( Also Beaver Creek or Winchester Cemetery )

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Township 132, Range 78, Section 12, Northwest Quarter of Section (about nine miles west of Linton). South of County Road 13 (79th Street SE) and East of 5th Avenue SE

From the Emmons County Record newspaper: On 10 June 1895 the County established the Beaver Valley Cemetery Association and named the cemetery "Beaver Valley Cemetery." Two acres near the mouth of Sand Creek were donated by J. W. Henderson. It is unknown how the aliases for the cemetery name came about.

Early day settlers and soldiers were buried here until the Linton Cemetery was established in 1904. There were some that were moved and there are several more graves which are unmarked

Known recorded surnames that were buried here: Bartu, Burge, Busby, Caldwell, Chase, Cronk, Gilman, (Haptenstall, Heptonstall, Haptonstall, Haplenstall), Henderson, Leila, Parker and Wescott. See Ronald Kremer Cemetery Transcriptions and FindAGrave for possible details on these surnames. Three who are recorded as buried here in the Emmons Coounty Record newspaper but not indicated above are: Mrs. B. F. [Benjamin Franklin] Burge, born 18 January 1840, died 28 September 1905; Eva Corbin, born 12 August 1896, died 19 August 1903; Harry Pettis, infant died August 1906.
The Emmons County Record newspaper recorded on 16 April 1897 that Mr. Cronk was moved on 7 April 1897 from temporary cemetery north of Winchester to Beaver Valley Cemetery.

In an article on this website there is an indication that a burial (1886) was made on a hill overlooking Beaver Valley. It also indicates that the Beaver Creek Cemetery [sic] is located on Sehn land. Although there were some Sehn families in Emmons County then, an exact Section location could not be found although there are references to Township 132 in both 78 and 79 Ranges. John W. Henderson [see above] is recorded in Bureau of Land Management records as owning land in Township 132, Range 78, Section 12 on 4 June 1890. Today, Google Maps has a Darrel Sehn farm at the intersection of 79th Street SE/5th Avenue SE. All this information would validate the location of the cemetery. In the arial view, there doesn't appear to be any access.