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Karen Kadoun
27 Dec 1999
I am looking for anyone related to,or knows anything of Homer Kadoun.I think he resided in Brampton,N.D. and Geneseo,N.D. Probably died in the 60's or 70's.Wife's name was Della.She died in the 1960's,also.Not much information to go on. Hope someone can
Arlene Bischer
20 Nov 1999
Looking for information on AUGUST and FREDRICA EGGERT their daughter AMELIA married CARL JAHR (also known as Charles) Carl was the son of WHILHELM JAHR of Germany Both families found in the 1885 Richland Census. Most of the Jahr family is envolved in stone mason type of work.
Lynette Bardsley
29 Jan 1999
Looking for descendents of NEUMANN, FRIEDRICH - B. 6/20/1864 D. 8/18/1924..buried in Hankinson. Children were: Theodore, Fredrick, Otto, Annie (m. FRED MILBRANDT), and Louise (m. WIEBER / 2nd. m. to WILLIAM DUMKE. Friedrich is my great-grandfather, Theodore my grandfather. ANY information on any members of the family at all will be greatly appreciated.
Beverly Hlavnicka
31 Jan 1999
Joseph Hlavnicka was born 1-27-1881 in Czechoslovaka and married Mary Korinta at Wahpeton,ND. 3-26-1907 most of their life was spent in Minnesota and North Dakota. They moved to Lidgerwood, ND. in 1939. Any information appreciated.
Lynette Bardsley
1 Feb 1999
Searching for descendents of FRIEDRICH NEUMANN b. June 20, 1864 - d. August 18, 1924...buried in Hankinson. Had 5 children: Theodore, Otto, Fredrick, Louise (WIEBER / DUMKE), and Annie (MILBRANDT). Theodore was my grandfather. If you have any information about anyone in this family, it would be greatly appreciated if you would contact me.
Margaret Wiese
3 Feb 1999
Annie RATCLIFFE from Widnes, Lanc., England went to Fairmont via Canada with her pregnant sister (first name possibly Harriet)and the sister's husband a Mr. WINTERBOTTOM. Presumably, the WINTERBOTTOM's child was born in Fairmont c. 1890. Annie RATCLIFFE married a widower, William Alonzo DORSETT in Fairmont in 1890. Their first child William Alonzo was born in Fairmont in 1891. Any information about descendants of these peope would be greatly appreciated. I have some of the DORSETT line.
Joyce Coates
4 Feb 1999
Looking for any information of my Ggrand parents, Peter LARSON and Bertha SHARRATT LARSON who had a homestead at Lidgerwood, approximately 1883 to 1902. In 1895 Peter LARSON died in Oshkosh, WI, but Bertha returned to Lidgerwood, farmed, and married again to Charles WHITE. Their marriage took place in Melnor, but they lived at the Lidgerwood homestead.
Cynthia Froemke Lutschg
6 Feb 1999
Seeking information on surname HAMMERMEISTER particularly Ferdinand or Alma LOLL HAMMERMEISTER who married in Great Bend in 1895. My grandmother, Bertha Henrietta Augusta HAMMERMEISTER was born in Great Bend in 1896 and attended school in Wapeton. She later moved to Yakima County, Washington and married into FROEMKE.
Lynette Bardsley
Mon Feb 8 14:12:04 1999
Looking for family of MINNIE (PAUTZ) SCHROEDER and John Schroeder, who lived in Hankinson. They had two sons, Harry and Carl. If you are of this family or know anything about them, please contact me. Thank you.
Andreas Sesterhenn
11 Feb 1999
I am looking for information about my grand-...-grand uncles the three GEISTER brothers (Theodor, Andreas, Moritz) who came to the States in the 1880-ies.
From the Wahpeton newspaper I know that Theodor celebrated his 100 birthday there and that he had 3 daughters.

- Theodore GEISTER, 26 Sept. 1861 Jan. 1962
- Margaret Theresa BOLL ( born Geister) 11 Feb. 1894-?
- Anna Alvina ANDERSON (born Geister) 1. March 1898- ?
- Anna Francis SIMONITCH ( born Geister) 11 May 1900-?

Any information about this part of my family is very much appreciated. I have info about the complete German part of the family (pictures etc.)
Andreas Sesterhenn
Sue Voller
Thu Feb 18 20:49:30 1999
BINGE, Charles Headley - My grandparent's moved from Knox County,Illinois to Richland County before my mother was born in August of 1914. They stayed there long enough to have 2 more girls approx. 1924 or until my mother (Eula) was 7 years old. I always wanted to know if there were more Binge's in N.D.? I believe that if my memorie serves me my grandfather's brother was up there. Mom was not a bundle of information!! If nothing else what was the draw to the area in the early 1900's and why would they have left????? Drought,Locust's .P.S. Is Eula a Big name in North Dakota, I could never figure out where that came from!!!!!!!!!!!!
C Rock
Fri Mar 5 19:49:14 1999
Looking for information on August, Annie and Otto WEINKAUF (all born in the 1880's). Parents were Daniel and Minnie WEINKAUF.
Bev Green
Mar 20 18:05:45 1999
I am looking for information about William DAHLSTROM and Elizabeth LEE DAHLSTROM. My father Keith DAHLSTROM was born in Barney ND in 1922. William DAHLSTROM, was adopted by Carl DAHLSTROM in the late 1890'S. Any info about this family would be appreciated.
Sue Mikkelsen Voller
30 March 1999
Since my last posting I have found out that my Grandparents Charles and Amy Binge went to North Dakota with Amy's sister Alta and her husband. Their last name was REEVES. So now I'm looking for an Alta Collinson Reeves or REESE not sure of the spelling. Is there anybody out there who can HELP find my family. They lived in the Wyndmere area in the 1913 to ?
Jean Shrake
10 April 1999
Can anyone tell me anything about the Skarning band & its members that played all over the midwest during the 1920-1930's? My ggrandfather Christopher Olsen played acordian for this band. I know they played alot of barn dances & in alot of Norwegian communities. Would appreciate any & all help.
Thank you. Jean
Connie Ludwig
18 April 1999
In an obit dated January 24, 1937 of a John TALICH of Brule Co., South Dakota, it states he is survived by a sister Mrs. Frank KUCHERA of Wyndmere, ND. Her first name was Anna and she would have been about 63 years old on that date. Does anyone recognize the name KUCHERA/KUCERA? Would anyone have cemetery records for Wyncmere? I do thank you
Cam Holverson
21 April 1999
Searching for any information about a Walter Pelham who lived in Richland County in early 1900s. He may have been a sheriff at Wahpeton. He had a son Clarence and daughter Dolly. Any descendants in the area.
Joey Schumacher
27 April 1999
Nicholas and Martha (nee GARDNER) SCHUMACHER farmed in Omro Township, Yellow Medicine County, Minnesota (near St. Leo) 1900-1901. They were in Lidgerwood, Richland County, North Dakota in August of 1905. During 1905, Martha gave birth to a daughter, Alice Schumacher, in North Dakota. Years later they were farming at Munich, Cavalier County, North Dakota and they are buried there.
Would like to know of Richland County has a record of a birth of an Alice Schumacher to Nicholas and Martha Schumacher in 1905, and if anyone has come across the name at all in that county.
Replies to Joey Schumacher, P.O. Box 11062, Minneapolis, MN 55411-0062 or to Thank you.
charlene ortiz
28 April 1999
Looking for any relatives in the state and addresses. Also would like any family history that's available, births, deaths, marriages, divorces, etc. Would like to give to my mother whose name is Lois EBEL, daughter of Charles and Erna EBEL of Hankinson and Lidgerwood.
Kathy Cisco
Fri. May 7 23:09:24 1999
I am looking for any information on William Herman Riebe married to Agnes Bertha Maria Macheel on May 25th, 1888 In Ligerwood, N.D. Also any information on his son, (my father) William Hugo George Riebe Born April 21, 1892 in Valley City, ND. You may e-mail me at Thank you.
Debbie Wilson
12 May 1999
Looking for information on a Bernard and Elizabeth (Setling) Hietkamp Family around Richland Co., Mo. And Picture of them Thanks
Fran Grecco
15 May 1999
My gr gr grandparents, Jacob WOLF & Katherine HERCHENRETER Herchenroeder?) settled around Hankinson, ND sometime after 1880. They came from Austria Hungary with their 8 children: John, Frank, Martin, Elizabeth, Anna, Katherine (Kate), Rose and Eva. Family lore has it that Jacob was about 90 years old when he died in early 1932. He's supposedly buried in Hankinson. His wife, Katherine, was born around 1860 and died in 1912. She also is supposedly buried in Hankinson. My gr grandmother, their daughter Elizabeth, married Michael Mauer. Their son, John, married a woman by the name of Kate. Their daughter, Anna married Frank Deffee (Duffee/Deffee?). I have no other information concerning this part of my family and I'd be forever appreciative for any leads. In advance, thanks!
Betsy Carlson
29 May 1999
I'm looking for information on J.B. QUAMME and his family; wife Brita; son-in-law and daughter Torger and Anna T. SORLE/SORLIEN and 2 grand-daughters Betsy and Jensine or Jensina. They were living in Freeman Twp in 1900.
11 June 1999
I am looking for a marriage license for PETER RUSSELL and his bride who was half Indian. Her name was SARAH SANDERSON. It may have been a different last name-maybe SORENSON. Early Wahpeton History by Frances Werre told of their marriage on a steamboat June 10, 1860. It was the first marriage recorded in Richland co., but where was it recorded?
Does anyone know where these early records are? I would like to find Sarah's last name for sure. I also would like to find Peter's parent's names. Peter was born in Montreal Quebec and Sarah was born in Winnepeg and had a sister Belle.
Virginia Borkowski
12 July 1999
I am looking for desc. of Peter and Andrew MOURER who homesteaded in Richland Co. I would like to trade information with someone as I did with Cleon Mourer. My Great-Great Grandmother Kuniduna Mourer homesteaded the land for her young son Peter. I hope I can fine some distant cousins.
Don Van Arnam
31 July 1999
Donald Van Arnam Searching for info. on VAN ARNAM, GOFF and LAWRENCE families. Van Arnam family members moved from Illinois in early to mid 1880 to Richland and Cass Counties. Grandfather Jacob Van Arnam married Mary Lawrence b. Canada. Her father was George Lawrence, mother Sarah Goff. Jacob and Mary VA had three children in ND during 1890s then moved to Oregon. Grandfather's brothers were Judge George Van Arnam who married Mrs. Nettie Heath Knuppenburg and Senator John Van Arnam.
Dee Gustaf
8 Aug 1999
I am interested in the OSTERS. I am trying to find out what becane of a family who lived in the Ricland County, ND which was then Dakota Teritory. I am looking for the decendants of GEORGE OSTER and JOHN OSTER families. GEORGE OSTER is listed in the 1885 census. GEORGE OSTER was 50 yrs old at the time of this census. He was born in Luxemborg, Germany. His wife, Mary, 44, was born in Wis. They had 5 daughters born in Wis. and 2 daughters born in Dakota. They had 2 sons, born in Wis. The census lists a JOHN OSTER, age 24, born in Wis. and JOHN'S wife, MARY,22, born in Wis. The census lists both GEORGE and JOHN as farmers. I would assume that JOHN is the son of GEORGE. I have not been able to track this family any further. My grandparents, SIMON and MARIA OSTER lived in the same area. My grandparents came a few years later. I am convinced that GEORGE and SIMON must have been brothers. If anyone has any info, please pass it on.
My e-mail is:

Thanks So Much, Dee
Nancy Egeland
8 Aug 1999
I an looking for information on the family of T.P. and Jonella Tollefson who homesteaded near Christine. T.P. died on 23 Aug. 1933. They had 5 children. I have many pictures I am willing to share.

Wendell Spencer
13 Aug 1999
Arthur SPENCER`s family was at Abercrombie in 1895 when a son clarence was born. arthur`s mother was there [mary amsbaugh SPENCER] according to her fathers probate records earlier than that. arthur`s father [RENSSELAER H. SPENCER] died in 1891 after leaving ohio and mn. and is thought to be buried in richland co. a researcher said there were some numbers in cemetary books, 127 and 47. do these numbers mean anything to anyone and how can i learn if they have anything to do with r.h.SPENCER? rensselaer was born in ny in 1840.

Mary Lynn Mauer
16 Aug 1999
I am looking for information on Bernard Mauer and his brother Sabine. They came to the Hankison, ND about 1903. Bernard came with his family, hie wife was Elizabeth Schiller, children, Mary, Katherine, Rose, Margaret, John, Ladislaus, Frank and Peter. Bernard's father was Peter. They were from Bruckenthal, Galacia (Austria) Please email me.
Bill Rumbolz
13 Sept 1999
In researching the Rumbolz family tree I have been told there is a Rubin RUMBOLTZ buried in the Lisbon cemetery or one of your cemeteries. Any such records that you are aware of? Thank you.
Sandra Evans
20 Sept 1999
I am looking for information on Minnie GROEN who lived in Hankinson around 1926/27. After marriage she may have moved to Ligerwood. Her sister lived in Hankinson and was married to Leo KUEMPER. I believe that Minnie and her sister came from Porter in Yellow Medicine County in Minnesota.
Teri Anderson
5 Oct 1999
Am looking for ant info on Lorenz Kreidler. B6-16-1827 in Germany, D-8-6-1907. He is buried in St. Thomas Catholic Cemetery in Kent MN. He was married to Agatha Schafer. They were supposed to own a hotel in Whapton ND. They are my great, great grandparents. Any living decesdants? Thank You...
Pennie Milicevich
17 Oct 1999
Looking for a death place and date for Josiah Easton; died abt. 1890. Is recored in the 1880 census of Richland County. Town unknown.
Dave Jarvis-Schroeder
20 Oct 1999
Seeking information regarding Jens H. Hage and family. Jens, b. 1828, and his wife, Gunhild, b. 1833, had the following children: Halvor, b. 1861, Norway, Christine, b. 1863, Norway, Clement, b. 1865, Norway, John, b. 1867, Norway, Olaf, b. 1872, WI, Theodore, b. 1875, Nor. Dakota, and Juneta, b. 1877, Nor. Dakota. Jens is a brother to my ggrandfather, Jon Haldosen Hage, born in Soknadal(Norway), on the Hage farm. Any information will be much appreciated. Thanks.
Dave Jarvis-Schroeder
20 October 1999
Seeking information regarding Jens H. Hage and family. Jens, b. 1828, and his wife, Gunhild, b. 1833, had the following children: Halvor, b. 1861, Norway, Christine, b. 1863, Norway, Clement, b. 1865, Norway, John, b. 1867, Norway, Olaf, b. 1872, WI, Theodore, b. 1875, Nor. Dakota, and Juneta, b. 1877, Nor. Dakota. Jens is a brother to my ggrandfather, Jon Haldosen Hage, born in Soknadal(Norway), on the Hage farm. Any information will be much appreciated. Thanks.
26 October 1999
I am searching for my Gt.Gt. grandmother JANE OLIPHANT. She emigrated to New York state with her husband Thomas in 1871. They had 4 children: Joshua 1872; Thomas 1873; Annie Marie 1875; Nellie (Eleanor)1877. Thomas must have died around 1880 and Jane was next found in Wahpeton in 1888 marrying CLARK WOODWORTH. I am trying to find out where and when Thomas died and would like any information about Jane's marriage to Clark Woodworth and where they lived and farmed.
Lynette Bardsley
23 Jan 1999
Looking for information on my grandmother's parents, EDWARD and EMILE (sp?) PAUTZ. Moved near Hankinson approximately 1892 from Baltimore, MD. Children were Paul, Frank, John, and Margaret, (my grand mother) and her sister I know of only as Mrs. John Schroeder. Would very much appreciate contact from anyone who is related, or has any info regarding this family. At the time of her death, her brother Frank was listed as living in Totley, ND, but I cannot find it on a map.
18 Jan 1999
Does anyone know about the Sedivy's who lived in Wahpeton/Breckenridge 1890's and on?
10 Jan 1999
I am seeking ancestry of my 2nd great grandparents OLE SYVESIND JOHNSON (1833-1879) and ANNA KVERNBRAATEN (1839-1893), both buried in St. Johns Lutheran Cemetery. Ole came from Vestre Toten, Norway, but that's all I know. My 3rd great grandmother RAGNHILD KVERNBRAATEN (1803-1902) is also buried in St. Johns. I have FTM files for some descendants of Ole and Anna I can share.
7 Jan 1999
WOKAL (Joseph) emigrated to North Dakota, via Canada in 1901. Sons Henry, Leonard, Archie, and Ben, daughter Mary Jean. Lived in Liberty Grove Township and Lidgerwood proper. Joseph WOKAL married Rose PARIZEK, daughter of WENZEL PARIZEK. Wenzel PARIZEK was Frank PARIZEK's brother. Also found Karl and Charles PARIZEKS living in Liberty Grove, Duerr, and Grant Townships. I have had a very difficult time searching living relatives and am having an even more difficult time finding out about those that are no longer alive. Visited the Bohemian Cemetary in Lidgerwood in October 1998 and have even more questions. Have a desire to find out about my grand parents.
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