Arthur Anglings 1910 Hunter Herald

July 7, 1910

Fred Lucker of Fargo is visiting his aunt, Mrs. John Iwen.

Born, last Thursday to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Elwood, a baby boy.

Dave Whitmore and son returned home Friday evening to Ludlow, Ill.

Mattie Iwen and Carrie Rassler were Fargo visitors the middle of the week.

Johnnie Wagner spent a few days with his brother George at Wahpeton.

Miss McGrath, Miss Iza Gunkel and Mrs. T. J. Ross were Hunter visitors Saturday.

Emil Boettcher of New England arrived last Friday morning for a visit with relatives.

H. J. Wagner has returned home from the sanitarium at Fargo much improved in health.

The Misses Agatha and Matilda Freytag are visiting relatives in Minneapolis for two weeks.

A goodly number of the young people attended the celebration of the 4th at Hunter and took in the dance in the evening.

The Mayville high school boys played the Arthur nine here on the 4th and were defeated by a score of 12 to 3.
In the afternoon they played again, this time being defeated by a score of 8 to 0. The Arthur boys are fast becoming expert players.

R. E. Wilkie was in town for a couple of days bidding farewell to his many friends. Mr. Wilkie will ship his household goods to his new home at Valier,
20 miles from Conrad, northwestern Montana. His numerous friends wish him good luck in his new enterprise.

July 14, 1910

Will Stewart visited over Sunday in town.

Julius Elliott possesses a new motorcycle.

Walter Fink of Grand Forks was in town Saturday.

Miss Alice Wagner is visiting Mrs. H. P. Moore at Hunter.

Mrs. Tucker, of Fargo, spent a few days here this week visiting relatives.

Elsie Wagner, Alice Wagner and Edna Wilke were Hunter visitors Tuesday.

R. C. Elliott had the misfortune of losing one of his best farm horses with lockjaw.

Mr. and Mrs. John See entertained at dinner Sunday Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Farnham and family.

Mrs. J. A. Burgum and three children have fully recovered from their sickness of ten days duration.

Mrs. I. McAdams is expected home from Pine City for a visit with her parents Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Burgum.

Miss Maud Vosburg returned home last week from the east, her many Arthur friends were pleased to welcome her home.

Miss Alma Boettscher, a nurse in St. Johns hospital at Fargo, is here spending a two weeks vacation among her Arthur friends.

The Casselton boys came up last Saturday evening to play the return game with the Arthur nine and again lost the game by a score of 9 to 3.

The stockhold ers of the Farmers Elevator Co. held a business meeting Saturday afternoon. Next Saturday another meeting will be held to appoint directors.

The Ladies Aid held its fortnightly meeting last Thursday at the home of Mrs. F. J. Stumpf. The next meeting will be with Mrs. Wilbur Hackett July 21st.

Mrs. R. E. Wilke and children arrived Wednesday from Fargo and will spend a week or more visiting her friends and relatives before departing for her new home at Valier, Montana.

The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Clague are sorry to lose these esteemed neighbors.
They are to move to Blanchard Thursday where Mr. Clague will serve as Agent for the G. N. His successor here will be Mr. Paulson of Kindred. G. B. Farnham, superintendent of the Arthur Sunday school conducted childrens' day exercises last Sunday afternoon in the M. E. church.
The program consisted of recitations and drills and pantomime, and a beautiful solo by Miss Elsie Wagner and Miss Bertha Myrah as organist.

July 21, 1910 The Woodman dance Friday evening, July 22.

Mrs. Arthur Dundas is visiting Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Hockridge.

Dr. Moore will lecture in the M. E. church here Monday evening.

Misses Fern Gamble and Mattie Iwen spent Sunday in Casselton.

Mrs. Clague visited Saturday and Sunday with her husband at Blanchard.

Miss Carrie Rassler left for Colgate Friday evening to remain there for some time.

Miss Lillian Murch entertained a large company of young people Monday evening.

Mrs. R. F. Viestenz and children spent a few days last week visiting her sister in Fargo.

Hale Nelson of Northwood spent a few days in town this week visiting old school mates.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Collins and family are spending a few days outing at Pelican Lake.

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Miller arrived Thursday morning. Mr. Miller will be assistant blacksmith.

Mrs. Theodore Kartes and little daughter of Oakes are visiting their parents Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Gunkel.

Freddie Tucker and Walter Iwen went to Fargo Saturday night. Walter will visit relatives for two weeks.

Mr. and Mrs. Gamble entertained the Misses Marjory and Helen Simmons and Mrs. Simmons at dinner Monday.

The ball game between Arthur and Casselton Sunday afternoon was a fine game our boys winning by a score of 9 to 4.

Mrs. J. L. Iwen, Mr. and Mrs. J. Williams, Fred Williams autoed to Wheatland Sunday and were guests of Fred and Emil Kreuger.

Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Gamble and son Bertin, Walter Fink and R. Campbell autoed to Casselton Sunday to witness the ball game.

The farmers in this vicinity have spent the week in making hay and report a shortage. The oat crop is now ready and is being harvested.

J. A. Burgum is moving the old school house from Dist. 88 west of town to Arthur where it will be placed on an adjoining lot and made ready for occupancy.

Cards were received in Arthur announcing the marriage of Miss Exine Bayard and Emil O. Boettcher of New England.
The happy couple will make their future home in New England, this state.

Mrs. R. C. Elliott has been engaged as teacher in the upper grade of the coming year.

July 28, 1910 The ladies aid will meet with Mrs. B. B. Elliott.

The ladies aid are making preparations to give a “harvest supper” Tuesday evening of next week.

Mr. and Mrs. McAdams arrived Saturday morning from St. Paul and will visit relatives for a short time.

Chas. Gunkel returned last Thursday from Belfield and reports prospects for a good crop in that locality.

Mrs. Wallace Hackett accompanied her niece to Casselton where she will visit with her Aunt Mrs. A. M. Smith.

Misses Fern Gamble and Mattie Iwen are spending a few days at Rogers, N. D., as the guests of Mrs. W. G. Clark.

A large delegation took advantage of the special train service and left for the fair at Fargo to enjoy Modern Woodman day.

Mrs. Buhr of Casselton came up Friday evening to attend the Woodman dance and visiting over Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. I. S. Roberts.

Mrs. Will Wagner and little niece Mary Gene left Monday evening for their home at Wahpeton after two weeks visit with relatives and friends.

Messers. and Mesdames. Wallace and Wilbur Hackett, Mrs. J. C. Kelly, A. T. Burgum and family were dinner guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Vosburg.

Little Helen Viestenz will be at home Thursday afternoon from 3 to 5 to her little friends who will help celebrate her birthday.
Doubtless to say the little folks will spend a delightful afternoon with the hostess.

The Modern Woodman's Annual Ball of last Friday was a success socially and financially over eighty tickets were sold and the committee
who had charge of the affair are to be congratulated for the social success of the evening.

The rain that fell in this vicinity last Saturday morning was of great benefit to the growing and late grain especially. About 1 1-2 inches of rain falling west and southwest.
A terrific wind accompanied by hail and rain doing considerable damage at the Mauer farm blowing the hog shed to pieces killing 4 hogs valued at $50,
breaking up hay racks, twisting shade trees, also moved the barn 6 inches on the foundation on Charlie Lambert's farm. While the storm was severe west of Arthur, no hail fell in this immediate vicinity.

August 4, 1910

Roy Amel was an Arthur visitor last Thursday.

John Schur had a large gathering of friends Sunday.

Dr. Campbell went to McHenry last week returning with his automobile.

Mrs. R. E. Wilke and family concluded their visit here and left Monday for their home at Valier, Montana.

Mr. Whitmore is expected to arrive the middle of the week from Ludlow, Ill.

Miss Clark and Miss Smith of Casselton are visiting their aunt, Mrs. Wallace Hackett.

Mr. and Mrs. Louie Schur entertained Mr. and Mrs. Willard and family from Erie Sunday.

T. J. Ross is confined to his bed. His many friends hope to see him up soon and around again.

The sum of $9.75 was realized last Monday evening by the Ladies Aid from Dr. Moore's lecture “To and Fro in Rome.”

Fred Wolff and Mrs. Matilda Wolters were married last Thursday at the home of his daughter Mrs. Paul Keuhn, Rev. Freytag reading the marriage services.
A large company of the groom's German friends were present at the marriage and enjoyed a beautiful wedding dinner.
Mr. Wolff met his wife while on a visit to his old home in Germany, and their friends are extending congratulations.

The W. C. T. U. met Friday at the home of Mrs. R. H. Vosburg. Twenty members were present who responded to the roll call with appropriate selections.
Mrs. Gale gave several musical selections. Mrs. L. L. Muir read a paper on the Progress of our work in the last ten years, showing how state after state in
our great Union is unfurling the flag of Prohibition. Election of officers was held and the following were elected by acclamation:
President, Mrs. L. L. Muir, Vice-Presidents, Mrs. Knudtson, Mrs. A. T. Burgum, Mrs. Brewer; Secretary, Mrs. Sandleman; Treas. Mrs. W. C. Muir.
The hostess served delicious refreshments and the meeting adjourned to meet with Mrs. McMullen next month.

August 11, 1910

Gust Schur was a Fargo visitor Monday.

O. G. Myrah was a Fargo visitor last Wednesday.

Fred Standfield was a Hunter caller last Wednesday.

Bertin Gamble is assisting Elmer Schur in the fruit store.

W. C. and Robert Muir were Arthur visitors last week.

Miss Fern Gamble visited with Miss Bertha Myrah Monday.

Johnnie Wagner is visiting his uncle, Otto Zelmer, near Hunter.

The Ladies Aid Harvest Supper realized the Aid something over $22.

Mrs. J. C. Kelly was a Friday visitor at the home of Mrs. F. J. Stumpf.

Miss Alice Skogmo visited for a short time last week with friends at Breckenridge.

R. I. Parsons arrived Monday. Mr. Parsons is the new agent for the farmers' elevator.

Edmond Viestenz has returned to the farm to assist his father through threshing season.

Mr. Thoedore Kartes and little daughter returned to her home at Oakes last Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. John See were dinner guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lambert.

The Misses Ollie and Lillie Burgum visited the “eight cousins” last Tuesday, the See children.

Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Moody of Hunter were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Gamble, Tuesday.

Rev. Kahl is called away on business therefore no services in the M. E. church Sunday morning.

Misses Hattie and Elsie Wagner are visiting at Wimbledon, the guest of their Aunt, Mrs. Fred Wilke.

Rev. and Mrs. Kahl and little daughter Miomi, spent a couple of days with Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Elliott.

Mr. and Mrs. Louie Schur are nicely settled in the T. O. Burgum residence, which they will occupy for a short time.

Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Moore and little Margurite and Miss Alice Wagner were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Phillips.

Mr. and Mrs. Julius Sommerfeld and Mrs. Ed. Sommerfeld were Fargo visitors Saturday, driving home from Casselton Sunday evening.

Julius Elliott, our rural postman, was quite ill Sunday evening, Dr. Campbell was called.

August 18, 1910

Mrs. Herman Krause was an Arthur visitor last Tuesday.

Ray Feltz is in Fargo taking treatment from an eye specialist.

T. O. Burgum and little daughter were Casselton visitors Tuesday.

The threshing season has opened with many machines in operation.

Carrie Faltz and Fred Williams were Casselton visitors last Thursday.

A. T. Burgum has installed a new elevator on the farm to elevate grain.

Miss Jennie Rudd of Fargo is visiting her sister Mrs. Reuben Phillips.

Jerome Shea arrived from Champaign, Ill., to look after threshing on his farm.

It is reported from St. John's hospital that T. J. Ross is improving nicely to the satisfaction of his many friends.

Mrs. Willett and little daughter Martha of Erie were Sunday visitors at the home of her daughter Mrs. Louie Schur.

Mr. and Mrs. James Hudson of Rose Valley were calling on Arthur friends while enroute to Erie to visit relatives there.

Misses Mattie Iwen and Fern Gamble leave Saturday morning for a week's visit with Miss Hazel Fink at Grand Forks.

John Schlate and R. A. Siewert went to Casselton to attend the funeral of the late A. A. Bagameil.
Beautiful flowers were sent by the Modern Woodmen, the K. P. lodges and a number of friends.

Agent Paulison went down to Kindred last Saturday to see his mother who was sick but who died before he arrived.
Mrs. Paulison remained for the funeral returning home late Monday morning.

After two months stay at Blanchard to agent for the Great Northern railroad, H. P. Clague has returned to Arthur
and has again taken up his duties in the office here to the delight of his many friends.

August 25, 1910

J. H. Gale and Rev. Kahl were Arthur visitors Thursday.

Miss Jennie Rudd of Fargo is visiting her sister Mrs. Phillips.

Elsie Wagner is expected home this week from a two week's visit at Wimbledon.

Mrs. Walker Thompson and daughter of Erie were shopping in town Tuesday.

The Ladies Aid met with Mrs. R. H. Vosburg with a large attendance, Thursday.

Mr. Fitzsimmons came Monday from Paxton, Ill., and is looking after his farming interest.

John W. Elwood of Buffalo Center, Iowa, arrived Thursday to look after the threshing on his farm.

Dave Whitmore and J. K. Fuller arrived last Thursday from Ludlow, Ill., to look after the threshing on their farm.

Threshing is well under way, the wheat is a splendid quality and it averages from 10 to 15 bushels per acre in this vicinity.

Sisters Sterns and Bernardine of the Sacred Heart Academy at Fargo were in this vicinity last Thursday soliciting pupils for the academy.

Miss Hermania Freytag came up from Minneapolis Tuesday morning for a visit at home. Miss Agatha going down to accompany her home.

Mrs. J. C. Kelly went to Casselton to meet a cousin from California, who will visit for some time at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Hackett.

Dr. Campbell and his bride arrived home Thursday morning and are stopping with Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Viestenz while they are getting settled in their new home.

Mrs. Charles Gunkel was in Fargo Monday to see Roy Amel who is at St. John's hospital receiving treatment for ivy poison which he contracted while out west on his wedding tour.

Fred Williams very kindly autoed to Casselton Saturday evening with Mrs. Bruno Mergner who took the train there for Fargo where she submitted
to an operation Sunday morning at St. John's hospital, her friends hope to see her home soon fully restored to her usual good health.

September 1, 1910

Will Stewart of Blanchard spent Sunday in town.

Miss Ella Myrah has returned from St. Luke's hospital.

The Ladies Aid will meet with Mrs. W. C. Landon Thursday.

Miss Warner and Miss Burke were Arthur visitors Saturday.

Arthur Burgum is having a serious time with infections of the eyes.

Miss Grant of Erie is visiting at the home of Miss Minnie Davis east of Arthur.

T. J. Ross is home from the hospital fully restored to his usual good health.

C. F. Bayard and daughter Ethel of Ayr were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Burgum.

Bruno Mergner was a Fargo visitor last week. He reports Mrs. Mergner doing nicely at St. John's hospital.

W. J. Stone of Gibson City, Iowa, is here visiting his brother, Hugh, and looking after his farming interests.

Miss Marjorie Webster of North Yakima, Wash., remembered her friends with choice crates of Washington peaches.

S. H. Bayard and son Walter returned to their home at Fargo after a week's visit with Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Farnham.

Miss Fern Bayard of Ayr who has been attending summer school at Fargo spent a few days here the guests of the Misses Burgums.

Mrs. Sheehan and Mrs. Whitmore are expected today from Ludlow, Ill., for a visit. The former lady is a sister of Mrs. W. C. Landon.

I desire to announce that I will continue the former business of my father, A. Bagemiel. Parties having stock for sale may expect me to call, drop me a line at Casselton. R. Bagemiel.

Mrs. J. A. Burgum will go to Minneapolis to remove her mother Mrs. Slaughter to another institute at St. Cloud. Mrs. Slaughter is in very feeble condition and the best
of care is to be given the lady in her old age.

September 8, 1910

Fred Williams is in Minneapolis on business.

Hattie Wagner has returned to her home at Wahpeton.

Mrs. John Mullins of Erie was in town shopping, Wednesday.

John Ross was up from Casselton Saturday on legal business.

J. W. Freytag arrived from Iowa for a short visit with his parents.

W. H. Burgum of Sumner, Iowa, is expected this week for a visit with relatives.

Forty-nine farmers and two business men were in Fargo Monday to hear Roosevelt.

The Ladies Aid will meet next Thursday at the home of Mrs. Ira Chandlier at the usual hour.

School will commence here next Monday. The school board has decided to have high school here this year.

The young people had a dance last Friday evening in the hall. It was well attended and all report a splendid time.

The Misses Francis and Elizabeth Burgum, Alice Skogmo and Elizabeth Iwen are attending the Hunter high school.

Walter Fink is down from the Forks and in company with his own folks is enjoying the first day of the hunting season.

Mrs. and Ms. Charles Gunkel are out at Medora looking over the former's ranch “The Custer Trail” which they have purchased.

Miss Alm returned from Minneapolis, where she was in an institute receiving treatment for
tuberculosis of the throat and is now stopping with her sister Mrs. Harris.

I desire to announce that I will continue the former business of my father, A. Bagemiel.
Parties having stock for sale may expect me to call, drop me a line at Casselton. R. Bagemiel.

Mrs. Louie Heiden is up and around again after a week's confinement to her room from the severe burns on her
hands and body caused by the explosion of the gasoline stove at her home.

Mrs. Wilbur Hackett and cousin Mrs. Duncan, Miss Bertha Clark and Ms. J. C. Kelly will leave Wednesday evening for Michigan.
Mrs. Hackett will also visit with Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Kelly in East Liverpool, Ohio.

Miss Carrie Fridley entertained the Misses May and Agnes McGrath last Sunday at dinner. Miss Carrie left Tuesday for Fargo where she will
enter the Sacred Heart Academy for the coming year. Miss McGrath left Monday for Taylor, N. D., where she will teach again this year.

September 15, 1910

School opened here Monday with a large attendance.

Henry Sommerfeld was a Fargo visitor last Thursday.

W. H. Comrie and son of Fargo were Arthur visitors Monday.

D. E. Whitmore returned to his home Wednesday at Ludlow, Ill.

Miss Minnie Davis and brother Albert spent Sunday with friends at Erie.

Fred Williams is having a new house and barn erected on the s. w. _ of section 21.

Mr. and Mrs. August Faltz spent a few days last week at the Minnesota State Fair.

Mr. and Mrs. John See were entertained Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Lambert.

Mrs. Tourtellotte remembers her Arthur friends with cards of her home in Boston and Conn., at which places she is visiting relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Flynn of Fargo were up to attend the funeral of the late Joseph Murch whose death resulted from the kick of a horse.
The sorrowing wife and five little children have the sympathy of the entire community.

Our little town is not only growing in popularity but it can boast of increasing population. A little son came Friday to bless the home of Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Phillips

and a second daughter arrived Saturday morning at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Louie Schur. All concerned are doing splendidly.

September 22, 1910

L. A. Plumley is visiting with T. A. Green.

Miss Flure is the guest of Miss Alice Burke this week.

Mrs. H. J. Wagner returned from Hunter Saturday evening.

Miss Ames and Miss Carrie Feltz were Arthur visitors Sunday.

Miss Cora Waxler has opened a term of school in the Cruden district.

Mrs. John Iwen spent a few days last week with relatives in Fargo.

Mrs. Tom Davis and daughter Minnie were Arthur visitors Monday.

Mrs. Andrew Pearson went to Casselton Monday evening to visit her parents.

Miss Emma Priewe left for Fargo Monday to attend her aunt, Mrs. Mergner, who is ill.

Mr. and Mrs. Gust Viestenz of Erie were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Louie W. Heiden.

Misses Elsie and Hilda Brandhurst of Winona are visiting their aunt, Mrs. Albert Viestenz.

Next Sunday services will be devoted to temperance. A special program is being prepared.

Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Elliott entertained Mr. and Mrs. Ira Chandlier and Dr. and Mrs. Campbell at dinner Sunday.

Carrie Fridley of Fargo came up to the farm for a visit with Mrs. Pearl Hamilton who is visiting at the Fridley home.

The German Lutherans will hold a mission feast Oct. 2nd. Rev. Labuman of the Lutheran hospital, St. Paul, will conduct the services.

Mrs. W. C. Farnham and son Norman left Saturday for their home at Chaffee after a pleasant visit with Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Farnham.

Gov. Burke and M. A. Hildreath delivered a splendid address Monday evening to a crowded house. The governor spoke the plain facts and was enjoyed by all.

Mrs. Chas. Gunkel left Monday for Northwood, Minn., being called there on account of sickness. Mrs. Roy Amel came up from Davenport to be with her father during her mother's absence.

Rev. Kahl will deliver his farewell sermon two weeks from Sunday. All Arthur people regret the removal of Rev. Kahl and his wife who have endeared themselves to the Arthur community.

Miss Ruth B. Smith, whose father was a former pastor of the Presbyterian church at Page, lectured here Monday evening to a small but appreciative audience.
Her subject was “China and its People.” Some $12 was contributed for the Chinese.

September 29, 1910

Saturday eve the young people enjoyed a social dance until midnight.

Mrs. Ed. Sommerfeld and Mrs. Will Iwen were Casselton visitors Saturday.

The Yeomen are planning on holding their meeting in the church basement.

Agent Clauge is enjoying a visit from his married daughter who lives below Wahpeton.

Mrs. W. C. Landon and daughters, Josephine and Mabel, were Casselton callers Saturday.

The rain of Sunday and Monday was of much benefit to those who have just sown their rye and winter wheat.

John Schur, Jr., and Elmer Schur have purchased the confectionary store from Gust Schur, closing the deal Monday evening.

Mrs. Wallace Hackett entertained the Ladies Aid today. The ladies are making preparation for their annual bazaar which will take place early in November.

Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Hackett entertained a company of friends at dinner Sunday. The guests were Mr. and Mrs. T. O. Burgum, W. A. Fridley and Wilbert Hackett.

There was no school in Gunkel district from Tuesday to Monday owing to the illness of the teacher, Miss Ames. She left Friday eve for her home in Casselton to remain over Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Willert, of Erie, Mr. and Mrs. Hans Willert, parents of Mrs. Louie Schur, were Arthur visitors Sunday, coming especially to make acquaintance of their new granddaughter.

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