Taken From the Divet Story

Written by A.G. (Guy) Divet
Published by the Fargo Forum in 1950

In 1882 Florence Divet contracted a fever and died. A few days later baby, Cyrus became ill with the fever and died also. They were buried in the Wild Rice Cemetery. When Fred, age 9 or 10, died of diphtheria he was buried in the little burying ground in the northwest corner of Root's farm, south of Mooreton. When spring came the Divet's planted a boxelder tree at the head of Fred's grave. It was a little sprig and by some odd chance it threw up three trunks from the root, making a rather symmetrical spreading tree as it grew to maturity. That tree is the only marker that has ever stood guard over that little grave. The following summer, the bodies of Florence and Cyrus were moved from the Wild Rice Cemetery to the place where Fred had been buried. The children of the neighborhood, who died in the epidemic, were buried nearby and in time little markers of marble were erected over their graves; Root, Bacchus, Haftes, Coltz, but only the three trunked tree marked the graves of the Divets.

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