Whitestone Township Pioneers

These people were listed in the Merricourt Centennial book4 as being land owners in 1886. The book says that not all of them were living in the township.
Anderson, Charles
Bequet, Julian
Birdseye, C. A.
Blythe, William
Campbell, Alex
Cookingham, David
Davis, Newton
Ellis, Leonard
Erikson, Henry
Graham, Sivertson
Gray, William
Gray, Benj.
Gudber, H. J.
Hanson, William
Hofler, Cyrus
Hofler, Chas.
Hofry, Chas.
Hollister, G. W.
Kilbury, Clarence
Larsen, John
McMillen, Robert
McMillen, Robert
Moon, John Q.
Nelson, Brado
Nelson, Oliver
Norgon, W. J.
Olson, L. L.
Pierce, Edward G.
Quivey, George
Reeves, Sylvester
Smith, John
Stewart, A. A.
Strand, Ole
Tollefson, Nels I.
Warner, H. S.
Warren, Henry

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