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Dec. 2003 - You may be interested to know that my latest book, Whitestone, a historical novel, has been published. My name is Jack Botts and I am professor emeritus in journalism at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I was born in Ludden, which is only about 40 miles from the Whitestone Hill battle site. My interest in the military campaign and battle was enhanced by the fact that the 2nd Nebraska Cavalry took part in the 1863 campaign along with the 6th Iowa Cavalry. I have sent copies of the book to editors of weekly and daily newspapers in both Dakotas as well as Nebraska. Members of your society should know that the book is listed at and is available through Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Borders, and Books a Million as well as at Sweets & Stories at Oakes. Please contact me by e-mail if you have any questions. Jack Botts Check it out at the iUniverse - Browse Before You Buy website. - CSK

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Here are links about Whitestone Hill that you may find of interest. (They are off-site, so to get back here you'll have to click your "Back" button)

A report read at the dedication of Whitestone, written by a couple of the soldiers who were there.

A description of the battle from the American Battlefield Protection Program

This page tells the familar story I grew up hearing...that it was a group of peaceful Indians hunting buffalo and minding their own business. I don't know if this is just an effort to be politically correct or not, because there is also the other side that tells a different story:

This page has a description of events leading up to and after the battle of Whitestone, including a letter written by Samuel J. Brown on Nov. 13, 1863, who was an interpreter at the Crow Creek agency.

This site has pictures of Whitestone.

After the battle, Harper's Weekly did a story on it with this illustration.

Here is a transcribed copy of Sully's full report of the Sixth Cavalry, dated Sep. 11, 1863.

Here is a transcribed letter written by H. W. Halleck, General-in-Chief, reporting about the battle to S. M. Stanton of Army Headquarters.

On this page there is a bio of one of the Indian leaders, Inkpaduta, who was at White Stone Hill.

Here is the regimental history of the 6th Iowa Infantry which mentions the battle at White Stone Hill.
Also with a detailed description of the battle.

Here is a regimental history of the Nebraska 2nd Regiment, which also mentions the battle.

Bio of Henry H. Sibley with picture
And another

Here is one with a picture of Col. Robert W. Furnas..also mentions White Hill.

Here's a bio of Ex-Governor, Robert W. Furnas.
And another

Bio of David S. Wilson, Col. of the 6th Iowa Cavalry

Bio of Alfred Sully with picture
More pictures of Alfred Sully
Bio of Alfred Sully told in biography of his father, Thomas Sully:

Here's the link to the Whitestone Hill Battlefield Historical Society.

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