Arthur Anglings

1910 Hunter Herald

January 6, 1910

Mr. and Mrs. McAdams returned Saturday from their wedding trip.
Mrs. Ruben Phillips is entertaining her sister, Miss Jennie Rudd, of Fargo.
Walter Fink was in town Tuesday looking after the company's interests.
Miss Eva Robinson, of Hunter, visited a few days here with Mr. and Mrs. Gamble.
Miss Elizabeth Burgum and Miss Ella Wilke were guests Wednesday of Mrs. H. P. Moore.
Miss Alma Buckley returned to Casselton after a two week's stay with Mrs. Charles Lambert.
George Have returned Tuesday morning from Humbolt where he visited his family over Christmas.
Mrs. Fred Wolf is attending her daughter, Mrs. Gust Schroeder, who is quite sick again with pneumonia.
Our town is deserted, the young people who were home for the holidays having returned to their schools and colleges.
A group of school girls and boys surprised Miss Ella Wilke Saturday evening, the occasion being Miss Ella's birthday anniversary.
Reports from the sick room of Gordon Burgum at the home of his parents are favorable. Gordon will reopen the elevator again in a few weeks.
Mrs. I. S. Roberts and Mrs. John W. Bettschen gave a large dinner party Sunday evening at the home of the former, to 25 relatives, the occasion being the hostess' 25th birthday anniversary.
Miss Florence Kane and Miss Jennie Wellman, our former teachers, spent their vacation with friends here, returning Saturday to their schools at Dawson and Belfield.
Mr. and Mrs. John Schur, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Viestenz were guests New Year's day of Mr. and Mrs. Julius Grieger the occasion being Mr. and Mrs. Grieger's 26th wedding anniversary.

January 13, 1910
The hunters were out Sunday looking for game.
Will Stewart spent Wednesday of last week in Fargo.
The Woodmen held a special session Thursday evening.
Miss Olga Schur spent Wednesday and Thursday in Casselton.
Rev. Karr occupied the pulpit in the M. E. church here Sunday a.m.
Roy Shafer was fortunate to shoot a grey wolf last Fri. morning.
The Yeomen are preparing to give another dance at the hall the 25th.
Agent Crague and son Phillip spent Saturday and Sunday at Breckenridge.
Dr. Campbell expects to make a short visit with friends in Iowa the last of the week.

For the first time in many months the village school bell peeled out its tuneful sound.
Irenous McAdams left Tuesday morning for Duluth where he has accepted a position as engineer.
J. A. Burgum left Friday evening for Fargo to receive treatment for rheumatism in a local sanitarium.
Mrs. Robert Campbell and little daughter of Portal are visiting a few days at the home of Mr. and Mrs. I. S. Roberts.

January 20, 1910
B. C. Elliott was a Fargo visitor last week.
Archie schur is reported sick at his home west of town.
R. E. Wilke is in Fargo this week learning to be a granger.
Chas. Gunkel is visiting with his son Karl at the Belfield ranch.
Mr. and Mrs. Louie Schur were guests of relatives at Erie Sunday.
Miss Alma Boettscher is visiting relatives and friends at Blanchard.
Jim Williams was confined to his room a few days the past week with a bad cold.
Mrs. J. E. Sommerfeld and daughter were Casselton visitors last Friday.
Miss Nellie Larson of Hunter spent Sunday with her school-mate Miss Johanne Christensen.
Mr. and Ms. Martin Bower of Hunter visited over Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. John Ellwood.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Tucker came up from Fargo Saturday to take Mrs. Tucker's mother, Mrs. Kruger, to Fargo.
J. A. Burgum is expected home Saturday morning from Fargo where he received a two week's treatment for rheumatism.
Mr. Chas. Viestenz arrived home Saturday from Milwaukee and Chicago. Mr. V. reports mountains of snow in the east.
Hugh Stone returned Saturday morning from Ludlow, Ill., where he has spent the last four weeks visiting relatives and friends.
Mr. and Mrs. John Schur were called to Casselton Sunday morning owing to the sudden illness of Mrs. Fluegel, aged mother of Mrs. Schur.
The many friends of D. S. Kentfield are much alarmed over his serious illness. Mr. Kentfield is suffering from a severe attack of pulmonary pneumonia.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Sommerfield entertained Sunday eve. at tea, Mr. and Mrs. Gust Sommerfeld and family, Mrs. Schumert and the Misses Agatha and Matilda Freytag.
Mrs. Leonard Bowers arrived Friday morning from Miles City, Mont. and will visit at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Farnham, for the next two months, much to the gratification of her many friends.

January 27, 1910
Roy Amel of Davenport was visiting in town.
Miss Elsie Viestenz will be “Hello Girl” here.
Mrs. Will Clevator visited in Casselton over Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Moore attended the dance here Tuesday eve.
Mrs. Charlie Lambert entertained a company of relatives Tuesday eve.
Paul Kuhen and family were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Otto.
Mrs. Charles Myers and children of Erie are spending the month here with relatives.
Alma Pearson of Amenia is spending the week here with Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Wilke.
John Bettschen and family and Gust Schur and family ate dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Louis Schur.
I. S. Roberts, John McFall and Simon Rassler caught a fine fox while hunting the last of the week.

Mrs. Wallace Hackett returned home Saturday morning from a visit with her sister Mrs. A. M. Smith.
A. T. Burgum has been quite sick the past week but is feeling somewhat better at the present writing.
Mrs. W. C. Clark and two children arrived from Rogers N. D. and will visit with her sister Mrs. J. E. Sommerfeld.
G. B. Burgum has fully recovered from his recent attack of typhoid fever and reported for duty at the North-Western Elevator Wednesday morning.
Mrs. F. W. Smith, of Niagara, is quite ill at the home of her parents Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Myrah. Mrs. Smith expects to go to Fargo for an operation as soon as she is able to travel.
Mrs. Fluegel the aged mother of Mrs. John Schur was buried last Friday afternoon near Amenia. A number of relatives and friends of the deceased attended the funeral services at Casselton.
The 500 club held its first series of parties at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Landon. The guests were Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Hackett, Mr. and Mrs. T. O. Burgum and Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Hackett.
Mr. Schumert arrived Friday morning from his western trip including California, Washington and Montana. Mr. Schumert will accompany his wife to Minneapolis where they will reside permanently.
Again we are called to mourn for a beloved friend and neighbor. On Sunday eve. Jan. 9th Donald Stewart Kentfield was taken ill with pulmonary pneumonia and all that a kind and loving family and skilled physician could do availeth nothing. The final summons coming Saturday evening at 7:30 Jan. 22nd when Mr. Kentfield quietly passed away. Deceased was born in Rock County, Wis., June 14, 1845 moving to Arthur seven years ago from Canby, Minnesota and during that short time had endeared himself to all who had the pleasure of knowing him. He was a kind and loving husband and father, a true helpful neighbor, much will he be missed from our midst. A loving wife, two sons, one daughter and one sister survive the deceased. The community at large extends their sympathy to the bereaved ones. The funeral services were held in the M. E. church and conducted by Rev. Kahl of Hunter who delivered an impressive sermon. .
The body was viewed by many friends and was conveyed to its last resting place in the Arthur Cemetery and buried beside his daughter Carrie who had gone before him seven years ago.

February 3, 1910
Glen Plumly is visiting in Arthur.
Mrs. R. E. Wilke spent Tuesday in Fargo
J. H. Gale of Hunter was an Arthur visitor Thursday.
James Shephard returned last week from points in Montana. The Yeomen will entertain their friends again Saturday evening.
Mrs. Reuben Phillips spent a few days in Fargo visiting relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Gust Iwen entertained a company of friends Sun.
Miss Myrtle Farnham visited over Sunday with her aunt, Mrs. John See.
Mrs. Gunkel and daughter, Iza, are visiting relatives in Norwood, Minn.
Mr. and Mrs. T. O. Burgum and children were dinner guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Fridley.
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Hackett entertained a company of friends last Saturday evening at cards.
Mrs. Stebbins returned to her home in Fairmount, Friday, after a pleasant week's visit with her sister Mrs. W. A. Arnold.
Louie Bettschen and family and R. F. Viestenz and family were Sunday visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Viestenz.
R. C. Elliott returned Friday from a trip to Hettinger and New England, this state, but has not yet decided as to where he will locate in the future.
A special business meeting of the Ladies Aid was held with Mrs. Louis Bettschen, the vice-president, last Thursday afternoon. The bills were all paid for the year, leaving $80.00 for the Aid credit for this coming year.
Scott Kentfield, the youngest son of the late D. S. Kentfield, died Monday at 1 p. m. of pulmonary ailment. His father preceded him just a week ago. The funeral services were held in the M. E. church yesterday at 1 o'clock.
Sister De Pazzi, formerly Agness McGrath of Watertown, Minn., before she entered the sisterhood, died of quick consumption at St. Joseph Convent last Tuesday. Sister De Pazzi was an aunt of Miss May McGrath, a former teacher here.
Mrs. Wallace Hackett received a telegram last Tuesday evening conveying the sad news of the death of her father at Schoolcraft, Mich. Mr. Bates visited his daughter here several years ago and Arthur friends are sorry to learn of his untimely demise.

February 10, 1910.
T. O. Burgum was a Fargo visitor Saturday.
Mrs. D. S. Kentfield is entertaining her sister from Beloit, Wis.
Mrs. John Bettschen visited several days last week in the country.
Miss Elsie Wagner visited Ms. H. P. Moore at Hunter several days last week.
Charlie Gunkel went to Casselton Tuesday evening to visit a cousin from Wisconsin.
Chas. Gunkel is the chef at the Gunkel farm during his good wife's absence in Minn.
Fred Williams was a business visitor at the county seat the latter part of last week.
Dr. Campbell was called to attend Mrs. John Schur who has been poorly this past week.
Miss Mable Skogmo arrived Sat. morning from Minneapolis and will visit with her parents Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Clague.
The Arthur young people gathered at the hall Monday evening and spent the time in dancing and had a jolly good time.
The Arthur Methodists are looking forward to the week of prayer which will be held in the First M. E. church early in March.
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Ross entertained at dinner Sunday Mr. and Mrs. T. O. Burgum and family, Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Elliott and family.
R. E. Sieverts has purchased another quarter section of land, the additional quarter making Mr. Sieverts a valuable half section farm.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Hackett entertained the 500 club Wednesday, their honored guest being Dave Harris of Fargo who is visiting among friends for the week.
Mesdames John Schur and Gust Sommerfeeld were hostess at a large dinner party at their respective homes Saturday and Tuesday of last week. Invitations were issued to a hundred of their German and American friends..

Walter Fink was in town Tuesday night. Walter has taken on a side line of light having the state agency for a very useful candle. Anyone wanting to purchase, address W. Fink, Grand Forks, N. D. Full directions with each candle..

Miss Chapman, the Misses Lillie and Ollie Burgum, Fern and Bertrum Gamble and Mrs. T. O. Burgum drove to Hunter Saturday to attend the recital given by the junior pupils of Professor C. D. Cook. .
The Hunter people have need to be proud of their coming musicians and much credit reflects on their teacher professor, Mr. Cook..

The funeral services which were held last Wednesday at ten o'clock p. m. in the Methodist church was conducted by Rev. Kahl of Hunter who took his text from the eleventh chapter of .
John “The Master has come and calleth for thee.” It was delivered with much impressiveness. The church was crowded with sympathizing friends who had gathered to pay their last respects to the dead. .
The casket was covered with wreaths of beautiful ferns and flowers. The business men and friends in Arthur sent flowers in the design of a pillow which represented the friendship and esteem with which the .
young man was held in the community. The M. E. choir rendered some beautiful hymns also Miss Elsie Wagner who sang sweetly the beautiful solo “Lead Kindly Light.”.
Scott Donald Kentfield was born August 4th 1885 in Beloit, Wisconsin, and was in his 25th year. He was the youngest in the family of five children and was a young man of exceptionally good habits and a dutiful son. .
Six boyhood friends were pallbearers conveying the remains of their dear companion to their last place of rest in the Arthur Cemetery..

February 17, 1910.
Mr. and Mrs. John Schur were Fargo visitors last Thursday.
Mrs. W. C. Gamble spent Wednesday of last week in Hunter.
Mr. and Mrs William Landon were Casselton visitors last Friday.
J. E. Sommerfeld and W. T. Hockridge were in Fargo on business last Thursday.
Mr. and Ms. Reuben Phillips visited relatives in Fargo from Sunday until Monday.
Mrs. W. G. Clark and two children left last week for their new home at Rogers, N. D.
Mr. and Mrs. T. O. Burgum were Sunday guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Farnham.
Agent Clague and son Phillip went to Minneapolis Saturday evening, returning Wednesday a. m.
Little Loucile Elliott, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Elliott has been under the Dr's care the past week.
The Woodmen held their regular meeting Saturday evening and initiated two new members into mysteries of woodcraft.
I. S. Roberts, John McFall, G. B. Burgum, John Bettschen and Walter Fink were Fargo visitors last Friday evening to witness the wrestling match.
Mrs. O. J. Myrah was a Fargo visitor Saturday and Monday accompanied her daughter Mrs. Smith of Niagara, home from St. John's hospital.
Revival meetings will occur every night next week in the Methodist church. These services will be conducted by Rev. Kahl and special music is promised.
F. J. Stumpf went to Fargo Monday to see his son Gordon who has been unable to attend his studies at the A. C. on account of a hard attack of the measles. At the present writing Gordon is improving nicely.
T. O. Burgum went to Amenia Saturday and purchased two fine porkers. .
Friend Tom has taken J. W. Foley's advice of “back to the farm” where pork grows at 20 cents a pound and land selling at seven plunks a firkin..

February 24, 1910

Edmund Viestenz was a Casselton visitor Tuesday.
Ivenumous McAdams arrived Tuesday morning from Duluth.
W. A. Fridley was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. T. O. Burgum Sat.
Miss Edna Wilke returned to Fargo to resume her musical studies.
Mrs. Will Schaffer was on the sick list last week but is now better.
Mrs. Nelson and son came down Friday night from Northwood to attend the reception.
William Wolf came down from Berwick Friday evening to attend the funeral of his mother.
Ella Echtenauch, who came up from Casselton to attend the Wilke reception, returns home Sunday.
W. J. Arnold, the evangelist and W. C. T. U. organizer, of Atlanta, Georgia, lectured here Tuesday eve.
Mr. and Mrs. Simon Rassler are rejoicing over their first born son which came last Friday to brighten their home. J. H. Nesbitt assisted by his father is renovating the interior of the T. J. Ross store with a fresh coat of paint..
Mr. and Mrs. Sell entertained a large company of friends at their home near Amenia last Wednesday, the event being the christening of their little son..
Mrs. Charles Stinson of Watertown, S. D., came up from Casselton on her return trip from Winnipeg and was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Phillips..
Mrs. Leo Boettcher's little son of Blanchard is under Dr. Campbell's care. Mrs. Boettcher and sick son are visiting at the home of her sister, Mrs. R. E. Wilke. .
Mr. and Mrs. T. O. Burgum entertained the 500 club Wednesday. The guests were Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Hackett, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Hackett, Mr. and Mrs. Landon and daughter Josie..
Albert Farnham came up from Wahpeton Tuesday to spend the week with his parents and sister Mrs. Flower. Albert represented the University basketball team which played with Wahpeton Sat..
Louie Heiden arrived in Arthur last Friday from Mirona, Minn., and is making preparations for the coming of his wife and family. They will occupy the residence owned by Fred Williams..
Mrs. Fred Wolf died suddenly Thursday eve. at 11:30 o'clock of heart failure. Mrs. Wolf had felt well apparently, retiring at 10:30. Half an hour later she called her husband to get the doctor but expired before medical aid reached her..
The reception given at the Woodmen's hall by the M. W. A. and B. A. Y. last Friday evening for R. E. Wilke and family was one of the most delightful social functions ever given in our little village; nearly 300 people assembled to greet the honored guests. .
Tables were arranged to seat 110 guests at one time and the good things to eat spread thereon is beyond our ability to describe. Arthur has always had the reputation far and wide for the excellent banquets served but this one excelled them all and much credit is due the ladies, .
the Mesdames Landon, Wagner, Roberts and Hackett who had charge of the same. The table service was away above par and the praises given the 10 young ladies and the two popular young gentlemen was justly.
deserved. The entertainment committee, Dr. Campbell, John W. Bettschen, Louis Bettschen and T. O. Burgum had arranged a nice program. Dr. Campbell acted as toastmaster. .
Mrs. Joseph Burgum read a poem. The toast given by T. O. Burgum, “The Pioneers” of Arthur and vicinity, received much applause. Walter Phillips spoke on behalf of the B. A. Y. and I. S. Roberts for the .
M. W. A., 3879, Mr. W. A Fridley made a presentation speech in his happy and able manner presenting Mr. Wilke and family with a most beautiful round oak dining table. .
Neighbor Wilke responded by thanking his many friends for the enjoyable evening and their token of love and respect. A piano solo by Miss Agatha Freytag was nicely rendered. .
Miss Elsie Wagner delighted the audience with a vocal solo “The Last Farewell.” Recitation by Elizabeth Burgum, “Curfew shall not ring tonight” was ably delivered. The pleasant evening came to a close and will long be remembered. .
Mr. Wilke has been a resident of Arthur for nearly 26 years and every one regrets that himself and family are to leave Arthur but our loss will be Fargo's gain for they will make that city their home for a time at least.

March 3, 1910
Will Iwen went to Fargo Wednesday.
Rob Faltz was a Fargo visitor last Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs.John Schur drove to Casselton Wednesday.
Miss Myrtle Franham has recovered nicely from a light attack of appendicitis.
Mrs. Louis Bettschen is able to attend to her household duties after a week's siege of lagrippe.
Messers and Mesdames Wallace and Wilbur Hackett were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Fridley.
Fred Standfield entertained a company of young people last Tuesday evening at the A. T. Burgum farm.
The many friends of Ed Kentfield are glad to learn of his immediate recovery from an attack of pleurisy.
Thursday evening Rev. Moore will preach a sermon in the church. It is also the quarterly conference meeting.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Arnold were at Fargo last week to see their son Iwen who is seriously sick with diphtheria.
Mrs. R. E. Wilke was a Fargo visitor Friday. The Wilke family will leave Saturday for their new home in Fargo.
Alma Boettscher returned to Fargo Monday evening to take up her profession as a trained nurse in St. John's Hospital.
Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Elliott are making preparations to go to farming. They will farm the half section in Sec. 23, Arthur township.
Mrs. Fred Bettschen of Litchville visited Saturday with Mrs. J. W. and Mrs. Louis Bettschen and returned to Casselton the same evening.
E. H. Viestenz and Louis Heiden have taken possession of the blacksmith shop and are prepared to serve their customers with first class workmanship.
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Hackett entertained the 500 club Wednesday. The guests were Messrs. and Messdames W. Landon, T. O. Burgum, and Wilbur Hackett.
Rev. Kahl held revival meetings every night last week which were well attended. Friday evening Miss Elsie Wagner sang “The Holy City” in her usual sweet voice.
The first grand-daughter arrived in the Burgum family last Friday morning. The proud mother being Mrs. L. O. Bower, nee Mable Farnham. Mother and daughter are doing nicely and Grandpa Farnham is passing the cigars.
J. H. Nesbitt and his father are papering, painting, renovating the interior of the A. T. Burgum farm residence.

March 10, 1910
Walter Fink was in town Friday.
J. A. Burgum spent Tuesday in Fargo.
Paul Sommerfeld spent Tuesday in Fargo.
R. E. Wilke went to Fargo Tuesday evening.
T. O. Burgum was a Hunter visitor Wednesday.
George Gunkel of Casselton is visiting his uncle Charles Gunkel.
Jim Christenson and family expect to move west some time in April.
Mrs. Reuben Phillips is the proud possessor of a fine Lyon & Healey piano.
Miss Minnie Green visited over Sunday in Hunger with Miss Winnistopfer.
Miss Marjorie Farnham is quite ill and under the care of William Campbell.
William Heiden of Everest is visiting his nephew Louis Heiden for a few days.
M. E. Schaffer and his daughter Mrs. Will Claviter, were Fargo visitors from Friday till Tuesday.
The families of Edmund Viestenz and Louie Heiden are nicely settled in their respective homes.

March 17, 1910
Mrs. John Iwen returned Saturday morning from Fargo.
Julius Kushnick visited several days last week at Detroit, Minn.
Fred Wolff is looking forward to a trip to his old home in Germany.
Mrs. Theodore Priewe is reported better after a hard siege of asthma.
Jeroma Shea of Champaign, Ill. arrived Tuesday to look after his farming interests.
Wanted to buy-a first class registered Durham Bull. Address Hard Scrabble Farm, Arthur, N. D.
Master Amber Wagner entertained ten of his school friends at dinner Wednesday in honor of his 7th birthday anniversary.
The many friends of Mrs. J. A. Burgum will be pleased to hear that she has fully recovered from her recent attack of lumbago.
Mrs. Louie Schur and her mother Mrs. Willett went to Northwood last Thursday morning to see a daughter who is quite ill at the Lutheran hospital.
J. A. Burgum will have his family out to the farm during spring work. Arthur has discontinued school in order to assist with the farming operations.
Dr. Campbell and G. B. Farnham accompanied Miss Myrtle Farnham to St. Johns Hospital at Fargo, where she will submit to an operation for appendicitis.
Mr. and Mrs. John Elwood left last Wednesday evg. for Forest City, Iowa, in response to a telegram announcing the sudden death of his father, Samuel Elwood at his home in that city.
Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Bayard of Ayr, Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Bayard of Fargo, Will Farnham of Milbank, S. D., were here to attend the funeral of their niece the late Marjory Farnham.
Mrs. T. C. Hockridge returned home Friday from Minneapolis where she accompanied her niece, Miss Snelgrove, who left for her home at Lockport, N. Y., after a pleasant eight months visit in N. D.
Mrs. Reuben Phillips entertained at dinner last Thursday, Mrs. R. C. Elliott and children, Miss Mattie Iwen and Miss Martha Stenerodden of Hickson, the latter being a former pupil of the hostess. Miss Stenerodden was also a guest of her aunt Mrs. O. G. Myrah.
Mr. W. F. Sommerfeld of Mandan arrived Wednesday noon to be present at the funeral of his father. Fred reports he had to cross the Missouri river in a boat owing to the bad condition of the track about three miles of which has been moved off the road bed and a wall of ice six feet deep holds down the right of way. 200 men are at work trying to get the track in shape for traffic and trains are expected to cross over the bridge Thursday.
Arthur township election passed very quietly, there being no contest to speak of. The following are the officers elected: Supervisor, Emil Boettcher; treas., W. C. Gamble; clerk, Walter Phillips; assessor, T. O. Burgum; Justices, J. A. Burgum and R. C. Elliott. Constables, Edmund Viestenz, Henry Sommerfeld; road overseer dist. No. 1, W. G. Hockridge; No. 2, Theo. Wilke; No. 3, Ed. Viestenz; No. 4, Walter Phillips.
Once more the grim reaper of death came into our midst and took one of our dear sweetest of girls. Marjory Lizett Farnham, born April 1st, 1897, died March 12, 1910. Marjory was a child of beautiful character, kind considerate, loving and thoughtful to both young and old. .
With these qualities and graces she had made friends everywhere, in the public school and Sunday school in which she was a devoted member. Taken ill on March 5th with appendicitis and in one short week, .
despite medical skill and loving care, the spark of life went out and the dear one has gone to her Savior. Funeral services were held Sunday from the M. E. church at 3 o'clock. Rev. Kahl preached a sermon deep in thought, .
full of comfort to the bereaved parents and relatives. The choir sang Marjory's favorite hymn, “Beautiful Beckoning Hands” and other appropriate hymns. .
The altar and casket were backed with a magnificent profusion of flowers, tokens of love from friends and relatives. The M. W. A. and B. A Y. sent designs in wreath and pillow, the M. E. Sunday school white and pink carnations, beautiful roses from her teacher, Mr. Roebuck and the students at the G. F. University. A large concourse of friends assembled at the church to extend their sympathy to the bereaved parents, sisters and brothers who are left to mourn her loss. She was laid peacefully away in the Arthur cemetery. .
The pallbearers were Messrs. Wilbur Hackett., I. S. Roberts, W. C. Gamble, T. J. Ross, Louis Schur and Reuben Phillips..

A pall of gloom swept over this neighborhood Tuesday morning when the sad news was told of the sudden death of Edward Sommerfeld. Monday he was enjoying his usual good health, but early Tuesday morning he complained of not feeling well but in the course of two or three hours he was apparently feeling quite well again and remarked that he would go out and get some fresh air. After being out some time Mrs. Sommerfeld went out to see why he did not return to the house and was horrified to find him lying on the ground, dead beyond a doubt. Death came to him without a moment's warning, the cause being heart failure. Mrs. Sommerfeld called her sons from town and with the assistance of a neighbor Mr. Sommerfeld was conveyed to the house and Dr. Campbell hastily called, but death had already claimed its victim. Mr. Sommerfeld was a man of very rugged constitution seldom seen in a man of his 73 years. He was born Dec. 23, 1837, near Rogasen, Provenz Posen, Germany, served in the war of 66, emigrated to America in 1867 locating at Princeton, Wisconsin, residing there for 18 years. He came to Arthur in 1888 and located on the North _ of 35 where the family lived for a number of years, then moving near town where he lived at the time of his death. During the 22 years Mr. Sommerfeld has lived here he has filled many offices of honor and trust in both school and township affairs; for the past 18 years he has been treasurer of the school district. Funeral services will be held at the German Lutheran church Friday p. m. A loving wife, five sons and four daughters are left to mourn the loss of a kind and loving husband and father.

March 24, 1910
Miss Elsie Wagner has spent a week visiting friends in Fargo.
Mrs. W. C. Gamble and children were Hunter visitors Saturday.
Mrs. T. O. Burgum spent Wednesday visiting friends in Fargo.
The Feltz children have had a siege of the measles but are better.
Mrs. And Mrs. Paul Kuehn spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Rudolf Otto.
Mr. and Mrs. I. McAdams were guests Tuesday of Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Farnham.
Mrs. Clague and two small boys are enjoying a visit with relatives in Minneapolis.
Walter Fink of Grand forks was in town Wednesday. We are always glad to have Mr. Fink with us.
Mrs. L. O. Bower and little daughter spent a few days with Mr. and Mrs. Martin Bower at Hunter.
J. E. Sommerfeld spent Wednesday in Fargo and W. Sommerfeld returned to his duties at Mandan.
Miss Clara Bucholtz arrived Tuesday from Fall Creek, Wis., and will spend the summer with Ms. Julius Sommerfeld.
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Wilke of Fargo and Will Echternach of Casselton were here to attend the funeral of the late Edward Sommerfeld.
A social will be given in the hall Friday evening for the benefit of the Epworth League. Ice cream and cake will be served. Admission 15 cents.
G. B. Farnham returned from Fargo Monday and reports his daughter Myrtle doing nicely at the hospital. The operation being a most successful one.
Agustus Row and Mrs. Wilke of Eau Claire, Wis., brother and sister of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sommerfield arrived last Thursday and are visiting their relatives here until after Easter.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Lambert have issued invitations to the marriage of their daughter Gertrude Emily to Nelse K. Hanson on Wednesday afternoon March 30th at 3 o'clock at the German Lutheran church.
Realizing that it is impossible to thank each one personally, we take this method to thank all of our friends who assisted us in the time of our great bereavement by the death of a husband and father, Mrs. Edward. Sommerfeld and family.
Tuesday evening about fifty of John Schlate's friends assembled at the hall to spend the evening with Uncle John, it being his 73rd birthday. The evening was spent in playing progressive whist and social chat. A sumptuous supper was served at 11 o'clock and was much enjoyed by all. .
Neighbor Schlate was presented with a beautiful cane and the hearty good wishes of those present for many returns of the happy occasion. The writer thinks it will be a long time before he will need the cane for Uncle John is as spry and active as a man of fifty, one of the best ever, true as steel, generous to a fault and a man whom everyone is glad to call friend.

The beautiful Lutheran burial services were held in the German Lutheran church last Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock for the late Edward Sommerfeld. Rev. Freytag spoke touchingly on the life of .
Mr. Sommerfeld who was one of the founders of the Arthur Lutheran church and who was a devoted member. .
Rev. Freytag took for his text Matthew 24:44, “Be ye also ready,” which was well delivered both in the German and English languages. The choir sang the beautiful hymn “Over the Stars There's Rest.” .
The floral tributes were beautiful, the altar and casket being banked with the beautiful remembrances from friends in Casselton and relatives. The members of the Lutheran church sent a beautiful monument .
consisting of white carnations, lilies and white hyacinthus which represented the “broken column.” The church was crowded with friends who came from far and near to pay their respect to the dead and to .
look once more upon the face of their friend. Kind hands had lined the grave with bunting, ferns and ivy and as the body was lowered into the grave the psalm for the dead was chanted. .
The pallbearers were John Schur, Charles Viestenz, Albert Viestenz, John Kruger and Theo. Sell..
March 31, 1910
Carl Gunkel returned to Belfield the last of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Schur visited relatives at Erie Easter Sunday.
F. E. Smith of Medora was visiting with T. O. Burgum Monday.
The Epworth League realized $12 from the entertainment last Friday evening.
Mrs. Will Muir and Mrs. Stafford of Hunter visited Mrs. Louie Bettschen Monday.
Arthur Burgum has started to the Hunter High School again after the Easter vacation.
Julius Elliott and Will Clievator left Monday for Montana in search of farming land.
W. H. Flynn, of Fargo, was an arrival in town Friday looking over his farming interests.
Mr. and Mrs. John Schur had a large company of friends and relatives to dinner Sunday.
Mesdames Iwen, Gamble and Wagner accompanied Fred Williams Saturday to Erie in his auto.
Mr. and Mrs. T. O. Burgum had as their guests Easter Sunday at dinner, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Hackett and Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Hackett.
Mrs. C. F. Bayard accompanied her daughter Exine to the home of Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Farnham where Miss Exine will visit for a short time.
A. A. Bagemeil was in town loading his car with cattle and hogs. H. E. Stone brought in 3 fine hogs, which brought him the sum of $110.
A. F. Viestenz died at his home in Winona, Minn., last Saturday and his three sons, Charles and Albert of this place and Gust of Erie attended the funeral.
Miss Chapman left Tuesday eve for Tower City to be present at the marriage of her sister which occurred the 30th. Miss Chapman expects to return next Monday.
Mrs. Will and Mrs. Gust Schur and August Tonn left Monday for Little Falls, Minn., to attend the funeral of their brother who died at his home in that city.
Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Phillips entertained their friend Miss Austang Olson of Fargo from Saturday till Monday. Miss Olson was organist Sunday and she is a masterly performer also musical director at the Dakota Conservatory. Rev. and Mrs. Kahl were also dinner guests Easter Sunday.

The marriage of Miss Gertrude E. Lambert to Nelse K. Hansen was solemnized in the Lutheran church yesterday afternoon by Rev. Freytag who read the service. A reception was held in the town hall followed by a sumptuous dinner.

Transcribed by Steven Pueppke