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March 23, 1922

Mrs. R. A. Sterling of Gardner was shopping in Fargo Saturday last.
Anton Orvik went to Fargo from here Friday of last week.
Mrs. J. A. Lien, Mrs. Harry Reynolds, and Mrs. King Davis were callers at the Carter home Sunday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Waterfall were in Fargo shopping the last part of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Goss and family entertained Miss Josephine Humphrey and Mr. William Sterling at their home Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Hodgson were callers at the Tracy home Sunday.
Gladys Reed who has been suffering from a broken collar bone is rapidly recovering.
The children of the school are getting ready to give a festival this week.
Some of the high school talent have started a play to be given in the near future. Good luck to you.

March 30, 1922

The Children's Festival, which was given by the smaller children of Gardner and vicinity, was a success. It was given last Friday night.
Mrs. Orvik was a caller at the Nelson home last Saturday.
Mrs. Hannah MacDonald entertained Mrs. J. A. Lien, Mrs. S. B. Carter, and Mrs. King Davis Friday afternoon.
Miss Michael MacDonald entertained all the high school students at her home March 16th. All report a fine time.
Mr. Smith and daughter Frances, who have been on an extended visit, returned home Friday of last week.
Mr. and Mrs. B. D. Mitchell entertained the Goss family and Omar Watson at a six o'clock dinner last Sunday.
Leslie Lawrence called at the Sterling home last Sunday.
William Sterling was on the sick list the past week.
C. B. Pritchard left on March 16th for Chicago on a business trip.
Mrs. J. R. Tracy went to Caledonia last Saturday to see her mother who was quite ill.
Miss Florence Lien spent the weekend at Robert Sterling.
Mrs. Frank Beardsley visited at the Lien home last Sunday.

April 20, 1922

Mrs. Anton Orvick called at the Lien's home on Sunday evening.
Mrs. J. A. Lien was ill the latter part of last week.
Edna L. McClanahan spent Sunday with her sister at the Orvick home.
Mrs. A. Bradsteen and Mrs. John Floberg visited at the Orvick home Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. Arthur Smith was a caller at the home of Mrs. Hayworth on Sunday.
A party was given at the school house Friday night April 7. All the high school students were invited.
The high school talent is progressing rapidly with their play. They expect to present it the 28th of this month.
Emil Lund who has been away from home the last few years returned last week.
Mrs. Ed. Reed visited at R. A. Sterling's Sunday afternoon.

April 27, 1922

Mrs. Earl Goss was in Fargo one day last week.
Miss Zillah Bradsteen who is teaching school away from home spent Easter Sunday with her parents.
Wesley Jones who works for H. Pritchard spent Easter Sunday at home.
Mrs. John Floberg and Mrs. Rintoul called at the home of Ed Killseth Sunday.
Miss Bernice Reynolds was in Fargo Saturday last.
Miss Bessie Beardsley spent the weekend at the R. A. Sterling's.
Mrs. A. Nelson, Mrs. J. A. Lien and daughter Florence spent Sunday evening with the Orvick family.
Misses Cora Smith and Gladys McClanahan called at Earl Goss's Sunday.
R. A. Sterlings were called on by Leslie Lawrence Sunday.

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