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1910 Hunter Herald
August 4, 1910

R. S. Lewis was out to the Lewis farm last week.

Edith Anderson spent Saturday with Esther Cederberg.

Several of the Rose Valleyites took in the fair at Fargo.

Miss Ida Powell was the guest of Elizabeth McKay last week.

Frances Burrows is a guest of Esther Heath in Fargo for a few days.

Esther Brase was the guest of Mae McDonald last Thursday afternoon.

Lillian Mattson spent several days in Hunter lately at the Brandon home.

E. C. Smith of Markesan, Wis., was transacting business in this vicinity recently.

Mrs. Nordby has been visiting her daughter Amanda, at the Lincoln farm, the past two weeks.

Mr. and Mrs. Brase entertained in honor of Mrs. Brase's father, Mr. Santleman, last Monday evening.

The news that Mrs. Burrows' farm has been sold has just been confirmed. A family by the name of Mills will move in the first of November.

Harvest of early barley and oats has been in progress for several days. Farmers find that the drought has not damaged the crops as much as was feared.

August 11, 1910

H. Heath was in this vicinity last Friday.

Frank Sincock of Fargo was in this vicinity last Sunday.

Miss Elizabeth McKay is attending summer school at the A. C.

Emma Brase spent Friday last with her sister Mrs. Smith of Hunter.

Frances Burrows spent Monday with Amanda Nordby at the Lincoln farm.

Misses Emma and Esther Brase spent Thursday evening at the Daynes farm.

August 18, 1910 Will Burrows transacted business in Fargo Friday.

Frances Burrows called on Goldie McDonald near Gardner Sunday.

Mrs. Brandon of Hunter was visiting at the Mattson farm recently.

J. C. Lewis of Ontario, California, is spending a few days with Mr. and Mrs. Bliss.

Miss Helmer Heath of Gardner was a Sunday guest of Mrs. Burrows and Miss Hunter.

Esther, Ida and Delia Brase visited at the Swartz farm near Argusville Sunday last.

Robert Rintoul has started his run of threshing in this vicinity. He is now at the Ruse farm.

Mr. and Mrs. H. Brase were guests of their daughter, Mrs. Max Smith, of Hunter, Saturday afternoon.

The Misses Wilbur Hackett of Arthur and Mrs. Kelly of East Liverpool, Ohio, spent Thursday afternoon at the Lincoln farm.

August 25, 1910 Miss Hunter is visiting her sister Mrs. H. Heath in Gardner.

Esther Heath of Fargo is spending her vacation at the McKay farm.

Miss Elizabeth McKay has returned from Fargo, where she has been attending summer school.

Mrs. Nordby, who has been visiting her daughter Amanda at the Lincoln farm, returned Tuesday to home in Halstad, Minn.

The Grieson, McKay, Burley, Collins and Rintoul threshing machines have been busy in the Valley the past week. Grain is turning out very well considering the dry season.

September 8, 1910 Miss Hunter is reported improving.

Mr. and Mrs. Heath and daughter Helmer were seen in the vicinity recently.

Mrs. Bliss is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Baker of Minneapolis, and will also attend the state fair.

The diphtheria cases at the Brase, burrows and Lincoln homes are improving. Some of the patients are well and out of quarantine.

Mr. and Mrs. McKay will leave tonight for the Twin Cities. They will visit their daughters Jessie and Mabelle and also attend the fair.

Mrs. Nordby, of Halstad, Minn., arrived last week at the Lincoln farm to see her little daughter Amanda who has been ill with diphtheria.

September 22, 1910 Celestine Lincoln spent Sunday at her home.

Geo. Santleman left Saturday evening for Frontenac, Minn.

Miss Emma Brase motored to Fargo Saturday and returned Monday.

Frances Burrows was a guest of the Heath home in Gardner for a few days last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Snell and Dr. Sherman of Fargo were hunting in this vicinity last Sunday.

Mr. Mills, who bought the Burrows farm, was in the Valley for a couple of days the past week.

Mrs. Brase left Monday evening for Frontenac, Minn., where she attended the wedding of her brother.

Miss Hunter left for Battleford, Canada, where she will live with her sister, Mrs. Wells. Miss Helmer Heath of Gardner accompanied her.

October 13, 1910 Mr. Lincoln is threshing his timothy.

Ole See Sundayed at the Magruder home.

Cleo Rose is improving rapidly from her accident.

Mr. Cederberg threshed his flax Saturday afternoon.

Wallace Mattson has been quite ill the last few days.

Mrs. Fred Witt is visiting friends and relatives at Erie now.

Will Burrows spent Sunday afternoon with George Lincoln.

Emma Brase spent Sunday afternoon with Rovilla Margruder.

Ida Cederberg is reported doing quite nicely after her operation.

Caroline Lincoln was a guest of Esther Brase Sunday afternoon.

October 20, 1910

Mr. Rebuck spent Saturday with Mr. Meyers.

Claire Pritchard was a guest of Nellie and Lena Witt Sunday.

Esther Brase is ill with a slight attack of paralysis from the effects of diphtheria.

Mrs. Mattson and daughter Lillian and Mr. McKay were Fargo visitors the last week. Mrs. Burrows and sons Reginald and John are Fargo visitors for a couple of days this week.

November 10, 1910

Mr. Dunn conducted services at the Rose Valley church Sunday.

Miss Ella Witt was reported on the sick list the last week.

Mrs. Burrows and Howard Mills were business visitors at Fargo Friday.

Mrs. Simcock of Fargo spent the past week in this vicinity with friends.

Frances Burrows had her tonsils removed one day last week. She is reported doing well.

Mesdames Magruders, Mills and Rovilla Magruder spent Wednesday afternoon with Mesdames Alec and Billie McDonald.

Will Burrows, Mr. and Mrs. Mills, Rovillla Magruder, George and Caroline Lincoln cleaned the R. V. church and the boys chopped wood, preparing for winter.

November 24, 1910 John Heath of Fargo is visiting friends in the valley.

Mr. and Mrs. McKay were visiting friends in Erie the latter part of the week.

Mr. Brase and son Leon spent Thursday in Hunter with Mr. and Mrs. Max Smith.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Heath of Fargo were visiting friends in this vicinity last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Billie McDonald of Gardner spent Friday evening at the Magruder farm.

Mr. Clinton of Illinois was a guest at the Mills home for a couple of days the past week.

The Fargo visitors the past week were: Messrs. Lincoln, Brase, Rebuck, McKay, Angus McKay and Miss Lillie McKay.

December 1, 1910

Leon Brase was suffering from pleurisy at last accounts.

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Mills were guests at the Magruder farm over Thanksgiving.

Mr. and Mrs. Max Smith of Hunter spent Thanksgiving with their parents Mr. and Mrs. H. Brase.

The Fargo visitors the past week were: Messrs. McKay, Brase, W. Burrows, Geo. Lincoln, H. Mills and Mrs. Mills.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lincoln, Misses Clark and Celestine Lincoln and Will Burrrows spent Thanksgiving at the Lincoln farm.

December 8, 1910

Mrs. Schantz is reported quite ill.

The Hayworths of Argusville Sundayed at the Mills home.

Celestine Lincoln returned from Fargo Thursday for the winter.

Alma Cederberg was sewing at the Grieson home the past week.

Esther and Leon Brase were guests of Ella and Arnold Witt Friday evening.

Several from here attended the second lecture of the course this season at Gardner Saturday evening.

Messrs. Brase, Henry Cederberg and Mrs. Davis and daughter Minnie were the Fargo visitors the past week.

Mr. and Mrs. Mills, Will Burrows, George and Caroline Lincoln spent Wednesday evening at the Magruder home.

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