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Lamoure County North Dakota Data


From 'Nordmændene i Amerika' by Martin Ulvestad, 1907

LaMoure County
The settlement in the area of Griswold was founded in 1882. The first were; B. Smedshammer, Christ Smedshammer, O. O. Bjerke, Christ O. Bjerke, A. E. Rockwold and P. E. Rockwold, all from Hadeland, John Horsager and Ole Horsager from Stadsbygden, John O. Menes from Sogn as well as H. J. Hansen and L. C. Bjone. Next after them came Oscar Paulsen from Ringerike, Isak Rein, John Paulson, Paul Tingstad, A. K. Rørvig, Ole R. Oie and Envert O. Kulset, all from Trøndelagen, A. Kjelby and E. Nordal from Sogn, O. C. Anderson from Toten, Ed Olsen and Theodor† Olsen from Drammen, Ole Grindal from Østerdalen as well as M. Wernesen, John Arves, Syvert Martin, Ole Kenservik and Anders Olsen, whose birthplace is unknown to the author.
The first in the area of Edgely was Carl O. Nordby, who settled there in 1883.
North La Moure Norwegian Lutheran Congregation, which was established in 1884 by Pastor Hill, was the first Norwegian congregation in the county. Now there are 6 Norwegian congregations and 4 churches, 4 of them belong to The United Church and 2 to Hauge's Synod.
Lars heiberg published a Norwegian newspaper in La Moure for a short time in the 90s.
Places with Norwegian names in La Moure County: Ibsen, Mikkelsen, Nora and Norway.

Following some names there is a † which means that in 1907 that person was deceased.

Translated by, and posted with permission of, Olaf Kringhaug
Complete translation of the North Dakota portions of the book are on Margit Bakke's site

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