Dickey County 1920 Federal Census

Below is information that is necessary to read to understand how to find the 1920 Census image page(s) you are looking for. At the bottom you will find a link that will take you to the archive containing the census image pages (courtesy of Joe Zsedeny). If you have any questions, I'm just an e-mail away. Char Kibbie

The 1920 Dickey County, North Dakota, Census contains 232 pages (census images) in Enumeration Districts 077 through 087, 256 through 260, and 262.
The order of the Enumeration Districts on the microfilm is as follows: 077, 257, 078, 260, 079, 259, 080-082, 258, 083-084, 262, 085, 256, 086-087.
The following pages were not copied from the microfilm, as they are blank: 077-03B, 260-03B, 079-01B, 079-02B, 079-03B, 079-04B, 079-05B, 079-06B, 079-07B, 079-08B, 259-03B, 081-06B, 082-03B, 258-06B, 084-03B, 262-03B, 085-03B, and 086-03B.
The name of each image file includes both the Enumeration District and the page number.

The following is a breakdown showing which county subdivisions are enumerated in each Enumeration District:
Ada Township: ED 077-01A through 077-03A
Kent Township: ED 077-04A through 077-05B
Kentner Township: ED 257-01A through 275-02B
Van Meter Township: ED 257-03A through 257-04B
Village of Forbes, Loraine Township: ED 078-01A through 078-03B
Albertha Township: ED 078-04A through 078-05B
Loraine Township: ED 078-06A through 078-07B
Grand Valley Township: ED 260-01A through 260-03A
Spring Valley Township: ED 260-04A through 260-06B
Albion Township: ED 079-01A through 79-05A
Elden Township: ED 079-06A through 079-09A
Ellendale Township: ED 259-01A through 259-03A
Elm Township: ED 259-04A through 259-05A
Ellendale City: ED 080
Clement Township: ED 081-01A through 081-03B
Wright Township: ED 081-04A through 081-06A
Yorktown Township: ED 081-07A through 081-09A
Valley Township: ED 082-01A through 082-03A
Potsdam Township: ED 082-04A through 082-05B
Porter Township: ED 258-01A through 258-03B
Maple Township: ED 258-04A through 258-06A
Fullerton Village: ED 258-07A through 258-09A
Merricourt Township: ED 083-01A through 083-04B
Merricourt Village, Merricourt Township: ED 083-05A through 083-05B
Monango, Keystone Township: ED 084-01A through 084-03A
Keystone Township: ED 084-04A through 084-05B
Hamburg Township: ED 084-06A through 084-08A
German Township: ED 262-01A through 262-03A
Whitestone Township: ED 262-04A through 262-05B
Port Emma Township: ED 085-01A through 085-03A
Hudson Township: ED 085-04A through 085-06A
Ludden Village: ED 256-01A through 256-02A
Riverdale Township: ED 256-02B through 256-04B
Lovell Township: ED 256-05A through 256-07A
Bear Creek Township: ED 086-01A through 086-03A
James River Township: ED 086-04A through 086-08B
Oakes City: ED 087

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Thank you Joe Zsedeny for this contribution.

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