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Richard W. Gully 1862-1929 and Emma Neisinger 1874-1959 wedding photo.
Married in Richland, Co. North Dakota, October, 1892.
Richard homesteaded in Dexter Township, Lidgerwood in 1890.
He and Emma had 9 children and she outlived 5 of them. Their graves at Calvary Catholic Cemetery, Lidgerwood,
ND are marked with the only white headstone in the cemetery's old east side.

Jacob Neisinger 1836-1917 and his wife Gertrude Eberhardt Neisinger 1837-1900
They were immigrants from Germany.
Homesteaded 1879 in Belford Township, Mantador, ND--they lived in a sod house.
Married about 1862 in area of Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany.
They had 7 children. The first 3 born in Germany, next 3 in LaCrosse County, WI and
the last one born in a sod house in Dakota Territory.
In order of birth-2 boys, 5 girls.
Daughter Emma Neisinger Gully was their only child to stay in North Dakota.

Jacob was Catholic and Gertrude was Protestant Lutheran. The children were raised Lutheran.

The Woman in the checkered apron is Gusta Bottolfs Peterson (Mrs. Melvin Peterson).
She is the 4th person standing from the right.
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