Erie Etchings
1917 Hunter Herald

Erie Etchings 1917 Hunter Herald

March 1, 1917


Wednesday morning Febr. 14 the Village of Erie was saddened by the news of the sudden death of Mrs. James Jenkins.
Madeline Morrow was born in Ireland in 1846. She emigrated to Canada in early girlhood where she resided for ten years. In 1880 she came to North Dakota where she has since made her home.
She married James Jenkins in 1882, of this union came three daughters and one son: Minnie Maud, (Mrs. G. W. Warmington), Sarah C. (Mrs. B. S. Brewer), Susie A. (Mrs. W. R. Keyser), and James Albert. These all reside in, or around, Erie. Other relatives are two brothers, William and Robert Morrow, and three sisters: Mrs. Beacon, of Ireland, Mrs. J. Correll, of Canada, and Mrs. H. B. Morrow, of Erie.
Those who feel most keenly the loss of wife and mother are husband, daughter and son, and four grandchildren. But a wide circle of friends, who have come to know her, will also miss her. She found a place in the hearts of those she met and she had a word of encouragement and a smile and welcome for each one.
She comes of the good old Methodist stock, her mother being a cousin of the eloquent Bishop Simpson of the Methodist Episcopal Church. A few days before her death she told her pastor that she was ready to depart in the faith in the Methodist Church and its doctrine.
Mrs. Jenkins had for many years been a member of the Methodist Church in Erie at which place the funeral service was held Sunday afternoon, Feb. 18. The service was conducted by the pastor Rev. Gust Book, assisted by the Rev. Colvin of the Presbyterian Church.
Special music being rendered by a quartette led by Mrs. H. Nutting. The Church was beautifully decorated with draperies and plants, and many and beautiful were the floral offerings.
A congregation of friends taxed the seating capacity of the Church to the utmost limit, proving the esteem in which she was held by the people of the community. Interment was made in the Erie Cemetery.

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