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October 5, 1911

The Farmers Elevator Co. received a carload of flour Tuesday.

The Ladies' Aid will meet in the church basement next week to tie quilts.

The Epworth League has ordered a set of books for a course in bible study this winter.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Farnham on Tuesday, a son, making the fifth son in the family.

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Burgum of Sumner, Iowa, spent a few days here visiting their relatives.

The Arthur Mercantile Co. has offered a prize for the best six cars of corn brought in during the Corn Carnival week.

The Commercial Club has made arrangements for a cement watering trough, the water to be piped from the artesian well.

Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Farnham and daughter Florence arrived from the coast Monday and are the guests of the G. B. Farnham family.

A progressive peanut party will be given in the church basement by the Epworth League and a good time is assured to all who attend.

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Burgum, Mrs. J. A. Burgum and son Arthur motored over to Ayr Wednesday to spend the day with the Bayard family.

G. Bettschen of Ontario is the guest of the Bettschen families. Mr. Bettschen was a welcome visitor at the Epworth League meeting and gave a talk on the churches he visited while in Europe recently.

School notes

Individual drinking cups are in use in all the rooms.

A number of pupils from outside districts are enrolled in our school.

Miss Reyburg has organized a glee club among the High School girls.

Twelve pupils in Prof. Records' room are taking German and bookkeeping.

Miss Buckley is teaching sewing to the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th grade girls. Some of the boys have expressed a desire to learn and have joined the class.

The remodeling and addition to the school building was finished on schedule time by contractor Rosval. The building is equipped with an up to date heating and ventilating plant, toilets on each floor and fire escapes. The ceilings in the four rooms are of steel.

October 12, 1911

J. H. Gale was an Arthur visitor Monday.

Walter Fink was an Arthur visitor last week.

Tony Ramstead was a Fargo visitor over Sunday.

Miss M. Sanders is visiting her aunt, Mrs. F. J. Stumpf.

Mrs. R. C. Elliott spent a few days in Fargo last week.

Mr. and Mrs. T. O. Burgum were Casselton visitors Monday.

Miss Fern Gamble visited Saturday and Sunday at Hunter.

Mrs. John L. Iwen spent a few days this week with friends at Fargo.

Dr. T. R. Campbell was a visitor at the home of his father at McHenry.

T. A. Green has a large acreage of fine potatoes yielding 100 bu. per acre.

Mr. and Mrs. Will Wagner of Wahpeton visited a few days with friends here.

Clifton Webster concluded his visit here and returned to North Yakima, Monday.

Fred Stanfield and Mrs. And Mrs. G. B. Burgum autoed to Casselton Sunday afternoon.

T. J. Ross has installed a new furnace in his store with steam heat throughout the building.

Mrs. Ira Chandlier and son Phillip left Monday for Illinois where they will visit for some time.

Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Collins returned Saturday after a two weeks visit with relatives at Fargo and Hillsboro.

Mrs. Reuben Phillips and son Lyle returned Saturday morning from Fargo, having visited with her parents the past week.

Ed. Real and Will Wise returned home Tuesday morning from McHenry and Valley City where they have spent some time hunting.

Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Ross, Misses Buckley and Rehberg autoed to Casselton Sunday morning to attend services in the Catholic church.

Coarlie Mauer will accompany his sister, Miss Tena, to California this week in hopes of benefitting her health. We understand that she is very poorly with lung trouble.

The Epworth league will give a Halloween social.

Ervins best flour, is the best, to be convinced-try it.

October 19, 1911

Wallace Hackett was a Fargo visitor Sunday.

There will be a dance Friday evening, the 20th.

For Sale-four fresh milch cows, Arthur Mercantile Co.

Miss Elizabeth Burgum visited with friends at Hunter Friday.

W. C. Gamble and Gust Schur were Casselton visitors Monday.

Miss E. Brunch of Milwaukee is visiting Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Viestenz.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sell of Minot are visiting relatives and friends here.

Louis and J. W. Bettschen were business visitors to Hunter Wednesday.

Rev. Frizzelle preached his farewell sermon here Sunday and will attend conference.

Mrs. W. C. Gamble, and daughter and son, Fern and Bertin, spent Friday in Casselton.

Soft wood $4.50, hardwood $6.50 per cord sawed ready for your stove. Farmers Elevator Co.

Julius Kushnick will leave Tuesday for a three weeks visit with friends in Minnesota.

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Rassler who have spent the summer here, left Sunday for Nebraska.

Try our Zenith Lump or Stove Coal. The best soft coal on the market. Arthur Farmers Elevator.

Ed. Real and Fred Williams were dinner guests Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Hackett.

Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Viestenz and family and Miss Brunch were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Viestenz.

Mrs. Walter Phillips returned home Monday from Bismarck and Valley City after a pleasant week's visit with friends.

Will Lambert and his aunt, Miss Lena Schur, left Sunday evening for a long visit with Mr. and Mrs. Rundel in Montana.

Miss Ollie May Burgum entertained a company of relatives at dinner Sunday, the occasion being her 12th birthday anniversary.

The Arthur Mercantile Co. will hold their first corn Carnival Sale October 30 to November 4, inclusive.

October 26, 1911

Mrs. T. O. Burgum and daughter Ollie were Hunter visitors Saturday.

The Ladies' Aid is planning for their bazaar earlier this year than heretofore.

The Ladies' Aid met in the church basement Saturday at a quilting bee.

Dr. T. R. Campbell left for Rochester to be with his patient, Theodore See.

Misses Edith and Fern Bayard of Ayr visited Saturday and Sunday with relatives here.

Miss Myrtle Farnham spent Sunday at home returning to her school Monday morning.

Julius Elliot returned home Monday morning from a few days outing at his farm in Syrea, Minn.

Ground feed sacked at $12 a ton. A mixture of wheat, oats and grass seed. Better than bran, for half the price. Arthur Farmers Elevator Co.

The Harvest Home was observed here Sunday at the German Lutheran church by two services and a number of social gatherings at different homes.

Dr. W. P. Baldwin of Casselton was an Arthur caller last Saturday in consultation regarding the serious illness of Miss Tena Mower. She will not leave for California as previously announced.

Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Burgum and family were the guests at dinner Sunday of A. T. Burgum and family, the occasion being the 77th birthday of Father Burgum which found him in hale and hearty health.

November 2, 1911

Native corn, bought and sold. Farmers Elevator Co.

Mrs. Dr. Campbell returned from Iowa City last Saturday.

Rev. J. G. Moore will preach here next Sunday forenoon.

R. C. Elliott shipped a car of seed corn Monday and J. A. Burgum a car Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Brooks left Wednesday evening for Chicago.

Born-to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Green, Monday, a daughter.

A large audience filled the M. E. church Tuesday evening to listen to a fine program. The pupils of Miss Buckley's room gave the Birds' Convention. The vocal solos by Miss Reyburg, Miss Wagner and Mr. Brooks were heartily applauded. Miss Maud Vosburg played a fine violin solo.
Miss Tritchler gave two humorous readings and the Girls Glee Club of sixteen voices sang their four part songs in perfect harmony. The audience was then invited to the basement for the rest of the program and refreshments were served to over a hundred. The decorations of black cats, witches and Jack o'lanterns were all characteristic of Halloween and also the games. The weird witch and ghost had charge of the money box and a handsome sum was realized for the Epworth League.

November 9, 1911

Mrs. G. B. Farnham will entertain the M. E. Aid Saturday p.m.

Born-Monday, Nov. 6th, to Mr. and Mrs. I. S. Roberts, a baby boy.

Miss Emma Osborne of Hunter spent Sunday with Miss Fern Gamble.

T. J. Ross and family and F. W. Maurer motored to Casselton Sunday.

Mrs. W. C. Gamble and Mrs. J. L. Iwen were Fargo visitors last week.

Fred Williams and Walter Phillips were Casselton visitors Monday.

Misses Ollie Burgum, Fern Gamble and Mrs. McAdams spent Friday in Hunter.

Mrs. Ed. Sommerfeld is in Fargo taking treatment for rheumatism at a local sanitarium.

Will Schur's little girl fell from a hay rack Saturday, breaking her collar bone. The little patient is resting easy.

Dr. Baillie of Hunter was an Arthur caller Monday and is looking after Dr. Campbell's patients, the Dr. being called to McHenry to see his father who was taken suddenly ill.

Mr. and Mrs. T. O. Burgum drove to Hunter Saturday evening to hear North Dakota's noted poet, J. W. Foley. Messrs. Foley and Burgum being old acquaintances.

The Epworth League is indebted to the three teachers-Misses Buckley, Rehberg and Tritchler, for the Halloween party being a success, $15 being the receipts.

Prizes at the Corn Carnival were awarded as follows: Northwestern dent: first, Tom Myers; second, Ben Bahl. Yellow dent: first, Julius Sommerfeld; second, W. C. Landon.

Andrew Pearson who owns a corn shredder and was shredding corn in Arthur met with a very painful and serious accident last Wednesday evening while oiling the machine which was in operation. He got his left hand caught in the rollers, mangling his fingers so terribly that amputation of the first three fingers was necessary. Dr. Campbell and T. J. Ross autoed to Fargo that evening with the patient who is now at his home in that city under the care of a physician.

Rev. Frizzelle has been transferred from this district to Granville, Minot district.

Mrs. Wm. Elder and baby daughter of Fargo have been visiting at the R. F. Viestenz home.

The dance given by Messrs. Heiden and Viestenz was well attended and all report a good time.

The Ladies' Aid will hold their annual bazaar the first Wednesday in December. The next Aid meeting will be at Mrs. Farnham's next Saturday.

Prof. Record, the Misses Vosburg, Farnham, Buckley, Dundas and Reyburg were in Fargo last week attending the educational association meetings.

Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Burgum motored to Fargo Friday, returning the same evening. They were accompanied home by the Misses Vosburg and Farnham.

H. M. Weiser and J. W. Foley were visitors Saturday at the home of J. A. Burgum. Mr. Foley and Mrs. Burgum were former school mates in the Bismarck public school.

Chas. Gunkel of Belfield spent Saturday in town shaking hands with his many friends. He left that evening to spend Sunday in Davenport with Mr. and Mrs. Roy Amel.

Rev. J. G. Moore preached a splendid sermon to a large congregation and introduced Rev. L. W. Scott, the new pastor. At the meeting of the board of trustees of the Arthur church, the pastor's salary was raised from $400 to $500 at this charge.

A delegation of Arthur people was in Hunter Saturday evening to attend the readings of his poems by J. W. Foley. His selections were principally from his “Book for Boys and Girls,” prefaced in each case by appropriate remarks and his renditions were all enthusiastically received.

R. C. Elliott will have an auction sale today.

Paul Kuehn is building an addition to his farm residence.

The Yeoman lodge expects to give a dance after Thanksgiving, on Dec. 1st.

Mr. and Mrs. Julius Sommerfeld entertained a company of friends Friday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. T. O. Burgum are moving to town this week. They will occupy the town residence for the winter.

Ireneumus McAdams of Roseau, Minn., spent a few days here visiting his wife, returning to Minnesota Saturday.

George Wagner, one of our town boys, is now holding a responsible position as bookkeeper for the First National Bank in Wahpeton, which is good news to his many Arthur friends.

The severe cold weather and early fall of snow caught a great many farmers not prepared for the winter. Never in the history of the town has so much corn stood in the shock in the field.

December 7, 1911

Fred Williams returned Saturday from the city.

W. H. Flynn of Fargo was an Arthur visitor last week.

Miss Buckley spent Thursday with Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Lambert.

The Ladies Aid of the M. E. church will hold a chicken pie supper Wednesday night.

Miss Rehberg returned Tuesday morning from Leonard after spending Thanksgiving with her aunt.

Misses Elizabeth and Francis Burgum were dinner guests Thanksgiving of Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Farnham.

Rumors are afloat that Louis Heiden will start a creamery but up to date no definite plans are made.

Miss Isabella McKinnon was awarded the prize by Supt. Riely for the largest turkey in the school contest.

Mr. and Mrs. F. Roach entertained Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Wagner, the Misses Buckley and Rehberg, Sunday at dinner.

The box social which was given by Miss Tritchler at the school house west of Amenia was a success financially and socially. $52 was taken in. Miss Mamie Schur was awarded the prize for the most popular lady, all report a delightful time, the proceeds will be used for Xmas presents for the school children.

Mr. and Mrs. Julius Sommerfeld issued invitations to about 100 guests Thanksgiving day. The occasion being their 12th wedding anniversary. The host and hostess were the recipients of many beautiful pieces of linen and other beautiful articles. After the usual congratulations an elaborate dinner was partaken of.

The pupils of the lower grades gave a very interesting program Wednesday afternoon which was a source of pleasure to the parents and teachers. The pupils being presented with a dainty souvenir booklet of the program, their own handiwork the work giving evidence of much skill and patience of their teacher Miss Rehberg.

November 23, 1911

Mrs. J. I. Iwen was a Casselton visitor Monday.

T. E. Myres was a Hunter visitor Saturday.

Miss Matie Iwen spent last Thursday in Mayville.

Geo. Gunkel of Casselton was an Arthur visitor Monday.

E. E. Webb was a visitor at the Vosburg home Sunday.

James Jenkins of Erie was an Arthur visitor last week.

Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Landon were Fargo visitors last week.

Miss Alice Wagner visited with the Misses See's over Sunday.

Miss Hazel Ruslo visited at her home near Amenia over Sunday.

Rev. Scott, our new minister preached his first sermon last Sunday.

Little Alfred Clague is out of school this week with the chicken pox.

Mrs. E. L. Chandler left Tuesday evening for a visit with friends in Fargo.

Miss Alice Burke arrived Sunday evening and is visiting with her parents.

Misses Elsie Wagner and Maeta Iwen were dinner guests of Miss Fern Gamble, Sunday.

There will be a dance in the hall Dec. 1st. Music by Malchow's orchestra. Don't forget the date.

Albert Viestenz is moving into town having rented the half section of land owned by Fred Williams.

Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Elliott left Monday evening for California where they expect to make their future home.

Dr. W. P. Baldwin was an early caller in Arthur Monday morning, leaving a little son at the home of Mr. and Ms.r T. O. Burgum. Little W. P. and his mother are doing nicely.

Mrs. G. B. Burgum was taken suddenly ill Friday night with convulsions and Saturday morning a daughter was born.
Drs. Baillie and Campbell are in constant attendance with a trained nurse from Minneapolis. Late reports from the sick chamber are that Mrs. Burgum is doing as well as can be expected.

December 14, 1911

Dr. T. R. Campbell was a Fargo visitor Tuesday.

Mrs. I. A. McAdams is poorly with an attack of tonsillitis.

A. F. Burgum and son Joe autoed to Casselton Tuesday on business.

The Misses Josie and Mable Landon spent a few days in Fargo shopping.

Henry Sommerfeld visited a few days last week with his brother Fred at Mandan.

Miss Annie Sommerfeld is spending the winter in Fargo, learning the art of dressmaking.

The Woodmen will hold their annual election of officers, after the evening a session of banquet will be served.

The teachers are making preparations for a Christmas program to be given by the pupils in the schoolhouse.

The stores are now being made attractive for the Christmas season. The display of Xmas gifts is beautiful.

Mrs. Lena Schur has returned from Montana and is visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Burgum.

Mrs. Clague left Monday evening for Minneapolis in response to a telegram announcing the serious illness of her father.

Mr. and Mrs. W. Echternach and daughter Ella, autoed up from Casselton Tuesday to spend the evening with Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Wagner.

The Ladies Aid society of the M. E. church meets Wednesday with Mrs. A. T. Burgum to complete the year's business which has been a prosperous one. The bazaar of last week netted the Aid something over one hundred dollars.

December 21, 1911

Miss Maeta Iwen was a Mayville visitor Monday.

The annual fox hunt will take place Sunday 24th.

Miss Myrtle Morrison was a Casselton visitor over Sunday.

Mrs. J. L. Iwen was a Fargo visitor the last of the week.

George Gunkel of Casselton was an Arthur visitor Tuesday.

Wm. Stewart and Archer Schur returned from Duluth Monday.

Miss Carrie Fridley is expected home from the St. Heart Academy at Fargo Friday.

Rev. Scott was a dinner guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bettschen Sunday.

The Modern Woodman will give a dance Dec. 29. Everybody come and have a good time.

Albert Farnham was at Argusville last Saturday; while there he played basketball with Argusville.

Mrs. P. H. Clague returned from Minneapolis Tuesday where she attended the funeral of her father.

Arthur is coming to the front as a shipping point. Turkeys are being shipped to the eastern markets every day this week.

The Sunday School children of the M. E. and Lutheran churches are practicing for Xmas programs to be given in their respective churches Xmas evening.

December 28, 1911

Miss Bertha Myhra spent Xmas with her parents.

Rev. Scott was a guest Sunday at the Vosburg home.

Eddie Iwen is home from the A. C. for the holiday vacation.

Everybody be sure to come to the Woodman dance Friday evening.

Fred Tucker of Fargo is spending his vacation with his cousin Walter Iwen.

Fred Williams was a guest Xmas day for Mr. and Mrs. James Williams.

Mr. and Mrs. Simon Rassler entertained a company of 35 guests Christmas day.

Gordon Stumpf and Ervin Arnold are home from the A. C. at Fargo for the holidays.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Phillips spent Xmas day with Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Moore of Hunter.

T. O. Burgum and family were dinner guests Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John See.

Misses Ida Bettscher and Elizabeth Iwen spent a few days last week with friends in Fargo.

I. A. McAdams arrived Friday from Roseau, Minn., to spend the holiday with his wife and baby.

Mrs. Freytag returned Saturday morning from a two weeks visit with her sister at Dubuque, Iowa.

A sleigh load of young people drove out to John See's farmhouse Sunday evening and all report a good time.

George Wagner was home over Christmas to spend the day with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Wagner.

Mr. and Mrs. Julius Sommerfeld and children left Thursday from Merricourt for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Clark.

Miss Frieda Viestenz arrived Saturday from Minneapolis for a short visit with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Albert Viestenz.

Mr. and Mrs. T. O. Burgum entertained Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Burgum and daughter Elizabeth at dinner Christmas day.

H. J. Wagner left Monday evening for Rochester, Minn., to consult a specialist. Mr. Wagner has been very poorly the past month.

Miss Alma Buckley is spending her vacation with her sister at Mapleton and Miss Rehberg is visiting at Ellendale with relatives and friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Clague expect to leave in a short time for Minneapolis where they will reside permanently. Miss Alice will continue her studies and attend the Hunter High School.

Miss Christina Mauir who had been very ill all summer with consumption passed away Monday morning. The remains will be taken to the old home in Iowa for interment. The sympathy of the entire neighborhood goes out to the bereaved ones in this their deep sorrow.

The school entertainment which was given by the pupils, in the school house last Thursday evening, was well attended and the splendid program was enjoyed immensely by the parents and friends of the pupils. Santa Claus was there personally and delivered to each child sacks of candy and nuts; also a beautiful gift for each of the teachers.

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