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Ida's Sunday School Class

Katherine Barber submitted the following photo and image with this message:
"I have attached a photo that was in an envelope which read "Ida Boyer, from your Sindy School teacher Mrs. Schwab, 1910" that I believe was taken in Emmons Co., ND. Ida Boyer was my grandmother and she was living in the Wells School District, according to the 1910 census, with parents Silas & Emily Boyer. My cousins and I believe grandma is in the second row, second girl from the would be interesting to see if anyone knows anything about it and knows who the other people are. Ida, age 10 in 1910, had brothers William, age 15, and Eli, age 12, who could have been in the photo. There were also cousins by the name of Cridlebaugh who lived in the county at that time.

Ida Boyer, from your Sindy School teacher Mrs. Schwab, 1910

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Thank you, Katherine, for sharing this with us.

In 1910 there were 63 kids born about 1895 - 1905. Below is a list of surnames in Wells Township and a surname with an asterisk indicates a child in the household:
Adamson*, Beddow, Bosch*, Boyer*, Cridlebaugh*, Didznoit, Dockter*, Ell*, Ehrman, Evenne, Ferderer*, Fischer, Herrald, Hoff, Horner*, Jangula, Kelsch", Kocher, Kremer, Kuhn*, Leonhart, McCormack, Piedrich, Raw*, Schlishemeyer*, Schmidt*, Senger*, Vetter*, Wells*, White*, Yahner

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