Erie Etchings
1918 Hunter Herald

January 3, 1918

Erie Pioneer Called by Death

Word was received in Erie last week that Don McLeod, an old resident, had been called by death while spending the winter in search of health. His remains were shipped home, arriving in Casselton Sunday. They were met there by nineteen Masons, who escorted the body to Erie. On Wednesday afternoon the burial took place in Wheatland cemetery, the Erie Masons having charge of the service. He lived and died a good man, doing his duty in all things as best he could. He leaves a large number of relatives and the entire community of Erie mourning his loss.

May 2, 1918

George Beguin and wife of Hunter were Erie visitors Sunday.
Mrs. George Grant is improving slowly in health.
Earl Frickey of Hunter is frequently seen in our village with his Elgin Six.
H. F. Nutting has been very busy the past week with his duties as assessor.
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Arvidson returned the first of the week from Minneapolis.
The Red Cross met Friday afternoon with Mrs. C. W. Clark and Mrs. B. J. Frederic.
The Liberty Loan Drive has been a great success in Erie and vicinity being greatly oversubscribed.
Word was received from Chas. Hudson stating he is enjoying camp life at Camp Greene, N. C.
Mrs. Wrightson, Miss Florence Morrow, and Clark Hill visited William Morrow at Hunter last Sunday.

Charlton Dows Badly Burned

On Wednesday forenoon Charlton Dows was seriously burned by the explosion of an oil stove in his home near Erie. He was placed under medical treatment at once, and rushed to the hospital at Fargo. His many friends will unite in hoping his condition is not so serious as reports seem to indicate, and in wishing a speedy recovery for him.

June 20, 1918 Erie Woman Writes Song

Following is a new version of a United States anthem. It was sung at the Erie Red Cross Auction Sale, and made so favorable an impression that we are printing the words here.

We are marching to the war boys, we're going to the fight
Shouting the battle cry of Freedom,
And we bear the glorious stars for the Allies and the right.
Shouting the battle cry of Freedom.

The Allies forever, hurrah, boys, hurrah!
Down with the traitor, up with the right,
For we're marching to the war boys, going to the fight,
Shouting the battle cry of Freedom.

We will meet the rebel host, boys, with fearless heart and true,
Shouting the battle cry of Freedom,
And we'll show that Uncle Sam has for loyal men to do,
Shouting the battle cry of Freedom.


If we fall amid the fray, boys, we'll face them to the last,
Shouting the battle cry of Freedom,
And our comrades brave shall hear us, as they go rushing past,
Shouting the battle cry of Freedom.


Yes, for Liberty and Safety we're springing to the fight.
Shouting the battle cry of Freedom,
And the victory shall be sours, for we're rising in our might,
Shouting the battle cry of Freedom.

August 29, 1918

Killed in Action

On the roll of honor is an Erie boy, Thomas Dokken, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ole Dokken. Thomas was killed in action in France July 30, and the parents were notified from Washington last Sunday. This lad was one of four Erie boys in the first draft quota last September. He went abroad several months later and had been in some of the hardest fighting.-Casselton Reporter.

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