Emmons County Record - Williamsport, Dakota Territory, 1884-1922
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The Emmons County Record
by Mary E. Corcoran
19 January 2018

July 10, 1884
The first copy of The Emmons County Record was printed on the Army Press Printing Machine. Darwin Streeter hauled the press around, from his home to Williamsport, to The Emmons County Record office in town, then later to Braddock, when The Winona Times and The Republican paper were consolidated with The Record in 1899. The press later followed The Republican paper to Hazelton.

A little known fact is that The Emmons County Record was published in German: The Emmons County Anzeige. Its Editor was Peter B. Schweitze. He was active with the St. Paul Conference of the General Versammlung der deutsch-Katholishchen Verelinevon Nord Amerika, an association of German language papers. Peter Schweitze attended as a delegate and represented Emmons County, ND.

Peter Balzer Schweitzer was born in Strassburg, Kutchurgen District, Odessa, Russia, and immigrated with his parents around 1893 to Hague, Emmons County, ND. He married Barbara C. Baumgartner on 10 October 1899. His parents with Johannes B. Schweitzer and Christina Thomas. Peter died in Glendive, MT in June, 1914.

The Army Press was officially retired in July 06, 1906, as The Republican moved over to larger presses. It was kept in the newspaper offices as a backup for emergency use. (Source on press: Flasher Centennial History, p. 46)

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