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Surname spelled in some records as REDOUT and RIDOUT.
Born 10 April 1832 in France. He died 22 Sep 1922 in Portland, Oregon.
On 11 February 1895 he secured a 160 acre homestead land patent in Section 14, in Township 133, Range 78 (Hampton area). Then on 24 February 1898 secured another 160 acres; same section.
He is in the 1890 Veterans Census from Williamsport but actually in census notes he was in Hampton. By 1900 he has moved to the West Coast.
He enlisted in Company H, Pennsylvania 102nd Infantry Regiment on 29 August 1862. He was promoted to Full Corporal on 18 Dec 1864. He mustered out on 20 June 1865. He was receiving a pension filed from Dakota Territory on 10 May 1887.
He is buried at Forest View Cemetery, Forest Grove, Washington County, Oregon. Gravesite


James was born in Ohio on 13 November 1829. He enlisted as a Private in Company H, 15th Iowa Infantry on 18 October 1864 and was released in Louisville, Kentucky on 24 June 1865. He started drawing his pension on 20 March 1888 and his wife, Almira, started drawing a widow's pension on 22 October 1908. James and Almira are buried at the Hazelton Cemetery. Burial, Tombstone Picture.


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On 5 November 1887 he secured a 160 acre homestead land patent in Section 6, in Township 131, Range 78 (North of Winona area). Then on 30 December 1899 secured another 156.9 acres in Section 2, Township 131, Range 79.
He is in the 1890 Emmons County Veterans Census with indications he has weak lungs and broken down constitution. His disability pension started 12 Sep 1890.
He enlisted as a resident of St. Louis, Missouri on 15 September 1861. He mustered into Company C, Illinois Infantry Regiment on 9 November 1861 as a Corporal (another record has Private). During the war he was promoted to Full Sergeant, then on 8 September 1864 Full Captain. He mustered out on 7 February 1865.