o Dickey County Historical Society- Oakes Times Death Index
Index of Obituaries from The Oakes Times Newspaper
1888-1921; 1929; 1932; 1934-1971 (except for 1966 & 1969);
1974; 1978; 1981; 1988-1990; 1993; 1995-1999; 2004; 2006-2009

Contributed by the Dickey County Historical Society
for additional information contact Mary Ann Kunrath

   The Dickey County Historical Society has indexed the obituaries found in The Oakes Times for the years 1888-1921,1932, 1934, and through 1945. As more issues of this paper are found, the DCHS will continue to index the obituaries.
   Some obituaries are from The Dickey County Leader.
   March 2006, a sizable addition (over 500) was made to this index. These included obituaries dated from 1946-1960 and also 2004. They are from the Oakes Times and the Dickey County Leader, which is the Ellendale paper.
   March 2007, another sizable addition was made to this index. These included obituaries dated from 1960-1970 except for 1966 & 1969. Also some from 2006. They are from the Oakes Times.
   Feb 2008, almost another 300 names were added to this index.
   Jan 2009, 750 names were added covering the years 1912, 1929, 1959, 1971, 1973,1974, 1978, 1981, 1988, 2007, 2008 and some from other miscellaneous years.
   Mar 2010, 1550 names were added covering the years 1989, 1990, 1993, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2008 and 2009. They are from the Oakes Times.
   The DCHS has more issues of the papers that have not been indexed so if you know the date of death, contact them and a search will be done for you.
   The society is a non-profit organization which depends on donations and dues. If you find a name in the index you may request a photocopy of the obituary and make a donation of your choice to the DCHS. You may e-mail your request to Mary Kunrath by clicking on her name at the top of this page or by writing to the Dickey County Historical Society, Oakes, ND 58474 attn: Mary Ann Kunrath. Be sure to include the name(s), page number(s) and your contact information.
   Even though care has been taken to be accurate in transcribing this index according to the spellings of names in the papers, mistakes may have been made. Remember that newspapers, too, occasionally had typos. For that reason, it is important to consider variant spellings of names.-csk

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Aagenes, Marlin ---36A
Aahl, Helen---24A
Aanerud, Harry W. ---56A
Aarons, Katherine ---58A
Aarons, Leonard---20A
Aarons, Leonard---29A
Aarons, Leonard---31A
Aarons, Leonard E.---28A
Aasen, Alf - - -35
Aasen, Edwin---21A
Aasen, P.J. ---1A
Aasen, Peter Quentin ---80A
Aason, Richard - - -34
Abbot, Clifford Athur ---49A
Abbott, George C. ---73A
Abbott, Nellie ---43A
Aberle, John  Sr. ---58A
Abraham, Fay Darden - - -35
Ackerman, Henry---14A
Ackerman, Johanna (Jo) ---56A
Ackerman, John---26A
Ackerman, John Paul---17A
Ackerman, Katherina---18A
Ackermann, Konrad---20A
Ackerman, Mrs. Conrad---15A
Ackerman, Mrs. Konrad---18A
Ackerman, Willie ---37A
Ackermann, Ed---18A
Ackert, Earl W. ---49A
Adair, Rollin ---57A
Adam, Christine ---80A
Adam, Elmer Albert ---80A
Adams, Beth ---37A
Adams, David - - -36
Adams, Marshal Jr. ---1A
Adams, Mary ---57A
Adams, Mrs. E. J. - - -472
Adams, Pearl E. ---1A
Adams, Roy - - -29
Adams, Roy (infant) ---1A
Adamson, B.L. - - -37
Adamson, Bessie ---43A
Adamson, Mary (Mrs.) - - -36
Adamson, Mrs. - - -29
Adamson, Nettie - - -28
Adamson, Veronica---15A
Adamson, Wardie L. ---41A
Affeldt, Brent Alan ---73A Affield, Keith Lowell ---58A
Afseth, Mrs. Patra---14A
Ahlin, Chester “Chet” ---59A
Ahlin, Myrna ---59A
Aho, Lempy ---50A
Aho, Robert W. ---66A
Akers, Edwin---30A
Akers, Laura Emma ---50A
Akers, Merle ---56A
Albaugh, Mary M. ---50A
Albers, Lloyd John Nicholas ---74A
Albers, Lovice ---74A
Albertson, Fred---21A
Albertson, Jackie ---49A
Albertson, Mary---25A
Albertson, Mary --- 44A
Albertson, Mary ---57A
Albertson, Mrs. Marriott---10A
Albertson, Mrs. Ralph---34A
Albertson, Mrs. Ralph (Loraine)---33A
Albertson, Nels Peter --- 44A
Albertson, Ralph ---44A
Albertson, Ralph ---81A
Albrecht, Edmund A. ---75A
Alden, Ida ---50A
Alden, Leonard R. ---58A
Alexander, Clifford---28A
Alexander, David---19A; 42A
Alexanderson, Frank---16A
Alexanderson, Sara Samuelson---9A
Alford, C. E. - - -29
Alford, Tami Linn ---58A
Alin, F. O. ---7A; 20A; 38A
Alin, Alex - - -28A; 296
Alin, Mabel ---40A
Alin, Mrs. John --- 44A
Alkofer, Anton - - -30
Alkofer, Henry ---57A
Alkofer, June ---81A
Alkofer, Lawrence J. ---59A
Alkofer, Louise Anna ---59A
Alkofer, Mrs. Anton---27A
Alkorn, Charles --- 45A
Allen, W.C.---15A
Allen, Wm. Bruce---11A
Allman, Vivian ---57A
Almquist, John---10A
Almquist, Josie (Johnson)---see (Johnson) Almquist, Josie
Almqist, Martin---21A
Alstad, Inga ---40A
Altenburger, Sister Uraula, OSF ---66A
Alter, J.C.(Claude)---12A
Althouse, Oscar ---37A
Alto, Carl---7A
Amerman, Ernest---11A
Amerman, Ernest---34A
Ames, Dan - - -32
Ames, J.D.---26A
Ames, Julian D.---33A
Ames, Mrs. J.D. (Harriet)---8A
Ames, Grandma - - -37
Ammerman, Alta ---63A
Amundson, Arne---30A
Amundson, Reinhart - - -28
Amundson-Leslie, Darin ---201L
Andahl, Nils---9A
Andahl, Nils---28A
Anders, Daniel Ray ---69A
Andersen, Alma ---82A
Andersen, Jens F. ---41A
Anderson, A. A. ---2A
Anderson, A. G. ---4A; 24A
Anderson, A. J. ---40A
Anderson, A. M. - - -31
Anderson, Albert---15A
Anderson, Albin Edwin ---36A
Anderson, Alfred J. - - -41
Anderson, Alfred J. ---76A
Anderson, Alfred L.---32A
Anderson, Alice ---39A
Anderson, Alvin---25A
Anderson, Andrew J. ---53A
Anderson, Andrew J. ---64A
Anderson, Arvid Kenneth ---67A
Anderson, Astri ---69A
Anderson, C. Albert ---54A
Anderson, Andrew W. ---43A
Anderson, Anna - - -31
Anderson, Anna B. ---28A
Anderson, Anna M.---27A
Anderson, Anna M. (Mrs.)---32A
Anderson, Arthur E. ---40A
Anderson, Arvid ---39A
Anderson, Astri ---40A
Anderson, August ---37A
Anderson, Baby of William ---2A
Anderson, Bernie----17A
Anderson, Bert----31A
Anderson, C. A. ---11A
Anderson, C. Albert ---54A
Anderson, Carl - - - 43; 45A
Anderson, Carl ---64A
Anderson, Carl J.----30A; 45A
Anderson, Caroline ---38A; 39A
Anderson, Charles F. ---3A
Anderson, Chester ---40A
Anderson, Chester ---64A
Anderson, Christian---26A
Anderson, Clara- - -434
Anderson, Clara---16A
Anderson, Clara Julia ---41A
Anderson, Clarence---29A
Anderson, Clarence A. ---65A
Anderson, Clifford J. ---60A
Anderson, Dorothy ---53A
Anderson, Earl B (2).--- 45A; 47A
Anderson, Eldora---16A
Anderson, Elizabeth (Betty) ---77A
Anderson, Elmer A.---36A
Anderson, Emma ---76A
Anderson, Ernest---27A; 31A
Anderson, Eve Ann ---83A
Anderson, Everett A. ---60A
Anderson, Frank W. ---77A
Anderson, G. W.---8A
Anderson, George (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -300
Anderson, Gerald E. ---65A
Anderson, Gertrude---31A
Anderson, Gladys V. ---81A
Anderson, Greta Malvina ---52A
Anderson, Guy J. ---52A
Anderson, H. - - -28
Anderson, Hannah - - -42
Anderson Harold Frank---16A
Anderson, Harriet M.---17A
Anderson, Harris E.--- 45A
Anderson, Henry ---38A
Anderson, Hilda - - -33
Anderson, Hjalmar M. ---3A
Anderson, Ingebord Anna ---77A
Anderson, Jake ---26A
Anderson, James A.---47A
Andersen, Jens F.---19A
Anderson, Jerry ---68A
Anderson, Johanna ---3A
Anderson, Johanna (Mrs.) ---22A
Anderson, John - - -31, 33, 40
Anderson, John C. ---60A
Anderson, John E. ---8A
Anderson John K. ---78A
Anderson, John P. ---64A
Anderson, Joseph D. ---41A
Anderson, Kenneth Arvin---46A
Anderson, Kimberly Ann ---52A
Anderson, L.P. --- 3A
Anderson, Leonard ---32A
Anderson, Lloyd ---60A
Anderson, Mabel ---65A
Anderson, Mabel L.--- 46A
Anderson, Mae ---16A
Anderson, Magnus W. ---65A
Anderson, Marie E. ---65A
Anderson, Marilyn Rose ---61A
Anderson, Marvin Arvid ---43A
Anderson, Mary ---37A
Anderson, Mary Amundson ---2A
Anderson, Mary Ann ---53A
Anderson, Mary Brita ---2A
Anderson, May Kelley ---14A
Anderson, Mildred and Martin - - - 28
Anderson, Millard Martin ---300M
Anderson, Mrs.---24A
Anderson, Mrs. A. G. - - -39
Anderson, Mrs. A.J. (Mary Amundson)---24A
Anderson, Mrs. A. M.- - -292
Andserson, Mrs. Arthur I. ---3A
Anderson, Mrs. B. A.- - -474
Anderson, Mrs. Bert (Millie)---13A
Anderson, Mrs. C. A.---14A
Anderson, Mrs. C. A.---15A
Anderson, Mrs. C.J.---10A
Anderson, Mrs Ernest---27A
Anderson, Mrs. Ernest (Annie)---29A
Anderson, Mrs. Fred---90H
Anderson, Mrs. John (Dena Johnson)---26A
Anderson, Mrs. Jack ---2A
Anderson, Mrs. John (Hilda)---24A
Anderson, Mrs. John K. ---67A
Anderson, Mrs. Jonas --- 2A
Anderson, Mrs. N.P.---25A
Anderson, Mrs. Olaf - - -32
Anderson, Mrs. Ole ---51A
Anderson, Mrs. P. O. - - -38; 5A
Anderson, Mrs. P.S. ---12A
Anderson, Mrs. Peter - - -30
Anderson, Mrs. Victor (Johanna) ---30A
Anderson, Mrs. William (Inga Nelson)---31A
Anderson, Nels E. ---52A
Anderson, Nestor - - -28
Anderson, Nils---12A
Anderson, Nina Cory--- 46A
Anderson, Olaf---26A
Anderson, Ole---16A
Anderson, Olga ---82A
Anderson, Oliver ---62A
Anderson, Oscar B.---22A
Anderson, Otto---32A
Anderson, P. J.---8A; 9A
Anderson, P. S.- - -See Iverson, Mrs. Bengta
Anderson, Per S.---13A
Anderson, Raymond --- 61A
Anderson, Rena---13A
Anderson, Robert F. ---61A
Anderson, Rodney D.---21A
Anderson, Ronald J. ---62A
Anderson, Roy N. ---37A
Anderson, Sam G---35A
Anderson, Sharon Jean---33A
Anderson, Shawna ---51A
Anderson, Swan---12A
Anderson, Thomas (Tom) ---82A
Anderson, V. J.---11A
Anderson, Velma I. ---61A
Anderson, Vernal L. ---76A
Anderson, Victor---13A; 31A
Anderson, Victor ---75A
Anderson, Victor B.---28A
Anderson, Virginia (Pat) ---62A
Anderson, William---32A; 51A
Anderson, Wm.Lester ---51A
Andrews, Carrie Finch ---75A
Andrews, Emma L. ---68A
Andrews, J. B.---11A
Andrews, James (Jim) ---70A
Andrews, John ---69A
Andrews, John Stanley ---63A
Andrews, Lyle ---75A
Andrews, Margaret ---43A
Andrews, Neal B. ---50A
Andrews, Violet ---63A
Andrus, Carl---32A
Andrus, Clara J. [Iverson] ---68A
Andrus, Clifford ---77A
Andrus, John---32A
Andrus, Kenneth E. ---63A
Andrus, Mary ---78A
Andrus, Mary Helen ---84A
Andrus, Mrs. E.C. (Ida)---34A
Andrus, Ray ---39A
Andrus, Rose---30A
Andrus, Ross---15A
Angell, Ivy - - -See Bryan, Mrs. Chas. F.
Angell, Kate - - -43
Angell, Mary J. ---5A
Ankeny, Charley---32A
Ankeny, Chester Alson - - -29
Ankeny, Frank --- 6A
Ankeny, Gene---19A
Ankeny, Gordon E. ---78A
Ankeny, Orlie---31A
Ankeny, Orlie Taylor---30A
Anthony, Mrs. Harry- - -415
Antoine, Martin---29A
Antione, Mike---29A
Appelquist, Andrew. J. - - -34
Appelquist, C. J. - - -46
Appelquist, Fanny---24A
Appelquist, Fred---30A
Applequist, John - - -33; 19A
Appelquist, Mrs. Fred ---54A
Appelquist, Nina ---54A
Archibald, O. Wellington (Dr.) - - -47
Argetsinger, Mrs. N.E.---10A
Argetsinger, Norman E.---10A
Argo, W. T. - - - 43
Armstrong, Eldred---31A
Armstrong, John R. - - -45
Armstrong, Leonard T. ---37A
Arndt, August C.---33A
Arndt, Charles---14A
Arndt, Charles---22A
Arndt, Elmer ---62A
Arndt, Ernest---29A
Arndt, Gladys ---66A
Arndt, Herman E. F. ---79A
Arndt, Johanna ---42A
Arndt, Julius---9A
Arndt, Julius---14A
Arndt, Julius---15A
Arndt, Louis---16A
Arndt, Louis C.---18A
Arndt, Marie- - -344
Arndt, Mary---13A
Arndt, Mrs. Ernest ---6A
Arndt, William E. ---54A
Arnes, Minne - - -See Arns, Minnie
Arneson, Anna---34A
Arneson, Luella ---64A
Arnold, Christopher ---42A
Arnold, Roman ---70A
Arnold, (wife of Leonard) ---78A
Arnold, (wife of Leonard) ---79A
Arnold, (wife of Leonard) ---81A
Arns, Minnie - - -32
Arrisson, Mrs. G. ---50A
Arth, Linda F. ---67A
Arthur, Robert George ---78A
Artus, Margie ---67A
Arzdorf, Alice - - -See Billmeyer, Mrs. John
Asche, Betty---18A
Ashley, Charles---11A
Ashley, Eugenia---29A
Ashley, J. H.---7A
Ashley, J. H.---13A
Ashley, Mrs. Aaron (Mytrle)---30A
Ashley, Vern N. ---41A
Atherton, A. P. - - -30
Atherton, W. L. - - - 30
Atlo, Carl---13A
Atlo, John A.---33A
Atlo, Mrs. J. A.- - -298
Atlo, Mrs John---31A
Atlo, Mrs. John---32A
Aton, Capt. Rex  ---55A
Auchter, Mike ---68A
Aune, Millie Regina ---42A
Austin, Anna---29A
Austin, Harry---14A
Austin, James M.---11A; 31A
Austin, Kate - - -See Angell, Kate
Austin, W. M. - - -44; 18A
Auty, Arthur ---39A
Auty, Harold ---6A
Auty, Harold Thomas---11A
Avery, D. Y. - - -See Bucklin, Mary Ann
Avery, Giles Dee(2) ---55A
Avery, Mary Ann---11A
Avery, (son of G. D.) ---78A
Awender, Anton ---70A
Awender, Mary ---70A
Axberg, Anna ---71A
Axelson, Charles Frederick---14A
Axtell, Infant of Mr.& Mrs. C.M. ---53A
Axtell, M.P.---23A
Baasch, Beatrice M. ---166B
Babcock, Lillie Eliza - - -74; 7B
Babcock, Mary - - -See Bowerman, B. F.
Babcock, Mrs. Fred - - -57, 90
Babcock, Mrs. Glenn ---144B
Bach, Joseph Lau ---155B
Bachelor, H.D.---33B; 41B
Bachelor, Mrs. Reine---42B; 104B
Bachelor, Verne Rowley - - -58
Bachtold, Phillip - - -492
Backley, Mrs. Oscar---50B
Backlin, Edwin---49B
Backlin, Fredolf---90B
Backlin, John Edward ---127B
Backlin, Melvin C.(Bud) ---144B
Backlin, Mrs. Fredophn---47B
Backlin, Mrs. Peter---53B
Backlin, Peter ---10B
Bader, Gordon---104B
Bader, Joseph---80B
Bagley, Leroy Joseph ---208B
Bahma, H. Curtis ---184B
Bailey, James ---7B; 13A
Bailey, Mabel (Mrs.)---39B; 62B
Bailey, Mable---96B; 97B
Bailey, Mable Ann ---206B
Bailey, Marquetta - - -See Huffman, Dick
Baird, Charles T. ---104B
Baird, Roy ---127B
Baird, W.H.---52B
Baker, Agnes - - -298
Baker, Andrew A. ---113B
Baker, Anna M. ---144B
Baker, Arthur William - - -81; 63B
Baker, Bernice - - -104; 129B
Baker, Charles Sanford ---125B; 128B
Baker, Daniel---105B; 107B
Baker, Evelyn May - - -78
Baker, George M. - - -94
Baker, George M (Photo) - - -96
Baker, Harold ---166B
Baker, John (Monsignor)---34B; 146B
Baker, Joseph---87B
Baker, Kenneth---56B
Baker, Leslie V. ---146B
Baker, Lester ---146B
Baker, Lovell - - -441
Baker, Mary [Wertz] ---168B
Baker, Mrs. Gilbert - - -48
Baker, Mrs. S.J. (Cecelia) ---101B
Baker, Mrs. O.J.---50B
Baker, Stanley J. ---125B; 126B
Baker, William - - -75
Bakk, Evelyn M. ---168B
Bakk, Fridtiov ---144B
Bakke, Peter - - -58
Bakkegaard, Ida Njos ---146B
Bakkagard, Mrs. Ole - - -85; 65B
Bakkegard, Arthur T. ---167B
Bakkegard, Clarann ---168B
Bakkegard, Lillie ---168B
Bakkegard, Ole---130B
Bakkegard, Oscar ---153B
Bakkegard, Ethel (Okerstrom)---59B
Bakkegard, Mrs. Ole - - -49; 61B
Bakkegard, Ole---33B
Baldwin, Byron W. - - -83
Baldwin, Charles---77B
Baldwin, Esther ---143B
Baldwin, George - - -72
Baldwin, George Sr. - - -72
Baldwin, Georgia Marie ---206B
Baldwin, Leora ---168B
Baldwin, Leora (Mrs.) - - -76
Baldwin, Ray - - -65
Baldwin, Roy ---143B
Bale, Mrs. Geo. - - -49
Ball, Leonard A.(2) ---144B
Ball, Mrs Leonard (Julie Harris) ---98B
Ball, T.A.---46B
Ball, Thomas---93B
Ball, Tom---94B
Ball, William L.---129B
Ballesteros, Rosa---67B
Ballinger, Matthew Ryan ---166B
Balmer, John C. Sr. ---169B
Banderet, L. E. ---92B
Banderet, Mildred ---145B
Banderet, Roger F. ---169B
Bandy, Glenn Duane ---145B
Bannister, D. M. ---74B
Banse, George H. ---78B
Barber, Alma L. ---166B
Barbknecht, Louie A ---145B
Barclay, Gladys M. ---167B
Barclay, Judge Robert A ---212B
Bardell, Bertha ---172B
Bardell, Pfc. Vern W.---130B
Bardsen, Knudt - - -63
Barnard, Anna E. ---78B
Barnes, Alfred---101B
Barnes, Anorah ---117B
Barnes, Basil - - -See Welcher, C. B.
Barnes, Basil ---7B; 81B
Barnes, Charles---94B
Barnes, Edwin G.---207T
Barnes, Ethel ---115B
Barnes, Hilton A.---131B
Barnes, Ira---46B; 106B
Barnes, John---101B
Barnes, John M. ---100B
Barnes, John Ogden ---207B
Barnes, Marvin C. ---208B
Barnes, Mrs. Charles---30B
Barnes, Mrs. Phillip(Anorah)---28B
Barnes, Phillip ---7B
Barnes, Reginald C. ---143B
Barnick, Monica---86B
Barrett, Henry ---7B; 9B
Barrett, John ---8B
Barsten, A.A. ---107B
Barsten, Adolph---100B
Barsten, Anton---90B
Barsten, Bertha ---115B
Barsten, Dorothy G. ---171B
Barsten, Ernest---106B
Barsten, Helen ---111B
Barsten, John ---209B
Barsten, Mrs. A.A.---40B; 51B
Barsten, Oswald  Sr. ---170B
Barta, Edward---106B
Barta, Fern---43B
Barta, Frances ---123B
Barta, Frank---95B
Barta, Joe - - -80
Barta, Joseph - - -69; 143B
Barta, Joseph ---213B
Barta, Louis---57B
Bartel, John - - -92
Barta, Mrs. A.F. (Fern) ---85B
Barta, Mrs. Jo (Kate) ---170B
Barta, Regina ---171B
Bartell, Amy L. ---172B
Bartell, R. F. ---96B
Bartels, George---74B
Bartels, Joie ---170B
Bartels, Louis---86B
Bartels, Mrs Louis---83B
Bartels, Vernon---131B
Barth, Mrs. Albert---44B
Bartl, Alfred ---123B
Bartl, Frank ---9B
Bartle, William LeRoy ---171B
Bartlett, A. T.---43B
Bartlett, Dr. Lorenzo D. ---207B
Bartlett, Mrs. Arthur (Minnie) ---103B
Bartlett, Olive ---173B
Bartlett, Reece A. ---143B
Bartlett, Son of Clarence ---8B
Bartlett, Waldron - - -48
Barton, Bruce E. ---81B
Barton, Earl ---120B
Barton, George M. ---170B
Barton, James William---102B
Barton, Milo Melvin ---208B
Barton, Nettie (Mrs.)---35B
Baska, Fred C. ---145B
Bass, Mrs. Herman - - -56
Bassett, Arthur - - -30
Bassett, Geo. - - -67
Bassingwaite, Ed ---117B
Bassingwaite, George J. ---206B
Bassingwaite, J. E. - - -79
Bassingwaite, John E. ---209B
Bassingwaite, Lois Floy ---172B
Bassingwaite, Marion (Maize)---131B
Bast, Anna (Mrs.)---47B
Bast, Florence (Mrs.)---52B
Bast, Roy A. ---11B; 12B
Bastanchury, Jean Anthony---49B
Basye, Charles (Dr.)---85B
Batchelor, Ansanette E. ---147B
Bateman, C. H. ---9B
Bateman, Calvin H. ---71B
Bateman, Ella - - -171
Bateman, Mrs. J. E. - - -55
Bateman, Mrs. W.N.---51B
Bateman, William N. ---8B
Bates, Edna---97B
Bates, Robert Allen---44B
Bates, William Edward ---9B; 72B
Battey, George - - -100
Battey, Louisa F. - - -130
Battey, Mrs. Louisa F. - - -86
Battien, Lillian A. ---169B
Bauder, Conrad---76B; 79B
Bauer, Alfred---109B
Bauer, Edmund John ---153B
Bauer, David ---175B
Bauer, David Allen ---206B
Bauer, Edmund ---175B
Bauer, Evalyn Clara ---211B
Bauer, Frances---59B
Bauer, Kate---91B
Bauer, Leo M. ---121B
Bauer, Leonard---61B; 92B
Bauer, Leonard L. ---72B
Bauer, Linda Sue ---121B
Bauer, M. Renee---106B
Bauer, Margaret E. ---167B
Bauer, Mathew C. ---167B
Bauer, Mrs. S.C. ---101B
Bauer, Mrs. S.C.(Rose)---50B
Bauer, Ruth ---169B
Bauer, Steven C. ---120B
Bauer, Theodore---110B
Bauer, Theodore M. ---119B
Bauley, Amelia ---112B
Bauley, John Henry ---173B
Bauley, Kim David ---169B
Bauman, Michael ---7B
Baumbach, Henry ---8B
Baumbach, Henry ---206B
Baumbach, Henry ---208B
Baumbach, Lizzie ---152B
Baumbach, Minnie ---9B; 10B
Baumchem, Peter---100B
Baumchen, John ---7B
Baumchen, Tressa - - -88
Baumgartner, Carl ---145B
Baumgartner, Mabel Kelly ---207B
Beach, Margaret ---173B
Bean, Howard - - -97
Bean, Howard B.(2) ---150B
Beaver, Agnes ---214B
Beaver, Frank---42B; 107B
Beaver, Harold ---176B
Beaver, Harold's (infant daughter)---50B
Beaver, Jack ---213B
Beaver, James ---13B
Beaver, James Arndrson ---14B
Beaver, James H. ---76B
Beaver, James L. ---115B
Beaver, Mark ---127B
Beaver, Mary Ellen Fike - - -71
Beaver, Pauline ---147B
Beaver, Susan Rosella ---212B
Beaver, Violet ---13B; 86B
Beaver, William J. ---77B
Beck, Alan David---89B
Beck, David ---148B
Beck, Esther ---149B
Beck, Henry---39B; 45B
Beck, John---89B; 127B
Beck, John Jr. ---89B
Beck, John Joseph ---148B
Beck, John Robert (infant)---41B
Beck, Gerald S.---132B
Beck, Mrs. Henry---40B
Beck, Philipina ---26B
Beck, Robert---89B; 148B
Becker, A. H.---32B
Becker, Arthur ---149B
Becker, George---52B
Becker, Grant Raymond ---172B
Becker, Henry ---113B
Becker, Ivan---109B; 116B
Becker, Mrs. August---30B
Becker, Mrs. Henry ---13B
Becker, Otto---75B
Becker, Roger Allen - - -80
Becker, Roy Alvin ---214B
Becker, Roy Alvin ---216B
Beckstrom, Arthur---97B
Beckstrom, Gerald Wayne ---215B
Beckstrom, Grant ---171B
Beckstrom, Jessie---102B
Beckwith, L.W.---30B
Beckwith, Mrs. L.W.---53C
Beckwith, Oliver - - -59
Beecher, Ernest William---131B
Beecher, Helen ---154B
Beeler, Mrs. L.J.---52B
Beem, Ronald S. ---151B
Beethe, Edelsa ---155B
Beethe, Edwin - - -51
Beethe, James M. ---214B
Beethe, Martin Carl ---111B
Beethe, Mildred C. (Mitzi) ---107B
Beethe, Patrick M. ---173B
Beggs, A. L. - - -74; 75B
Beggs, Abram. L. - - -120
Beggs, Mrs A.L. ---82B
Beggs, Oscar D. ---78B
Begin, Theresa Mcshane ---176B
Behrens, Wendel---51B
Beiersdorf, Carl---47B
Beiersdorf, Herman - - -124
Beiersdorf, Otto---92B
Beilke, Arthur ---14B; 15B
Beiswert, Mrs. Augusta---32B
Belersdorf, Carl A.---38B
Bell, Alexander---103B
Bell, C. H. ---13B
Bell, Earl---45B
Bell, Eugene ---150B
Bell, Eva ---147B
Bell, Francis O. ---216B
Bell, Joe - - -50
Bell, Joseph - - -66
Bell, Linda Jean ---153B
Bell, Mark ---15B
Bell, Richard---50B; 105B;134B
Bell, Ruth C. ---176B
Bell, T. J. ---13B
Belle, Adah ---287B
Bellinger, E.A.---30B; 53B
Bellon, Hank ---175B
Belz, Robert ---176B
Benda, Roger ---179B
Bender, Ed ---114B
Bender, Louis - - -59
Bender, Phillip---37B; 132B
Benderwald, Minnie ---177B
Benedix, Edmund ---118B
Benedix, Ernest W. ---153B
Benedix, Frederick (Fritz) ---177B
Benedix, Melichior---48B
Benedix, Mildred ---154B
Benedix, Minnie---95B
Benedix, Mrs. William - - -60; 23B; 154B
Beneke, Julius ---14B
Bengtson, Alberina - - -See Dahlbeck, John P.
Bengtsson, Ida C. ---112B
Bengtsson, Olaf J. ---147B
Bennedix, William Sr. ---73B; 95B
Bennett, Irene Margaret---81B
Bennett, Margaret Luella---100B
Bennett, Perry Rosko ---215B
Benson, Betsy---29B
Benson, Delphine ---175B
Benson, Diane M. ---177B
Benson, John---54B
Benson, John Sr.---39B
Benson, Les C. ---175B
Benson, Mrs. John Sr. (Lena Strand) ---98B
Benson, Robert ---116B
Bentley, C. A. (Dr.)- - -57
Bentley, D. W. - - - 65
Bentley, Richard---45B
Bentson, Duane ---178B
Bentson, Leonard ---111B
Benzel, Edward C. ----100B
Benzel, Gustav---134B
Benzel, John---106B
Benzel, Mathilda Regina---104B
Benzel, Max George ---209B
Benzel, Sr., Mrs. ---15B
Benzel, Mrs. Gus ---149B
Benzel, William---104B
Berg, Florence ---114B
Berg, Hilda---97B
Berg, Johanna ---15B
Berg, John ---125B
Berg, Lawerence Milton - - -86; 154B
Berg, Mrs. C. Justin---102B
Berg, Mrs. John---104B
Berg, John ---125B
Berg, Woodrow. Elof - - -77
Bergaman, Kenneth ---174B
Bergaman, Mabel Olive [Benzel] ---174B
Bergaman, Mrs. Ed---35B
Berge, Ole. O. - - -69
Bergeman, Freda Charlotte ---177B
Bergemen, Lawrence ---178B
Bergeman, Lester Wilbert ---217B
Bergeman, Martin R. ---112B
Bergen, Mrs. William---43B
Bergendahl, Florence - - -123
Bergendahl, Frances F. ---215B
Bergendahl, Harold - - -105; 59B
Bergendahl, Mrs. F. F. - - -51
Bergenske, Stuart Emil---34B
Bergenthal, Bobby - - -54
Bergenthal, Katherine---88B
Bergenthal, Martha Ask ---15B
Bergenthal, Mrs. Sidney---47B
Bergenthal, S.---32B
Bergenthal, Sidney---38B
Berger, Adeline---58B
Berger, Anton - - -56
Berger, Ingmar B. ---125B
Berger, J.P.---49B
Berger, Ole ---153B
Berger, Ole C. - - -384; 16B
Berger, Mrs. O.C. ---16B
Berggren, H.E. ---107B
Berggren, Mrs. H. E. - - -121
Berginski, Mrs. G.F.---52B
Bergman, Edward---110B
Bergman, Mrs. Herman - - -49
Bergstrom, Anton Samuel---100B
Bergstrom, B.O. ---91B
Bergstrom, Ellen (Mrs.)---36B
Bergstrom, Mrs. B.O.---53B
Bergstrom, Peter---34B
Bergstrom, Sam---108B
Berheim, Gladys ---127B
Berheim, Gladys Mae ---115B
Berheim, Mrs. Torris---74B
Berkley Albert G. ---215B
Bernard, Ellen L. ---151B
Bernard, J. J.---49B; 54B
Bernard, Thomas V.---37B
Berntson, Betty Jean ---217B
Berntson, Royal ---174B
Berntson, Thea---62B
Bertsch, Emma---133B; 134B
Bertsch, Gerald Lee---80B
Bertsch, Sally---68B
Best, Gladys---133B
Best, Gladys A. ---179B
Best, Larry---68B
Best, Larry (Dr.)---69B
Best, Mary ---16B
Best, Sara ---123B
Best, Wallace---97B
Best, Wallace Vincent---50B
Bettelspach, Louise ---112B
Betts, Johanna---93B
Betts, Val---41B
Betts, Valentine---31B
Beveridge, A. M. ---212B
Beyer, Fred---62B
Beyer, Fred C. ---121B
Bickel, Olive ---123B
Bickett, Cornelia---99B
Bickett, Daniel---38B
Bickler, Sister Bernardine---65B
Bieber, Rose ---174B
Bierman, Lowell A. ---205B
Biggs, Mary - - -388
Billey, Oscar---91B
Billigmeier, Benjamin William - - -57
Billigmeier, Benjamin William ---218B
Billingmeier, Martha---67B
Billingmeier, Phillip---63B
Billigmeier, Phillip---100B
Billigmeier, Reuben ---188B
Billings, Esther L. ---218B
Billmeyer, Mrs. John - - -77
Biloff, Olinda ---156B
Bina, Joe ---218B
Bina, William ---218B
Binder, Father Albert H. ---218B
Bingham, Arlette Julian ---16B
Bingham, Estella E. - - -See Ohland, Mrs. Fred
Bingham, H. N. - - -403
Bingham, Mrs. H.N. (Edith)---99B
Bingham, Mrs. John N - - -113
Bingham, N. H. ---16B
Birch, Mrs. William---80B
Birch, Mrs. William (Gertrude) ---79B
Birk, Nettie Marie ---127B
Bishop, Chas.---60B
Bishop, Chas. O. - - -59
Bishop, Etta---81B
Bishop, J. S. - - -117
Bishop, Mollie---103B
Bishop, Mrs. Charles O. - - -62
Bishop, Mrs. W. R. - - -436
Bishop, W. R. ---17B
Bishop, William Robert ---155B
Bisseberg, Hannah---110B
Bittman, Edward ---17B
Bittman, Mrs. E.W. (Ida) ---107B
Bittner, Ralph---45B
Bitz, William---92B
Bjerklin, Carl---100B
Bjerklin, Hidur Marie ---219B
Bjerklin, Mrs. Carl (Nellie) ---73B; 101B
Bjerklin, Thore---36B; 51B
Bjork, Nils - - -111
Bjornstad, B. M.---60B; 93B
Bjornstad, Bruce(2) ---152B
Bjornstad, Leota “Lee” V. ---180B
Bjornstad, Martin---74B; 75B
Bjornstad, Mrs. B.M. ---93B
Bjornstad, Mrs. B.M. (Effie) ---89B
Bjornsted, Mrs. N.H.---133B; 136B
Bjornstad, P.H. ---72B; 75B
Black, J. M. - - -111
Black, Norman D.---135B
Blackwell, R. W. S. - - -61
Blair, George ---17B
Blakeslee, Claude F. - - -409
Blakeslee, F. W. (Dr. and Mrs.)- - -410
Blazer, Bertha Schultz ---120B
Blazer, Bonnie B. ---151B
Blazer, Cora Emily---60B; 114B
Blazer, Geraldine Marie---75B
Blazer, Harry---57B
Blazer, Howard M. ---119B; 128B
Blazer, Ira ---123B
Blazer, Ira Wilbur---39B; 60B; 125B
Blazer, Levi Marion - - -50
Blazer, Martha J. ---155B
Blazer, Oliver W. ---184B
Bleese Ruby Nancy---133B
Bleibam, John M. ---89B
Bleibaum, Earl infant---29B
Bleibaum, Earl M. ---180B
Bleibaum, Lillian Alice---56B
Bleibaum, Ruth Adell---135B
Bliss, Boyd - - -73
Bliss, Boyd ---219B
Bliss, George - - -See Simpson, Bertha Alice
Bliss, Mrs. George - - -50
Bliss, Nellis A. - - -446
Block, Norbert Fred ---184B
Bloomfield, Cora  (2) ---151B
Bloomfield, Mrs. Lawrence - - -75
Blomberg, James Calvin---36B
Blomberg, Sylvia (Mrs.)---53B
Blouin, Hazel ---179B
Blume, Foster Charles - - -67
Blumer, Ben---79B
Blumer, Benjamin---76B
Blumer, Benji (Mr.) - - -57
Blumer, Charles - - -115
Blumer, Chas.---59B
Blumer, Joseph - - -48
Blumer, Mrs. Fred---31B
Blummer, Joe ---17B
Bly, Eugene - - -55
Boardman, H. P. (Dr.)---18B; 76B
Boardman, Martha---19B
Boardman, Mattie M. ---163B
Boardman, Mrs. H. P. - - -See Irwin, George Washington
Boardman, Mrs. M. - - -510
Boardman, Mrs. Mattie---48B
Boatner, Robert - - -357
Bobbe, Albert---32B
Bobbe, Frederick---89B
Bobbe, Mrs. F.A. ---77B; 80B
Bobbe, Norman L. ---158B
Bock, Gust---135B
Bodin, Mrs. George (Eva Steinke) ---80B
Boe, Martin “Marty” ---187B
Boenecke, Julius---79B
Boethling, Alyce Maxine ---180B
Boethling, Florence Henriette - - -71
Boethling, Francis --67B
Boethling, Francis Henry ---180B
Boethling, Francis and Pauline - - -464
Boethling, Frederick C.---40B
Boethling, Henry---98B
Boethling, Margueriete---59B
Boethling, Marie - - -455
Boethling, Mary Louise - - -464
Boethling, Pauline ---17B; 28B
Boethling, Ruth Ellen---54B
Boffin, Jack H.---40B
Bogda, Henry ---123B
Bogda, Oscar ---181B
Bohn, C. C.---136B
Bohn, Donald---80B
Bohn, Mrs Charles C. (Maude) ---76B
Bohnenkamp, Esther ---128B
Bohnenkamp, Floyd---105B
Bohnenkamp, Floyd A. ---103B
Bohnenkamp, John Jr.---58B
Bohnenkamp, Margaret (Barke) ---107B
Bohnenkamp, Rosa B. ---164B
Bohnenkamp, Rudy ---219B
Bohnenkamp, Theodore - - -58
Bohnenkamp, William “Bud” ---181B
Bolan, John - - -114
Bolan, John ---220B
Bolan, John E. - - -70
Bolan, Michael ---217B
Bolan, Michael ---221B
Bolan, Mrs. John - - -418
Bolan, William - - -89; 28B
Bolen, Michael Sr. - - -68
Bolen, Micheal Sr.---28B
Bolen, Mrs. Michael - - -70; 63B
Boler, Grace - - -84
Bolles, Sarah J.---18B
Bollinger, Albert ---188B
Bollinger, Arthur---135B
Bollinger, Clara---107B
Bollinger, David---137B
Bollinger, David Arthur---135B
Bollinger, Edgar ---188B
Bollinger, Eva---82B
Bollinger, Ludwig---85B
Bollinger, Mrs. Christian---44B
Bollum, Vicki ---225B
Bolstad, Lloyd---75B
Bommersbach, George J. ---220B
Bommersbach, Marc---68B
Bommersbach, Mike---105B
Bommersback, Joseph - - -49
Bond, Carrie Isabell ---181B
Bond, Edward---53B
Bond, George - - -50
Bond, Louis E. ---98B
Bond, Nellie (Mrs.)- - -75
Bong, Andrew---19B
Bong, Bessie C. ---112B
Bong, Ella---96B
Bong, Niles E. - - -83
Bong, Peter---136B
Boniek, Mark J. ---181B
Bonin, Augusta---19B
Bonner, (fr. of Mary Bonner) ---85B
Bonnett, George L. ---186B
Bonzer, Alice ---232B
Bonzer, Berniel B---138B
Bonzer, Ruth ---187B
Boom, Gaylord---21B; 159B
Boom, Mathilda---21B
Boom, Matilda---77B
Boom Sr, Mr. - - -48
Booth, Bertha---64B
Booth, Charles David---61B
Booth, Guy ---187B
Booth, William S. - - -64
Bopp, August---48B
Bopp, Jack L. ---187B
Bopp, James (Jay)---55B
Bopp, John---87B
Bopp, Joseph ---17B
Bopp, Julia ---160B
Bopp, Leonard---64B
Bopp, Leonard A. ---226B
Bopp, Lyle---18B
Bopp, Mary J. ---159B
Bopp, Mrs. August (Barbara) ---94B
Bopp, Sarah L. ---127B
Bopp, Verna---57B
Borden, Freda Alvina ---186B
Bordle, Rachel---18B
Bordt, Anna [Kunrath] ---160B; 185B
Borgen, John---77B
Borgen, Mary Ann ---186B
Borth, Edward ---184B
Bosley, Ella I. - - -56
Boss, August---41B
Boss, Donald---31B
Boss, Edwin E.---137B
Boss, Emery(18Months)---54B
Bosse, Angeline ---182B
Bosse, Paul---92B
Bosser, Emma O. ---113B
Bosser, Johnny - - -63
Bossert, John G. ---88B
Bossingham, Lawrence D. ---185B
Bostrup, Milo---102B
Botscher, Mrs. Edward - - -55
Botts, Betty Kay ---163B
Botts, Burton G. ---159B
Botts, D. C. ---93B
Botts, Edna Lorene - - -71
Botts, Gary M. ---188B
Botts, John - - -73
Botts, Lynn - - -65
Botts, Lynn Eldin - - -119
Botts, Ruth Bird (Birdie) - - -63
Boulton, Gertrude M. ---184B
Bowden, Arthur J. ----96B
Bowden, Mrs.---49B
Boweman, F.L.---35B
Boweman, Mary (Mrs.)---37B
Bowen, Millie Wilson---136B
Bowerman, B. F. - - -109
Bowerman, Frank C. ---164B
Bowerman, Fred---85B
Bowerman, H. P. ---126B
Bowerman, Mrs. Carl---49B
Bowerman, Nellie---99B
Bowes, S. A. - - -66, 320
Bowes, S. A. ---221B
Bowes, S.A. (Judge)---59B
Bowman, B. N. - - -116
Bowman, Carl ---164B
Bowman, Geraldine (Gerry) ---163B
Bowman, Ida (Mrs.)---45B
Bowman, Leonard---48B
Bowsfield, C. C. - - -448
Box, Rosalind C. ---73B
Boyce, Mary - - -See Greenawald, Wm. Sr.
Boyce, Mrs. Anna---49B
Boyd, Jocilla - - -See Hoops, Robert
Boyd, Joe---87B
Boyd, Will - - -102
Boyle, Effie M. ---185B
Boyle, Frank---94B
Boyle, Josephine---95B
Boyle, Elizabeth ---220B
Bozman, Alfred---52B
Brademeyer, Bruce Henry---56B
Brademeyer, Darrell---55B
Brademeyer, Marion C. ---192B
Brademeyer, William ---192B
Brademeyer, William “Billy” ---182B
Brademeyer, William F. ---98B
Braden, Inez---136B
Bradley, James Patrick---101B
Bradley, John Matther ---120B
Bradley, Michael Henry---49B
Bradley, Thomas---96B
Bradner, Joe - - -49
Bradner, Ralph---25B
Bradner, Ralph---44B
Brady, Earl ---222B
Brady, Elmer Patrick ---189B
Brady, James---23B
Brady, P. J. (Col.)- - -55
Bradybury, Theophilus ---189B
Braeton, Olaf---25B
Brainard, Annie V. (Mrs.)- - -378
Brammell, Janet Rae ---189B
Brandel, Mary---107B
Brandel, Veronica ---193B
Brandenburger, Emil---84B
Brandenburger, Henry---82B
Brandenburger, Mrs. Henry ---158B
Brandenburger, Pearl A. ---189B
Brandenburger, Tammaka Kae ---222B
Brandenburger, Theodore “Ted” ---193B
Brander, Mrs. J. A. ---82B
Brandle, Louis---23B
Brandle, Louis Sr.---23B
Brandt, Charles---108B
Brandt, Donald, ---221B
Brandt, Herman---24B
Brandt, Irene ---182B
Brandt, Queenie M. - - -See Hansen, C.W.
Braseth, Mrs. E.A.---52B
Brash, Benjamin---57B
Brash, Emma---102B
Brash, Irma---66B
Brash, Irma F. ---192B
Brash, Sally Jo ---193B
Brash, William---58B
Brassfield, Claud---24B; 38B
Brassfield, J.---24B; 46B
Braun, Theodore---92B
Brayton, Horace W. ---127B
Brayton, Mrs. H.W. (Ethel) ---103B
Breed, Mary---78B
Bregel Pauline ---193B
Bregmen, Kenneth ---178B
Breidenbach, Elizabeth ---221B
Brekke, Jerome ---195B
Brendel, Barbara---24B
Brendel, Julia Dutenhaffer - - -167
Brendle, John---23B
Brendle, Louis and Barbara - - -510
Brennan, Daniel J.---22B
Brennan, John H.---33B
Brennan, Margaret (Mrs.)- - -85
Brennan, Mrs. P.M.---61B
Brennan, Mrs. P.M. (Edith) ---96B
Brennan, Pat---105B
Brennan, Patrick - - -58
Brennan, Patrick---22B
Brennan, Thomas---22B
Brennan, Viola (Mrs.)---47B
Brenton, Reverend Leonard Joseph ---194B
Bretheim, Doris Clara ---224B
Brewer, George M. ---217B
Briggs, Dwight F. ---96B
Briggs, Marie G. Rasmussen ---183B
Briley, Mrs. H.C. ---87B
Bristol, Peleg - - -107
Bristol, Peleg (photo) - - -108
Bristol, Seneca---78B
Brittain, Ranghild ---118B
Brockman, Carrie ---114B
Brockman, Charles William---40B
Brockman, Raymond---99B
Brockopp, Thelma May---23B; 162B
Brokaw, Clara Mae ---113B
Brokaw, Clifton---30B; 63B
Brokaw, Frank---33B
Brokaw, Gertrude---136B
Brokaw, James (Jim) ---210B
Brokaw, Mrs. F. ---90B
Brokaw, Mrs. Russel---32B
Brokaw, Ruby ---127B
Brokaw, Russell---108B
Brokaw, Susan (Mrs.)---50B
Broker, Elizabeth ---158B
Broker, Gerhard H. ---71B
Bronson, Curtis Sackrider - - -62
Bronson, S. P. - - -480
Brookmire, Martha---74B
Brooks, Clarence ---158B
Brooks, Claude W. ---157B
Brooks, Jess' infant - - -51
Brooks, Nellie Irene---137B
Brooks, Walter G. ---157B
Brostuen, John---83B
Brosz, Mrs. Paul---51B
Brotherton, Alfred - - -51
Brotherton, Earl “Murphy” ---183B
Brower, Edward C. ---111B
Brown, Alice (Mrs.)---34B
Brown, Alva E. - - -89
Brown, Andrew A. - - -88
Brown, Arthur---87B
Brown, Beth - - -See Cary, Phillip H.
Brown, Brayton - - -91
Brown, Carol---79B
Brown, Charles S. - - -52
Brown, Chas. S ---157B
Brown, Daniel ---162B
Brown, Daniel H. (Badger) ---162B
Brown, Elgin---42B; 84B
Brown, Evelyn ---194B
Brown, Fred---108B; 110B
Brown, George---85B
Brown, Gertrude M. ---84B
Brown, Gottfred---80B
Brown, Grace ---115B
Brown, Gustaf---42B
Brown, H.F. 66B
Brown, Harry---99B
Brown, Hedvig A. - - -64
Brown, Henry J. ---99B
Brown, Hester---86B
Brown, Howard ---216R
Brown, Ina E. (Denning) ---97B
Brown, Jeff ---119B
Brown, John A. - - -118
Brown, John C. - - -67, 91
Brown, Leslie ---126B
Brown, Louise (Mrs.)---46B
Brown, Louise Emelia ---156B
Brown, Luella M.---140B
Brown, Marion ---194B
Brown, Mary (Mrs.) - - -493
Brown, Mary E. ---223B
Brown, Maxine Bartels---30B
Brown, Merwin L. ---156B
Brown, Mildred---84B; 156B
Brown, Mildred ---194B
Brown, Mildred(10 yrs.)---32B
Brown, Mrs. George---83B
Brown, Mrs. Gus---31B
Brown, Mrs. Wm. S. (Adria) ---72B
Brown, Myra---24B
Brown, Patricia M. [Pfeifer] ---194B
Brown, Raymond ---191B
Brown, Virginia---46B
Brown, W. Clair ---128B
Brown, Wendell ---156B
Browning, Roy---31B; 36B
Brownson, Alfred - - -See McRay, Adelaide Maria
Brownson, Ernest R. (Dr.)---73B
Bruce, W. H. H. - - -106
Brummund, Arnold R. (Snooks) ---231B
Brummund, Bonnie Lee---95B
Brummund, Carlton (Tony) D. ---222B
Brummund, Darlene G. ---195B
Brummund, Julius ---120B
Brummund, Mabel---64B
Brummund, Monica (Tootie) ---195B
Brummund, Ronald---26B; 58B
Brunner, Veronia---80B
Bruns, Albert---51B
Bruns, Arnold  “Arnie” ---197B
Bruns, Arthur W. ---198B
Bruns, August---36B
Bruns, Donna Mae ---112B
Bruns, Dorothea ---196B
Bruns, Edith --- 197B
Bruns, George R. ---160B
Bruns, George W. ---197B
Bruns, Gloria J. ---191B
Bruns, Gracia Joyce “Grace” ---191B
Bruns, Gracie ---161B
Bruns, Henry---25B
Bruns, Ione M.(2) ---137B
Bruns, Lillian---54B
Bruns, Lillian ---195B
Bruns, Louis---61B
Bruns, Louis W. ---112B
Bruns, Merlyn G. “Mel” ---183B; 196B
Bruns, Mrs. Aug - - -87
Bruns, Mrs. Henry---36B
Bruns, Mrs. William---101B
Bruns, Richard (Dick) Dean ---198B
Bruns, Robert (Bud) LeRoy---139B
Bruns, Tillie J. ---231B
Bruns, Vincent Andrew ---197B
Bruns, Warren Roger ---190B
Bruns, William G. ---105B
Bryan, Bert E.---40B
Bryan, Beth---49B
Bryan, Edna - - -79
Bryan, Edna (Memoriam) - - -220
Bryan, Mrs. Chas. F. - - -92
Bryan, Mrs. Fred G. - - -82
Bryan, W.D.---29B
Bryan, W.D. (Tim) ---94B
Bryan, Wilbur D.---38B; 40B
Bryant, Clara Elizabeth ---193B
Brynestad, Andrew---90B
Brynestad, Henry Palmer---47B
Buchanan, John---99B
Buchanan, Mary Ellen ---227B
Bucher Verna ---127B
Buchholz, Adolph ---199B
Buchholz, Alvin---88B
Bucholz, Delbert (Bucky) ---198B
Buchholz, Gustof---26B
Buchholz, Herman E. ---96B
Bucholz, Mrs. Gust---46C
Buchholz, Mrs. Herman (Veronica) ---102B
Buchholz, Myra---140B
Buchholz, Paul---88B
Buchholz, Paul's infant - - -50
Buchholz, Reinhold ---165B
Buchmiller, Mrs. A.M.---132M
Buck, Earl Howard ---201B
Buck, Edward D. ---126B
Buck, Martha---49B
Buckhouse, Steven ---127B
Buckhouse, Steven Ray ---119B
Bucklin, Mary Ann - - -60
Buckmiller, R. N. - - -371
Buerge, Mrs. C. F. - - -121
Buetow, Hilda---83B
Buhl, Erna ---202B
Buland, Asta Lily ---199B
Buland, Duane ---198B
Buland, Ludwig ---161B
Buland, Mrs. Ludvig - - -64
Buland, Mrs. Ole (Tillie) ---103B
Buland, Ole---110B
Buland, Roy Lars ---190B
Bunday, J. E. - - -69; 26B; 73B
Bunday, Joe---51B
Bunday, Mrs. J.E. ---108B
Bunday, Mrs. J.E. (Johanna) ---104B
Bunker, Adelbert ---128B
Bunker, infant---71B
Bunker, Isaiah - - -110. See Hayden, Caroline Ann
Bunker, Isaiah Stephen---48B
Bunker, James---108B
Bunker, Martin A. - - -99; 85B
Bunker, Mary Ann ---162B
Bunker, Mrs. A.J. (Pearle) ---99B
Bunker, Mrs. I.S.---27B
Bunker, Mrs. James---38B
Bunker, Mrs. M.A.---48B
Bunker, Roy - - -81; 26B
Bunker, T. H. ---224B
Bunker, T. H. ---232B
Bunt, Benjamin---92B
Burgan, F. A. infant - - -51
Burgeson, Zona Frances ---165B
Burgess, Carl R. ---98B
Burgess, Rose G. ---202B
Burke, Bud---45B; 77C
Burke, Justice John---44B
Burke, Lottie---97B
Burke, Lottie (Mrs.)---41B
Burkett, J. C.---26B; 50B
Burkhardt, Edna ---199B
Burkhardt, Frank ---161B
Burkhardt, Joseph---104B
Burkhardt, Mary (Mrs.)---37B
Burkhardt, Nick---74B
Burkhardt, Roger---47B
Burkhardt, Thomas ---114B
Burleigh, Ida - - -61
Burleigh, Ida May ---223B
Burley, Alva---64B; 138B
Burley, Robert (Bob) ---228B
Burley, Sandra Lee ---120B
Burnett, Warren---139B
Burnham, Mary---91B
Buro, Art---94B
Buro, Emma ---229B
Buro, John Jacob---97B
Buro, Katie---107B
Buro, Matt - - -72
Buro, Shirley ---226B
Burow, Carl ---203B
Burow, Laverne Marie ---230B
Burow, Minnie ---162B
Burow, Reinhold ---160B
Burow, Reinhold ---190B
Burow, William F. ---225B
Burrier, Dale D. - - -54
Burroughs, J.M. ---86B
Burroughs, Leon (Jack) ---199B
Burroughs, Maud E. ---222B
Burrow, Cameron---54B
Burrow, Eli - - -89
Burrow, William---48B
Burrows, George---50B
Burrows, Jessie---47B
Burrows, Maye ---199B
Burrows, Mrs. George---50B
Burt, Mary J. - - -127
Burton, John---63B
Burton, John S. - - -67
Burton, Ralph ---202B
Busboom, Ole ---126B
Busch, William J. ---202B
Busche, Allen H. ---202B
Busche, Carla Jane---54B
Busche, Carol ---201B
Busche, Jimmy ---204B
Busche, Walter---56B
Bush, Amanda---87B
Bush, Amanda - - -See Beggs, Abram. L.
Bush, Cora---102B
Bush, Gideon - - -68
Bush, J. W.---27B; 71B
Bush, Kenneth W. ---165B
Bush, Mrs. Thomas G. - - -62
Bush, Mrs. W.H.---50B; 61B
Bush, Thomas W. ---26B
Bush, W.H.---48B
Bushby, Anna Maria (Geffre) ---106B
Bushby, Darcy---82B
Bushendorf, Hulda ---203B
Buske, Anna---103B
Buske, Ben J.---43B
Buske, Gustave---63B
Buske, Gustave Herman ---120B
Buske, Irvin---54B
Buske, Lenora---103B
Buske, Lucille D. ---229B
Buske, Mrs. - - -See Iverson, Mrs. Bengta
Buske, Mrs. Gus---37B
Busse, Mildred J. ---202B
Bussman, Mrs. Henry---35B
Butcher, Harry C. - - -76; 28B; 29B
Butler, Geo. T. - - -61
Butler, Kenneth---26B
Butler, Leo---46B; 111B
Butler, Mary Catherine---141B
Butler, Mrs. Thomas W. - - -78
Butler, Robert Patrick ---228B
Butler, Tom---36B
Butler, William James ---228B
Butler, William K. ---161B
Butterfield, Mrs. J.M. (Lula G. Pepper) ---98B
Buttke, Etta Mae---101B
Buttke, Herman ---155B
Buttke, Keith (Ike) ---230B
Buttke, Kent---66B
Buttke, Kent ---118B
Buttke, Mrs. Oliver (Martha) ---102B
Buttke, Oliver ---162B
Buttke, Violet---59B
Button, D.W.---41B
Buttruff, C.G.---30B
Butturff, Harry---50B
Byam, J.W. ---79B
Byam, Sarah - - -385
Byer, Andrew---29B
Byer, Andrew Sr. ---231B
Byer, Fred---84B
Byer, Lydia ---203B
Byer, Mrs. Edward - - -61
Byer, (wife of Edward) ---231B
Bylsma, Grace ---200B
Bylsma, John G. ---201B
Bymers, Keith---49B
Cady, Harriet---28C
Cady, Stephen G. - - -128
Cahoon, Chauncey---28C; 42C
Caldwell, Annie (Mrs.)---51C
Caldwell, Catherine---28C
Caldwell, Charles---66C
Caldwell, Esther---29C
Caldwell,  George G.---82C; 94C
Caldwell, Ida May---53C
Caldwell, Mrs. W. A. - - -277, 278. See Ingersoll, Mrs. H. D.
Caldwell, W. A. - - -124
Caldwell, W.C.---28C; 63C
Caldwell, William---28C; 41C
Callahan, B.B. ---73C
Callahan, Hulda---77C
Callahan, Hulda (Mrs.)---53C
Callahan, Martin---77C
Callan, Frank J. ---93C
Callan, George ---103C
Cambron, Andrew - - -147
Cambron, Larence E.---29C
Cameron, Cora---78C
Campbell, Maybelle Blanche---29C
Campbell, Mrs. W.G.---44C; 51C; 56C
Campbell, William---69C
Candor, R.A.---54C
Canfield, Jennie Mead---48C
Canfield, Jennie (Mrs.)---55C
Canfield, Mrs. E.M.---46C
Canfield, Ross - - -145
Carey, Alice Jane - - -457
Carl, Alvin M. ---117C
Carl, Ella E. ---92C
Carl, Elmo ---94C
Carl, Gust Martin---50C
Carl, L.B. ---62C
Carlblom, Mrs. A.N. ---76C
Carlblom, Teckla - - -148
Carlin, (mother of Johnnie) ---117C
Carlson, Alvin---58C
Carlson, Amanda---74C
Carlson, Anna (Miss) - - -289
Carlson, Arthur B---79C
Carlson, Carl Emil---56C
Carlson, Charlotte---77C
Carlson, Donald---31C
Carlson, Eric---55C
Carlson, Esther F. ---117C
Carlson, Frances A. “Fran” ---110C
Carlson, Fred---83C
Carlson, Fred Bernard---82C
Carlson, Grace---74C
Carlson, Jeffrey---74C
Carlson, Jens ---92C
Carlson, John---29C
Carlson, LeRoy---61C
Carlson, Mabel E. ---103C
Carlson, Mary (Mrs.)---54C
Carlson, Melvin---45C
Carlson, Mrs. A.B. ---78C
Carlson, Mrs. A.B. (Martha) ---70C
Carlson, Mrs. E. - - -150
Carlson, Paul---80C
Carlson, S.E. (Sam)---83C
Carlson, Simon Ernest---81C
Carman, A. H. (Rev.)---63C
Carney, James ---92C
Carney, Patrick---68C
Carney, Thomas - - -141
Carney, Thomas ---117C
Carpenter, Fred - - -396
Carpenter, James M. ---103C
Carpenter, M. A. (Carp) ---92C
Carpenter, Melinda - - -301
Carpenter, Mrs. Jas.---51C
Carr, Berta R. ---93C
Carr, Jeremiah ---117C
Carroll, Emma M.---30C; 43C; 62C
Carrow, Mrs. Alvin (Carroll) ---73C
Carsen, daughter Glenn---31C
Cartford, Marie---57C
Cartledge, John---29C
Cartledge, Mary Pailing---86C
Cartledge, Leonard---30C
Cartledge, Lewis C.---30C
Cartledge, Mr. Sr.---29C
Cartledge, William---30C
Carver, Ira D. ---76C
Carver, Mrs. Ira---89C
Carver, Norma N. ---118C
Cary, Phillip H. - - -142
Casanova, Frances J. ---93C
Case, Family - - -145
Case, Genevieve - - -135, 149
Case, Harley---68C; 69C
Case, Harley---69C
Case, Harley D. - - -132
Case, Samuel A. ---67C
Casey, Laura (Mrs.)- - -139
Casey, Laura Rowena---31C
Casey, Patrick - - -139, 146
Caspers, Lucille Marie ---112C
Caspers, Mary E. ---78C
Cassels, Donald---68C
Casterton, L.W. ---61C
Casterton, Lawrence---63C
Caswell, Mrs. Dan (Minnie Andrus) ---74C
Caswell, Richard---81C
Cavanagh, C.W.J. (Dr.)---78C
Cavanagh, John---32C
Cawe, John---47D
Chafee, Phanilia Sophie ---94C
Chally, Vernon L. ---118C
Chalupnik, Mary Ann---76C; 78C
Chamberlain, Brothers - - -329
Chamberlin, J. N. - - -143
Chamberlin, John---33C
Chamberlin, John N. ---119C
Chamberlin, Malissa J.---32C
Chamberlin, Martin---65C
Chamberlin, Myra---32C
Chamberlin, Martin N. - - -136
Chamberlin, Myra Belle - - -See Brown, Alva E.
Chambers, Frances [Pancerzewski] ---110C
Champlin, Lyman (2)---86C
Chandler, Carlton L. - - -127
Chapel, Mrs. E. E. - - -453
Chapman, Chas.---33C
Chapman, Mrs. Pat---55C
Chappell, Amanda ---94C
Chappell, Amanda ---105C
Chappell, Darleen ---104C
Chappell, John ---104C
Charpentier, C. A.---49C
Charpentier, Daniel---44C
Charpentier, Donald “Carp” ---105C
Cheleys, Mrs. James---43C
Chelgren, Donald---73C
Chesebro, Lakin---66C
Chesley, Gerry J.---86C
Chesley, Mary Ann---78C
Chesley, Mrs. James A. - - -146
Chilar, Joseph ---95C
Chilgren, Hilding S.---81C
Chilson, Chas.(his 6 year old child) - - -150
Chilson, Mrs. Chas. ---105C
Chindberg, Edward K---80C
Chindberg, Jack Edward---34C
Chindberg, Laura Anna---83C
Christanson, Peter---87C
Christian, Judge - - -141
Christensen, Anna (Mrs.)---48C
Christensen, Charley---65C
Christensen, E. (Dr.)---47C
Christensen, Edward---86C
Christensen, Edwin C. ---96C
Christensen, Jens---45C; 54C
Christensen, John ---119C
Christensen, Lori Ann ---106C
Christensen, Louis---87C
Christensen, Louise---54C
Christenson, Anton---34C
Christenson, Arthur W. ---95C
Christenson, Doran---57D
Christenson, Eddie William ---95C
Christenson, Erna ---119C
Christenson, George---79C
Christenson, Mary---79C
Christenson, Mrs.---34C
Christenson, Mrs. Arthur---47C
Christenson, Mrs. Edwin---49C
Christenson, Mrs. Jens---53C
Christenson, Pearle E. ---118C
Christiani Mrs. W.A. (Clara) ---76C
Christiansen, John - - -145
Christianson, Anna - - -421
Christianson, Axel ---106C
Christianson, Christ---33C
Christianson, Emil---82C
Christianson, Ernest---34C
Christianson, H. A.---33C
Christianson, Herbert S. ---109C
Christie, J.W., Mr. and Mrs. and daughter, Mildred and Michael Ronayne-murdered---71C and 72C
Christianson, Martha Annette ---95C
Christle, Basil (Bill) ---110C
Christle, Edward---75C
Christoffer, Ervin F. ---109C
Christofferson, Carrie - - -420
Christopherson, Emil---83C
Christopherson, Mrs. Emil---54C; 95C
Church, Mary Eliza (Mrs.)- - -143
Church, Myron Norton---34C
Church, Mrs. W. H.---47C; 56C
Chute, Florence ---123C
Chute, Mrs. Freeman---72C
Cink, Edmund R. ---124C
Cink, John---61C
Cink, Joseph---72C
Cink, Marcella M. ---120C
Claeys, Augusta M ---103C
Claeys, Elmer ---97C
Claeys, Marshell (2) ---96C
Clancy, C.E. ---76C
Clancy, Victoria (Mrs.)---56C
Clanton, William - - -146
Clark, Edith (Mrs.)---44C; 56C
Clark, Eugenia Olga---85C
Clark, Harley G (Hod) ---123C
Clark, Irene ---94C
Clark, Lucille ---109C
Clark, Mary (Mrs.)---35C
Clark, Robert - - -137
Clark, T.B. ---65C
Clark, William G. ---73C
Clarke, E.E. ---67C
Clarke, Robert - - -148
Claus, Louise C. ---104C
Clawson, Ernest---87C
Clayton, Celia (Mrs.)---44C; 52C
Clayton, Jane C. (Miss)- - -315
Cleary, Michael - - -134
Clemens, Dahn---85C
Clement, Amanda---59C
Cleveland, E.W. ---62C
Cliffgard, Betty ---106C
Cliffgard, Betty Irene ---121C
Cliffgard, Vernon L---79C; 87C
Clow, A. F.(his infant child) - - -151
Clyde, Sarah Jane - - -See Freeman, Sarah J. Mrs.
Coates, Bertha Alice ---98C
Coates, Mrs. Napoleon - - -147
Cochran, George F. ---67C
Cochrane, Mrs. - - -146
Coddington, Rebecca E. - - -386
Cody, Mrs. Richard - - -144
Coffin, Walter H. - - -148
Colburn, Donald P. ---107C
Cole, Albert R.---81C
Cole, Arthur E. Jr. ---76C
Cole, Jacob - - -150
Cole, Jimmy ---99C
Cole, Louis---52C
Cole, Marie A. ---120C
Cole, Roy L.---83C
Cole, William Henry---55C
Coleman, Clifford---36C; 37C; 41C; 42C
Coleman, D.W. ---66C
Coleman, Dennis W. ---64C
Coleman, Forrest---53C
Coleman, Frank---37C; 43C
Coleman, Gerald (Jerry) Wayne ---122C
Coleman, Glenn Brainerd---37C; 57C; 81C
Coleman, infant---65C
Coleman, John---36C; 42C
Coleman, Kenneth---59C
Coleman, Kenneth L.---36C
Coleman, Leonard---56C; 99C
Coleman, Mrs. Glen (Esther Bruns) ---75C
Coleman, Mrs. Glenn---49C
Coleman, Mrs. John (May)---54C; 78C
Coleman, Myrtle - - -See Featherstone, John
Coleman, Nona Dell ---123C
Coleman, Ralph James---53C
Colgrove, Albert---83C
Collin, John Henry---55C
Collins, Alfred---36C
Collins, George---55C
Collins, William Henry---35C
Colwell, James---75C
Colwell, Mrs. James---48C; 89C
Colwell, Virgie Elaine - - -151
Combellick, Faith---80C
Combellick, Mrs. O.E.---58C
Combellick, Mrs. O.E. (Flora Mae) ---64C
Combellick, Olin E. ---97C
Conat, Earl J.---38C
Conat, Ilah M. ---124C
Conat, Mrs. Harley---75C
Congdon, Mrs. E.B. (Vinnie)---61C
Conger, Cap. ---101C
Conitz, Marion ---97C
Connaughton, Mrs. Peter (Marie) ---61C; 74C
Connor Baby---59B
Connor, George---58C
Cook, Corine Patricia---62C
Cook, Emily---85C
Cook, Floyd---78C
Cook, Floyd J. ---76C
Cook, George---36C; 50C
Cook, George ---109C
Cook, George R.---76C
Cook, George S. ---77C
Cook, Lewis A.---83C
Cook, Lillis P.---43C
Cook, Lillis Pearl ---124C
Cook, M.M. ---62C
Cook, Mrs. G.R.---52C
Cook, Ruth Eva - - -See Honsickle, John Charles
Coon, Betty ---95C
Coon, Betty L. ---99C
Coon, Lucille---58C
Coon, Miss - - -See Babcock, Lillie Eliza
Coons, Bert B. ---75C
Cooper, Ardell B ---111C
Coope, Eva ---106C
Cooper, Charles---75C
Cooper, Doris E. ---111C
Cooper Louisa F. - - -129.See Battey, George
Cooper, Mae ---126C
Cooper, Mrs. C.H.---45C
Cooper, Mrs. Rose---52C
Corbit, Rev. Erve W.---85C
Corliss, Carrie---55C
Cort, Susan---45C
Cortrite, Mrs. David - - -140
Corwin LaVera---80C
Cother, John - - -143
Cotten, Betty ---111C
Cotten, Howard Leland - - -131
Cotten, Orville---88C
Cotton, Clifford - 126C
Cotton, Doris B. ---113C
Cotton, Ernest---57C
Cotton, Fred---48C; 52C
Cotton, Harley Hamlin ---108C
Cotton, Kenneth L. (2) ---98C
Cotton, Mary (Mrs.)---36C; 42C
Cotton, Ruby---57C
Cotton, Warren L. ---100C
Coulter, Claude---83C
Coulter, John---50C
Coulter, Margaret - - -See Helferty, Hugh
Coulter, Mervyl (Mervie) Anderson ---121C
Coulter, Mrs. Claude (Mabel) ---62C
Coulter, Mrs. Claude C.---38C
Coulter, Mrs. J. H. ---46C
Coulter, Wilson---38C
Counsell, Emily (Mrs.)---45C
Counsell, J.B.---51C
Courtney, Ann (Mrs.)---46C; 54C
Courtney, Everett ---107C
Courtney, F. J.---51C
Courtney, Frank James---44C
Courtney, Genevieve - - -148
Courtney, Kurt A. ---121C
Courtney, Kurt A. ---126C
Courtney, Lois---74C
Courtney, Margaret ---107C
Courtney, Mrs. Henry - - -149
Courtney, Sarah ---120C
Courtney, Vernon ---38C; 57C
Cowan, W. A.---41C
Cowan, William ---127C
Cowan, William ---122C
Cowley, D. T.---45C
Cowley, Hattie M.---39C
Cowley, Hattie Mae ---127C
Cowley James Brew---39C
Cowley, John W. ---77C
Cowley, Mrs. D. H. (Della) ---70C
Cowley, Mrs. D. T.---46C; 55C
Cowley, Nellie - - -144
Cowley, Ruth Eleanor ---108C
Cowley, Walter E.---89C
Cox, Avery Anton ---125C
Cox, Michael---58C
Cox, Mrs. N. E. (Lora Belle) ---70C
Cox, Newton E.---82C
Cox, Patrick ---98C
Cox, Patrick ---113C
Cox, Robert---77C
Cox, Robert Allen---73C
Cox, Susan Gertrude - - -See Griffin, Mrs. Alonzo
Cox, Susan (Miss) - - -See Griffin, Alonzo
Cox, Theresia ---100C
Coykendahl, David - - -147
Coyne, Adeline Beatrice ---125C
Coyne, John---60C
Crabtree, Anna Mae---90C
Crabtree, John D. “JD”---88C
Crabtree, John M. ---113C
Crabtree, John W. - - -142
Crabtree, Mary (Mrs.) - - -126
Crabtree, Mrs. D.W. ---114C
Crabtree, Mrs. Richard - - -410
Crabtree, Richard - - -137; 101C
Craft, John---51C
Craig, Amelia ---108C
Craig, Hattie - - -463
Craig, Lizzie (Mrs.) - - -462
Craig, Lizzie R. ---78C
Craig, Lizzie R. (Mrs.)---35C
Craig, Ray ---113C
Crandall, Beverly J. ---112C
Crandall, E. F.---47C
Crandall, Emery James (Jim) ---127C
Crandall, Mrs. John---35C
Crary, Mrs. C. P.---49C; 53C
Craven, William---54C
Crawford, Sarah (Mrs.) - - -140
Craychee, Ardith ---115C
Craychee, Dr. Walter A. ---115C
Craychee, Gary Allen ---115C
Crichton, Robert M. ---74C
Cronkhite, Mrs. A. - - -138
Cropp, Lawrence J. ---128C
Crowell, Leona ---100C
Crowl, Harvey B. --66C
Crowley, J.R. ---67D
Cruff, Karen---78C
Cuddington, O. A.---39C
Cuddinton, Pete - - -447
Cumming, Ford J. ---66C
Cummings, Nate---58C; 102C
Cummings, Robert---63C
Cummins, Louise M. ---112C
Cummins, Steven---89C
Curry, William---66C
Curtis, Charles Henry---154H
Curtis, Hiram - - -139
Curtis, J. A. (2)---89C
Curtis, James ---100C
Curtis, Mrs. - - -150
Curtis, Mrs. James---40C
Curtis, Nellie---77C
Curtis, William C. ---63C
Cusick, Mrs. Thomas (Julia) ---70C
Cusick, Thomas J. ---74C
Dada, Betty---57D
Dada, Elizabeth---54D
Dada, Mrs. Winthrop (Anna) ---69D
Dada, William Winthrop---75D
Dady, Gladys A. ---70D
Dady, H. E.---52D
Dady, Howard E. ---91D
Dady, Marjorie Hewitt ---124D
Dady, Mrs. Howard E. - - -155
Dahl, Albin---67D
Dahl, Andrew---129B
Dahl, Arnold ---105D
Dahl, Mrs. Albin (Minnie) ---66D
Dahl, Mrs. Ole---76D
Dahl, Ole O. ---73D
Dahlbeck, John P. - - -151
Dahlbeck, Mrs. J.P.---60D
Dahlbeck, Mrs. J.P. (Albertina) ---71D
Dahlke, Ella E. ---105D
Dahlke, Mrs. - - -477
Dahlstrom, Ida H. ---106D
Dahlstrom, Roger D. ---106D
Dainty, George A. ---64D
Dale, L.A.---41D
Dalen, Stella ---106D
Dales, E. E. ---124D
Dales, LaMont---63D
Daley, Charles A. ---125D
Daley, John D ---91D
Daley, Lucille ---79D
Dallman, E.A.---56D
Dallmann, Ida Augusta---70D
Dan, Carl---41D
Daniels, A. G. (Rev.) ---92D
Daniels, Anne ---124D
Daniels, Ben ---107D
Daniels, Betty Jeane ---105D
Daniels, Carl J.---59D
Daniels, Clara---47D; 59D
Daniels, Elsie---84D
Daniels, Ernest ---92D
Daniels, Jack Howard ---126D
Daniels, Joe ---91D
Daniels, Leslie William ---106D
Daniels, Lorraine---59D
Daniels, Mrs. Axel (Christine) ---63D; 75D
Daniels, Mrs. William---48D
Daniels, Richard C. ---104D
Daniels, Tim ---104D
Darlington, Joe Kathern - - -167
Dathe, Harry F. ---107D
Dathe, Sena Lena Elsie ---126D
Daugherty, Harry - - -163
Daulton, William Freeman---69D
Davenport, Byron---74D
Davenport, Dean---75D
Davenport, Roscoe - - -See Baker, Mrs. Gilbert
Davidson, Glen V.---84D
Davidson, Loren ---91D
Davidson, Mrs. S.H.---53D
Davidson, Samuel Henry---52D
Davies, Susan (Mrs.)---57D
Davis, Amel---73D
Davis, Edwin N. ---93D
Davis, Ella May---66D
Davis, Emma ---93D
Davis, George---51D
Davis, Gideon---40C
Davis, Gilbert---73D
Davis, James---48D
Davis, James Arthur---48D; 72D
Davis, Joseph---75D
Davis, Keith---85D
Davis, Kim M. ---124D
Davis, Mabel ---109D
Davis, Mrs. James - - -169
Davis, Mrs. W. T.---156M
Davis, Myrtle Jessie ---81D
Davis, Newton---65D
Davis, William L.---41D
Dawes, Mrs. John (Catherine) ---73D
Dawkins, Earl B. ---78D
Dawkins, Julia ---77D
Dawkins, LaVern ---104D
Dawson, Bertha Frances---63D
Dawson, Floyd C ---108D
Dawson, Hilda ---108D
Dawson, James H. ---78D
Dawson, John C. ---110D
Dawson, John E. ---127D
Dawson, Margaret ---91D
Dawson, Miller K. ---63D
Dawson, Olive ---80D
Dawson, Thresea ---109D
Day, Anna Aletta ---125D
Day, Arlone ---108D; 112D
Day, Clifford (2)---85D
Day, Duane Frank---53D
Day, Frank L. ---110D
Day, Kenneth Oscar ---83D; 107D
Day, Rosalie ---91D
Day, Rosalind ---111D
Day, Sarah E.---75D
Day, William ---92D
DeBoer, Charles R. ---109D
DeForest, Roberta ---111D
DeGraff, Fannie---66D
DeGraff, Fanny---63D
DeLaHunt, Walter---53D
De Lana, A. L.---51D
DeLana, Little Donald---41D
deLeeuw, Mrs Peter---144L
Dealing, Mrs. Ralph---57D
Dean, J. E.---41D
Dean, L. W. (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -296
Dean, Let----66D
Dean, Mrs. Frank---41D
Dean, Mrs. J. E.---41D
Dean, Thomas Edward - - -296; 61D
Dean, William L. ---93D
Deardorff, D. E.---42D
Debeli, Kenneth LeRoy---48D
Debker, Diedrich ---94D
Debloom, John's infant child - - -168
Deck, P.O. ---65D; 84D
Decker, Elmer ---94D
Decker, Esther ---94D
Decker, George W. ---81D
Decker, Linda ---80D
Decker, Melvin Edward ---125D
Deering, Donald E. ---110D
Degiovanni, Pauline Kathrine ---111D
Deitcher, Katie (Mrs.)---54D
Deitcher, Mrs. - - -355
Deitcher, Mrs. W. A.---50D
Deitcher, William---50D
Deitz, Mrs. Edwin ---80D
Delzer, Edwin ---112D
Denison, Mrs. C. B. - - -360
Denison, Sarah A. (Mrs.)- - -162
Denning, Addison H.---86D
Denning, Anna---64D
Denning, Frances ---83D
Denning, Ira P. ---80D
Denning, J. H. - - -157; 74D; 86D
Denning, James Hamlin (photo) - - -157
Denning, Lillie May ---79D
Denning, Mary (Mrs.)---56D
Denning, Mrs. A. H.---55D
Denning, Mrs. Henry---49D
Denning, Mrs Henry (Bridget) ---72D
Denning, Mrs. W.W. (Hattie) ---69D
Denning, William---51D
Derry, S.T.---66D
Derry, Sherman---76D
Dery, Joe---76D
Dethlef, Mabel Belle - - -165
Dethlefsen, Andrew L. ---72D
Dethlefsen, Dethlef ---78D
Dethlefsen, Julius---50D
Dethlefsen, Mamie S. ---128D
Dethlefsen, Mrs. Dethlef---49D; 56D
Dethlefsen, Mrs. Julius---51D
Dettloff, Fred---85D
Devinay, James S. ---68D
Deweyert, Dirk---74D
Dick, E. C. ---71D
Dickey, Hon. Henry---86D
Dickey, R. W.---42D
Dickie, J. P. (Mr.)- - -168
Dickinson, Billy - - -159; 66D
Diede, Ella ---113D
Diehl, Lois Marie ---93D; 96D
Diehl, N. S.---69D
Diemert, Daniel G. ---112D
Diemert, Marian A. ---130D
Dienslake, Angela (2) ---97D
Dienslake, Paul ---97D
Dienslake, Paul ---115D
Dienslake, Robert ---115D
Dierks, Martha ---98D
Dierks, Mrs. H. - - -161
Dietz, Dave (Papa Dave) ---127D
Dietz, Dr. Chester ---115D
Dietz, Hazel---58D
Dietz, Idell---74D
Dietz, J. V. ---113D; 117D
Dietz, Leo Eugene ---115D
Dietz, Lynn D. ---95D
Dietz, Merle ---95D
Dietz, Mrs. Adelbert ---95D
Dietz, Mrs. Chettie---47D
Dietz, Ramey Chester ---93D
Dietz, Vernon ---94D
Dietzler, Doris ---113D
Dill, Bert ---116D
Dill, Clara P.  ---116D
Dill, Duwayne Stanley ---128D
Dill, Eliza (Mrs.)---48D; 49D
Dill, Ethel ---77D
Dill, Eula ---116D
Dill, Galen Ray ---114D
Dill, George - - -153
Dill, Glenn ---96D
Dill, Glenn ---116D
Dill, Grace ---96D
Dill, John Phillip ---79D
Dill, Lawrence---58D
Dill, Leonard - - -160
Dill. Mrs. L.J. ---72D
Dill, Mrs. L.J. (Hannah) ---73D
Dill, Nina Mary - - -See Fordyce, Silas W.
Dille, F. B. - - -166
Dille, F. B. ---113D
Dille, Mary Olive ---130D
Dille, Mrs. W. B. - - -166; 46D
Dille, Mrs. Wade B. - - -158
Dille, Olive (Fiat) ---133F
Dillingham, Ed---42D
Dillingham, Flossie - - -See Hunter, Mrs. J. A.
Dillingham, Frank - - -164
Dillingham, Fred - - -165
Dillingham, Mrs. Frank---55D
Dinger, Joe Arnold---48D
Dinsmore, H. F. ---98D
Dinsmore, Henry---64D
Dinsmore, Mrs. Arthur---46D
Dinsmore, Mrs. Glenn ---96D
Dinsmore, Robert - - -169
Ditch, Albert L.---87D
Ditch, Beverly Ann---56D
Ditch, Delmar---57D; 77D
Ditch, Delos M ---117D
Ditch, Leo Albert ---114D
Ditch, Mabel---61D
Ditch, Mrs. A.L.---53D
Ditch, Richard - - -168
Dix, Henry ---116B
Doane, Frank Thornton---49D
Doane, Thornton---50D
Dobler, G. J. ---99D
Dobler, Ida ---98D
Dobmeier, Gerald J. ---118D
Dobmeier, Peter T. ---117D
Dobmeier, Viola ---99D
Dockstader, R.L.---48D
Dockstader, Ray Lew---47D
Dockter, Eleanor---74D
Dockter, Galen J. ---117D
Dockter, Jacquelyn Jo ---114D
Dodd, Thomas---65D
Dodge, L.A. (Rev.)---72D
Dodge, Lucille (Mrs.)---56D
Doerr, Lyle (Lieut) ---98D
Doggett, Betty Jane---87D
Doggett, Darrell W. ---117D
Doggett, Floyd ---99D
Doggett, Mrs. Floyd W. (Grace E.)---69D
Dolezal, Helen ---117D
Domine, Albert ---118D
Domine, Charles ---118D
Domine, Fred ---133D
Domine, Henry C. ---114D
Domine, Linda Fae---59D; 78D
Domine, Olga ---131D
Domine, william Jacob ---130D
Donaldson, Aldon ---81D
Donaldson, Ronald---58D
Donat, Earl ---100D
Donat, Emma ---78D
Donnelly, Dale Ivan ---81D
Donnelly, Dolores---42D; 58D
Donnelly, Eileen G. ---68D
Donnelly, Ida Mathilda ---79D
Donnelly, James A. ---71D
Donnelly, James O. ---122D
Donnelly, Lewis A. ---122D
Donnelly, Lisa Marie ---101D
Donnelly, Mrs. J. A.---76D
Donnelly, Robert ---99D
Donnelly, Robert Thomas---47D
Donovan, Andrew James ---119D
Donovan, Delair ---101D
Donovan, Mabel E. ---119D
Donovan, William E. ---77D
Dosch, Esther L. ---68D
Doty, Elverda---73D
Doty, Martha---74D
Doty, Micajah - - -167
Doty, Mrs. Vernon ---80D
Doty, S.B. (Rev.)---55D
Doty, Vernon ---120D
Doty, Vira V. ---77D
Douris, Loretta:---74D
Dow, Mrs. C. L. - - -169
Dow, W.E.---69D
Downing, Frank---63D
Doyen, Denneth V. ---129D
Doyen, Edith ---79D
Doyen, Ella (Mrs.)---43D
Doyen, Neva M. ---119D
Doyen, Selwin J. - - -167
Doyen, Vinton S.---87D
Doyle, Joe ---113D
Draeger, Shirley ---100D
Drahos, Sister Mary Caritas---61D
Drake, Dr. ---131D
Draper, S. L. ---126D
Draper, S.L. ---131D
Draper, Samuel---46D
Dressel, Ed ---80D
Dressel, Elvin (Ed)---46D
Drew, Bob ---121D
Drew, Floyd---68D
Drew, J.C.---55D
Drew, Robert---49D
Drum, Geo. M. - - -168
Drum, George---59D
Drum, Nellie ---100D
Dryer, Mathilda (Tillie) ---100D
DuBois, Cynthia M. ---122D
Dubois, Daniel Raymond---88D
Dubois, Karen J. ---121D
DuBois, Kenneth---75D
DuBois, Ray ---121D
DuBois, U. H. ---120D
Dudley, Arthur Leroy---88D; 101D
Dudley, Ethel R. ---81D
Dudley, Mary Magdalena (Lena) ---129D
Dudley, Mary Magdalene---71D
Duerr, Rosann (Mrs.)- - -See Hackbrath, Gustave
Dufelmeier, F. William ---101D
Dufelmeier, Harold Henry---88D
Dufelmeier, Henry - - -See Orn, Jennie Christine
Duff, Lillian Viola ---131D Duffek, Frank J.---42D
Duffelmeier, Henry J. ---70D
Dugan, Frank ---103D
Duncan, Ella A.---69D
Dungan, Frank - - -163
Dunham, Deborah J. ---132D
Dunn, Alois (Smokey) ---102D
Dunn, L. A. (Dr.) ---102D
Dunn, Leo---71D
Dunn, Melvin M. ---72D
Dunphy, A. E.---57D; 67D
Dunphy, Richard---54D
Dunphy, W. I. ---103D
Dunskie, Edward---57D
Dunskie, Mrs. Edward (Marie Helen)---74D
DuRand, Allen---43D
DuRand, Anna---71D
DuRand, Clarence Edmund ---122D
DuRand, John B.---45D
DuRand, Leo ---103D
DuRand, Leo Joseph---43D
DuRand, Mrs. J. B.---44D
Durand, Oliver M. (2) ---89D
DuRand, Ollie A.---75D
DuRand, Robert H. ---120D
DuRand, Rolla (Mr. & Mrs.)---43-44D
DuRand, Sam---73D
DuRand, Semon Joseph---73D
Durgin, Chauncey (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -359
Durheim, Otto---68D
Duwenhoegger, Edward---52D
Dvorak, Fred - - -473
Dyer, Grandma - - -161
Dyer, J.A.---56D; 59D; 70D
Dyer, Lizzie - - -466
Dyer, Robert - - -161; 45D
Dyke, Della ---79D
Dyke, Fred---50D; 59D; 80D
Dyste, John---48D
Eagan, Lillian ---75E
Eagleston, Thomas J. (Rev.)---55E
Eastburn, Mable ---86E
Eastman, Fanny - - -180
Eaton, Alonzo Trustum - - -179
Eaton, Eugene---69E
Eaton, H. F. - - -301
Eaton, Hamlin---212T
Eaton, Hamlin F.---46E
Eaton, Luverne - - -182
Eaton, Marion---129H; 72E
Eaton, Mrs. - - -170
Eaton, Mrs. A. T. - - -177
Eaton, Mrs. E.---56E
Eaton, Mrs. H. F. - - -176
Eaton, Regina Goedde ---80E
Eaton, Ruth - - -507
Ebele, Kylie Todd Heinle---59E
Eberhard, Ella Vivian ---102E
Ebert, Clarence---62E
Ebert, Clarence E. ---86E
Edblom, Harry---60E; 71E
Edblom, Jennie ---88E
Edblom, Richard Warner ---86E
Eddy, Ella Mae ---88E
Eddy, Lena---76E
Edgerly, Frank---63E
Edgerly, Mrs. Aaron---56E
Edman, Mrs. H.J. ---46E
Edman, William---65E
Edward, John - - -491
Edwards, John---46E
Edwards, Mary---47E
Edwardson, Christine ---74E
Edwardson, Christine (Mrs.)---53E; 54E
Egan, John---58E
Egan, John Francis---55E
Ehrhart, Clark---76E
Ehrlin, Honrad ---72E
Ehrlin, Karl Willhem - - -177
Ehrlin, Mrs. K.---47E
Ehrlin, Mrs. Konrad (Johanna)---69E
Eiden, Peter ---88E
Ekstrom, Magnus N.---76E
Eldridge, Ella Augusta - - -See Gamber, Mrs. Geo. H.
Elevier, Ettan - - -400
Elevier, L. E. - - -400
Eliasen, Hans---47E
Elieff, Florence ---75E
Elieff, Marion ---71E
Ell, Terri ---80E
Ellenson, Alfred H. ---80E
Ellibee, Clarence---65E
Ellickson, Edna Mary - - -460
Ellickson, O. L. (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -460
Ellinghausen, Anna ---89E
Elliot, June---59E
Elliot, June (Miss)---58E
Elliot, Margaret ---86E
Elliot, Marvin ---87E
Elliott, Dean - - -183
Elliott, Frank---66E
Elliott, H.D.---64E
Ellis, John Jr.---70E
Ellis, Leonard---61E
Ellis, LeRoy Ellis ---87E
Ellis, Murray---169O; 170O
Ellis, William---64E
Ellis, William H. (Judge)---49E
Ellison, Helen---61E
Ellison, Helen ---87E
Ellison, Marvelyn---70E
Ellison, Marvelyn P.---69E
Ells, Esther ---81E
Ellstad, Donald---67E & 68E
Ellsworth, Ella Levina (Mrs.)---47E
Ellsworth, Henry E. - - -171
Ellsworth, Leonard---57E
Ellsworth, Mrs. J.E. (Katie Graham)---66E
Elner, Gust---69E
Elner, Lena ---71E
Elner, Mattie---48E
Elner, Mrs. Otto E. - - -181
Elner, Otto---48E; 55E; 61E
Elner, Otto A. ---73E
Else, Freeman F. ---97E
Else, Howard ---90E
Else, Jane ---97E
Else, Lillian N. ---97E
Elsen, Frances ---89E
Elsen, Hannah---70E; 76E
Elsen, Harm---66E
Elsen, Henry O. ---80E
Elsen, John H. ---87E
Elsen, Leonard H. ---90E
Elsen, Margaret M. ---89E
Elsner, Adlaide Delores ---92E
Elsner, Bertha (Mrs.)---59E
Elstad, Donald---70E
Elsworth, Mrs. J.E.---65E
Ely, I. N. - - -48
Ely, Julia---49E
Emmons, Ella Denison - - -178
Emmons, Mrs. O. P. - - -182
Emmons, O.P. - - -170
Empies, Rev.---57E
Empy, Dehilah A. - - -See Baker, George M.
Endersbe, Flora Belle---77E
Enderson, Dean L. ---92E
Enderson, Dorn ---93E
Enervold, Enne ---80E
Engabroad, Alanson W. - - -174
Engel, J. C. (Rev.)- - -170
Engelerth, Mrs. Sebastián---58E
Engen, Muriel Katherine ---91E
Enger, Albert M. ---90E
Enger, Doris ---82E
Enger, John ---81E
Enger, Mabel ---81E
Enger, Mrs. Albert---49E
Enger, Mrs. John---49E
Enger, Olof - - -169
Enger, Richard ---82E
Engh, LeRoy---65E
England, Rebecca---132H
Engle, Frank - - -489
Englehart, Pius James ---91E
Englerth, Mike---49E
Engquist, David ---73E
Engquist, Jennie Mathilda ---102E
Engquist, June ---98E
Engquist, Mauritz---66E &67E
Engquist, Nels ---74E
Engquist, Wyniemae ---93E
Enher, Carrie (Mrs.)---56E
Enockson, Gustave C. ---92E
Enquist, Curtis---78E
Enquist, Curtis (Curt)---77E
Enquist, Esther Lorraine ---83E
Ensiminger, infant Fred---50E
Ensminger, Christian---70E
Ensminger, Emilia (Amy) ---91E
Enstrom, Carl L. ---72E
Entzminger, Nettie K. ---97E
Entzminger, Nettie K. ---103E
Ephribve, Mary Jane - - -177
Epper, Verna E. (Just)---79E
Eppler (Just), Verna ---83E
Erbele, Lois---63E
Erdelt, Ernest - - -181; 83E
Erdelt, Mrs. Joseph (Franziska)---65E
Erickson, Aldora---60E
Erickson, Anna Haakonson---57E
Erickson, Anna Marie---57E
Erickson, Axel O.---62E
Erickson, C. J.---70E
Erickson, Caroline---See Morgan, Mrs. Mike
Erickson, Clara ---93E
Erickson, Conrad - - -184
Erickson, Douglas ---95E
Erickson, E. F. - - -169
Erickson, Earl---69E
Erickson, Eddie---58E
Erickson, Emma - - -184
Erickson, Gertrude (Mrs.)---50E
Erickson, H. J. L.---56E
Erickson, Hattie Alinda ---98E
Erickson, Hattie Alinda 101E
Erickson, Ida M.---50E
Erickson, James G. ---94E
Erickson, John - - -172; 55E
Erickson, John Charles ---82E
Erickson, Katie (Mrs.)---58E
Erickson, M.J.---78E
Erickson, Martin---66E
Erickson, Mary---62E
Erickson, Matilda Mrs. - - -184
Erickson, Mrs. A. E.---59E
Erickson, Mrs. Martin---57E
Erickson, Mrs. Nordahl (Victoria)---68E
Erickson, Nordahl A ---73E
Erickson, Ole---59E
Erickson, Oscar---50E
Erickson, Palmer E. ---73E
Erickson, Rosella Marie ---92E
Erickson, Roy H.---50E
Erickson, Virginia ---84E
Erickson, Will - - -185
Erickson, William O. ---83E
Erlandson, Julia ---72E
Erlandson, Otto Jr. ---94E
Erlenbush, Katherine (Mrs.)- - -183
Erling, Svante A. (Rev and Mrs.)---68E
Ernst, Albert ---99E
Ernst, Delores---57E
Ernst, Eddie Albert ---72E
Erwin, Mary Ellen---65E
Erwin, Mrs. A.---50E
Espeland, Frank A---51E
Espeland, Irving---51E
Espeland, Kenneth---52E
Espeland, P.O.---51E
Essen, Christine---57E; 59E
Estee, Charles William ---84E
Esterby, Frances I---63E
Esterby, Knudt---58E
Esterby, Knudt L.---67E
Esterby, Mrs. K. K. - - -170
Esterby, William Wendel ---82E
Ethridge, Mary J. - - -179
Euscher, Henry R. ---95E
Euscher, Richard---67E
Euscher, Selma Freda ---85E
Evan, Mardell A. ---94E
Evans, Irene Ada ---99E
Evans, Mae Smith Edson - - -183
Evans, William - - -175
Evans, William Henry---59E
Even, Mrs. John Sr. (Theresa)---69E
Ewer, Dorothy ---84E
Exner, Clara ---98E
Exner, Donald---60E
Exner, Jana Marie ---95E
Exner, William ---85E
Eygabroad, Alanson W. ---103E
Eygabroad, A. W. - - -182
Eygabroad, Mae - - -173
Eygabroad, Mae ---100E
Eygabroad, Mrs. A. W. - - -173
Eyre, George---78E
Fabian, Constance---76F
Fadness, Raymond J.---53F
Fahey, Phyllis---72F
Fairham, Silas E. (Dr.)---86F
Fait, Clark G.---69F
Fait, Kenneth---53F; 68F
Fait, Mrs. C. G. - - -199
Fait, Mary Olive - - -158
Falck, Ella - - -See Frojen, Mrs. Henry C.
Falk, Kaja - - -See Frojen, Lars H.
Fandrich, Lawrence I. ---109F
Farley, Eunice May Walker ---308W
Farran, Mrs. Andrew ---83F
Farrell, W. J.---85F
Farrell, William J.---103F
Farrell, Winnifred ---109F
Farrier, Dale---68F
Farrier, Mrs. George---72F
Farries, Mr. - - -See Piper, Maggie
Fatland, R.M.---81F
Fatland, Richard P. ---133F
Fatland, Richard P. ---135F
Faus, Thomas, H. ---53F
Fawcett, Baby---103F
Fawcett, Bessie ---109F
Fawcett, Mrs. Frank - - -205
Fawcett, Mrs. Robert ---110F
Fay, Anna B. (Mrs.)---53F
Fay (Fey) Esther Mae ---114F
Fay, Lizzie ---116F
Feathers, Florence---53F
Feathers, George (little girl) - - -202
Feathers infant---97G
Feathers, Mrs. George---70F
Feathers, Paul H.---70F
Featherstone, Daniel - - -196
Featherstone, Geo. H.---54F
Featherstone, John - - -196, 222
Featherstone, Kenneth ---111F
Featherstone, Mrs. George (Elva)---86F
Featherstone, Mrs. Raymond (Amelia)---84F
Featherstone, Stanley ---97F
Fehrenbach, Leo Paul ---134F
Fehrenback, Frances ---100F
Fehringer, Mary Alice (Sister) ---110F
Feiken, Leila ---131F
Feist, Kasper ---116F
Felix, Mike ---134F
Felix, Mrs. Frank - - -187
Feltis, Eugene---88F
Feltis, Eugene J.---85F
Feltis, John---59F
Feltis, Katherine (Mrs.)---54F
Feltis, Harold C. “Fritz” ---114E
Feltis, Martha ---115F
Fenno, Bob ---116F
Fenno, John C. ---99F
Fenno, Nellie Katherine ---114F
Fenno, Ronald Gene (Ron) ---138F
Fenton, C.J.---66F
Ferber, Mrs. T. H.---74F
Ferber, Sara ---98F
Ferber, T.H.---83F & 84F
Ferch, Bertha---103F
Ferch, Eli Silas ---117F
Ferch, Margaret ---117F
Ferguson, Clarence A. ---110F
Ferguson, I. A.---55F; 80F
Ferguson, L. A.---66F
Ferguson, Mrs. Charles (Cecelia)---81F
Ferguson, Nelda ---98F
Ferguson, Nelda (Mrs.)---54F; 71F; 74F
Ferguson, Pauline ---100F
Ferguson, Sam (Fr. Of Mrs. Hiram Johnson)120J
Ferguson, Velva W. ---97F
Ferguson, Winifred G.---72F
Fergusson, Velva---75F
Ferree, Minnie---80F
Ferstl, Sister Mary Anna---75F
Fetherhuff, Warren Keith ---115F
Fetzer, Regina (Miss) - - - 205
Fetzer, Regina (Mrs.)---70F
Fey, Anna - - -317
Fey, Philip (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -317
Fiala, Blanche (2) ---118F
Fiala, Doris ---137F
Fiala,  John A. ---99F
Fiala, John Sr.---56F
Fiala, Julias A. ---117F
Fiala, Leo Paul ---96F
Fiala, Richard---102F
Fiala, Viola ---118F
Fiala, Willard ---131F
Ficenec, Frank J.---78F
Ficenec, Mary---77F
Fick, Anna ---110F
Fick, Rose S.---79F
Fick, William---102F
Fiechtner, Emma ---126F
Fiechtner, Jacob ---111F
Fiechtner, Marie---56F
Fiechtner, Mrs. Gus - - -205
Field, Harold L.---102F
Field, Mary - - -461
Field, Mrs. E.W.---77F
Fields, Emma (Mrs.)---56F
Filbert, Clair I. ---119F
Filbert, Dale Francis---78F
Filbert, Gary E. ---131F
Fillbert, Darrell ---119F
Fillis, Josephine Eaton ---119F
Finch, Elizabeth Willam - - -204
Finch, Francis---85F
Finch, Helen ---120F
Finch, Henry J. “Fritz” ---115F
Finch, James A. ---96F
Finch, Kenneth G. ---120F
Finch, Marie ---99F
Finch, Mrs. Frank---65F
Finch, Keith---87F
Finch, Sadie ---101F
Finds remains of infant girl---241M
Finley, Marjorie P. ---121F
Finn, Eddie E.---83F
Finn, Marvin---64F
Finney, Betha Alice ---134F
Finney, Fern L. ---122F
Fischer, August ---122F
Fischer, Donald---85F
Fischer, Dorthy V.---88F
Fischer, Frank ---115F
Fischer, Jon---104F
Fischer, Louise ---100F; 104F
Fischer, Magdalena---104F
Fischer, Violet ---120F
Fischer, Walter E. ---131F
Fisher, Jon---104F
Fitting, Mark K ---135F
Fitzgerald, David---86F
Fitzgerald, David Leo---87F
Fitzgerald, Margaret S. ---122F
Fitzgerald, Mrs. J.F.---67F
Fitzgerald, Robert D. (Lt.)---85F
Fitzsimmons, Joseph---84F
Fjelstad, Mrs. Magnus---70F
Fladager, Andrew A. - - -204
Fladager, Bennie Arnor - - -203
Fladager, Mrs. B---56F
Flagel, Amelia ---111F
Flagel, Leontina Fischer ---122F
Flanders, Robert ---123F
Fleet, Virginia Sue---86F
Fleming, Kenneth Norman---77F
Fleming, Marshall ---123F
Fleming, Mrs. M.L.(Marion)---77F
Fleming, Mrs. Marshall (Minnie)---78F
Fleming, William---79F
Fleming, WM. M.---105F
Fleming, John U.---79F
Flemington, Alex D. (Judge)- - -186
Flemington, Alex. D. (Judge)(Photo) - - -186
Flick, Mrs. M. E. - - -201
Flohr, Adelia---71F
Flood, Edna A.---105F
Flood, Mabel---79F
Florence, Edna - - -49
Flynn, Celia Rose ---96F
Foley, James W.---63F
Folkestad, Harry ---124F
Folkestad, Mrs. Harry---73F
Folkestad, M. Lucille ---113F
Folkestad, Mrs. Harry---87F
Folkestad, Mrs. Harry (Lucy Mae)---82F
Folkestad, Ronald ---132F
Folkstad, Gerald "Jerry" (2)---105F
Folkstad, Harvey---65F
Folkstad, Hilda ---129F
Folkstad, Mrs. Harvey---67F
Forber, Dale ---129F
Forbes, Ruby---86F
Forbes, W.H.---70F
Ford, John Bertine---69F
Fordyce, Archie Glenn---68F
Fordyce, Ira V. ---132F
Fordyce, Mrs. George---82F; 84F
Fordyce, Nina Mary---67F
Fordyce, Richard---105F
Fordyce, Richard (infant son)---72F
Fordyce Silas W. - - -192
Forman, Mrs. Ed - - -208
Forness, Kenneth Lloyd ---124F
Fors, Wilfred---57F
Forster, Oscar E. ---113F
Fort, Emma M. (Mrs.)- - -194
Fort, Mrs. Garrett ---112F
Fortin, Gary ---123F
Fortin, Theodore B. ---132F
Fortin, Twyla L. ---129F
Forward, Cindy Lea ---129F
Forward, Kathleen M.---88F
Forward, Kathryn ---124F
Foss, Elef---56F
Foss, Julia (Miss)- - -338
Foss, Mrs. Jorand - - -202
Foster, A.C. - - -201
Foster, A.O.---73F; 82F; 89F
Foster, Ann (Mrs.)- - -197
Foster, Audrey C.---82F
Foster, Augustus C. - - -188
Foster, Charles R.---84F
Foster, Edith May---86F
Foster, F.---58F
Foster, Gideon D. - - -See Lindsay, Elizabeth
Foster, Katherine---58F; 73F; 81F
Foster, Mrs. A.O. (Esther)---85F
Foster, Mrs. Jennings---71F
Foster, Paul---83F
Foster, Robert---68F
Foster, Stanley O.---81F
Fountain, Marion Myrle - - -198
Fountain, E. R. ---112F
Fountain, J. W. ---136F
Fountain, Jacob - - -203
Foust, Glen - - -200
Fox, Grandpa---57F
Fox, Hazel - - -206
Fox, Jimmy Ray ---126F
Fox, June---76F
Fox, Mary Ann---79F
Frank, Charles ---97F
Frank, Christine ---99F
Frank, Fred ---99F; 111F
Frank, Mrs. Fred (Christine)---78F
Frankl, Alexis Marie ---129F
Franklin,  Beverly Mattson---85F
Franz, Ella R. ---123F
Frauenberg, Albert A. ---128F
Freadhoff, Mabel W. ---136F
Frederick, Edwin ---112F
Frederickson, Mrs. J.G. ---112F
Fredrich, Marsha---76F
Freehauf, Gordon F.---87F
Freeman, A. L.---61F
Freeman, Charlotte (Mrs.)---68F
Freeman, Frank---70F
Freeman, Marion---87F
Freeman, Mr. and Mrs. O. M.(infant) - - -200
Freeman, Sarah ---109F
Freeman, Sarah J. (Mrs.)- - -195
Freeman, William---68F
Fregien, Samuel---72F
Freitag, Marie Helene ---125F
French, Children---106F
Frenzel, Ethel Lotzer ---113F
Fretz, Gladys---89F
Friedman, Saul - - -193
Frigen, Edwin ---128F
Frigen, Esther M. ---125F
Frigen, Ida M. ---126F
Frigen, Lydia ---125F
Frigen, Theodore ---132F
Frigen, Virgil ---125F
Frison, Mathias ---126F
Fritsch, John---57F
Fritz, David---74F; 98F
Fritz, J.D.---70F
Fritz, Mary E.---87F
Froemke, Robert Lee ---127F
Frojen, Arthur ---113F
Frojen, Berger---83F; 113F
Frojen, Bertha G. - - -See Frojen, Hans C.
Frojen, Boletha ---113F
Frojen, Bruce H. ---129F
Frojen, C. H.---62F
Frojen, Catherine---107F
Frojen, Chester ---128F
Frojen, Doris ---97F
Frojen, Emil J.---86F
Frojen, Enoch---70F
Frojen, Enoch Alfred---64F
Frojen, Geo. H. - - -189
Frojen, H. Daniel ---137F
Frojen, Hans C. - - -195
Frojen, Harold Philip---64F
Frojen, Henry---69F; 73F
Frojen, Henry C. ---100F
Frojen, Henry H.---58F
Frojen, John H.---67F
Frojen, Julia Lenora ---137F
Frojen, Kenneth---66F; 82F
Frojen, Kenneth (Pvt.)---87F
Frojen, Lloyd ---126F
Frojen, Mrs. Berger---83F
Frojen, Mrs. C.H.---63F
Frojen, Mrs. Henry C. - - -199; 57F
Frojen, Mrs. J. H.---60F
Frojen, Mrs. Lloyd---65F
Frojen, Mrs. M---66F
Frojen, Lars H. - - -191
Frojen, O. H.---59F
Frojen, Olga B. ---128F
Frojen, Richard L. ---124F
Frost, Alice---107F
Fry, Robert H. ---138F
Fuehr, Christ - - -210
Fugl, Evelyn---107F
Fugl, William ---127F
Fuher, Gregory Phillip ---132F
Fuller, A. M. ---98F
Fuller, Ada---87F
Fuller, Charles W. - - -190
Fuller, Edward---71F; 99F
Fuller, Frank---68F
Fuller, Joe---88F
Fuller, Mrs. Charles---87F
Fuller, Mrs. Lewis---68F
Fullerton, Maggie Viola ---127F
Fulton, Mr. and Mrs. Robt.(infant daughter) - - -206
Funovits, Micheal J. ---127F
Furan, David Lynn---84F
Furan, George---71F
Furan, George W.---74F; 96F
Furan Mrs. J.H.---85F
Furan, Mrs. J.H.(Emma)---78F
Furstenau, Walter---61F; 109F
Fye, Charles Wesley (Rev.)- - -204
Fye, Emma (Miss) - - -205
Gabel, Wilbur Henry---79G
Gade, Eugene ---127G
Gader, Sharon M. [Bakkegard] ---139G
Gagne, Sister Mary Joyce ---175G
Gale, Leona M. ---139G
Gale, M. E. (Dr.)---108G
Gale, Mrs. M. E. - - -140
Gallagher, Alice Cora - - -See Bloomfield, Mrs. Lawrence
Gallagher, Ann - - -See Foster, Ann Mrs.
Gallagher, Barney---62G
Gallagher, Claude---104G
Gallagher, David P. ---113G
Gallagher, Francis---103G
Gallagher, Fred ---128G
Gallagher, Hugh---93G
Gallagher, J. Harry---106G; 108G
Gallagher, Kitty---92G
Gallagher, Olive (Mrs.)---62G
Gallion, Earl E.---80B
Gallion, Ethel - - -225
Gallion, Ethel (Miss)---88G; 127G
Gallion, John W.---75G
Gallipo, Frank---108G
Gamber, Frank - - -217
Gamber, George M.---62G
Gamber, Geo. M.---63G
Gamber, Mrs. Geo. H. - - -215
Gannaway, Susan (Mrs.)---63G
Gannon, Frank B. ---127G
Gannon, Fred H.---98G
Gannon, Mary C. ---128G
Gannon, Mrs. F. B. - - -223, 227
Gannon, Sarah A.---63G
Gannon, William H. ---175G
Gariepy, Teresa L. - - -455
Gardner, Stephan H. ---114G
Gardner, Will ---141G
Gardner, Willie---63G
Garland, Benjamin---81G
Garland, Benny ---141G
Garland, Cary Jason (2) ---142G
Garland, Frances ---113G
Garland, Frank - - -207
Garland, Gertrude---82G
Garland, Jude Ann Peterson ---141G
Garland, Ralph Emerson ---165G
Garland, William---84G
Garrigus, Mrs. Col. - - -234
Garza, Jesus Angel ”J.J.” Jr.---90G
Gaspar, Leonard J.---103G
Gates, Harry---96G
Gates, Minnie---63G
Gates, Mrs. N.D.---100G
Gaughan, Mrs. T.J.---79G
Gaughan, Mrs. Wm.---73G
Gaughan, Robert J. ---165G
Gaughan, Thomas---75G
Gauss, Christina Margaret---63G
Gavin, Mrs. Francis---77G
Gayman, Clarence Robert - - -208
Gayman, George---78G
Gayman, John C.---118G
Gebeke, Larry D. ---139G
Gebhardt, Cecella ---139G
Gebhardt, Emma (Miss)---77G
Gebhardt, Ernest ---129G
Gebhardt, Gebhardt G. “Tiny” ---140G
Gebhardt, Gebhardt (Tony) ---129G
Gebhardt, Got.---63G
Gebhardt, Gottlieb ---115G
Gebhardt, Jacob - - -478
Gebhardt, Lena---96G
Gebhardt, Mildred---80G
Gebhardt, Mrs. John - - -230; 118G
Gebhardt, Phillip---80B; 100G
Gebhardt, Rachel ---167G
Gebhardt, Samuel Arndt ---143G
Geddes, Marvin---92G
Geer, D. E.---64G; 93G
Geer, Duane Erwin---92G
Geer, Mabel Blanche ---142G
Geffre, Johanna ---143G
Geffre, Joseph ---129G
Geffre, Paul ---142G
Geffre, Sebastian---107G
Geier, Mrs. Sophie---75G
Geiger, Jacob---107G
Geiken, D. J.---74G
Geisler, Enoch (Pfc.) ---130G
Geisler, Mrs. Fred---63G
Gelensky, Emma I.---95G
Gemar, (son of Will) ---167G
Gemar, Alvina [Remien] ---156G
Gemar, Armon (Jim) ---148G
Gemar, August---105G
Gemar, Barbara Joy ---147G
Gemar, Benjamin Raymond ---168G
Gemar, Clara ---148G
Gemar, Clarice Edith---90G; 145G
Gemar, Duane E. ---145G
Gemar, Edgar ---114G
Gemar, Edward G. ---167G
Gemar, Edwin ---130G
Gemar, Ethel Marie ---146G
Gemar, Florence ---166G
Gemar, Fred---73G
Gemar, Gertrude “Gertie”---89G
Gemar, Giceon H.---78G
Gemar, Harold W. ---147G
Gemar, Helen Christine ---145G
Gemar, Henry---100G; 107G
Gemar, Jayme Joseph ---167G
Gemar, Jennie---88G; 109G
Gemar, Katherine---106G
Gemar, Katherine (Mrs.)---88G
Gemar, Kenneth L. ---146G
Gemar, Laura ---114G
Gemar, Laura ---147G
Gemar, LaWayne Dennis ---130G
Gemar Mr. and Mrs. W.(infant) - - -224
Gemar, Mr. and Mrs. Will(infant) - - -224
Gemar, Mrs. Peter---89G; 108G
Gemar, Peral---90G
Gemar, Pete---101G
Gemar, Peter---76G; 87G
Gemar, R. C.---89G
Gemar, R. C. ---147G
Gemar, Raymond J. “Babe”---85G
Gemar, Richard H. ---147G
Gemar, Ronald Charles ---166G
Gemar, Sophie ---117G
Gemar, Tiffield E.---88G
Gemars, daughter August---64G
Genter, Mildred M. ---155G
Gentz, Floyd ---167G
Gentz, Herman---100G; 118G
Gentz, Marvin J. ---149G
Gentz, Mrs. John (Petra)---94G; 107G
Gentzkow, Edward ---149G
George, Mrs. R.A.---94G
George, Mrs. R.A.(Rose)---97G
George, Robert A.---97G
Gerber, Gene Louise---64G; 72G
Gerber, Jean Louise---93G
Gerdes, Tena ---144G
Gerdon, Rachel---82G
Gerdon, Urshell P. (T/4 ) ---118G
Gereszek, Jack  ---143G
Gerling, Jeanne Marie ---131G
Gerling, Jeannie Marie ---140G
German, Bernard---119G
German, Bernita---84G
German, Bernita ---156G
German, Brenden Lee ---166G
German, Frank ---144G
German, George---80G; 113G
German, George F. ---111G
German, Jerome ---144G
German, Joseph ---144G
German, Josephine - - -233
German, Leo Joseph ---156G
German, Louis H.---168G
German, Matt ---111G
German, Shirl M. ---146G
Germar, Olga---64G
Gerner, Harold - - -224
Gernhardt, Dorothy Clark ---168G
Gernhardt, Henry J. ---115G
Gerrard, Carrie---101G
Gerrard, Clifford Francis---81G
Gerrard, LaVern O.---104G
Gerrard, Mrs. Clair---106G
Gertson, F.W.---76G
Gertson, Mrs. F.W. - - -227
Gerwels, Mary (Mrs.)---73G
Gery, Theodore ---170G
Geske, Hazel---83G
Getty, Donald ---131G
Getty, Nellie Rose ---148G
Getty, Vernon ---148G
Gibbs, Byron - - -214
Gibbs, G.A.---100G
Gibbs, Mrs. Byron---78G
Gibson, Gladys Grace - - -231
Gibson, Harry---103G
Gibson, J. sister Anna Klein---99K
Gibson, Lucile Milne ---132G
Gibson, Richard Larry ---132G
Gibson, Samuel H. (Sam) ---149G
Gibson, Thomas W.---101G
Gibson, Wilmot (Bill) ---170G
Gienger, Arthur J. ---156G
Gienger, E.P.---76G
Gienger, Jacob---105G
Giesen, Leo S---65G; 81G
Giesler, Magdalene---98G
Gilbert, F. W. - - -207
Gilbert, Rev. C. B.---120G
Gilbertson, Scott ---155G
Gilbertson, Geneva---64G
Gilbertson, Gilbert---106G
Gilbertson, Olina (Mrs.)---77G
Gilkson, Bessie E. ---114G
Gilleran, Barney---65G; 102G
Gilleran, John---65G
Gilleran, Mrs. Barney---65G; 108G
Gilleran, Mrs. John---65G; 86G
Gilleran, Nellie Elizabeth - - -See Bond, Mrs. Nellie
Gillespie, Carol Joy (Krause)---86G
Gillespie, Clark C. ---149G
Gillette, William H. - - -228
Gilligan, Cornelia---105G
Gillis, Frank---95G
Gilshannon, Frank - - -206
Girard, Debra---109G
Girodat, Janell A. ---169G
Glarum, Donald E.---119G
Glarum, Helen Martha ---132G
Glaser, August M.---66G
Glaser, Gerhardt (Jerry) ---168G
Glaser, Gladys E. ---116G
Glaser, Marjorie ---150G
Glaser, Nettie ---112G
Glaser, Nettie (Mrs.)---86G; 87G
Glaser, William August ---150G
Gleanson, Charles L. - - -229
Gleason, Harris - - -226
Gleason, Micheal---66G
Gleesing, Harold ---114G; 120G
Glenn, C.A.---120G
Glidden, Mrs. Jessie B.---97G
Glotzbach, William E.---98G
Glover, Mrs. Samuel---81G
Glover, Samuel - - -217
Glynn, Alicke Antonette---83G
Glynn, Angela B. ---157G
Glynn, Edith A. ---151G
Glynn, Gerald M. (Jerry) ---172G
Glynn, Jude A. ---151G
Glynn, Kenneth P.---121G
Glynn, Patrick I---94G
Glynn, Vernon Vincent ---150G
Gnauck, Carl Edward---81G
Gnauck, Mrs. C.E. - - -230
Gnauck, F.G. - - -231
Gnewuch, Willam ---151G
Goddard, Malcolm ---115G
Godfrey, George (Babe) ---151G
Godfrey, Lorraine---66G; 84G
Goehl, Mrs. Arthur (Minnie)---102G
Goener, Mrs. John - - -224
Goettling, Bertha ---151G
Gold, Lyias Louise ---152G
Goldsmith, Julia D. - - -206
Goldthorpe, Evelyn---106G
Golie, Arline May---77G
Golie, Martin---100G
Golie, Mrs. Martin---107G
Golnitz, Darren ---154G
Golz, Patricia ---154G
Good, Verena ---152G
Good, William T. ---170G
Goodman, Frances Katherine---122G
Goodrich, Ada - - -301
Goodrich, Mrs. E. E. - - -301
Goodwin, Alfred - - -225
Goodwin, Chance---94G
Goodwin, Kenneth---105G
Goodwin, Linea---122G
Goodwin, Mr. - - -230
Goodwin, William ---111G
Goolsbey, Artis ---152G
Gorder, Chris---66G
Gorder, Frank G.---102G
Gorder, John ---132G
Gorder, Lenora ---110G
Gordinier, W.C. - - -226
Gordon, Cora - - -232; 132G
Gordon, Jerry ---134G
Gordon, Martha M. ---155G
Gordon, Mary Ann (Miss)---79G
Gordon, Mrs. Ethan O.(Maude)---95G
Gordon, Taylor---76G; 77G; 108G
Gordon, William (Bill) Brenton ---168G
Gorman, Edward - - -229
Gorman, Frank ---134G
Gorman, John---78G
Gorman, Mota Virginia ---134G
Gottschald, Meva Mae ---172G; 173G
Gould, Diana ---134G
Gould, Harriet M. - - -See Ingersoll, Mrs. H. D.
Gove, Frances ---112G
Grady, Alice ---152G
Grady, Carl---86G
Grady, Carl A. ---111G
Graf, Clarence---67G
Graham, Benjamin ---152G
Graham, F.J.---103G
Graham, G. Georgia ---171G
Graham, Mrs. J.B. (Eliza)---97G
Graham, William M.---92G
Gramita, Mrs. Peter - - -232
Gramita, Peter F. ---112G
Gramlow, A. F.---73G
Gramlow, Albert L. ---153G
Gramlow, Bernice---96G
Gramlow, Donna ---157G
Gramlow, Fred August ---133G
Gramlow, Joyce LaVern---81G
Gramlow, Joyce LaVerne---121G
Gramlow, Marie ----113G
Granfor, Arthur M. ---112G
Gransalke, Mrs. Paul R.---77G
Granstrom, Diana---96G
Grantz, Mary Ann---122G
Grantz, Phillip---98G
Gray, Bessie ---168G
Gray, Charles---66G
Gray, Chester O. ---158G
Gray, Lena---105G; 198G
Gray, Louis ---133G
Gray, Marie M. (Moore)---82G
Gray, Rose E. ---133G
Gray, Theodore - - -232; 66G
Green, Bessie (Miss)- - -465
Green, Clara Wyoming ---134G
Green, F. M.---74G
Green, Floyd---122G
Green, Mary (Mrs.)---75G; 77G
Green, Mary C. ---154G
Green, Mrs. 466
Green, Mrs. Frank---97G
Greenawald, Emily Esther - - -221
Greenawald, Wm. Sr. - - -228
Greene, Evan - - -208
Greene, Evan D. (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -See Greene, LeBryce
Greene, LeBryce - - -225
Greenley, Art E. ---157G
Greenley, Herbert M. ---153G
Greenly, Clinton ---157G
Greenmeyer, James L.---67G
Greenmyer, John H.---94G
Greenmyer, John Lee---81G
Greenmyer, Ricky James ---113G
Greenwood, Elmira J. (Mrs.) - - -232
Greenwood, Gilbert - - -231
Greenwood, Mrs. Gilbert - - -224
Greer, Lenora A. ---155G
Gregory, (son of Allen) ---170G
Gregory, Allen---78G
Gregory, Allen's infant - - -67
Gregory, Daisy---93G
Gregory, Kate A ---134G
Gregory, Mrs. A.P. (Fannie)---108G
Gregory, Mrs. William (Margaret)---104G
Gregory, Robert---101G
Gregory, William - - -219; 99G; 105G
Greiff, Mrs. R. A. - - -209; 134G; 135G
Gresser, Henry---74G
Grey, Nellie ---168E
Grey, Nellie ---169E
Grey, Nellie ---170E
Gries, Rosie---123G
Grey,Theodore ---171E
Griess, Alma (Miss)---67G
Griess, Bertha C. ---134G
Griess, Edna---75G
Griess, John---87G; 106G
Griess, Katharina (Miss)- - -314
Griess, Mrs. John S.---67G
Grigsby, Wm. E.---68G
Griffin, Alonzo - - -211
Griffin, Mary Ellen---108G
Griffin, Mrs. Alonzo - - -212; 134G
Griffin, Myron W.---95G
Griffin, Orrin---75G
Griffith, Mr. and Mrs. John (infant child) - - -230
Griffith, Mrs. John---76G
Grigsby, Melvin Colonel - - -210
Grimes, Lee V. ---171GGrey, Nellie ---168E
Grimes, Miss Lottie---123G
Grimley, Jorand - - -See Foss, Mrs. Jorand
Gripp, Clarence---97G
Gripp, Hans - - -207,208, 216
Gripp, John---68G
Gripp, Mrs. Hans---69G; 99G
Gripp, Roy Herbert---68G
Groat, William---70G; 99G
Groetsch, Martha Ernestine - - -162
Gronbeck, Agnes Christine---85G
Gronbeck, Alexander ---158G
Gronbeck, Anna Constance---81G
Gronbeck, Emin A. ---114G
Gronbeck, H.J.---87G
Gronbeck, Hendrick---77G
Gronbeck, John---73G
Gronbeck, Marie ---117G
Gronbeck, Minnie ---110G
Gronbeck, Minnie ---159G
Gronbeck, Mrs. Hendrik---79G
Gronbeck, Nesther J. ---159G
Gronbeck, Nickoli - - -370
Gronbeck, Thomas - - -222
Grondahl, Mrs. Leonard---88G
Gronhovd, Glenn ---158G
Grorud, Rev. Orville C. ---160G
Gross, Adam---80B; 116G
Gross, Alf H. ---176G
Gross, Alice ---159G
Gross, Charles Ira---102G
Gross, James ---161G
Gross, James Charles---125G
Gross, Lynette ---136G
Gross, Mrs. C. I.---75G
Gross, Sylvia ---136G
Gross, Sylvia ---161G
Grosshans, Albert---76G
Grosshans, Frederick Gustav ---158G
Grosshans, Gustav F---71G
Grosshans, Jeannette---83G
Grosshans, Johanna---88G
Grosshans, Marjorie---71G
Grosshans, Mrs. Albert---70G
Grosshans, Mrs. G. F. - - -418; 134G
Grosshans, Mrs. G. F. and son - - -224
Grosshans, Richard W. (2)---123G
Grosshans, Sarah ---136G
Grosshans, Will ---134G
Grosshans, William - - -220; 90G
Grosshansm, Johanna (Mrs.)- - -218
Grotelueschen, Carl A.---107G
Grotelueschen, George ---135G
Grotelueschen, Helene---104G
Grotelueschen, Lee---90G
Grotelueschen, Raymond G. ---153G
Grotelueschen, Theresa ---154G
Grotelueschen, Wayne ---154G
Groth, Fred---70G
Groth, George---105G
Grover, Matthias---205V
Grover, Vernon---124G
Guedesse, Jessye ---163G
Grueneich, Jacob---79G
Grueneich, Richard H.---106G; 108G
Guenther, Eva ---160G
Gruett, Arthur Paul ---135G
Gruett, Loy Hazel ---174G
Grunwaldt, Minnie---105G
Grunwaldt, Minnie (Mrs.)---87G
Guignon, Mrs. F.J.---71G
Gulbraa, Joseph - - -207
Guldborg, Nels---74G
Gulke, Caroline---84G
Gulke, Christ---78G
Gulke, Christ ---160G
Gulke, Christian---108G
Gulke, Edna Lena ---162G
Gulke, Fred ---160G
Gulke, Henry J. ---137G
Gulke, John---98G
Gulke, Mrs. Christian (Marie)---107G
Gulke, Otto E. ---136G
Gulleson, Milda ---115G
Gulleson, Sonja Engerholm ---171G
Gulleson, Sylvia ---115G
Gullickson, Dean---124G
Gullickson, Gus---72G
Gullickson, Richard O. ---113G
Gullion, Lizzie Johansen---118G
Gunderson, Mayme ---162G
Gunderson, Owen ---162G
Gunderson, Patricia Arlene ---174G
Gunermann, H. R. (Dr.)---78G
Gunther, Mrs. Otto M.---76G
Gunther, Otto---76G; 79G
Gustafson, A. Perm (Rev.)---83G
Gustafson, Amandus---78G
Gustafson, Axel ---112G; 113G
Gustafson, Charlie ---163G
Gustafson, Edith - - -See Bowman, B. N.
Gustafson, Edwin ---110G
Gustafson, Evelyn ---114G
Gustafson, Gus - - -206
Gustafson, John---72G; 103G
Gustafson, John Erland---78G
Gustafson, Louis (son of Gus) ---138G
Gustafson, Mrs. John---74G
Gustafson, Robert (Bob) ---172G
Gustafson, Selma ---137G
Gustafson, Tom (2) ---161G
Guttenberg, Peter ---138G
Guy, A. P.---108G
Guy, Arthur Peydon---86G
Guy, Clarence W.---100G
Guy, Mrs. A. P.---106G
Guyott, Arthur ---138G
Guyott, Dean ---163G
Guyott, Edith Blakely ---176G
Guyott, Florence Margaret ---138G
Guyott, Frank J.---72G
Guyott, Hazel ---137G
Guyott, John A.---107G
Guyott, John Frank---72G
Guyott, Linda ---110G
Guyott, Linda L.---124G
Guyott, Mrs. Frank---72G
Guyott, Mrs. J. F.---72G
Guyott, Ruth Margaret - - -See Buland, Mrs. Ludvig
Haapala, Howard---77H; 97H
Haas, Adam ---206H
Haas, George---136H
Haas, Hannah ---188H
Haas, John Franklin - - -254
Haas, Kathryn---139H
Haas, Mabel---130H
Haas, Mabel Smith ---241H
Haas, Mrs. Adam ---188H
Haase, Adolph ---241H
Haase, Martin---130H
Haase, Robert---140H
Hackbarth, Gus (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -328
Hackbarth, Gust - - -235; 107H See Hackbarth, Miss Ora
Hackbarth, Gustave---89H
Hackbarth, Gustave (Herman Ludwig) - - -265
Hackbarth, Mrs. Gus - - -268; 76H
Hackbarth, Mrs. Gus(Millie)---128H
Hackbarth, Mrs. Gust---99H; 101H
Hackbarth, Mrs. Gust (Millie)---156H
Hackbarth, Ora (Miss)- - -258; 75H
Hackett, H. H.---176H
Hafey, Cyrus C.---98H
Hafey, Edwin ---207H
Hafey, Ella - - -272
Hafey, Mrs. W.H.---103H
Hafey, Ora---176H
Hafey, Stephen C.---131H
Hagen, Carl H. ---188H
Hagen, Dianna J. (Youle)---116H
Hagen, Edith---115H
Hagen, Frances Marie ---208H
Hagen, L. A.---110H
Hagen, Martha ---169H
Hagen, Morris Johnson ---208H
Hagen, Vern---124H
Hagerty, George---99H
Hagerty, J. R. (Lt.)---108H
Hagerty, Jay ---189H
Hagstrom, Morris - - -234, 266
Haisley, Earl Everett ---209H
Haisley, Edwin Everett---106H
Haisley, Floyd---144H
Haisley, Gertrude E.---80H; 118H
Haisley, Lillian M. ---207H
Haisley, Martha ---175H
Haisley, Mrs. Frank---106H
Hajek, Charles Sr. ---206H
Hajek, Frank Sr.---104H
Hajek, Joseph P.---114H
Hajek, Mrs. Frank (Theresa)130H
Hajek, Tony ---241H
Halder, Agnes Emma Clara ---209H
Halder, Jacob ---189H
Halder, Mrs. Jacob---93H
Halderman, H. G.---104H
Hale, Everett ---188H
Hale, Irene ---206H
Hall, Alice---101H
Hall, Bertha ---169H
Hall, Ella---111H
Hall, Emil - - -270; 188H
Hall, Fred---84H
Hall, George R. ---168H
Hall, Gudrun ---171H
Hall, Ole K.---75H
Hall, Mrs. Scott (Anna)---154H
Halliday, Dr. David ---207H
Halliday, Grace (Miss)---79H
Halmrast, Esther Louella ---209H
Halonen, Stanley Edward ---189H
Halpin, Dick---135H
Halpin, William---137H
Halverson, Roy---129H
Halvorson, Mrs. Henry---103H
Ham, C. W. - - -238
Hamann, J.V.(infant) - - -238
Hamann, Mrs. John V. - - -267
Hamar, A.O.---140H
Hamar, Amond O.---141H
Hamel, Mrs. E.R.---152H
Hamill, Mr. - - -262
Hamilton, Bert---91H
Hamilton, Delores---176H
Hamilton, Mildred ---167H
Hamilton, Minnie S.- - -See Brown, John A.
Hamlin, Harry - - -266
Hamlin, Siguard - - -247
Hammerud, George H. (Dr.)---152H
Hammerud, Rachel ---170H
Hammond, Frank---154H
Hammond, Katherine Quam---114H
Hample, C. G.---102H
Hample, C. M.---120H
Hample, Claus G. ---76H
Hample, Fred---93H
Hample, Frederick (Fred) ---246H
Hample, Hannah---154H
Hample, Hannah S. E.---150H
Hample, Helene T. ---210H
Hample, John---74H
Hample, Mary ---207H
Hample, Mrs. C. G. (Margaretta)---156H
Hample, Mrs. Claus (Anna)---152H
Hample, Mrs. John---75H
Hample, Mrs. Paul---77H
Hample, Myrtle ---207H
Hample, Oscar - - -264
Hample, Paul---77H; 177H
Hample, Paul G. ---190H
Hample, Richard Paul (Dick) ---246H
Hample, Shirley Jean---79H
Hample, Sixten---148H
Hample, Theodore---118H; 120H; 158H
Hample, Todd James ---245H
Hample, Willam P (Bill) ---210H
Handley, W. S---163H
Handras, Dena Kootsikas---118H
Handt, Daniel ---174H
Handt, Daniel H.---177H
Handy, A. A.---141H
Handy, Daisy Dean ---165H
Handy, Donald J. ---170H
Handy, E. E.---93H
Handy, E. F.---118H
Handy, Ernest F.---147H
Handy, Oliver---143H
Handy, Oliver J.---87H; 122H; 153H
Handy, Ralph Lee ---190H
Handy, Woodrow---153H
Hane, John - - -252
Hankel, Arnold ---211H
Hankel, August F.---155H
Hankel, Bertha ---170H
Hankel, David Alvin---109H
Hankel, Ed ---190H
Hankel, George---160H
Hankel, Henry Albert ---241H
Hankel, Janice Nadine---109H
Hankel, JoAnn June ---214H
Hankel, Lucille ---190H
Hankel, Mrs. Ed (Thelma)---140H
Hankel, Raymond L. ---212H
Hankel, Willard E. ---214H
Hanley, Adelaide - - -328
Hanna, (wife of Frank) ---245H
Hanna, John---108H
Hanna, Mary (Mrs.)--- 78H
Hanna, Mrs. L. B.---110H
Hannah, R. T.---77H
Hanse, John Howard---92H
Hansen, Ane Kirstine - - -337
Hansen, Annie---158H
Hansen, Ardell M.---141H
Hansen, Benjamin Clarence ---247H
Hansen, Bess Payton---177H
Hansen, C. W. - - -257
Hansen, Charles (Pvt.)---145H; 148H
Hansen, Charlotte (Mrs.)---79H
Hansen, Chris A.---179H
Hansen, Clara ---165H
Hansen, Doris ---192 H
Hansen, Emil---144H
Hansen, Emma ---242H
Hansen, Fern C. ---191H
Hansen, Fern C.---210H
Hansen, George---118H; 153H
Hansen, George E.---89H; 178H
Hansen, George V ---171H
Hansen, H. H. - - -240; 73H
Hansen, H. H. (Photo) - - -240
Hansen, Howard Luzerne - - -337
Hansen, John---94H; 170H
Hansen, John Howard---92H; 106H
Hansen, Jonette (Jean) ---212H
Hansen, Josephine ---191H
Hansen, Kevin L. ---211H
Hansen, Lesllie ---211H
Hansen, Mrs. George---153H
Hansen, Mrs. George V.---121H
Hansen, Mrs. John (Marie)---149H
Hansen, Mrs. Oscar---125H
Hansen, Mrs. Peter---78H
Hansen, Mrs. Peter (Katherine)---159H
Hansen, Nettie ---190H; 191H
Hansen, Oscar ---175H
Hansen, Otto---151H
Hansen, Peter - - -242
Hansen, R.L.---76H
Hansen, Rasmus Emil---150H
Hansen, Sam - - -241
Hansen, W. H. (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -337
Hansen, William H.---156H
Hanson, Albin---129H
Hanson, Albin (Al) ---214H
Hanson, Alex W. ---169H
Hanson, Allen Winston---125H
Hanson, Bergethe---178H
Hanson, Bertha - - -243
Hanson, Bessie ---212H
Hanson, C. Kenneth---79H; 116H
Hanson, Camilla---149H
Hanson, Carrie - - -See Frojen, Geo. H.
Hanson, Charlotte (Mrs.)---75H
Hanson, Clarence---101H
Hanson, Danny---180H
Hanson, Debra---153H
Hanson, Edwin ---191H
Hanson, Elsie---178H
Hanson, Emil---76H
Hanson, Frank ---208H
Hanson, George---179H
Hanson, George E. ---211H
Hanson, George W. ---169H
Hanson, Grace Victoria ---170H
Hanson, H. L.---178H
Hanson, Henry---158H
Hanson, Hohanna - - -345
Hanson, Ingle - - -270
Hanson, John Howard---110H
Hanson, Lawrence W. ---191H
Hanson, Leatha---161H
Hanson, Lilian---116H
Hanson, Loren R. ---211H
Hanson, Mr.(infant) - - -237
Hanson, Mrs. Nels - - -246
Hanson, Mrs. O.K.---97H; 105H
Hanson, Nels---157H; 159H
Hanson, O.K.---149H
Hanson, Ole---118H; See Hason, Bergethe
Hanson, Ole K.---145H
Hanson, Orval---179H
Hanson, R. Maurice ---242H
Hanson, Sylvester---109H; 117H; 129H
Hanson, Violet ---210H
Hantilla, Antla---77H
Hapala, Arthur John---106H
Hapala, Arvid W. ---192H
Hapala, Ben ---192H
Hapala, Carl ---213H
Hapala, Howard---109H; 141H
Hapala, Peter John---100H
Harak, Agnes---111H
Harak, Edward ---216H
Haraldson, Hans---154H
Hardin, Hamilton ---214H
Hardin, Paul ---215H
Hardish, Charles ---174H
Harens, Eleanor E. ---192H
Harens, Frank---103H
Harff, Betty ---173H
Hargett, Victoria (Luck) ---217H
Hargitt, Fred ---244H
Hargitt, George W. ---190H
Hargrave, Claire---161H
Harm, Fred---180H
Harm, Mrs. Roy (Bethel)---128H
Harne, Hazel---134H
Harne, Hazel Edna - - -272
Harness, Charles---95H
Harness, James - - -262
Harness, Mina (Mrs.)---78H
Harness, Mrs. Chas. - - -499
Harness, Rose---150H
Harness, Rose May---143H
Haro, Arne Severus ---244H
Haroldson, Hans---151H
Harpen, C. H.---152H
Harr, Brite F. ---213H
Harr, Children of John Harr ---79H
Harrell, Marilyn Lucille---102H
Harrington, Judson Huntley - - -249
Harris, Alhe E. - - -See Boyd, Will
Harris, Emma Orn ---213H
Harris, Jane (Mrs.)---103H
Harris, John---94H
Harris, L. D. - - -235
Harris, Leonard C. ---215H
Harris, Levi (infant) - - -237
Harris, Marlin R.---118H
Harris, Mrs. John---95H
Harris, Mrs. R.H. (Montie)---160H
Harris, Orville---102H
Harris, Richard---158H
Harris, S.L.---108H
Harris, Wilbur T. ---216H
Harris, William John (Bill) ---245H
Harris, William John (Bill) ---248H
Harrison, Milford (Bill) ---216H
Harrsen, Axel---74H
Hart, Alice---180H
Hart, Anna Wells---126H
Hart, Jim---135H
Hart, John ---217H
Hart, Lucy (Miss)---89H
Harter, Dan ---189H
Harter, Mrs. John---86H
Hartford, Gladys Ellen ---215H
Hartford, Ralph ---213H
Hartman, Arthur E. ---244H
Hartman, August A.---101H
Hartman, B.F.---147H
Hartman, J. M.--- 76H
Hartman, John---150H
Hartman, S. (infant) - - -237
Harvey, George ---193H
Harvey, Margaret Liddell Sanders---122H
Harvey, Robert---87H
Harwager, Mynne ---192H
Haseleu, Walter William ---247H
Haskins, L. F.---134H
Haskins, Sarah ---193H
Hassel, John ---193H
Hassett, T. J.---75H
Hasterlike, Anna Louise ---167H
Hatcher, Edna ---213H
Hatfield, Dorothy ---193H
Hatfield, Dorothy Janet---126H
Hatfield, George---106H
Hatfield, J. R.---105H
Hatfield, James Curtis - - -238
Hatfield, John R.---181H
Hatfield, Lewis ---192H
Hatfield, Mrs. J. G.---92H; 95H
Hatfield, Mrs. J. R.---78H
Hatfield, Mrs. J. R. (Mary Elizabeth)---144H
Hathaway, Charles D.---136H
Hathaway, Chas.---74H
Hauck, Emma---122H
Hauff, Benjamin ---217H
Hauff, Richard ---217H
Haugen, Emma ---193H
Haugen, Emmett I. ---243H
Haugen, Emmett I. ---248H
Haugen, Iver C. ---171H
Haugen, Lorraine---112H
Haugen, MarvaLene ---220H
Haupt, Eugene ---215H
Haupt, James A.---88H
Haupt, Martha ---174H
Haupt, Mrs. James J.---89H
Haus, Debra Mary ---166H
Hauser, Clyde Sr. ---218H
Hauser, Hannah M. ---220H
Haux, Fred---120H; 131H
Haux, John---138H
Haverman, John---121H
Haw, Simon - - -250
Hawes, Mrs. Silas (Clarice)---130H
Hawkin, Joe - - -233
Hay, Clifford Charles ---219H
Hayden, Caroline A. - - -110
Hayden, Caroline Ann---121H
Hayden, Caroling Ann - - -261
Hayden, Dorothy A Robb ---220H
Hayden, Eva ---171H
Hayden, John Edward ---171H
Hayen, Alphonse---162H
Hayen, Fred M. ---218H
Hayen, Isadore Michael ---218H
Hayen, LaVerne M. ---218H
Hayen, Margaret ---194H
Hayen, Matt Alex ---243H
Hayen, Mrs. John Sr.---157H
Hayenga, Fred---128H
Hayenga, Jennie ---249H
Haynes, Cecillia---74H
Haynes, George---159H
Haynes, George L---155H
Hays, Vernon----139H
Hazel, Bert R. ---194H
Hazel, Daniel---97H
Hazel, Donald ---219H
Hazel, Donna---110H
Hazel, Edmund V. ---194H
Hazel, Mrs. William---93H; 119H
Hazel, Sarah Jane - - -See Haw, Simon
Hazel, William---146H
Hazel, William Ralph ---194H
Hazeltine, Mr. - - -269
Hazzard, Clarence O. ---220H
Hazzard, Mrs. W.H.---94H
Hazzard, W.H.---148H
Head, Mrs. - - -233
Headland, Axel ---222H
Heald, Anna Elizabeth---121H
Heaningsen, A.O. ---172H
Hearth, William---126H
Heath, Murray D.---114H
Hebert, Mrs. E.F. (Caroline)---153H
Heckel, Woodrow---106H
Heckelsmiller, Katie (Mrs.)---89H
Hecklesmiller, Mrs. Wm - - -304
Heckmann, M.W.---182H
Hedberg, Sven - - -253
Hedin, Myrtle Eva---151H
Heflebower, Miss Sarah - - -380
Heflerty, Grace---137H
Hefley, Jean---120H
Hegedus, Elizabeth---159H
Heger, Arlys Beverly ---222H
Heger, Laurence E. ---223H
Heger, Steven P. ---221H
Hegwood, Emmet---158H; 162H
Hegwood, Emmet Leo “Tugger” ---221H
Hegwood, Rose Marie (2) ---196H
Hehr, Mr. and Mrs. Emmanuel(infant) - - -236
Heiden, June A. [Bennedix] ---220H
Heiden, Lillie G. ---219H
Heiden, Marvin (Sgt)---148H; 154L
Heil, Jacob---139H
Heim, Eugene---104H
Heimbaugh, Andrew Y. - - -260
Heimbaugh, William---99H
Hein, Carol ---249H
Hein, Emil---111H
Heine, Carl C. ---259H
Heine, E.H.---137H
Heine, Ervin---155H
Heine, Gustav---131H
Heine, Gustave - - -405
Heine, Gustave G. - - -268
Heine, Irvin E.---156H
Heine, Mrs. Carl---127H
Heineke, Dora---80H
Heintzman, Brenda Jean ---221H
Heiser, Raymond Thomas (Tom) ---249H
Helder, Mrs. E. J.---107H
Helder, Robert---135H
Heley, Delores---105H
Helfenstein, Christopher---100H
Helfenstein, Peter---129H
Helfenstein, Peter P.---101H
Helferty, Hugh - - -255; 195H
Helland, Loretta Mae ---219H
Helmenstine, Amelia C. ---222H
Helwig, Clarence A. ---224H
Hembling, Mary B.---181H
Hemenway, H.V. - - -265; 90H
Hemmerling, Patricia Louise---181H
Hemminger, Robert W. Jr.---181H
Hemple, Sixten---150H
Hempler, Adolph---102H
Hempler, Donna---159H
Hempler, Harry H.---182H
Hempler, Irene---162H
Hempler, Mrs. A. H.---98H
Hempler, Reinhold ---196H
Hemquist, Godfrey M. ---167H
Hendershott, Edward---181H
Henderson, Baby (Finlander)---183H
Henderson, Davis Allen---123H
Henderson, Deloris---157H; 162H
Henderson, Joseph---144H
Henderson, Perry---159H
Henderson, S.O.---141H
Hendricks, Hudson B.---80H
Henderson, Virginia Mae ---251H
Hendrickson, Mr. - - -238
Hendrickson, Mrs. Swantie---155H
Hendrickson, Phillip---110H
Hengels, John---153H
Hengels, John ---221H
Hengels, Maria (Mrs.)- - -235
Hengels, Theodore ---221H
Henicke, Mrs. Henry ---79H
Henjum, Andrew ---174H
Henjum, Bert ---171H
Henjum, Donald Eldon ---252H
Henjum, Elaine---163H
Henjum, George ---223H
Henjum, Julia ---169H
Henjum, Leslie B ---175H
Henjum, Stella ---223H
Henjum, Tina ---222H
Henjum, Willis---80H
Henkel, Shirley J. ---224H
Henkel, Steven Ray “Phil McKay” ---221H
Henninger, Dolores Marie ---250H
Henninger, Ervin ---260H
Henninger, Harold H.---109H
Henninger, Harold (Shorty) ---223H
Henninger, Herbert H.---140H
Henninger, Mrs. F.M. (Rike)---146H
Henninger, Nita I. ---250H
Henningsen, Arthur---119H
Henningsen, Arthur O. ---168H
Henningsen, John---157H
Henningsen, Mathilda---158H
Henry, Earl J.---181H
Henry, Elmer ---172H
Henry, Esther Beryl ---247H
Henry John--- 80H
Henry, Mrs. Fern ---87I; 79H
Hentgen, Mrs. Ernest ---194H
Herbert, Caston ---195H
Herbert, Edward ---259H
Herbert, Lemuel (Dr.) - - -251
Herbert, Mary Ann - - -259
Herbert, Mrs. E. J.---132H; 134H
Hermann, Fred ---253H
Herring, Alfred B.---182H
Herzog, Charles ---195H
Herzog, Charles C. Jr. ---224H
Herzog, Helen ---197H
Herzog, Mrs. A. M. - - -235
Herzog, Mrs. Charles (Alma)---148H; 151H
Hess, Clara (Mrs. Wm. Roehm)---127H
Hess, John W. ---172H
Hess, Stella---152H
Hess, William---99H
Hester, Mary Hurd---83H
Heth, Mrs. Peter---103H
Hettle, George---87F
Heupel, Bertha---183H
Hewitt, Belle - - -See Brown, John A.
Hewitt, Charles William---90H
Hewitt, Ella G. ---197H
Hewitt, Elsie ---224H
Hewitt, Gloria ---224H
Hewitt, Hazel ---197H
Hewitt, Lynn J. ---225H
Hiam, Jean B ---226H
Hicks, Calvin Lloyd ---199H
Hicks, Ernesst ---225H
Hicks, Irl ---165G; 167H
Hicks, Lavern A.---157H
Hicks, Maude (Mrs.)---125H
Hicks, Wilson B.---81H; 142H
Hieb, Hattie L. ---226H
Hiepler, Adolph---144H
Higby, Donald---104H
Higginbotham, Stuart W. ---255H
Higgings, Mrs. - - - 237
Higgins, Marie---154H
Higgins, Mr.---81H
Higgs, A. R.---100H
Higgs, John W.---90H
Higgs, Blanche (Mrs.)---98H; 110H
Higgs, Vernet  ---225H
Hildahl, Anna ---197H
Hildenbrand, Adolph---130H
Hill, (daughter of John) ---259H
Hill, Beverly---109H; 164H
Hill, Edwin---103H
Hill, Eliza - - -390
Hill, Elroy---92H
Hill, Herbert---81H; 142H
Hill, Hilma---153H
Hill, Howard (2) ---197H
Hill, Inez Louise---127H
Hill, Infant daughter John Hill---81H
Hill, John V. ---225H
Hill, Lloyd---138H
Hill, Logan (Log-Log) Marcus (2) ---198H
Hill, Meade---160H
Hill, Mr. and Mrs. John (infant) - - -236
Hill, Mrs. Alex---107H
Hill, Mrs. Edwin R.---138H
Hill, Mrs. Herbert ---197H
Hill, Ruth Elsie ---253H
Hill, Sam (infant) - - -237
Hill, Sophie E. ---260H
Hill, Swan---108H
Hill, Victor J. ---259H
Hill, Wallace---139H
Hiller, Hazel - - -248; 100H
Hillius, Mrs. John---89H
Hillock, Robert ---197H
Hills, Gertrude (Mrs.)---100H
Hills, Mrs. Herbert - - -234
Hills, Edward G.---149H
Hillyer, SFC Louis ---174H
Hilscher, Mrs. Willie---90H
Hilscher, William ---225H
Hinds, Barnabus ---260H
Hird, Nyva Johnson ---261H
Hird, Rex S. ---228H
Hitchcock, Ed---81H
Hjelseth, Nels---157H
Hoagenson, Arne - - -256
Hoar, Marjory B.---183H
Hoar, Russell---122H
Hoar, Russell A. (Bud) ---232H
Hoar, Wesley---183H
Hobza, Ralph (Rev.) ---169H
Hock, Frances ---228H
Hockenberry, Arlene ---261H
Hockenberry, Bernice ---229H
Hockenberry, Clinton ---199H
Hockenberry, Clinton James - - -245
Hockenberry, Lester W. ---252H
Hockenberry, Mrs. James---151H
Hockenberry, Mrs James (Mary Ann)---155H
Hockenbury, Jas son - - -273
Hocking, Dorothy E. ---228H
Hodge, Mrs. David---96H
Hodgens, Issac ---199H
Hodgers, Mrs. Boardman S.---94H
Hodges, Abbie (Mrs.)---99H
Hodges, B.S.---82H; 127H
Hodges, Boardman S.---84H
Hodges, Dellie Lucy - - -381
Hodges, Edward Earl---182H
Hoenhaus, Mrs. Max---100H
Hofer, Mrs. Lester---137H
Hoff, Ida ---226H
Hoff, Theodore ---229H
Hoffer, Austin---137H
Hoffer, John---81H
Hoffer, Mrs. - - -462
Hoffer, Norman Lloyd---82H
Hoffman, Alice---116H
Hoffman, Elmer A.---156H
Hoffman, Henry ---200H
Hoffman, Johanna - - - See Grosshans, William
Hoffman, Lawrence (Larry)---183H
Hoffman, Mary ---229H
Hoffman, Robert Stanley (Bob) ---256H
Hoffman, Walter ---229H
Hofland, Stacey D. ---226H
Hofmeister, Andrew---84H
Hofmeister, Mrs. J.C. - - -251
Hofsommer, C. F.---160H
Hofsommer, Charles A. ---168H
Hofsommer, Conrad F.---146H
Hofsommer, Edward W. ---230H
Hofsommer, Florence ---200H
Hofsommer, Gladys Marie ---227H
Hofsommer, Julia ---172H
Hofsommer, Julia Maria ---168H
Hofsommer, Lucille Ann ---258H
Hofsommer, Lucille Ann ---263H
Hofsommer, Mildred---183H
Hofsommer, Mrs. Charles---96H
Hofsommer, Oscar F. ---166H
Hofsommer, Thomas---114H
Hofsommer, William---109H
Hogan, Edward F. ---201H
Hogenson, Julius - - -259
Hogoboom, Nancy ---232H
Hohlwegler, Max ---200H
Hoikkala, Arne ---172H
Hoikkala, Arne Paul---104H; 121H; 174H
Hokana, Irene ---230H
Hokana, John Edward---107H
Hokana, Royal Willard ---227H
Hokana, Will (infant) - - -273
Hokana, William---95H; 105H; 109H
Hokana, William E. ”Bill”---113H
Holan, LeRoy---151H
Holbrook, Mrs. D.W.---83H
Holcomb, Florence---183H
Holen, Emil - - -234
Hollan, Sophia Klundt ---233H
Holland, James---109H
Holle, Leah ---230H
Hollenbeck, Mr.---185H
Hollett, Rev. F.S.---89H
Holling, Adolph - - -272
Holling, Heine ---165H
Hollingsworth, Lowell (Ray) ---263H
Holm, Charley ---172H
Holm, Erick C.---99H
Holm, LaVonne ---229H
Holman, Christine---123H
Holman, John P. ---263H
Holman, Myron ---231H
Holmes, C. D.---109H
Holmes, Donna Faye ---231H
Holmes, Harry (PVT.) ---185H
Holmes, Mae Elaine ---257H
Holmes, Richard August ---231H
Holmes, 11months, son William---82H
Holmgren, Alma Marie ---167H
Holmgren, Frank---105H
Holmgren, Harold Fredrick (Fred) ---262H
Holmgren, Howard R. ---232H
Holmgren, Larry D. ---232H
Holmgren, Marjorie Alice (Marj) ---251H
Holms, Ed M.---163H
Holms, Hans Oscar---85H; 160H; 202H
Holms, Mrs. Oscar--- 85H; 95H
Holms, Mrs. Oscar (Ida)---147H
Holmstrom, Eino---82H
Holmstrom, Elmer---157H
Holmstrom, Nelma Regina ---227H
Holmstrom, Robert J.---155H
Holmstrom, Sally ---234H
Holmstrom, Tina ---172H
Holmstrom, William Robert ---239H
Holsinger, Jack---158H
Holsinger, Mrs. Lester (Nina)---159H
Holstrom, Laurence A.(Bud) ---202H
Holt, Cora ---230H
Holt, Herman ---201H
Holt, Thomas---83H; 92H
Holte, Christ---108H
Holte, Darlene ---232H
Holte, Mrs. N. T. ---201H; 202H
Holte, N. T.---141H
Holte, Ralph Sr.---99H
Holzer, Brian, ---254H
Holzer, Brian Anthony ---262H
Homan, Julian “Joe” Simon ---234H
Homedew, George---134H
Homer, Charles A.---152H
Homerberg, Charlie---104H
Homerberg, William - - -270; 121H
Homes, C. F. (Dr.)- - -233
Homsickel, John - - -263
Honerbaum, Elizabeth - - -See Hansen, Peter
Honl, Barney---148H
Honl, Bernard (Barney)---155H
Honl, Emily ---204H
Honl, Emily J.---88H
Honl, Julios ---166H
Honl, Julius - - -234; 88H
Honl, Mary (Mrs.)---149H
Honl, Mrs. Julius---84H; 88H
Honsickle, Earl Joseph---185H
Honsickle, Ethel---185H
Honsickle, John Charles - - -261; 204H
Honsickle, Ruth---149H
Honsickle, Ruth (Mrs.)---120H
Honsickle, Ruth Eva---159H
Honsickle, Ruth Eva (Mrs.)---140L
Honsicle, Ruth Eva (Mrs.)---121H
Honson, Christine (Mrs.)---82H
Honson, Henry---96H
Honson, Peter - - -269
Honson, Sophie---156H
Hooper-Taylor, Oscar---132H
Hoops, Robert - - -245
Hopkins, Richard ---166H
Horan, Frank---83H; 172H
Horan, Mrs. Frank--- 83H
Horan, Mrs. Frank (Johanna)---159H
Horner, J.C.---126H
Horswill, Bessie - - -See Anderson, Mrs. A. G.
Horton, Ben---141H
Horton, Bert---140H
Horton, Mrs. Frank C.---138H
Hotaling, C.J.---104H
Hotchkiss, Miley---185H
Hottle, Dennis---155H
Hottle, Duane---157H
Houfek, Anna (Mrs.) - - -236
Houk, Carrie Cordelia---83H
House, Mabel---156H
Houtkooper, Peter ---233H
Hovden, Beatrice ---233H
Hove, Gilbert - - -271
Hove, Laura C.---151H
Hove, Ole T.---93H
Hove, Theora P. ---234H
Hovgaard, Dennis---143H; 158H
Howard, C. E. (Dr.)---99H
Howard, Grover ---171H
Howard, Kathryn M. ---236H
Howard, Muriel M. ---235H
Howard, Nellie---91H; 203H
Howe, A. E.---82H
Howe, Carrie---156H
Howell, Asa - - -238
Howell, Mrs. O. - - -456
Howell, Mrs. W. A.---81H
Howell, W. A.---109H
Howell, W. E. ---202H
Howell, William E. (Bob) ---205H
Howland, Vernon “Vern”---115H
Hoyback, Edwin & Harry---90H
Hoybak, Bryan---154H
Hoybak, Edgar ---204H
Hoybak, Edwin ---173H
Hoybak, Harry ---173H
Hoybak, Karl---92H; 186H
Hoybak, Mrs. Karl (Maren)---143H
Hoybeck, Arthur - - -236
Hovden, Ernest ---175H
Hromas, Mary---150H
Hubbard, Alice ---204H
Hubbard, F. G. (Dr.)---123H; 152H
Hubbard, E. J. - - -365; 132H
Hubbard, Mrs. D. W.---105H
Huber, (infant of H.) ---264H
Huber, Duane Michael - - -249
Huber, Edward ---204H
Huber, Jacob---119H; 151H
Huber, Kathryn Marie - - -249
Huber, Lea---152H
Huber, Wilbert “Bill”---112H
Hubert, Stanley---113H
Hudnall, Mrs. M. N. - - -271
Hudson, Fred S. ---171H
Hudson, Glen ---233H
Hudson, Glenn ---210H
Huebner, Adolph G.---129H
Huebner, Kenneth Eugene---111H
Huebner, Mrs. A. G.---107H
Huff, Mary Alin ---236H
Huffman, Cynthia ---166H
Huffman, Dick - - -243
Huffman, Doris M. ---235H
Huffman, Frank---161H
Huffman, Gregory Kenleon ---235H
Huffman, Howard Leonard ---262H
Huffman, Martha ---264H
Huffman, Mrs. R.P.---101H
Huffman, Samuel Enos ---238H
Huffman, Silas J.---113H
Huffman, Steven---110H; 124H
Huffman, Vera ---235H
Huffman, Walter---160H
Huggins, Harriett---142H
Hukki, Robert B.---149H
Hulbert, Mrs. Frank (Hilda)---128H
Hull, Henry---133H
Hull, Sgt.Wellington W.---185H
Hultsinpiller, Mrs. W.M.---101H
Humble, Clyde (Mr. and Mrs.)---145H
Humphrey, Alice Mae ---264H
Humphreys, George ---173H
Humphreys, James---128H
Hunt, James ---264H
Hunter, Bessie---153H
Hunter, Charles E.---148H
Hunter, Isabella - - -418
Hunter, J.H.---108H
Hunter, James (infant) - - - 237
Hunter, James H.---89H
Hunter, Jas. H.--- 86H
Hunter, Minnie ---170H
Hunter, Mrs. James A. - - -256
Hunter, Joseph---109H
Hunter, Sol - - -418
Hunter, Solomon---98H
Huntington, S. W.---108H
Huntington, Samuel ---205H
Huntington, Selma ---204H
Hupp, David---107H
Hupp, David Calvin---105H
Hupp, James---109H
Hurlbert, Frances (Miss) - - -431
Hurlbert, Lucius---139H
Hurley, R.E.---52C
Hurt, Brock ---238H
Hurt, Douglas Edwin & Sandra Ann ---237H
Hurt, Edwin Anton ---237H
Hurt, Frank---100H
Hurt, Josephine---150H
Hurt, Josephine (Mrs.)---146H
Hurt, Raymond ---238H
Huss, A. W.---186H
Hutsinpiller, J.W.---83H; 85H
Hutsinpiller, Mrs. J. W.---97H
Hutsinpiller, Paul - - -236; 118H
Hutsinpiller, Rose - - -403
Hutsinpiller, W. M. - - -404
Hutsinpiller, William M.---103H
Hvistendahl, Charlotte---86H; 113H
Hyatt, Beulah ---236H
Hyatt, Daryl Lee ---238H
Hyatt, E. G.---96H; 118H; 119H
Hyatt, Era Jeanette ---205H
Hyatt, Everett G. ---168H 
Hyatt, Harvey---106H
Hyatt, Minnie ---204H
Hyatt, Mrs. H. E. - - -263
Hyde, (wife of J.G.) ---264H
Hyde, Mrs. J. G. - - -267
Iljana, August---88I
IIjana, Elsa (Mrs.)---89I
Imboden, J.C.---89I
Ingle, Mrs.---59E
Ingersoll, Fred M. - - -278. See Ingersoll, Mrs. H. D.
Ingersoll, Harriet M. (Mrs.) - - -277
Ingersoll, Henry D. - - -See Ingersoll, Mrs. H. D.
Ingersoll, Ida M. - - -See Caldwell, W. A.
Ingersoll, James - - -278
Ingersoll, James F. - - -See Ingersoll, Mrs. H. D.
Ingersoll, Mrs. H. D. - - -275
Inman, Elizabeth - - -498
Ironside, L.H.---92I
Irwin, Blanche - - -See Irwin, George Washington
Irwin, Ella R. (Mrs.) - - -274
Irwin, Grace ---97I
Irwin, John---92I
Irwin, Geo W. - - -275
Irwin, George Washington - - -276
Irwin, J. W. - - -See Irwin, George Washington
Irwin, Lee - - -See Irwin, George Washington
Irwin, Nellie (Miss) - - -See Irwin, George Washington
Irwin, Roy - - See Irwin, George Washington & Irwin, Geo. W.
Irwin, Ruth Ella (Mrs.) - - -See Irwin, George Washington
Irwin, William A.---91I
Isack, Donnette Diane ---103I
Isakson, Benjamin---93I
Isakson, Gayle ---100I
Isakson, Ingval A ---100I
Isakson, Richard---91I- 92I
Isenberger, Wayne L. ---102I
Isley, Arthur M. Sr. ---103I
Isley, Franc ---105I
Isley, Homer ---96I
Isley, Leon F. ---105I
Isley, Maurice ---102I
Issak, John (2)---98I
Issler, Gottlieb---87I; 93I
Issler, Gottlieb Friedrich---88I
Iverson, Anna ---96I
Iverson, Arnold ---101I
Iverson, Arthur R. ---105I
Iverson, Arvid D. ---101I
Iverson, Axel - - -274
Iverson, Carl Ben ---97I
Iverson, Carl G. ---96I
Iverson, Charles L. ---101I
Iverson, Donald E.---87I
Iverson, Donald Edward---89I
Iverson, Edward J. ---105I
Iverson, Eleanor ---103I
Iverson, Gerald Allen---89I
Iverson, Gerald Allen (Pfc) ---96I
Iverson, H. - - -See Iverson, Mrs. Bengta
Iverson, Herman---88I
Iverson, J. J. - - -273. See Iverson, Axel
Iverson, John ---101I
Iverson, Lawrence---89I
Iverson, Mary (Mrs.)---88I
Iverson, Mrs. Bengta - - -274
Iverson, Mrs.Carl B---91I
Iverson, Mrs. Ole (Susan)---91I
Iverson, Ole---92I
Iverson, Orville Jerome---88I
Iverson, Pearl Marry ----97I
Iverson, Peter - - -293; 88I
Iverson, William ---100I
Iverson’s, Louie (infant) - - -273
Jabin, Dorothy Mattson ---148J
Jack, William Sr.---106J
Jackson, Andrew---127J
Jackson, Arnold---105J
Jackson, Donald---108J
Jackson, Grover - - -452
Jackson, Hanry - - -See Bosley, Ella I.
Jackson, Stella Smith - - -See Haas, John Franklin
Jackson, Velma ---150J
Jackson, Virginia---130J
Jackson, William Earl---126J
Jacobchick, Frank---110J; 134J
Jacobclick, John J.---107J
Jacobs, Agnes Wold---98J
Jacobs, Mrs. M.O. (Addie)---124J
Jacobson, C. E. (Chris)---103J
Jacobson, Darryl L. ---148J
Jacobson, Dora---123J
Jacobson, Elayne ---150J
Jacobson, Ethel ---143J
Jacobson, Iver C.---95J
Jacobson, Lillian ---143J
Jacobson, Lynn---128J
Jacobson, Mrs. B. M.---88J
Jacobson, Mrs. V. J. (Almeda)---124J
Jacobson, Nancy K. ---150J
Jacobson, Petra - - -291, 297
Jacobson, Theodore ---143J
Jacobson, Victor---124J
Jacques, Walter E. - - -281
Jahnig, Jody Charles (Charlie) ---148J
Jahnke, Elizabeth ---159J
Jahnke, Franklin---121J
Jahnke, Herbert---125J; 127J
Jahnke, Mrs. F. H.---103J
Jahnke, William - - -292
James, J. C.---127J
James, J. E.---123J
James, Mrs. J. E.---103J
Jamieson, Minnie ---150J
Jandos, Joe (Mr. and Mrs.) - - -279, 297
Jansen, Frank H.---88J
Jansen, George - - -297
Jansen, Peter---108J; 135J
Janson, Anna (Mrs.)- - -299
Janson, Peter - - -299
Jarmann, Anton Emil ---143J
Jarvis, Etta (Mrs.)---88J
Jarvis, Frank - - -279
Jarvis, Frank ---148J
Jarvis, Frank (Prof.) - - -294
Jarvis, Hannah Lamern - - -283
Jarvis, John - - -294
Jarvis, Lamern---117J
Jarvis, Mrs. Frank - - -287; 131J
Jederberg, Anna - - -298
Jederberg, Hans P. - - -299
Jeffers, Herbert K.---110J; 144J
Jeffery, Herbert K.---101J
Jeffrey, Lester (Dr.) ---137J
Jefroh, Julia ---145J
Jelinek, Jacob---102J
Jelinek, Mrs. Anton---126J
Jelinek, Richard---127J
Jenkins, C.P.---108J
Jenkins, Clarence---100J
Jenkins, Thomas---108J; 135J
Jenkins, Walter E.---101J
Jenks, Elda (Donnelly) ---159J
Jennison, George ---135J
Jenny, H.O.---113J; 125J
Jenny, John---121J
Jenny, Mrs. John---127J
Jensen, Anna ---132J
Jensen, Anna (Mrs.)---104J; 113J
Jensen, Elling - - -291
Jensen, Emma ---149J
Jensen, Jens Peter - - -295
Jensen, K.S. - - -298
Jensen, Ludwig---103J
Jensen, Marvin---128J
Jensen, Mrs. Karen - - -295
Jensen, Mrs. Peter - - -292
Jensen, Peter - - -292; 295; 100J
Jensen, Sonke H. ---144J
Jensen, Soren J.---107J
Jensen, T.M.---107J; 137J
Jensen, Theodor Martin---105J
Jensen, Theta Maddock---107J
Jensen, Walter---127J
Jenter, Annie - - -See Hansen, Sam
Jerabek, Minerva---215T
Jeska, Ed---129J
Jodsaas, Floyd ---149J
Jodsaas, Ingval Martin ---150J
Jodsaas, John---126J
Jodsaas, Mrs. John---127J
Jodsaas, Mrs. John (Lottie)---124J
Jodsaas, Virginia ---149J
Johanneson, Blanche ---147J
Johanneson, Gust ---147J
Johansen, Alpha - - -299
Johansen, Alpha Charlotte - - -289
Johansen, Hans---119J
Johansen, Hans (Mr. and Mrs.) - - -299
Johansen, O. A.---129J
Johnson - - -279
Johnson, A. B.---121J
Johnson, A. I. ---133J
Johnson, A. W.---124J
Johnson, Albert T. ---133J
Johnson, Alden Gerald---103J
Johnson, Alexander ---154J
Johnson, Alexander Kerry - - -296
Johnson, Alfred---97J
Johnson, Alfred Irwin ---134J
(Johnson) Almquist Josie ---90J
Johnson, Andrew---101J
Johnson, Annie (Mrs.)---106J; 112J
Johnson, Archie---137J
Johnson, Archie W. ---134J
Johnson, Arnold---137J
Johnson, Arnold ---154J
Johnson, Anna W. ---153J
Johnson, Arthur E. ---160J
Johnson, Axel ---132J
Johnson, Aylesworth---118J
Johnson, Ben---117J
Johnson, Ben (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -294
Johnson, Bernice Minnie ---154J
Johnson, Bertha - - -436
Johnson, Blake Allen ---159J
Johnson, C. Leonard---138J
Johnson, C. O. (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -293
Johnson, Carl---126J-127J
Johnson, Carrie (Mrs.)---89J; 106J
Johnson, Charles ---144J
Johnson, Charles ---149J
Johnson, Charles Olaf---116J
Johnson, Charley---90J
Johnson, Charlie Emory ---134J
Johnson, Charlie O.---89J
Johnson, Chester A. ---135J
Johnson, Chris---121J; 124J
Johnson, Clarence ---132J
Johnson, Clifton---90J
Johnson, Conrad---105J
Johnson, Dale K.---127J
Johnson, David---119J
Johnson, Detlef H.---104J
Johnson, Donald Lyle---138J
Johnson, Dorothy & Harriet---123J; 130J
Johnson, Edna ---159J
Johnson, Edsal C. ---151J
Johnson, Elizabeth ---160J
Johnson, Ernest G. ---131J
Johnson, Ed (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -279
Johnson, Edward I.---116J
Johnson, Edwin--- 90J
Johnson, Emma - - -444
Johnson, Emma (Miss) - - -376
Johnson, Emory V.---123J
Johnson, Esterby, Mary Frances - - -172
Johnson, Esther E.---141J
Johnson, Firman---107J
Johnson, Firmin---138J
Johnson, Frank E. - - -289
Johnson, Frank M.--- 90J
Johnson, Frank W.---97J; 131J
Johnson, Fred - - -292; 96J
Johnson, Frieda V. ---151J
Johnson, George---116J; 125J; 138J
Johnson, Gerda Elizabeth - - -296
Johnson, H. ---169O-170O; 145J
Johnson, H. J. ---91J; 111J; 120J
Johnson, Hanna---105J
Johnson, Hans - - -294
Johnson, Hans S.---124J
Johnson, Harold---128J
Johnson, Hellen Margaret ---133J
Johnson, Henry C.---102J
Johnson, Henry Carl---106J
Johnson, Herbert O. ---152J
Johnson, Hilma A. ---145J
Johnson, Hiram William---111J
Johnson, Hulda Mabel ---131J
Johnson, Ingof E.---106J
Johnson, Irvin M. ---153J
Johnson, Irwin ---153J
Johnson, Ivy A ---145J
Johnson, J. K.---127J
Johnson, J. M. (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -279
Johnson, Jack---109J
Johnson, Jacob---92J
Johnson, James---118J
Johnson, James C. ---132J
Johnson, James Curtis---98J
Johnson, James M.---123J
Johnson, James P. - - -295
Johnson, Joe---127J
Johnson, John---92J; 109J; 120J; 130J
Johnson, John A.---127J
Johnson, Joseph---126J
Johnson, Joseph H. ---155J
Johnson, Juanita Louise - - -293
Johnson, Julius---125J-126J
Johnson, Karin - - -See Bjork, Nils
Johnson, Katherine ---152J
Johnson, Katie ---163J
Johnson, Lawrence---138J; 140J
Johnson, Lenora Violet---140J
Johnson, Leona Edna ---163J
Johnson, Leonard R. ---147J
Johnson, LeRoy H. ---152J
Johnson, Leslie J. ---131J
Johnson, Lillian - - -284
Johnson, Lillian Susanne---92J
Johnson, Livy---98J
Johnson, Lloyd A. ---154J
Johnson, Lois---93J
Johnson, Louis---107J
Johnson, Louisa (Mrs.)---105J
Johnson, Lucille Gladys ---155J
Johnson, Margaret---119J
Johnson, Margaret Hannah---92J
Johnson, Maria ---134J
Johnson, Mark---126J
Johnson, Martha - - -See Butler, Mrs. Thomas W.
Johnson, Martin A. ---153J
Johnson, Mary Charlotte ---145J
Johnson, Merle---97J
Johnson, Mina (Miss)- - -281
Johnson, Minnie---108J; 113J; 122J; 127J; 133J
Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. - - -300
Johnson, Mrs. A. T.---101J; 105J
Johnson, Mrs. A.W. (Emma)---125J
Johnson, Mrs. Alfred - - -286
Johnson, Mrs. Andrew--- 89J
Johnson, Mrs. Arnold (Dorothy)---125J
Johnson, Mrs. D. R.---101J
Johnson, Mrs. Ed ---133J
Johnson, Mrs. Ed. A. (Mary)---125J
Johnson, Mrs. Emory---103J
Johnson, Mrs Ernest ---134J
Johnson, Mrs. Frank W. (Ellen)---125J
Johnson, Mrs. George P. (Susanna)---116J; 122J
Johnson, Mrs. H. J.---112J
Johnson, Mrs. H.J. (Grace)---123J
Johnson, Mrs. Hans---91J; 103J
Johnson, Mrs Harry ---134J
Johnson, Mrs. Howard Dady---127J
Johnson, Mrs. J. S. - - -373
Johnson, Mrs. James---101J
Johnson, Mrs. John (Anna)---124J
Johnson, Mrs. Livy (Bella)---127J
Johnson, Mrs. Mark---288; 98J; 111J; 133J
Johnson, Mrs. S. H. - - -293
Johnson, Mrs. Stanley---300; 93J; 110J
Johnson, Mrs. Swan - - -285
Johnson, Mrs. T.M.---99J
Johnson, Neal ---93J
Johnson, Nels - - -291
Johnson, Nina---117J
Johnson, Nina Irene ---152J
Johnson, Norman L.---113J
Johnson, Olof---130J
Johnson, Oscar---139J
Johnson, Paul August ---160J
Johnson, Per A.---106J
Johnson, Ranka---93Jv
Johnson, Ray---97J; 120J
Johnson, Raymond---129J
Johnson, Regina Olive Holmes---101J
Johnson, Richard---106J
Johnson, Robert Henry---139J
Johnson, Robert J.---110J
Johnson, Sidney Albert---102J
Johnson, Susan (daughter Ed)---93J
Johnson, Susanne ---136J
Johnson, Swan---93J; 104J
Johnson, Swen---122J
Johnson, Terry S ---143S
Johnson, The Norwegian---137J
Johnson, Theo H. - - -281
Johnson, Tim---140J
Johnson, Willeys ---146J
Johnson, William - - -294
Johnston, Addalaide---111J
Johnston, Anna D. (Mrs.)---107J
Johnston, C.N.---104J
Johnston, Ingolf E.---108J
Johnstone, Wilson (Rev.)---117J
Jones, Alonzo---129J
Jones, Benj - - -279, 297
Jones, Charles J. ---161J
Jones, David E.---126J
Jones, Evan Franklin---106J
Jones, Fletcher---94J
Jones, Frank---127J
Jones, George E.---94J
Jones, Hobart L. ---163J
Jones, Indian John ---146J
Jones, James Mason---100J
Jones, John---98J
Jones, Joseph Cyril---99J
Jones, Julia D. - - -See Goldsmith, Julia D.
Jones, L.S. (2)---139J
Jones, Lorenzo---135H
Jones, Mary (Mrs.)---99J
Jones, Mary Ann ---157J
Jones, Mrs. George - - -510
Jones, Mrs. Henry---131J
Jones, Mrs. John (Nora)---118J
Jones, Mrs. Mason---102J
Jones, Robert D.---104J
Jones, W.T.--- 95J
Jones, William Fletcher ---135J
Jordahl, Alvin James ---151J
Jordahl, Edith---109J
Jordahl, Lawrence ---155J
Jordan, C. R.---112J
Jordan, Charles A---102J
Jordan, Georgia [Buchanan] ---151J
Jordan, Mrs. Jessie Gibson---99J
Jorenson, Karen Marie (Mrs.)---100J
Jorgenson, Harold E. (2) ---147J
Jorgenson, Peder---88J
Jorgenson, Sena ---160J
Jorve, Wayne ---164J
Joseph, L.U.---130J
Juberg, Chester---95J
Juberg, Child Palmer---95J
Juberg, Hattie Noreen ---146J
Juberg, Lawrence - - -297
Juberg, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. - - -297
Juberg, Mrs. J. E. - - -295
Judd, H. W. - - -290; 113J
Judd, Pearl---129J
Juelke, Allan O. ---157J
Juelke, James Francis---95J
Juelke, Mrs. Conrad ---146J
Juelke, Oscar Alex---108J; 112J; 131J
Juelke, Velma Pearl---97J
Juelke, Velna Pearl---112J; 132J
Jumisko, Nina Marie---101J
Jump, Jeanette Frances ---164J
Junk, Florence Marion - - -297
Junk, Geo. A. (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -297
Junker, Harley A. ---156J
Juran, Marie Josephine ---161J
Jurmi, John E.---104J
Jurmo, Sulo ---133J
Jurmu, Ida ---134J
Jury, Eldon G. ---156J
Jury, H. E.---103J
Jury, Herbert E.---100J
Just, Walter Fredrec ---151J
Just, Lydia---109J
Just, Reinhold---114J
Just, Theophil (Ted) ---162J
Kaatz, Orville M. ---174K
Kabrud, Alfred B. ---176K
Kabrud, Bertha - - -304
Kabrud, Mrs. Adolph (Christina)---126K
Kadell, Adeline - - -311
Kadell, Clarence---97K
Kadell, Mr. and Mrs. - - -310
Kahila, Joseph---142K
Kahl, Anna ---149K
Kahl, John A.---134K
Kalac, Frank (Jerry) ---174K
Kalbus, Fred ---164K
Kale, Lillian ---176K
Kale, William  Sr. ---176K
Kalka, George---128K
Kalkbrenner, Adolph C.---132K
Kallestad, Christ---140K
Kallestad, Martha ---153K
Kallestad, Melvin---119K
Kallestad, Mrs. Christian (Laura)---137K
Kambeitz, Bertha---157K
Kambeitz, John J.---143K
Kamish, Florence ---153K
Kane, Kathryn ---177K
Kangas, Walter (Wally) ---177K
Kaphingst, Henry---106K; 112K
Kappenman, Brason ---148K
Kappenman, Brason Alfred “Fred”---157K
Kappenmen, Susan Mary ---209K
Kappenman, Wilfred J.---144K
Kappernman, Terry J. ---176K
Kappes,  Charles M. ---155K
Kappes, Frank - - -305
Kappes, Goldie Viola Harrington (Mrs.)- - -305
Kappes, Miss - - -319
Kappis, Mrs. Frank - - -319
Karas, Blanche Mary ---147K
Karas, Ed - - -308
Karas, Florence ---210K
Karas, Harvey ---178K
Karas, Joseph H.—127K
Karas, Mrs. Frank (Mayme)---133K
Karas, Willard J. ---174K
Karitas, Esther ---150K
Karlen, Arthur---157K
Karlen, Paul E. ---165K
Karlson,  August---133K
Karpen, Keith J. ---177K
Kaschulu, Nellie Seyer ---177K
Kassman, Ardell “Kass” Louie ---174K
Kassman, Elmer ---177K
Kassman, Emma---142K
Kast, Clarence E. ---207K
Kast, Helen ---164K
Kast, Keith A. ---178K
Kast, Terry---129K
Keagle, Catherine---157K
Keating, Elizabeth---139K
Keating, M.---97K
Keating, Sara---98K
Keeler, Floyd---130K
Keintz, Lucille [Deering] ---179K
Keith, Stella---126K
Kelder, Alice ---179K
Kelder, Forrest (Twig) ---212K
Keller, Blanche ---179K
Keller, Herman John---109K
Keller, Mrs. H. J. ---97K
Keller, Mrs. Robert---118K
Kelley, J. P. - - -308
Kelley, James Thomas - - -308
Kelley, Matt - - -344
Kellogg, Cora Lane---142K
Kellogg, W.E.---112K; 118K
Kelly, Barney---107K; 127K
Kelly, Beatrice---97K; 131K
Kelly, Beatrice (Miss)---120K
Kelly, Caroline ---165K
Kelly, Charles ---154K
Kelly, Charles H. ---156K
Kelly, Charles Henry ---211K
Kelly, Cody---131K
Kelly, Cody John ---210K
Kelly Edwin---98K
Kelly, Edwin H. ---148K; 165K
Kelly, Francis---141K
Kelly, James P.---138K
Kelly, Mary---142K
Kelly, Mary ---179K
Kelly, Mary C ---150K
Kelly, Mrs. J. P. (Catherine)---97K
Kelly, Nellie ---164K
Kelly, Patrick---98K; 105K
Kelsen, Gary ---213K
Kelsen, Willard Levi “Bill” ---175K
Kelsh, Alice Katherine ---179K
Kelsh, Freda ---148K
Kelsh, George Leopold ---152K
Kelsh, Helen Josephine ---175K
Kelsh, Lucille Abigail - - -317
Kelsh, Mary ---164K
Kelsh, Mrs. T. J.---110K; 134K; 142K
Kelsh, T.J.---128K
Kelsh, T. J. (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -318
Kelsh, Timothy---107K
Kempel, Hazel Christine ---208K
Kempel, Hazel Christine ---210K
Kempel, Myrtle E.---106K
Kempf, Walter ---179K
Kendall, Charles---114K
Kendall, Edwin---158K
Kendall, Edwin ---207K
Kendall, John - - -315
Kendall, Mrs. F.M.---113K
Kendall, Mrs. John - - -318
Kendall, William---122J
Kennedy, A. G. ---152K; 153K
Kennedy, Blanch L. - - See Bryan, Mrs. Fred G
Kennedy, Cecil ---175K
Kennedy, E. R. - - -301
Kennedy, E. R. (Photo) - - -300
Kennedy, Edna - - -470
Kennedy, Ernest - - -470
Kennedy, Gordon---136K
Kennedy, Herbert---98K
Kennedy, Herbert J. - - -313
Kennedy, John - - -302, 470; 116K
Kennedy, Kenneth M.---139K
Kennedy, Lloyd - - -302
Kennedy, Mae ---153K
Kennedy, Martin Neil ---166K
Kennedy, Mary A. (Mrs.)---98K
Kennedy, Myrtle - - -314
Kennedy, Myrtle Elizabeth - - -470
Kennedy, Odilia Sophia (Tillie) ---211K
Kennedy, Porter---129K
Kennedy, son E. R.---98K
Kent, A. E. - - -323
Kent, Elizabeth (Mrs.)- - -323
Keough, John - - -321; 124K
Kepler, Mrs. H.---98K
Kern, Conrad---120K; 154K
Kerr, Edwin T. ---165K
Kerr, Henry - - -391
Kerr, Margaret J. - - -See Gregory, William
Kerr, Mrs. James---126K
Kersting, Barbara [Zollar] ---175K
Kerther, Phillip---108K
Kessler, Dora Maude - - -See Babcock, Mrs. Fred
Kessler, Sam - - -312
Kester, Clark---128K
Kettelson, John---107K
Ketterling, Erwin ---182K
Ketterling, Fern ---183K
Ketterling, Julius ---181K
Ketterling, Marvin Henry ---182K
Ketterling, Maynard August ---180K
Ketterling, Phillip ---213K
Kettleson, John - - -320
Kettleson, Mrs. John - - -470
Keyes, Abel - - -321; 130K
Keyes, Darwin---135K
Keyes, E. W. (Judge)- - -309
Keyes, Geo H. - - -305, 320
Keyes, Geo H. Jr. - - -305
Keyes, Geo. H. - - -309
Keyes, Geo. H. (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -321
Keyes, George (2) ---183K
Keyes, George H.---114K
Keyes, Mrs. George H. - - -322
Kienow, Merlin F. ---180K
Kietty, Pearle L. ---180K
Kilchenman, Carl---134K
Kilchenman, John---139K
Kilchenman, Mrs. Carl - - -316
Kilchenman, Robert---111K
Kilchenman, Tom---135K
Kilchenmann, Carl---127K
Kilchenmann, Emma ---149K
Kilchenmann, Thomas---117K
Kilchenmann, Thomas H.---115K
Kilchenmann, William---109K
Kile, Hulda ---149K
Kilzer, Erma (Mrs. Leo) ---184K
Kimball, Marvin---137K
King, Betty ---165K
Kinken, Ebba T. ---166K
Kitzinger, Mary ---152K
Kitzinger, Nick ---152K
Kimes, George - - -316
Kindl, Florence J.---144K
King, Jane - - -See Bishop, J. S.
King, John---105K; 142K
King, John ---184K
King, Mortimer Lewis - - -305
King, Mrs. Patrick---126K
Kingery, Gertrude Redding - - -319
Kingsbury, Mrs. W.W. - - -474
Kingsley, Earl J.---126K
Kingsley, Fred - - -303; 107K; 113K
Kingsley, Mrs. - - -303
Kinney, Ann S. - - -See Heimbaugh, Andrew Y
Kirmis, Phebe E.---99K
Kirsch, Frederick---138K; 140K
Kirschman, Lawrence---130K
Kitizinger, Mrs. Peter - - -306
Kittelson, Art---116K
Kittelson, Arthur (Sergeant)- - -301
Kittelson, Mrs. Arthur - - -301
Kittleson, Leroy Eugene---122K
Kittleson, Melvin J. ---183K
Kitzinger, Anne---117K
Kitzinger, Edward P.---158K
Kitzinger, Edward P. ---184K
Kitzinger, Peter---139K
Kjellerson, John ---152K
Kjellin, George ---185K
Kjersem, Einar---136K
Kjersem, Ellen - - -341, 346
Kjersem, Siguard - - -341
Klapperich, Nathan---140K
Klefstad, Lyla J. ---181K
Klein, A. F. - - -330
Klein, Albert F.---99K
Klein, Albert Franklin ---186K
Klein, Eileen L.---123K
Klein, Ferdinand C. ---186K
Klein, Frances (Long) ---214K
Klein, Henry E. ---204K
Klein, Mary Ellen---99K
Klein, Mrs. Jacob---111K
Klein, Mrs. S. - - -456
Klein, Norma---120K
Klein, Olga---146K
Klein, Thelma---99K
Kleingartner, William---145K
Klemstein, William R. ---152K
Klever, Grace ---184K
Klima, Mrs. Julius---119K
Kliment, Anna---159K
Kliment, Anton ---150K
Kline, Claudine Helena ---186K
Klinger, Marilyn H.---122K
Klinker, Judge P.J.---158K
Klinkhammer, Edmund---159K
Klinkhammer, Ernest---159K
Klinkhammer, Henry B.---108K
Klinkhammer, Herman---118K
Klinkhammer, James A. ---185K
Klinkhammer, Joseph ---147K
Klinkhammer, Nick---138K
Klinkhammer, Paul---115K
Klipfel, Christ---138K
Klipfel, Huldina Alice ---167K
Klipfel, John (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -307
Klotzbeacher, Ethel Skoglund ---180K
Kloubec, Melvern George ---186K
Kluck, Everett C. ---181K
Kluever, Blanche ---188K
Kluever, Blanche C. ---166K
Kluever, Helen S.---160K
Kluever, Henry---132K; 133K
Kluever, Herbert Henry---160K
Kluever, Larry Duane---160K
Kluever, Ottillie (Tille) ---188K
Kluever, Otto J. ---181K
Kluever, Rudy---129K
Kluever, Walter F. ---187K
Klug, Ella ---148K
Klug, Henry ---149K
Klundt, Bertha ---211K
Klundt, Harry E.---141K
Klundt, John ---147K
Knapp, Charles Edward---118K; 124K; 148K
Knapp, Dorothy Margaret ---209K
Knapp, Eliene G. ---187K
Knapp, Mrs. Ed (Helen)---135K
Knecht, Elmer J. ---188K
Knecht, Tim ---187K
Knecht, Viola Lucille”Ole” ---167K
Kneip Ione Anderson ---194K
Kniefel, Mrs. J.W. (Mabel)---140K
Knight, J. F. - - -307
Knipple, Bessie ---194K
Knipple, Charles ---150K
Knoblauch, Margaret (Shorty) ---188K
Knock, Herbert---127K
Knock, Herbert Jr.---142K
Knock, Mrs. Herbert (Jane)---140K
Knoll, Hazel ---194K
Knoll, Mrs. R. V. (Iona)---139K
Knowlen, Delbert G.---161K
Knox, C.E.---127L
Knox, C. E. (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -308
Knox, Ethel ---194K
Knox, George C.---160K
Knox, Mary Zadie - - -308
Knox, Zadie---136K
Knudsen, Anton M.---137K
Knudsen, Hattie Marion ---189K
Knudsen, Harold W. ---204K
Knudsen, Sigfreid---137K
Knudson, Henry - - -319
Knudson, Nels - - -319
Knutson, Carl ---166K
Knutson, Della ---189K
Knutson, Emmons---125K
Knutson, Emmons ---195K
Knutson, Eugene “Gene” ---195K
Knutson, Evelyn G.---161K
Knutson, Jack---119K
Knutson, John A---124K
Knutson, Larry ---189K
Knutson, Kurt ---100K
Knutson, Mrs. Peter---110K
Knutson, Nels---111K
Knutson, Peter---110K
Koch, Adolph ---154K
Koch, Carl---100K
Koch, Charles Eugene---115K
Koch, Minnie---127K; 153K
Koch, Mrs. Adolph H. (Frances)---126K
Koch, Mrs. C. E. - - -292
Koch, Mrs. Charles E.---119K
Kocher, Albert ---196K
Koehler, Curt---128K
Koehler, Henry ---169K
Koenig, Alex - - -327
Koertner, Ina---127K
Koertner, Simon Fred---127K; 141K
Koester, Catharina---139K
Koester, Geo. (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -320
Koester, Henrietta - - -320
Koester, Henry---118K
Koester, Henry Jr. ---153K
Koester, Max John---105K
Koester, Maybelle Theresa ---189K
Kohoutek, Nathan ---195K
Kolden, Harlan C.---121K
Kolstad, Ben (Mr. & Mrs.)---142K
Kolstad, Harry---132K
Kolstad, James Allen---138K
Kolstad, Jennie ---155K
Kolstad, Ronald D. ---195K
Koltermann, Paul O. - - -317
Komar, Fern A. ---196K
Kombs, J.H.---132K
Komra, Mrs. J. H.---115K
Konard, David ---196K
Konewko, Mary ----155K
Konkler, Anna Agnes ---149K
Konkler, Clayton (Chic) ---196K
Konkler, George---134K
Konkler, George W. ---191K
Konkler, Harold ---168K
Konkler, Harold R.---124K
Konkler, Raymond Linferd ---204K
Konrad, Alexander---108K
Kootsikas, Dena (Mrs.)---101K
Kootsikas, Helen---161K
Kootsikas, James ---147K
Kootsikas, James Nick---110K
Kootsikas, John ---170K
Kootsikas, Nicholas---101K; 168K
Korn, Edna L. ---204K
Kornovich, Freda ---151K
Kornovich, William G. ---147K
Korpi, Solomon - - -318
Korpua---See Purro & Korpua sons drowned---164P
Korpua, John---100K; 128K
Korpua, Louis - - -See Burrow, Eli
Korpua, Louis---105K
Korpua, Mrs. John---119K
Korpua, Sam - - -319
Korpua, Uno - - -319; 115K
Korstad, William---141K
Kortner, C. H. (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -319
Kosel, Lila Ruth---127K
Kosel, Mrs. John ---169K
Koske, Henry Paul---100K
Koske, Mary J.---145K
Koskella, Gestave---108K
Koteich, Edward J. (Col.)---141K
Koukol, Frank ---149K
Kowalski, Mrs. Duane---117K
Krabbenhoft, Doris ---191K
Kraemer, Anna ---191K
Kraemer, Jocelyn Mae (Joey) ---170K
Krafka, Louis---117K
Kraft, Alvin---134K
Kraft, Alyssa ---197K
Kraft, Curtis ---152K
Kraft, Curtis Allan---113K; 124K
Kraft, Curtis C.---125K
Kraft, Earl---123K
Kraft, Henry---101K; 169K
Kraft, John W. ---148K
Kraft, Kathering G.---100K
Kraft, Lewis---115K
Kraft, Lewis Ernest William---107K
Kraft, Lois L. ---196K
Kraft, Lois L. ---214K
Kraft, Lorene N.---122K
Kraft, Michael---110K; 124K
Kraft, Mike ---156K
Kraft, Mrs. - - -331
Kraft, Mrs. Augusta---102K
Kraft, Mrs. Henry - - -304
Kraft, Phillip - - -314; 135K
Kraft, Velma Lucille ---191K
Kragtorp, Andrew E.---136K
Kranda, Anastasia (Mrs.)---118K
Kranda, Anna (Mrs.)---116K
Kranda, Anton A.---102K
Kranda, Christine---144K
Kranda, Eppie ---154K
Kranda, Frances Barbara---162K
Kranda, Fred---141K
Kranda, John Joseph---108K
Kranda, Raymond---135K; 139K
Kranda, Robert ---169K
Kranda, Ruth [Zimbleman] ---197K
Kranda, Tillie ---153K
Kranzler, Tabitha ---214K
Kranzler, Theodore “Ted” ---190K
Krapu, Frank M.---162K
Krapu, John E.---137K
Krapu, John M. ---214K
Krapu, Mamie Marie - - -307
Krapu, Marguerite Lucille ---193K
Krapu, Matt---124K
Krapu, Matt (Mr. and Mrs.) - - -307
Kratz, Florence L. ---197K
Krause, Clarence ---198K
Krause, Ernest Jr.---121K
Krause, Evelyn---162K
Krause, Gideon---102K
Krause, Marjorie Lorraine ---199K
Krause, Robert Sr.---120K
Krause, Robert F.---113K
Krause, Talena Margaret ---198K
Kraywinkel, Mrs. William---119K
Kraywinkle, William---115K
Kreader, R.E.---138K
Kreiger, Clara M. ---152K
Kreiger, Nick ---169K
Krein, Elmer ---190K
Kron, Otto ---197K
Krook, G.R.---136K
Krenz, Walter C. - - -322
Kriz, Edward E.---122K
Kriz, Evelyn J.---125K
Kroll, Wilhelmine Neuman---138K
Kroman, Mrs. O. H. - - -306; 124K
Kronschnabel, Anna Katherine (Mrs.)---118K
Kronschnabel, Casper - - -304; 102K
Krook, Mrs. R.---113K
Krook, Mrs. R. (Johanna)---136K
Krouse, (son)---161K
Krouse, Carl ---211K
Krueger, Vernon---138K
Krumm, Emma C. ---103K; 131K
Kruse, Carl - - -322
Krutsinger, Dale A.---139K
Kuchar, John F. ---199K
Kudrna, Frank---140K
Kudrna, Lucille---116K
Kuehl, Carol ---171K
Kuehl, Carol ---193K
Kuehn Viola M. ---199K
Kuenning, A. C.---126K; 146K
Kuester, Dora---144K
Kuhn, Della---121K
Kuhn, Mrs. Robert ---139K; 141K
Kuhn, Robert ---205K
Kulberg, Ole---109K
Kullnat, John W. ---199K
Kullnat, Mrs. John---116K
Kulzer, A. M. ---156K
Kulzer, Joseph ---148K
Kummeth, L. W.---141K
Kumpula, Charlie ---200K
Kundrna, Mrs. Frank ---103K
Kuni, A. P.---115K; 118K
Kunkle, J. L.---119K
Kunrath, Alice ---150K; 151K
Kunrath, Alice ---193K
Kunrath, Arlene June ---213K
Kunrath, Arthur ---171K
Kunrath, Clarence ---170K
Kunrath, Clarence ---190K
Kunrath, Darwin---163K
Kunrath, Evangeline---119K
Kunrath, George---117K; 136K; 172K
Kunrath, George (Mr. and Mrs.)---304, 308, 319
Kunrath, Henry---103K; 105K
Kunrath, infant Johnnie---103K
Kunrath, John ---104K
Kunrath, John ---200K
Kunrath, Mary Jane ---172K
Kunrath, Mary Jane ---200K
Kunrath, Mrs. George---105K
Kunrath, Peter---105K; 108K
Kunrath, Rose ---304
Kunrath, William ---172K
Kunrath, William ---190K
Kunz, Anna Tomajar---163K
Kunz, Anton (Tony) ---205K
Kunz, Frank---104K
Kunz, Harold M.---143K
Kunz, Johann---133K
Kunz, Karoline V. ---201K
Kunz, LaVonne ---192K
Kupfer, Ervin ---201K
Kupitz, Bertha---162K
Kupitz, Edward ---171K
Kupitz, F. C.---137K
Kupitz, John W. ---200K
Kupitz, Karen---126K
Kupitz, Mildred (Millie) ---192K
Kupitz, Richard ---192K
Kupper, Alison Ann ---147K
Kurth, Vivian ---155K
Kutschinske, Adam---139K
Kutschinske, Emma---145K
Kutschinske, Gust J.---139K
Kutschinske, Mrs. Adam---107K
Kutschinske, Robert D. ---173K
Kutschinske, Walter G. ---201K
Kutzer, Gordon Leo ---206K
Kutzer, Terrance---163K
Kvigne, Kenneth---66B; 154K
Kvigne, Lawrence ---152K
Kvigne, Lars---132K; 136K
Kvigne, Mrs. Lars (Tarjer)---137K
Kvigne, Olaf---109K; 151K
Kvigne, Olga E. ---192K
Kvignie, Ingvald ---172K
Kyllo, Ann ---201K
Kyllonen, Bertha ---173K
Kyllonen, Donald Leroy---119K
Kyllonen, Edwin---132K
Kyllonen,  Edwin E.---142K
Kyllonen, Herman ---173K
Kyllonen, James Scott ---205K
Kyllonen, Kathryn---111K
Kyllonen, Kathryn Marie---104K
Kyllonen, Nestor ---202K
Kyllonen, Thomas---116K
Kyllonen, Walter---129K
Kyllonen, William---140K
Kylstad, E. Eldora ---202K
Lacey, Jim---149L
Lacher, Leo ---180L
Lacina, Avin ---195L
Lacina, Emil ---197L
Lacina, Hazel ---197L
Lacina, Mary M.---178L
LaClair, J. J.---123L
LaClair, Mrs. J. L.---120L
LaClair, Mrs. T. J.---105L
LaClair, Thomas---122L
Lacher, Bregida---143L
Lacina, Alvin---140L
Ladd, C. C. ---197L
Ladd, Chas. C. - - -338
Ladd, Della - - -454
Ladd, Edwin F. (Sen.)---146L
Ladd, Frank---129L
Ladd, G. F.---132L
Ladd, Geo. H. ---105L
Ladd, George H. ---181L
Ladd, Minnie E. - - -333
Ladd, Mrs. G. F.---105L
Ladd, Mrs. G. F. (Jennie)---144L
Ladd, Mrs. Geo. H. - - -324
Ladd, Mrs. George H ---180L
Ladd, Mrs John (Mary)---144L
Ladd, Roscoe---128L; 162L
Ladd, W. H. - - -454
Ladner, Henry---157L
Ladner, Otto ---180L
LaFever, Howard---129L
Laffan, Johannah (Miss)- - -332, 334
LaFuente, Faith Lauren ---215L
Lahman, Fritz---172L
Lahman, Julia A. ---216L
Laingen, Chester ---180L
Laingen, Chester (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -327
Laingen, Selmer - - -327
Laird, Lester---150L
Laird, O. L. (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -327
Lake, John---144L
Lamb, George F. ---167L
Lamb, John F.---156L
Lamb, Jude R. ---182L
Lamb, Kenneth Earl ---195L
Lamb, Madlyn M.---137L
Lamb, Mrs. John (Emma)---145L
Lambert, Calvin H.---131L; 164L
Lambert, Dale C.---172L
Lambert, Lottie (Pete) ---215L
Lammer, Mrs. Ed ---106L
Lampe, Chas - - -459
Lamport, Russell E. ---181L
Lancaster, David C. ---180L
Lancaster, Everett ---180L
Lancaster, George---105L
Landeene, Elsie Emelia Anhorn ---198L
Lander, Delyn Beth---134L
Landreth, Mrs. Martin (Biddie) ---180L
Landreth, Roe ---180L
Landreth, Roe ---198L
Lane, George M.---106L
Lane, Harriet (Duncan) ---132D
Laney, Leonard Earl ---195L
Laney, Martha ---196L
Lange, Mary Katherine ---180L
Langeberg, William H. ---198L
Langeberg, Wm. K. (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -327
Langmaack, Harry F. ---197L
Lanham, Will ---181L
Lanning, Bernice Lillian---173L
Lanning, Clayton ---167L
Lanning, Mrs. Walter---127L; 128L
Lanning, Walter---159L
Lanning, Walter S.---155L
Lanphere, Agnes (Penny) ---216L
Lanphere, Leon ---181L
Lanphere, Leon Lloyd---136L
Lanphere, Mary ---180L
Lantz, Joe---128L
Lanz, Mrs. Otto---139L; 163L
LaPlante, Charles---182P
Lardner, Eliza I.---144L
Large, Joe---148L
Larron, Alex---133L
Larse, Zella ---165L
Larsen, Carl---173L
Larson, Ada ---164L
Larson Agnes ---199L; 201L
Larson, Albert---128L; 138L
Larson, Andrew - - -344
Larson, Anna (Mrs.)---107L
Larson, Anna C. - - -407
Larson, Anna Louise ---183L
Larson, Arlys---135L
Larson, Arlys L.---108L
Larson, Betty Jo ---200L
Larson, Bonnie ---183L
Larson, Calvin---139L
Larson, Carl---159L
Larson, Carl V.---139L
Larson, Charles Galen---123L
Larson, Christine ---217L
Larson, Clara---160L
Larson, Clara (Miss)---107L
Larson, Cornelia (Connie) ---182L
Larson, Dean Ruele---127L
Larson, Earl ---196L
Larson, Ebba Louise ---199L
Larson, Eddie Peter ---166L
Larson, Edward C. ---199L
Larson, Edwin ---164L
Larson, Emelia ---165L
Larson, Edwin ---164L
Larson, Glen ---199L
Larson, Gus ---163L
Larson, Harriet Mae ---183L
Larson, Irene A ---182L
Larson, J. Donavan---107L; 136L
Larson, Jens---157L
Larson, John---140L
Larson, John M.---120L; 130L
Larson, John Peter---125L
Larson, Kenneth---173L
Larson, Lassa ---106L
Larson, Leedora---136L
Larson, Leola G.---135L
Larson, Linus---174L
Larson, Louis---151L; 154L
Larson, Louis G.---108L; 148L
Larson, Louis K.---131L
Larson, Mabel “Mickey” ---196L
Larson, Maggie ---182L
Larson, Magnus---159L
Larson, Maria Nelson---118L
Larson, Mary B.---141L
Larson, Melvin ---167L
Larson, Minnie ---166L
Larson, Mrs. Bennet - - -328
Larson, Mrs. Bennett - - -327
Larson, Mrs. Carl S. (Hilda)---157L
Larson, Mrs. E.C. (Cecile)---154L
Larson, Mrs. James P.---155L
Larson, Mrs. Joe D. (Edith) ---160L
Larson, Mrs. Lobert - - -331
Larson, Mrs. Walter---139L
Larson, N.A.---106L
Larson, Nels A.---138L
Larson, Neva ---215L
Larson. O. Edward---153L
Larson, Orlin ---219L
Larson, Oscar---126L
Larson, Robert James---106L
Larson, Rosalie E.---174L
Larson, Serene Marie---142L
Larson, Seth ---170L
Larson, Tracy C. ---168L; 175L
Lash, Jeanne ---224L
Laske, David ---184L
Laske, Eugene C. ---224L
Laske, Ima M. ---200L
Lass, Mandy J. ---184L
Lau, Foster J---145L
Lau, Mary---161L
Lauderdale, Deborah Ruth ---219L
Lauderdale, Joyce Marie ---219L
Laudert, Andrew J. ---200L
Laughlin, Michael E.---158L
Laughlin, Mrs. M.E. (Margaret)---158L
LauRach, Charles---149L
Laurela, Mrs. Henry - - -330
Lauricella, Lois Ann [Feir] ---201L
Lautt, Helen M.---137L
Lautt, Theodore “Ted” ---201L
Law, Charles---158L
Law, Dollie M. ---184L
Law, George Washington---107L
Law, John---157L
Lawlor, Elijah ---209L
Lawrence, Andrew Ryan---154L
Lawrence, Doris---136L
Lawrence, Ed. - - -339
Lawrence, Edward & Infant Linda ---185L
Lawrence, Joseph---109L; 163L
Lawrence, Joseph (Mr. and Mrs.) - - -331
Lawrence, Josie ---163L
Lawrence, Josie Clara---109L
Lawrence, Peter ---185L
Lawrence, T. E.---155L
Lawrence, Truman W.---107L
Lawson, Roy A ---184L
Leach, George---133L
Leach, Hugh A---131L
Leach, James L.---160L
Leach, Kenneth C---135L
Lebedoff, John---151L
Lebedoff, Marion---130L
Lebedoff, Marion (child)---109L
Lecce, Tom ---218L
Leddy, Susan ---212L
Lee, Alice Lean ---215L
Lee, Anna ---223L
Lee, Bertha (Mrs.)- - -338
Lee, E. W. (Gene) ---186L
Lee, Hans - - -338; 110L
Lee, Hans (Mrs.)- - -332
Lee, Hattie---146L
Lee, Hattie (Miss) - - -340
Lee, Jorgina---157L
Lee, Julia---151L
Lee, Julia (Mrs.)---138L
Lee, Mary (Mrs.)---110L
Lee, Richard C. ---209L
Lee, S. E.---159L
Lee, T. B.---144L
Lees, Norman ---185L; 186L
deLeeuw, Mrs Peter---144L
Leffek, W. J. (Dr.)---129L
Leffingwell, G. M. - - -330
Leffingwell, Mrs. Wm. - - -328, 330
Leffingwell, W. H.---112L
Leffingwell, Wm.---111L
Legler, Henry ---216L
Lehman, K. J.---150L
Lehner, Rev. Otto ---203L
Lehti, S. N. (Nick)---127L
Lehto, Belle Marie ---186L
Leibli, Benjamin Franklin - - -336
Leibli, Leo H.---124L
Leibli, Leo. (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -336
Leibli, Martha ---187L
Leiby, E. N.---122L
Leiby, Ed. N.---124L
Leiby, Ollie J.---126L
Leigh, Clark---154L
Leigh, Emma ---167L
Leigh, Leslie ---186L
Leigh, Ruby Esther---171L
Leighton, C. A. - - -332
Leischner, John ---210L
LeMaster, M.---110L
LeMier, Margaret H.---119L; 142L
Lematta, Herman---145L
Lematta, Ina Hanhela---171L
Lemcke, Rosa L. ---203L
Lemke, Emiel Adolph ---203L
Lemna, Ethel Ann ---220L
Lemon, E.E.---155L; 168L
Lemon, Mrs. E. E. - - -365
Lemons, Mrs. Luther(Alma)---119L
Lenaburg, Dean E. ---166L
Lenning, Mildred Shockman ---212L
Leonard, Arthur (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -341
Leonard, Glenn - - -341
Leonard, Grandma---111L
Leonard, Mary Margaret ---170L
Leonard, Mrs. William H. (Mary Jane)---148L
Lerback, Mrs. John (Alma)---157L
Leslie, John---121L; 138L
Leslie, Mrs. John---129L
Lester, Harry---111L
Letson, Albert---133L
Letson, Frank - - -329; 133L; 146L; 147L
Letson, Mabel---150L
Letson, Matihla Finch---134L
Leverty, Mary (Mrs.)---131L
Levery, Bertha---128L
Levings, Kate---150L
LeVoir, Mary---161L
Lewis, Anna M. ---164L
Lewis, Alden W. ---170L
Lewis, Dena ---204L
Lewis, Gilbert “Gilley”---175L
Lewis, James - - -325
Lewis, James ---220L
Lewis, James R. ---204L
Lewis, Kenneth M.---159L
Lewis, Norman Robert ---218L
Lewis, Stanley---157L
Lewis, Tom ---204L
Lewis, W. W. - - -326
Lewis, W. Wayne ---203L
Lewis, Willard H. ---204L
Libby, J. - - -334
Libby, Mrs. J. ---111L
Liddell, Alex---122L
Liddell, Hilda M. ---166L
Liddell, Mrs. A---130L
Liedle. Mrs. Aaron (Clara)---148L
Lien, Arthur Phillip ---187L
Lien, Claudia L. (Nuss)---140L; 202L
Liimatta, Herman Sr.---121L
Lilla, Ben ---186L
Lilla, Edward G. ---205L
Lilla, Leonard A.---161L
Lilla, Mrs. Frank (Ida)---159L
Lilleboe, G.B.---145L
Lilleboe, Mrs. Olaf (Hazle)---152L
Lillibridge, J.W.---155L
Lillibridge, Mrs. John W.---122L
Lind, Charles---112L
Lind, Edna ---166L
Lind, Edna (Mrs.)---138L
Lind, Laura A. ---187L
Lind, Mrs. H.F. ---166L
Lind, Mrs. Nels ---164L
Lind, Mrs. Peter---127L
Lind, Nels P.---151L; 158L
Lind, Pete---130L; 186L
Lindeke, Frederick G. - - -330
Lindell, Mrs. Otto---128L; 132L
Lindell, Otto---121L
Lindeman, Carl V. ---205L
Linderman, Charles---155L
Linderman, Charles M.---125L
Linderman, Mary A.---150L
Linderman, Mary A. (Mrs.)---112L
Linderman, Selma R.---152L
Lindersmith, Dora (Mrs.)- - -335
Lindersmith, Kenneth---111L
Lindersmith, Marguerite (Mrs.)- - -326
Lindersmith, Mrs. M. I. - - -328
Lindersmith, R. E. (Prof.)- - -335
Lindgren, Andrew---126L
Lindgren, Christine---150L
Lindland, Annie Elena - - -345
Lindland, J. H. (Rev.) - - -345; 125L
Lindland, Mrs. J.H. (Jensine)---156L
Lindsay, Elisabeth - - -203
Lindseth, Elling---155L; 156L
Lindseth, Elmer ---206L
Lindseth, Mrs. Elling---121L; 132L
Lindseth, Mrs. Soren - - -346
Lindseth, Sigurd ---205L
Lindseth, Soren - - -340
Lindstrom, Erhard W. ---187L
Lindstrom, Ruth ---202L
Ling, M. R.---150L
Lingren, Charles ---187L
Lingren, Lorna---143L
Lingren, Lorna ---202L
Linnell, Mrs. Howard---106J
Linvill, J. W.---147L
Linvill, Margaret ---188L
Linvill, Mary Cecilia---113L
Linvill, Mrs. William---119L
Linvill, Ralph W. ---220L
Linvill, Sarah Amanda - - -337
Linvill, William B. ---168L
Linville, Frank H.----158L
Lipp, Eva (Mrs.)---128L
Lippert, Herman P. ---188L
Lippert, Vernon (Pfc.)---148H; 154L
Lippo, Phillip---125L
Lisko, Dorothy Kathryn ---202L
Lister, Mrs. T. H. G. - - -331
Lister, Roma---162L
Little, Mrs. John D. (Evangeline)---153L
Litts, Mrs. B. E.---153L
Livingston, H. H.---153L
Livingston, Magda ---188L
Lloyd, Duane L. ---206L
Lloyd, Wilma R. ---210L
Lobeck, Alex J. ---164L
Lock, Charles “Chuck” ---210L
Lock, Darrell C. ---210L
Lock, Marie---175L
Locker, Cerinda E. (Mrs.)---128L
Lockie, Mrs. Clinton---113L
Lockie, Mrs. William (Mary Ellen)---160L
Lockie, Mrs. William (May)---150L
Lockie, William---125L; 152L
Lockie, Wm (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -329
Lockis, Mrs. William---132L
Loe, Doris ---208L
Loe, Ole ---188L
Loegering, Donald ---168L
Loepp, (son of J.E.) ---220L
Loepp, Emil H.---145L
Loepp, J. E.---114L; 124L
Loepp, J. E. (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -327
Loepp, Jack E.---160L; 161L
Loepp, Jack Emil ---164L
Loepp, John - - -324
Loepp, John ---206L
Loepp, Mrs. J.E.---114L; 120L
Loepp, Richard---176L
Loepp, Robert (Bud) ---217L
Loepp, Ruth F. - - -323
Loepp, Walter ---169L
Logan, Adaline ---188L
Logan, baby Dr. J. A. Logan---114L
Logan, J. A. (Dr.)---113L
Logan, J. A. (Dr. and Mrs.)- - -327
Logan, Mrs. J. A. - - -328, 331
Lohmeier, Mrs. S. A. (Minnie)---156L
Lohmeier, Simon---150L; 157L
Lohse, Anna Magdaline ---189L
Lohse, Herman---114L
Lohse, J.---114L
Long, Bernice---134L
Long, D. H. (Dr.)---144L
Long, Duwayne Ira ---189L
Long, Edwin ---190L
Long, Ella---149L
Long, Fred (Dr.)---144L
Long, Jerome ---190L
Long, Melvin J. ---207L
Long, Mrs. E. J. - - -329
Long, Mrs. Edwin (Eliza)---153L
Long, Robert (Fr.)---154L
Longbella, Christina---176L
Longbella, Hazel ---167L
Longbella, Maynard ---189L
Longbella, Torval---159L
Longbolla, Mrs. T. W. - - -375
Longbolla, Orien - - -328
Longenaker, William---115L
Lonien, J. B.---153L
Losey, L. A.---154L
Losey, Mrs. L. A.---156L
Losey, Richard---144L
Loshse, Metta - - -See Gripp, Hans
Louck, Auderey Lucile ---190L
Love, Evelyn Wellman (Mrs.)---131L
Love, Goldie ---165L
Love, Robert D. ---208L
Lovelace, E. S. - - -327
Lovell, Alanson ---168L; 176L
Lovell, C. S. - - -355
Lovell, Charles S.---130L
Lovell, Egbert - - -329
Lovell, Geneva M. (2)---177L
Lovell, Geneva M. (2) ---208L
Lovell, Sarah (Mrs.)---115L
Lovell, Sarah Jane (Mrs.)---115L
Lovell, Thomas - - -329; 176L
Loven, Einar H. ---221L
Low, Dr. Fred ---167L
Low, Hans---126L
Low, M. B. - - -337
Low, M. B. (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -370
Low, Matthias B. - - -337
Low, Mrs. Hans (Mary)---151L
Lowe, Elizabeth ---166L
Lowe, Mabel---152L; 154L
Lowe, Mabel (Mrs.)---123L; 138L
Lowe, Mrs. J. B.---176L
Lowe, Ross Beach ---190L
Lowe, Vernon A. ---210L
Lowery, Mrs. William - - -333
Lubiens, Loren ---211L
Lubeins, Lyle M.---177L
Lubiens, Mrs. W. E. - - -365
Lubiens, Wilmer ---193L
Luce, Florence Mae---178L
Lucke, Agnes---116L; 145L
Lucke, Charley---153L
Lucke, Michael - - -344; 117L;192L
Lucke, Michael Frederick ---191L
Lucke, Mrs. Otto---117L; 119L
Lucke, Otto ---165L
Lucke, William - - -342; 116L; 191L
Lucke, Wm. - - -343
Lugert, John (Rev.) ---192L
Lum, E. D.---177L
Lumoa, Hilda ---211L
Lund, George ---168L
Lund, Henry ---164L; 167L
Lund, John P.---117L
Lund, John P. ---209L
Lund, Lois D. ---223L
Lund, Mr. - - -334
Lund, Mrs. Alma---130L
Lund, Mrs. John---123L; 129L
Lund, Mrs. R. G. - - -334
Lund, Mrs. William Sr.---126L
Lund, W. H.---152L
Lund, William---140L; 153L
Lund, William J.---143L
Lundh, Ina O. ---221L
Lundh, Nels Cornelius ---218L
Lundquist, Clarence---132L
Luoma, Albe---145L; 162L
Luoma, Fred E. ---222L
Luoma, Helen M. ---191L
Luoma, Lottie---158L
Lutgen, Alfred John ---222L
Luther, Ed ---211L
Luttman, Alfred---132L
Luttman, Florence ---193L
Lutz, Fred---158L
Lutz, Gerald ---168L
Lutz, Mrs. Fred---127L
Lutz, Rex---126L
Lutz, William---158L
Lux, Frances ---212L
Lux, Gladys ---163L
Lux, Melvin ---193L
Lux, Richard S. ---192L
Lyman, Alma ---194L
Lyman, Ethan---130L
Lynch, Harriet A. (Mrs.)---118L
Lynch, Mrs. Maurice - - -330
Lynch, Mrs. W. D.---118L
Lynch, William D. (Judge)---120L
Lynde, Frank W.---118L; 149L
Lynde, Martha (Mrs.) - - -333
Lynde, Mrs. George (Leola)---147L
Lynder, Ann M. - - -See Welcher, C.B.
Lyngen, Augusta---159L
Lyngen, Ellen---142L
Lyngen, Fred ---212L
Lyngen, John---160L
Lyngen, Mrs. John---156L
Lyngen, Mrs. Ole---152L
Lyngen, Ole---126L
Lyngen, Peter---131L
Lynn, Mrs. Frank - - -474
Lynn, Mrs. Wm - - -336
Lyon, George H. ---209L
Lyon, Morgan ---165L; 178L
Lyons, George Henry ---193L
MacDonald, James C.---195M
Mack, Mrs. Walter A. (Ruth)—182M
MacKlennan, G. K. (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -357
MacLennan, George---206M
Maclennan, Mrs. G. K. - - -400
MacPhail, Robert L---178M
Maddock, Anna E. ---243M
Maddock, Charles B. ---212M
Maddock, Ella---167M
Maddock, Ellen (Mrs.)- - -402
Maddock, Grace ---218M
Maddock, Harry ---223M
Maddock, Harry (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -366
Maddock, Jr., James Frances---228M
Maddock, James Logan - - -402
Maddock, John C. ---266M
Maddock, Harold C. ---267M
Maddock, Joyce C. (2)---227M
Maddock, Lewellyn ---243M
Maddock, Logan - - -367
Maddock, Logan, Harry and Charles - - -357
Maddock, Madeline Mary ---310M
Maddock, Madeline Rose ---299M
Maddock, Marie---160M
Maddock, Marie (2) ---266M
Maddock, Maurice “Reese”---228M
Maddock, Mrs. Charles ---216M
Maddock, Myrtle ---243M
Maddock, Wallace ---263M
Maddock, Wayne Logan - - -366
Maercklein, A. G. (Dr.) ---120M; 200M
Maercklein, E. H. (Dr.)---194M
Maercklein, Edna---208M
Maercklein, Edward---180M
Maercklein, Fred (Dr.)---185M
Maercklein, Ivan (Dr.)---203M
Maercklein, Ivan R. (Dr.)- - -389
Maercklein, W. J. (Dr.)- - -389
Maercklein, F. W. ---120M
Maercklein, F. W. Mrs. - - -See Irwin, George Washington. See Irwin, Geo. W. See Irwin, Mrs. Ella R.
Maercklein, Frederick William - - -364
Maercklein, Mina - - -389
Maercklein, Mrs. A.G.---119M
Maercklein, Mrs. Fred W. - - -364
Magill, Donald Thomas ---243M
Magill, Emmet Marcellus ---244M
Magill, Nellie ---214M
Magill, Roland---151M
Magoffin, Amy---203M
Magoffin, B.---120M
Magoffin, Beriah---183M
Magoon, Henry ---315M
Magoon, James---156M
Magsmen, Berneda (Miss)---142M
Maheny, Lucette - - -See Gordinier, W.C.
Mahlum, Marland “Molly” ---163M
Mahoney, Agnes C. ---269M
Mahoney, Alice Evangeline---157M; 169M
Mahoney, Ed---197M
Mahoney, Edward Leo ---263M
Mahoney, Estella ---220M
Mahoney, James---139K
Mahoney, John - - -401; 143M
Mahoney, Michael - - -400; 244M
Mahoney, Molly---156M
Mahoney, Mrs. G. B.---182M
Mahoney, Mrs. John - - -389
Mahoney, Rat---160M
Mahoney, Robert Michael - - -403
Mahoney, Thomas J. - - -369
Mahoney, William - - -403
Maier, Ava Lynn---203M
Maier, Christ---156M
Mailloux, Alan D. ---273M
Mailloux, Joyce Agnes---229M
Mailloux, Raphael ---299M
Mailoux, Ethel ---269M
Main, Ada (Miss)- - -353
Main, Blanch ---245M
Main, Masy Veline (grandma) ---248M
Main, Mrs. - - -367
Maine, Alfred William “Bill” Jr.---166M
Mairose, Amerose ---214M
Mairs, Vivian B. ---267M
Major, Ollie - - -369
Maki, Albert---153M; 166M; 229M (2)
Maki, Alex ---215M
Maki, Edwin “Rudy” ---221M
Maki Edwin “Rudy” ---268M
Maki, Emil---199M; 201M
Maki, Hilda (Mrs.)---144M
Maki, Hilda Karolina ---263M
Maki, Howard Eino ---299M
Maki, Nels---229M
Malan, Ernest W.---142M
Malan, Mrs H.---154H
Malander, C. A.---191M; 204M
Malander, Mrs. C. A.---193M
Malander, Mrs. C. A. (Ethel)---195M
Malander, Robert---146M
Malberg, Anton---141M
Malberg, Roy---153M; 177M
Maley, Emma Susan (McCann) ---301M
Maley, John ---267M
Maley, Raymond ---268M
Maley, Robert---166M
Malin, Mrs. A. B. - - -384
Mallach, Paulina---196M
Mallau, Ella Emma---145M
Mallau, Emil J.---191M
Mallau, Harold J.---192M
Mallau, Henry F.---202M
Mallau, Mrs. Henry (Jennie)---206M
Mallau, Mrs. Henry & Darlene---198M
Mallau, Darlene---206M
Mallberg, Mrs. Harold ---245M
Mallberg, Raymond---121M
Mallinson, L. D.---121M
Mallinson, Mrs. W. H.---141M
Mallon, Fred (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -358
Mallory, Alice - - -395
Mallory, H. J. - - -386
Mallory, H. J. ---300M
Mallory, W. H. - - -395
Mallory, W. H. H. ---269M
Mallon, Robert L. ---269M
Malmberg, Bradley Ray ---217M
Malmberg, Martin---161M; 174M
Malmberg, Marvin M. ---221M
Malmberg, Marvin Matthew---230M
Malmberg, Mary Ellen ---247M
Malmberg, Mrs. Martin---121M
Malmberg, Neahard---202M
Malon, Joe - - -354
Malpert, Herbert ---267M
Malpert, Jacob ---268M
Mammel, Josephine---230M
Mammel, Reuben ---263M
Mandigo, Minnie - - -382
Mandigo, Minnie (Miss)---172M
Mandigo, W. S. (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -382
Mangin, Andrew ---245M
Mangin, John M. ---269M
Mangin, Marcus---230M
Mangin, Milton D. ---262M
Mangin, Phyllis---207M
Mangnall, Ralph---122M; 162M
Mangnall, William---196M
Mangnall, William E.---191M
Mangold, M. B. - - -395
Mangold, Robert - - -395
Manning, Carrie E. (Dr.)---123M
Manning, Fred---123M
Manning, G. P.---145M; 155M
Manning, John Wesley---150M
Manning, Johnnie - - -398
Manning, Lizzie - - -398
Manson, Mans - - -356, 368
Marcotte, Martha---231M
Marek, Ella ---271M
Marek, Mark (2) ---270M
Maresh, Ed - - -354
Maresh, Ed.---159M
Margulies, Sarah R. (Sally) ---305M
Marin, J. G. - - -378
Marks, Henry ---210M
Marks, William---147M
Marose, Sherrie Lynn [Sjolin] ---262M
Marquia, George H. ---245M
Marsden, Roy H. - - -374; 170M
Marsden, W. H. (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -374
Marsden, William H.---125M; 186M
Marsh, Henry---143M; 148M; 169M
Marsh, Lawrence - - -369
Marsh, Margaret J. ---214M
Marsh, Mrs. W. H.---123M
Marsh, Thomas J. ---246M
Marsh, William Henry---124M
Marshall, Albert - - -380; 91H
Marshall, Albert Lee---178M
Marshall, Alice G. - - -See Cortrite, Mrs. David
Marshall, Chas. L...... 380
Marshall, George W. and Sarah E. {Hefflebower}- - -349
Marshall, George Washington - - -380
Marshall, Gertrude G. ---262M
Marshall, Marion Dobie ---300M
Marshall, Marion Dobie ---316M
Marshall, Thos. F. (Hon.)- - -347
Marshall, Jessie - - -380
Marshall, Lyndon E.---153M
Marshall, Mrs. A. S.---146M
Marshall, Thomas F. - - -380
Marshall, V. D.---161M
Marshall, Virginia V. - - -380
Marsolek, Marcel---204M
Marti, Dase M.---196M
Marti, Fred A. ---300M
Martin, Alta Antionette - - -394; 170M
Martin. Anne---206M
Martin, August - - -397
Martin, Daniel Phillip ---321M
Martin, Earl L.---176M
Martin, Elmer John ---246M
Martin, Evelyn---160M; 167M
Martin, Helen---184M
Martin, Gertrude ---272M
Martin, J. G. - - -393
Martin, Jacob - - -397
Martin, James Thomas---123M
Martin, John D.---193M; 245M
Martin, Joseph Grant - - -393
Martin, Joseph Voiney ---246M
Martin, Mrs. B. T.---147L
Martin, Mrs. J. D.---208M
Martin, Mrs. John D. Sr. (Kate)---197M
Martin, Vernon—178M
Martinson, Clifford---194M; 205M
Martinson, Clifford Allen---159M; 168M
Martinson, Daughter---231M
Martinson, Elsie - - -370
Martinson, John---155M; 231M (2)
Martinson, Lars---124M
Martinson, Mrs. John---179M
Martinson, Mrs. Lars---141M
Martinson, Nels---142M; 180M
Martolin, John---171M; 223M
Marttila, Floyd---168M
Marttila, Mary Elaine [Crabtree] ---262M
Marula, Frank---123M
Marvick, A. L. ---217M
Marvick, Hilda ---247M
Mason, Alex R.---195M
Mason, Ephraim John Atkins - - -396
Mason, Henry---144M
Mason, James Patrick ---272M
Mason, John---197M
Mason, John R.---190M
Mason, Isabel (Mrs.)- - -445; 124M
Mason, Mrs. James---183M
Mason, Mrs. James (Clara)---184M
Masse, Fred P.---180M
Masse, Richard ---246M
Masse, Richard ---264M
Masse, Sharon A.---207M; 221M
Mathees, Herman J. ---224M
Mathern, Greg ---271M
Mathern, Hilda ---271M
Mathern, John ---271M
Mathern, Victor A. ---273M
Mathews, Gertrude---232M
Mathews, Mrs. George---232M
Mathews, Theordore Arthur (Ted) ---320M
Mathias, Chris Conrad---154M
Mathias, Ella---201M
Mathias, Ella ---272M
Mathias, Henry Rudolph ---247M
Mathias, John H. ---216M
Mathias, Lydia---233M
Mathias, Martha---232M
Mathison, Caroline - - -410
Matter, Charles A. - - -381
Matters, Dellie Lucy Hodges---170M
Matthees, Joham---125M
Mattheis, Conrad---145M
Matthews, Harold K. ---217M
Matthews, Henry---125M
Matthews, Theodore ---210M
Matthews Thomas Henry---179M
Matthews, William - - -367
Mattson, Anna---131H; 191M; 194M
Mattson, Erwin---192M; 195M
Mattson, Gottfried---142M
Mattson, Henrika. Margarita - - -See Berggren, Mrs. H. E.
Mattson, Mrs. Al---141M
Mauck, Wilfred J. (2) ---264M
Maunu, Roy---182M
Maxian, Naomi ---220M
Mayer, Christian---182M
Mayer, Edwin ---264M
Mayer, Erwin ---303M
Mayer, Mrs. Fred C. (Matilda)---188M
Mayer, Richard Lee ---303M
Mayer, Yvonne Clarice ---306M
Mayhew, Nellie ---219M
McAtee, (baby of Fred) ---303M
McCalfrey, Jackie---255S
McCann, Bernard ---273M
McCann, Christine D. ---273M; 278M
McCann, Ed---154M
McCann, James P.---158M
McCann, Joseph---200M
McCann, L. James ---278M
McCann, Sabelia (Mrs.) - - -368
McCann, Thomas---194M
McCann, Wm. A. - - -368
McCarten, John H.---155M
McCarten, Mrs. Richard---188M
McCarthy, Emma V.---160M
McCarthy, Mrs. Mildred May---126M
McCartney, Clayton ---248M
McCartney, Elmer B. ---215M
McCartney, Frances ---216M
McCartney, Fred ---209M
McCartney, H. Clay----205M
McCartney, Marshall “Bud” ---278M
McCartney, Melvin R. ---215M
McCartney, Mrs. E. B. (Laura)---197M
McCartney, Mrs. F. D. - - -359
McCarty, Ellen McGiven ---278M
McCauley, John A.---157M
McCauley, Ernest---157M
McCauley, Mrs. J. A.---158M
McClellan, Leland---191M
McCloskey, James ---213M
McCloskey, Katherine---187M
McCloskey, Maurice R. (Bud) ---304M
McClure, (wife of Frank) ---304M
McClure, Frank - - -358; 144M
McClure, Frank M.---233M
McClure, James Hale - - -386
McClure, Mary Elizabeth ---249M
McClure, Mrs. Frank---150M
McClure, Mrs. J. H. - - -385
McCole, Miss Agnes (2) ---248M
McConville, Henry---179M; 180M
McConville, Henry (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -357
McCoy, Ella Hansen ---265M
McCoy, John---184M
McCoy, William---141M
McCrory, William E.---195M
McCulley, Edith (Mrs.)---148M
McCulley, Roberta (Miss)- - -360
McCulley, W. A.---126M
McCulloch, Mrs. O.F.---143M
McCullough, Doris ---304 M
McCullough, Lorraine May---166M
McDaniel, Ann Vojkuvka ---304M
McDaniel, Duane Floyd ---321M
McDaniel, Elizabeth ---212M
McDaniel, Everett ---309M
McDaniel Geraldine M. ---265M
McDaniel, Shirley “Jeannie” ---265M
McDermott, Agnes ---274M
McDermott, John P.---126M
McDermott, Mabel ---212M
McDermott, Ray---127M
McDermott, William H. ---218M
McDonagh, Alvina ---278M
McDonald, Angus W. - - -391
McDonald, Angus William ---301M
McDonald, Donald B. ---303M
McDonald, Eva ---210M
McDonald, Eva ---309M
McDonald, Fern---164M
McDonald, Mrs. A. W. - - -390
McDonald, Mrs. J. F.---129M
McDonald, Mrs. Lee (Harriet)---182M
McDonald, Richard---151M
McDougall, Donald---196M; 206M
McDougall, Roberta ---249M
McEntee, Edward ---250M
McEntee, Mrs.---183M
McEntee, Mrs. Edward(Mary Ann)---181M
McErlane, Elizabeth “Bette” ---274M
McErlane, Maurice D.---208M
McEwan, G. K.---126M; 249M
McFadden, William H.---183M
McFarland, Raymond J. ---274M
McGannon, James---158M
McGannon, James C.---146M
McGhie, Frances ---251M
McGhie, Mrs. Robert---172M
McGhie, R. B.---192M; 201M
McGill, Robert ---212M
McGillis, Alice ---211M
McGinley, Andrew M. ---251M
McGinnis, Daniel - - -357; 127M
McGinnis, Lillian (Miss)---128M
McGinnis, Patick J. - - -392; 172M
McGinnus, Ed---147L
McGiven, Richard ---279M
McGlynn, James---128M
McGlynn, Nellie---183M
McGrath, Myrtle Ellen ---278M
McGraw, Charles---199M; 203M
McGraw, George W. ---309M
McGraw, Mary Ann---201M
McGovern, Frank---194M
McGovern, Harriett M. ---214M
McGovern, Mrs. Fred---198M
McGovern, Raymond J.---190M
McGraw, Bartholomew E.---235M; 250M
McGraw, Bruce A. ---213M
McGraw, John L. ---250M
McGraw, Mildred ---250M
Mcgregor, Eugene H.---234M
McGregor, James---165M; 206M
McGregor, James H.---193M
McGregor, Peter---130M
McGregor, William---157M
M'Grew, Clara (Mrs.)---141M
McGrew, Harry---145M
McGrew, O. H.---146M
McHarry, Helen Frances ---275M
McIlwain, Lizzie - - -See Featherstone, John
McIntire, Ella S---183M
McIntire, William W.---199M
McIntyre, Andrew ---216M
McIntyre, Anna Wallace---126M
McIntyre, Chester Elmer---154M
McIntyre, Coralyn---127M
McIntyre, Mauryne---127M
McIntyre, Mrs. John---234M
McKeague, David Edward---148M
McKeague, Mrs. M.E. (Mary)---196M
McKelvie, William ---210M
McKenna, Violet R. ---279M
McKenzie, D.J.---160M
McKercher, Peter - - -354
McLaughlin, Elizabeth (Miss)- - -306
McLaughlin, Louise ---222M
McLaughlin, Nicoline (Nicky) ---310M
McLean, Harriet A.---130M
McLean, Robert Morris ---275M
McLean, Susan ---225M
McLean, Susan J.---235M
McLean, William (Rev.)---142M; 222M
McLeod, Anna (Miss)- - -518
McMahon, Clara ---251M
McMahon, Clara ---309M
McMahon, Edward---141M
McMahon, James Onley ---251M
McMahon, James T. C.---127M
McMahon, John - - -358; 131M
McMahon, Josephine - - -358
McMahon, Mrs. John - - -399
McMahon, Patrick H. ---219M
McMahon, Terrance---203M
McManus, Edwin (Capt.)---186M
McManus, James---146M
McManus, Mary Jane - - -390
McMasters, Mr. ---279M
McMillan, Jennie (Miss) - - -290
McMillan, Pearl ---310M
McMillin, Fred - - -359
McMillin, Leola - - -386
McMillin, Mrs. - - -385
McMillan, Peter---127M
McMillin, Ruth - - -359
McNabb, Emeline (Mrs.)- - -366
McNerney, Arthur G.---149M
McNerney, Elizabeth J. ---309M
McNerney, Mrs. James---157M
McNerney, Sylvester J. ---309M
McPhail, Alex---190M
McPhail, Dennis Dwaine---156M
McPhail, Donald Dale---155M; 251M
McPhail, Donald S.---128M
McPhail, Eunice ---281M
McPhail, Forrest---192M
McPhail, George---170M
McPhail, George F. (Peany) ---319M
McPhail, Georgeinne Ann ---311M
McPhail, J. W. ---128M
McPhail, James - - -375
McPhail, John Walker---234M
McPhail, John Wesley (Jack) ---311M
McPhail, Margaret---194M
McPhail, Margaret Caldwell---242M
McPhail, Mrs. Alex---199M
McPhail, Mrs. Jas. - - -375
McPhail, Selma---168M; 224M
McPhail, Verna A. ---280M
McPhail, Ward ---209M
McPherson, Janette (Mrs.) - - -See Featherstone, Daniel
McPherson, W. H. ---223M
McPherson, W. H. (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -308, 356
McPike, Rhoda (Mrs.)- - -359
McQuay, Dale J.---127M
McQuay, Kenneth---175M
McQuay, Kenneth ---282M
McQuay, Rose ---281M
McRay, Adelaide Maria - - -60
McShane, Laura ---276M; 281M
McShane, Lloyd---143M
McShane, Mrs. E. J. (Hannah)---180M
McShane, Mrs. George---234M
McShane, Peter---184M
McShane, Roy---146M
Meacham, Mae (Mrs.)---129M
Meachen, Harold D.---129M
Meachen, Harold D. Jr.---188M
Meachen, Mrs. E.W. (Rhoda)---185M
Mead, James (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -355
Meadows, Mrs.---156M
Meadows, Mrs. E. M. - - -394
Meals, Chris (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -356
Mearns, Matilda - - -438
Medd, Eva ---223M
Medd, John R.---199M; 218M
Medd, Merriely---163M
Medd, Raymond Charles ---224M
Medd, William Joseph ---222M
Medlen, Mamie Elsen ---281M
Meehl, Brian. A. ---276M
Meehl, Chris (Mr. and Mrs. and son John) - - -371
Meehl, Christ---132M
Meehl, Ernest - - -364, 371
Meehl, Francis L.---160M
Meehl, Francis “Bucky”---165M
Meehl, Jacob ---246M
Meehl, John Jr. ---247M; 275M
Meehl, Josephed ---224M
Meehl, Kenneth ---311M
Meehl, Margaret ---311M
Meehl, Michael---168M; 178M
Meehl, Mrs. Chris---167M
Meehl, Mrs. Christ---156M
Meehl, Mrs. Ernest - - -364
Meek, Grant---202M
Meek, Grant L.---170M; 171M
Mehring, Fred---187M
Meidinger, Esther E. ---282M
Meier, Bertha---163M
Meier, Eugene S.---167M
Meier, Joachim J. ---277M
Meier, Twin Babies---129M
Meinhardt, Ben---159M
Meinhardt, Bernard W.---147M
Meinhardt, I. W.---194M
Mekvold, Alfred J. ---282M
Mekvold, Emil O. ---282M
Mekvold, John---198M
Melby, Arne - - -384; 131M; 188M; 214M
Melby, Arne and Nellie - - -397
Melby, Christine - - -397
Melby, Denis L.---235M
Melby, Eleanor---131M; 189M
Melby, Eleanor ---312M
Melby, Even L.---125M
Melby, Ingval ---213M
Melby, Martin ---252M
Melby, Mrs. - - -384
Melby, Nellie (Mrs.)- - -375
Melby, Peter - - -374
Mellang, Gilbert---180M
Melroe, E.G.---196M
Melroe, Lester W. ---307M
Melroe, Mrs. Sig (Myrtle)---202M
Melroe, Mrs. Ted---154M
Memory, Anna ---312M
Memory, Isaac---187M
Merchant, Gurdon ---316M
Merchant, M.F. (Dr.)---180M
Merkel, Carol Lynn ---283M
Merkel, Christian---204M
Merkel, Elizabeth ---252M
Merkel, Ralph---159M
Meszaros, Elizabeth (Mrs.)---146M; 157M
Meszaros, Michael---151M
Meszros, Gertrude ---217M
Metzger, Clara - - -392
Meunier, Dr. Henry ---210M
Meunier, Jessie H. ----220M
Meunier, Mrs. Jessie H.---158M
Meyer, Agnes ---219M
Meyer, Albert ---253M
Meyer, Anna (Mrs.)- - -371
Meyer, Ashley Kay ---302M
Meyer, Ben ---284M
Meyer, Charley---131M
Meyer, F. A. (Msgr.)---200M
Meyer, Fred A. ---217M
Meyer, Fred William ---315M
Meyer, Glennys---202M
Meyer, Henry ---284M
Meyer, Henry E. ---213M
Meyer, Henry W.---201M
Meyer, Herman ---252M
Meyer, Herman Otto ---277M
Meyer, Irene A. ---312M
Meyer, J. P.---132M
Meyer, Leonard ---225M; 236M
Meyer, Lillian ---283M
Meyer, Lorrin H. ---215M
Meyer, Melvin---157M
Meyer, Mrs. Ed---133M
Meyer, Mrs. Henry (Anna)---195M
Meyer, Mrs. Herman (Emma)---204M
Meyer, Roy H.---176M
Meyer, William J.---200M; 203M
Meyers, Anna (Mrs.)---133M
Meyers, Dorothy - - -357
Meyers, Frank W. ---219M
Meyers, Geo.---132M
Meyers, George---133M; 180M
Meyers, Henry---199M
Meyers, Jacob Harry “Happy” ---283M
Meyers, Lester Herman---141M
Meyers, Lois Noreen---150M
Meyers, Marcella Mckeague---129M
Meyers, Mayme ---252M
Meyers, Mrs. G. A. - - -357
Michaelis, Melvin ---313M
Michalek, Charles F. ---211M
Michalek, Helen Elaine ---255M
Michalek, Jan Martin---203M
Michalek, Mrs. Jan (Anna)---204M
Michalik, Mary ---283M
Michalik, Otto---163M
Michel, Dorothy---165M
Michel, Dorothy LaVerna---150M
Michel, Fred---201M
Michel, Henry---134M
Michel, Melvin ---253M
Middaugh, Anna Ellja ---253M
Middaugh, Hamlin H.---196M
Middaugh, R. A.---158M
Middlestad, Adolph ---277M
Middlestead, Adolph ---253M
Middlestead, Daniel (Dan) ---284M
Middlestead, Emil ---285M
Middlestead, Jessie L. ---253M
Middlesworth, Ethel Van ---306M
Midgarden, Russel J.---175M
Mikkelson, Christian ---211M
Mikkelson, Francis “Fritz”---174M
Mikkelson, Roy ---288M
Milkes, Bernice Angela ---285M
Mikula, Patricia (Pat) ---307M
Mikula, Patricia Genevieve ---313M
Milbrandt, Albert L. (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -366
Milbrandt, August---134M
Milbrandt, Meta---195M
Milbrandt, Robert F. ---219M
Mill, William---134M
Miller, Clarence---200M
Miller, Clarence John---172M
Miller, Dolores ---285M
Miller, E. H.---158M
Miller, Eddie---152M; 171M; 199M
Miller, Edward D.---191M; 197M
Miller, Elsie Anita---173M
Miller, Fern M. ---254M
Miller, Floyd Melvin---164M
Miller, Fred Walter ---254M
Miller, George W. ---255M
Miller, Harold ---289M
Miller, Harold “Hal” I. ---285M
Miller, Harold Jasper ---289M
Miller, Harris ---289M
Miller, Hazel ---314M
Miller, Helen---207M
Miller, Howard - - -387
Miller, Inez ---314M
Miller, Lillie (Mrs.)- - -452
Miller, Lyle (Rev.)---165M
Miller, Martin---187M
Miller, Martin S. - - -356
Miller, Melvin Louis (2)---237M
Miller, Mrs. George (Genevieve)---187M-188M
Miller, Nellie E.---154M; 171M; 218M
Miller, Mrs. Edward D.---153M
Miller, Paul---164M
Miller, Rhoda (Mrs. )---146M
Miller, Ruth Laura ---290M
Miller, Selma (Sally) ---290M
Miller, W.A.----199M
Miller, W.J.---160M
Miller, William---201M
Millham, Albert & Bessie---237M
Millham, Children of John & Annie---237M
(note: They lost 8 of their children to
to diptheria within a few days)
Millham, Gertie ---254M
Millham, Gertie (Miss)- - -355
Millham, Gertrude (2)---237M
Millham, Infant---237M
Millham, T.W.---142M; 193M
Milligan, James---196M
Milligan, James (Mr. And Mrs.)- - -375
Milligan, Ruby - - -375
Milliman, Ruth---206M
Mills, James Wallace---168M
Mills, Sarah Ann - - -503
Minard, Caroline O. ---314M
Minard, Charles (Chub) Jr. ---290M
Minard, Doris ---256M
Minard, Earl H. ---290M
Minard, George A.---145M
Minard, John L.---238M
Minard, LeRoy---135M
Minard, Mrs. G.A. (Jennie)---186M
Minard, Mrs. Geo.---134M
Minard, Ransom Glen---161M
Minard, Thomas---184M
Mingus, Roy ---219M
Minter, Elroy ---290M
Mintner, Irene ---317M
Mintz, Carl - - -358
Mintz, Christina---171M
Mintz, Ferdinand (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -358
Mintz, John---158M
Miracle, Margaret (Mrs.)---153M
Misfeldt, C. C.---135M
Misfeldt, C. C. (Auditor and Mrs.)- - -356
Mitchell, Anna A. ---255M
Mitchell, Annie ---256M
Mitchell, Annie (Miss)---149M
Mitchell, Eugene L. ---305M
Mitchell, Gertrude A. - - -382
Mitchell, Guy E.---154M
Mitchell, Howard W. ---217M
Mitchell, Margaret Jane---149M
Mitchell, Martha (Mrs.)---134M
Mitchell, Mary Coranna (Ann) ---286M
Mitchell, Mrs. Louis - - -459
Mitchell, Mrs. Robert - - -377
Mitchell, Payton Allen ---255M
Mitchell, Robert - - -377; 150M
Mitchell, Robert (Mr. And Mrs.)- - -383
Mitchell, W.R.---143M
Mitchell, Will---191M
Mitchell, William M.---207M
Mitchell, William Robert---151M; 168M
Mix, Ronald M. ---291M
Moberly, Dorothy M. ---317M
Moch, Alexander “Alex”---238M
Mock, Frances ---256M
Mock, Grant---182M; 185M
Mock, Leslie---149M
Mock, Lorraine Jeanne---167M
Mock, Mrs. Joseph ( Zelphia)---181M
Mock, Mrs. William ---256M
Mock, Richard---168M
Mock, Richard A. - - -357
Mock, William ---315M
Moe, Arthur C. - - -401
Moe, Baby Girl---147M
Moe, baby girl of E.A. Moe ---209M
Moe, E. A.---169M; 239M
Moe, Kathryn ---216M
Moe, Lena ---175N
Moe, W. A.---144M
Moen, Thomas Nelson - - -371; 171M
Moerke, Darwin G. ---287M
Moerke, Lewis H. ---286M
Moerke, Sadie M. ---291M
Moerke, Willard ---291M
Mogard, Shirley ---286M
Mogck, Herbert ---294M
Mohberg, Myrtle ---294M
Mohr, Claus J. ---257M
Mohr, Josephine---136M; 179M
Molstad, Arnold ---257M
Molstad, Elmer J.---239M
Monarch, Mary Ellen ---219M
Monson, Mrs. Chris - - -355
Monson, Norris ---295M
Montaney, L. P. (Mr. & Mrs.)---155M
Montanye, Edward Herman---136M
Montanye, W. K.---159M
Monteith, David ---317M
Montgomery, David Alexander ---296M
Montgomery, Evelyn Darlene ---306M
Montgomery, L. R. (Dr.)---197M
Montgomery, Lelia ---259M
Montgomery, Robert W. (Bob) ---316M
Montgomery, Roscoe ---258M
Montgomery, Samuel ---225M
Montgomery, Samuel E. ---223M
Moody, Viola B. (Vi) ---317M
Moon, Catherine---187M
Mooney, Albert - - -388
Mooney, Mary Louisa ---259M
Mooney, Mrs. A. C. - - -365
Moore, Ardoth Montgomery ---287M
Moore, Augusta Marie---240M
Moore, Charles---202M
Moore, Charles A.---191M
Moore, Claudia ---223M
Moore, Clyde E.---173M
Moore, D. D.---143M
Moore, Delbert---206M
Moore, E. H. (Mr. & Mrs.)---137M
Moore, E. J.---152M
Moore, Edward ---257M
Moore, Emma---147M
Moore, Emma (Mrs.)- - -364
Moore, F. W. baby daughter---137M
Moore, F. W. (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -358
Moore, Gerald L.---197M
Moore, H. P. - - -356
Moore, Harold Luverne (infant) ---258M
Moore, Ina Marie ---257M
Moore, J. C. - - -363
Moore, J. E. - - -364
Moore, James S. ---294M
Moore, JoAnn D. ---291M
Moore, John O. - - -398
Moore, Joy D. ---317M
Moore, Nicholas (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -365
Moore, Mable G. ---295M
Moore, Marcella L. ---287M
Moore, Maude A. ---258M
Moore, Mrs. C.A.---145M
Moore, Mrs. E. - - -463
Moore, Mrs. Fred W.---210S
Moore, Mrs. Nellie---239M
Moore, Mrs. R.G. ---183M
Moore, Mrs. William---147M
Moore, O. H. P. - - -376
Moore, Ora Hardin---181M
Moore, Vernon LeRoy---156M
Moore, Wm. J. - - -364
Morberg, Anna Sophie - - -414
Morehouse, John S. ---294M
Morey, Allen---185M
Morey, Mr. A. P. - - -373
Morgan, Abe---147M
Morgan, Agnes I ---291M
Morgan, Alma---164M
Morgan, Caroline ---217M
Morgan, Dessie---201M
Morgan, George M.---199M
Morgan, Howell---188M
Morgan, Ivy - - -362
Morgan, J. A. - - -373; 142M
Morgan, James Allen ---222M
Morgan, Joe---141M; 161M
Morgan, John A.---154M
Morgan, Joseph ---258M
Morgan, Joseph (T/5) ---257M
Morgan, Joseph D.---147M
Morgan, Joseph D. (Sgt.)---198M
Morgan, Lydia ---212M
Morgan, M. J. (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -355
Morgan, Marcil Grant ---287M
Morgan, Martin J.---152M
Morgan, Mary---190M
Morgan, Mrs. Kizzie - - -363; 138M
Morgan, Mrs. Mike---61E
Morgan, Mrs. Olia - - -373
Morgan, Myrtle ---224M
Morgan, Patrick---144M
Morgan, Raymond ---294M
Morgan, Sarah Miriam---184M
Morgan, Thelma ---317M
Morrill, Minda ---305M
Morrill, Minnie (Miss)- - -508
Morrill, Mrs. Wm. - - -356
Morrison, Edyth ---296M
Morrison, Howard---158M
Morrison, Jane (Mrs.)---172M
Morrison, Kurt ---292M
Morrison, Ruth Eileen---162M
Morrow, John B.---137M
Morrow, Maggie - - -346
Morse, Elliot ---258M
Morse, Elliott - - -356
Morse, Erick---137M
Morse, Irene (Mickie) ---318M
Morse, Lucille ---259M
Morse, Ralph E. ---259M
Moser, Malvina - - -370
Moser, Zeno Frank - - -370
Mosher, Gula Elma---136M
Mosher, Mrs. Fred---207M
Mother Veronica(Nun)---206V
Mott, Gladys---145M
Mott, William A.---135M
Mourer, Andrew---170M
Movis, J. W. (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -372
Movius, Emil - - -372
Muckala, Elizabeth---179M
Mueller, Dorothy ---296M
Mueller, Evan C. ---260M
Mueller, Francis J. ---260M
Mueller, Leon C. ---209M ; 210M; 213M
Mueller, Norbert J. ---295M
Muellers, Mr. & Mrs. (baby)---140M
Muffle, Aaron---154M; 155M
Muffle, Jacob ---215M
Muffle, Josephine ---226M
Muffle, Josie Perkins - - -427
Muffle, Louis ---220M
Muffle, Norman G. - - -402
Muffle, Simon - - -402
Muir, Shirley---205M
Muldoon, Harry J. (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -368
Muldoon, Richard Haesly - - -368
Muldoon, Susie Ella ---260M
Mulligan, Day - - -365; 142M; 170M
Mulligan, Day ---318M
Mulligan, John---188M
Munch, Edwin Leslie---160M
Munch, John---140M
Munch, John - - -360
Munch, Mrs. - - -360
Mundt, Ashley Dawn ---292M
Mundt, Mrs. Gottlieb---197M
Munkirs, James A. ---216M
Munsch, Harold ---297M
Munsch, Jack---241M
Munson Mrs. W.D.---202M
Munt, Jessie ---220M
Munt, Margaret A.---143M
Munt, Mrs. John---200M
Muralt, Lee ---297M
Muralt, Mrs. John (Vinnie)---203M
Muralt, Sylverta ---258M
Murch, Edna---240M
Murch, Edne ---216M
Murdoch, Rev. Eldred ---220M
Murphy, Blanche Vivian ---260M
Murphy, Jane - - -139
Murray, Andrew James---155M
Murray, Cornelius---139M
Murray, E. F.---140M
Murray, Edward - - -366
Murray, Elizabeth---179M
Murray, Emily Caroline (Carrie) ---308M
Murray, Frank---169M; 198M; 204M
Murray, Lawrence “Larry” ---292M
Murray, Mae (Miss)---140M
Murray, Margaret (Mrs.)---139M
Murray, Marie Adeline Bruns---173M
Murray, Mary A.---139M; 183M
Murray, Mrs. Edward F. - - -361
Murray, R. F. - - -366
Murray, Ray J. ---226M
Murray, Richard---139M
Murray, Ruth Inez---159M
Murray, William - - -366; 260M; 261M
Muske, C. Eugene “Gene” ---292M
Mussler, J. J. ---261M
Muths, Ansem W.---202M
Muths, John P.---195M
Muths, Rosalie - - -391
Muths, Xavier - - -391
Muxen, Maurice---145M
Myers, Grace Evangeline ---302M
Myers, Keith T. ---296M
Myrah, Doris A. ---293M
Myrah, James Leonard ---293M
Nadler, Joan Gail ---203N
Naffziger, A.R.---157N
Naffziger, Mary Elizabeth ---200N
Naffziger, Russell L.---153N
Nagala, Dr. Govindarajulu ---189N
Nagel, J.H.---153N
Nannenga, Alsena ---179N
Nannenga, Rita ---199N
Nannenga, Tom ---188N
Nannenga, Verlie M.---160N
Nash, Lucille J. ---188N
Nassen, Daisy Elizabeth ---186N
Nater, Herman - - -50
Nathan, Catherine ---179N
Nathan, J. A.---167N
Nathan, Otilia M.---166N
Nathem, W. J. (Mr. And Mrs.)- - -408
Naylor, Eugene---169N
Neison, Mrs. Anton---157N
Neitzel, Martha---160N
Neitzke, Delores (Dee) C. ---189N
Nell, Sgt Ellis R. ---189N
Nell, Theodore---157N
Nelson, A. J.---169N
Nelson, A. R. - - -407
Nelson, Alice ---174N
Nelson, Anna - - -406; 179N
Nelson, Anna (Mrs.)---143N
Nelson, Ben---168N
Nelson, Bennie---170N
Nelson, Bertha Helga (Miss)- - -412
Nelson, Carl A.---168N
Nelson, Caroline---144N; 170N
Nelson, Caroline (Mrs.)---142N
Nelson, Curt---168N
Nelson, David R.---143N
Nelson, E. C. - - -407
Nelson, Earl - - -472
Nelson, Edna Florence ---206N
Nelson, Edward J.---164N; 175N
Nelson, Elayne ---174N
Nelson, Elmer J. ---180N
Nelson, Emil R. ---199N
Nelson, Ernest Jr. ---206N
Nelson, Eva---173N
Nelson, Evelyn ---186N
Nelson, Evelyn Lillian (Evie) ---206N
Nelson, Frank - - -150
Nelson, Fred---142N
Nelson, Fred W.---169N
Nelson, Freda---142N; 163N; 170N
Nelson, G. R. - - -406
Nelson, Geo. W.---142N
Nelson, Gladys---161N
Nelson, Halvor---156N
Nelson, Harvey J. ---191N
Nelson, Henry - - -533; 157N
Nelson, Henry A. ---191N
Nelson, Herbert - - -415
Nelson, Hilda Ellen---143N, 145N
Nelson, J. B. Vincent ---192N
Nelson, Janet---161N
Nelson, Jessie---146N
Nelson, John---412; 147N; 179N
Nelson, John Fred ---186N
Nelson, John G.---150N; 158N
Nelson, John H.---158N
Nelson, John P.---170N
Nelson, John P. (Mr. And Mrs.)- - -409; 415
Nelson, John R.---171N
Nelson, Julia ---191N
Nelson, K.---150N
Nelson, Karen Hogenson (Mrs.)---107H
Nelson, Karl---150N
Nelson, Kerstr - - -See Anderson, Mrs. Olaf
Nelson, Leonard A. ---186N
Nelson, Leora---165N
Nelson, M. (Dr.)---142N
Nelson, Maren - - -414
Nelson, Marie - - -502
Nelson, Matilda (Mrs.)- - -409
Nelson, Mildred “Millie” B ---187N; 190N
Nelson, Mons---145N
Nelson, Mons (Mr. And Mrs.)- - -411
Nelson, N. J. (Mr. And Mrs.)- - -406
Nelson, Nels E. ---190N
Nelson, Mrs. B. L.---146N
Nelson, Mrs. Ben---144N
Nelson, Mrs. Charley - - -409
Nelson, Mrs. Elmer (father Oscar Gustafson)---177N Nelson, Mrs. George---142N
Nelson, Mrs. Hans - - -405
Nelson, Mrs. John - - -414
Nelson, Mrs. Karl (Karen)---166N
Nelson, Mrs. John P---172N
Nelson, Mrs. Mons---151N
Nelson, Mrs. Otto ---176N
Nelson, Mrs. Peter M.---152N
Nelson, Mrs. Raymond---157N; 163N
Nelson, Mrs. Raymond (Pearl)---167N; 168N; 172N
Nelson, N. Jay ---204N
Nelson, Nels A. - - - 382, 408
Nelson, Nels J.---162N
Nelson, Norman M.---153N
Nelson, Oscar William - - -406
Nelson, Otto ---175N; 176N
Nelson, Peter - - -410; 144N
Nelson, Peter M.---169O; 170O
Nelson, Ralph S. ---198N
Nelson, Raymond (Ray) ---198N
Nelson, Robert A. ---199N
Nelson, Robert John (Bob) ---206N
Nelson, Robert L.---160N
Nelson, Robin Michael ---207N
Nelson, Severt N. ---179N
Nelson, Sophia ---174N
Nelson, Stella Louise - - -336
Nelson, Swen---154N
Nelson, Theodore---165N
Nelson, Theodore Sr.---158N
Nelson, Valerie Jean ---190N
Nelson, Valerie Jean ---200N
Nelson, Wallace---173N
Nelson, Wayne Harold ---174N
Nelson, William---173N
Nelson, Willis---177N
Nepstad, K. A. ---147N
Nepstad, Keith E. ---180N
Nepstad, Maurice W. ---176N
Nepstad, Maurine---151N
Nepstad, Mrs. K. A.---152N
Nepstad, Mrs. Maurice---150N
Nepstad, Mrs. Maurice (Eva)---171N
Nepstad, Stella Mae ---175N
Nerpel, Mrs. L. G.---171N
Nesemeier, Fred---177N
Neuharth, Jane Spitzer ---187N
Neuman, Ed---167N
Neuman, Ed.---148N
Neumann, Fred ---181N
Neumann, Joseph ---181N
Neurohr, Herbert J. ---192N
Neurohr, Hilda ---192N
Nevramon, Bertha (Mrs.)---154N
Newham, Annie Rebecca ---147N
Newham, George J.---170N
Newham, Paul ---196N
Newman, Clarence Adolphus - - -415;196N
Newman, Harry - - -415
Newman, Harry John ---176N
Newman, Helen ---193N
Newman, Jesse G. - - -415
Newman, Melvin ---180N
Newman, Virgil William ---187N
Newton, C. A.---156N
Newton, C. A. (Mr. And Mrs.)- - -406
Newton, C. A. (sheriff)---155N
Newton, Charles ---182N
Newton, Charles A.---161N
Newton, Charles A. (Sheriff)---150N
Newton, Joseph - - -410
Newton, Richard James - - -406
Nichols, Charley - - -409
Nichols, H. S.---148N
Nichols, Hugh F. ---193N
Nichols, J. F. - - -409; 149N; 169N
Nichols, James---156N
Nichols, James F.---162N; 171N
Nichols, L. J. (Mr.)- - -409
Nichols, Levinus J.---144N
Nichols, Mildred ---181N
Nichols, Mrs. H.S. - - -403; 151N; 164N
Nichols, Pearle---170N
Nicholson, Leonard---154N
Nicholson, Leonard W.---177N
Nicholson, Mrs. R.A.---159N
Nicholson, Stephen---161N
Nicolai, Bernadine L.---163N
Nicolai, Elizabeth ---192N
Nicolai, Paul ---181N
Nielsen, Anna (Mrs.)---172N
Nielsen, Beverly Rae (Bev) ---202N
Nelson, Beverly Rae (Bev) ---205N
Nielsen, Elsie ---193N
Nielsen, Hohan Marinus---149N
Nielsen, J. M. ---143N
Nielsen, Niels P.---151N
Niemand, Anna Mageritta ---190N
Nierdorf, Emma Maria - - -268
Niggemann, Vernon F. ---200N
Niggerman, Deloris---158N
Niggerman, Deloris “Dee”---159N
Nikle, Margaret (Peggy) ---182N
Nilsen, Johanna - - -405
Nilsen, Peter - - -405
Nilsson, Peter Gustav “Gus” ---194N
Nishek, William---166N
Njos, Ida - - -See Bakkagard, Mrs. Ole
Noe, Fred---168N
Noe, Henry---173N
Noe, Michael---153N
Noe, Mrs. Alfred (Mary Ann)—173N
Noe, Mrs. Michael - - -519; 148N
Noess, August - - -404
Noess, D. (Miss)- - -268
Noess, Mr. - - -404
Nolan, Mrs. W.J.---172N
Nolan, W. J. ---176N
Nonnweiler, H. A. - - -411
Nonnweiler, Herman A.---173N
Nonnweiler, Minnie Maybell - - -411
Noonan, Mrs. F. R.---150N
Noonan, Mrs. W. T.---155N
Noonan, Walter ---182N
Norman, Esther M.---178N
Norman, Esther M. ---201N
Norman, Michael---161N
Norman, Mrs. - - -371
Norman, Otto---166N
Norris, Howard---154N
North, Margaret---170N
Northrop, Frank---151N
Northrop, Josephine---158N
Northrop, Lee (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -405
Northrop, Mrs. Theodore ---176N
Northrup, Theodorus (Honorable) ---183N
Norton, Elfrieda ---194N
Norton, Gertrude M. - - -See Foster, Augustus C.
Norton, Hardin B.---153N
Norton, Hugh ---182N
Norton, Electa (Mrs.)---152N
Norton, William ---182N
Norton, Winnifred ---182N
Nortz, Electa (Mrs.)---157N
Novits, L.G. “Pike” ---194N
Nottingham, Jeanne---149N
Notz, Andie E. ---207N
Novotny, Anna (Miss)---149N
Novotny, Eman---173N
Novotny, Mrs. Eman---153N
Nubson, John ---174N
Nulle, Eva Marie---178N
Nundahl, Emma L. ---193N; 196N
Nundahl, Kenneth A. ---194N
Nundahl, Matilda E. ---184N
Nuss, Alice Victoria Hagen ---196N
Nuss, Arwed F.---172N
Nuss, George Willard ---184N
Nuss, Leon W.---168N
Nuss, Matilda ---174N
Nuss, Mr & Mrs. Ted (Twins)---149N
Nuss, Theodore---164N; 184N
Nuss, Willard George - - -413
Nuzzo, Reka ---195N
Nystul, Laverne E. ---200N
Obenchain, Esther M.---171O
Obenchain, Herman R. “Dick” ---178O
Obenchain, James Nathan ---178O
Obenchain, John H.---172O
Obenchain, Loyd Clifton---161O
Oberman, H. J.---155O
Oberman, J. F.---171O
O'Callaghan, Annie - - -150
O'Connell, Michael B. ---173O
O'Connor, Cora Eleanor---151O
O'Connor, H. F. (Dr.)---154O
O'Connor, Hannah (Mrs.)---156O
O'Connor, Inez Evelyn ---173O
O'Connor, Louise ---176O
O'Connor, Mrs. C. E. - - -419
O'Connor, Ruth D. - - -419
Odegard, Theo.---157O
Odell, Mrs. E. D.---151O
O'Donnell, Lucille E. ---178O
Ofstedal, Mrs. Andrew (Marie)---166O
Ogden, A. B.---155O
Ogden, Ella ---174O; 175O
Ogden, Mrs. A. B.---158O; 163O
Ogden, William---159O
Ohland, Mrs. Fred - - -122
Ohman, Herman---168O; 172O
Ohman, Olga ---173O
Ojala, Boy---158O
Olafson, Mrs. Ole---154O
Olaybotts, Willie---171O
Olderness, Andrew - - -421
Olderness, Andrew C. - - -420
Olderness, Lena (Mrs.) - - -421
Olderness, Lloyn---154O
Olderness, Lloyd Cornell---157O
Olderness, Orville ---186O
Olek, Julius---165O
Olenik, Mike---171O
Olesen, Irene M. ---177O
Oliason, Gladys C. ---163O
Oliason, Marcus---166O
Oliason, Melvin C. ---179O
Oliason, Odin - - -421
Oliason's, Mr. (father) - - -208
Olien, Lucile ---178O
Oliver, Harry S. - - -416
Olmsted, Elizabeth (Mrs.)---159O
Olmsted, Mrs. S. A. - - -475
Olmsted, S. A.---151O
Olsen, Calma J. ---186O
Olsen, Marie Otilja ---185O
Olsen, Mathilda ---175O
Olsen, Otto G.---168O
Olsen, Rena - - -423
Olsen, Rika Sophie ---174O
Olson, Anton - - -422
Olson, Arthur ---174O
Olson, Beatrice---165O
Olson, Bernard W. ---180O
Olson, Bert---156O
Olson, Bertha---173O; 174O
Olson, boy---159O
Olson, C. Edwin ---174O
Olson, Christoffer - - -422
Olson, Clyde Eugene ---184O
Olson, Daniel William---151O
Olson, David Palmer ---184O
Olson, Dorothy M. ---179O
Olson, Emma---172O
Olson, Fred - - -422
Olson, Gudrun Berglietta ---186O
Olson, Harold A. ---179O
Olson, Harry - - -416
Olson, Howard---159O; 168O
Olson, Ingram Richard ---175O
Olson, Iver (Mr. & Mrs.)---157O
Olson, J. Oscar ---176O
Olson, James Morris---161O
Olson, John M.---172O
Olson, Joyce Vernette---152O
Olson, Kathryn ---187O
Olson, LaVerne Lorraine ---185O
Olson, Lillian ---176O
Olson, Lynda Louise---160O
Olson, Martha I. ---187O
Olson, Mary - - -497
Olson, Melvin Clarence---171O
Olson, Mons - - -422
Olson, Mrs. - - -418
Olson, Mrs. Charles (Mary)---165O
Olson, Mrs. Donald---158O
Olson, Mrs. Ingeborg Agnethe - - -418
Olson, Mrs. J. Oscar (Mathilda)---171O
Olson, Mrs. M.B.---167O
Olson, Morton---172O
Olson, O. A. - - -419
Olson, Odin---171O; 172O; 173O
Olson, Odin L.---168O
Olson, Ole ---173O
Olson, Palmer J.---161O
Olson, Selmer - - -422
Olson, Sig ---179O
Olson, Simon---166O
Olsten, Mrs. Arthur---155O
Olufson, Leslie Truman ---179O
Olufson, Ole---173O
Olveda, Arturo Jr. ---178O
O'Neal, Ethel Day---163O
O'Neal, Roy (Mr. And Mrs.)- - -423
O'Neil, Joe ---175O
O'Neil, Leo---163O; 175O
O'Neill, Alice Marie Olson---172O
O'Neill, Clarence H. ---174O
O'Neill, Isabelle—171O
O'Neill, Matilda - - -155
O'Neill, P. J. - - -417
O'Neill, Tillie - - -See Bolan, John
Orcutt, Bert ---176O
Orcutt, Ida (Miss)- - -420
Orcutt, Mrs. Bert---158O
Orcutt, Venora H.---167O
O'Reilly, William---159O
Orman, Roy Van---159O
Ormiston, Martha ---174O
Orn, Alfred ---175O
Orn, Arthur ---180O
Orn, Berneth ---180O
Orn, Charles---154O
Orn, Frank R. ---175O
Orn, Fred---158O
Orn, Henry---158O
Orn, Ida A.---170O
Orn, Jennie Christine - - -165
Orn, Kenneth ---176O
Orn, Mrs. Charles (Karen)---171O
Orn, Mrs. Henry---156O
Orn, Mrs. Louis (Mary Anna)---171O
Orn, Mrs. O.A. (Alma)---167O
Orn, O. A. (Mr. And Mrs.) - - -422
Orn, Thomas ---177O
Orth, Albert---156O
Orth, Mrs. Albert ---152O
Ortner, Lottie---166O
Osborn, Fred - - -408; 169O; 170O; 171O
Osborn, George---165O
Osborn, Herman---170O
Osher, Miss Carrie---172O
Osier, Cleo---154O
Osier, Henry L. ---176O
Ostby, Hjalmer ---187O
Oster, Arnold ---181O
Oster, Edgar---165O
Oster, Gerhardt (Gary) ---181O
Oster, Jonathan Arnold---172O
Oster, Mr. Sr. ---152O
Osterloh, Henry ---176O
Osterloh, Virgil D.---161O
Ostoby, James L. ---177O
Ostrand, Mrs. Gust---159O
Ostrom, Engelbert - - -420
Ostrom, Neal - - -419
Oswald, Erna Alma Grueneich---172O
Oswald, Karl ---182O
Oswald, Mike---160O
Oswald, Selma ---181O
Ott, W. W.---167O
Otterstetter, Arthur ---177O
Otterstetter, Matilda ---175O
Otterstetter, Reinhold Julius ---180O
Otterstetter, Samuel (Sam) ---177O
Otto, Ethel ---180O
Over, E. K.---159O
Owen, Mrs. R. H.---154O
Oxley, Burton—173O
Oxley, Julie ---182O
Oxtoby, Agnes ---174O
Oxtoby, Anna---160O
Oxtoby, Anna (Mrs.)---153O; 157O
Oxtoby, James---153O
Oxtoby, James (Mr. And Mrs.)- - -421
Oxtoby, Mrs. James---153O
Oxtoby, Thomas---152O; 155O; 160O
Oxtoby, Viola Anna - - -421
Pace, Clarence Milton ---258P
Paczkowski, Carol R. ---231P
Paddock, Mrs. W. S. - - -475
Pade, Albert George ---233P
Page, Mae ---204P
Pagel, Helen Bohlken ---233P
Pagenkopf, Albert (Mr. And Mrs.)- - -441
Pagenkopf, Mrs. Albert - - -433; 178P
Pahl, Beatrice Bernice ---233P
Pahl, Donna---178P
Pahl, Dorothea---177P; 206P
Pahl, Emil---197P; 198P
Pahl, John R. ---258P
Pahl, Mrs. John (Olga)---188P
Pahl, Ruth---186P
Pahl, Wilbert---209P
Paige, Preston ---219P
Paine, H. E. (Captain)- - -337
Palensky, Anton ---220P
Palensky, Curtis---191P; 195P
Palensky, Jacob---172P
Palensky, Ladimer E. ---231P
Palensky, Lea ---233P
Palensky, Lillie Theodesie ---234P
Palensky, Linda ---199P
Palensky, Louis ---232P
Palensky, Madalyn ---264P
Palensky, Marie---170P
Palensky, Mary---194P; 231P
Palensky, Mrs. Joe---196P
Palensky, Raymond A. ---231P
Palensky, Richard Dale---197P
Palensky, Sheila ---208P
Palensky, William---167P; 169P; 185R
Pals, Lena ---202P
Pals, Mrs. Dirk---178P
Pannabaker, Judson---155P
Pannebaker, Phoebe (Mrs.)---172P
Pannabaker, W.---155P
Pantleon, John ---207P
Parke, Anna J. - - -424
Parke, Mrs. Thomas - - -430
Parke, Stuart Woods---209P
Parke, Thomas---156P; 183P
Parke, Thos - - -424, 430
Parker, Lloyd---198P
Parker, Nina I.---177P
Parker, Stephen Mark---180P; 234P
Parkes, Geo. W. - - -432, 442
Parkes, George W.---178P
Parkes, Mrs. George---187P
Parks, Clara - - -174
Parlee, T/5 Roger---210P
Parmeter, Edward---190P
Parvey, Hannah---185P
Paso, Alfred---188P
Patience, Luella E. ---219P
Patten, Vera Mae---210P
Patton, Mrs. Hugh---197P
Patton, Mrs. Hugh (Hattie)---196P
Paul, Victor---165P
Paulsen, Erick - - -423
Paulsen, Rena---171P
Paulson, Clifford---155P
Paulson, Lester H. ---234P
Payne, Ora ---219P
Payton, Alta ---207P
Payton, Alta Blanche---173P
Payton, Florence B.---184P
Payton, Harold ---219P
Payton, J. F. - - -427
Payton, J. Franklin---194P
Payton, J. W. - - -434
Payton, Joseph ---203P
Payton, Leonard Royce ---234P
Payton, Mrs. E. F.---155P
Payton, Mrs. Ed---155P
Payton, Mrs. J. W.---174P
Payton, Nile. - - -427
Payton, Nile Bruce - - -428
Payton, Walter Clyde---178P
Pazandak, Fred A. ---220P
Pazandak, Joseph Sr.- - -425
Pazandak, Mrs. Joseph---173P
Pearson, J.A.---170P
Pearson, Bersha (Mrs.)---156P
Pearson, Nellie Rose---156P
Peas, Kate---195P; 197P
Peas, Pauline ---235P
Peas, William (Bill) ---232P
Pease, Pauline ---235P
Pease, Peter - - -445; 235P
Peckens, Mrs. Oliver (Aletha)---195P
Peckens Oliver---193P
Peckens, Oliver B.---172P
Peckham, James W. ---232P
Pedersen, Andrew John---166P
Pedersen, Arne---174P
Pedersen, Beulah Lillian---211P
Pedersen, Emma ---220P
Pedersen, Hanna---194P
Pedersen, Helen Mae ---258P
Pedersen, Ingeborg ---201P
Pedersen, Kenneth G.---193P
Pedersen, Lillie J. ---199P
Pedersen, Martin---184P
Pedersen, Minnie Theoline ---232P
Pedersen, Mrs. Arne - - -370
Pedersen, Mrs. Gregor---165P; 179P
Pedersen, Pauline Marie---159P
Pedersen, Peder ---220P
Pedersen, Roger A. ---266P
Pederson, Arthur P. ---236P
Pederson, August - - -436
Pederson, Bert---173P
Pederson, Evonne ---236P
Pederson, George---190P
Pederson, Henry M. ---236P
Pederson, Herman S.---159P
Pederson, Marie ---259P
Pederson, Margaret---188P
Pederson, Mary A.---189P
Pederson, Mrs. Arne (Hannah)---192P
Pederson, Mrs. August - - -436
Pederson, Mrs. Jurgen - - -440
Pederson, Paul George---211P
Pederson, Perry ---201P
Pederson, Sigrid Sorbotten---212P
Pederson, Sigurd ---200P
Pedlo, Elmer---173P
Peek, Baby Boy---189P
Peek, J.O.---168P
Peek, Mr. & Mrs. Charles (baby)---156P
Pegel, Robert---198P
Pehl, Edward---157P
Pehl, Mrs. A. J.---189P
Peitz, Donald L. (2) ---221P
Pekarski, Lyla B. ---239P
Pember, Anna ---200P
Pember, Arthur ---206P
Pence, Rosa ---222P
Penn, A. A.---166P
Penniwill, A. D. (Mr.)- - -516
Percival, Mrs. J.F.---172P
Perdue, Donald J. ---239P
Perdue, J. B.---156P
Perdue, May ---239P
Perkins, Charles M.---194P
Perkins, Elgin A. ---239P
Perkins, Florence ---223P
Perkins, Floyd ---203P
Perkins, Gladys ---264P
Perkins, J. P. (obits 2 children)---211P
Perkins, Lena Rae---197P
Perlenfein, Eugenia Marie---165P
Perlenfein, Eva - - -426
Perlenfein, Ferdinand ---157P
Perlenfein, Henry J.---157P
Perlenfein, Jacob - - -426; 165P
Perlenfein, Jacob (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -426
Perlenfein, John---181P
Perlenfein, Lydia---181P
Perlenfein, Norman---158P
Perlenfein, Sophie - - -426
Perlenfein, William C. ---223P
Perry, Anna Luella---158P; 172P
Perry, H. H.---192P
Perry, Lou ---223P
Perry, Low---158P
Perry, Mrs. Hector---193P
Perry, Mrs. Louis E. - - -441; 174P
Perry, Oscar---186P
Perry, Reuben---165P
Perry, Reuben Eugene--- 159P; 169P
Perry, Rube---174P
Perry, Walter---158P
Perschl, Mrs. - - -443
Person, David H. ---236P
Person, Martin - - -407
Peschl, Jonachim ---269P
Peschl, Joseph - - -443
Peschl, Mrs. John (Susan)---186P
Peschl, Phoeba (Mrs.)---181P
Pesek, Brenda J.---212P
Peters, Bernard James ---237P
Peters, Miss - - -236
Peters, Reynolds ---223P; 237P
Peters, Viola “Chubby” Edna ---239P
Peters, Walburga ---221P
Petersen, Christine ---222P
Petersen, Christine (Miss) - - -439
Petersen, Clifford---163P
Petersen, Hazel M. ---237P
Petersen, Mrs. P.H. (Hulda)---184P
Petersen, P. H.---183R
Peterson, - - -441
Peterson, A. Marie---175P
Peterson, Augusta (Gustie) ---222P
Peterson, Albert---213P
Peterson, Anna Mary ---262P
Peterson, Bella ---199P
Peterson, Berger A. - - -442
Peterson, Charles A.---194P
Peterson, Charles Henry---184P
Peterson, Clara Ada ---238P
Peterson, Clara Irene Domine ---263P
Peterson, Clarence V.---197P
Peterson, Clifford ---240P
Peterson, Clouse (2)---211P
Peterson, Dagmar---193P
Peterson, Debbie---221T
Peterson, Earl ---159P
Peterson, Ellerine - - -291
Peterson, Ernest---169P; 172P; 179P; 202P
Peterson, Ernest A. ---203P
Peterson, Esther ---222P
Peterson, Eva---198P
Peterson, Frances ---240P
Peterson, George---193P
Peterson, George Jr. - - -447
Peterson, Hans---160P; 185P
Peterson, Harvey Chester ---222P
Peterson, Henry---160P; 184P
Peterson, Hilma (Miss) - - -448
Peterson, Irene ---222P
Peterson, Jacob ---204P
Peterson, Jens---190P
Peterson, Jens C.---180P; 195P
Peterson, Julia (Mrs.)---174P
Peterson, Julius---159P; 185P
Peterson, Lester---193P
Peterson, Lillian---86F
Peterson, Lyle Robert(infant)---174P
Peterson, Mabel ---200P
Peterson, Mads---72F
Petersen, Marie (Mrs.)---161P
Peterson, Martha---192P
Peterson, Martha B. ---241P
Peterson, Mary Christine---160P
Peterson, Mary E.---212P
Peterson, Moses ---240P
Peterson, Mrs. E. A.---180P; 192P; 195P
Peterson, Mrs. E. W.---161P
Peterson, Mrs. Ed - - - 444
Peterson, Mrs. George---174P
Peterson, Mrs. George (Tillie)---194P
Peterson, Mrs. J. C. ---191P
Peterson, Mrs. Jens (Carrie)---195P
Peterson, Mrs. P. E.---192P; 194P
Peterson, Mrs. R. C.---169P
Peterson, Mrs. Victor E.---166P
Peterson, Nels - - -448; 221P
Peterson, O. Wayne ---238P
Peterson, Olaf H.---213P
Peterson, Opal B ---240P
Peterson, P. E.---191P
Peterson, Paul Edward James ---237P
Peterson, Perry ---204P
Peterson, Peter M. ---202P
Peterson, Rasmus L. ---264P
Peterson, Raymond---170P; 203P
Peterson, Raymond C.---180P
Peterson, Robert---221T
Peterson, Roger A. ---205P
Peterson, Victor E. ---223P
Peterson, Willis P.---171P
Petschow, John F. (2)---213P; 214P
Petschow, Henry J.---213P
Petterson, Nils---171P
Pettit, Isabel - - -445
Pettit, Maybelle ---223P
Pew, Louisa ---258P
Petersen, P. H.---183R
Pfaff, Harold ---242P
Pfeifer, Angela Josephine---172P
Pfeifer, Bernard ---268P
Pfeifer, Carl  ---226P
Pfeifer, Cecil James ---259P
Pfeifer, Cyril ---241P
Pfeifer, Dan C. ---241P
Pfeifer, David---196P
Pfeifer, Donald---198P
Pfeifer, Francis Leo (Todd) 265P
Pfeifer, Gottlieb ---224P
Pfeifer, Herman---196P
Pfeifer, Jack---215P
Pfeifer, John---166P
Pfeifer, Joseph---193P
Pfeifer, Lawrence ---197P
Pfeifer, LeRoy (Bud) ---224P; 238P
Pfeifer, Lucille ---224P
Pfeifer, Mathias---168P; 171P
Pfeifer, Mathias Donald (Little)---174P
Pfeifer, Mathias J. ---224P
Pfeifer, Mrs. Mathias---168P
Pfeifer, Robert (Bob) ---243P
Pfeifer, Rosella (Sally) ---226P
Pfeifer, Sally ---243P
Pfeifer, Theodore---192P
Pfeifer, Walter T. (2)---214P
Pfeiffer, Eudora I. ---268P
Pfeifle, Agnes Louise ---242P
Pfeifle, Franz Theodore (Ted) ---242P
Pfeifle, Leonard ---226P
Pfomer, Chas - - -443
Pfremmer, Joseph (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -445
Pfremmer, Willie - - -445
Pfromer, Carl - - -442; 177P
Pfromer, Carl ---259P
Pfromer, Carl ---269P
Pfromer, Charles (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -443
Pfutzenreuter, Beryl ---242P
Pfutzenreuter, Donald---215P
Pfutzenreuter, Gerald DeVerne ---245P
Pfutzenreuter, Loretta ---267P
Phifer, Eliza - - -155
Phifer, Geo. B.---163P
Phifer, Mrs. George---167P
Philbrick, Charlotte---161P
Philbrick, Clyde---162P
Philbrick, Clyde W. ---208P
Philbrick, George---162P
Philbrick, George H. ---202P
Philbrick, Lloyd (Bones)---162P;243P
Philbrick, Marge---162P
Philbrick, Mrs. George (Charlotte)---173P; 196P
Philbrick, Ray ---161P; 182P
Phillippi, Hudson - - -444
Phillips, Alred E.---188P
Phillips, Clellan ---244P
Phillips, Gladys E. ---244P
Phillips, J. B.---193P
Phillips, Jackie---167P; 215P (2)
Phillips, John William---167P
Phillips, Lyman ---226P
Phillips, Lyman L---173P
Phillips, Mrs. M.E.---171P
Phillips, Mrs. Richard (Phoebe)---189P
Phillips, Mrs. William - - -333
Phimister, C. A. (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -463
Phimister, Ruth Rosia - - -463
Phipps, Darlene Aho ---245P
Pickard, J. W.---216P; 225P
Pickard, Mrs. J. W. - - -438
Pickel, Mrs. G. - - -437
Pickell, A. E. - - -444
Pickell, Alice M. ---263P
Pickell, Alice M. ---265P
Pickell, Archie R. ---246P
Pickell, Arthur ---226P
Pickell, Dorothy---159P
Pickell, Dorothy Avis---164P
Pickell, Karen ---226P
Pickell, Louis---170P;179P; 205P
Pickell, Louis “Bill”---180P
Pickell, Louis J. ---263P
Pickell, Lovina (Mrs.)---167P
Pickell, Michael ---245P
Pickell, Shirley M.---175P
Pickell, Shirley Mikkonen---178P
Piehl, Hattie ---225P
Piehl, Walter---216P
Pieper, Bertha ---243P
Pierce, Anna---184P
Pierce, Cecelia ---203P
Pierce, E. H. - - -432
Pierce, Elizabeth (Miss)- - -431
Pierce, George Albert---178P; 205P
Pierce, Mrs. George---179P
Pierce, Richard ---266P
Piersol, Sarah---184P
Pierson, James R. - - -447
Pietlo, John Sr.---164P
Pietlo, Matilda (Mrs.)---163P
Pihlaja, Andrew (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -441
Pikerine, Mrs. Ted---197P
Pillaert, Henry ---246P
Pingel, Sister Mary Imelda---216P
Piper, Father to D.B. ---227P
Piper, Maggie - - -202
Piper, Maude---217P
Pithey, Austin John ---269P
Pithey, Gladys “Dolly”---177P
Pithey, H. Rodney ---244P
Pitt, Julia - - -449
Pitts, Mrs. H.J.---188P
Plankey, John Daniel ---246P
Plante, Hazel Mae (McCloskey)---217P
Plaziak, Mrs. Joe---174P
Plemel, Richard “Dick” ---249P
Plessneer, Kurt ---244P
Pletcher, John---164P; 217P
Plummer, Mrs. John---167P
Podolak, Ernest John ---246P
Podolak, Frank Joseph---218P
Podolak, John (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -449
Podolak, Joseph - - -449
Podolak, Marlys Marie ---252P
Podolak, Marlys Marie ---267P
Podolak, Mary (Mrs.)---194P
Podoll, Mark---175P
Pollock, James ---228P
Pollock, Mrs. James ---228P
Pollock, Virginia---189P
Pomplum, Alta---188P
Pomplum, William - - -442; 164P; 186P
Pomplun, Minnie ---275S
Pooch, Alice ---247P
Pooch, Edwin W. ---259P
Pooch, Walter C.---175P
Pooch, William ---203P
Poole, John---174P
Poore, Ernest A. - - -435
Porter, Amanda Jane - - -393
Porter, Amanda Jane (Miss) - - -378
Porter, Benjamin---164P; 187P
Porter, Benjamin - - -See Herbert, Mary Ann
Porter, Ed. A.---169P
Porter, Eugene ---202P
Porter, Glenn---168P
Porter, Jeanette ---247P
Porter, Mildred---184P
Porter, Minnie B. - - -See Hyatt, Mrs. H. E.
Porter, Mrs. Benj. - - -430
Porter, Oney---192P; 195P
Porter, Vernon Francis ---248P
Potter, Ellen H. - - -441
Potter, Jessie L. ---204P
Potter, Mrs. Elmer (Ethel)---182P
Potter, Mrs. W.D. - - -429; 446
Potter, Richard (Pvt.)---196P
Potter, Richard Frederick ---247P
Potter, W. D. - - -441; 173P; 174P
Potter, Warren J. ---251P
Powers, Anna ---207P
Powers, Dora ---229P
Powers, John D.---170P; 181P; 201P
Powers, Lenore ---260P
Powers, William J. ---229P
Poyan, Mrs. C. S. - - -456
Poykklo, Edward---189P
Poykko, Mary & Harold---16A
Poykko, Thomas---198P
Prabhu, De Rae Kay Nishek ---261P
Pranke, Kathryn Ella ---268P
Prasek, Mrs. Oscar (Dacota)---191P
Praska, Agnes ---249P
Praska, Clarence---196P
Praska, Eugene J.---195P
Praska, Jerome J. ---250P
Praska, Josephine [Smith] ---249P
Praska, Karen ---247P
Praska, Luke ---250P
Pratschner, Bernard---218P
Pratschner, Clarence ---227P
Pratt, Austin Ray ---247P
Pratt, Lefa ---205P
Pratt, S. P. - - -442
Pratt, William ---201P
Prentice, Keith (Dr.)---176P
Prentice, Ruby E. ---250P
Prentis, Eva (Miss)---164P
Prentiss, Wm. - - -441
Pressler, Myrna ---251P
Preston, Joe. - - -429
Preston, Joseph - - -440
Price, A. F. (Captain)- - -443
Price, Etta - - -158
Price, D. L.---192P
Price, JoAnn Tedin ---251P
Prichard, Ruth Lucille ---260P
Prindville, Gerald ---207P
Printz, Alice B. ---255P
Printz, Cora ---202P
Printz, E. L. ---200P
Printz, Ernest ---227P
Printz, James C.---197P
Pritchard, James Allison ---262P
Pritchard, Leo C. ---248P
Pritchard, William David ---248P
Prochniak, Anthony G. ---199P
Provost, Sadie Mariam ---255P
Ptacek, Shirley ---202P
Ptacek, Shirley Joy ---251P
Ptacek, Charles ---230P
Ptacek, Clinton ---202P
Ptacek, William (Bill)---176P
Puffer, L. N.---157O
Puffer, Lottie ---200P
Puffer, Myron Henry - - -446; 253P
Pugh, Arthur---165P
Pugh, William R. ---253P
Pulfrey, Charles ---254P
Pulfrey, Greg H. ---255P
Pulfrey, Irwin S. ---254P
Pulfrey, Louis W. ---256P
Purcell, Jack---170P; 179P; 196P
Purcell, Lizzie (Miss)---164P
Purdy, Ruth VanNorsosdall ---229P
Purro & Korpua sons drowned---164P
Putman, Sally Olive (Miss) - - -517
Quale, Marie (Mrs.)---166Q
Qually Oscar ---190Q
Quam, E. A.---183Q
Quam, E. A. (Supt.)---179Q
Quam, L. E.---184Q
Quandt, Edith ---190Q
Quandt, Paul---186Q
Quashnick, Emelia ---193Q
Quast, Donald E.---180Q
Quast, Emma ---188Q
Quast, Herbert H. (Cpl.)---184Q
Quast, James D. “Jim” ---191Q
Quast, John---182Q; 184Q
Quast, Lillian ---190Q
Quast, Pauline (Mrs.)---182Q
Quast, Rose J. ---188Q
Quellman, August---182Q
Quellman, Chris---166Q
Quellman, Elenora ---191Q
Quellman, Emanuel---183Q
Quellman, Gustav---184Q
Quellman, Hermina---183Q
Quellman, Hermina (Mrs.)---182Q
Quellman, Laurence---180Q
Quellman, Rosina---182Q
Quigg, Mary (Mrs.)---180Q
Quincer, J. C. - - -449
Quinlan, Marilyn ---188Q
Quinlan, Robert ---191Q
Quinlan, Virginia ---185Q;186Q
Quinn, Caroline A. - - -See Bunker, Martin A.
Quinn, Edward---184Q
Quinn, Thomas---166Q
Quinnell, Louis---184Q
Quinnell, Wm.---166Q
Quissel, John---182Q
Raatz, Alfred ---213R
Raatz, Awald H. ---239R
Raatz, Curtis Ray ---268R
Raatz, Emil---167R
Raatz, Emil R. ---211R
Raatz, James C. ---239R
Raatz, Jeff Allen ---227R
Raatz, Louise E. ---266R
Raatz, Marvin D. ---227R
Raatz, Mary C.----196R
Raatz, Mrs. Emil---167R
Raatz, Ronald Ray---193R
Raatz, William ---218R
Rada, Barbara (Mrs.)---167R
Rada, Mrs. Joe---197R
Radermacher, Kristi---189R
Radermacher, Marie ---227R
Radermacher, Sylvester Alex ---240R
Radke, Jacob---167R
Raessler, Chris---195R
Raesler, John---167R
Raessler, Marjorie---201R
Ragan, Bernice ---269R
Raisanen, Abraham---180R
Raish, Mrs. Herbert C. (Minnie)---204R
Raish, Myrtle L. ---239R
Rall, John ---266R
Ramharter, A. F. - - -459
Ramharter, A. G. - - -459; 178R
Ramharter, A. J. - - -459
Ramharter, Albert J.---184R
Ramharter, E. V. - - -459
Ramharter, F. L. - - -459
Ramharter, Florence---209R
Ramharter, Karl---206R
Ramharter, Mrs. A. - - -459
Ramsden, Mary Ann - - -See Crabtree, Mrs. Mary
Rancour, John - - -470
Rancour, John and Alice - - -455
Rancour, John Gariepy - - -456
Rancour, Mrs. Peter - - -464
Rancour, Peter - - -455, 464, 470
Rancour, Theresa ---216R
Randall, A. A. - - -469
Randall, A. E. - - -469
Randall, Agnes---205R
Randall, C. H. - - -469
Randall, Charles ---228R
Randall, Cynthia---200R
Randall, Cynthia G. (Mrs.)- - -468
Randall, Elias - - -468
Randall, F. E. - - -469
Randall, Frank E. ---168R
Randall, Harry---203R
Randall, L. I. - - -469
Randall, M. E. - - -469; 197R; 220R
Randall, Mrs. Lovell---187R
Randall, Sophia (Mrs.)---181R; 184R
Randol, Alton C. ---242R
Randol, Carrie (Mrs.)---183R
Randol, Ethel ---228R
Randol, Eva B.---188R
Randol, George ---214R
Randol, Lillian ---228R; 242R
Randol, William Claryce ---261R
Rane, George---187R
Rapp, Betty Marie ---265R
Rapp, Hattie (Mrs.)- - -472
Rapp, Oscar L.---172R
Rapp, Oscar Llewellyn---169R
Rash, Herbert C. ---216R
Rasmussen, Claris Joyce---107J
Rasmussen, Clyde---180R
Rasmussen, Corliss M. (Corky) ---229R; 241R
Rasmussen, Ed - - -476
Rasmussen, Edward---169R; 187R
Rasmussen, George W.---220R
Rasmussen, H. P. ---228R
Rasmussen, Henry---184R
Rasmussen, Inez Bertha---169R
Rasmussen, Lane R. ---211R
Rasmussen, Marian Lucille---220R
Rasmussen, Mrs. Henry (Anna)---204R
Rasmussen, Mrs. Martin---202R
Rasmussen, Nels P.---186R
Rasmussen, L. R. - - -476
Rasmussen, Mrs. Ed - - -476
Rasmussen, Mrs. Ed.---169R
Rasmussen, Walter ---217R
Rasmusson, Bruce ---229R
Rasmusson, Hazel M. ---219R
Rassler, Caroline ---228R
Rassler, Irving---179R; 185R
Rassler, Mathaeus---185R
Rassmussen, Karen - - -405
Ratekin, W. J.---168R
Rath, August---178R
Rathe, Cora - - -472
Rathe, Marvin Earl ---241R
Rathe, Vera ---261R
Rathe, Walter ---261R
Rathman, Mrs. W. F. - - -468
Ratzlaff, Lillie G.---220R
Raugutt, Mrs. Julianna (Gottfried)---191R
Raugutt, Norman A. ---229R
Rauhauser, Donald Max ---260R
Rauhauser, Steven ---240R
Ravenstein, George R.---206R
Ravenstein, Jennie---198R
Ravenstein, Jennie Johannsen---209R
Ravenstein, Mr. and Mrs---196R
Ravenstein, Will---184R; 191R
Rawhauser, Jas. (Mr.)- - -474
Reckelberg, Mrs. William---201R
Reckelberg, Mrs. William (Martha)---207R
Reckmo, Jennie ---243R
Reddin, P.V. (Father)---182R
Reddin, Rev. Patrick---221R
Redlin, John E. ---243R
Redmond, Bruce---199R
Reed, Alberta ---230R
Reed, Bernice Cora - - -472
Reed, Bud - - -472
Reed, Charlotte---205R
Reed, Cora Bernice ---258R
Reed, Frank---206R
Reed, Mrs. F.H. (Cora)---202R
Reed, Mrs. Perry (Susie)---204R
Reed, Percy---221R
Reed, Percy “Bud”---189R
Reeg, Fred L.---181R
Reeg, George A.---204R
Reeg, L. - - -471
Reese, Mrs. H.B.---176R
Reese, Mrs. William---176R; 180R
Reese, West A.---195R
Reesky, John - - -473
Regan, Frank---202R
Rehborg, Delbert A. ---230R
Rehovsky, Cheryl Ann ---247R
Rehovsky, Dorothy ---253R
Rehovsky, John ---215R
Rehovsky, Julia ---216R
Rehovsky, Kathleen (3) ---244R
Rehovsky, Louis ---231R
Rehovsky, Theodore (Ted) ---243R
Rehovsky, Tim ---243R
Reiber, Elsie ---247R
Reiber, Sister Mary Jane OSF---190R
Reid, Alexander J.---184R; 192R; 217R
Reid, Johanna ---214R
Reijmers, Maarten Lourensius Rudolf ---258R
Reile, Clarissa ---248R
Reilly, Nora Blanche ---241R
Reilly, Thomas---199R
Reilly, Thomas J. - - -465
Reiman, Jacob - - -467
Reimers, Christian D.---180R; 184R
Reimers, Robert W.---199R
Reinke, Chris - - -456
Reinke, Daniel - - -456; 172R
Reinke, Fred F. Jr. ---247R
Reinke, Gottfried ---230R
Reinman, Jacob - - -466
Reise, Herman---209R
Reiten, Oswald (Ossie) ---263R
Reko, George ---217R
Reko, Grandma---170R
Reko, H.F.---176R
Reko, Henry---183R
Reko, Herman Paul---176R
Reko, J.J.---202R
Reko, Mrs. H.P. ---206R
Reko, Mrs. S.A. (Letitia)---205R
Reko, W.F.---183R
Remick, Aime ---248R
Remick, Mrs. Andrew---183R
Remien, Fred---205R
Remien, Magdalen “Maggie” ---245R
Remillard, Donald E. ---248R
Remillard, Irene Pearl ---245R
Remillard, Steven---201R
Rempfer, Chris---170R
Rempfer, Christian F. ---251R
Rempfer, Erna ---241R
Rempfer, George W. ---266R
Rempfer, Kathryn ---211R
Rempfer, Kathryn (Katie)---221R
Rempfer, Reverened William ---248R
Renier, Craig D. ---263R
Renken, Tiffany Grace---188R
Rennie, Florence Marie---222R
Renz, George Edward---170R
Renz, Melvin ---215R
Renz, Robert Duane---183R
Resseguie, Mary E---195R
Restorff, George - - -464
Restorff, Rosanna (Mrs.)---179R
Retzer, Rosa ---258R
Retzlaff, Bernard C.---222R
Retzlaff, Edward - - -474; 192R
Retzlaff, Emil - - -474
Retzlaff, James---199R
Retzlaff, Lois E. ---260R
Retzlaff, Mrs. William (Adelheid)---199R
Retzlaff, Otto ---231R
Retzlaff, Roland ---251R
Retzlaff, Theresa---190R
Retzlaff, William - - -458
Reuhauser, Sherry ---240R
Rexinger, Charles F.---200R
Rexinger, Wayne H. ---251R
Reynolds, Bessie ---214R
Reynolds, Dee---202R
Reynolds, Edward H.---196R
Reynolds, Edward Henry---170R
Reynolds, Ella E.---176R
Reynolds, Ernest ---217R
Reynolds, Joe. - - -462
Reynolds, Mary Ellen ---263R
Rezac, Louis ---213R
Rhead, Truman A. ”Punk” Jr.---190R
Rhonish, Hazel ---215R
Rhyan, Francis ---245R
Rhyan, Julia ---219R
Rice, Bell G. - - -See Flemington, Judge Alex. D.
Rice, Kathy Jean ---265R
Rice, Paul---223R
Richards, Marvin Max---222R
Richardson, Clara ---232R
Richardson, S. Jennie - - -127
Riches, Charles W. (Dr.)---171R
Richey, Hazel Sylvester Carpenter ---251R
Richie, Russell---171R
Richman, Mae ---252R
Richter, Edna E. ---232R
Richter, Mr. & Mrs. (infant son)---171R
Ridder, Lynn---188R
Ridder, Henry Stanley ---232R
Ridder, Mrs. - - -464
Riddle, Leo Issac ---246R
Riedhammer, Donald H. ---245R
Riege, Edna E. ---267R
Riel, Joseph - - -464
Rietz, Ella---222R
Rihulesky, Anna - - -425
Riley, Kathryn Mahoney ---171R
Rillo, Dr. S. R. (Ben) ---231R
Rindahl, Marie---188R
Rindahl, Melvin V. ---233R
Rinn, Mrs. Nichols - - -469
Rinn, Nicholas - - -470
Risgaard, Linda Lee ---263R
Rithmiller, Dennis---205R
Rithmiller, Viola L. ---268R
Ritmiller, Mrs. Jacob---183R
Ritterbush, Alonzo - - -460; 233R
Ritterbush, Clarence - - -466
Ritterbush, Mary (Mrs.)---171R
Ritterbush, Mrs. W.M.---177R
Ritterbush, Robert - - -466
Ritterbush, William - - -461, 466
Rittmiller, Charles Jacob - - -469
Rithmiller, Dennis---205R
Rittmiller, Elizabeth (Mrs.)---185R
Rittmiller, Emanuel---186R
Rittmiller, Gust---203R
Rittmiller, Gus Jr.---204R
Rittmiller, Jacob - - -469
Rittmiller, Mrs. Gust---201R
Rittmiller, Mrs. Gustave---205R
Roatch, John ---213R
Robb, Mrs. Fred (Lottie)---196R
Robb, Mrs. Harry (Peggy)---205R
Robert, Brian A. ---246R
Roberts, Clara May (Mrs.) - - -452
Roberts, Everett C.---203R
Roberts, George Rankin---179R
Roberts, Mrs. T. B.---179R
Roberts, Richard - - -452
Roberts, T. B. - - -461; 180R
Robertson, James - - -475
Robertson, Marlys M. ---217R; 253R
Robertson, Mary (Mrs.)- - -475
Robideau, Aletha ---232R
Robideau, Donald J. ---246R
Robins, Edward J. ---213R
Robins, H.M.---207R
Robins, Herbert M.---208R
Robins, Mrs. H.M. (Sarah)---207R
Robinson, Anna---198R
Robinson, Arthur - - -451
Robinson, Earl---194R
Robinson, Earnest---194R
Robinson, Elsie ---215R
Robinson, Ernest W. - - -458
Robinson, Hubert ---216R
Robinson, Mildred [Bunt] ---246R
Robinson, Mrs. Charles---195R
Robinson, Mrs. Earl (Jennie)---201R
Robinson, Mrs. Harvey W. - - -458
Robinson, Mrs. Myrtle - - -458
Robinson, Mrs. W. H.---171R
Robinson, Mrs. William (Winnifred)---200R
Robinson, Mrs. Wm. - - -450, 451
Robinson, Myrtle - - -475
Robinson, Pearl---201R
Robinson, William---172R; 195R
Robinson, Wm - - -451
Robyt, August---205R
Rodenberg, Lloyd - - -462
Rodenberg, N. J. - - -462
Rodenburg, Lloyd - - -463
Rodenburg, N. J. (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -463
Rodgers, Melvin ---252R
Rodine, Clifford---223R
Rodine, Emmy Hilma ---233R
Rodine, Evelyn Louise ---267R
Rodine, John---180R
Rodine, Joseph---206R
Rodine, Mary---207R
Rodman, Matie (Miss)- - -343
Roe, James P. ---268R
Roehl, Daniel---224R
Roeker, Agnes Elsie Rudolph---194R
Roeker, Clifford E. ---249R
Roemmich, Miles---194R
Roeszler, Avis---206R
Roeszler, Genevieve ---252R
Roeszler, Gottfried---172R
Roeszler, John---203R
Roeszler, John “Bud” ---249R
Rogers, Betty Ann ---249R
Rohde, Bernice ---214R
Rohlffs, Mrs. E.F.---185R
Rohrbach, Benjamin Richard ---262R
Rohrbach, Edna ---269R
Roland, Sina ---263R
Rollins, Vinnia (Mrs.)---202R
Rollo, Clifford Michael ---250R
Rollo, Daniel M. ---250R
Rollo, Richard Bothwick ---249R
Rollo, Thomas E. ---253R
Rollo, Walter---204R
Roloff, Mrs. Daniel---192R; 234R
Romsdal, John W. ---253R
Romsdal, Julia ---235R
Romsdal, Phillip---207R
Romstad, Albert - - -406; 407
Romstad, Albert Julius---173R; 181R
Romstad, Anna---173R
Romstad, Harold---173R; 253R
Romstad, Mrs. Alfred---173R
Romstad, Mrs. Alfred (Nilsine)---202R
Roneq, Paul---191R
Roney, Anna ---213R
Roney, C. E. - - -462
Roney, C. H. - - -462; 181R
Roney, Charles E. “Ted”---193R; 234R
Roney, Donald Edward “Don” ---254R
Roney, Earl---196R
Roney, Francis “Finn” ---250R
Roney, Fred---184R; 192R; 214R
Roney, Gerald F. “Jerry”---191R
Roney, John R.---192R; 216R
Roney, Mark Alan ---250R
Roney, Mary Catherine “Bud” ---256R
Roney, Mrs. C. H. ---215R
Roney, Mrs. Charles---191R
Roney, Paul---182R; 215R; 234R
Roney, Pauline M.---223R
Roney, Peter - - -462
Roney, Robert (Bob) ---233R; 256R
Roney, Roy ---216R
Roney, Thomas A. ---254R
Ronneberg, Grace Esther ---256R
Ronneberg, Mildred---194R
Ronneberg, Mrs. T. J. - - -467
Ronneberg, T.J.---177R
Ronsberg, J.O. (Rev.)---208R
Rood, Carl ---233R
Rood, Carl Otto---177R; 192R
Rood, Nellie---206R
Root, Abbie - - -474
Root, Cherie Ann---174R
Root, Della---208R
Root, Della Edna---178R; 191R
Root, F. C. (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -474
Root, Frank - - -450
Root, Frank C. - - -453
Root, Frank Clarence (photo) - - -453
Root, J. B.---174R
Root, J.D.---181R
Root, Mrs. F. C. - - -333
Root, Mrs. J. B. - - -450
Root, Mrs. J. D. - - -462
Root, T. J.---174R
Root, Truman---197R; 198R
Rose, Alice Jane - - -457
Rose, Charlie - - -473
Rose, George - - -473; 186R; 234R; 236R
Rose, George (Hon.)- - -457
Rose, Mrs. Geo - - -457
Rose, Mrs. M. - - -473
Rosendahl, Hano Victor ---211R
Rosendahl, Lempi E.---191R
Rosenquast, Ole---202R
Rosenquist, Johanna (Miss)- - -413
Rosenquist, Mrs. Ole---185R
Rosenthal, Barney ---235R
Rosenthal, Mrs. Barney ---197R
Rosman, John---202R
Ross, Arthur ---217R
Ross, Arthur M.---192R
Ross, James---204R
Ross, James W.---202R
Ross, John---203R
Ross, Lawrence Lesley - - -463
Ross, William---187R; 191R
Ross, Yvonne ---214R
Rossman, Helen ---214R
Rossman, Martin---203R
Rossman, Mrs. Martin (Ida)---208R
Rossman, Samuel F. ---255R
Rossman, Virginia ---235R
Rossmiller, John W.---224R
Rossmiller, Merlyn---197R
Rossow, Muriel J. ---219R
Roster, Cleojean ---270R
Rotenberger, Emanuel ---234R
Rotenberger, Robert & 3 family members, Lori, Leroy &Angela ---237R
Roth, Charles ---262R
Rothhouse, Harry---206R
Rothhouse, Mrs. H. A.---224R
Rothhouse, Mrs. Harry A.---178R
Rothwell, Rev. and Mrs. - - -471
Rothwell, Walter Seibert - - -311
Rott, Bennie G. ---262R
Roubal, Leslie R. ---265R
Rougier, Elaine Elizabeth---191R
Rowe, Betty Louise (2 mo baby) ---238R
Rowe, Christie---186R
Rowe, Clara Matilda Seeley ---258R
Rowe, Donald ---257R
Rowe, Donald ---267R
Rowe, Everett - - -496
Rowe, Floyd---182R
Rowe, George---202R
Rowe, James - - -461; 218R
Rowe, James B. ---215R
Rowe, James D. - - -496
Rowe, James H.---225R
Rowe, Jim ---255R
Rowe, Julia---189R
Rowe, Katherine Kelly (2)---224R
Rowe, Lee ---264R
Rowe, Margaret G.---187R
Rowe, Marvette ---213R
Rowe, Mrs. Frank ---235R
Rowe, Wilfred Allan---183R
Rowe, William - - -496; 181R
Rowett, Fred - - -468
Rowett, James - - -468
Royal, Opal ---262R
Royce, Warren---176R
Royce, Howard E. ---238R
Royle, Mrs. Henry---177R
Ruble, John A. - - -475; 194R
Ruch, Harold Marvin ---264R
Ruch, Robert L. ---264R
Rudlow, L. (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -473
Rudolf, Adam---193R
Rudolph, August ---255R
Rudolph, Mary M. ---257R
Rudow, Albert R. - - -460
Rudow, Edna - - -460
Rudow, L. - - -476
Rudow, Willie - - -473
Rue, Mable - - -450
Rueden, Jerome Von---207R
Ruff, Lorraine T.---193R
Ruff, Louis J. ---216R
Rufsvold, Clarice ---257R
Rufsvold, Orville ---257R
Rugtiv, Oscar---203R
Ruhn, Keith Wardell ---255R
Rumelhart, Elaine J.---191R
Rupert, Carolina - - -See Baker, George M.
Rusch, Casper - - -463
Rusco, Fred (2)---226R
Rusco, Henry S.---210R
Rust, Rose E. ---238R
Rustad, Duffo O. - - -See Baker, Bernice
Ruth, Alden L.---198R
Ruth, Mrs. A. L. ---238R
Rutscke, George---175R
Rutschke, Jacob---199R
Rutschke, Nick---196R
Rutschke, Violet---226R
Ruud, Katherine Othilde ---175O
Ryan, Bessie---204R
Ryon, A. D. - - -462
Ryon Grace - - -462
Ryon, Hugh L. - - -462
Ryon, Jay - - -462
Ryon, John A. - - -462; 175R
Ryon, Lizzie D. (Mrs.)- - -462
Saari, Arvo E.---285S
Saari, Elmer ---276S
Saari, Fred ---274S
Saari, Hilma ---296S
Saari, John---203S; 204S
Saari, Kenneth ---295S
Saari, Marlys Mae ---294S
Sabby, Lucy Ellen (Nell) ---322S
Sackrider, Charles ---370S
Sackrider, Charley - - -480
Sackrider, Eliza Jane (Mrs.)---215S
Saevert, Lee ---280S
Saewert, Albert Franz---285S
Saewert, Chas - - -477
Saewert,  John---263S
Saewert, Lydia ---324S
Saewert, Mrs. Richard---213S
Saewert, Walter ---279S
Sager, F. - - -477
Sager, R. G. - - -477
Sagvold, Alice ---295S
St. John, W. N. ---297S
St. Ores, J.W.---261S
Salmen, George---257S; 269S
Salmen, Leslie Raymond ---295S
Salmen, Lloyd---209S
Salmen, Lloyd Elmer---209S
Salmen, Mrs. George---229S
Salo, Emil F. ---325S
Salo, Henry John---267S
Salo, Jalmar “Jake”---223S
Salo, John ---329S
Salo, Larry Frank ---370S
Salo, Mrs. John ---295S
Salverson, Olaf ---295S
Salveson, Ella---235S
Salveson, Phyllis---195S
Salzsieder, Lois---211S
Salzsieder, Louise ---324S
Samel, Elmer---229S
Samel, Mrs. Emil (Louise)---262S
Samson, Leland---258S
Samson, Orion---259S
Samways, Doris M. ---322S
Sand, Ardys Johnson ---370S
Sand, Carl ---296S
Sand, Ervin “Pat” ---323S
Sand, Irene ---323S
Sand, Lawrence R. ---292S
Sand, Mr. & Mrs Thor (baby)---177S
Sand, Mrs. Thor---269S
Sand, William T. (Bill) ---291S
Sandberg, Alice A. ---322S
Sandberg, Carl J. ---371S
Sandberg, Carl J. Jr.---269S; 270S
Sandberg, Evelyn---285S
Sandberg, Mrs. Carl---227S
Sandberg, Mrs. Carl (Ann)---263S
Sanders, Daisy ---325S
Sanders, Fay M. ---326S
Sanders, Johanna ---273S
Sanders, O. J.---177S
Sanders, Tillman O. ---370S
Sandness, Elizabeth (Betty) ---325S
Sandness, Grace ---326S
Sandness, Joel---286S
Sandness, Joel Arnold ---286S
Sandness, John C.---286S
Sandness, Mark Steven ---371S
Sandness, Melvin R. ---329S
Sandness, Palmer B. ---371S
Sandness, Ted R. ---324S
Sandve, Mrs. Gus---226S; 268S
Sandve, Mrs. Gustav---227S
Sandve, Mrs. Gustav (Pearl)---261S
Saranen, Ellen M. ---327S
Sasse, Douglas ---280S
Sater, Peter - - -293
Sater, T. T. - - -293
Sather, Clara M. (2) ---329S
Sather, Julia M. ---327S
Saulter, Andrew---266S
Saulter, Mary ---297S
Saulter, Mary Lamy---286S
Saulter, Mrs. Julius - - -493
Saulter, William A---213S
Saunders, C. L.---177S
Saunders, Charles N. ---327S
Saunders, Edward M---240S
Saunders, Ethel ---239S
Saunders, Evelyn Thurnau Laske ---284S
Saunders, Homer - - -494
Saunders, Homer (Infant) ---226S
Saunders, S.V. (Mr. and Mrs.) - - -494
Saunders, W. L. ---225S
Savage, James ---371S
Savage, Mary Elizabeth ---209S
Savage, Robert ---257S
Savey, J. B. - - -490
Savey, Les Elvin ---281S
Savey, Lonnie Elvin ---329S
Savey, Maude Mae ---327S
Savey, Paul ---256S; 258S
Savey, Sylvina “Sally” ---287S
Savold, Mrs. Ole---208S
Sawyer, Frances May---209S
Sayles, Mina - - -See Harness, James
Scaggs, Charles ---244S
Scaggs, Little Wilbur ---296S
Schaal, Fred J. ---296S
Schaeffer, Joseph G. ---264S
Schafer, Wallace ---282S
Schaller, Albert ---275S
Schaller, Esther ---285S
Schaller, Henry ---297S
Schaller, Margaret ---241S
Schandelmeier, Jennie ---258S
Schandemeier, Mrs. Chas. ---296S
Schanilec, Beverly Walter ---224S
Schap, Mary [Seelhammer] ---340S
Schap, Mike ---284S
Schark, Heinrich - - -490
Schaub, George W. ---255S
Schaub, Lawrence ---328S
Schaubel, Leo A. ---277S
Schauel, Susan ---277S
Scheffert, Chester (Chet) ---273S
Scheffert, Edna H. ---287S
Scheffert, Harry ---288S
Scheffert, Lucas Benjamin ---328S
Scheffert, William ---263S
Scheibe, Ernest W. ---328S
Schermerhorn, Mrs. J. W. ---246S
Schhaal, Mary - - -467
Schiefelbein, E. Edward ---342S
Schiefelbein, Ralph ---227S; 277S
Schiefelbein, Mrs. Emil R. (Frances) ---241S
Schiefner, Ed A. - - -490
Schiefner, Grandma - - -501
Scheifner, Grandma ---273S
Scheifner, Grandma ---287S
Schiefner, Roy - - -490
Schiesser, Henry - - -490
Schiffner, Peter ---332S
Schildberger, Fred A. ---298S
Schill, Charles L.---203S
Schlader, George ---340S
Schlauch, Adolph---227S
Schlaugh, Adolph ---283S
Schlenker, Art and Marie (2) ---341S
Schlenvogt, Glenn H.---231S
Schlichting, Albert E. ---332S
Schlinker, Mrs. - - -478
Schlosser, Barbara ---332S
Schlotterback, Amelia - - -See Fait, Mrs. C. G.
Schmallen, Mary Jo---263S
Schmaltz, Dennis ---341S
Schmaltz, Sebastian ---298S
Schmidt, (baby of Jacob) ---273S
Schmidt, Herman ---274S
Schmidt, Jacob - - -478
Schmidt, John ---275S
Schmidt, Mrs. J.B. (Rosa)---244S
Schmidt, Mrs. R.C.---252S
Schmidt, Mrs. Robert C. (Ernestine)---264S
Schmidt, Robert C. ---272S
Schmidt, Willie - - -364
Schmierer, Carolina---287S
Schmierer, Dora ---240S
Schmierer, Michael ---243S; 244S
Schmiess, Todd ---272S
Schmiess, Todd ---287S
Schmit, Jessica F. ---333S
Schmit, Mrs. John M. ---198S
Schmit, Raymond (Ray) ---341S
Schmits, Paul A. ---333S
Schmitz, Anna Christina Elnora ---328S
Schmitz, Barbara Lee (2) ---288S
Schmitz, Edith ---250S
Schmitz, Fred ---261S
Schmitz, Jacob ---276S
Schmitz, LaVerne ---252S; 338S
Schmitz, Marvin ---298S
Schmitz, Melvin J. ---300S
Schmitz, Mrs. Peter ---267S
Schmitz, Pete ---333S
Schmitz, William ---284S
Schnaible, Helen ---342S
Schnalble, Anna M. ---283S
Schneck, Jakob ---237S
Schneck, Mrs. Jacob (Eva) ---239S
Schneider, Carl ---213S
Schneider, Elsie H. ---298S
Schneider, Frank J. ---278S
Schneider, Sister Mary Agnes O.S.F.96 ---288S
Schneider, Robert ---279S
Schneider, Treasure Ann---221S
Schnell, Emma H. ---340S
Schnell, Raymond (2) ---299S
Schnieder, Christina (Mrs.) ---200S
Schnieder, Ed ---283S
Schnieder, Herman ---214S; 228S; 274S
Schnoor, H. C. ---254S
Schnoor, Hans C. ---202S; 224S; 256S
Schock, Marvin ---330S
Schock, William “Willie” ---330S
Schockman, Zack ---235S
Schoeszler, Gerhardt G. ---330S
Schoeszler, LeRoy ---279S; 288S
Schoeszler, Maria ---264S
Schoezler, Eunice ---274S
Schon, Mrs. Nick - - -488
Schon, Nicholas - - -478, 488
Schoolcraft, Dale Ray ---302S
Schoolcraft, Donna Marie ---339S
Schoolcraft, J. M. ---289S
Schoolcraft, LeRoy ---256S
Schoop, Adam - - -492
Schrader, William H. ---211S
Schrapp, Mamie ---301S
Schraudenbach, Frank ---298S
Schreader, Darreld L. ---273R
Schreader, Mark ---273S
Schreiner, Dorothy---268S
Schreiner, Eugene ---331S
Schreiner, John Sr.---255S
Schreiner, Tillie ---342S
Schreiner, Vune A. ---282S
Schroeder, Edna M.(2) ---339S
Schroeder, Evelyn Ruth---222S
Schroeder, Joe ---272S
Schroeder, William ---301S
Schroedl, Christina Amelia ---302S
Schroedl, Louise A. ---216S
Schuldheisz, Randy J. ---339S
Schrum, Adam ---214S
Schuab, Lillian ---300S
Schuett, Fred J. ---235S
Schulte, Ida R. ---221S
Schultz, Daisy ---263S
Schultz, Emil ---208S
Schultz, Lillian ---343S
Schultz, Mrs. August ---240S
Schultz, Mrs. Emil (Fredericka) ---255S;
Schultz, Mrs. Emil (Friedericke) ---263S
Schultz, Nellie ---252S
Schultz, Ottila - - -See Bruns, Mrs. Aug
Schultz, Peter A ---289S
Schultz, William J. ---251S
Schulz, Alvilda ---343S
Schulz, Anna (Mrs.) ---213S
Schulz, August Carl ---301S
Schulz, Blanche ---302S
Schulz, Carl A. ---342S
Schulz, Clara ---285S
Schulz, Mrs. Jacob K. (Minerva) ---264S
Schulz,  Mrs. John G. ---254S
Schulz, Wendy Rae ---272S
Schulz, William ---266S
Schumacher, Edward Frank ---332S
Schumacher, Elmer ---340S
Schumacher, Harvey ---265S
Schumacher, Marion L. ---300S
Schumacker, Ernest E. ---265S
Schumacker, June Arlyne ---293S
Schumaker, Hebert A. ---274S
Schumaker, Magdalena ---281S
Schuman, Edward W. ---261S
Schuman, Ernest ---344S
Schuman, Jeane ---269S
Schuman, Judith Ann ---252S
Schuman, Kathy ---343S
Schuman, Michael ---235S
Schuman, Ruth “Squirt” Waloch ---224S
Schuman, Tony ---256S; 304S
Schuttloffel, Dorothy ---318S
Schwab, Blake Michael ---331S
Schwab, Charles ---213S
Schwab, Charlie - - -492
Schwab, Daniel ---262S
Schwab, David Sr. ---331S
Schwab, Gladys ---300S
Schwab, Gladys L. ---303S
Schwab, Pearl - - -492
Schwan, Sister Barbara Marie O.S.F. ---338S
Schwandt, G. B. ---252S
Schwarting, Adeline Frances ---233S
Schwarting, Clyde Albert ---208S
Schwarting, Ernie G. ---331S
Schwarting, Gesine ---281S
Schwarting, Gustav ---271S
Schwarting, John ---272S
Schwarting, Mr. and Mrs. - - -489
Schwarting, Willard D. ---343S
Schwartz, Mrs. Augusta - - -493
Schwarz, Hubert ---254S
Schwehr, Katherine ---338S
Schweigert, Jacob ---274S
Schweitz, Mary ---303S
Schwenke, Mildred R. ---220S
Scott, Bruce ---272S
Scott, C. D. ---237S
Scott, Frank - - -495
Scott, J. D. ---210S
Scott, J. D. (Mr. and Mrs.) - - -495
Scott, James A. ---274S
Scott, James T ---234S
Scott, Jane - - -489
Scott, John ---214S
Scott, John A. ---297S
Scott, John E. - - -489
Scott, Joseph D. ---207S; 225S
Scott, Judson ---297S
Scott, Julie Ann 14 months ---297S
Scott, Mrs. Bruce ---214S
Scott, Mrs. Bruce (Maude E.)---257S
Scott, Mrs. J. D.---205S; 224S
Scott, Ruth [Wagner] ---371S
Scott, Stanley L. ---330S
Scovil, Charles---253S
Scoville, C. M. - - -491; 237S
Scoville, Sarah---236S
Seavert, Ella Mae ---344S
Seavert, Lee ---275S
Seavert, Raymond ---344S
Sebens, Peter ---345S
Secoy, Floyd---208S; 289S
Secoy, Floyd M.---159M
Secoy, Lavina (Mrs.)---212S
Sedevic, James - - -499
Seebeck, LeVone Evangeline ---275S
Seefeldt, Dorothy Jane ---290S
Seefeldt, Mrs. Ronald---260S
Seelhammer, Jacob---249S
Seelhammer, Jake---266S
Seelye, Cody John---232S
Seeman, Anna---261S
Seeman, Ernest---213S
Sefton, Mrs. M.---226S
Sefton, Thomas - - -499; 305S
Seifert, W.J.---199S
Seig, Henry ----278S
Sein, Ole---253S
Sell, August---196S
Sell, Henry---197S
Sell, infant---237S
Sell, Mrs. W. L. - - -304
Sell, Ruth ---304S
Sell, Ruth M.(Beck)---230S
Sell, Wanda ---278S
Selzle, Mrs. George (Dorothy)---236S
Selzler, Debra Lee---290S
Semple, Hattie (Mrs.)---212S
Sender, Mabel ---334S
Senn, Anna (Mrs.)---201S
Senn, Lester ---345S
Seth, Ed---268S
Seth, George W.---199S
Setterland, Susanne M. ---277S
Setterlund, Chester W. (2) ---345S
Severin, Albert ---275S
Severin, Rose ---346S
Severson, Henry E. - - -486
Severson, Joseph M. ---344S
Severud, Dr. David N. ---334S
Sexton, Eileen D. ---345S
Seyer, Fred---259S
Seyer, Gerald ---346S
Seyer, Heinrich “Henry” ---368S
Shadbolt, Mr. - - -489
Shadbolt, Mrs. - - -489
Shadler, Lucie M. ---305S
Shadler, William ---283S
Shafer, Frances Eleanor ---305S
Shafer, Irene Senada---231S
Shafer, Ivan ---277S
Shafer, Mrs. W. J.---225S; 250S
Shafer, Stanley E. ---334S
Shafer, Wally---291S
Shafer, Walter J.---198S; 226S; 254S
Shanahan, Francis---258S
Shattuck, Minnie M. - - -See Bateman, Mrs. J. E.
Shaver, Charles E.---203S
Shearer, Earl---217S
Shellabarger, Dora---240S
Shelton, Clarence ---306S
Shelton, Effie - - -492
Shelton, James W.---232S
Shelton, Jeanette C. ---277S
Shelton, Louise V. ---286S
Shelton, Ludwina ---277S
Shelton, Maynard ---348S
Shelton, Melvina K. ---348S
Shelton, Mrs. Clarence ---306S
Shelton, Ray D. ---348S
Shelton, Ray Daniel ---346S
Shelton, Richard Bruce ---335S
Shelton, Terrance ---334S
Shepard, John---214S
Shepard, Ulysses---238S
Shepardson, Mrs. Kenneth---212S
Sheppard, Floyd A. ---282S
Sheppard, Roy---255S
Sheppard, Robert E. ---348S
Sheppard, Wilbur ---304S
Sheridan, John---268S
Sheridan, Mrs. John ---280S
Sheridan, W. B. ---275S
Sherman, Martin “Ole” ---349S
Sherman, Roscoe Howe ---276S
Sherman, Roscoe Howe ---306S
Sherrard, Thomas Jr. ---337S
Shiek, Howard---264S
Shilhanek, Mrs. Joe (Anna)---263S
Shilhanek, Wesley---206S
Shimer, Malvine---269S
Shimmin, Connie R. ---348S
Shimmin, T. R.---213S; 224S
Shipps, Kathrine - - -459
Shirey, M.R.---262S; 268S
Shoar, Mabel H. ---349S
Shockman, Anthony ---307S
Shockman, Jacob Andrew 285S
Shockman, Jacob Andrew 299S
Shockman, Michael L. ---307S
Shockman, Robert ---273S
Shockman, Zack ---254S; 262S
Shockman, Zack R. (2) ---308S
Shoemaker, H. P. ---240S
Shoffner, L. Earl (Lt.) ---306R Shogren, Peter (Dr.)---251S
Sholes, Robert---229S; 260S
Shufelt, Alfred ---307S
Shufelt, Nelllie---235S
Sidles, Bert - - -490
Sidles, Burt---206S; 225S
Sidles, Mrs. B.G.---201S; 204S
Sieberg, Christina---268S
Sieberg, Mrs. L.A. - - -334
Siegler, Emily ---302S
Sieley, Clara Matilda - - -496
Sikkink, Reverend Gene Virgil ---290S
Silseth, Angeline ---283S
Silseth, Gordon ----283S
Simek, Clifford ---280S
Simek, Eugene F. ---335S
Simek, John C. ---247S
Simek, Mrs. C. C. ---200S
Simek, Mrs. C. C. (Mary) ---244S
Simmons, Eline ---277S
Simmons, Eunice ---350S
Simmons, Ing ---248S
Simonson, Fritz (Francis) E. ---335S
Simpson, Bertha Alice - - -84
Simpson, Daniel C. ---211S
Sinclair, John ---279S
Sinclair, Johnnie ---244S
Sinclair, Mr. W. E. - - -330
Sinclair, Robert ---278S
Sinclair, Robert ---279S
Sinclair, Robert G. ---206S
Sinclair, Robert G. ---279S
Sinclair, Robert G. ---296S
Sinclair, William E. ---279S
Sinclair, William Edward ---296S
Sinclair-Lynch, Elizabeth May ---279S
Singleton, D. (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -476
Singleton, Mrs. Thomas ---303S
Singleton, Mrs. W. R.---204S; 241S
Singleton, Thomas---203S; 262S
Singleton, William---255S
Sittes, Maud (Mrs.)---204S
Sitts, Helen M. ---337S
Sitts, Lynus Sr.---229S; 260S
Sitts, Linus Edward ---307S
Sitts, Maude Leona---210S
Sitz, Paul William ---276S
Sjoberg, Dorothea - - -See Hanson, Mrs. Nels
Sjolin, Arlene Yvonne---216S
Sjolin, Birdie Bell ---309S
Sjolin, David ---271S
Sjolin, David Vernon---212S
Sjolin, Dorothy E.---290S
Sjolin, Gustav R. ---348S
Sjolin, Vernon Norman---223S
Skally, Muriel M.---242S
Skarp, Edythe Ann (Edie) ---278S
Skinner, Elaine H.---278S
Skjefte, Alton Orville Sever ---280S
Skjefte, Alton Orville Sever ---291S
Skjefte, Barbara G.---223S
Skjefte, Cyril---268S
Skjefte, Elizabeth (Bette) ---278S
Skjefte, Gordon Alvin Richard ---284S
Skjefte, James Kevin ---337S
Skjefte, Marlys ---309S
Skjefte, Marlys "Meyer" ---335S
Skjefte, Melinda - - -See Becker, Roger Allen
Skjefte, Sever---291S
Skjefte, Sylvia L.---222S
Skjefte, Wallace R.N. ---350S
Skjeroheim, Hans - - -477
Skjerohelm, Hans---228S
Skoda, Joe---199S
Skoda, Mary ---274S
Skoglund, John---53C
Skoglund, John E.---199S; 236S
Skuse, Myrtle---290S
Slack, Doris ---281S
Slaght, Clara - - -494
Slaght, Dell. (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -494
Slaight, Twin daughters of Steven H.---291S
Sletten, O.J.---252S
Sletvold, Frederick ---275S
Sletvold, Frederick Victor ---350S
Sletvold, Inez---197S
Sletvold, Marie ---348S
Sletvold, Mrs. - - -412
Sliva, Michael Christopher ---349S
Slocum, Augusta ---272S
Slocum, Augusta Phifer---228S
Slocum, B. W.---200S
Slocum, Lyle (Lt.) ---309S
Slusher, Clara ---306S
Slusher, Elizabeth M. ---350S
Slusher, Harry ---258S
Slusher, Ida P. ---295S
Slusher, John H. ---295S
Smalley, Alma ---241S
Smart, Avery ---310S
Smestad, Esther ---279S
Smestad, Lucille E. ---225S; 351S
Smestad, Peter ---276S
Smiley, Mrs. G. W. - - -492
Smith, A. D. ---215S
Smith, Anna (Mrs.) - - -406
Smith, Bessie E. ---351S
Smith, Blanche - - -491
Smith, Charles - - -490
Smith, Charlotte ---351S
Smith, Clifton E. - - -486
Smith, Cryus C. - - -See Eastman, Fanny
Smith, Cyrenus E. - - -486
Smith, Dale L. ---352S
Smith, David---257S
Smith, Earl D.---291S
Smith, Ed A.---245S; 246S
Smith, Edith B.---294S
Smith, Ella B. ---337S
Smith, Elmer---233S
Smith, Esther ---282S
Smith, Esther Charlotte---292S
Smith, F. J. - - -495
Smith, Frank - - -362, 496; 266S
Smith, Frank W.---256S
Smith, G. D.---205S
Smith, George D. - - -483
Smith, Geraldins Ann ---308S
Smith, Harvey ---310S
Smith, Herman Albert ---286S
Smith, Inez ---352S
Smith, J. D. (Rev.)---209S
Smith, Jennie---251S
Smith, John W. - - -See Bosley, Ella I.
Smith, Joseph (Dr.)---214S; 310S
Smith, Judith ---309S
Smith, Kermith---220S
Smith, Lyman (Rev.) - - -485
Smith, Mabel L. ---351S
Smith, Martin Paul ---350S
Smith, Meliss - - -See Gustafson, Gus
Smith, Mrs. Alex - - -492; 240S
Smith, Mrs. Christ (Emma)---266S
Smith, Mrs. Ed. A.---260S
Smith, Mrs. G. D. - - -482
Smith, Mrs. Harry Sr. (Louise)---264S
Smith, Mrs. J.W. (Adeline)---254S
Smith, Mrs. Milton - - -415
Smith, Mrs. R. O.---201S
Smith, Peter---243S
Smith, R. O. - - -494; 206S
Smith, Rhoder ---310S
Smith, Sarah Adelaide---202S
Smith, Stephen Leroy (Steve) ---280S
Smith, Thomas S. - - -494
Smith, William---243S
Smith, William Henry ----271S
Smutny, Alois---269S; 279S
Smutny, Alois [Picture] ---312S
Smutny, Alois George, Jr. ---311S
Smutny, Leonard---253S
Snaborn, R. L. - - -477
Snell, Edna Mae ---277S
Snell, Fred (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -329
Snellman, H. Hugh ---352S
Snyder, Dorothy K.---218S
Soberg, Jennie---259S
Sobeski, Esther ---311S
Solberg, Albert—259S
Solberg, Beatha (Mrs.)- - -513
Solberg, Beverly A. ---354S
Solberg, Ingrid K. ---336S
Solberg, Leonard ---353S
Solberg, Mathilde ---277S
Solberg, Melvin (2) ---312S
Solberg, Viola Eva (Vi) ---294S
Soldahl, Martin---205S
Soldberg, Olga - - -494
Solveson, James J.---260S
Solveson, Mrs. Helen---211S
Sommer, Johann Konrad---108K
Sommerfeld, Donna M. ---353S
Sommerfield, Mildred ---336S
Sommerland, Arthur---292S
Sommerland, Iver---208S
Sommerland, Jamey (2) ---313S
Sommerland, Melvin ---272S; 274S
Sommerland, Myrtle I. ---233S
Sonnenberg, Albert A. ---353S
Sonnenberg, Lamoine ---218S
Sontag, Jessie ---264S
Sorensen, Hans Otto ---212S
Sorensen, Jens ---276S
Sorenson, Benjamin ---239S
Sorenson, Chris - - -477
Sorenson, Marie ---283S
Sorenson, Mrs. Rasmus - - -477
Sorenson, Rasmus ---262S; 266S
Sorenson, Susan Kaye ---219S
Sorlie, Viola G. Davis ---353S
Soulter, Mr. ---355S
Southall, John---203S
Southmayd, Emma---293S
Spaulding, Harry ---281S
Spear, Darlene---267S
Spear, Donna---261S
Spear, H.H.---269S
Spear, Howard---255S
Spear, Lawrence ---273S
Spear, Lorraine ---283S
Spear, Mrs. H.H. (Minnie)---257S
Spear, Wesley Allyn---219S
Spear, Yordis O. ---281S
Speer, Mary - - -360
Speidel, Arnold---212S
Speidel, George - - -500
Speidel, Reinhold - - -478
Speidel, Robert---241S
Spiedel, Dorothy ---354S
Spiller, Mrs. Holden (Inez)---241S
Spitzer, L.E. “Leo” ---354S
Splane, Rose E. ---354S
Splitt, Agnes E. ---336S
Splitt, Chas. - - -491
Splitt, Emil - - -491
Splitt, Reinhold G.---292S
Spoerl, Anna V. ---354S
Spooner, Lamern ---289S
Sprouse, Edith Bernice ---336S
Sprouse, Sarah---237S
Sprouse, V.B.---238S
Sprung, Elna---256S
Sprung, Michael ---278S
Spurgeon, Charles---208S
Spurgeon, Clema---265S
Spurgeon, George Robert - - -499
Spurgeon, John Ira---214S
Spurgeon, Ward H---249S
St. John, W. N. ---297S
Stafsburg, Mrs. Martin (Karen)---238S
Stahl, J. M. - - -493
Stahleckeer, Arthur J.---292S
Stahlecker, Betty ---362S
Stahlecker, Caroline---243S
Stahlecker, Milton ---362S
Stahlecker, Wilbur---260S
Stal, Mrs. Ole. - - -500; 196S
Staley, Sylvester---209S; 228S
Stall, Annie---257S
Stanley, Harry---266S
Stanley, Ward---265S
Stanley, Wayne - - -493
Stanton, Frank---215S
Stanton, L. E. - - -491
Stark, June Catherine - - -See Gillette, William
Starkka, Arthur---209S
Starkka, Irene B. ---295S
Starr, Esther Viola Larson ---287S
Starr, Rose (Mrs.)---212S
Stasek, Harry---256S
Staudinger, John W.---265S
Staudinger, Steen A. ---295S Stavnes, Viola Harriet---222S
Stearns, Earl---226S; 250S; 258S
Stearns, Stephen ---282S; 284S
Steele, Marena ---356S
Steffen, Fred---241S
Stehly, Lucylle Catherine ---355S
Steidl, Berniece Mary Helen ---295S
Steinau, E. - - -478
Steiner, Eva Geffre---224S
Steiner, Lawrence Paul---216S
Steiner, Nona ---283S
Steinkogler, Theodore ---355S
Steinsgaard, Mrs. O. M. - - -See Bardsen, Knudt
Steinwand, Amelia - - -477
Steinwand, Erna V.---293S; 355S
Steinwand, Louis - - -477
Steinwand, Mary---293S
Steinwand, Otto O. ---362S
Steinwand, Victor R.---270S
Stelzner, Harry---265S
Stemen, Gelia Margaret ---357S
Stende, Albert---211S
Stende, Mrs. Andrew (Frances)---266S
Stende, Sever O.---210S
Stenquist, Clarence---294S
Stenquist, Ida ---275S
Stenquist, Ida (Mrs.)---195S
Stenquist, L. C. - - -489
Stensland, Ramon Edwin ---356S
Stenstadvold, Bruce---270S
Stenstadvold, Carol M---221S
Stenstadvold, Norris Jewel---294S
Stenvold, Marlene ---359S
Stephens, Henrietta---213S
Stephenson, Anna Marie Mervosh ---363S
Stephenson, J. L. (Dr.)---215S
Stephenson, Fred---195S
Stephenson, Frederick Lanset ---298S
Stephenson, George---196S
Stepina, Adolph J. ---286S
Stepina, Anna---227S
Stepina, Joseph---261S
Stepina, Mary K.---223S
Stepina, Mrs. John ( Marie)---237S
Stepper, Gottlieb---269S
Sterner, Ellen I.---294S
Steube, Henry---207S
Steuck, Victor ---363S; 364S
Steve, Gust---259S
Steven, Roy (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -477
Stevens, Adelaide---253S
Stevens, B. H.---108G
Stevens, Burton---251S
Stevens, Burton A.---265S
Stevens, David ---272S
Stevens, E. F.---215S; 248S
Stevens, Earl James ---357S
Stevens, Frances A.---294S
Stevens, Gladys ---364S
Stevens, James C.---209S
Stevens, Mildred Alice Andrus Baska ---365S
Stevens, Mrs. B.A.---262S
Stevens, Mrs. Blanche---230S
Stevens, Mrs. E. F.---210S
Stewart, Cora E.---236S
Stewart, John - - -489
Stewart, Lesley---239S
Stites, Deane A. (M.D.) ---283S
Stittes, A. Maxine---217S
Stock, E.F.---260S
Stockhoug, Minnie (Miss) - - -See Iverson, Axel Stoddard, C. H. - - -498
Stoddard, Caleb H. (Mr. & Mrs.)---204S
Stoebner, Joseph---249S
Stogdill, Mrs. Frank---240S
Stogdill, Mrs. Frank (Harriet)---239S
Stohl, Knute---258S
Stokes, Arthur----236S
Stokes, Dr. G. P. ---278S
Stolle, Carl - - -392
Stolle, Donald “Butch” ---359S
Stolle, E. ---297S
Stone, Waino---215S
Storboe, Ole - - -293
Storch, Beatrice Moana ---288S
Storm, Anna Maria---208S
Storm, Fred E. ---365S
Storvik, Alphine ---278S
Storvik, Anna (Mrs.)---210S; 214S
Storvik, Gina ---357S
Stotz, Glen---236S
Stout, G.D.---204S
Stout, Dale G.---205S
Stout, John W. ---282S
Stout, Margaret (Dittel)---221S
Stout, Dr. Norman DeWitt---294S
Stout, Raymond---211S
Stout, Raymond  C.---255S
Stout, Raymond Claude---199S
Stout, Rhoda Bell ---358S
Stout, S. C.---250S; 268S
Stowe, Sarah - - -See Bruce, W. H. H.
Strahm, Anita M. ---355S
Strahm, Delbert D. ---366S
Strahm, Patrick Joseph---220S
Strain, Evelyn E. ---298S
Strand, Harvey---266S
Strand, Maryln Pfeifer ---297S
Strand, Mrs. E.E.---201S
Strand, Mrs. G.K.---247S
Strand, Mrs. J.K.---240S
Strand, Thomas K. - - -500
Strane, Jackson B.---236S
Straub, Mrs. Joe - - -331
Streeter, Donald---242S
Streeter, George---241S
Streeter, John---204S; 242S
Streeter, Mischia---234S
Streeter, Mrs. M. ---359S
Stroeder, Mrs. Alex (Mary)---254S
Stroh, Norman E. ---359S
Stroh, Raymond ---359S
Strohl, Geo. - - -497
Strohl, George - - -498
Strohl, George ---297S
Stroup, Percy---252S
Strouse, Lelia---256S
Strouse, Mrs. Lawrence---211S
Strozinski, Stephen---234S
Strubel, William---211S
Strutz, Arthur and Dorothy ---360S
Strutz, Fred ---279S
Strutz, Freddie ---358S
Strutz, Glenn M.(2) ---358S
Strutz, Gust---200S
Strutz, Joseph Donovan (Joe) ---298S
Strutz, Lucas L.---230S
Strutz, Mrs. Jake---240S
Strutz, Ruth, C. ---365S
Strutz, Selma ---278S
Strutz, Shirley ---366S
Strutz, Timothy ---367S
Strutz, Walter G. ---365S
Strutz, William ----278S
Stuart, Lillian ---298S
Stucke, Henry---235S
Studam, Tom---212S
Studana, Sarah A. - - -390
Sturm, Al---294S
Sturm, Amanda---259S
Sturm, Nelda Doris ---289S
Sturma, Frances---267S
Sturma, Mary ---271S
Stute, Walter E. ---367S
Suckow, Agnes ---279S
Suckow, Mrs. Louie---254S
Suemper, Bessie ---282S
Sullivan, J. F. - - -398
Sullivan, John F.---212S
Sullivan, T. T. - - -491
Sullivan, Vernon L. ---367S
Sullivan, William H.---266S
Summons, Robert - - -495
Sund, Lawrence ---361S
Sund Leone ---367S
Super, Michael G. ---300S
Supler, Donald A.---226S
Sutmar, Tom---204S
Swanson, A. W.---198S
Swanson, Aaron---224S
Swanson, Aaron T.---228S
Swanson, Alexander---261S
Swanson, Alice---232S
Swanson, Alvin J. ---367S
Swanson, Andrew M. ---277S
Swanson, Anna Mathilda---214S
Swanson, Beatrice---205S
Swanson, Ben---202S
Swanson, Betty A. ---361S
Swanson, Carl---206S
Swanson, Christine - - -497
Swanson, Cleo Robert ---367S
Swanson, Dagna - - -497
Swanson, Donald J. ---360S
Swanson, Esler---213S
Swanson, Esler J.---229S
Swanson, Hannah ---277S
Swanson, Harvey ---367S
Swanson, Hgalamar---257S
Swanson, Hjalmar---253S
Swanson, Inga ---177O
Swanson, Irene ---300S
Swanson, Ivan---267S
Swanson, Jennie---264S
Swanson, L. B.---262S
Swanson, Lawrence---202S; 224S
Swanson, Lawrence (Pvt.)---249S
Swanson, Mary (Mrs.)---201S; 203S; 205S
Swanson, Mrs. Alex - - -492
Swanson, Mrs. Fred---207S
Swanson, Mrs. G.E.---253S
Swanson, Mrs. Virgil (Inga)---259S
Swanson, Oscar---207S; 273S
Swanson, Oscar A.---235S
Swanson, Peder ---274S
Swanson, Peder A. ---177O
Swanson, Peter - - -497
Swanson, Roy C. ---367S
Swanson, Sanford---240S
Swanson, Toris---263S
Swanson, Virgil---224S
Swanson, Vivian---224S
Swearingen, Albert---242S
Swearingen, Anna ---276S
Swearingen, Charles H.---227S
Swearingen, Peggy---265S
Swearingen, Marion ---367S
Sweeney, Martha ---271S
Sweet, Edwin---197S
Sweet, Frank - - -477, 489
Swift, Laura---260S
Taite, Margaret---214T
Talbott, Myrle ---231T
Tallmadge, Mrs. C.E. (Alice)---213T
Tamlyn, Richard D. ---222T; 223T
Tanner, Brian ---251T
Taylor, Anna M. ---231T
Taylor, Eliza J. - - -See Herbert, Dr. Lemuel
Taylor, Floyd Edward - - -154
Taylor, George LeRoy Sr.---211T
Taylor, George M. - - -503
Taylor, Gordon---246W
Taylor, Henry L---219T
Taylor, J. Howard - - -435
Taylor, James---214T
Taylor, Joseph B.---214T
Taylor, Judy L. ---226T
Taylor, Lemuel Riley---206T
Taylor, Madge - - -436
Taylor, Marion Edward---205T
Taylor, Mrs. George---214T
Taylor, Mrs. Henry (Mary Jane)---218T
Taylor, Mrs. Lon (Jennie)---219T
Taylor, William---206T
Teal, Fred S. ---226T
Teal, John---205T
Teal, Mrs. S.W.---204T
Teal, S.W. (Dr.)---201T
Tedin, Albert---215T
Tedin, David Peter ---231T
Tedin, Delores & Irving ---232T
Tedin, Emil ---226T
Tedin, Vera ---246T
Teichmann, F.W.---215T
Theisen, Isidor ---226T
Telin, Arthur ---232T
Telin, Hilda ---232T
Telin, Nestor ---246T
Temple, Robert---216T
Templien, Hedwig ---233T
Temte, Mrs. Hans---204T
Tendick, E.H.---218T
Tennant, George---212T
Tennant, Ida (Mrs.)---213T
Terfehr, Sister Mary Helen OSF ---233T
Teske, Emanuel ---233T
Teske, John---207T
Teske, Jonathon Thomas ---233T
Thalheimer, Minnie---217T
Thatcher, Phoebe (Mrs.)---206T
Thein, John (Rev. Father) - - -502
Theisen, Charlotte M. Leer ---235T
Theisen, Elizabeth “Betty”---208T
Theisen, Eva ---220T
Thiede, Frank ---250T
Thiel, Madaline “Mac” ---242T
Thiel, Walter J. ---234T
Thielges, Cordula---213T
Thomas, Anton Francis (Tony) ---235T
Thomas, Betty ---234T
Thomas, Dorothy---219T
Thomas, Evans ---221T
Thomas, H. E. (Dr. and Mrs.)- - -501
Thomas, Harriet (Baby) ---228T
Thomas, Mary---210T
Thomas, Phillip ---248T
Thomas, Thelma---220T
Thomas, William Cecil (Bill) ---251T
Thomas, William W.---205T
Thompsan, Clara ---222T
Thompson, Alice (Mrs.)---203T
Thompson, B. C. (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -509
Thompson, B. O. (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -510
Thompson, Bert O.---215T
Thompson, Beverly Sharon ---240T
Thompson, Frederick Johan ---246T
Thompson, Frederick Johan ---249T
Thompson, Helmer William---202T; 203T; 210T
Thompson, Herbert S. - - -501; 210T
Thompson, H. W. ---220T
Thompson, Harlan ---220T
Thompson, Julia---217T
Thompson, Kenneth ---222T
Thompson, Leona ---236T
Thompson, Mabel ---235T
Thompson, Mary ---220T
Thompson, Mrs. Clarence (Dorothy)---217T
Thompson, Mrs. Elmer---218T; 219T; 220T
Thompson, Mrs. Peter (Julia)---219T
Thompson, Mrs. Ross (Anna)---218T
Thompson, Neil H. ---227T
Thompson, Nettie ---236T
Thompson, R. C.---219T
Thompson, Raymond J. ---236T
Thompson, Rose Ann Jeanette ---228T
Thompson, Russell H. ---235T
Thompson, Sarah Ann---205T
Thompson, T. F.---219T
Thompson, Thomas ---216T
Thompson, Tommy - - -509
Thompson, Victor Earl ---240T
Thompson, Viola L. ---240T
Thompson, Walter B. ---236T
Thorfinnson, Julie---204T
Thorfinnson, Roger N. ---222T
Thormahlen, Alwine ---234T
Thornberg, Naomi ---222T
Thornby, Harriet Ione---208T
Thorpe, John A. - - -502
Thorpe, Paul---223T
Thorpe, William Henry ---245T
Thorsen, Knute---212T
Thorsness, Clarence---204T
Thorson, Lawrence---201T
Tibbetts, B. H. - - -502, 508; 207T
Tibbetts, Bryon H. - - -508
Tibbetts, Helen - - -508
Tibbetts, J. T. - - -508
Tibbetts, Mrs. - - -356
Tickner, Harold E. (Curly) ---234T
Tickner, Melvin G. ---226T
Tiedeman, Henry C.---202T
Tiedeman, Ida---212T; 221T
Tiegs, Herman Sr.---201T; 204T
Tiegs, Loren Lee ---250T
Tiffany, F. L. (Capt.) ---227T
Timm, Elmer J. (Shorty) ---246T
Timm, Esther Ione---210T
Timmins, Dr. - - -507
Titus, Beatrice Mary ---248T
Titus, Bernard M.---219T
Titus, Bernice ---220T
Titus, Bert M.---205T
Titus, Clarence E.---216T
Titus, Clarence J. ---245T
Titus, Ernest---223T; 237T
Titus, Flossie---218T; 221T
Titus, Mrs. Z. O. - - -501
Titus, Myrtle (2) ---237T
Titus, William R.---203T
Titus, William Reynolds---202T
Tobey, Sophia - - -432
Tobias, Elizabeth ---228T
Tobias, John---218T
Tobolski, Joe S. ---240T
Tollefson, Adolph---224T
Tollefson, Hannie (Miss) - - -505
Tollefson, John - - -511; 217T
Tollefson, Tollefson ---220T
Tomlinson, Frederick---225T
Tompt, Marlene Jean ---239T
Tonneson, Palmer ---245T
Torness, Ole---217T
Torscher, Mrs. Regina---203T
Torscher, Mrs. Steve - - -510
Torscher, Regina - - -See Felix, Mrs. Frank Torscher, Regina ---228T
Torscher, Wendel---206T
Tosh, Clarence ---230T
Tosh, Gertrude ---238T
Tosh, Jess---205T
Tosh, Reva Marie (infant)---206T
Totemeir, Anna Mae ---229T
Totenhagen, Alma A. ---239T
Totenhagen, William---41B; 202T
Tousley, Milton - - -509
Tousley, Robert and Hattie - - -509
Tousley, Sarah A. ---229T
Tousley, Walter Winship---203T
Towell, Pamila Kay ---247T
Town, Mrs. Ed. - - -511
Townsend, Infant---212T
Tracey, John B.---212T
Trainor, Thomas Bernard - - -504
Traphagen, Agnes---215T
Traphagen, R.W.---217T
Trauger, Basil H. (Dr.)---206T
Trautman, Ernest ---221T
Trautman, Leona ---221T
Traver, Mrs. Jas. - - -144
Treeby, S. G. Shirley ---239T
Trenary, James Elwood---209T
Trenary, Rosella Mae ---238T
Trett, Marty---210T; 216T
Trett, Myrt ---239T
Trett, Richard Vance ---247T
Trett, Wilber ---238T
Triplett, Florence E. ---243T
Tripp, Emily C. (Mrs.)- - -510
Trnka, Lester J. ---247T
Trom, Thelma H. ---248T
Trosin, Victor---201T
Trosin, Victor A.---204T
Trucke, William H.---209T
Trucke, William Jr. ---241T
Trucke, Wilma B. ---243T
Truesdell, Annie M. ---228T
Truesdell, Kristi Ann ---241T
Tschappat, David Lynn---209T
Tucker, Elaine ---238T
Tucker, Eugene B. ---250T
Tucker, Francis---207T
Tucker, Harold Floyd---225T
Tucker, Martha---215T
Tunby, Cora Gladys ---229T
Turner, Fred ---220T
Turner, Ida ---243T
Turner, Jack---216T
Turner, James---201T
Turner, James Dixon - - -502
Turner, Leonard ---222T
Turner, Lester---218T; 219T
Turner, Samuel John ---241T
Turner, Samuel R. ---229T
Turnham, James---205T
Tusow, Jeanne---209T
Tuthill, Geo. A. - - -506
Tuthill, Geo. A. Jr. (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -375
Tuthill, George Alva---210T
Tvedt, Miles Christopher ---243T
Tveter, Marlo R. ---242T
Twaddle, Henry---218T
Tweite, Mrs. M. J.---205T
Tweite, Mrs. Michael J.---201T
Twete, Della ---249T
Twete, Ralph ---242T
Twichell, L. L.---225T
Tyre, Harry Jr. ---243T
Tyrrell, Grandma - - -501
Tyrrell, Robert Jackson - - -See Lindsay, Elizabeth
Tyson, Mervin W. ---230T
 Ubben, George ---224U
Ubben, Mrs. Evert---209U
Uber, T. R. “Dick ---221U
Uecker, Frank L. ---219U
Uecker, John ---224U
Uecker, Kenneth ---216U
Uecker, Mrs. William - - -513
Uecker, Mrs. Wm. - - -511
Uecker, Will - - -312
Uecker, Willie - - -512
Uecker, Wm - - -512
Ugelstad, Art---202U
Ugelstad, Glenn W. ---217U
Ugelstad, Jacob---209U
Ugelstad, Petrine Pauline---212U; 216P
Ulio, J. A.---202U
Ulmer, Alma V. ---221U
Ulmer, Andrew - - -512; 207U
Ulmer, Arthur ---225U
Ulmer, Arvid R.---203U
Ulmer, August---202U
Ulmer, Carla---209U
Ulmer, Christine ---225U
Ulmer, Clarence L.---212U
Ulmer, Dale---213U
Ulmer, Emily ---227U
Ulmer, Erwin C. ---222U
Ulmer, Eunice ---210U
Ulmer, G. G.---205U
Ulmer, Gilber---202U; 203U
Ulmer, Gilbert - - -512
Ulmer, Gottlieb ---210U
Ulmer, Gottlieb C.---205U
Ulmer, Gusta---206U
Ulmer, Gottlieb ---210U
Ulmer, Harold---206U; 219U
Ulmer, Henry W. ---216U
Ulmer, Hugo ---227U
Ulmer, James L. ---222U
Ulmer, Johanna Katharina ---222U
Ulmer, Laura LaVerne ---222U
Ulmer, Lenora G. ---228U
Ulmer, Leona Lovella ---230U
Ulmer, Lydia---207U
Ulmer, Lydia ---230U
Ulmer, Martha---206U
Ulmer, Max ---217U
Ulmer, Max M. ---218U
Ulmer, Milton J. (2) ---223U
Ulmer, Mrs. G. G.---202U
Ulmer Mrs. Harold (Gladys)---209U
Ulmer, Mrs. Jacob---205U
Ulmer, Mrs. John R.---206U
Ulmer, Mrs. William (Caroline)---209U
Ulmer, Nathan---204U
Ulmer, Ottilia ---221U
Ulmer, Richard J. ---219U
Ulmer, Richard S. ---220U
Ulmer, Rosine ---210U
Ulmer, Rudolph Henry---203U
Ulmer, Rueben ---211U; 213U
Ulmer, Sophie---206U
Ulmer, Velma---209U
Ulmer, Victor ---211U
Ulmer, Vivian A. ---220U
Ulmer, Walter ---225U
Ulmer, William M.---209U
Ulness, Beate (Mrs.)---202U; 203U
Ulness, Celia ---227U
Ulness, Martin ---210U
Ulness, Mrs. T. E. - - -494
Ulness, T. E. (Mr.) - - -513
Unruh, Harriet G. ---228U
Unser, Johanna ---228U
Urbach, Andrea---203U
Urbaniak, Richard John ---227U
Urie, Mrs. Stephen H.---205U
Urie, Stephen H.---214U
Utecht, Bob---203U
Utecht, Edward Helmuth ---218U
Utecht, Erick ---217U
Utecht, Milton LeRoy ---216U
Uttke, Reinhold - - -See Bartel, John
Van, Frank - - -352
Vance, Henry (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -519
Vance, Myrle - - -519
Vanderlaan, George---210V
Van Eaton, A. L. (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -516
Van Eaton, Stella - - -516
Van Eschen, Leonard - - -517
Van Garvan, Angelina ---216V
Van Garven, Carrie---213V
VanGarven, Mrs. - - -519
Van Garven, Mrs. Rude (Florence)---213V
Van Garvin, Rudolph ---213V
Van Horn, Amanda---213V
Van Horn, E.S.---105H
Van Horn, Earl---93H; 213V
Van Horn, Everett ---214V
Van Horn, Mrs. E. S.---207V
Van Houten ---219V
Van Houten, Dr. R. W. ---216V
Van Hunnik, Johanna ---215V
Van Hunnik, Lucille E. ---216V
VanMeter, Edward W. - - -518
Van Meter, Floyd Cameron ---219V
Van Meter, Grace---210V
VanMeter, H. J. - - -518
Van Meter, Hattie---215V
VanMeter, J. H. - - -518
VanMeter, John H. - - -519
Van Middlesworth, Anna ---213V
Van Middlesworth, Christabel ---213V
Van Middlesworth, F. Sr. - - -28
Van Middlesworth, Flossie---210V & 211V
Van Middlesworth, Fred---211V
VanMiddlesworth, Freddie ---219V
Van Middlesworth, Guy---213V
Van Middlesworth, Guy V. ---226V
Van Middlesworth, Harry---212V
Van Middlesworth, Jeannette---208V
Van Middlesworth, Mrs. Fred (2)---215V
Van Ornum, R.E. - - -429
Van Orman, Roy---159O
VanVleck, Irving - - -514
Varland, A. C. (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -518
Vasvick, Dorothy---210V
Vasvick, Harvey Donald ---229V
Vasvick, Sever L. ---219V
Vaupel, Mrs. William, (Freda)---212V
Vaupel, William---212V; 213V; 216V
Vculek, Agnes ---213V
Vculek, Anna---211V
Vculek, Francis ---214V
Vculek, Frank---213V
Vculek, Gyda Karine ---221V
Vculek, Leo J.---212V
Vculek, William---212V
Vee, Judith---210V
Vee, Judith Kay---212V
Vee, Lyle L. ---219V
Veland, Mary ---221V
Vellenga, Clara---207V
Vellenga, Nicholas ---218V
Veloz, Paul (Indio) Anthony ---228V
Vennum, Mrs. William Ayers---207V
Vennum, William—210V
Vernon, Harold---167O
Verven, Josephine - - -See Gibbs, Byron
Vick, John---207V
Vie, Genevieve M. ---220V
Vie, Palmer ---220V
Vincent, Caroline E. - - -377
Vinje, Mrs. John---208V; 213V
Vint, Bertha ---215V
Violu, Mrs. - - -525
Visto, Henry ---214V
Visto, Henry K.---206V
Visto, Henry Werene---206V
Visto, John Henry ---220V
Visto, Kristopher John ---222V
Visto, Lillian Edna ---223V
Visto, Marjorie ---222V
Visto, Marvin---207V
Visto, Michele Rae---208V
Visto, Michelle Rai ---215V
Visto, Saima ---220V
Visto, Werner Erick ---222V
Vitze, Clara ---218V
Vitze, Clara (Mrs.) - - -515
Vitze, Herman - - -515
Vix, Laura A. ---223V
Vix, Ralph---205V
Voegeli, Clayton Lee ---225V
Vogal, Roselia - - -519
Voightman, Blaine Steven ---224V
Voightman, F. H.---211V
Voightman, Lynn ---218V
Voightman, Sadie---215V
Voigt, Zella ---225V
Voigt, Zella Frances ---229V
Vojkuvka, Frank ---225V
Vojkuvka, Mildred ---213V
Volkers, Claus ---223V
Volkers, James---212V
Volkers, Katherine---120K
Volland, Adolph---205V
Volland, Andrew ---224V
Volland, Arthur---206V
Von Eschen, C. O.---212V
Von Eschen, Emma Cordella ---224V
Von Eschen, Roderick H. ---224V
Vorachek, Blaine B. ---226V
Vorachek, Jean ---226V
Vorachek, Mae ---226V
Vosberg, Dale (2) ---217V
Vosburg, Marvin R. ---222V
Vosburg, Mrs. W. H.---208V
Vosburg, William---213V
Vossler, Brenda L. ---230V
Wade, Ralph H.---229W
Wadell, Harry - - -281
Wagner, Arlen---257W
Wagner, Carl ---268W
Wagner, Donald ---283W
Wagner, Ethel, B. ---273W
Wagner, Jacob---225W; 231W; 259W
Wagner, Lydia ---279W
Wagner, Marie ---283W
Wagner, Mary Ann---231W
Wagner, Mary Lou ---265W
Wagner, Mrs. Jacob ---269W
Wagner, Virgil Ray ---314W
Wagner, Wava ---266W
Wahsner, Clara ---268W
Wahsner, Ernest F.---241W
Wahsner, Minnie Erna ---268W
Wainio, Charlie---231W
Waite, Amos---227W; 250W
Waite, Brothers - - -525
Waite, Emma - - -See Bliss, Boyd
Waite, infant child - - -524
Waite, James---253W
Waite, Louise ---283W
Waite, Mrs. Roy (Olga)---251W
Waite, Vivian R [Wentzel] ---279W
Waite, W. Waldon ---270W
Waite, Wilford---224W
Waite, William---251W
Wakefield, Harold ---308W
Walby, Alden M. ---279W
Wald, Adam Jr. ---264W
Wald, Magdalene ---265W
Wald, Sister M. Agatha (Regina) OSF ---284W
Wald, Valentine ---284W
Walden, Baby---224W
Waldie, Mrs. Thomas---259W
Waletzko, Esther C.---257W
Waletzko, Stanley ---267W
Walker, Adelaide - - -See Cronkhite, Mrs. A.
Walker, Anne - - -375
Walker, Charles S.---218W
Walker, F.L.---222W
Walker, George N.---220W
Walker, J. W. ---270W
Walker, John---244W
Walker, Mrs. F. L.---230W
Walkush, Mrs. Ralph (Olive)---260W
Walkush, Ralph J. ---279W
Wallace, Frankie (Miss)- - -502
Wallace, James---226W; 248W; 249W
Wallace, James J. “Jim” ---284W
Wallace, Mrs. Thomas ---279W
Wallace, Mrs. William---231W
Wallace, William---257W
Wallance, W. H. - - -528
Wallio, Mary E. ---308W
Walloch, Victoria - - -529
Waloch, Emma R. ---308W
Waloch, Mrs. Thomas - - -526
Walock, Ernest J. ---264W
Walock, Mrs. Phil ---268W
Walock, Theophilus ---268W
Walstead, Irving N. ---283W
Walter, Eva---249W
Walter, Harry---263W; 269W
Walter, John W. - - -527
Walters, Harry---258W
Walters, Mrs.Clyde (Beryl)---260W
Walterson, James A---234W
Walton, Frank M.---245W
Walton, John---256W
Waltz, Fred ---272W
Walund, Mrs. C.H. (Ellen)---244W
Walz, Mrs. Fred---227W
Walz, Mrs. Fred (Rosa)---259W
Walz, Rachel ---279W
Wampler, Brandon ---282W
Wampler, Lois ---282W
Wanaka, Harlan T.---223W
Wand, Helene Dagna ---281W
Wangler, Isabelle ---283W
Wangler, Wendelin W. ---281W
Wanttie, Albert A. ---269W
Wanty, Peter - - -525
Warcken, Frances A.---258W
Warcken, John---258W
Ward, Charles---242W
Warden, Josephine Kelsh ---281W
Warner, Avis Sergeant Potter---233W
Warner, Bert---220W
Warner, Clifford ---307W
Warner, Ervin R. ---270W
Warner, Esther G. ---280W
Warner, Esther Judith ---307W
Warner,  John G.---248W
Warner, Mrs. Bert---231W
Warner, Mrs. John ---270W
Warner, Robert---243W
Warner, Wilburt “Willy” ---280W
Wasdahl, Alexander---258W
Wasdahl, Jensine---253W
Wasdahl, John ---264W
Wasdahl, Mrs. Alex (Bella)---256W
Wasdahl, Mrs. Peter---262W
Wasdahl, Rena Casandra - - -See Elner, Mrs. Otto E.
Wasdahl, Victor M. ---269W
Washburn, Jerald E. ---285W
Washner, Dora (Mrs.)---226W
Waswick, Corwin ---272W
Waterman, Frank - - -525
Waterman, Frank Sr. ---266W
Watkins, Bueford (Bud) ---281W
Watkins, Josie Edna ---285W
Watson, Baby boy of J. B. Watson ---274W
Watson, Clara ---270W
Watson, J. B.---222W
Watson, Harriet [Streeter] ---280W
Watson, Robert---249W
Watson, Walter M.---222W
Wattila, Hilma K. (Mrs.)---222W
Wattles, Alice---242W
Wattles, Charles---223W
Wattles, Stella ---270W
Wattula, Herman—263W
Wattula, Hilma (Mrs.)---226W
Wattula, Pete - - -525
Wattula, Peter---263W
Wattula, Toivo W.---257W
Way, John - - -524; 217W
Way, John ---307W
Way, Mrs. Sylvester (Louise)---259W
Weatherby, Mrs. L. A. - - -See Irwin, George Washington
Weatherhead, Devona ---285W
Weatherhead, Douglas ---286W
Weatherhead, Edith Loraine---233W
Weatherhead, Leon John ---282W
Weatherhead, Mrs. C.A. (Julia)---260W
Weatherhead, Romeo ---273W
Weaver, Edna---235W
Weaver, Harry---241W
Weaver, Shirley Orn (2) ---271W
Weaver, Thomas Xaviar ---285W
Webb, Arthur W.---259W
Webb, Florence ---313W
Webb, James---231W
Webb, Margaret - - -267
Webb, Margaret ---307W
Webb, Mrs. J. M. - - -521
Webb, Mrs. R.W. (Emma)---243W
Webb, Mrs. Richard---241W
Weber, Harold G. ---287W
Weber, John---237W
Weber, Kathryn (Harris)---239W
Weber, Sandra Faye---259W
Webster, Grace Nadene---222W
Webster, Harold L. --- 311W
Webster, Harvey O. ---273W
Webster, Harvey Oscar Jr. ---306W
Webster, Howard G.---259W
Webster, Inez ---286W
Webster, John ---282W
Webster, Mr. - - -527
Webster, Mrs. Mack---242W
Webster, Mrs. Mark—246W
Webster, Mrs. Roy----262W
Webster, Mrs. Roy (Lena)---257W
Webster, Roy C. ---271W
Webster, W.H.---260W
Wedel, Albert E.---229W
Wedel, August - - -530
Wedel, August M.---254W
Wedel, Augusta---249W
Wedel, Ernest ---265W
Wedel, Ewald - - -530; 244W
Wedel, Selma ---310W
Wedel, Mrs. August---229W
Wedell, Herman - - -525
Weedman, Cecil---249W
Weedman, Maudie May ---270W
Week, Dale---257W
Weeks, Robert---255W
Wegenast, Dagmar (Hazel) ---273W
Wegener, Joseph - - -520
Wegner, Ben---250W; 260W
Wegner, Caroline - - -528
Wegner, Dennis Donald ---309W
Wegner, Fred W.---224W
Wegner, Mildred ---267W
Wehe, L. J.---260W
Wehlander, Ethel ---288W
Wehlander, Mrs. M. J.---221W
Weiala, Allen ---287W
Weide, Jeremy Adam ---306W
Weidel, Ernest---225W
Weidner, Lillie---249W
Weigel, Jacqueline---262W
Weigel, Mrs. Rokus---252W
Weigel, Rokus ---270W
Weight, Arlan Gerome ---317W
Weight, Donald---236W
Weight, Elaine J. ---286W
Weight, Erma ---287W
Weight, Gilbert---262W
Weight, Leon V. ---309W
Weight, Otto ---270W
Weight, Pearl L.---232W
Weight, William ---221W; 268W
Weiler, J.A.---255W
Weimann, Harm ---268W
Weinand, Ella (Mrs.)---258W
Weinandt, Elizabeth ---266W
Weinandt, Joseph ---268W
Weinandt, Leo A.---261W
Weinandt, Mrs. Leo---218W
Weis, Carl Jr. ---312W
Weis, Karl---244W
Weis, Mamie H.---235W
Weiste, Mary Katherine---244W
Weiste, Saul---261W
Weitala, A 3/s Jalmer---260W
Weitala, Jalmer---225W
Weitala, Millie---246W
Weitala, Mrs. Paul---263W
Welander, Alfred---255W
Welander, Clarence ---273W; 261W
Welander, Eunice ---288W
Welander, Mrs. Floyd---244W
Welander, Nellie---225W
Welander, Palmer ---271W
Welander, Wallace---222W
Welander-Galland, Eldrid ---287W
Welch, Mabel---250W
Welcher, C.B. - - -112
Weld, Miss - - -420
Welk, Martha Brauer ---294W
Wells, Frances Kathryn “Bun” ---294W
Wells, George O. ---298W
Wells, Herbert---238W
Wells, Quay ---273W
Wendt, Lester ---304W
Wendt, Martha ---288W
Wendt, Otto---235S
Wendt, Wilhelmina (Mrs.)---224W
Wensness, Jens - - -526
Wentzel, Christian H.---254W
Wentzel, Evelyn---244W
Wentzel, Gordon ---294W
Wentzel, Lucy---258W
Wentzel, Mrs. W. O.---217W
Wentzel, Ruby Isabel ---306W
Wenzel, Elmer ---267W
Were, Alma ---294W
Were, Edward ---288W
Were, Mrs. E.C. (Martha)---255W
Were, Stanley ---292W
Wertz, Henry J.---221W; 237W; 256W
Wertz, Marie---261W
Wertz, Peter ---289W
Wessel, Caroline - - -531
Wessel, Postmaster - - -523
Wessel, R. E. - - -528
Wessel, Robert ---272W
West, Albert---222W; 223W
West, Carl M. ---270W
West, Darlene Lorraine ---310W
West, Ernest---261W
West, Mrs. Albert---221W
West, Mrs. John---256W
West, Ralph L. ---289W
West. Solomon---243W
Westerland, Carl E.---238W
Westerman, Alfred C. ---289W
Westerman, Esther ---271W; 262W
Western, Edward G. ---293W
Western, Norman ---293W
Weston, Elgin - - -529
Weston, Elgin F. - - -530
Westra, Barbara Ann---235W
Westwick, Martin ---271W
Westwick, Martin S.---230W
Weyrich, Paul M. ---293W
Wheeler, Bert - - -452
Wheeler, Elizabeth - - -176
Wheeler, Minner - - -451
Wheeler, Thomas - - -145
Wheeler, Winnifred - - -451
Wheelihan, John---249W
Wheelihan, John (Mr. and Mrs.)- - -See Byer, Mrs. Edward
Wheelihan, W.P.---252W
Whelan, Gunda ---273W
Whelan, Mary Ann ---273W
Whelan, Matt---259W; 272W
Whelan, Mrs. Patrick ---272W
Whelan, Patrick ---273W; 274P
Whelan, Robert---245W
Whetzel, Mrs. John---262W
Whipple, Eugene---220W
Whipple, Forrest---247W
Whipple, James (Capt.)---248W
White, C. C.---231W
White, Charles ---274W
White, D. A. - - -527
White, Emma - - -409
White, George---260W
White, Henry J.---228W
White, Hiram ---267W
White, J. Claude Dr. ---315W
White, James W.---263W
White, John Charles---218W
White, Lila I.---263W
White, Mary Jane ---276W
White, Mrs. D. A. - - -526
White, Mrs. H. F. (Cora)---257W
White, Mrs. H. F. (Cora May)---261W
White, Nancy - - -See Gleason, Harris
White, Nelle (Mrs.)---228W
White, O. C.---241W
White, Orson---242W; 243W
White, Paul ---264W
White, Rex ---290W
White, Roy ---277W
White, S. W.---224W
White, Violet F. ---290W
White, W. J.---220W
Whitefield, Amy (Mrs.)---229W
Whitefield, Donald E. ---289W
Whitfield, Nancy Wright ---293W
Whitesell, Jack---228W; 238W
Whitesell, Kathryn (Mrs.)---225W
Whitfield, Bertha ---275W
Whitfield, Fred A.---256W
Whitfield, George S.---223W
Whitfield, H. H.---227W
Whitfield, Hazel ---271W; 273W
Whitfield, Henry C. ---273W
Whitfield, Isabel---256W
Whitfield, Louis---258W
Whitfield, Louis W.----254W
Whitfield, Wilbert G. ---273W
Whitman, Etta (Miss)- - -280
Whitney, Emma B. ---274W
Whitney, Goldie ---290W
Whitsell, Jack ---266W
Wichmann, Bonnie E.---235W
Wickersham, Mrs. W.S. (Emma)---242W
Wickham, Ethel---261W
Wickoren, Michael ---274W
Wickwire, Clifford “Wick” L. ---296W
Wickwire, Howard A.---256W
Wickwire, Mrs. Howard---229W
Widmaier, Walter P. “Dutch” ---291W
Widmer, Alvin J.---251W
Widmer, August J. ---277W
Widmer, Christina ---268W
Widmer, Cornelia Sophia Fatland ---306W
Widmer, Elizabeth---253W
Widmer, Freida ---296W; 300W
Widmer, Hilda Marie ---291W
Widmer, John August---228W
Widmer, Mrs. August (Elisabeth)---261W
Widmer, Mrs. Hans (Christina)---258W
Wiederrich, Olive A. ---311W
Wiek, Elsie---262W; 272W
Wiek, Rasmus O.---251W
Wiek, Thoralf “Thor”---232W
Wiemann, Albert ---296W
Wiemann, Evelyn Marie ---295W
Wiemann, Harm---262W
Wiemann, Harm Sr.---237W
Wiemann, Hauke---252S; 296W
Wiemann, Kenneth Jerry---227W; 263W
Wiemann, Roger J.---231W
Wiemann, Temmo---259W
Wiemann, Tom---257W
Wiemans, Mrs. Tom---255W
Wiese, Carl Ludwig---228W
Wiese, Edward Walter---220W; 228W; 231W
Wiese, Fredrick---240W
Wiese, Fredrick Gerhard ---309W
Wiese, Martha---260W
Wiese, Martha Wilhelmina---231W; 238W
Wiese, Norma---261W; 271W
Wiese, Otto---261W
Wiese, Otto M.---255W
Wiese, Raymond (Ray) ---276W
Wiese, Walter W. ---295W
Wiest, Carl - - -317
Wihela, Greeta---253W; 258W
Wiig, Noreen Z.---258W
Wiig, W.T.---216W
Wiig, William T---247W
Wiitala, Brent ---276W
Wilbers, Jay D. “Pete” ---290W
Wilberts, Jacob---238W
Wilcox, Caroline---247W
Wilcox, Hazel ---277W
Wilder, Florence ---295W
Wilder, Floyd---231W
Wilder, Franklin G.---233W
Wilder, John ---295W
Wilder, Margaret (Mrs.)---219W
Wilder, Margaret T. ---230V
Wilder, Margaret T. ---305W
Wilder, Mrs. William - - -498
Wilhelm, Alvina Marie ---276W
Wilhelm, George ---257W
Wilhem, Freida---234W
Wilhem, Freida ---304W
Wilk, Hugo ---268W
Wilk, William---231W
Wilke, Adelia (Mrs.)---228W
Wilke, Albert Frederick---218W
Wilke, Frederick Carl---227W
Wilke, Marcus ---291W
Wilke, Mrs. Arthur W.---224W
Wilke, Pauline---257W
Wilke, Ralph---257W; 258W
Wilke, Robert---234W
Wilke, Selma ---291W
Wilke, Walter ---305W
Wilkes, Eva ---292W
Wilkins, Egbert---261W
Willadson, Hans---261W
Willard, George - - -527
Willardsen, Ada Pauline Paul---240W
Willardsen, Alfred M. ---292W
Willardson, C. E. ---274W
Willberts, Lena ---275W
Willey, Beatrice ---273W
Willey, Wesley---230W
William, Donald---260W
Williams, Charles ---306W
Williams, Charles J. ---271W
Williams,  Daniel B.---259W
Williams, Doris C. ---295W; 299W
Williams, E. J.---230W
Williams, Franklin B---259W
Williams, J. Thaxter---249W
Williams, Laurine ---291W
Williams, Lena---243W
Williams, Mary ---274W
Williams, Mrs. E.J.---249W
Williams, Mrs. Louis - - -530
Williams, Robert---256W
Williams, Ross O. ---290W
Williams, Stella---245W
Williams, Wrennie - - -529; 253W; 271W
Williamson, H. N. - - -532
Williamson, Herbert ---264W
Williamson, Mrs. Alma---222W
Williamson, Mrs. H. N. - - -315; 230W
Willkie, Wendell---264W
Willprecht, Darrel C. “Pete”---261W
Wilson, A. G.---225W
Wilson, Charles G.---223W
Wilson, Claudine Ann ---303W
Wilson, Geo - - -531
Wilson, George - - -526
Wilson, George A.---221W
Wilson, Harry - - -531
Wilson, Lillie - - -163
Wilson, Lois Paulina---262W
Wilson, Lucy Agnes ---298W
Wilson, Mark ---271W
Wilson, Mary Jane - - -See Adamson, Mrs. Mary
Wilson, Mrs. Bill---232W
Wilson, Mrs. Daniel---242W
Wilson, Mrs. John C. ---297W
Wilson, Mrs. Joseph---223W
Wilson, Mrs. Sena---223W; 230W
Wilson, Nellie A. ---266W
Wilson, Owen---243W
Wilson, Otto---250W
Wilson, Robert J.---237W
Wilson, W. L. ---268W
Wines, Johnnie ---275W
Wingate, Alma ---304W
Winship, Harriet---252W
Winship, Sarah (Miss)- - -509
Winsnes, Helen A. ---309W
Winsnes, Mrs. Jens---229W
Winsnes, Svend---252W
Winsnes, Svend J.---262W
Winsness, Morris Stanley ---315W
Winters, Lauretta ---292W
Wipf, Jerry ---273W
Wippich, Ernest---246W
Wirch, Janet Keith ---277W
Wirch, Maria ---275W
Wisenor, James - - -526
Wisnewski, Mary ---266W
Witkowski, Leon ---297W
Witkowski, Mildred L. ---314W
Witt, Glenn Gustav ---275W
Witt, Roanna - - -See Ames, Grandma
Witzenburg, Gerald Allen---224W
Witzenburg, Martin A. ---265W
Woehl, Garry L.---239W
Wohigemuth, Irene B. ---301W
Wold, Helen ---270W
Wold, Lars---255W
Wold, Lars P.---219W; 254W
Wold, Mrs. Oscar---230W; 261W
Wold, Oscar---259S
Wold, Oscar P.---261W
Wolf, Darwin L. ---299W
Wolfe, Anna - - -164
Wolfe, Charles E. (Judge) ---276W
Wolfe, Floyd E. (Dr.) ---278W
Wolfe, Joseph---246W
Wolff, Karla Marie ---313W
Wolff, Lea ---297W
Wolff, Lila June ---303W
Wolfe, Marion ---271W
Wolfe, Mrs. Joseph - - -527
Wolfer, Christine ---265W
Wolff, David---264W
Wolff, Mrs. Edw.---265W
Wolff, Mrs. Edward---264W
Wolff, A/S Harold W.---264W
Wolff, Pvt. Harold Walin---265W
Wolit, Erick (Mr. And Mrs.)- - -408
Wollt, Christian---260W
Wollt, Mrs. C. G. ---274W
Wollt, Mrs. Chris G. - - -368
Wollt, Wrick---241W
Wood, Alice C.---266W
Wood, Harold G. ---298W
Wood, Lorraine Rhea [Rydquisi] ---299W
Wood, Mrs. C. L. - - -525
Woodard, Elnathan R. ---267W
Woodburn, Leo Grant ---298W
Woodman, Lucille ---277W
Woodward, Elnathan---267W
Woodward, James (Brother) ---278W
Woodward, Mrs. Selvina - - -366
Woodward, Roy - - -528
Worcester, Mrs. F. D.---217W
Workman, Engel---226W
Workman, John - - -530
Worm Paul - - -525
Worm, Utilia - - -See Blumer, Charles
Worsdahl, Peter - - -525
Wrangham, Charlotte - - -See Hansen, H. H.
Wrangham, Mrs. W. B. - - -320
Wrangham, Olive (Mrs.)---228W
Wrangham,  Thomas---262W
Wright, Alex R.---253W; 255W
Wright, E. S.---220W
Wright, Inez V. ---299W
Wright, James Herman ---300W
Wright, John - - -529, 531
Wright, John (Rev.)---223W; 250W
Wright, Mrs. A. R. - - -378
Wunn, Charles H.----254W
Wright, Miss Elsie---264W
Wunn, Mrs. A. J.---227W; 238W
Wunn, Maude ---270W
Wuolu, Arne Adolph ---300W
Wuolu, Charles---229W
Wuolu, Elsie ---274W
Wuolu, Hazel Esther Vivian ---316W
Wuolu, Mildred ---301W
Wuolu, Ray ---301W
Wurtmann, Margaret Anna - - -See Flick, Mrs. M. E.
Wyckoff, Vivian - - -401
Wyman, Mrs. Harold ---270W
Wyum, Susie A. ---274W
Yaeger, Alice ---227Y
Yaeger, Lyle ---225Y
Yaeger, Lyle A. ---229Y
Yahne, Elizabeth - - -435
Yahnke, Gene---222Y
Yde, Irene ---227Y
Yeager, Gerald---219Y
Yeager, Mildred---222Y
Yeager, Phillip M. ---228Y
Youle, Issac ---226Y
Youley, Frank---219Y
Young, Albert---220Y
Young, Carl - - -406
Young, Chris---219Y
Young, Christopher---219Y
Young, Dolores A.---222Y
Young, Dolores Ardell ---226Y
Young, Duane C.---219Y
Young, Earl Dorencourt - - -532
Young, Eva Blanche - - -402
Young, Floyd (2) ---227Y
Young, Mabel---235Z
Young, Mrs. Eugene - - -354
Youngdahl, Martin ---226Y
Youngdahl, Victor---223Y; 225Y
Youngman, Hazel Marie ---228Y
Youngman, Lee---219Y
Youngman, Marvin George ---230Y
Youngquist, Bernard ---221Y
Youngquist, Henning E. ---225Y
Youngquist, Olga A. ---230Y
Youngquist, Sarah Mary ---231Y
Youngs, Mrs. F. F. - - -476
Youngs, Phebe - - -429
Yuhl, Mrs. John (Ellen)---220Y
Yumisko, Hillia - - -532
Zahn, Mrs. Daniel---237Z
Zahn, Mrs. Joseph (Rosina)---230Z
Zahn, Veronica ---234Z
Zarina, Vernadeen “Penny” ---241Z
Zarr, Oliver F.---221Z
Zaske, Elora A. ---243Z
Zaun, Inez ---243Z
Zearley, Mrs. Luther (Nellie)---231Z
Zedren, Mrs. P.A. (Hilma)---230Z
Zelenak, Max ---241Z
Zeller, Amelia ---234Z
Zeller, Emil ---243Z
Zeller, Vernon Eugene (Vern) ---247Z
Zent, Wade Allen---222Z
Zentmire, Mary Elizabeth - - -386
Zetocha, Edward L.---229Z
Zetocha, John F. ---234Z
Ziebaart, Darrick ---233Z
Zieman, August ---240Z
Zieman, H. Harold ---246Z
Zieman, Helen M. ---233Z
Zieman, Kay K.---229Z
Zieman, Martha ---235Z
Zieman, Mrs. Rheinhold (Helen)---230Z
Zieman, Paul ---240Z
Zieman, Rheinhold---230Z
Zieman, William---220Z
Zieman, Zane---221Z
Zieske, Edward ---232Z
Zilch, Lowell (Pat) ---242Z
Zilch, Mary ---242Z
Zimbelman, Aaron---226Z
Zimbelman, Alvin ---234Z
Zimbelman, Andrew ---233Z
Zimbelman, Anna Marie---221Z
Zimbelman, Chrissie ---232Z
Zimbelman, Clara “Tag”---222Z
Zimbelman, Dale ---235Z
Zimbelman, Dale James---225Z
Zimbelman, Darryl ---236Z
Zimbelman, Edgar ---236Z
Zimbelman, Ephriam (Shorty)---227Z
Zimbelman, Gary ---232Z
Zimbelman, Gary George---225Z
Zimbelman, George---225Z; 226Z
Zimbelman, Henry---225Z; 232Z
Zimbelman, Herman A. ---246Z
Zimbelman, Ida---226Z
Zimmbelman, Lee---224Z; 232Z; 234Z
Zimbelman, Margretha ---235Z
Zimbelman, Michael ---235Z
Zimbelman, Mrs. Adam---224Z
Zimbelman, Mrs. George---221Z; 222Z
Zimbelman, Mrs. Henry---224Z; 225Z; 227Z; 233Z
Zimbelman, Muriel M.---226Z
Zimbelman, Paul A.---222Z
Zimbelman, Raymond Merle---220Z; 221Z
Zimbleman, Aaron ---242Z
Zimbleman, Allison---237Z
Zimbleman, Bertha F. ---243Z
Zimbleman, Edward ---240Z
        Zimbleman, George---237Z
Zimbleman, Harold E. ---244Z
Zimbleman, Henry's child - - -29
Zimbleman, Leon ---244Z
Zimbleman, Mildred “Millie” ---244Z
Zimbleman, Muriel M. ---240Z
Zimmerley, Dwight S. “Barney” ---242Z
Zimmerman, Herbert---230Z
Zimmerman, William E.---220Z; 224Z; 229Z
Zinter, Augusta---229Z
Zinter, Elizabeth ---233Z
Zinter, Fred ---275S
Zinter, Frederick---220Z; 221Z
Zinter, Louise ---245Z
Zinter, Mrs. Fred---229Z
Zinter, Verland V. ---245Z
Zinter, Walter R. ---246Z
Zitzelsberger, Sister M. Catheringe---223Z
Zuber, Arline ---239Z
Zuber, Conrad ---239Z
Zuber, Joseph---221Z
Zuber, Marion Ellen ---239Z
Zuber, Tiffany Anne ---245Z
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