Biographies from the 1906 History of Oakes

Although this is from an early history of Oakes, there are alot of people from Ellendale and other communities besides Oakes.

A special "Thank You" to Alison Ligman who gathered the materials for this page.

The source is: A re-printing of Early History of the Oakes Community, Dickey County and North Dakota - The 1906 Christmas Supplement by The Oakes Times in observance of the Oakes Centennial July 3-4-5-6, 1986. The inside page has this additional citation: The Oakes Times Supplement Alex R. Wright, Publisher; Volume XXIII, Oakes, Dickey County, North Dakota, Number 48 Special Christmas Number, 1906. There are 88 pages to the book.
Notes: Some of these biographies are redundant from the government and politics page.
           Many of these individuals stayed in Dickey County only long enough to make and save enough money to move and settle elsewhere.

Index of Biographical Sketches

Aasen, Peter J.

Drew, Joseph C.

Jesson, J. S.

Moore, A. H.

Severson, O. H.

Ackert, Prof. E. W.

Eaton, Hamlin F.

Johnson, H. J.

Moore, Charles A.

Sletvold, Fred

Adamson, Barney L.

Eaton, Minnie M.

Johnson, J. E.

Morgan, Fred

Slocum, Bert W.

Andrews, Elizabeth

Ellsworth, Homer V.

Jones, William T.

Murray, Edward

Stanley, George J.

Andrews, James Boyd

Eygabroad, Alanson W.

Kartes, Theodore

Murray, Richard

Stanton, Louis E.

Baker, Rev. Father

Fay, George H.

Kellogg, William E.

Murray, William

Stenquist, L. C.

Baker, J. E.

Fenton, Mrs. C. B.

Kennedy, E. R.

Nelson, Aden

Stevens, Charles Merick

Bergenthal, Sidney

Ferber, T. H.

Kennedy, John

Nelson, Mons

Stevens, Eugene Fred

Bittman, Edward W.

Flemington, Alex D.

Klein, Albert F.

Newton, Charles A.

Straub, Joseph

Bittman, Fred

Foot, J. C.

Knock, Fred

Nichols, Harrison S.

Strutz, Gus

Boardman, Dr. H. P.

Fordyce, Amos

Koltermann, Paul O.

Nichols, Levinus James

Sullivan, Cyrus Warren

Boardman, Martin

Friedman, Saul

Kraft, Phillip

Norbeck, Peter

Sullivan, John F.

Bronson, S. P.

Fuller, C. W.

Lee, Hans

Pannebaker, William A.

Sutmar, A. L.

Brown, Charles S.

Fulton, Rev. Ralph T.

Lockie, William M.

Payton, Ella F.

Teal, Stephen, W.

Brown, W. T.

Gale, Dr. M. E.

Lovell, Mrs. G. M.

Pazandak, Joseph

Thatcher, Truman H.

Bunday, Joseph E.

Gnauck, C. Ed

Maercklein, Dr. Fred W.

Perry, Hector H.

Tousley, Winifred E.

Bush, Justice W.

Griffin, Ralph E.

Maercklein, Dr. Ivan R.

Petersen, Christen

Tuthill, George A.

Bush, William H.

Hardy, R. L.

Malander, C. Alfred

Petersen, P. C.

Van Horn, Edson S.

Cady, S. G.

Harris, Sumner L.

Marsh, William H.

Peterson, P. E.

Walton, C. P.

Carlson, Nels

Haskins, V. E.

Marshall, Charles L.

Phifer, George B.

Walton, E. J.

Caspers, M. J.

Hemenway, H. V.

Marshall, Thomas Frank

Piper, Jennie

Weston, Elmer W.

Cassels, Ernest E.

Hicks, A. Burton

Martin, Joseph G.

Ramharter, August G.

Whitfield, Harker H.

Christofferson, Hans

Hicks, Halley V.

McCartney Henry Clay

Ramharter, Fred L.

Wickersham, William S.

Coulter, John H.

Hoidal, Joseph C.

McCartney, Rhoda C.

Riebe, G. W.

Wright, Alex R.

DeLong, Rev. J. S.

Holmes, C. D.

McCulley, William A.

Roberts, W. J.

Young, A. J.

Denning, J. H.

Huffman, Walter D.

Middaugh, Richard A.

Rose, George


Denning, Lillie M.

Hunter, Sol

Mills, William

Ryder, Dr. Bayard E.


Dickinson, W. E.

Hyatt, Harvey E.

Moe, Evan A.

Schill, John


Dillingham, Frank

Jensen, K. S.

Montgomery, Lee

Scott, Charles


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Peter J. Aasen
Was born in Douglas county, Minn., Jan. 12, 1871; educated in district school and is a graduate of the normal at Madison, Minn.,
; came to Oakes in 1889 and built machine shop same year; married to Miss Carrie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mons Nelson,
Dec. 20, 1905; owns nice residence on north Third street.
(Note: Peter died 1930. He and Carrie are buried at the Oakes View Cemetery.)

Prof. E. W. Ackert (picture, pg. 55- center)
Superintendent of our schools, was born at Woosung, Ill., June 10, 1877; raised there and attended the high school and later
went to State Normal University where he completed a four years course; took a two years course at Steinmann College and
graduated with degree of B. Pd.; taught six years in Illinois and one year each at Blanchard and Grandin, this state; came to
Oakes in Jan., 1902 to accept the principalship, succeeding R. L. Clute, resigned.

Barney L. Adamson (picture, pg 35)
Who represents the Fifth commissioner district is a Republican and was born in Marion county, Ohio, on June 18, 1848;
assisted his father in farming; worked in a sawmill for three years, being engineer of the mill half this time; came west
to Indiana and then back to Ohio; in 1868 he came west again, settling in Champaign county; later conducted a mercantile
business in Rankin, which he continued until he was burned out three years later; rebuilt and continued the business for
a year when he went to farming; married Miss Mary J. Wilson in Indiana, December 12, 1849; five children, Sarah A.,
Maude S., Emma J., Cynthia A. and Thomas V., all grown up also adopted a nephew, son of his youngest sister, who is
dead, the boy is now eighteen years of age; came to Dickey county in 1883; farmed from 600 to 800 acres in Lovell township,
but of late years has gone more into stock raising; is a great country, he thinks, to give a poor man a start; elected in 1904 over
J. F. Coleman, Democrat, by 77 majority for four year term.

Miss Elizabeth Andrews (picture, pg. 55)
Was born at Portadown, Ireland; came to this country in 1888 with her family and settled in Jamestown where her father
was a minister; received her higher education at Lake Forest University, Illinois; came here to accept the principalship in
1906 and is serving her second year.

James Boyd Andrews (picture, pg. 53); (also picture of his residence, pg. 48)
Was born in McHenry county, Ill., Nov. 5, 1863; educated at Mason City, and in high school at Rockford, Iowa; married to
Miss Carrie F. Finch eighteen years ago at Brampton, Sargent county and has two sons; was at Milnor prior to coming to
Oakes five years ago; owns livery barn across N. W. Railroad track where last year he erected for himself finest home in city;
has served on school board three and one half years.
(Note: James died in 1939. He and Carrie are buried at the Oakes View Cemetery.)

Rev. Father Baker (picture, pg. 48)
Who is in charge of the Roman Catholic church, was born in Luxemburg, Germany, Feb. 2, 1878; there he was raised and
educated and finished his studies for the priesthood at Cleveland, Ohio, after coming to this country; was assistant priest at
Avon, Ohio, immediately before coming to North Dakota in 1904; had charge of Jamestown church a year and in 1905 took
charge of the Ellendale parish in which Oakes was then listed; became resident priest here last year and also has charge of
the LaMoure and Dickey congregations; church property here is valued at $4,200. Father Baker will erect a Catholic school
next season on lots he has purchased directly east of the church.

J. E. Baker (picture, pg 34)
Born in Canada, July 31, 1868; educated and is a graduate of high school in Canada; came with parents to Dicky county in
1883; lived in Port Emma and Lovell townships; married to Miss Mabel A. Foster in February, 1900; has one son, Floyd A.,
five years of age; owns 160 acres of land in Lovell township which he homesteaded; elected clerk of court as a Republican
in fall of 1902 and has served four years, in 1904 receiving the highest majoirty of any man on the ticket; reelected this year
for third term over W. C. Fait by 531 majority.

Sidney Bergenthal (picture, pg 69)
Agent of the Soo Line, was born at Milwaukee, Wis., Nov. 10, 1876; came to Volga, S. D., with parents when quite young
and educated in high school; came to Oakes nine years ago and worked in Union depot until five years ago when he went to
work for the Soo; married Mrs. Kate Sunberg, March 12, 1904 and has one son; has three employees.
(Note: Sidney died in 1946. He and his wife Katherine are buried at the Oakes View Cemetery.)

Edward W. Bittman (picture, pg. 44); (also picture of his residence, pg. 47)
The present mayor of Oakes, was born in Akron, Ohio, March 16, 1856; was raised there and educated in the high school;
married in February 1885 to Miss Ida Standish (who is a direct descendant of Miles Standish, who came over in the
Mayflower) and has two children – a son and a daughter; came to Columbia, Dakota Territory in 1883; to Oakes at the time
of the sale of town lots in 1886; purchased the lot on which the Roberts block now stand and established a branch of the
“Great Western” with headquarters at Aberdeen; erected the present C. M. C. block in 1893; was alderman of the city
from 1896 to 1904; became mayor in 1905; is president of the Cash Mercantile Company and owns a modern residence
on East Union street.

Fred Bittman
Who is largely interested in the firm (The Cash Mercantile Company), was born in March 1848 at Akron, Ohio; educated in
common schools; came to Oakes shortly after his brother; by trade a portrait painter; is a bachelor and rather enjoys the oddity.
(Note: Fred died in 1929 and is buried at the Oakes View Cemetery.)

Dr. H. P. Boardman (picture, pg. 54)
Was born at Rochester, Minn., Nov. 19, 1857; raised at Rochester where he attended the Rochester Academy; studied
medicine at Ann Arbor, Mich., and is a graduate of Bellevue Hospital, New York City; married to Miss Alathea McMaster,
Aug. 12, 1883, who died on March 23, 1903, leaving one son, Lees; came to Oakes twenty-one years ago; one of first aldermen
in city; served on council nine years, four years as mayor; on board of education six years; remarried to Miss Mattie M. Irwin
of Ellendale, Dec. 28, 1904; built Oakes Hospital.

Martin Boardman (picture, pg. 44)
Was born in Tioga county, Pa., May 1, 1852; came west with family to Rochester, Minn., when but three years of age,
where he was raised and educated; married to Miss Ann E. Gates in 1874, who died in 1895, leaving four children – three
girls and one boy; came to Warner, Brown county, S. D., in 1882 where he followed farming until coming to Oakes in
November 1901; took charge of furniture store in April 1902 and is interested in the business with his brother, Dr. Boardman;
married to Mrs. Alma Dillingham in 1903; elected alderman from the Second ward in 1904 and reelected last spring.

S. P. Bronson
Was born in Ontario, Canada, July 10, 1878; came to Spiritwood, N. D. with parents in winter of 1889; railroaded seven years;
married to Miss Effie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Sackrider, Feb. 22, 1901, and has two girls; came to Oakes four years ago;
purchased City Restaurant last August; has interest in Second Street meat market.

Charles S. Brown (picture, pg. 45) (also picture of his residence, pg. 47)
First saw the light of day at Milwaukee, Wis., where he was born on April 12, 1859; graduated from Woodstock, Ill., high school
in 1878 and from Chicago University in 1882; came to Dakota in 1883; farmed in Port Emma township where he still has fine farm;
was interested with W. H. Ellis in publication of Port Emma and Ludden Times and in 1890 came to Oakes to take charge
of the Oakes Republican; was largely interested in paper along in nineties and had editorial control when it was owned by
a stock company; sold interest in Republican in 1898 to Ed. A. Smith and went in partnership with C. J. Fenton in hardware
business same year; married Miss Alice M. Eaton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Eaton in 1889 and has three daughters;
was city auditor of Oakes from '91 to '97; owns a good residence with all modern conveniences and the building used by Dr. Ryder
as a hospital; was member of school board three years; elected alderman from First ward in 1905 and from Third ward last spring.
(Note: Charles died in 1918 and is buried at the Oakes View Cemetery.)

Walter T. Brown (picture, pg. 59)
Was born at Eaton Rapids, Mich. April 13, 1879; came to Dickey county with family when but four years of age and settled
at Ellendale, where he attended the high school; taught school a number of terms; was knight of the grip several years;
came to Oakes when he purchased interest in Senate Cafι; married to Miss Viola Snell, of Groton, S. D. in June 1903;
was city auditor eighteen months, which postion he resigned last fall.

Joseph E. Bunday (Bundy)
Was born at Northfield, Minn., Feb. 23, 1866; came to Brookings, S. E., with parents when thirteen years of age; resided
there until he came to Oakes in 1897 to accept position as agent for Atlas Elevator Co,; was cashier of Gwinner State Bank
one year, prior to his taking the cashiership of the Oakes National Bank first of 1906.
(Note: Joseph died in 1941 and is buried at Oakes View Cemetery.)

Justice W. Bush (picture, pg. 54)
Is a native of Canada, being born at Moriatown, Ontario, Jan. 27, 1865; in higher education had term at Brockville, Can., and
had two years in Business college in Minneapolis; came to Dickey county with father, T. W. Bush, in 1882 and turned first
sod in four towns square – Port Emma, Lovell, Hudson and Riverdale; married Miss Cora Cady, Oct. 19, 1890 and has two
sons; was engaged in business at Straubville before coming to Oakes three years ago to take charge of Corner Hardware;
elected member board of education last spring; owns good residence on Second street.
(Note: Justice died in 1926 and is buried at the Oakes View Cemetery.)

William H. Bush (picture, pg. 67) (picture of his residence, pg. 49)
Was born at Port Elgin, Ontario, Canada, Oct. 26, 1862; had higher education in Brockville high school and Albert College,
Belleville; landed in Dickey county, Jan. 15, 1882, and lived at Port Emma; married Nov. 30, 1887 to Miss Minnie E. Marsh
and has one son, Waldron; clerked in grocery store of Ramharter Bros. And C. M. C; in restaurant business with J. M. Donovan
two years and three years in business with W. H. Marsh in Second Street Furniture Store; appointed postmaster last winter,
taking position Jan. 7, 1906; succeeded M. N. Chamberlin, who served two terms.

S. G. Cady Was born in Washington county, Vt., July 19, 1847; came to Minnesota when quite young and settled at Zumbrota, where
raised and educated; received higher courses at Hamline University and at Red Wing; veteran of civil war, serving in
Company G, Seventh Minnesota; served three years, one year being spent on plains of Dakota fighting Indians; mustered out
with rank of sergeant; married to Miss Harriet A. Greer in March 1871; and has one daughter, Mrs. J. W. Bush;
studied law in office at Red Wing, Minn.; admitted to bar in 1876; came to Aberdeen in 1883; practiced law at Columbia;
farmed in Sargent county seven years; chairman board of commissioners of that county two years; located at Oakes in 1893;
alderman of city one term; city attorney three terms; states attorney one term.

Nels Carlson
I came here from Norway in 1888 and homesteaded a quarter in Hudson township. Came without a cent and now have a good farm
of 320 acres. Had in 50 acres hard wheat this year that averaged 15 bushels an acre and 50 acres of macaroni that went 20 bushels;
75 acres of flax that yielded 13 bushels per acre; 20 acres of oats that yielded 30 bushels per acre; 40 acres of barley that yielded
25 bushels per acre; 10 acres of speltz that yielded 45 bushels per acre. Had 100 head of cattle, sold 20 head this fall; have eight
working horses and six colts; had 300 head of sheep but sold all but 50. Have house 18X22 with an ell 16X20; two good barns –
one 30X100 feet with lean-to full length and the other 26x62. Have raised a good family and we are all contented and happy.
I know of no country where a man without means can do better. Guelph, ND.

M. J. Caspers
Was born in Scott county, Minn., June 24, 1866; moved to Lakeville, Minn., when seven years of age where he attended district school;
finished education at St. John's University, St. Cloud; came to Oakes, Aug. 11, 1905, to take charge of branch houses in this territory.
He is auditor of the Dakota branches of the North American Storage Company which has headquarters at Oakes.

Ernest E. Cassels (picture, pg 34)
Born in Kentville, Ontario, Canada, September 22, 1869; came west with parents to Watertown, S. D. in 1880, and the following year
came to Aberdeen, preceding the railroad; attended school at Aberdeen and later the Northern Indiana Law School, located at Valparaiso,
from which he graduated in June, 1895; came to Dickey county in 1896 starting a law practice in Ellendale with C. M. Stevens
of Aberdeen, under name of Stevens & Cassels, which continued for two years; married Miss Louise Chambers of Prairie du Chien, Wis.,
on February 28, 1900, and has two boys; elected states attorney in 1898, served two years and was beaten in convention for renomination;
was leading candidate for district judge in 1904, being defeated by Judge Allen in convention by only a few votes; again elected
states attorney in 1904 and reelected this year without opposition.

Hans Christofferson
Was born in Denmark, March 11, 1865; came to this country when nine years old and settled at Omaha; attended high school
in Council Bluffs, Iowa; married to Miss Cordela Wolsey in October 1897; has two boys and two girls; came to Oakes
three months ago, having purchased Argyle barber shop. Wm. Malchow is his assistant.

John H. Coulter (picture, pg. 53)
President of the board of education, was born at Whitby, Ontario, Canada, Feb. 21, 1860; educated in Muskegon high school;
married to Miss Ollie H. Wilson of Whitby, Aug. 10, 1882; has two sons, Claude and Wilson; came to Dakota in 1879,
first settling in Spink county, in what is now South Dakota; came to Oakes in 1891 and has since been engaged in buying grain;
has been grain buyer for Atlantic Elevator at Norway Spur for past four years; city marshal for several years; elected to
board of education in 1897; elected chairman to succeed Dr. Boardman; owns residence on corner Fifth and Cedar streets.

Rev. J. S. DeLong (picture, pg. 48)
Pastor of the Methodist Episcopal church, was born on a farm on March 18, 1865 in Mecosta county, Michigan; attended public schools
and is self-educated for the ministry, taking the four-year theological course prescribed by the conference; married on Aug. 3, 1884
to Miss Susan E. Ward and has a girl and boy; came to North Dakota Oct. 8, 1903, and has had one year pastorates at Cooperstown
and Minot before coming to Oakes; is now on his second year here and is doing excellent work in the church; the church property is valued at $5,500.

J. H. Denning (picture, pg. 44); (also picture of his residence, pg. 47)
Was born in Holmes county, Ohio, Oct. 29, 1850; raised and educated there and in Illinois; married to Miss Mary Etta Price
in 1874; seven children – four boys and three girls – all living but one son, Roy, who died last fall; came to Dickey county in 1883;
owns fine farm of 480 acres in Clement township, where he resided until 1904 when he moved his family to Oakes; owns a nice home
on Second street and has half interest in Oakes Steam Laundry; director of Oakes National Bank; elected member board of education
in 1905, but resigned when elected a member of the city council last spring.

Miss Lillie M. Denning (picture, pg. 55)
Was born at Blommington, Ill., and came to this country with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Denning in 1883; attended
the district schools until she reached the seventh grade when she entered the Oakes high school, from which she graduated
with the class of 1896; entered Central high school in Minneapolis and graduated from that institution in 1899;
took professional course in Mayville normal and graduated from there in 1904; has taught off and on for eight years;
four terms in the district schools, two years in the Oakes high and one year each at Hankinson and Fullerton; took charge here
last fall as assistant principal, succeeding Miss Clara Bonesteel, who resigned.

W. E. Dickinson
Agent of the E. Blankenburg Elevator was born at St. Charles, Minn., May 22, 1876; educated at Balaton high school; came to Oakes last fall
to assume charge of elevator; the proprietor lives at Henry, S. D.; elevator has 20,000 bushels capacity; has taken in of grain this season 30,000 bushels.

Frank Dillingham
Son of Mrs. M. Boardman and was born at Wadena, Minn., Oct. 16, 1882; attended high school there and at Milnor, this state,
where family moved in 1897; married Miss Anna Wolfe, of Ellendale in 1902 and has two boys; moved to Oakes five years ago and
bought barber shop in 1904. Dillingham's Shaving Parlors are located in the small building, east of the Vinkle, owned by Mrs. Meacham
of Ellendale. His assistants are R. A. White and Ray Dilley.

Joseph C. Drew (picture, pg 32)
Born in Dodge county, Wis., August 16, 1857; left Wisconsin for Iowa when seven years of age; was left orphan at age of twelve
and spent some years in several states to the south; came to South Dakota in 1880 and to Dickey county in 1882, where he farmed it
near Monango until about 1897, when he took charge of he oil tank at Monango for the Standard Oil Co., in which capacity
he served seven years; was married to Miss Agnes Orr November 5, 1890 and has two boys and four girls; elected county commissioner
from Fourth district as a Republican in 1896 and served four years; elected sheriff in 1904 by majority of 369 over R. O. Smith, Democrat;
re-elected this year without opposition, receiving 1792 votes. W. D. Huffman, of Oakes and C. W. Wattles, of Ellendale are his deputies.

Hamlin F. Eaton (picture, pg. 70)
Was born at Trenton, Maine, Aug. 12, 1838; educated in district schools and Maine Wesleyan Seminary; established Eaton Family & Day School
at Norridgewock, Me., in 1856 and conducted it successfully until he came to Dakota in 1882; veteran of civil war, serving through '62 and '63 as member
of Fourth battery Maine Volunteers; passed to place as senior first lieutenant; discharged on account health; married to Miss Lizzie Wheeler
in 1866, and has four daughters and one son; came to Dickey county in 1883 and farmed large ranch in Port Emma township until two years ago
when he moved to Oakes; sold farm last June.
(Note: Hamlin died in 1927. He and his wife, Elizabeth are buried in Oakes View Cemetery.)

Miss Minnie M. Eaton (picture, pg. 55)
Is daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo T. Eaton, living one mile east of the city and was born at Beloit, Kansas; moved to near
Iowa Falls, Iowa when quite young and attended district school, later taking a course n the Iowa Falls high school; fitted herself
for teacher at normal schools in Cedar Rapids and Des Moines; came with family to Oakes five years ago; taught first year
in district school and the past four years has been in charge of the grammar department of city schools.
(Note: Minnie died in 1962 and is buried at Oakes View Cemetery.)

Homer V. Ellsworth
He is the only businessman who was born in Dickey county, having first seen the light of day on a farm near here on Oct. 22, 1882;
has lived here all his life; was brakesman on Soo road before going into restaurant business. He and Aden Nelson are proprietors
of the Hub Restaurant, located on Second street.

Alanson W. Eygabroad (picture, pg 33)
Born at Fredericksburg, Iowa, on November 5, 1861; raised and educated there; and when twenty-one years of age came to Dakota territory
and settled in Liberty township in what is now South Dakota; married Miss Clara Parks in Iowa fifteen years ago and has one daughter,
May, thirteen years of age; moved to Elm township in this county in 1897; elected county auditor as a Republican in 1904, defeating
C. C. Misfeldt, Democrat, for a second term by 171 votes; reelected this year.

George H. Fay (picture, pg 33) (picture of his residence, pg. 49)
Born in Hudson, New Hampshire, February 24, 1842; came with family to Whiteside county, Ill., in 1844, where he passed early days
and received his education; studied law and was admitted to practice before the supreme court of Illinois in 1868; veteran of civil war;
entered as private of Company B, 24th Illinois Infantry, served little over a year and discharged for disability; again entered Company B,
140th Illinois infantry, served six months and was mustered out; again entered Company B, 147th Illinois as first lieutenant, serving six months
as lieutenant and six months as captain; mustered out in February, 1866; in the war with Spain in 1898 he was commissioned a major
and was paymaster during that short war; married to Miss Amanda Renwick, who has since died leaving two children, Carl and Inez;
again married to Miss Anna Brumagim, his present wife in 1876; came to Dakota in 1886; was delegate from McIntosh county
to the constitutional convention in 1889, member of hosue of representatives from same county in 1891-93; held terms as states attorney
and probate judge of McIntosh county; came to Oakes in 1896; was city attorney and city auditor of Oakes; appointed county judge
after the death of Judge Flemington in January, 1905; reelected in 1906 without opposition.
(Note: George died in 1910 and is buried at Oakes View Cemetery.)

Mrs. C. B. Fenton (picture of the residence, pg. 49)
Was born, raised and educated at Chautauqua, N. Y.; married to C. J. Fenton, Feb. 28, 1877, who died Nov. 24, 1905,
leaving two daughters and one son; came to Dakota in 1885 and farmed east of Oakes until coming to city to engage in
business in 1890; owns fine residence on Third street.

Theodore H. Ferber
Was born in Berlin, Germany, on Sept. 2, 1877; came to this country with family when four years of age and settled in Wisconsin;
came to Milbank, Dakota where he attended the high school; married to Miss Sara E. O'Connor, June 25, 1901, and has one son;
came to North Dakota five years ago; was four years at Edgeley and came here a year ago to accept position with the Salzer Lumber Company.

Alex D. Flemington (picture, pg 34)
A man who had been interested in the affairs of the county since the beginning was Alex. D. Flemington, who passed away at the beginning of 1905,
after an eight years' illness from paralytic rheumatism. Mr. Flemington was states attorney in the early days and with W. H. Rowe and L D. Bartlett,
represented this county in the constitutional convention in 1889. He held the office of probate judge for six years prior to his death.

J. C. Foot
Was born in Fayette county, Iowa, Feb. 26, 1860; raised and educated in common schools at Hawkeye; raised on farm until twenty years of age,
then engaged in implement business; has been engaged in drug business in Iowa; married to Miss Maude Glenn, Aug. 10, 1903 and
has one daughter; has one son and daughter by a former marriage.

Amos Fordyce
Was born in Green county, Pa., June 25, 1868; came to Oakes in 1884 and lived on farm; worked five years in butcher shop and this year
has a lease of the place; married to Mrs. Anna Lind, April 7, 1902 and has one daughter.

Saul Friedman
Was born in Germany, May 21, 1865; was raised there and educated in common schools; came to this country in 1881 and settled in Michigan;
has been manager of business (Palace Clothing House) here since inception nearly three years ago; unmarried. The Palace Clothing House
is one of three stores owned by the Friedmans. Saul conducts the business at Oakes, William at Three Rivers, Mich., and Alexander at Mendon, Mich.

Charles W. Fuller
Agent of the North-Western, was born at Shieldsville, Minn., June 19, 1872; educated at Faribault high school; married Miss Evelyn McGrew April 17, 1893;
has three boys and three girls, fourteen years experience in railroad work; agent at Volga, S. D., prior to coming to Oakes on Oct. 5, 1905; has two employees.
(Note: Charles died in 1932 and is buried in Oakes View Cemetery.)

Rev. Ralph T. Fulton (picture, pg. 48)
Pastor of the Presbyterian church, was born on a farm near Warsaw, Ill., on Dec. 27, 1878; attended district school and later high school
at Keokuk, Iowa; graduated from Knox College, Galesburg, Ill., with degree of A. B., in 1899 and from McCormick Theological Seminary, Chicago,
in 1903; married Miss Harriet Spencer, May 8, 1903 and has one daughter; took a course of music at Knox Conservatory and is a very talented singer,
commanding a rich bass voice; was pastor of Warren, Minn., Presbyterian church and sang for Dr. J. R. Pratt, evangelist, before coming to Oakes, April 1, 1906;
the church property is worth $5,500.

Dr. Melvin E. Gale
The dentist, was born at Beatrice, Neb., Aug. 11, 1874; raised there and educated in high school; took dental course in Northwestern Dental College,
Chicago and graduated from that institution in 1904; has practiced dentistry in this state since leaving college; located in Oakes last April,
succeeding Dr. M. O. Hunter.

C. Ed Gnauck
The tailor, was born in Saxony, Germany, March 3, 1851; raised and educated at Elsterberg; married Miss Agnes Miller, April 1873;
one boy and four girls living, out of family of twelve children; came to Oakes in 1903 and owns tailor shop and residence.

Ralph E. Griffin (picture, pg 35)
Born in Cochituate, Mass., seventeen miles from Boston, in 1876; came to Dickey county with his parents in summer of 1882;
educated in public schools and in high school of Ellendale; married Miss May Wheelihan in 1898; has three children – two boys and one girl;
lived in Elm township where he owns 320 acres of land; thinks Dickey county is strictly all right; elected as a Republican from the Second district
in 1904 by a majority of 32 votes over Emil Retzlaff, Democrat; elected chairman of the county board in which capacity he has served two years;
reelected in 1906.

R. L. Hardy
The resident proprietor of the Hardy-Schoutz Drug Company, was born in Davis county, Iowa, Sept. 20, 1869; raised there;
graduated from high school at Bloomfield, also took course at Southern Iowa Normal School at Bloomfield; attended state University
at Iowa City and graduated in law department; married to Miss Bertha Allen in Chicago, Oct. 9, 1896 and has one daughter;
came to North Dakota one year ago last June and has established drug stores at Oakes, Kulm, Lehr, Bismarck, Edgeley, Berlin, Driscoll,
Glen Ulin, De Lamere and Gwinner; is a registered pharmacist. Clayton A. Willett is in charge of the business in Oakes.

Sumner L. Harris
Was born in Milwaukee, Wis., June 25, 1848; raised and educated in Adams county, Wis; married to Miss Nettie M. Dunn,
March 19, 1876, and has two daughters, Mrs. B E. Ryder and Mrs. W. H. Boyd; came to Wahpeton in 1888 and to Oakes in 1890;
has been in drug business (Harris Drug Store) here continously since. His son-in-law, W. H. Boyd, is employed as clerk.

V. E. Haskins (picture, pg 36)
Born in 1872; came to McIntosh county in 1892 and to Dickey in 1895; married Miss Ada Phillips in 1896 and has three children –
two boys and one girl; came to Ellendale to assist the late Judge Flemington in 1902 and was chosen deputy auditor at beginning
of Mr. Eygabroad's term in 1905.

H. V. Hemenway
Was born at Freeport, Ill., Aug. 21, 1863; raised there and at Lansing, Iowa; attended state normal at Cedar Falls; moved to South Dakota
in 1893 and was at Woonsocket and Aberdeen, later going to Minneapolis; came to Oakes in 1901 and has been manager of
The Dakota Central Telephone Company here the past four years; is son of A G. Hemenway, who built the Argyle Hotel.

A. Burton Hicks
Was born at West Alden, N. Y., Christmas, 1873; came west with parents and attended district schools of Brookings county,
S. D.; married to Miss Emma E. Curtis, Aug. 3, 1902; in business with father; owns residence on Fifth street.

Halley V. Hicks (picture, pg. 67)
Was born at North Collins, New York, Sept. 13, 1846; educated in common schools at Alden; married to Miss Sarah J. Jenkins,
Oct. 3, 1869 and has one son, Burton; veteran of civil war, serving eight months in Company M, New York Mounted Rifles,
Army of the Potomac; came to South Dakota in 1884, Brookings county; came to Dickey county in 1893; farmed for six years;
came to Oakes in spring of 1899 and started grocery and notion store with son in place now occupied by J. H. Jesson;
moved to present location in 1903; is an enthusiastic Mason, being secretary of the masonic bodies and the Eastern Star; is master
of the third vail of the grand chapter, R. A. M., and on the grievance and appeals committee of the grand lodge, A. F. & A. M.;
owns residence on Fifth street.

Joseph C. Hoidal (picture, pg 69)
Was born in Freeborn county, Minn., May 27, 1874; raised and educated there and had course in Luther Adademy; married to
Miss Helena R. Ovri, June 6, 1895; has three girls and one boy; engaged for years in mercantile business at Foxhome, Minn.;
came to Oakes in Sept. 1901 to engage in land business; owns pop factory building and is largely interested in real estate in the country.

C. D. Holmes (picture, pg. 45)
Was born at Morrisville, N. Y., January 31, 1879; was raised and educated in New York and in Minnesota; took a short course
in University of Minnesota; came to Oakes in 1901 and was assistant cashier and stenographer in the First National Bank for a number
of years; was private secretary to Congressman Marshall one term; married to Miss Florence Sweetman New Years Day, 1906;
became city auditor in 1906, succeeding W. T. Brown, who resigned; is at present engaged as stenographer for Star Land Company.

Walter D. Huffman
Was born in Sandusky county, Ohio, Feb. 25, 1869, raised and educated at Martin, Ohio, and in schools of this county; came
to Dickey county with family in 1882 and settled on farm near Ludden; married to Miss Agnes Bennett, March 15, 1892 and has
two sons, Joseph and Emery; came to Oakes in 1899; took charge of hotel five years ago; is present deputy sheriff.

Sol Hunter (picture of his residence and barn, pg. 47)
The present chief of police, was born at Syracuse, N. Y., May 20, 1855; married to Miss Ellen McGaffery in 1881, who died last year;
has two children, both married; came to Yorktown in 1882 and to Oakes in 1887; chief of police seven years; owns dray line and ice wagon;
has an ice manufacturing plant and large ice house near creamery; owns residence on Elm street.
(Note: Sol died in 1938 and is buried at Oakes View Cemetery.)

Harvey E. Hyatt (picture, pg 69)
Was born at Kokomo, Ind., May 22, 1869; raised there and educated; course in American Normal College from which he graduated;
married to Miss Minnie B. Porter, Jan. 1890; has four girls and two boys; owns farm of 320 acres in Lovell township;
ran City Restaurant one year; was chief of police two years; owns residence on north Fifth street.

K. S. Jensen
I came here in 1896 from central South Dakota with $600. I bought 160 acres of land in Hudson township, Dickey county,
and went to farming. I marketed my crops and put my money into stock- horses, cattle, sheep and hogs. I quit farming in 1903
and moved to Oakes. At that time I owned five quarter sections and one eighty of Dickey county soil, with two good sets of buildings,
fences and improvements, all paid for. I also had 290 head of sheep, 14 head of horses, 42 head of cattle, 46 head of hogs,
also all machinery to work and carry on my farming. I also own my home in Oakes, valued at $2,200. I value my land at $25 per acre.
I married one of Dicky county's school ma'ams, Miss Agnes Baker, and we have three fine healthy children. I have now retired
from active farming, and I know of no other place where any young man has, by his own unaided efforts, made a better showing
from farming in any of the states.

J. S. Jesson
Was born in Denmark, Jan. 3, 1869; common education in schools of that country and at Northwood, Iowa; came to Iowa in 1884
and to North Dakota in 1889, settling in Richland county; married to Miss Kate. M. Nurnberger, Sept. 25, 1891, and has four boys
and one girl; moved to Wahpeton in 1902 and made that his home until this fall when he came to Oakes, having purhcased the Economy Store;
resides in Rapp residence on Third street.

H. J. Johnson
Was born in Denmark, Aug. 23, 1873; came to this country when quite young and settled in Minnesota; higher education at Sauk Center Academy
and graduated from Business college in 1895; came to Oakes in spring of 1898; owns several good lots in city and is interested extensively in real estate;

J. E. Johnson (picture, pg 69)
Was born in Buffalo county, Wis., Feb. 7, 1861; came to Buffalo county, Minn.; learned trade (photography) at Redwood Falls, Minn;
married to Miss Carolina Johnson, Oct. 3, 1882 and has four girls and one boy; came to Oakes in May 1905; occupies second floor
of the Cohn & Waubeck building with his studio, Johnson the Picture Man.

William T. Jones
I was a renter in Iowa and gave two-fifths of the crop. I was on one farm six years and the landlord wanted cash rent the seventh year.
I said I would not pay cash rent to any man, and he said all right I want cash, so I called a sale, sold out and came to Dickey county, North Dakota.
I bought a quarter of land and rented a farm for one-quarter of the crop and I can say I have made more money since I came here
(March 3, 1903) than I could have made in Iowa. I have raised three good crops. Wheat, oats, speltz, barley, flax and potatoes grow excellently here;
corn makes about 25 to 30 bushels per acre. The water is good and the climate cannot be beat. The days are longer in summer
than cold county. It is not so. It is only a little north of Iowa. It is the name that makes it seem so cold. Hay grows in abundance
and this is a great stock country.

Theodore Kartes
Agent of the Northern Pacific Railroad, was born at Green Bay, Wis., April 27, 1877; raised and educated at Chaska, Minn;
and is graduate of large Catholic school there; eight years in railroad work, was operator and clerk at Lisbon before coming to Oakes,
Aug. 26, 1905; married Miss A. L. Gunkel at Arthur, N. D., June 26, 1906; has three employees.

William E. Kellogg (picture, pg 33)
Born at Rose, Wayne county, New York in 1859; educated in common schools and later at Munroe Collegiate Institute;
taught school; came to Dickey county in 1883 and homesteaded 160 acres in Whitestone township and now owns 640 acres;
believes in diversified farming with especial attention to dairying; married to Miss Cora Lane in 1890 and has four children;
served as county commissioner from the Fourth district as a Republican from 1893 to 1896; elected register of deeds in 1904
by a majority of 522 over A. G. Ramharter, Democrat. Mrs. Kellogg is deputy register.

E. R. Kennedy (picture, pg. 70)
Was born at Rochester, N. Y., July 6, 1833; came west to Elgin, Ill., with parents when eleven years of age; went to Indiana
six years before the opening of the civil war; voted for John C. Fremont and every Republican president since; veteran of civil war;
enlisted as corporal April 16, 1861, Company H., Ninth Indiana Infantry; after three months service advanced to sergeant
and served in war four and half years – the latter part being transferred to First United States Veteran Volunteer Engineers;
married to Miss Melinda Carpenter, April 16, 1866, who died April 5, 1873, leaving three children – two of whom are still living;
came to Dakota in 1881 and homesteaded a farm in Lovell township, where he now owns three quarters; remarried to Miss Ada Goodrich,
Sept. 17, 1879, and has two daughters living out of family of five.

John Kennedy
Was born at Garvagh, County of Derry, Ireland, Nov. 12, 1852; came to this country with family when but nine years of age
and settled in St. Lawrence county, New York, where he was raised and educated; attended high school at Waddington;
married Sept. 5, 1875 to Miss Lucy Gray, who died fourteen years ago last July, leaving one son and three daughters;
was at Rantoul, Ill., two years; at Perham, Minn., six years; came to Dakota and settled at Jamestown, 1886, and to Oakes in June 1888;
has been in barber business since 1880; married second time to Miss Annie Curran in early nineties and by this marriage has one son;
served one term as alderman of city; was representative one term to the state legislature, which convened in 1899;
has a four-chair barber shop, the most neatly appointed in state, with bath rooms in connection; owns good residence on Fourth street.
Herbert J. Kennedy, son of the proprietor, and Ernie Robinson are the present employees.
(Note: John died in 1938 and is buried at Oakes View Cemetery.)

Albert F. Klein (picture, pg. 54)
Was born in St. Paul, June 26, 1863, where he was raised and educated; came to Oakes in 1894 and with A. L. Sutmar is
engaged in general merchandising; is interested in ranch of 3,500 acres southeast of Oakes; is good looking bachelor but
apparently too busy to think much of matrimonial affairs; was elected to board of education in 1905.
(Note: Albert died in 1929 and is buried at Oakes View Cemetery.)

Fred Knock
Was born at Leeds, England, April 11, 1875, where he was raised and educated; came to Canada in spring of '95 and to Oakes
in spring of '97; married to Miss Annie Pilkington in Feb., 1903; owns residence on Third street.

Paul O. Koltermann
Was born in Germany, Sept. 8, 1875; came to America in 1881 and settled at Omaha, Neb.; married to Miss Anna Daly in 1881
and has one son; came to Aberdeen, S. D. in July 1899 and to Oakes March 1, 1905; proprietor of the Oakes Bakery.

Phillip Kraft
I came to Dickey county from Henderson, Nebraska in the fall of 1903. I bought three quarter sections of land and an 80-acre tract.
This land was well improved, buildings, fences, etc. I paid at this time $18 per acre, and got one-half of the growing crop.
This was in the summer of 1903. In the fall I moved up with my family and found over $1,000 worth of checks and grain in
my share of the crop for that year. I can now get $25 per acre for my land. My family likes this country far better than
Nebraska, and we came from one of the best counties in the state. The winters are more pleasant, not so many storms nor
so much wind. My children walk one mile to school and wear no overshoes and never miss a day. Dickey county is all right.

Hans Lee (picture, pg 33); (also picture of his residence, pg. 48)
Born in Ringeriger, Norway, in 1854; raised there and educated in common schools and at Ringeriger's College; also had
business course in college in Christiana; came to America in 1878; settling in Freeborn county, Minn; came to Oakes in 1887
where he was engaged in mercantile business for himself, later entering the employ of P. S. Peabody, general merchant, until 1904;
married to Miss Bertha Foss in Minneapolis in 1886 and has one son, Theodore, 19 years of age, and now the efficient
deputy treasurer; was city treasurer from 1889 until his election as county treasurer by the Republicans in 1904 receiving
a majority of 528 votes over L. L. Taylor, Democrat; reelected this year without opposition, and is the most painstaking and
competent official the office ever had.

William M. Lockie
Was born in Howard county, Iowa, Jan. 12, 1860; remained there until attaining his majority; attended district schools and
Cresco high school; came to Dakota in 1882; first settled at Casselton, but came to Dickey county in 1883 and went to farming;
married to Miss May E., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Bingham, nineteen years ago, and has six children – three girls
and three boys; came to Oakes in 1891 and succeeded Scott & Root in farm implement business; owns farm of 1,280 acres
east of Oakes, and has fine residence in city; was alderman of city two terms.
(Note: William died May 27, 1948 and is buried at Oakes View Cemetery.)

Mrs. G. M. Lovell (picture, pg 34)
Born in Independence, Mo., moved to Ohio with her parents when two years of age; received education in schools of London, Ohio;
taught nine years in city schools or until her marriage with Robert E. Van Meter in 1883; was in Kansas five and half years,
then to St. Paul, then to Fargo, then to Ellendale, arriving there in 1891, where Mr. Van Meter was editor and proprietor of
the Ellendale Commercial, succeeding C. C. Bowsfield; Mr. Van Meter met with a gasoline explosion in his printing office in 1895,
causing his death; his wife carried on the newspaper until the following year when it was leased to R. W. Farrar, now secretary
to Senator P. J. McCumber; has four children – Florence, Edwin, Hattie and Herbert; Mrs. Van Meter was assistant principal
of the high school of Ellendale for two terms; married to Thomas Lovell of Ludden in October 1897; taught school at Ludden;
moved back to Ellendale in early nineties; was elected as a Republican to the position of county superintendent in 1904 by 263 votes
over W. W. Denning, Democrat; reelected in 1906. Florence, the eldest daughter, is deputy superintendent.

Dr. Fred W. Maercklein (picture, pg. 67)
Was born at Waubeka, Wis., Dec. 24, 1873; educated in high school at Milwaukee; studied medicine at Milwaukee Medical College,
and took post graduate course in Northwestern College, at Chicago; located at Ashley, N. D. in fall of 1897; married to Miss Mabel Irwin,
Dec. 28, 1904; moved to Oakes last fall.
(Note: Dr. Maercklein died Aug. 27, 1925 and is buried at Oakes View Cemetery.)

Dr. Ivan R. Maercklein
Is a twin brother of Dr. Edwin H. Maercklein, of Forman, and was born at Milwaukee, Wis., May 9, 1877; received
medical education in Milwaukee; practiced at Wyndmere five years; came to Oakes this winter.

C. Alfred Malander (picture of his residence, pg. 48)
Was born at Boone, Iowa, April 24, 1865; raised there and educated in district schools; married to Miss Ethel Coburn at
St. James, Minn., May 1904; came to Oakes at beginning of 1902; owns fine residence. President of the Star Land Company.

William H. Marsh
Was born April 2, 1843, at Prince Albert, Ontario, Canada; educated there in common schools; married to Miss Hannah Bell,
Dec. 24, 1866, who died in 1879, leaving two children, Henry Marsh and Minnie (now Mrs. W. H. Bush); married again
to Miss Hester Mary Hurd, Dec. 29, 1880, who died April 14, 1902; remarried to present wife, Mrs. Marsha Hall,
May 4, 1904; came to Columbia, Dakota in 1883; remained there three years, then moved to Ludden where he followed
farming seven years; came to Oakes in 1893 and followed his trade of painter and paperhanger exclusively for seven years;
six years ago launched into the furniture business; was city justice one term; owns good residence back of store which faces on Ash street.

Charles L. Marshall (picture, pg. 63)
Was born at Platteville, Wis., Oct. 21, 1869; came to Turner county, S. D., in 1873; educated in public schools of Parker and
Yankton, and took course in Yankton College; came to Oakes, Feb., 1901 to take charge of H. H. H., which he and his brother,
T. F. Marshall, owned; ran that hardware store for three years and one year later started The Point, which is an establishment
that serves hot and cold soft drinks, has cigar, confectionery and news counters and billiard club rooms.

Thomas F. Marshall (picture, pg 32); (also picture of his residence, pg. 48)
Born at Hannibal, Mo., March 7, 1854; was educated at State Normal School, Platteville, Wis., learned the profession of surveyor
which he followed more or less for twenty-five years; became a resident of Dakota in 1883; came to Oakes, where he still has his home,
in 1886, and engaged in business of banking; first mayor of Oakes, served two terms; state senator from Dickey county from 1897-1901;
was leading candidate for United States senator in 1899; nominated and elected congressman in 1902, which position he has since held.
He was one of the organizers of the First National Bank and its first cashier; married to Miss Eva E. Grigsby, Dec. 4, 1878,
at Missouri Valley, Iowa; W. E. Grigsby (her father) spends most of time now with his daughter; adopted Elmer B. McCartney,
their nephew, who is now attending Columbia University, New York City; also home of Miss Rhoda McCartney; is our most prominent
and leading citizen; has very fine home at corner Fifth and Elm streets, which has now cost over $15,000; modern improvements throughout;
including gasoline lighting plant and gas plant for heating and cooking; interior finished with wainscotting and oak beam ceilings;
billiard hall in basement; maintains good stable, which will hold nine head of horses, six carriages and one auto.
(Note: Thomas died in 1921 and is buried at Oakes View Cemetery.)

Joseph G. Martin (picture, pg. 70)
Was born at St. Martin, New Brunswick, Nov. 27, 1834; moved to Nova Scotia in 1844; married Miss Amanda Porter,
Sept. 10, 1856; had one daughter, Eliza L., who became Mrs. B. S. Hodges, Dec. 18, 1875 and who died Oct. 25, 1885,
leaving one daughter, Lillian R., now Mrs. A. R. Wright; Mr. and Mrs. Martin just passed fiftieth anniversary of marriage;
came from Nova Scotia to Boston, from Boston to Minneapolis; to Ellendale in 1883; to Oakes in fall of 1904.

Henry Clay McCartney (picture pg. 45); (also picture of his residence, pg. 47)
Was born at Cassville, Wis., March 21, 1869; moved to Iowa when four years old and received most of his education at the Alta high school;
went from there to Kansas and had a business course at Central Normal College at Great Bend; came to Oakes to be office boy
in the Bank of Oakes and became cashier of the bank on January 1, 1891; married to Miss Bessie Chamberlin on December 8, 1892,
and has one son, Ross, twelve years of age; is secretary and treasurer of the Marshall-McCartney Company which was organized
November 9, 1901; elected alderman from the Third ward in 1900 and has served continuously since.
He is active manager of the First National Bank as well as of the Marshall-McCarney Company; is trustee of the State Manual Training School
at Ellendale; Republican state committeeman from Dickey county; an intense enthusiast of the auto and sports a twenty-horse car
of the Stevens-Duryea make; plays tennis but needs a good backstop, as will be noted from screens in picture almost as high as the residence.
(Note: H. Clay died in 1954 and is buried at the Oakes View Cemetery.)

Miss Rhoda C. McCartney (picture, pg. 55)
Has Alta, Iowa as her birthplace; moved to Kansas when quite young; graduated from Garden City, Kansas, high school in 1900
and from Kansas Agricultural College at Manhattan, Kan., in 1905; has been here during vacations for the past five years visiting
her brother, H. C. McCartney and uncle, T. F. Marshall; taught last year in the Fullerton schools and entered upon her work
in city schools here last September in charge of the third and fourth grades.

William A. McCulley (picture of his residence, pg. 49)
Was born at Toronto, Canada, forty-two years ago; came west to Wisconsin; then to North Dakota; was superintendent of ranches
in Cass county eight years; married to Miss Edith Blaisdell, in Minnepolis, fifteen years ago and has one daughter, Roberta;
came to Oakes seven years ago and is making success of land business; owns good residence on Second street.

Richard A. Middaugh (picture, pg 60)
Son of Mrs. M. Middaugh, of this city, and was born in Jackson county, Minn., Feb. 22, 1872; raised there and attended
the Jackson city schools; had three years at business institute at Wilder from which he graduated in 1892; came to Oakes
March 17, 1902; married to Miss Anna Hurlbert, a compositor in the Times office, in Oct., 1904 and has one son;
is present chief of city fire department and vice president and treasurer of the Star Land Company.

William Mills (picture, pg. 70)
It will be a quarter of century the twenty-second day of next February since Wm. Mills first set foot upon this soil. He came
to take up land, and for his homestead and tree claim filed on the quarters that now comprise the land in the city of Oakes,
north of Union street. The sod shanty of Mr. Mills stood in the low ground directly south of where the N. P. railroad crosses
the section line, or what is now known as Fourth street. He is a native of Ireland, being born in the county of Monaghan,
November 22, 1845. When twenty-five years of age he came to this country and for eleven years worked in a sawmill at
Waterford, Pa., or until he came west to Dakota. He is a farmer and owns a half section of land between the city and the river,
one quarter being his preemption and the other he purchased after selling his title to the townsite property. He is a bachelor
and makes his home at Hotel Argyle; is a consistent follower of the Presbyterian church and always interested in the affairs of Oakes.
I came here 21 years ago, took up a homestead and hired 21 acres broke the first year. The next year I hired it plowed and
harrowed and sowed it myself all by hand. I threshed 35 bushels per acre in the fall, and received $1 per bushel, which amounted
to $735. I paid for the relinquishment $200; for proving up $250; paid a man for breaking and harrowing, and then had some
money left. I have raised good crops each year since. One year I remember of having in 130 acres, and when I sold the wheat
in the fall it brought $19.84 per acre, or the nice little sum of $2,579.20. Another year I had in 97 acres of wheat and threshed
in the fall thirty-seven and one-half bushels per acre. Last year (1905) I had in 80 acres of my land in flax and threshed in the fall
nineteen and one-half bushels per acre. I have been offered $1.25 per bushel for the flax. I like it here better than any place
I have ever been, and can recommend this country to anyone for a home or for an investment.

Evan A. Moe
Was born near Christiansand, Norway, Dec. 29, 1875; high school education in old country where he also learned jewelry business;
came to America with his parents in 1893 and settled at Fisher, Minn,; completed course in jewelry at Grand Forks; in business
eighteen months at Climax, Minn.; came to Oakes Sept. 20, 1900 and has been in business here since; married to Miss Kathryn Bell,
Feb. 4, 1902 and has one son.
(Note: Evan died in 1944 and is buried at Oakes View Cemetery.)

Lee Montgomery
Was born at Walnut Grove, Minn., May 6, 1882; educated at Tracy, Minn; came to Oakes on Aug. 21, 1906;
bought interest in the Second Street Meat Market last fall.

A.H. Moore
Was born in Iowa county, Iowa, March 21, 1872; attended common schools and had business course in Des Moines;
came to Oakes nearly two years ago and on Jan. 1, 1906 took possession with Mr. J. H. Denning of Oakes Steam Laundry.

Charles A. Moore
Was born at Blue Earth, Minn., Nov. 29, 1872; came to Sargent county when ten years old with parents; married Miss Claudia Foust,
July 3, 1900 and has one son and one daughter; farmed until five years ago when he came to Oakes.
(Note: Charles died in 1946 and is buried at Oakes View Cemetery.)

Fred Morgan
Conducts pool and billiard parlors in building owned by T. J. LaClair of Groton, S. D.

William Murray
Edward Murray
Richard Murray
Started the Oakes Lumber Company last year (1905). The brothers are in partnership. Each was born at Ashburnham, Mass,;
came to Wisconsin together in 1869 and settled in Dane county; each attended the Albion Academy at Milton, Wis,; came to Dakota in 1883
and took up land in Hudson township, where they still own farm of 1,600 acres; William is the oldest, being 55 years of age;
Edward next at 45 years and Richard the younger.
(Note: William died in 1919; Edward died in 1925 and Richard died in 1928. They are all buried in the same plot at St. Charles
Catholic Cemetery in Oakes, ND.)

Aden Nelson
Was born at Dakota, Minn., Nov. 4, 1882 where he was raised and educated; came to Oakes Nov. 7, 1904
and was operator at Soo until he acquired interest in the Hub Restaurant this fall.

Mons Nelson
I came to Dickey county in June 1882, driving from Fargo, about 100 miles and filed on a homestead now three miles north
of Oakes and broke twenty acres and in the fall I built a sod shanty. In the spring of 1883 I moved onto this farm and have lived
there up to the present time. The sod buildings have long since disappeared and they have been replaced with a good set of frame buildings.
I keep on an average about 45 head of cattle. About five years ago I bought another quarter section, making me a 320-acre farm.
Everything grows big here, the soil is rich and easily worked. People in the East will not believe us when we tell them about North Dakota,
but the time will soon come when they will have to believe we told them the truth. I will say this, that this country is good enough for me.
I may move to Oakes and rent my farm, but I expect to die in Dickey county.

Charles A. Newton
Was born at Baldwin, Wis., March 12, 1877; came to Dickey county with parents, who settled on farm near Monango in 1883;
educated in district schools and high school of Ellendale; married Miss Nellie Whelan of Ellendale, Jan. 9, 1903 and has one daughter;
employed in Citizens State Bank at Ellendale four years; one year in Union National at Grand Forks; came here Oct. 6, 1902
to accept position in First National; is city treasurer.

Harrison S. Nichols
Was born at Waukon, Iowa, Jan. 23, 1856; raised there and educated in Waukon high school; came to Dakota in spring of 1883
and had fine farm three miles west of Oakes until three years ago when he sold it; married to Miss Rose Hutsinpiller in 1890,
who died in 1897 leaving one son and one daughter; remarried to Miss Bessie Sipe in fall of 1901; clerk of district court two terms;
moved to Oakes in 1903; has fine home on Third street.

Levinus James Nichols (picture, pg 38)
I came to Dickey county in the spring of 1899 from northeastern Iowa and have been engaged since that time in farming and stock raising.
I came to North Dakota with about $8,000 and am easily worth $35,000 today and I have made it all on my farm with diversified farming
and the increase in the value of the land. I have made money every year and am well pleased with North Dakota. Our winters are
better and more pleasant than where I came from in Iowa. I think on an average since I came here we have not had to feed our cattle
over four and one-half months per year and there have been many winters that my horses and colts had their entire living outside
without hay or grain. I keep in the neighborhood of 100 hogs and they pay me well. My principal crops are wheat, barley and flax for sale crops
and oats, millet, speltz and corn are my principal feed crops. All kinds of garden truck grow big, especially potatoes. I can do far better farming
here than in Iowa. I have raised a family of six children and I think the advantages for giving them a good education are as good as
they are in Iowa. I have an artesian well and an artificial lake covering about 15 acres, which I have well stocked with fish.

Peter Norbeck (picture, pg. 67)
Was born in South Dakota in 1870; raised and educated in Clay county; was married in 1900 and has two daughters;
original artesian well man of country, being the president of the North Dakota Artesian Well Company; lives at Redfield, S. D.
and is a member of its city council.

William A. Pannebaker
Agent for the Atlas elevator, was born in Sandusky county, Ohio, Aug. 5, 1853; came to Indiana when ten years of age and attended
Angola high school; married to Miss Phoebe K. Howell, his third wife, in 1894 and has six living children; came to Dakota in 1880;
at Fargo one year; at Tower City three years; Ransom county fifteen years, where he was clerk of court one term; came to Oakes
three years ago; is present city justice; elevator has 15,000 bushels capacity; has taken in 25,000 bushels of grain this fall.

Miss Ella F. Payton (picture, pg. 55)
Claims the good old state of Pennsylvania as the place of her birth; came west to Iowa with family, who settled at De Soto
and received her professional training in the Cedar Falls Normal; taught six years before coming here, four of which were
in the intermediate department of the Truro high school; came here three years ago and took up the work of the fifth and sixth grades.

Joseph Pazandak
I came to Dickey county in the spring of 1901, having invested in virgin prairie land. The first year I did not do much farming
as I had to build a home and other necessary buildings. The following spring I broke a small field and seeded it to flax. The returns
were so satisfactory that I have increased my acreage each year and next spring will seed 160 acres of flax on new land.
For the raising of small grain North Dakota cannot be beaten. I can raise just as many bushels per acre as I did in Iowa on high-priced
land and on account of the long sowing season here can farm three or four times more land than I did there. Every crop of flax
I raised, paid for the land it was sowed on. As a stock country North Dakota has no equal. Grass is so plentiful and hay made from it
so nutritious that cattle are made in excellent condition for the block on these alone. With conditions like these North Dakota has a great future. Fullerton, N. D.
(Note: Joseph died Aug. 13, 1913 and is buried at the Mapleview Cemetery, near Fullerton, ND.)

Hector H. Perry (picture, page 37)
The North Dakota Record is now owned solely by Hector H. Perry, who succeeded Perry & Son after the death of the senior member
of the firm about three years ago. Mr. Perry came from Wisconsin to remain permanently in 1894; was clerk of court from '99 to '03;
and is present United States commissioner. He was married to Miss Jennie Monty in December, 1897 and last year erected for himself
the very finest residence in Ellendale. In this connection it might be said that Mr. Perry is also a lawyer and dabbles considerably
in real estate. He runs a Democratic sheet and jabs the Republican newspapermen when he feels like it – whether they need it or not.

Christen Petersen
Was born in Denmark, Dc. 9, 1841, where he was raised and educated; married to Miss Marie Low, April 21, 1875, and
has two daughters, Christine and Johannah; learned trade in old country; came to America in 1887 and to Oakes in 1888,
where he has since resided; owner of the Oakes Cigar Factory.

P. C. Petersen
Came here from Fargo in 1885. Two years prior to that time I came from Norway, where I had been a fisherman and had settled
at Fargo. I squatted on a homestead two miles north of Oakes on the river bottom, and although I knew nothing about farming
when I came here, I went to work and have done well. Have put in 20 crops in Dickey county and have only had one poor crop;
that was in 1904, when black rust took a good deal of my wheat. I now own 260 acres of well-improved land, for which I refused
an offer stocked with cattle and horses, have good machinery, money in the bank and do not owe a dollar. This year had in 150 acres
of which 120 was wheat and 30 acres was oats and barley. Have given more attention to my cattle. As I have a fine flowing well near
the barn and get lots of good hay from the river bottom, it is not much trouble to look after the stock. Have raised and educated family
of five children- three boys and two girls – and we are all happy and contented.

P. E. Peterson
I came to Dakota twenty-three years ago and took up a quarter section six and one-half miles east of where Oakes now stands.
Lisbon, thirty-five miles away, was our nearest station. When I commenced farming I owed eighty-five dollars and went in debt
for horses and everything. I have lived here for twenty-three years now and have never experienced a crop failure. Never had
but one crop that did not pay me and that was fifteen years ago. I now own 480 acres of good land, with improvements that are
worth over $4000. I have forty-five head of cattle, eleven horses, a steam threshing rig, a corn shredder and other machinery,
in all about $4000 worth. do not owe anything, except a little on the last quarter section of land I bought. I know anyone can come here
and make money if he is willing to work, and a man does not have to work as hard to make money here as he does in the East.
I like this country and expect to remain here.

George B. Phifer
I came to Sargent county in 1883 and selected a homestead 35 miles from a railroad town and nearest trading point. I had at that time
very little money and a family of a wife and three children and to make it short, will that I now have 800 acres of land well improved
with good buildings. I keep from 60 to 80 head of cattle and raise from 40 to 140 head of hogs each year. I plant about 40 acres
of Early Dent corn, which I consider the surest crop we raise. It yields from 30 to 40 bushels of shelled corn to the acre. I cut
with a corn binder and shred it as I think the fodder will pay for all the labor of raising crop. A corn crop leaves the ground n fine shape
for a crop of wheat the following year. This last year I sold $800 worth of hogs and have 80 head left. Have never known such a thing
as hog cholera. I mild from 12 to 18 cows which bring me in from $350 to $450 per year from the cream besides having all the butter
and cream we wish for a large family. Barley and millet also grow well here and make good cheap hog feed. I live four and one half miles
east of Oakes.
(Note: George died in 1929 and is buried at Oakes View Cemetery.)

Miss Jennie Piper
Is a native of Ontario, Canada where she lived until 1883, when the family located at Sheldon, N. D.; came to Oakes ten years ago
and started bakery in small way across street where present building stands; built the Piper Block in 1903; owns residence on Third street
occupied by C. A. Newton.

August G. Ramharter (picture, pg. 53)
Was born at Webster City, Iowa, Aug. 1, 1866; raised there and educated in the high school; married to Miss Libbie Stanton
in 1887 at Webster City; has one son and one daughter; came to Columbia, Dakota in 1884, where he was engaged in grocery business;
came to Oakes seven years ago last spring and opened Checkered Front Grocery; built the Ramharter block in 1903 and has half interest;
elected to board of education in 1901; owns fine residence on corner Fifth and Cedar streets and is largely interested in real estate.

Frank L. Ramharter
Was born at Webster City, Iowa, Sept. 23, 1878; attended high school and took course in business college of that city; came to Columbia
when ten years old, but returned shortly after to Iowa; moved to Oakes four years ago and has half interest in grocery store; married to
Miss Mabel Munn, Jan. 17, 1903 and has one daughter.

G. W. Riebe
Agent of the Atlantic elevator, was born at Glencoe, Minn., Aug. 20, 1877; raised and educated at Buffalo Lake; married eight years ago
to Miss Agnes Pralvitz; came to Oakes Aug. 17, 1906; elevator is 28,000 bushel capacity and has taken in about 20,000 bushels this fall.

W. J. Roberts
Was born in Orleans county, New York, May 9, 1882; came to Sargent county, this state, when ten years of age where he made his home
until he came to Oakes last July; married to Miss Ellen Knapp, Nov. 19, 1902; has two boys and one girl; has residence south of Soo tracks.

George Rose(picture, pg 32)
Born at Thomson, Ill., July 27, 1861, where he was raised and educated; married to Miss Alice Carey of Thomson in 1882; came
to Dickey county the following year, homesteaded a quarter section in Elden township and has five quarter sections of land
at same place; is Republican and is serving his fourth term as a representative from the twenty-fifth district to the state legislature;
has six children, two boys and four girls; Mrs. Rose died in the fall of 1905; he is now a resident of Ellendale but continues to look after his farm.

Dr. Bayard E. Ryder (picture, pg. 67)
Was born at Napoleon, Ohio, Sept. 27, 1874; resided in that state until sixteen years of age when he moved to Chicago;
attended high school and normal college; studied medicine in College of Physicians and Surgeons, University of Illinois,
graduating in 1900; practiced one year in Chicago; married to Miss Marie Jensen in Chicago, Sept. 28, 1900, who died in 1902,
leaving one daughter; came to Oakes in July 1900; remarried to Miss Helen J. Harris in 1903 and has one son;
was instrumental in organizing Southern District Medical Society of North Dakota and was its first president.

John L. Schill
The shoemaker and harness maker, occupies his own building, a one story frame, first door east of Home Hotel. His stock of shoes
and harness goods occupies the front part, and back of this are his living rooms. Mr. Schill is able assisted in the business by his wife.
He was born at Baden, Germany, Dec. 27, 1850; raised and educated there; came to Fargo, N. D. in 1878 and to Oakes in April 1886;
married to Miss Mina Lang, May 19, 1886 and has three girls and one boy.
(Note: John died Feb. 6, 1925 and is buried at St. Charles Catholic Cemetery, Oakes, ND.)

Charles Scott (picture, pg 35)
Born in Columbia county, Wisconsin, in 1862; raised and educated in Mitchell county, Iowa; lived in Minnesota and Iowa before coming
to Dakota with his family in April, 1883; lives in Ellendale township where he is a successful farmer; married to Miss Mary Pehl
November 15, 1891; no children; thinks Dickey county will stand comparison with any part of North Dakota, and North Dakota
will hold its own with any other state in the union; elected county commissioner from the First district as a Democrat in 1904 over E. F. Dunton,
Republican , by 7 votes.

O. H. Severson
Was born at Bergen, Norway, Sept. 2, 1856; came to this country with parents when nine years of age and settled in Vernon county, Wisc.;
common school education; lived in Wisconsin fifteen years when he moved to Fillmore county, Minn., where he remained twenty years;
married to Miss Anna K. Larson, Dec. 20, 1880 and has eleven children – six boys and five girls; came to North Dakota four years ago
and settled at Nome, where he remained until last March, when he purchased the Vinkle House.

Fred Sletvold
Was born at Trondhjem, Norway, Jan. 21, 1875; raised and educated theere; came to South Dakota in 1892 and to Oakes in 1905.
(Note: Fred died Mar. 8, 1962 and is buried at Oakes View Cemetery.)

Bert W. Slocum
Who came into the business (Fenton & Brown Hardware Company) in 1905, was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Oct. 3, 1863;
raised there and is a graduate of the city high school; was bookkeeper eleven years for Priedeman & Lewis, crackers and
candy manufacturers of St. Paul; came to Sargent county in 1890; farmed until coming to Oakes; still owns farm; last summer
bought residence on Fifth street, married to Miss Gusta, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Phifer, in 1899; public administrator
of Sargent county.
(Note: Bert died in 1933 and is buried at Oakes View Cemetery.)

George J. Stanley
Was born in Calumet county, Wis., Aug. 15, 1874; came to Dakota with family when nine years of age and settled on farm thirteen miles
southeast of Oakes; attended Oakes high school and took commercial course in Red River Valley University, located at Wahpeton;
married at Wahpeton, Sept. 26, 1900 to Miss Gertrude E. Matthews, and has one boy and one girl; came to Oakes to become
a resident Nov. 15, 1904; owns residence on Third street, which he has added onto this year and remodeled.

Louis E. Stanton
Was born in Stephenson county, Ill., July 4, 1853; raised there and has high school education; lived in Iowa twenty years and
was in other states south; married Miss Loal Anderson 21 years ago; has one daughter and three sons; came to Oakes four years ago;
has fine residence just east of Oakes; agent of the North Star Lumber Company.
(Note: Louis died Apr. 23, 1914 and is buried at Oakes View Cemetery.)

L. C. Stenquist (picture, pg 35),
Born in Sweden, July 5, 1852; educated in the common schools of that country; learned the trade of a stonecutter and mason;
married Miss Margaretta Larson, September 17, 1877; came to this country in 1880, settling in Sioux Falls, Dakota, where
wife died in 1881, leaving two children; came to LaMoure county in 1882 where he took a pre-emption; came to Dickey county
in 1883 and after filing on a tree claim says he had only $3.00 left; now owns a farm of 589 acres, 75 head of stock and a complete set
of farm machinery, all paid for; remarried at Lisbon in 1884 to Miss Ida Johnson, who passed away two years ago, leaving four sons;
there were two daughter by this marriage but both have passed hence; elected as county commissioner from the Third district
in 1902 as a Democrat for a four year term over J. T. Scott, Republican, by three votes.

Charles Merick Stevens
Was born at Elbridge, N. Y., Sept. 11, 1845; came to Michigan when nine years old and attended Lowell high school;
married to Miss Carrie A. Hawkins at Cadillac, Mich., Sept. 14, 1876; has four sons and three daughters; came to Sioux Falls, S. D.
in 1876, but returned to Michigan year later and railroaded on G. R. & I. Railroad for four years; returned to Dakota in spring
of 1883 and spent two months at Tower City, coming to Dickey county on May 22, 1883; owns 520 acre farm in Clement township,
where he homesteaded, which is run by sons, Burton and James.

E. Fred Stevens (picture, pg 32)
Born at Lowell, Mass., in 1858; early life spent in Virginia, Vermont and York state; came west to Iowa when twenty-one years of age;
to Dickey county in 1882; proved up on quarter section of land in James River Valley township; owns same land today and has added
another quarter section to his holdings; went back to Iowa in 1892 and remained four years, returning here with $1,000 worth of experience;
is married and has a family of five children; elected to state legislature as a Republican in 1900 and served four years;
elected this year as county commissioner, defeating L. C. Stenquist, Democrat. (picture)
I came to Dickey county in 1882 and took up a claim in the James River Valley. Was $10 in debt when I landed. Borrowed $500
and went to work. In 1888 took off $3000 worth of grain, mostly wheat. In 1890 I took off $2400 worth of wheat from 130 acres.
Had a good crop in 1891 and thought that I would like to go back to Iowa; sold out my personal property and went there with the intention
of staying. It was too hard work to get ahead there and in four years I was back on my North Dakota farm, a wiser man by $1000
and practically broke.
I was glad I held onto my farm here; now have a farm of 320 acres, well improved. This fall (1906) I had in 130 acres of durum wheat
which yielded 24 bushels per acre; 50 acres of feed which yielded 1800 bushels; 14 acres of corn which will go 40 bushels per acre,
18 acres of flax which went 16 bushels per acre. Of cattle I had 38 head, but sold 13 of my best steers; only have 10 hogs.
My year's income from the farm will run over $2800. I have been over half the states in the Union and have yet to find one that compares
with North Dakota for making a home and for a man with small means. Glover, N. D.
(Note: Eugene died in 1953 and is buried at Oakes View Cemetery.)

Note:Eugene F. Stevens is a typo....his name was Ernest Fred Stevens and went by Fred. He's a shirt-tail relative of mine. - Alison Ligman (Jan. 2004)

Joseph Straub
Was born at Wurttemburg, Germany, Jan. 2, 1873; raised and educated there; came to this country and to Oakes in fall of 1898
and has one boy and three girls; owns fine residence south of Soo tracks; proprietor of Straub's Meat Market and assisted by his brother,
Anton Straub.

Gus Strutz
I have grown 20 crops of wheat in Dickey county and the nearest I ever came to a failure was in 1890, when I only had eight bushels
to the acre. Up to and including 1890 I raised practically nothing but wheat; from that time since I have grown mixed crops consisting of corn,
oats, wheat and barley with good success. I now own 1000 acres of good land divided into two farms, both of which are well improved,
the improvements having cost between $8000 and $9000. I also own 200 head of cattle, 26 head of horses, $2,000 worth of farm machinery
and a house and lot in Oakes worth $1,500. Do not owe a dollar and have a good sized bank account. In the meantime I have raised and
educated a large sized family. I am well satisfied that I came to Dickey county. I could sell out here now but do no know where
I could go to better myself.
(Note: Gust died in 1945 and is buried at Oakes View Cemetery.)

Cyrus Warren Sullivan (picture, pg 35)
Born in Kingwood, Somerset county, Pennsylvania, April 12, 1876; educated in public schools of Somerset county; employed on father's farm
until sixteen years of age, when he was employed in different public works, such as saw milling, coal mining and carpentering;
afterwards learned enameling trade which he followed until he came to Dickey county in spring of 1897; married to Miss Ella M. Wilson
on January 10, 1900, and has two children, Joanna and LeRoy, aged six and four years; owns 460 acres and has made all since coming
to this county; values his land at $40 per acre and thinks that in the near future improved land in the county will easily bring $50 per acre;
was elected commissioner from the Fourth district in 1904 on the Republican ticket, defeating E. G. Sweeney, Democrat, by 68 majority;
re-elected in 1906 without opposition.

John F. Sullivan
Was born at Worcester, Mass., June 19, 1857; came west to Wisconsin when thirteen years of age; was in Illinois one year; in Iowa
six years and several years in other states south; married Miss Rosa Grote in 1881 and has one daughter, Ida, now Mrs. G. W. Becker;
came to Dakota in 1882 and to Oakes in 1886; has nice residence on Third street.

A.L. Sutmar
The union member of the firm (Klein & Sutmar Block), was born in St. Paul. Jan. 24, 1863; raised and educated there;
studied in German school and then in Franklin high school; entered uncle's store as clerk when sixteen years of age and
remained there until he came to Oakes in 1894; has large ranch interests southeast of Oakes; was alderman of city six years.

Stephen W. Teal
Was born at Belleville, Ontario, Canada, March 16, 1855; raised there and received common school education; learned profession
of veterinary; came to Dixon, Ill., in 1879, where he was married to Miss Jennie Haight and to this union was born one son;
came to Dakota in 1880 and settled at Grand Forks; moved to Oakes in 1889; remarried to Miss Ninette Holborn, May 12, 1894 and
by this marriage has two sons; is present state district veterinarian, a position he has held the past eight years.
(Note: Stephen died in 1941 and is buried at Oakes View Cemetery.)

Truman H. Thatcher (picture, pg 32)
Born at Sharon, Vermont, January 28, 1851; moved to Menasha, Wis., when six years of age, where he received his education
in the high school; married to Miss Phebe Smith, June 25, 1872; has one daughter, Mrs. J. D. Root, now of Guelph; came to Dickey county
in 1883; has farm of 400 acres in Hudson township; elected state senator by Republicans in 1904 over Ed. N. Leiby, Democrat,
by majoirty of 297 votes; is a great believer in this section of the state.

Miss Winifred E. Tousley (picture, pg. 55)
Was born at Cresco, Iowa and came to Dickey county with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. Tousley, who settled south of Ellendale;
attended the district schools and later the high school of Ellendale; took normal training courses at Fremont, Neb., and Valley City,
this state; taught several years in district schools, one year in state school at Ellendale and five years here; primary teacher two years.

George A. Tuthill (picture, pg 44)
Was born in Monroe county, Wis., on December 1, 1870; came to Dakota in 1879 with parents and settled at Watertown;
educated at Watertown high school and had course at State Agricultural College at Brookings; came to Oakes in 1902 to engage
in land business, but two years later went in partnership with A. H. Perkins in the farm machinery business; purchased his partner's
interest in 1905 and has since been conducting the business for himself; was elected alderman from Second ward in 1905.
(Note: George died in 1932 and is buried at Oakes View Cemetery.)

Edson S. Van Horn
Agent of the Hawkeye elevator, was born at Marshall, Mich., Sept. 5, 1857; raised and educated there; married Miss Amanda Wright,
Feb. 1883 and has one girl and one boy; came to Dakota in 1882; elevator is 20,000 bushels capacity and has taken in nearly 30,000 bushels
of grain this fall.

C. P. Walton (picture, pg. 44)
Alderman from the First ward, was born at Star Prairie, Wis., Nov. 13, 1872; educated there in common schools and finished
with a business course in a Minneapolis college; came to Oakes to take charge of flour mill in 1899 and with Dr. H. E. Perrin of Star Prairie
owns that splendid manufacturing plant; married to Miss Elsie McDaniel, Dec. 31, 1901; has residence on Third street;
was elected in 1904 and reelected last spring.

E. J. Walton (picture of his residence, pg. 47)
Was born at Easton, Wis., June 18, 1878; raised and educated at Easton; came to Dickey county in 1893, and graduated from high school
of Ellendale in class of '97; came to Oakes in 1897 to accept position in Bank of Oakes (now First National); married to Miss Myrtle Splan,
Feb. 19, 1902; cashier of Oakes National Bank, which he assisted in organizing in 1903, and the past year has been its vice president;
owns pretty home on south Second street.

Elmer W. Weston
Was born near Buffalo, N. Y., May 10, 1860, where he was raised and educated; came to Dakota, April 30, 1883, and
homesteaded quarter section of land in Hudson township; founded and conducted Oakes Independent; was alderman of city
two terms and served two terms as police magistrate.
(Note: Elmer died in 1931 and is buried at Oakes View Cemetery.)

Harker H. Whitfield
Was born at Carlisle, Ontario, Canada, Oct. 7, 1859; raised at Ancaster and spent nine years at Muskoka; married to Miss Amy L. Shaver,
April 22, 1893 and has two sons; came to Dakota in spring of 1882; farmed until coming to Oakes six years ago; is proprietor of the Whitfield's Art Studio;
erected this year a frame building near the Soo depot which is run as a restaurant by Mrs. Blore.

William S. Wickersham (picture, pg. 54)
Is a lawyer by profession and was born at Butler, Ill., Nov. 25, 1866; settled in Shelby county, Iowa when twelve years of age;
married to Miss Emma Durkee in 1897 at Defiance, Iowa and has one son, seven years of age; came to Milnor in 1900 and
to Oakes one year later; has served terms as city justice of the peace, city auditor and is present police magistrate; became clerk
of school board in March 1905.
(page 60) has been a practicing attorney since 1895; received higher education in Webster College, Toledo, Iowa; studied law
in offices at Harlan, Iowa; passed examination to practice before supreme courts of Iowa and Nebraska; opened first law office
at Bancroft, Neb., in 1895; practiced two years in Nebraska four years in Iowa; admitted to practice in U. S. district court
at Council Bluffs, Iowa in 1898; came to Oakes in 1901.

Alex R. Wright (picture, page 37) (picture of his residence, pg. 49)
Was born near Ballymena, Ireland, Feb. 27, 1873; raised there and educated in national schools; came to this country with family
in October 1888; settled first at Waukesha, Wis,; landed in Dickey county Dec. 14th same year and spent some time on farm six miles
northwest of Ellendale, where attended the district school; entered office of Ellendale Commercial in fall of 1890 to learn printing business,
which trade he has followed since; graduated from Ellendale high school in 1896; married to Miss Lillian R. Hodges in Ellendale,
June 20, 1900 and has one son, Edward; bought half interest in Ellendale Leader, Dec. 1, 1897, which paper he conducted until came
to Oakes Nov. 1, 1903.

A.J. Young
Was born at Isenhours, Minn., Jan. 8, 1882; moved to Brookings, S. D. and is graduate of class of 1903 of state agricultural college;
studied pharmacy at Brookings and received experience in drug store at Mellette; married to Miss Margaret Cranston Oct. 19, 1903,
and has one daughter; assumed proprietorship of drug store here Dec. 12, 1904.

The source is: A re-printing of Early History of the Oakes Community, Dickey County and North Dakota - The 1906 Christmas Supplement by The Oakes Times in observance of the Oakes Centennial July 3-4-5-6, 1986. The inside page has this additional citation: The Oakes Times Supplement Alex R. Wright, Publisher; Volume XXIII, Oakes, Dickey County, North Dakota, Number 48 Special Christmas Number, 1906. There are 88 pages to the book.

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