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February 8, 1923

V. D. McClannahan was a business visitor in Arthur Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dewerff and William Olson were Fargo visitors Tuesday last.

Quite a few of the pupils are absent from school on account of bad colds.

A reception was tendered Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Senne at the home of W. F. Poppe  Jan. 3.  About 50 were present.  All report a fine time.

Mr. and Mrs. V. D. McClannahan entertained Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Senne and Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Poppe at Sunday dinner.  Covers were laid for twelve.

The Roy Baumgartner children who have been sick for some time are better at this writing.

The tin can Band of Rose Valley entertained the newly weds with a bit of selected music after the ceremony after which they were invited in and treated to a box of apples and one of cigars.

Fred Dewerff has been on the sick list for several days.

February 22, 1923

Elmer Seme called at the Dave Nimock home Saturday.

Willie Poppe is helping V. C. McClannahan.

Mrs. J. R. Stimmel who has been sick is better at this writing.

Elmer Sund called at the Poppe home Sunday afternoon.

Henry Cederberg and sister were Gardner shoppers Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Poppe visited at the Cederberg home Sunday afternoon.

Helen Burmeister visited at her home Sunday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. William Olson, Geo. Sund and family, H. E. Mettendorf and W. F. Poppe and their families spent the evening at the W. D. McClannahan home Friday.  Lunch was served at midnight.

Vernon Davis is quite sick with inflammatory rheumatism.

March 1, 1923

Preaching services were held at the McClannahan home Sunday afternoon.  Quite a few attended.  Next Sunday afternoon at 2 o’clock at the George Lincoln home.  Everybody come.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Baumgartner visited at the Stimmel home Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Davis visited with friends in Fargo from Friday until Monday.

Miss Alice Campbell, one of our former teachers, was a caller at the McClannahan home Thursday afternoon.

Lawrence Michels was in Gardner one day last week.

Mr. and Mrs. George Lincoln called at the Stimmel home Sunday afternoon.

V. D. McClannahan will leave Tuesday for Illinois.  He expects to be gone about a week.

W. F. Poppe will have a closing out sale March 3.

Transcribed by Steven Pueppke

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