History Of St. John Nepomucene Church
Taken From: Lidgerwood-Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow
pages 75-88

In 1906, the Bohemians built St. John's Church on the east side of the town of Lidgerwood.
The first Mass was offered in this church on Februrary 17, 1907. Father Ferdinand Zumbusch
took care of both St. John Nepomucene and St. Boniface until May, 1908, when Father Paul Duerr
became pastor of St. Boniface and Father Joseph Gaydusek became pastor of St. John's, the latter's
tenure lasting until 1920. He was succeeded by Father Josef Vytish, who served until 1921,
when Father John Turek became the pastor, a man known for his great musical ability. It was
during his pastorate that St. John's Hall was constructed in the 1920's. His pastorate lasted until 1933.
Next came Father John Kulcyk, who served until his death in the rectory in April of 1949. He is
described as an eloquent preacher. The next pastor was Father George Krile, serving until 1960. He
should be credited with putting Calvary Cemetery under sound financial footing. During his tenure the
cemetery was properly surveyed and clearly marked and a vault built. Instead of yearly dues the
purchase of lots was accompanied by payment for perpetual care. In 1960, Father Valerian Paczek
was appointed pastor of St. John's. He brought back to the Church many of the Bohemians who had
drifted away for one reason or another. He served as pastor of St. John's until September of 1968, at
which time he was transferred to St. Boniface, Lidgerwood, where he took up residence but also
continued to served as pastor of St. John's until February of 1975. From this time on St. John
Nepomucene ceased to exist as a parish and the people now became part of St. Boniface, owing to the s
shortage of priests. The combining of St. John's parishioners with St. Boniface parishioners was
greatly facilitated by the fact that Father Paczek had served at St. John's for many years and now
as pastor of St. Boniface would continue to serve the same people. His kindness and tact were a
great help and blessing in uniting these once-opposing factions.

Two religious vocations came from St. John's parish many years ago. They were Father John Krajicek
and his blood sister, who became Sister Ignatius.

The history of St. John's ends with the selling of the church building to the Bergen Lutherans
in May of 1976, and the purchase of the St. John's Hall by the Lidgerwood Council of the Knights of Columbus in 1979.

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