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Webster/Gillette Grave Site
Phoebe Gillette Clark's Family
Walthamton London

Ralph and Anne (Webster) Gillette
and children in England
Family of Phoebe Gillette Clark

Joseph Clark
b. 1851, Hertfordshire, England
d. 6 Jan 1930, Emmons County

Phoebe Matilda Gillette Clark
b. 12 April 1858, England
d. 29 Aug 1930, Emmons County

Joseph's older sister Mary married Thomas Halestrap. Thomas would periodically come to Emmons County to hunt buffalo and on one occasion invited Joseph. Later Mary and Thomas moved to Emmons County. Joseph fell in love with the area and he also moved his family to Emmons County. Both families were in Emmons County before 1885. See daughter Annie.
Joseph and Phoebe's daughter Rose married Alfred Becker. The Becker family played a large part in the development of the Dale area.

Circa 1890. Ronald Becker grew up on this farm. The
foundation stones are still in place. The people are
Joseph Clark, his wife Phoebe Gillette Clark),
and daughter Rose Clark Becker, Ronald's
grandmother. Rose believes the others in the photo
were Andy Marsh and his family.

This barn was less than 200 feet west of the cabin. The
barn housed teams of fresh horses for the stage between
Eureka and Winona. Ronald believes they still have the bill
of materials. Notice the construction of six long 4X6
timbers to support the structure. They lean out to the top.

Becker Family. Back: Augusta, Herman, William, Annie, Fred
Front: Adolf, Johann, Ulricka, Henry, Alfred

Rose Clark Becker
Married Alfred Becker

Alfred Becker

Alfred Becker

Sheep farm on Becker homestead, Dale. Star Studio is Alfred Becker's photo shop.

The above information on this page is contributed by descendant Ronald Becker.
Joseph Clark (Clarke) on 12 March 1895 secured an Emmons County land patent of 160 acres in Section 13, Township 129, Range 78. On 26 October 1889 he secured 160 acres in Sections 17 and 20, Township 129, Range 77 and on 18 July 1898 secured 74.99 acres in Section 7, Township 129, Range 77.
On 26 December 1889 Thomas Halestrap secured a land patent in Township 129, Range 77, Section 17 and on 30 June 1906 widow Mary Halestrap secured a land patent in Township 130, Range 78, Section 21.
On 8 January 1915, Alfred Becker secured a land patent in Township 129, Range 78, Section 2. All of these were in the Dale area.
Emmons History - Joseph Clark, Page 119.
Emmons History - Rose Clark Becker, Page 113.

Joseph Clark
Phoebe Matilda Gillett Clark
Rose Elizabeth Clark Becker
Alfred Emil Becker
Thomas Halestrap
Mary Clark Halestrap
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