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An excerpt from the Bismarck Daily Tribune
16 July 1904

Emmons County Man Offers to Reward the
Person Who Helps Him Find One

Emmons County Record: Gerrit Brummel and Peter Boschker were up from the Westfield country last Tuesday with loads of wool. Gerrit visited the Record office to pay for his paper and to hold a powwow with the editor. He says this is a mighty good country. He settled in the Westfield neighborhood eighteen years ago, at which time he had a sole interest in 14 cents in cash and a red cross-eyed steer. This year he got $480 from 400 sheep; sold $430 worth of lambs; received $375 for horses; had a little wheat, for which he received $150; and the bay he sold brought in $120. He has 7(?)20 acres in fence. He has in this year 50 acres of wheat, 20 acres speltz, 10 acres barley and 60 acres corn. Besides, he raises many turkeys each year, which add quite a bit to his income and he keeps chickens and geese. He can pay all his debts this year and have his farm, stock and other property left. But there is one fly in Gerrit's ointment, he says. There's no woman on the place, which he thinks there should be on every well-regulated and successful farm. He requests the editor to announce that he will give a reward, to said editor or to any other man who assists him in capturing the desired helpmate, 3 turkey gobblers, 2 roosters and 1 gander. The editor accepted the offer, provided the gobblers and the gander were brought in with their legs fettered and their jaws properly muzzled; and this notice is in the nature of an advertisement for the desired article. The only specification that Mr. B. makes is that the lady is not a victim of the snoring habit, and that she will use the broom only in sweeping the floors. Under these specifications, bids are hereby invited.
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