Erie News

Hunter Herald

January 2, 1936

The high school gave a dance in the hall Friday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Louie Schroeder entertained at a family dinner Xmas day.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Yagen were Fargo visitors Monday evening.
B.S. Brewer spent the Xmas holidays in Chicago visiting relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. McLeod entertained Mr. and Mrs. Roy Johnson and Kate McLeod at dinner Xmas day.
Mr. and Mrs. John Cuthbertson Jr. had as their guests Christmas day, the John McLeod family and Roy Book.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Norling entertained Mr. and Mrs. John Cuthbertson, Jr.
and family at a six o'clock dinner Thursday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Naegli and Mrs. Charles Warner of Fargo were the guests of their parents Mr. and Mrs. Adolf Carl on Christmas day.
Mr. and Mrs. George Grant entertained at a family dinner Christmas day. Guests included Mr. and Mrs. Bob Grant and daughter Myrtle, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Norling and Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Pautz.
George and Bob Grant were called to Fargo Saturday. Their brother Wilford Grant had the misfortune to injure one of his eyes while trying to start his car. The injury was so serious that the eye had to be removed.

January 9, 1936

Mr.and Mrs. R.G. Grant were Fargo callers New Year's Day.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Mechtel on Tuesday, Jan. 31, a son.
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Pautz entertained at a family dinner New Year's Day.
A progressive whist party and dance was given in the Erie Hall New Year's Eve.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Yagen and family spent New Year's Day with their mother, Mrs. Goodall in Fargo.
Mrs. Elvira Nelson and Mrs. Ole Dokken spent a few days in Fargo last week visiting friends.
Mrs. Hans Robertson and Mrs. Mack Hyen entertained twelve ladies at a party Thursday evening.
Mrs. Elvira Nelson, Maurice and Miles Nelson were dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. N. K. Nelson Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. John Cuthbertson had as their guests at a six o'clock dinner New Year's eve, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Hill and Luella Dickson.
Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Hill of Eckelson visited a few days last week with their mother, Mrs. Luella Dickson.
Mrs. Minnie Hendricks returned from Winona, Minnesota, Friday, where she spent the Xmas holidays with relatives.

January 16, 1936

Erie School Notes
High School
The Eng. IV class has spent the week writing short stories. Each member of the class wrote one story.
All the high school classes are reviewing for the state examinations which will be given the latter part of this month.
There will be only four exams this semester, Eng. Ia, Eng. IIa, and Iva and Citizenship.

7th and 8th Grades
The 8th grade is now studying the different kinds of insurance.
The 7th grade pupils have been making posters in hygiene on pure milk and water.
Intermediate Grades
James Ruth was eleven years old Dec 28.
The Intermediate grades enjoyed the movie trip through Great Lakes.
This was presented in the assembly Jan. 9.
The picture for study during January is “70 Degrees North” by Frederick Waugh. Mr. Waugh is considered the greatest maritime painter living.

January 23, 1936

Erie School News
7th and 8th Grades
The 7th and 8th grades have been reviewing for term tests.
We had a day and a half off this week because state exams were being given.
Ruth Hill and Wallace Bolmeier were absent from school most of the week because of illness.
The geography class has undertaken to make a large product map of the United States.
High School
State exams were offered beginning Wednesday in half unit subjects. We had them in only Eng. Ia, IIa, IVa, Citizenship and a make-up in Bible II.
Intermediate Grades
Many pupils have been absent or tardy because of poor roads and severe weather.
The sixth grade language class answered requests for letters to the Club Exchange of the instructor.
They sent letters to Missouri and California.
Primary Room
For room decoration the pupils have made an Eskimo poster, a winter scene depicting snowmen coasting and sleighing.
The girls gave a program for the boys Friday afternoon during the Auditorium Exercises.
We have started a season project which includes work in our music, language, geography, nature study and drawing, all pupils taking part.

February 2, 1936

Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Otis spent the weekend visiting relatives in Kindred.
The amateur program that was to be given in the hall on Saturday evening has been postponed due to weather and road conditions.
R. A. Bolmeier, who has been confined to his bed the past week with an attack of flu, is up and around this week.
Rev.Huey of Fargo arrived in Erie Saturday to conduct services in the Presbyterian church for a week.
The W. A.Bolmeier family are recovering from the flu.
Harry Myers spent the past week in Fargo.
Eddie and Jack Bergman were callers in Casselton Friday.
The high school gave a party and dance in Erie hall Friday.
Harry Myers spent the weekend in Fargo.
Mrs. Elvira Nelson, Miles and Maurice Nelson, went to Fargo last week to attend the funeral of Mrs. Christenson who died there. The Christensons lived in Erie about a year ago.
The P. T. C. held their regular meeting Friday evening. Lunch was served following the meeting.
A President's Ball was given at Erie hall January 30.
Mrs. Cecile Dickson and Mrs. Willis Hill were Fargo callers on Saturday of last week.
R. A. Bolmeier has been confined to his bed with an attack of flu.
Mr. and Mrs. K. V.Hammer and Mr. and Mrs. Sivertson spent the weekend at the P. H. Hoy home in Hunter.
Haven and Wesley Bolmeier left Saturday for a business trip to Minneapolis.
Mrs. Phil Schroeder has been on the sick list for several days but is recovering.

Erie School News

High School Notes
January 24th closed the first semester. On Wednesday and Thursday high school examinations were offered in half unit subjects. Friday the second semester's work was begun.
Friday a quarter holiday was granted those having a perfect attendance record. They are: Primary room, Marion Cameron, Beatrice Hill, Elberta and Marvin Stibbe.
Intermediate room, James Beith, Gerald Bolmeier, Helen Cuthbertson, Lois Dickson, Lynn Kyser.
Grammar room, James and Magdalene Kyser, Virginia Mosher. High school, Betty Dickson and Wayne Kyser.

Campfire Notes
The Whofnada Campfire club elected new officers at their first meeting in January. Joyce Nelson was elected president, June Bolmeier, vice-president; Betty Dickson, sec'y-treas.
The campfire kitchen band will play at the amateur program to be sponsored by the P. T. A. in the near future.
The Eng. IV class has been studying Old English Literature. "Beouwolf"will be studied as an example of this period.
The English Ib class is studying the narrative poem, "Lady of the Lake," by Scott.
The Eng. IIb class is reading “Sohrab and Rustum” by Arnold.
The World History class has begun studying the period of the French Revolution.

Seventh and Eighth Grades
William Bolmeier and Elberta Mosher have been absent due to illness.
Both grades have been having six weeks tests this week.
The beginners' band consists of 2 cornets, 1 clarinet and 1 alto.
The 8th grade pupils have been making booklets for history showing the program is transportation in America.
Charts showing the different breeds of cattle, horses and sheep have been completed by the 7th grade in agriculture.
The 7th grade pupils are making a large product map of the United States in geography.

February 20, 1936

M. E.Otis left on a business trip Thursday for Tulsa, Okla.
Mrs. Elvira Nelson and son Maurice spent several days in Fargo last week visiting friends.
The Erie School is closed for a few days this week due to storm and blocked roads.
Mrs. Adolf Carl returned from Fargo Tuesday after spending a few days visiting at the home of her daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Naegli.
Several from Erie who had autoed to Fargo, were forced to return by train Friday of last week after being snowbound there for several days.
Mrs. M.E. Otis entertained several little girls at a dinner Thursday of last week for her daughter Marilyn who celebrated her fourth birthday that day.
Mrs. Hans Robertson and Mrs. Mack Hyen entertained several ladies at a quilting bee Wednesday and Thursday of last week.
Found-a five gallon cream can, owner may have same by identifying. Farmers Central Exchange, Erie, N. D.

Erie School Notes
High School Notes
The girls physical education class gave reports on some subjects pertaining to general health, and at the next physical education period made health posters to illustrate some of the points brought out by the reports.
The high school students have begun practice for the Senior Class play, "Mrs. Tubbs of Shantytown."
The Eng. IV class has begun the study of the Elizabethan Age in English literature. The class will spend some time on the sonnets of Spencer and Shakespeare and on the lyrics of the lesser Elizabethan writers. The study will be completed by reading “Hamlet." The World History class has begun the study of the Napoleonic Period.

Seventh and Eighth Grades
Miss Lehman was substitute teacher in the 7th and 8th grades Monday and Tuesday.
The 7th and 8th grades wrote compositions on the life of Lincoln, which were read in class Wednesday.
Some very attractive covers were made for the compositions.
Our grades had a valentine Party Friday afternoon.
The first elimination contest in spelling was given Wednesday.Those who received 85 percent or better were: Morely Yagen, Wallace Bolmeier, Ruth Hill, Robert McCleod, Alice Morrow and Magdalene Kyser.
Primary Grades
The lowest attendance this week was 14 and the highest 25.
Lorene Mechtel has been out of school due to severe illness. We are glad she is improving.
Mrs. R.A.Bolmeier visited school one day last week.
During construction period we made models with clay.
On days of extreme temperatures pupils have been honored as present, although classes proceeded as usual.
Friday, one of the coldest days, 65 were present, which is a good percentage of the entire enrollment.
Intermediate Grades
The Valentine Party was postponed because eleven pupils were absent.
The 4th grade enjoyed stereograph pictures of Mediterranean lands.
Our attendance record varied from 18 to 25 last week. Total enrollment is 29.

February 27, 1936

Erie School Notes
School was closed the first of last week because of the storm and blocked roads. We hope the worst of the winter is over and that full speed ahead will regain its jurisdictions.
We have been honoring all absences due to the bad weather and roads, as well as the low temperature.
Miss Frances Lehman substituted in Miss Beith's room, Miss Beith has been seriously ill with a cold and ear trouble.
The biology class has finished the third unit of work and will begin the biology of the human being next Monday. They took their final test on the third unit Friday.
The vocations class will take its annual field trip to Fargo sometime in April. It will visit some of the same plants the class did a year ago.
The Senior Class play, "Mrs. Tubbs from Shantytown," is well under way, and will be given March 14th if weather conditions permit. Since the Senior class is small this year a few others had to be called upon to help.
More detailed information about the play will be given later.
7th and 8th Grades
Morely Yagen has at last found out that a young pigeon in the nest is a squab and not a “swab.
” Wallace Bolmeier and Morely Yagen are the two surviving spelling contestants.
Primary Room
The 2nd and 3rd grades are making February booklets for language and drawing classes.
Lorene Mechtel has been absent another week on account of illness.
The pupils gave a Washington program Friday afternoon, consisting of a play, acrostic, recitations and songs.
There were 25 pupils present for our valentine party which was postponed last week on account of the storm.

March 5, 1936

Mrs. Walker Thompson entertained the Patch Work Club at her home on Wednesday of last week.
Mrs. H. L. Delamater has been ill for the past week but is now recovering.
Mrs. M. E. Otis and daughter Marilyn returned Tuesday from Abercrombie where she visited several weeks with her parents.
Mr. and Mrs. John Bissett and family were Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Cuthbertson.
Sam Graff and John Bissett were Fargo callers Saturday.
Lyle Harrington of Mayville was here several days the past week buying stock.
Hugh McLean was taken to a Fargo hospital Saturday after being injured in a fall down a flight of stairs at the hotel where he was been staying.

Erie School Notes
The senior class play, "Mrs. Tubbs of Shantytown," will be presented by Erie High School Saturday, March 14 at 8:00 p.m at the Erie hall.
The following are members of the cast: Ruth Rieke, Elizabeth Lehman, Burdette Mosher, Robert Grieger, June Bolmeier, Elizabeth Frederick, Aubrey Hill, Margaret Schroeder, Gerald Bolmeier and Marilyn Otis.
Admission charges will be 30 cents, 20 cents and 15 cents. There will be a matinee Saturday p.m. at 2:30 and a matinee Friday p.m. for the school.
High School Notes
The world history class has finished the Napoleonic Period and will now study the changes in the map of Europe after the Congress of Vienna.
P. T. C. discussed possibilities of a community building in connection with the school. Favorable results were obtained at the meeting. Everyone enjoyed the lunch during social hour.
Seventh and Eighth Grades
Levi Thompson had the misfortune to sprain his ankle and was absent from school.
The 7th and 8th grade pupils have finished putting the things on their product map of the United States.
The 7th grade memorized the poem, "Old Ironsides."
The 8th grade has made a complete summary of 36 poems listed in the Course of Study and have memorized 9.
Primary Notes
Beverly Purkins is a new pupil in the first grade.
We had very good attendance this week with the exception of the one stormy day.
During our Friday auditorium exercises the pupils gave a patriotic program. One number was played.
During our construction period the children made tulip posters.

March 12, 1936

Mrs. Edna Warner of Fargo is spending a few days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edna Carl.
Mrs. John Cuthbertson entertained several ladies at a party Thursday evening.
Marjorie Hill of M. S. T. C. spent the weekend with her mother, Mrs. Willis Hill.
Mrs. Elvira Nelson entertained a number of ladies at a quilting bee Tuesday and Wednesday.
Mrs. Vosburg of Arthur is visiting her daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Jenkins.
Mr. and Mrs. Louie Rieke were callers in Fargo a few days last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred McLean of Minot were here to attend the funeral of their father Hugh McLean.
Bob Delamater, Wallace Schroeder, Hugh and Dick Collins returned Friday from Montana, where they spent the winter.
Mr. and Mrs. Hans Robertson and Elvira Nelson were Fargo visitors Thursday and Friday of last week.
The Amateur show given in the Erie hall by the P. T. A. was well attended. A free dance followed the show.
Mr. and Mrs. John Bissett and family were Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. G.Grant.
Jean Hill, Ruth McLeod and Mildred Palmer of Mayville S. T. C.spent the weekend with their parents.
The funeral of Hugh McLean, who passed away in a Fargo hospital Wednesday, was held in the Presbyterian church Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Rev.Hull of Hunter presided and interment was in the Erie Cemetery.

Erie School Notes

7th and 8th Grades

This week was devoted to six weeks tests in both grades.
The elimination contest in declamation was held in the 7th and 8th grade room Friday, 1st and 2nd place was awarded to Ruth Hill and William Bolmeier, respectively.
Arberta Mosher has been absent all week on account of illness.
The Boy Scouts had a joint meeting with the Campfire girls Tuesday evening. The girls received instruction in knot tying.
Those having perfect attendance this 6 weeks are: James Kyser, Magdaline Kyser, Robert McCleod.
There were forty-nine children who had perfect attendance the past six weeks. Of these thirteen still have perfect attendance for the year. They are: Marian Cameron, Beva May Stibbe, Elberta Stibbe, Marvin Stibbe, James Beith, Gerald Bolmeier, Helen Cuthbertson, Lois Dickson, Lynn Kyser, James Kyser, Magdaline Kyser, Betty Dickson and Wayne Kyser.
The Senior Class Play, “Mrs. Tubbs from Shantytown,” will be presented by the senior class Saturday, March 14th. A matinee will be given at 2:00 and an evening performance at 8:00.
March 19, 1936

Erie School Notes
High School Notes
The senior class play, “Mrs. Tubbs of Shantytown,” was presented last Saturday.
The Whofnoda Campfire group will give a dance Friday evening March 20th in Erie Hall.
The English IIb class has completed the study of the Second National period of American Literature, and will now read "The Crisis" by Winston Churchill.
Declamation contests were held and the following will represent the school: high school girl, Betty Dickson; boy, Wayne Kyser; grammar, Ruth Hill; intermediate, Patricia Morrow; primary, Shirley Morrow.

Seventh and Eighth Grades
The geography class is now studying countries of the Near East. Outlines are being kept which are a great help.
A few from the 7th and 8th grades went to the matinee on Friday afternoon. The rest of the class had an hour of art.
The 8th grade students are studying the metric system in arithmetic.
Primary Notes
We are all glad to have Lorene Mechtel with us again. She has been absent due to sickness.
The children have been busy making March posters.
Most of the children attended the matinee Friday. Those who did not go made Mother Goose posters.
Mrs. F. Peach visited school one day this week.

March 26, 1936

The Homemakers Club met on Tuesday at the home of Mrs. Fred Peach near Erie.
Accident Victim

Edmund Viestenz who is employed at the potato warehouse was the victim of a rare accident last Friday. While unloading potatoes, one of the boys backed into Edmund, who was smoking his pipe, the pipe stem was pushed into his throat, and was necessary to take Ed to the hospital at once.
A few stitches had to be taken in his throat, but at the present writing he has returned home and is doing very well.

Erie School Notes
High School Notes
The senior English class went to Fargo Monday to see the “Tale of Two Cities,” a Dickens novel this class must read this semester.
Mrs. M. E. Otis entertained the cast of “Mrs. Tubbs of Shantytown” at her home Tuesday afternoon.
The Whofnoda Campfire were hostesses at a dance at Dickson Hall, March 21.
Seventh and Eighth Grades The 8th grade class in North Dakota history have begun making charts to show development of transportation in N.
The 7th grade history class have made maps of the United States showing the distribution of population in the United States in 1783.
The 7th and 8th grade literature classes have been reading tales from Shakespeare the past week and find them very interesting.

April2, 1936

Erie School Notes
7th and 8th Grades
The class in N.D. History has completed charts showing the development of transportation in N. D.
Because of the snowstorm Tuesday, the 7-8 grades were unable to see “Midsummer Night's Dream." The 8th grade has studied the story in literature.
The 7th grade arithmetic class is now studying profit and loss and find it very interesting.
Boys' physical education class started kitten ball practice a week ago Thursday.
Primary News
Junior Thompson returned to school Wednesday after being absent for several days on account of an accident he had, being kicked by a horse.
Those who have been absent from school on account of illness are as follows: Robert Nelson, Byron Mechtel, Genevieve Rieke.
The school has been making a study of the life in Holland. The project included the study of the work of windmills, tulip and bulb growing, Dutch pictures, posters, a Dutch farm sand table, and stories and poems relating to Holland.
The pupils have organized a “Good Citizenship Club." Betty Schroeder was chosen president. The discipline of the school is practically left to the members of the club. There is a decided improvement in the conduct of the pupils.
The children have enjoyed making large posters illustrating various Mother Goose rhymes.

April 9, 1936

Erie School Notes
The freshman literature class has completed its work for the semester, and will now begin an intensive review for the state board examinations.
The senior literature class has begun the study of the Early Nineteenth Century.
They will read selections of Wordsworth, Keats, Shelley and Byron.
The Whofnoda Campfire entertained at a dance Friday evening in Dickson hall.
The primary and intermediate grades were represented at the county contests by Patricia Morrow, Lois Dickson, Margaret Schroeder and Shirley Morrow.
The music elimination contest in piano was held Friday. First place was awarded to Mary June Bolmeier and second to Bernadine Yagen. Vocal duets are sung by Gerald Bolmeier and James Beith; Mary Bolmeier and Margaret Schroeder.
Erie News
Mr. and Mrs. Charlton Dows and Cledith were Fargo visitors Saturday.
Lois Hammerud is visiting her sister, Ora Hammerud for a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. John Bissett and Doug Johnson were Fargo callers Tuesday.
Mrs. Hans Robertson is visiting a few days in Hunter at the Walter Jorgenson home.
The Presbyterian Ladies Aid will meet at the home of Mrs. George Grant, Thursday, April 9.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Jenkins entertained several ladies at a party at their home Thursday, in honor of her mother, Mrs. Vosburg.
Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Otis entertained several friends at a 6 o'clock dinner Tuesday evening. Guests included Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Cameron, Mr. and Mrs. K. Hammer and Mr. and Mrs. Sivertson.

April 16, 1936

Erie School Notes

Devero Palmer has left school for the remainder of the term.
The senior English class will begin study of the Victorian period next week.
Intermediate Grades
Mrs. B. S. Brewer gave a party for the girls of the intermediate room on Wednesday, April8, in honor of Lois Hammerud.
Visitors in the intermediate grade room this week were Lois Hammerud, Minneapolis, and Gerald Burgess, Fargo.
We had our picture taken last Wednesday.
The boys are enjoying the new bat which was a prize for selling Christmas seals.
7th and 8th Grades
The 7th grade geography class has started a review of Europe.
With the coming of warmer weather the boys have begun to practice kitten ball. A fairly good team should be organized soon.
Those taking part in the musical rehearsal next Wednesday from our room are Robert Schroeder, Virginia Mosher, William Bolmeier, Morley Yagen, Ruth Hill, and Wallace Bolmeier.
Primary Grades
A number of pupils having Easter vacation visited school this week.They were Lois Hammerud, Minneapolis, Eleanor Nisselius and Lucille Carpenter of Fergus Falls and Joyce Burgess of Fargo. We were glad to have these little visitors spend some time with us.
Audrey Henderson was the only pupil absent this week.
The pupils in the first grade are making illustrated alphabet booklets.
Marvin Stibbe and Allan Graff made the highest score in an addition speed test, each made 99 percent.

The children have been busy making April posters.
April 23, 1936

Erie School Notes
The high school girls' glee club sang “In Excelsis Gloria” by Harker in music rehearsal in Dickson hall Wednesday.
The sextette sang "Prayer Perfect" by Stenson.
Ruth Schroeder has been absent from school the past week.
The Eng I class has finished its work for this semester and will now begin work on review.
The World History class will begin the study of the World War this next week.
7th and 8th Grades
Levi Thompson has been out of school all week.
Both the 7th and 8th grade had their 6 weeks examinations this week.

April 30, 1936

Erie School Notes
The senior class went to Mayville Friday April 24 to attend the annual Senior Day given by that institution.
The Parent Teachers Club will entertain the seniors on Saturday evening, April 25, at Dickson Hall.
The band and all instrumental solos will go to Fargo Monday April 27 to compete in the County Contest.
7th and 8th Grades
Levi Thompson has been absent all week.
The geography class is now taking a rapid study and review of Africa, Australia and Europe.
Those taking part in the instrumental contest at Fargo Monday from this room are: Ruth Hill, Morley Yagen, Wallace Bolmeier, William Bolmeier.
The 8th grade arithmetic class had a little actual experience in measuring the height of object by the shadow method and sighting method when they measured the height of the flag pole Tuesday.

May 7, 1936

Erie School Notes
High School Notes
The junior class entertained the graduating class at a banquet Friday evening at the Erie hotel, and at a prom afterwards at Dickson hall.
Lorrain Thompson returned to school after a week's absence.
Charlotte Rieke visited school Wednesday afternoon.
The junior class will present an evening's entertainment May 15 at 8:00 at Erie hall in conjunction with a one act play, “The Pest,” by the Hunter junior class. Everyone is invited to attend.
7th and 8th Grades
Beverly Jean McKay, Pillsbury, visited in our room Wednesday.
Charlotte Rieke and Sylvia Rieke visited Friday afternoon.
The boys from our room had a tryout for track events Wednesday afternoon.
The county nurse visited our school Friday.

May 14, 1936

Erie School Notes
7th and 8th Grade News
The seventh and eighth grade pupils in manual training made articles that they gave to their mothers as Mother's Day gifts.
"We don't know it all yet!" is the exclamation of eighth graders after going through old state boards.
High School News
“The Pest” will be presented in conjunction with musical numbers, readings, tap dancing, and singing, Friday May 15th at Erie, by the junior classes of Erie and Hunter.
Many are planning to participate in Play Day events.
The senior class attended Senior Day exercises at the Jamestown College last Friday.
They enjoyed the day very much and we hope it has helped them to decide to attend college next fall.

July 2, 1936

Bolmeier-Hammerud Services Announced Announcements have been received of the marriage of Miss Ora Hammerud, daughter of Mayme Hammerud of Minneapolis, formerly of Fargo, and Mr.Wesley L.Bolmeier of Erie, N.D. The service was performed in the parsonage of the First Lutheran church at Detroit Lakes, Minn., by Rev. H. S.Strand.
Mrs. Strand and Robert Boyd were attendants. Mr. and Mrs. Bolmeier are at home in Erie, where Mr.Bolmeier is in business. Mrs. Bolmeier, a graduate of the NDAC. and a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, has been instructor in the Erie high school.

October 22, 1936

Masons Visit Erie
Several Masons from Hunter Lodge visited at Erie last Monday evening where the Master Mason Degree was conferred on a candidate from East Gate Lodge of Fargo.
The lodges in this district put on the work. After the degree work was completed, East Gate Lodge of Fargo put on a play which was thoroughly enjoyed by the many brethren present.
Following the play, a delicious lunch was served by the Eastern Star.