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ABBOTT / HOYBAK Arthur C. Abbott and his brother, George, when young boys were sent to live with their aunt, Maren [Anderson] Hoybak and her husband, Karl (Carl). Arthur worked for a Ben Bergstrom of Dickey County before heading to eastern Montana where he homesteaded. Another Dickey County resident, Sam Bergstrom and his wife, Rosa, were neighbors to Arthur in Montana. Arthur married Nellie O. Berg; George remained a bachelor. Rick Abbott
ADAMS looking for Barney whose daughters married BROOKS brothers Signe Parrish
ANDERSON I am looking for relatives of Nils Anderson who lived in James River Valley in early 1900. He had two daughters, Ester and Gertrud. Ester married one Alfred Westerman. My grandmother was Nils sister. Lena Persson
ANDRUS direct line ancestors Alison Ligman
BARRETT John and Mary Joan Levin
BAUMBACH   Alison Ligman
BEAVER one of my colateral lines Char Kibbie
BENEDIX direct line ancestors Alison Ligman
BENGSTON John August - Homesteaded & Naturalized 1888, Swedish Barbara Congdon
BERG Peder (Peter) and wife, Johanne [Olson], both immigrated from Norway and homesteaded in the James River Valley. They had 4 children, Thora married Albert Gale; Simon A. unmarried; Palmer J. unmarried; and Nellie O. married Arthur C. Abbott. Rick Abbott
BERGSTROM   Alison Ligman
BROOKS brothers John and Cliff who married sisters, daughters of Barney ADAMS Signe Parrish
BROWN Dickey County area in the early 1900's Peggy Sperber
BROWN My grandfather John Wesley Brown was born in Ellendale, North Dakota 3-26-1900. His parents were John Brown and Nellie Robertson Brown. John Wesley Brown married my grandmother Rettie Gertrude Manning 3-15-1922. We have a fairly large Manning family history. The Manning family had moved from Libertyville, Iowa to Monango, North Dakota in 1908 where my great-grandfather John Wesley Manning was a farmer. My great-grandmother Jesse Simmons Manning ultimately had 11 children between Iowa and North Dakota. Sometime in 1925 my great-grandparents John and Jesse Manning and their ten surviving children and my grandparents John Wesley and Rettie Gertrude Brown along with my father Gordon Douglas Brown moved to Eugene, Oregon. My father Gordon Douglas Brown was born in Monango, North Dakota 2-9-1925. At this time I have no other information about my grandfather Brown's parents. Greg Brown
CALDWELL George and Anna Billie May Bowron
CALDWELL family of Isaac and Catherine, in year 1856 to? Billie May Bowron
CARNEY Patrick - b 18 Jan 1835
d 22 Sep 1922 in Ellendale, Dickey, ND
Barbara Barney
CARTLEDGE Monango Forbes Oakes abt. 1905-1960s Charlotte Kibbie
CASWELL   Alison Ligman
CRARY I am researching my maternal great-grandmother Sophronia Elizabeth (Breed) Crary and her husband Charles Powers Crary. He was Civil War Veteran and received a pension. Both are buried in the Ellendale cemetery, I believe.
Frank Glenn Crary was their son and my grandfather.
Fran Moritz-Booth
CROW   Dennis Crow
DOANE   Alison Ligman
DUNN looking for information on Patrick DUNN Joan Levin
ELLIOTT   Alison Ligman
ENGER   Alison Ligman
FIECHTNER graduated MHS 1962;
now living at 1701 Mill, Laramie, WY 82072
Lloyd Fiechtner
FREEMAN direct line ancestor Jeff Danner
FROJEN   Alison Ligman
GAHAN Alice, James and Richard Joan Levin
GAMBLE   Susan Decker
GARLAND   Alison Ligman
GLEASON Looking for information on Harris GLEASON who homesteaded in Dickey county in the late 1800's. Harris GLEASON was a probate judge in Dickey county in 1882. He was my great-great grandfather. D&L Anderson
GRAMLOW   Alison Ligman
GRAVES   Susan Decker
GULKE in particular, Viola "Chubbie" Gulke who married Tony HAJEK and lived in Oakes. Any information and/or photos would be welcome Cleone Olson
HAJEK Louis Hajek family in Oakes and Glover Cleone Olson
HANSEN/HANSON direct line ancestors Alison Ligman
HARVEY   Susan Decker
HEIKKILA   Kari Overson
HILL Looking for information on Edwin Roswell HILL. He was my great-grandfather who homesteaded in Dickey county in the late 1800's. My grandmother Ida Mae HILL was born in Monango. D&L Anderson
Jim Himanga
HOCKENBERRY   Alison Ligman
HODGES Sylvanus Boardman Hodges aka BS Hodges of Ellendale Susan Hintz
HODGINS direct line ancestors; Ellendale area; 1885-early 1900's Marlene Emerson
HOFFMANN Direct Line Ancestors circa 1886 in Ellendale Rebecca Hoffman
HOLSINGER Ellendale and elsewhere Charlotte Kibbie
JOHNSON John Johnson b. abt. 1874 Denmark married 1909 Grace Ethel Richards (b. 2 Oct 1879 Arlington, Iowa; died 2 July 1949 North Dakota) child: E. Janet Johnson b. abt 1911
This is all I know of this family.
Karen Childs
KARJALAINEN   Kari Overson
LACINA I am more than willing to share information that I have collected with others who are interested.- Diron Diron Lacina Ahlquist , Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
LATHROP   Susan Decker
LEBEDOFF   Alison Ligman
LUBIENS W E Lubiens, farmed in Fullerton area from 1911 through the 1960's. Roger D. Lubiens
MALLON I am looking for info about the siblings of my paternal grandfather Fredrick William Mallon (1867 -1954).
He had a brother who worked as a carpenter in Ellendale,
I think.
Linda Sharpe
MCCABE grandparents were farming in Spring Valley 1898-1910 Joan Levin
MINARD   Nadine Coles
MINTZ Ferdinand & Gottlieb Gary Naden
MOORE Dickey County area in the early 1900's Peggy Sperber
Cathy Olmsted
OLSON Johanne married Peder Berg; and her two brothers immigrated from Norway. The brothers were Ole Amundsen married Petra; and Matt B. Olson buried in the St. Anskar Cemetery, La Moure, County, ND Rick Abbott
Judy Sheppard Huber
PHILBRICK Monango and Oakes after 1900 Charlotte Kibbie
POLLOCK my gr-grandmother, Alice(Alace) Pollock's family
father, James Pollock & a son/bro. Roy J. Pollock
sister, Kittie(Catherine) Pollock who perhaps married after 1920
They're from Ellendale and/or VanMeter Twp.
I have census info 1900-1930.
Jeriann Medenblik
POYKKO   Kari Overson
RAPP   Alison Ligman
RAUHALA   Kari Overson
RESSEQUIE   Susan Decker
RITOLA   Kari Overson
RITTMILLER   Kaune Rittmiller
Cathy Olmsted
Meggen Henke
SAARI/SAARIE   Kari Overson
SAVEY Dickey County area in the early 1900's Peggy Sperber
Meggen Henke
SCHMERER Direct Line Ancestors circa 1886 in Ellendale Rebecca Hoffman
SCHWARTING   Alison Ligman
SENE Sam Sene, wife Sarah (Vellow), children Marie E., Joseph, Verne S., and Edwin - 1910 onwards Barbara MacPherson
SIMEK looking for direct line descendeants of Charles C. Simek born ca 1879 Danforth Bodien
SPEETER George and Hannah [KABRUD] died in Nov 1918 leaving orphaned an infant daughter, Adela Mae (aka Johannah Adela Mae) born 23 Nov 1918 in Forbes Linda Muir
STEVENS   Alison Ligman
STORDAHL   Lisa Masters
Deborah Aldrich
Jackie Strutz Aubol
THOMPSON   Alison Ligman
VAN GARVEN   Danforth Bodien
WELCH   Susan Decker
WIITALA   Kari Overson
WILBERTS Henry Wilberts, Sr. family in Oakes and Glover Cleone Olson
WIRKUNNEN   Kari Overson
WRANGHAM direct line ancestors Alison Ligman
WRIGHT Alexander Wright (editor) m Lillian Hodges Susan Hintz
(perhaps YONLEY or YOVLEY)
  Kari Overson
ZIMBLEMAN   Alison Ligman

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