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Mary O'Connell Burke Flanagan

Rose Ann McConville Burke
Born 1860, New York
Died 1947, Iowa

Stephen Boyle Burke
Born 1862, Wyoming Territory
Died 1904, South Dakota
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Front Row: Agatha, Rose, Agnes
Back Row: Henrietta, Steven, Catherine

Burke Family Bible

Rose Burke Obituary
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IAGenWeb Burial

~Infant Arthur Burke (1889-1893)
~Victim of "Black Diphtheria" epidemic
on Standing Rock Indian Reservation
~Buried Saint Peters Catholic
Cemetery - Fort Yates

11 April 1907 Front: William Hoschler, Groom. Henrietta Burke, Bride
Back: Vincent McConville, Bride's Uncle, Catherine Burke, Bride's Sister
More Information:

Rose is one of four daughters of Arthur and Catherine McConville and is the only one of sisters that stayed in Emmons County. She was married to Steven Boyle Burke ( 1862-1904 ) on May 31, 1888. After her husband became too ill, she moved to Union County, South Dakota about four miles northwest of Akron, Iowa. She moved in with her parents as her husband was then blind. Not long after he died, she moved over to Westfield, Iowa which is five miles south of Akron. There she lived out the remainder of her days. It appeared she ran a boarding house.
Stephen Boyle Burke's given surname was Burke but went by Flanagan when his mother married James Flanagan. When he and Rose were married he changed it back to Burke. Army records at Fort Yates indicate he was paid under the name Stephen Flanagan from about 1883 through 1888. From 1889 on, he was paid as Stephan Burke. Steve was an Interpreter at Fort Yates as a civilian employee hired through the fort's Quartermaster section. They mostly lived on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. For a number of years, they lived only three miles from Sitting Bull's cabin. He spent a lot of time with Sitting Bull. His daughter Henrietta (Burke) Hoschler (Kim Callahan's grandmother) was born at Fort Yates on September 26, 1890. Kim grew up on a lot of stories about Sitting Bull, Custer and life in Fort Yates.
Stephen's mother's maiden name was Mary O'Connell. She was born in County Galway, Ireland in 1837. Her parents died in the Great Famine. She went to live with her aunt and uncle who later immigrated to New Orleans, Louisiana about 1849 or 1850. She became a servant for a family named Burke in New Orleans. They were fairly affluent having a business in the liquor-wine industry. Mary ended up marrying their son, who's first name is presently unknown. The Burke parents never approved of this union. Mary had two children, Kate and Stephen Burke. At the outbreak of the Civil War, Mary's husband joined the Confederacy. He was killed about 1862, possibly at Shiloh. In an attempt to locate her husband's body, Mary traveled to the battlefield in search of it. Being unsuccessful in this venture she returned to New Orleans. Upon arriving at her home, she along with her two children, we're immediately evicted from their home. Mary found herself attempting to survive with her two children. Fortunately, New Orleans was quickly occupied by Union Forces in late April, 1862. Later she made her way north and west from one military post after another until about 1864 or 1865 when she arrived at Ft. Laramie, Wyoming Territory. Mary was a laundress and had found extra revenue with the Irish born Union troops as she knew how to make a home-brewed alcoholic drink called "Poteen," made from potatoes. This is how she supported her two children. Ft. Laramie is where she met and married James Flanagan. She was a laundress at the various military forts, who followed her husband from one assigned area to another. They had several other children in addition to Stephen.
Stephen's step-father and mother (Spelled Flannagan on their headstones) are buried in Mandan, North Dakota. His step-father was a career soldier posted on the western frontier. James originally served with the 11th Ohio Cavalry in the Civil War, but that unit was assigned to Wyoming Territory. At the end of the Civil War, he briefly served in the U.S. 2nd Cavalry. After that, he enlisted with the U.S. 7th Cavalry. He was at various military posts for the next 25 years; Fort Riley, Kansas; Fort Lincoln, Dakota Territory; Fort Rice, Dakota Territory and Fort Yates, Dakota Territory. He was a Sergeant in Co. "D" of the 7th Cavalry and was at the Little Bighorn. He was assigned to Captain Benteen's command that day and thus escaped from being killed.

The above information on this page is contributed by descendant Kim Callahan.

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