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ABERLE Betty Schumacher  
BACHMEIER Betty Schumacher  
BENDER Cynthia Maier  
BIEGLER Betty Schumacher  
BOSCH Dale Sedlezky
Patti Wilcox
BOYER Katherine Barber  
BRIGGLE Tim Esch  
BURKHARDT Dale Sedlezky  
CRIDLEBAUGH Katherine Barber  
DEITZ Carroll Jahner Simmons  
DORSCHER Debby (Dorscher) Anderson  
DOSCH Carroll Jahner Simmons  
DRAYTON Leslie Smith  
ELL Patti Wilcox  
ESCH Tim Esch  
FEIST Carroll Jahner Simmons
Betty Schumacher
FREEMAN Mike Peterson Freeman Genealogy
FRIED Judy Fried  
GABRIEL Carroll Jahner Simmons  
GIESINGER Betty Schumacher  
HAID Judy Fried  
HUBBARD Susan Breeden  
JAHNER Carroll Jahner Simmons  
JANUKAITIS Ken Williams  
KRAMER Betty Schumacher  
KREMER Cynthia Maier  
KRUMM Betty Schumacher  
KUSS Betty Schumacher  
LINDSAY Jeannie Rathbone  
MONTEITH Susan Breeden  
NELSON George Capton  
NEUGEBAUER Darin Neugebauer  
OCHSNER Cynthia Maier  
OHLHAUSER Gayla (Ohlhauser) Gray Aspenleiter Ohlhauser/Wohl and Gross/Tschetter Family Ties
PITCHER Leslie Smith  
REICH Holly Borstad  
ROEHRICH Carroll Jahner Simmons  
ROTH Tim Esch  
SAHLI John Sahli Sahli Family
SAUTTER John Sahli Sautter Family
SCHINDLER Rob Neff Neff Family Name
SCHLOSSER Betty Schumacher  
SCHMIDT Carroll Jahner Simmons
Rob Neff
Neff Family Name
SCHUMACHER Betty Schumacher  
SILBERNAGEL Betty Schumacher  
TEMPEL Rob Neff Neff Family Name
TRACY Theresa Tracy  
UNSER Betty Schumacher  
VETTER Betty Schumacher  
VOLK Betty Schumacher
Ken Williams
WALD Betty Schumacher  
WILSON Jeannie Rathbone  
WOHL Gayla (Ohlhauser) Gray Aspenleiter
ZEIGLER Katherine Barber