days the past week in Fargo and Winnipeg on business.
Mr. and Mrs. A. O. Burgess left last week for Ontario, where they will spend the winter.
Arthur Nelson is home from Fargo, where he has been attending school, to spend the holidays.
Homer Delamater is improving rapidly from an operation for the removal of trouble of some relic of our habits of long ago-the appendix. He is at St. John's hospital in Fargo.
Mr. and Mrs. Hudson, of Hunter, attended the A. O. U. W. annual ball here last Friday. Let more of the young people from Hunter attend our social functions. We are always pleased to meet you.

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