Erie Etchings 1908 Hunter Herald

Erie Etchings 1908 Hunter Herald

Jas. E. Hill visited Wahpeton last week.

Miss Ethel Hill is visiting friends at Absaraka.

Willis Hill expects to move to Erie soon to live.

Attend to your own business, it requires your whole attention.

Mrs. Matthews and her daughter Emma are soon to leave for the west.

The Degree of Honor will give a dance, Feb. 7th. Let everybody come.

Miss Katie Nelson is at present indisposed-we hope she will soon recover.

Messrs. Bacon and Jenkins will take possession of the livery barn next week.

Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Delamater entertained at euchre last week. All present report a very pleasant time.

Carl Nelson, E. A. Wilson and J. E. Hill were in Fargo the first of the week looking after H. L. Hill's interest in the shrine.

February 6, 1908

Mrs. H. L. Hill visited in Fargo last week.

Mrs. C. B. Warner is again giving lessons to her pupils.

Bacom and Jenkins are now in the livery and dray business here.

T. J. Sampson paid a visit to his son, Robert, last week who attends school in Fargo.

With good care Henry Hill will recover from the strenuous experience of last week.

The sociable at Nelson Bingham's last week was well attended. Everybody had a good time.

Our veterinary surgeon, Geo. H. Smith, was ill a few days last week. He has been reported better lately.

May 7, 1908

Will C. Brown, of Page, is in Erie this week tuning pianos.

Miss Emma Mathews is spending the week in Grand Forks.

The M. E. Ladies Aid met with Mrs. Nutting Wednesday.

Mrs. Willis Hill is on the sick list this week with an attack of quinsy.

Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Mosher and little son visited at Welcome Valley last week.

Mr. Jacobson of Hope is in town this week looking after our telephone interests here.

F. L. Delamater is having his house painted. Mr. Mechtel is also having his town house painted.

Mr. Miller is having an addition built onto his home here this week, also having some papering done.

May 14, 1908 Mrs. Mathews is having her house painted this week.

H. L. Parker was a Wheatland and Fargo visitor Friday and Saturday.

The Presbyterian Aid met with Miss Bessie Delamater last Wednesday afternoon.

Work is well underway on the foundation of Willis Hill's new house and barn in town.

Will Brown of Page was through here this week on his way east of Arthur where he had some pianos to tune.

Mrs. Paul Willert's father, Mr. Johnson of Page, is visiting at her home here the past couple of weeks.

Miss Kate Cameron and Mrs. Jim Hill left Monday to attend the Grand Lodge of the Degree of Honor held in Grand Forks this week.

Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Delamater gave a small party last Thursday night in honor of Rev. and Mrs. Haden who are leaving the field here soon.

May 21, 1908

Mrs. Jim Hill is a Minot visitor this week.

Jim Beith is painting his residence this week.

Miss Laura Hill is spending a few days in Fargo.

Philip Schroeder is building an addition to his house this week.

August Bolmeier took a car load of hogs to the Twin Cities this week.

Rev. and Mrs. Hayden and baby left Erie last Tuesday for the west.

Crops are looking fine here now and the abundant moisture is causing a rapid growth. Seeding will be a thing of the past here in a few days.

The M. E. Ladies Aid met with Mrs. H. W. Mosher last Wednesday p. m.

T. J. Sampson and daughter Miss Florence were Hunter visitors last week.

Mrs. Fredericks and children who have been visiting Mrs. N. Bingham returned to Buffalo this week.

Fred Bolmeier and Billy Schroeder went to Clifford Tuesday to commence their summer work of painting.

Mrs. Hadwin, of Roseburg, Ore., daughter of Mrs. Bullis, and Mrs. Lorell Hadwin, arrived here last Thursday to visit Mrs. Bullis.

Miss Kate Cameron and Mrs. Jim Hill attended Grand Lodge in Grand Forks last week. We are pleased to note that Miss Cameron received the distinction of being elected Grand Chief of Honor.

Last Sunday night while driving to his home from Erie, R. B. Morrow's horses became frightened at the approaching storm and in order to better hold the animals he wound the lines around his hands and, going over a rough place in the road, the buggy broke and the front axle pulled out, letting the top down over Mr. Morrow and before he could disengage his hands from the lines his face and neck were torn and bruised quite badly. The accident happened near his home, and at last accounts he was getting along nicely.

Mrs. Bullis returned from a sanitarium in Fargo last Saturday, Mrs. Nutting and her granddaughter Mrs. Woolin, also a nurse. Mrs. Lewis accompanying her. She is not as well as her friends would like to see her.

Grandma Cuthbertson, who was visiting her daughter, Mrs. Donald McLain, while out in the barn fell half way down the stairs Monday of last week and remained unconscious until Wednesday when she passed away. The funeral was held Friday afternoon from the old home at Absaraka. The family and friends have the sincere sympathy of their acquaintances.

May 28, 1908

O. B. Grey of Page was an Erie visitor Saturday.

The town is fixing up the sidewalks the past week.

Mr. Paul Willert is just getting over an attack of tonsillitis.

Miss Thayer was also a Fargo visitor the first of the week.

T. Punton and Alex Moug of Ayr were Erie visitors Saturday.

Elmer Ferguson has purchased a fine new carriage from Bingham Bros.

Mr. and Mrs. Herman Willert and baby visited at Paul Willert's over Sunday.

Miss Ethel Hill and Miss Lottie Allen were Fargo visitors Monday and Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Mosher and little son visited over Sunday at Wheatland with E. Q. Powlison.

Erie and Ayr juvenile ball teams played ball here Saturday afternoon. The game was a walk away for the Erie youngsters, the score being 7 to 27 in favor of Erie.

Our school closed here Friday night and the young people gave Miss Thayer a pleasant surprise party, especially was the six mile wagon ride enjoyed by all and the refreshments that were served at Mrs. Bingham's afterwards.

June 4, 1908

Miss May Morrow has been spending the past week with Mrs. Burgess.

E. C. Midgley of Wheatland N. D. was in Erie last Thursday afternoon.

The Bingham Bros. have been improving their hardware buildings with a new coat of paint.

The Ladies' Aid of the M. E. church met with Mrs. E. L. Mosher last Wednesday afternoon.

Mrs. Lewis who has been taking care of Mrs. Bullis the last few weeks returned to Fargo Thursday accompanied by Mrs. Melting who spent a few days of this week in Fargo.

Mr. Burgess is having his house here completely remodeled. Another story is being added and it will be quite an improvement and add greatly to the looks of the place.

Last Tuesday afternoon our baseball team went to Page to play ball and won the games. Our boys are making a good reputation for themselves and the town. They are a good gentlemanly bunch of boys who are noted for their peaceable dispositions and are willing to play a good square game of ball.

C. J. Parker was an Erie visitor last Friday. Paul Cook of Page also was here Friday afternoon to watch the game between Ayr and Erie. Ayr's team was composed of Ayr, Minne Lake and Casselton men and were in for a scrap but after forfeiting the game once, went back and played it out-and won.

June 11, 1908

Wm. Grant was a Casselton visitor Friday.

Mrs. George Kelly of Page is visiting Erie friends this week.

Miss Rose Grant spent the past week in Mandan, visiting her sister and family.

Charlie Parker and Carr Joseph of Piper City, Ill., were Erie visitors Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hill are enjoying a few days fishing in Minnesota this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Bingham and little son Everet went to Minnesota Saturday for a few days fishing.

Crops are looking fine around here now. The abundant moisture and cool weather sending them right to the front.

There was a hard wind storm here last Friday night, among other damage done near here it destroyed Duge Johnson's barn.

The Presbyterian ladies aid met with Miss Lizzie Cameron last Wednesday. It is needless to say that all who attended had a fine time.

Saturday the Arthur boys came over to play ball with the Erie team and won. The score stood 1 to 8 in Arthur's favor, it was a fine game and well played and the Arthur team made many friends by their gentlemanly actions while here and on the diamond.

June 18, 1908

Mrs. Hadwin returned to the coast last Thursday.

Mrs. Dave Goodall is visiting in Canada just now.

Will Brown of Page was an Erie visitor Friday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Powlison were Erie visitors Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Woolwin returned to Bowbells last Thursday.

Miss Emma Matthews and Miss May Delamater were Hunter visiting Wednesday.

Mr. Allen has started work on their new barn. It will be a commodious structure.

Charlie Meyers has started on the foundation of a house on the old Allan Powlison place.

The farmers met last Saturday afternoon and organized a Farmers Elevator Company here.

Rev. Hunter, of Fargo, preached a fine sermon in the Presbyterian church Sunday morning.

Miss Gertrude Stowers left for St. Paul Saturday but visits a few days in Fargo with Miss Mayer.

The return game of ball that Erie played at Arthur last Friday was a fine one the score being 1 to 0 in favor of Arthur.

The Wheatland ball team played ball here Tuesday afternoon and defeated the Erie team, several Wheatlandites were present to witness the game.

The entertainment given in the hall by the Brose Co. last Wednesday night was enjoyed by all who attended and there was a goodly number out, too.

Last Wednesday the M. E. Ladies Aid met with Ms. Wallace Hill and decided to have an ice cream and strawberry and cake social next Saturday night in the church. All are cordially welcome.

The 4th will be celebrated in Erie this year as never before. $400 is offered in purses and there will be something doing from early morning to late at night. The program of the day will start at 8:30 with a calithumpian parade. There will be room for all. Come.

June 25, 1908

Rev. Hunter, of Fargo, preached in the Presbyterian church Sunday.

Miss Emma Matthews has been quite sick with neuralgia the past few days.

Next Sunday the children of the M. E. church have charge of the services as it is their children's day.

Mrs. Nelson Bingham arrived from Tower City last Sunday where she had been visiting for a few days.

Mrs. and Mrs. T. J. Sampson are rejoicing over the arrival of another boy in the family which came last Thursday, and it is a fine big fellow.

The ice cream and strawberry social given by the Ladies Aid of the M. E. church last Saturday night was a success in every way, netting the ladies a fine profit for their evening's work.

Miss Kate Cameron returned from a short visit to Fargo Sunday morning. She accompanied her mother to Fargo on the mother's way to visit relatives in Canada.

July 2, 1908

Mr. and Mrs. Wall Hill were Wheatland visitors last Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Mosher and family were Page visitors last Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Willert and little daughter visited in Page the first of the week.

August Bolmeier and daughter, Miss Emma, were Galesburg visitors Tuesday.

Mrs. Church and daughters, Hattie and Beryl, visited at the Sampson farm over Sunday.

The Presbyterian Ladies' Aid met with Mrs. Louie Schroeder last Wednesday afternoon. All report a fine time.

Last Sunday was children's day in the M. E. church here. There was a fair sized attendance and the exercises passed off fine, all doing well and a goodly collection was raised.

Quite a number of our people went to Wheatland last Friday to see the game of ball between the Wheatland and Erie teams, which resulted in favor of the former club 4 to 3.

July 16, 1908

The women are all busy picking currants these days.

Mrs. Bolmeier and baby are visiting her sister in Gardner this week.

Mrs. Jim McKee and little daughter of Fargo are visiting relatives here this week.

We need rain here quite badly and everyone is hoping to see a downpour soon.

The ladies of the M. E. Ladies' Aid will give a raspberry and ice cream social next Saturday evening here in town.

Mr. and Mrs. Willis Hill and Mr. and Mrs. Nels Bingham left for a few days visit in Minneapolis last Saturday night.

Mr. and Mrs. Vodden and young son Roy, also Mr. and Mrs. Tustan of Argusville were visitors to our town last Saturday and Sunday.

Last Saturday night the ladies of the Presbyterian Ladies Aid gave an ice cream and strawberry social on Jim Hill's lawn. They realized a fine sum for their evening's work.

July 23, 1908

Miss Laura Hill is spending the week at home on a visit.

Mr. Jake Lehman is having a bunk house built this week.

Mr. Harrington had a kitchen built onto his home last week.

Dr. Coffin returned from a short business trip near Bowbells, last Sunday.

Quite a number of our people intend going to the State Fair at Fargo, this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Donald McLain are rejoicing over the arrival of a fine baby boy.

Mrs. Burgess, who has been on the sick list the past week, is slowly improving.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hudson of Hunter visited relatives here Saturday and Sunday.

Henry Schroeder is spending a few days at home visiting, and we are all glad to welcome Henry back amongst us again.

A Mr. Meyers gave an interesting talk in the hall here Friday night in behalf of the farmer's equity and founded a society here.

During the severe electric storm here last Wednesday night, the Farmer's elevator caught fire, but was quickly put out by the men of the town.

Mr. Charlie Meyers, an old resident here, was quietly married in Minneapolis last week. He and his wife gave a large dinner party to their friends and relatives last Sunday.

Last Saturday night the Ladies' Aid of the M. E. church gave a raspberry and ice cream social on Willis Hill's lawn and realized over $20 to the good, which is doing nicely for this time of the year.

July 30, 1908

Barley harvest is on in this vicinity.

Mr. Warmington is building a granary on his farm west of town.

Mr. and Mrs. Willis Hill and family were Galesburg visitors Saturday.

Mrs. Burke returned from a few weeks visit at Portland, N. D., last Wednesday.

Quite a number of our Erie people attended the State Fair last week and report a fine time.

Last Thursday Henry Senn arrived in Erie from Wisconsin where he was married the week before. Mr. Senn brought his bride with him and they are going to reside in the Mosher building just north of the Mosher and Nutting store. Their friends here extend hearty good wishes to the young couple in their future journey through life.

Last Wednesday evening there was a quiet wedding at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schroeder when their daughter Miss Hulda was united in marriage to Mr. Rice, our genial depot agent here. They went right to housekeeping in the rooms back of the depot and many are the good wishes expressed by their numerous friends for their future welfare and happiness.

August 6, 1908

Dr. Coffin was a Fargo visitor Saturday.

Mosher Brothers expect to thresh barley Tuesday.

Mr. Henry Senn made a business trip to Page Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Powers are getting settled in their new home.

Mr. Allen is renovating their house and improving it in fine shape.

Miss Gertrude Stowers returned from summer school in St. Paul Saturday.

The Presbyterian Ladies Aid met with Mrs. McCloud last Wednesday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mosher and baby were visiting relatives in Wheatland Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. A. Mosher of Minneapolis are visiting relatives and friends in Erie this week.

Mrs. Leonard Delamater and Mrs. Frank Delamater visited with Mrs. George Grant one afternoon last week.

The funeral services over the infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Pete Nelson was held here Monday and the little body was laid to rest in the Erie cemetery by loving friends. The sympathy of all is extended to Mr. and Mrs. Nelson and family.

August 20, 1908 Mrs. Paul Willert was a Page visitor one day last week.

The Standard Oil man of Hunter was in Erie on Monday.

The M. E. Ladies' Aid meets with Mrs. Nutting next Wednesday.

Mr. Keys and Mr. Paul Cook were over from Page one day last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Mosher spent Monday in Hunter renewing old acquaintances.

Miss Emma Schroeder and Miss Emma Bolmeier are attending summer school in Fargo at present.

Mrs. Wilde and daughter left Monday night. They have been visiting the former's mother Mrs. Mathews.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Rutherford who have spent the last couple of months in Winnipeg, Can., are also visiting friends and relatives near here.

Wm. Schroeder an old time resident here but who has been spending the summer in the west, returned Friday to run the threshing engine for Schroeder Bros.

Mrs. Bullis left for a visit to Bowbells, N. Dak., last Thursday evening. She was accompanied all the way by her nurse Miss Vistonan, of Fargo, and as far as Valley City by Mr. and Mrs. Nutting.

September 3, 1908

Mr. and Mrs. Ries are rejoicing over the arrival of a young son which came to them Saturday.

Mr. Herman Schroeder called Dr. Scanlon of Page in Friday to see their baby which is on the sick list.

The Presbyterian Ladies Aid met with Mrs. Bingham and Mrs. Miller at the latter's home here Wednesday afternoon.

During the storm here Saturday morning lightning killed a team of fine young horses of Mr. Mollins and stunned him and another team of horses in the same barn.

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Delamater left Thursday for a long visit to the G. A. R. encampment at Toledo, Ohio, then on to Pennsylvania to visit a son and daughter who reside there and whom they have not seen for fifteen years.

Threshing is on now and everybody is busy but the machine men hate to see the recent storms as it lets the men who are so disposed, get to town and make trouble by helping get rid of the liquor that is mysteriously shipped in and then rows are the order of the day.

September 24, 1908

The M. E. Ladies Aid met with Mrs. H. W. Mosher last Wednesday.

Mrs. Nelson Bingham visited her sister who lives at Alice, last week.

Mrs. Johnson is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Paul Willert, this week.

Miss May Delamater is home again after a two week's visit in the country.

Our school is in full swing now and all seem pleased with the good work being done so far.

Quite a number of threshing rigs have pulled in around here, the weather has been so favorable this fall that quick work has been the result in this vicinity.

Frank Williams of Minneapolis, who owns property here, has been here the past few weeks looking after his business interests, left for his home Wednesday evening.

Ralph Burgess and Wesley Bolmeier are again able to be out after a slight spell of sickness.

October 1, 1908

Mrs. Wm. Grant was an Arthur visitor Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hill visited relatives in Wheatland this week.

H. W. Mosher and Harley Parker went down to Welcome Valley last week and brought up the Mosher Bros. threshing outfit.

Mrs. W. J. Mitchell and son of Fargo were Erie visitors Thursday.

Miss Emma Matthews and Mrs. F. L. Delamater were Hunter visitors Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Goodall's baby that has been on the sick list is getting along nicely now.

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Powlison of Wheatland visited here Sunday and Monday with relatives.

Miss Myrtle Baker and aunt, Mrs. Peterson of Buffalo, were visiting relatives and transacting business in Erie Wednesday.

Mrs. Walker Thompson has been getting the Presbyterian parsonage ready for occupancy and they expect to move in soon and give the children a chance to go to school.

November 5, 1908

Strayed. Strayed from my farm the latter part of September, a red spring bull with a ring in one of his ears. Send information to Sam Mechtel, Erie, N. D.

November 19, 1908

Dr. Coffin has purchased a new automobile.

E. A. Wilson drove to Arthur one day last week.

Willie Collins spent Sunday at his home in Page.

Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Meyers went to Fargo Tuesday.

Mr. Morrison of Ayr was a caller in town last Friday.

Rob Grant took a trip to Casselton one day last week.

August Bolmeier shipped a car of stock to St. Paul last week.

Clara Schroeder and Miss Dande drove to Galesburg last week.

Ed. Vail left for his home in southern Minnesota last week.

Carl Nelson went to Fargo last Monday to spend a couple of days.

A dance was held in the hall Wednesday evening. Finley orchestra.

J. E. Hill went to Fargo Tuesday to serve as a witness in district court.

E. L. Dows and family have moved to Grand Forks to spend the winter.

Mrs. Needham drove to Wheatland Friday to go to Fargo to visit friends.

Carl Schroeder expects to leave in a few days for S. Dak. to visit friends.

The Presbyterian Ladies' Aid served a supper in the hall Friday evening.

Miss Lande of Page has been staying with Clara Schroeder for a few days.

Malcolm Bingham left Tuesday for South Dakota where he expects to stay for a couple of weeks.

E. L. Mosher has been on the sick list but at the latest reports he is getting along fine.

Harley Parker left Friday for Fargo where he is at present working at the carpenter trade.

James Needham went to Fargo Tuesday to serve as a witness in district court.

Fick Shil of Page is putting in a steam and hot water plant in Willis Hill's new residence.

Frank Powers and Chas. Standard left Tuesday to spend a few weeks in northern Minnesota.

Mr. Gagnan from Page was in town the last part of the week digging a well for Willis Hill.

Clyde North left for northern Minnesota last Wednesday where he expects to spend his time in hunting.

A party of young people was entertained by Katherine and Priscilla Warner last Friday evening. All report a good time.

Richard Harvey arrived from Fargo a few days ago to work for C. Bacom. Mr. Harvey spent part of his summer here.

Miss Katherine Stewart of Wayburn, Canada, is visiting friends and relatives here. She expects to leave for her home in a few days.

Dr. and Mrs. Coffin returned Friday from Minneapolis where they visited friends and attended the Wisconsin-Minnesota football game.

E. E. Ferguson returned last week with his bride, a native of Chicago. His many friends have all joined in wishing them both a long and prosperous journey through the vale of life.

A party of young people was entertained at Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Jenkins Monday evening in honor of James' twentieth birthday. Many valuable presents were given and a splendid time is reported by all present.

Henry Senn was a Page visitor Thursday.

Christy Bacom was a Fargo visitor the last of the week.

Arthur Mosher and E. L. Mosher were Page visitors Friday.

Willie Allen left for Fargo Friday to attend school this winter.

Miss Sarah Bacom visited friends and relatives here last week.

There are rumors of several weddings here in the near future.

Jim Needham and James Hill left for Fargo Monday night to serve on the jury.

Miss Amanda and Miss Annie Spitzberger who have been in Erie the past few weeks returned to their home in Minnesota Friday.

Harley Parker who has been engaged in carpenter work around Erie the past year bid good-bye to our town Friday and left for Page.

The Presbyterian Ladies Aid gave their annual bazaar and supper last Friday evening and a neat sum was realized by the ladies for their work.

Elmer Ferguson who left for Chicago Monday evening of last week stated that he would not return alone but would bring back a life partner. He has kept his word and returned Saturday morning with Mrs. Ferguson. A host of his friends surprised the newly married pair the evening of their arrival and as a token of their esteem presented them with two dining chairs, a rocking chair and a bureau. The good wishes of all are extended to Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson in their journey through life.

November 26, 1908 Willie Collins took a trip to Page Sunday evening.

Mrs. James Needham returned from Fargo Saturday.

Wm. Morrow of Hunter was a caller in town Sunday.

Misses Lottie Allen and Susie Morrow were Fargo visitors last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Collins and little daughter were over from Page Sunday.

E. A. Wilson returned Tuesday morning from Fargo where he spent a few days on business.

Herman Bolmeier returned to his home in Montana Monday after making a short visit with his brother Aug. Bolmeier.

Fred Needham returned last week with his bride, a prominent young lady of Ayr. The good wishes of all are extended to Mr. and Mrs. Needham in their long journey through life.

Mr. and Mrs. N. C. Hill and son Lyle returned last Wednesday from a three months visit in Canada. They were accompanied home by Mrs. Hill's mother, Mrs. Phillips.

Mr. Burgess lost a fine tam of driving horses lately. He had driven the team to Casselton and back and left them in the barn, and the next morning both were found dead.

John Cameron returned from Fargo Thursday morning with his bride. A number of his friends met them at the depot with bushels of rice and were taken immediately to their home by Christy Bacom. Cigars were plentiful all day and in the evening all of John's friends enjoyed themselves immensely. Their many friends have all joined in wishing them both a long and prosperous journey through “the vale of life,” and presenting them with a new bedroom suite, set of fancy dishes and some nice silverware. Many other articles too numerous to mention.

December 10, 1908

Mr. and Mrs. Wall Hill moved into town last week.

The Degree of Honor gave their annual dance last Friday night.

Dr. Coffin has a force of men digging a cellar and putting in a foundation for a new residence he intends building.

The Ladies Aid of the M. E. church held a business meeting at Mrs. Jas. Bieth's last Thursday p. m. and decided to have their annual fair and supper Wednesday of this week.

Jack Cameron has had a new home built for himself and bride. Quite a lot of building has been done here this fall. Mosher & Nutting erected a new house on their land near town a short time ago.

J. E. Jenkins was in Fargo one day last week on business.

Arthur Nelson expects to leave soon to attend school at Fargo.

Clyde Morrison and Mr. Griffin of Ayr were callers in town last Friday evening.

Miss Ethel Hill arrived from Chicago last Saturday to spend a short visit at home.

Miss Emma Schroeder returned Monday after a visit with her sister, Mrs. Rice, at Amenia.

Miss Hockridge who is teaching in the W. C. Hill school house spent Thanksgiving at her home near Hunter.

December 17, 1908

D. M. Goodall is visiting in Canada.

T. J. Sampson was a Fargo visitor this week.

Miss Emma Bolmeier spent Sunday in Fargo.

Mrs. Leonard Delamater is on the sick list this week.

Mrs. Tom Burke is spending the week at Mrs. Walter Thompson's.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hill and Miss Ethel Hill were Fargo visitors this week.

Mrs. Henry Schoeder is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Rice, at Amenia this week.

The fair and supper given by the ladies of the M. E. Church was well attended and the Ladies Aid are richer by about $60.00.

John McQuoid of Wheatland is doing some painting for Mr. Wilson this week.

Wallace Hill, Homer Delamater and Mr. Sampson were in Casselton on school business this week.

Wm. Hudson of Welcome Valley is spending the week with his daughters Mrs. E. L. and Mrs. H. W. Mosher.

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