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Judy Colden Fri Jan 2 14:28:08 2004
Seeking information on the family of Henry FELDMAN and Emma (MEYER) FELDMAN. They married 26 Feb 1908 in Sauk County, Wisconsin. They moved to Beach, North Dakota, where they had a farm and raised their family. Emma was a sister to my maternal grandfather, Alfred Ewald MEYER. I need her birth date and where they are buried. The birth date I have for her makes her only 6 months older than her sister Ida.

The information I have on them follows:
Henry Herman FELDMAN b, ? d. ?
Emma FELDMAN b. 13 Jun 1885 d. 15 Feb 1958 in North Dakota.
Children: Martha, Herman, Lorna, Elizabeth, Walter, Elda, and Elsie. I would greatly appreciate any help. An obituary, cemetery name, etc...
my e-mail is :
Thank you


Nora Yahl Wed Jan 14 12:53:29 2004
I am looking for the descendants of Charles I. COOK 1863-1928 and his wife Harriet (Hattie) STEWART who lived in Beach, ND from about 1908 until their deaths--he in 1928 and she in 1937. He was the proprietor of the newspaper, the Beach Advance during that time. They had three children: Flossie, Frances, and Cecile. Cecile never married. One of the other daughters married Charles JUSTENSEN and they had Robert. Any information would be appreciated.


Judith Hays Wed Feb 18 09:42:21 2004
I found Charles HECKAMAN family in Beach, Golden Valley, ND in 1920 and 1930. Where might I find these people in 1910 census, which does not list Golden Valley? Where might I find marriages for:
Dolores HECKAMAN, born about 1910
Dorothy HECKAMAN, born about 1910
Wayne HECKAMAN, born about 1915
Fayne HECKAMAN, born about 1915
Samuel Dewey HECKAMAN, born about 1898?


Lelah Callender Fri Mar 19 20:20:29 2004
Can you provide a map showing 1913-1921 homesteaded properties for Pearl and Lloyd CALLENDER and a list the transaction history since then? Greatly appreciated.


David Parmer Tue Apr 13 11:30:52 2004
I am searching for information on Ada BOVEY who lived in Beach in the late 1930s. Miss BOVEY was a music teacher and resided in Beach with a sister and brother. I would like to obtain the date of death and photographs if available. Miss BOVEY came to Beach from Carlyle, Montana, where she had resided a short time after migrating from West Virginia.


margaret mastor Sat May 1 19:55:16 2004
Looking for my grandfather and gr.grandfather. My uncle, Russell DUNIGAN was born about 1906 in Beach, North Dakota. My mother, Fern Margaret DUNIGAN was born in Beach in 1909. Their parents were William Thomas DUNIGAN and Margaret DUNNIGAN. William DUNIGAN's father was Thomas H. DDUNIGAN of Beach, North Dakota.


Maylene Chaska Thu Feb 6 20:45:57 2003
I am looking for the death date and obituary of Loretta Mae (HOLLAND) JOHNSON, wife of Robert JOHNSON It was within the last 2-3 years. Thank you.


Jane Wilson Thu Mar 6 12:22:43 2003
My ancestory Milton M. HAYDEN, wife Laura (RYAN) HAYDEN lived in the Beach area of Golden Valley County ND 1900 - to 1930.
They had a son Charles, who lived in Lone Pine and Bullion area with his wife Estelle and children, Estella, Herald, and Harry in 1930.
A daughter of Milton and Laura HAYDEN was Florence (Floy) who married first Art HOFFMAN, she also married 2nd Frank KOSTELECKY and lived in Golden Valley co. ND and in Montana later.. The HAYDEN family had lived in Creston Iowa prior to moving to North Dakota. Any information on this family would be welcome. I have much history on the wife Laura (RYAN) HAYDEN. Am will to share all.


Donna Wilson Sun Mar 16 22:31:13 2003
Mary Jane Gentry WILSON, wife of William WILSON, died 1887 at Sentinel Butte. Need verification of this death date and any information on this couple and their four sons: William, Thomas, Frank and Arthur.


Ronald A. Rosenberg Mon Apr 21 11:17:25 2003
Seeking info about Roy N. HAYES and his wife, Hattie, who were maried in Beach, ND, in 1907. They later homesteaded in eastern MT. What was the day and month of the wedding? What was Roy's middle name? What was Hattie's maiden name. She was born in Pennsylvania.
Thanks for any help.
Ronald A. Rosenberg


Tom Armstrong Sun May 18 18:49:57 2003
Looking for any info on the POWELL family. Firts names are Ernest, Claude, Sylvanus, Edd, Earl, Clarence, Russell, William, Bessie ( my grandmother ), Jessie and Myrtle.


Richard Thompson Sat Jun 7 05:12:52 2003
I'm interested in information about my grandfather, Rudolph THOMPSON, who died in the flu epidemic of 1918 and is buried in Beach. Richard Thompson


Colleen Thu Jul 17 20:45:37 2003
My great grandmother and her mother were killed in Beach ND. in May 1933 and buried in Beach. What I would like to know is my Great Great Grandfather is buried there as well. His name was Obed R DODGE . He was in the 1920 Cencus and not in the 1930. Can any one help with this information. Or give me away to contact the Cemetery in Beach.
Thank you for any help that you can give.


MIchele Sun Jul 20 13:39:36 2003
I am looking for any information regarding Anna Stacia (DUNN) NELSON. She died in 1910 in Montana but is buried in North Dakota. Husband's name was Christian NELSON aka Chris
Thanks, Michele


dennis d doblar Thu Aug 14 08:04:47 2003
My great gradnfather Anthony Frank DOBLAR lived there. I visited him on the farm in Beach. He gave me a red leather book listing all the cattle brands of ND. Does anyone have one of these books?


tina prokopsky Sun Nov 9 16:16:41 2003
I am looking for information on my ggrandfather's brother Harry MILNE. Both Frank and Harry owned land around Beach. My ggrandfather moved to Lashburn Saskatchewan Canada in 1912. I have no other info on his brother. I would like to know if he was married or how long he owned land around Beach. Thanks. Tina


Norma J. Blankenship(aka Rusty) Tue Jan 22 12:21:26 2002
I am looking for information on my grandfather John Ed.TROLLOPE and his wife Josephine Been (Bean) TROLLOPE..their son James Boyd TROLLOPE was my father. Any information on this family would be appreciated


Janice Hoverson Thu Jan 24 23:50:35 2002
Anything that you can tell me about my Dad John HOVERSON's family that lived there in the early 1900's


Gordon Wood Fri Jan 25 11:09:07 2002
Seeking information on place of burial of Rosalia [Sweet] DODGE and her daughter, Mettie [Dodge] OSTERLOTH - STAGER. Both were murdered on 9 May, 1933 at Beach, ND.
Will be glad to exchange family data with any descendants of either Rosalia or Mettie.

Thank you, Gordon Wood -


Kari Paseur Mon Jan 28 10:16:25 2002
I am searching for information about Lars EVENSON or EVANSON and his descendants. He was living in Beach, ND and attended my grandfather Chris OLSON's funeral in Fessenden, ND in March 1963. Mr. EVENSON / EVANSON was/is my grandfather's uncle (possibly a brother of my Christopher John OLSON's mother) and I am trying to trace the family back to their place of origin in HAMAR, Norway. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you very much. Kari Paseur


Daniel Read Wed Mar 27 23:06:36 2002
I would like information on the BECKLEY family of Golva, ND. My mother, Eleanor BECKLEY, was born there in 1913, I believe. She was one of 9 children of Arthur Henry BECKLEY and Isabella FRASER. "Art" BECKLEY owned a grain elevator, I think, in Golva.
Thank you


Connie LaPray Thu Apr 11 19:16:39 2002
I am attempting to locate the county of my paternal grandfathers birth. My father believes he was born in Beach, ND in approx. 1898-1904 era.


Craig Bowen Sun Apr 14 23:08:31 2002
I am looking for information regarding my grandfather, Murrel K. BOWEN. He was born in Shelby County Iowa in 1883 and married Maude PLUMMER in 1906. They settled on a homestead in Bull Run township in Golden Valley County North Dakota. M. K. BOWEN was murdered at his ranch on or about July 31,1919.


Lillian Jenkins Fri Apr 19 14:46:43 2002
I am looking for information on the family of Jesse Garnet GORRELL. Ranch property in Golden Valley/McKenzie Counties. This would be in the 1940-50 years.


Cathy Larkins Tue Apr 30 02:07:18 2002
I am trying to locate the birth records for two LAUSCH babies. Would anyone be willing to do a look up for me. I have been told they were born in Beach, ND...LAUSCH baby girl 15 Mar 1907 and LAUSCH baby girl 17 Sept 1909. I will pay gladly pay for copies and postage....Also would like a polk dir look up for 1906/1907/1908/1909 for James Willard (Bill) LAUSCH... I thank you for any help you can send my way...Cathy


Donella Spencer Tue Jun 18 08:46:55 2002
Interested in exchanging information with anyone researching my STODDARDs in Golden Valley ND. These are not my direct ancestors, but my GrGrGrandfaather's siblings. Of the family's 7 sons and 3 daughters, 2 sons and 1 daughter went to Golden Valley, from Vernon/Monroe Counties, WI.

Ambrose Myron STODDARD and wife Annis shown in the 1920 census (as A.M. STODDARD) Emery Addison STODDARD and wife Meda/Meata WALLACE; shown in the BLM records as buying land with cash 06/18/1912; shown in the 1920 census. Idella Arvilla (STODDARD) WALLACE and husband Joseph H. WALLACE; shown in BLM records as establishing a homestead 09/15/1913; didn't find yet in the 1920 census... he supposedly died in 1924 and she removed to WA. Is there a record of his death? Did any of these people have children, perhaps that came with them?

Thanks for any info you are willing to exchange... I have quite a bit on their mother's line, and a little on their father's.


Dennis Doblar Mon Jun 24 01:19:50 2002
I am just wondering who is Dr. Dennis DOBLAR.. I just open a page my search then i've seen my name... but it wasn't me...


Paula Sat Jun 29 10:35:41 2002
Looking for a death record for Dovie Mae or Mae Dovie WHITAKER , wife of Bert WHITAKER, mother of Harold WHITAKER. Dovie Mae died approximately 1928 in Beach, ND. Infant son also buried in Beach, ND. Would like death record and place of birth. Maiden name is HAMILTON. Respond to Thanks.


L. Fischer Tue Oct 8 20:28:52 2002
I am looking for information/obits for Edward M. ENDERLE who died 19 Feb 1957 and his wife Florence (EDWARDS) d. 30 Mar 1944.
I am also looking for Marcella Marie (DIETZ) STREITZ (b. Beach, ND d. abt Jul/Aug 2001 Casper, WY.) Any help with these surnames is greatly appreciated. Thanks Lorie


Jeannie Hirz Sat Nov 2 22:23:27 2002
I'd like any and all information on any of the KASTIENs.
My Great grandfather, August William KASTIEN came to the Beach/Wibaux area sometime in the early 1900s. His brother, was Adolph Edward KASTIEN, a county judge, and I believe, mayor of Beach at one time.


Dorinda Randall Thu Nov 21 14:24:02 2002
I am looking for information on Willie LOGAN and his wife, (Emma) Lulu (FRAPPIER) LOGAN. His last SS benefits were paid at Beach, Golden Valley. He died in February 1979. She died in March 1980. I would be interested in information on any FRAPPIER of that area.


Nathan Lahey Wed Dec 11 02:05:30 2002
I'm looking for information on Frank SUSA, ancestry and descendants. Found in 1910 and 1920 census. I'm much obliged.


Charles Utter Wed Dec 25 23:28:24 2002
Do you have any record of a LAMERES family living in Golden Valley County, ND during the 1920's?

LEWIS - WILHELM     Updated 26 Aug 2003

Laura Tempany Sat Jan 13 13:44:48 2001
Would like to know if anyone has information about Peter LEWIS or Hannah Eleanor Hill LEWIS who stayed in Golden Valley County with their daughter Lillian (LEWIS) WILHELM around 1910 - 1915. I have the obituary of Peter LEWIS - from Beach but would also like Hannah's obituary if it exists. I don't have Hannah's parents names and hoped it would be in an obituary.
Any other information about this family would be wonderful. Peter and Hannah are my GG Grandparents.
Thanks, Laura


Jackie Hom Brost Sun Jan 14 12:30:59 2001
My grandmother, Lenora Hom PEALL, died in Beach, ND in 1937. Her obituary (card of thanks notice) mentioned a Mr. and Mrs. William MOYER. Does anyone know if the MOYERs were friends or relatives? The others mentioned were relatives.
I am also looking for info on Glen and Daisy FOSTER - or sons: Rex, Reese and Ray. Daisy was my aunt -- daughter of Lenora and William HOM.


Marge Samuelson Sat Jan 27 08:59:47 2001
Searching for information on the following:
ORR, Elmer E.homesteaded in Trotters, 1902 - c. 1917
KIDDER, Jesse homesteaded in Trotters, 1900 - 1916
William KIDDER (Jesse's son) died in 1934 and is buried at Trotters. Does anyone have a location for the cemetery there. Thanks Marge


Erin Hartse Thu Feb 22 11:42:27 2001
My great-grandparents were married in Golva. I am looking for an exact date. Henry HARTSE married Ellen NELSON 1909-1910 in Golva. Ellen's parents (Axel or John Axel and Amanda NELSON) were living in Golva at the time. Does anyone have access to this information?


Russ Czaplewski Sun Mar 4 09:34:48 2001
Researching RYMER family of Golden Valley County. John and Mary RYMER (or Reymer) lived at Beach in early 1900s. Mary's maiden name was ZAKRZEWSKI. She was born in NE in 1883. Marriage date and location not known. Need her death date and obituary. Two sons: Ed and Ken, and possibly two daughters.


Rose M Bailiff Henry Thu Mar 8 20:31:54 2001
Looking for information on Stefan NAZDROVATY and Catherine BILEOWA. Looking for information on their daughter Olga NAZDROVATY aka Alice Marie BAILIFF


Rollie Close Sat Mar 31 08:50:09 2001
I am looking for Ira Edwin CLOSE who I belive died in Beach, North Dakota between 1947 and 1954.


Roger Farsdale Sat Jun 23 16:37:13 2001
I am searching for information pertaining to Milton Thomas BRUNSVOLD, (b.June 06, 1900 d.November 04, 1994) He married Gladys WALKER, (b May 30, 1905 d., ? ) He was a rancher north of the Beach area. He and Gladys had 3 children, Marlene, Elaine and Dean. "Uncle Milt" as I Mother would always referred to him as, had 4 brothers, Art, Conrad, Herold and Hobart or "Bob" and he had 3 sisters: Nora, Selma and Burnette or "Birdie". Birdie (BRUNSVOLD) BAKKO is my grandmother.
If anyone as any information about the BRUNSVOLDs, please email me. Thank you very much in advance. Roger Farsdale. PS - I have information about the BRUNSVOLDs to share. Thanks again.


scott sheppard Sun Jun 24 11:13:14 2001
Looking for any info on the following people:
Elizabeth WIEBE, born 1860 in Russia
Elizabeth E.WIEBE, born 1888 in MN
Gerhard F. WIEBE, born 1895 in MN
Katharina STUBBS (STOBBE) born 1858 in Russia

They are at the end of the Lone Valley Township 1910 census; names are transcribed on this site a bit incorrectly; also maybe a Justina WIEBE, born 1890, Helena WIEBE, born 1892 and a Marie WIEBE, born 1889. These women may have married in this county. Marie may have married ______WOOD(S). One of the other 2, Helena or Justina, may have died in this county between 1906-1910. All marriages, if any exist, would be from 1905-1910.


Cindi Dean Wafstet Fri Jul 20 00:37:20 2001
Looking for information on Jose Chaffee COOK and family who arrived in Golden Valley in 1895.
Family includes Jose, b. 1854 in Ohio wife: Julianne Frances TAYLOR, b. 1853 in Ohio

Alta Belle (COOK) KING Joanna Blanche COOK (died at age 7) James Edward COOK Mary Agnes (COOK) MOORE Bessie May (COOK) MILLER Josephine COOK (died at age 15 months) Elsie COOK (died at age 3) John Irving COOK Frances Jemima (COOK) BAAS Philip Taylor COOK Richard Hugh COOK (died at age 17) Joseph Roy COOK

Jose died in Sentinel Butte in 1924.


Georgia Sun Jan 16 01:22:15 2000
I am seeking information about my great grandmother Nevada Peterman Douglas. I am in contact with the grand daughter of Ruby Douglas Peterman the daughter of Nevada and Briley Douglas. She has given me some items about the Douglas family, photos and certificates. I am attempting to find the names of Nevada's parents and siblings. Ottie Douglas was my great Uncle
Georgia Douglas Combe


Amy Batchelder Sat Feb 5 15:48:37 2000
Researching the family of William D. BUNDREN (b. 1870 Missouri) and wife Pearl GLAZIER (b. 1878 Minnesota). Their known children: George W. (b. 1901 Minnesota), Henry C. (b. 1904 Minnesota), Mabel L. (b. 1905 Minnesota), Milton R. (b. 1907 Minnesota), and Hazel L. (b. 1909 North Dakota). I found this family in the 1920 Fed census in Golden Valley Co in Bullrun Township (T136N, R 106W, Sec 24), ED 62, Sheet 1A. On the same sheet are three GLAZIER households: Henry C. GLAZIER (b. 1854 New York), William E. GLAZIER (b. 1880 Minnesota), and Chester A. GLAZIER (b. 1883 Minnesota). Thanks to the hard workers at this site who have posted the BLM information that shows the land records for William BUNDREN and the various GLAZIER males named above. I suspect that Henry C. GLAZIER is the father of Pearl GLAZIER BUNDREN, William E. GLAZIER, and Chester A. GLAZIER, but need more information to confirm that theory. William D. BUNDREN was a son of John BUNDREN (1835-1914) and Sarah M. "Margaret" EVANS (1837-1882) of Macon Co, Missouri.


Robert J. Stone Sun Feb 13 10:11:52 2000
I have left messages on this site before about my Grandfather, who was Almon C. Stone. I have found much information on him and the Stone geneology, but I can not find any info on Mary Wagner, who was my Grandmother and the Mother of all my Dads Brothers and sisters. I suspect that she was part Indian and because of the bias of the times was not talked about. If anyone has any info on her please advise me.


Mary Tangen Wells Thu Mar 16 11:22:51 2000
I am looking for information on Reinhart O. TANGEN, who came to Beach about 1905.....from Volin, South Dakota with his wife Namie and 2 daughters, Ruth adn Ethal.


Erin Hartse Fri May 19 07:57:44 2000
I am looking for a marriage date for my g-grandparents. I know that Ellen Amanda NELSON and Henry Johannessen HARTSE married in Gola, ND in 1909 or 1910. I am looking for an exact date. Also looking for a birthdate of their child Alice HARTSE, probably in 1910


Dennis Doblar, MD Tue Jul 11 06:10:22 2000
I would like to find the cattle brand used by Anthony DOBLAR of Beach ND in the early 1920's. I used to have his leather bound brand book but it has been lost. Can it be copied and bought?


JD Howard Sun Jul 30 17:57:03 2000
I am looking for Roy Thomas YOUNG, wife Harriett Myrtle VORHIES. I have information he worked for the Post Office In Beach, ND. Probably between 1909 and 1917.
Thanks, JD Howard - Roswell, NM


Jon Raymond Thu Oct 19 16:56:10 2000
Helga BOLINDER, b 12/01/1885, place unkn; d Sept 1883, place Beach, Golden Valley Cty (Source: SSDI). Am looking for information.


Don Harrington Sun Oct 22 15:22:07 2000
My grandmother's obit listed a Mrs. Matt McNIECE from Beach ,ND as attending her funeral in Sheldon, IA in Oct 1920. My grandmother's maiden name was Margaret MURPHY, born in Wisconsin. I suspect that Mrs. McNIECE could have been a sister. If anyone knows of a Matt McNIECE living in Beach, ND in 1920, I would appreciate a note.


Rebecca R. Sisk Fri Oct 27 13:25:07 2000
Any info. on Benjamin James KWALLEK b. 22 Feb. 1894 Chetek,Wis. d. 16 June 1949 Sheridan,Wy. mar. Dora A. STEDMAN 4 Nov. 1922 in Beach,ND. She was b. 8 Sept. 1904 Ontario,Wis. d/o George STEDMAN/Minnie FARR.


Jim Slocomb Fri Oct 27 20:34:55 2000
Austin Harrison SLOCOMB married Frederica Bertha LICHTE at Grant, WI,and raised 14 children, one being my grandfather, Ernest Eugene SLOCOMB who came to Beach, ND and married Beulah Roseanna DILLEY. I am looking for marriage, birth, and death records on any of these names.


Colleen Bettenhausen Mon Nov 13 05:37:49 2000
Seeking death date of Eliza Andres HOLLSTEIN, living in 1934. Her husband John HOLLSTEIN died Beach, NJ, 10 May 1922, buried Beach Cemetery, son Charles died Dec 1965 in Beach. dau. Rosa??? nothing is known except birthdate May 1893.


Frank Hutton Thu Nov 23 11:05:01 2000
We are trying to locate our grandmothers family. Her maiden name was Amanda KEEN. We have photos of the Ed Keen JNX RANCH, Beach, North Dakota. Her brothers were Ed and Frank KEEN.
Any information is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Frank & JoAnn Hutton


Mariann Stokken Thu Dec 28 04:49:31 2000
I am looking after the descendants for Kristoffer(Christ?) Martin Larsson STOKKEN. He was born at the west-part of Norway 02.02.1864 and he arrived USA 14.05.1884. What I have heard is that he had two children, a girl with name Sarit? and a boy named Louis(Lewis?). His wife's name is unknown. Ihave seen his name in Golden Valley county, ND, BLM Records - Surnames "P-Z", but there is not birth date so I am not sure if it is he, but I try.....


J. Hamilton Sun Feb 15 17:52:26 1998
Seeking obituaruy lookup on Lawrence P. KANE, d. 19 November, 1909, Sentinel Butte, ND, son of Daniel Joseph KANE and Mary Ann WAMSLEY KANE. Family had relocated to Sentinel Butte from Pope Co. MN approx. six weeks prior to death of Lawrence. Thank you.


Paula Whitaker Mon Apr 13 19:57:22 1998
Interested in any history re: WHITAKER, BERT and wife WHITAKER, MAE D. lived in Beach, ND approx. 1905 thru present. Background includes Indiana and Kentucky. Reply to


Kathy Cummings Thu May 7 12:36:31 1998
Seeking obituary or other information on Herbert Carmichael, lived in Golden Valley Co in early 1900's. Believe he died circa 1910. Had a son, also named Herbert as well as a son named Guy and daughters named Margie and Clara. Margie was my maternal grandmother. Any information would be much appreciated.


Bill Walters Sun May 10 23:15:04 1998
I seek information about the Frank John Montgomery family which moved from Pipestone MN to ND. On the marriage application of my mother Hazel Mae Montgomery,dated 9 Aug 1909, her address is listed Beach, ND. Her sister was married to a Troy Lassell and I think a long time resident of Beach. Also my uncle Robert Walters may have lived there after 1880. My copy of the 1900 census for old Billing Cty is incomplete.


Rickie Yopp Wed Aug 26 17:58:08 1998
Looking for informtion on the YOPP name. Sherman and Harold YOPP were born in Beach, ND Sherman was born 7/18/1910, no date on Harold. Looking for name of mother and other siblings. Would like any ofter info if its out there. Rickie Yopp


Mary Frances Wade Tue Sep 29 09:46:25 1998
LEE (LELAND) WILLIAMS migrated to Golden Valley Counlty, ND and lived here until he died in 1946. I would like to know where he was buried.


Russ Czaplewski Sat Jan 16 08:37:56 1999
Researching Rymer family of Golden Valley County. John and Mary Rymer (or Reymer) lived at Beach in early 1900s. Mary's maiden name was Zakrzewski. She was born in NE in 1883. Marriage date and location not known. Need her death date and obituary. Two sons: Ed and Ken, and possibly two daughters.


Terri Mon Mar 1 11:26:34 1999
Looking for information regarding Fremont and Ethel Samuella (Wait) Curtis. They lived in Westerheim for a time and then homesteaded in Sentinel Butte, ND in the early 1900's. Fremont had a blacksmith shop in Westerheim. They had 10 children, the oldest being Raymond Ruel Curtis who was my grandfather.


John Fuester Wed Mar 17 18:56:01 1999
I am trying to obtain information relating to the ancestry and descendants of Guy and Iva CURL. Guy's parents were Elwood CURL and Hannah MULLER. Iva's maiden name was SNOW. Guy CURL was born 1/12/1894 and died 6/75. Iva CURL was born 8/1/1895 and died 7/86. As I understand it, they lived in Beach, Golden Valley, prior to their deaths. If possible, I would like to obtain information from the obituaries.


Jeffrey Hansen Wed Apr 14 07:08:04 1999
According to the 1885 territory census, the following appears to be a family in the then Billings county.
Name Age Birthplace
Johanna MORRIS 37 IN
Caleb MORRIS 17 IN
Alice MORRIS 13 IN
Alford MORRIS 12 IN
Lochanet MORRIS 8 IN
Jennie MORRIS 3 Dakota
The MORRIS I am looking for would have been born after this, younger than Jennie, probably around 1895. This would be my paternal Grandmother, Lucille (Lucy) Emily MORRIS. Does anyone have anything on this family? Is Lucy a member?
Thank you.


William Henney Tue May 4 17:38:30 1999
Homesteaded in Beach ND area. Early 1900's. Looking for any mention of name, Albert HENNEY.


Jeffrey Hansen Wed May 12 09:45:43 1999
According to a Reno (NV) Gazette article dated 19 JUN 1917:
"The bride, Lucille MORRIS is the daughter of S. R. MORRIS, a well-known businessman of Beach, ND"
The S. R. MORRIS is Samuel R MORRIS, who evidently was prominent in Beach in 1917 and before. Lucille was "popular in her hometown".
She married a Bernard M HANSEN, who was a teacher in the "manual training department" of Beach in 1916. Is there anyone currently in Beach who could check on these facts for me? I'm in Ohio and can't get out to ND to check ...
Thank you, Jeffrey Hansen


Cathy Larkins Mon May 31 19:00:50 1999
I am looking for info on the Lausch family. My grandmother was born in Beach N.D. Her name was Violet Sadie Lausch born 17 Sept 1909. Her parents were James Willard Lausch and Mary Gunduson. Any info would be helpful.Thank you, Cathy


Sarah Saturday Mon Jun 21 19:40:37 1999
My dad Lloyd F. Kitchen was born in Sentinal Butte Dec. 7, 1919. He is the son of Joseph A. Kitchen and Pearl Smith, who came to Sentinal Butte shortly after they were married in 1904. My grandfather was an early settler, homesteading south of Sent. Butte. I'm interested in any information about the family, as my father passed away 10 years ago. I have a few copies of articles, where my grandfather was the commissioner of agriculture and labor, elected in 1921. I've read,where he was a county school superintendent, elder in a Presbyterian church, and had the 'Dart' farm. Thank-you for any help given with my request.


Tami Page Tue Jul 27 00:16:53 1999
Am looking for information on Jesse Warren Page b.1872 in MN, married Glenn Wiliams 1896 in Iowa. Jesse and Glenn had on e son, Phillip Anthony Page b. 1905 in Golva. Jesse's father was Wallace A. Page and mother was Prudence Denton. Wallace died approx 1926 in Golva. Jesse died Oct. 18, 1931 at his home near Golva. I would like any information on Jesse's family, he is my husbands great grandfather.


Robert J. Stone Sat Sep 18 10:50:30 1999
I would like information on the stone family. MY grandad was mun Stone. He was sheriff in the twenties or thirties. My dad was James Stone, his brothers were JOHN, Frank, Bill, Bob, and his sisters were Amy and Doris. My Dad was born in 1914.


Janice JENSEN Sun Sep 19 20:48:54 1999
I am looking for any information on NORA SOPHIA STENERSON. She is my Great-Grandmother. She was born March 13, 1888 in Golden Valley, North Dakota. She married Louis Frederickson on Oct. 18, 1911. Louis was born March 23, 1882 in Sundalen, Norway. Nora died April 20, 1959 in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. They had 11 children. This is the only information I have of my Grandmothers family. Any help as to Noras parents or family would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Janice Jensen (Great - Grand daughter of Nora Sophia Stenerson)


Suzanne Foster Moore Fri Nov 19 21:54:30 1999
Looking for any information about Glen and Daisy Rae Foster. They lived in Beach, ND in the early 1900's and raised three boys, Rex, Ray, and Reese. Glen was a dentist and the town orchestra leader. When he became ill he went to California for his health, Daisy turned their home into a boarding house to support the boys. They both died in their early 40's.


Lyle Kloth Nov 12 2006
there is a cemetery near Golva , near a store. this was Alpha post office . My Great grandfathewr was buried there in the 1920;s. His name was William Henry Jacob Kloth. there will be no town or post office. I hope to find out about it.Also in the Golden Valley land land patent records from US Genweb ,it shows ha filed on a160 acres in township 136 range 105 section 14 on June 3, 1917, which is probably correct. he also filed on another 160 acres in the same says he filed apr . 4 1939. he dead by that time

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