Erie Etchings
1919 Hunter Herald

October 23, 1919

Terrible Accident at Erie

Last Tuesday evening as Will Klakas was getting on his motorcar, preparatory to leaving for Ma---, N. D. a shotgun on the car discharged into his foot, blowing bone and muscle to shreds. He was carried to a local store, and Drs. Reedy of Arthur and James of Page at once summoned. So badly mutilated was the foot that immediate amputation was necessary. He is now reported to be resting easy.
Willys Light Dealer Appointed
B. J. Fredricks Co. Joins Miller Forces
B. J. Fredricks Co. of Erie, N. D. is another addition to the great sales organization being formed by R. Normal Miller under the name of P. W. Miller Company, Fargo, N. D.
Mr. Fredricks sees the great demand for a perfected Farm Light and Power Plant and is thoroughly convinced that Willys Light is such a plant.
It is manufactured by one of the John N. Willys companies, the Electric AutoLite Company of Toledo, Ohio, and is said to be the most complete system that has been placed on the market. It is operated by a Willys Knight sleeve valve engine, an engine known for its simplicity of operation and its quietness. It is said that the plant has been developed to such an extent that it requires practically no attention and is so simple that anyone can operate it.
The complete plant consists of a Willys Knight engine, a directly connected generator, a simple control box and a storage battery. The Knight engine burns kerosene at approximately one-half the cost of gasoline.
It is air cooled, self-cranking, self-running, and self-stopping. The control is semi-automatic. Poppet valves are illuminated in the Willys Knight engine.
This engine with its sleeve valve construction, improves with use, it has been proved. Carbon instead of decreasing its efficiency increases it.
The armature of the generator, the engine fly wheel and crankshaft are constructed in practically one piece thus eliminating separate generator bearings and reducing friction.
The battery consists of 16 cells with nine plates to the cell. These are enclosed in sealed glass jars. They have a capacity of 225 ampere hours.
The quality and dependability of the new system is assured by the very fact that John N. Willys has permitted it to take his name.
With the Electric AutoLite, a company long engaged in the manufacture of electric lighting and starting systems for automobiles, producing it, there is no doubt as to the high standards of manufacture which will enter into its construction.
The extensive sales and service organization of this company and its great factory facilities make it obvious that purchasers will not lack for service attention.
The new lighting system is adapted to an increasing number of users. In addition to its general utility on the farm, it is available for cotton gins, lumber and construction camps, oil and gas pumping stations, mines, stores, garages, dairies, telephone exchanges (in small towns), warehouses and stations. It also may be utilized for hospitals, fishing and hunting clubs, country homes, street, store and home lighting in small towns, theaters, military camps, and in summer resorts and cottages.

October 31, 1919

Erie Notes
James Jenkins, Jr. and Wm. Rieke autoed to Fargo the early part of last week.
The Ladies Aid of the Presbyterian Church held their annual bazaar in the A. O. U. W. hall last Friday evening.
Art Schroeder is planning on leaving for Fargo Saturday where he is going to enter school.
Ralph Cameron left for Chicago last week where he is going to take up the study of electricity.
Julius Meeg made a business trip to Clifford Sunday and returned the same evening.
Leslie Schroeder attended the dance held in Arthur last week.
August Bolmeier autoed to Fargo last Monday to attend to some business matters.
The Erie boys or rather the ex-soldiers are planning on having one of the fastest basketball teams in the state. The Erie High School will also be represented.
Thurston Delamater spent Sunday with some friends in Sharon.
A number of the farmers of this vicinity journeyed to Fargo last Tuesday to attend the Nonpartisan meeting.
Rev. Burns of Page will hold services in the Methodist church next Sunday.
Francis Book returned home for a short visit with his folks before they leave for Tower City.
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Kyser and Mrs. Bruce Brewer autoed to Fargo last Thursday.
Miss Sadie Morrow was one of the Erie young people who attended the Arthur dance last Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. William Bolmeier and Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Bolmeier autoed to Fargo Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Brewer were Hunter visitors Sunday, bringing Miss Sarah Beacom back with them.
William “Billie” Whitman, a former resident here, but now of Grand Forks, was an Erie visitor Thursday.
John Goodspeed was a caller in Erie last Thursday.
Ed. Norling has left for Pacific Coasts points for the winter.

November 6, 1919

Leslie Schroeder visited at the Phil Schroeder home last Saturday evening.
Art Schroeder presented a friend with a large box of chocolates before he left for Fargo. Leave it to Art.
The Erie Public School will give a program in the A. O. U. W. hall on Saturday, Nov. 1st.
Roy Bolmeier is planning on going down to Fargo and hear Sousa's band on Friday of this week.
Leo Ries journeyed to Fargo last Saturday evening to visit his brother and sister who are attending the Sacred Heart Academy.
C. M. Nelson went down to Fargo the early part of this week to attend to some business matters.
Carl Schroeder visited in Fargo for a few days last week.
Glenn Hill returned to Fargo after spending Sunday in his home town.
Robert Schroeder left for the Pacific coast after spending a few days with his cousin Arthur in Fargo.
Sadie Morrow spent Sunday at the Miller home in Hunter. Murrell Miller escorted her over in his new Buick.
Carl Schroeder has about three carloads of wheat straw for sale. Anyone wishing some please phone or write him.
Rev. Book left for Tower City this evening where he is going to establish his new home. We sure are sorry to see him leave.
Alfred Meeg is planning on taking a trip through Minnesota during the holidays. His one aim is to visit Mahnomen which he has heard much about during the last month.

November 13, 1919

Leslie Schroeder was a Fargo visitor during the early part of this week.
Bob Book and Johnny Cuthbertson attended the basket social held in Absaraka on Halloween.
Prof. Titus is planning on going down to Fargo Saturday to attend the annual football game between Fargo College and the A. C.
Johnny McLeod returned from Jamestown after having made a short visit with his mother.
Among the prominent people of Erie who journeyed down to hear Sousa's band were Willie and Hazel Schroeder, Wesley Morrow, Roy Bolmeier, Mr. and Mrs. Willis Hill and Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Fredricks.
Roy Book returned from Tower City after having spent a few days there helping his folks move in to their new home.
The program given by the Erie Public School was very well attended and plans for Community Welfare were started.
Herman Schroeder has been busy baling straw for Charlie Meyers during the past few days.
Ben Fredricks is busy installing furnaces. He has finished Donald McLeans and has started on Jack Johnsons.
The Erie High School is planning on starting practicing basketball in the near future. Prof. Titus, the coach of 1917, is back again.
Hugh McLean made a business trip to Fargo during the early part of the week.
Jim Conrad left for Luverne, Minnesota where he is planning on making his mother a visit.

December 18, 1919

Carl Schroeder was a Fargo caller the latter part of last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Schroeder and daughter spent a few days in the Twin Cities last week.
A. W. Burgess spent a few days in St. Paul during the past week.
There will be another number of the Lyceum course here on Sat. Dec. 13th.
Leslie Schroeder attended the dance held in Hunter last week.
Jim Bush was a business caller in Fargo last week.
A. M. Nelson journeyed to Fargo last Monday to attend to some business matters.

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